A Quick Deconstruction of ‘Camp of the Saints’ (Le Camp des Saints)! (12.5.2023) 

Author’s Note: My French academic colleagues have suggested to me that the life of Jean Raspail was heavily influenced by the Nazi German invasion of France and its Hitlerite Occupation between 1940-1944. The Nazi Germans segregated French society into the ‘racially’ pure and racially ‘impure’ – and the trusted ‘Collaborators’ from those who were ‘untrustworthy’. A reliable interpretation of these times can be read in Alexander Werth’s 1956 book entitled ‘France: 1940-1955′ – within which the efforts of the Communist Party of France (CPF) served as the foundation of the French ‘Resistance’ (‘La Résistance’) – co-ordinated, supported and supplied by the Communist Party of the Soviet Union! The exploits of this ‘Marquis’ (who often fought hidden in the ‘Scrubland’ of South-eastern France) were viewed with the greatest respect not only throughout France, but Europe and the world! This is why the US chose to link its financing of the economic and physical reconstruction of France to the systematic ‘destruction’ of the CPF – and indeed the Communist Party structure throughout Western Europe! These Marxist-Leninist Communist Parties established as part of Lenin’s 1919 ‘Communist International’ (dissolved during 1943 in the midst of worldwide warfare) was replaced through US political and military pressure with its (pro-capitalist and pro-fascist) ‘Trotskyite’ alternative! It is believed that the proto-fascist work of Jean Raspail reflects this transformation and the US manipulation of French society from a pro-Socialist to an anti-Socialist society! Jean Raspail’s book entitled ‘Camp of Saints’ is not clever, original or innovative – it simply attempts to dismiss the French view of ‘Internationalism’ – and seeks to replace it with an ‘anti-Internationalist’ perspective! A transition from ‘Socialism’ to ‘Fascism’ no less! Perhaps it is good to recall that as the British Army squared-off with the Imperial Army of France just before the commencement of the Battle of Waterloo (during the Summer of 1815) – the ordinary soldiers of the French Army called upon the ordinary soldiers of the British Army to overthrow the tyranny of their Officers – and JOIN the (Socialist) ‘Revolution’ that the leadership of Napoleon represented! Finally, the ‘Socialist’ Vietnamese defeated the hordes of (Asian) Japanese, French (White) and American (White) invaders through ‘Collective’ action! Let this be a lesson to us all! ACW (12.5.2023) 

The French author of this book was a disgruntled Roman Catholic. As a consequence, his mind (and thought processes) was awash with the contradiction that exist with Catholic theology, Vatican world politics and the capitalist system he supported. His work is like the prolonged examination of a festering sore – so ‘Medieval’ is it in intent and structure. This is a deep-seated injury that permeates the very being of the author – ‘Jean Raspail’ (1925-2020) – who was 14 years old when the forces of Nazi Germany overran France and was 19 years old when the Allies of Britain, Canada, the US, Free French and numerous Units of Colonial troops ‘liberated’ his nation from the fascist jackboot! Indeed, in both the English and French languages regarding his biographical background, all carefully skirt around the subject of WWII and do not mention what his family did during these years, or whether he ‘joined’ the ‘Vichy’ (Collaborative) Fascist French Forces (or the Special ‘French’ SS Units in the Nazi Germany Army) when he reached 18 years old!  

This omission is seldom picked-up by reviewers, commentators or publishers and must surely provide some explanation as to ‘why’ he holds the rather ‘simplistic’ and ‘far-right’ views that he does. Another point of interest is why it is that so many people of ‘Jewish’ origin have been actively supportive of this book as publishers, editors and financial backers? Surely, this explains something of the far-right nature of the ‘Zionist’ ideology which would be declared by the UN to be a form of ‘White Supremacy’ practiced by middle-class, secular people of Jewish origin during 1975 – just two-years after this anti-Catholic book was published in 1973! It is worth considering that the popularity of this pro-capitalist and anti-humanist tome amongst the developed (first world) ‘White’ countries might well have contributed toward this vote being passed at the UN. 

Furthermore, since the collapse of the USSR in 1991, and the implementation of a disempowered and cheap reservoir of mobile workers initiated through the ‘European Union’ (EU) policy of mimicking ‘open borders’ – the likelihood of mass immigration has switched from being ‘Black’, ‘Asian’ or ‘Chinese’ in complexion – to being most certainly ‘White’ in nature! This is a reality that the Eurocentric racism that inspired Jean Raspail’s ‘fictional’ could not possibly have fathomed in the 1960s – and must have been a reality that really puzzled this unapologetic White Supremacist! How confused he must have been when the myth of Fortress Europe he perpetuated became threatened not by non-White mass immigration – but by its exact opposite – ‘White’ mass immigration! 

If he had lived to see the US, UK and EU fully supporting Neo-Nazism in the Ukraine, Jean Raspail would probably have applauded – at least at first – and then shuddered in horror as the estimated ‘8 million’ (White) Ukrainian refugees hoved into view – as these not so starving masses sought to enter France and ‘swamp’ the indigenous French populations (which ironically included the ‘Black’, the ‘Brown’ and the ‘Yellow’ in as much they all spoke the French language and followed a common culture)! The central myth of this ‘White’ novel of racist fantasy is that the capitalist West only exists within the boundaries of its own geographical demarcations – and that the outer world is somehow ‘disconnected’ from the capitalist system.  

In fact, the West that Jean Raspail loves so much exists throughout this outer world that he tries to falsely paint as being ‘separate’, ‘alien’ and thoroughly ‘unknown’! The outer world is none of these things. We know this because we, as ‘White’ Europeans, are already there! It is the capitalist ideology of the West that is making the disparity that makes people desperate in the East! What Jean Raspail really fears is this disparity being finally solved by what amounts to a simple redistribution of wealth! This is the ‘Socialist’ nightmare he cannot stand to be seen as finally prevailing over the fascism and predatory capitalism that has constructed his mind and body as a man! What is extraordinary is the reaction of the ‘White’ establishment throughout the West, including an element of its Jewish faction, which has been thoroughly unable (or ‘unwilling’) to distance itself from the obvious ‘fascism’ that the work of Jean Raspail represents, and the damage it has undoubtedly inflicted (and continues to inflict) upon the relations between people of different and distinct ethnic origins!