Sutton School Bomb-Scare Hoax

However, just why this ‘false flag’ hoax has occurred is a matter for further debate, considering the state of the country under Tory ‘Austerity’, the dismantling of the Welfare State and the privatisation of the NHS, not to mention the Tories trying every trick in the book to start a ar with Russia! From what I have been told, the Sutton Schools emailing system was ‘hacked’ and the email inserted into the system and circulated. This has caused widespread panic and alarm. It seems that panic is being spread through British society to prepare the population for mobilisation. 

The Ch’an Lineage and the Resurgence of Traditional Chinese Culture – Shi Ben Xing (释本性)

I would like to add that the ‘Fa Yan’ lineage of the Ch’an School is particularly well-placed to assist the revival, preservation and transmission of traditional Chinese culture within a thoroughly ‘modern’ setting. The ‘Fa Yan’ tradition is ancient and has survived for hundreds of years as a distinct and intact transmission of Ch’an Buddhism. The ‘Fa Yan’ lineage of Longyan can be very useful and serve China faithfully in this task.

On Having no Head…

My attention was drawn to this story yesterday, by a post on social media purportedly made by one of the monks residing at this temple. I was immediately struck by the very ‘non-Buddhist’ sense of ‘victimhood’ voiced by this (Asian) member of the ordained Sangha, and how he encouraged the (predominantly ‘Western’)  laity to respond to this matter with an emotionally ‘disturbed’ mind-set.

释大道:“神韵演出”无关传统实则洗脑 (My Falun Gong Cult Article in the Chinese Press) – Published 27.12.2017

Xianyang Daily Newspaper, No. 64, Fuyang West Road, Qindu District, Xianyang City, On duty phone: 029-33322879, Copyright © 2009 – 2015 All Rights Reserved Shaanxi ICP No. 13002807-2

This article was forwarded to me from my friend – ‘陈功’ (Chen Gong) – of Li Shui University, Zhejiang province, PRC.

Only the Red Army Should Be Armed!

This is correct as the Red Army personnel are trained in the morality of Marxist-Leninism, and understand their role to be one of ‘protection’ and ‘liberation’, and never one of pointless ‘aggression’ and ‘murder’. It is the Red Army that is tasked after the Revolution, to keep the workers safe. If civil society is to progressively develop through the application of science, then workers as citizens must be ‘free’ of the fear of arbitrary death and maiming from other citizens. Only the Red Army possesses the appropriate morality to carry out this task. 

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