Pronouncing ‘Celt’ (Keltos) Correctly


The ancient Greek term for a non-Greek was ‘Keltos’ – referring to what they considered to be ‘uncivilised’ tribes living across Europe (including the UK). In these tribes women were considered equal to men and often fought alongside men in the frontline of battle. In these tribes, women often rose to positions of leadership, such was the respect in which they were viewed. In modern English, the Greek ‘Keltos’ is written as ‘Celtic’ but is usually pronounced ‘Keltic’ by native Britons, and is used to refer to the tribes that comprised ancient British ancestry prior to the Roman invasion. In Scotland, one o these tribes was referred to as the ‘Picts’ by the Romans. These ‘Picts’ were so good at fighting that they prevented most of what is now known as Scotland being over-run by the Romans. The British Celtic Queen Boudica succeeded in uniting the Celtic tribes of Britain against Roman oppression and this mass of people to many great victories over the Roman Legions – until her final defeat in 61 CE. Tacitus – the Roman historian – recorded that the British Celtic dead were piled in heaps across the battlefield (probably somewhere in the West Midlands) – and that the Romans stopped counting the bodies when the number of 80,000 was reached.

Quality of Viewpoint


How an individual carries him or herself is a demonstration of inner and outer arrangement, organisation and manifestation. This is, in effect, a balance of psychological and physical processes within an external environment comprised of various elements that may be good, neutral or bad, etc. Perhaps, at its greatest frequency of perfection, this type of co-ordinated expression may be described as ‘grace under pressure’, but grace can also be maintained whilst not under pressure. When a person sincerely holds a viewpoint, there is an assessment of ‘how’ that viewpoint is held, irrespective of the content of the viewpoint itself. For instance, a viewpoint may obviously be subject to scrutiny and judgement, but this process is very much after the fact. How an individual ‘holds’ to a viewpoint is also very interesting, and this has nothing to do with the content of the viewpoint itself. Others can be thoroughly admired for the manner in which they hold a viewpoint, even if those doing the admiring do not necessarily ‘agree’ with that viewpoint itself. Of course, the quality with which the viewpoint is held, can have a positive effect upon the opinions of others, and serve to influence and direct others in the same direction. In other words, a sincerely held viewpoint can spread a certain perspective amongst those who encounter it, but even if it does not, a good impression is left in the mind of those who encounter the holder of that viewpoint. Certainly, if the holder of a certain viewpoint sets a good example, the fertile ground is set to establish the transference of that viewpoint to others in a positive sense. A viewpoint that is ‘dignified’, is the basis of a viewpoint that is admirable to others. This is true because viewpoints that are negative, destructive, and generally demeaning toward humanity are not dignified in any way, and are full of negativity and fear. These types of viewpoints are spread and maintained by ‘force’ and not by reasoned argument or logical persuasion. Many religious cults and rightwing political ideologies function in this manner, and are premised upon the idea that humanity should not be granted ‘dignity’ or freedom of choice. However, a ‘considered’ opinion is a matter of maturity over time, and a certain ‘ease’ with the subject at hand, and not a situation where force is required, even if arguments are sometimes made with passion. Individuals that occupy the centre-ground of their belief systems are able to dominate the rhetorical (and literal) high-ground, and experience no need to react to others with unnecessary force or draconian measures – if others disagree, that is entirely their right (and their concern). When a viewpoint contains a true quality of structure, disagreement or agreement does not affect the strength of that structure, as it is self-contained and self-sustaining. Any change to such a strong and yet pliable viewpoint arises only within the mind of the holder of that view, who might evolve the viewpoint to a new level of understanding, if further reliable knowledge on the subject is attained. Of course, a viewpoint with quality does not have to kowtow to the status quo, just as it does not necessarily need to counter the status quo – as a quality viewpoint is shot-through with a certain strength in-depth that others might describe as being the product of ‘self-belief’. The point is that unless individuals hold ‘quality’ viewpoints a priori, it is doubtful whether science can be further evolved. Science (both inner and outer), requires a pristine and shining mind, unsullied by the vicissitudes of the material world. This is not a denial of the material world, on the contrary, it is the preparing of the mind to reflect that world clearly and in a truthful manner.  This is the most important aspect of the development of inner science, and comes down to a deliberate process of self-organisation. In the meantime, many individuals will arrive at this position quite naturally, and through all kinds of subjects, but there will be no over-all organisation that ‘pulls’ all this insight together. This ‘pooling’ of spontaneous human knowledge and wisdom is the next step in the development of better understanding.

Kim Jong Un: The Importance of Women in the Revolution (9.12.2014)


Kim Jong Un: With Women Activists of the Korean People’s Army

On December 9th, 2014, North Korean news reported that the ‘Supreme Leader’ – Kim Jong Un (金正恩) – together with his esteemed wife – Ri Sol Ju (李雪主) – gathered with Members of the General Assembly, to inspect Women Soldiers of the Korean People’s Army, that comprise the ‘Family Art Performance Group’ (a unit of married women, many of whom have children of their own), during one of their excellent performances. Kim Jong Un stated in a speech that women are a very important attribute of the Revolution, and that every woman soldier in the Korean People’s Army must be considered a ‘national daughters-in-law’. After the performance, Kim Jong Un posed photographs with the troops.





Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles (PhD)

Chinese Language Reference:

Film: Arrival (2016) Racism Disguised as ‘Sci-Fi’


This film quintessentially defines the Obama-era’s support of neo-Nazism in the Ukraine, and prepared the American public for rise of Donald Trump (who won the US Presidency on a ticket of xenophobia and racism).  The 2016 film ‘Arrival’ (which has met with universal acclaim in the Western world, is rejected in Mainland China, Russia and Africa, as these three geographical areas are depicted as ‘inferior’ to the superior ‘White’ world of Eurocentric culture.  This insular ‘naval gazing’ by the West is typical of its imperial and colonial past, and its a priori assumption that it – and it alone – possesses any culture worth having. What seems surprising on the surface is that the film is premised upon the book ‘Arrival’ penned by American-Chinese author Ted Chiang (姜峯楠 – Jiang Fengnan), who was born in New York, in 1967. However, a cursory investigation into his family background reveals that his parents supported the corrupt Nationalist regime of Chiang Kai-Shek prior to the 1949 Communist Revolution, and fled with the discredited remnants of that shattered movement as it invaded the island of Taiwan and took refuge there (protected by the US Navy). His book ‘Arrival’ is in fact an ‘anti-Communist’ tome cleverly disguised as ‘science fiction’. The problem Chiang has is trying to suggest that the ‘aliens’ communicate in a written language premised upon the roundel symbology prevalent within Chinese Ch’an Buddhism – whilst pursuing a pro-capitalist, and pro-Eurocentric agenda. A contradiction that Chiang (and the directors of the film) achieve with considerable success. China, Russia and Somalia are chosen by Chiang to be his ‘inferior’ counter-balances to his ‘superior’ USA (and by indication the renegade island of Taiwan). The anti-Chinese racism is palpable and the central theme of the book (and film) camouflaged by a plot that appears to evolve around the world attempting to communicate with 12 alien ships that arrive at key locations across the globe.  As the Scientific Socialism of Karl Marx interprets politicised Judeo-Christian as the operating of a primitive and ‘inverted’ mind-set from a by-gone age (advocating ‘atheism’ as a consequence of the modem era), one of Chiang’s chapters is entitled ‘Hell is the Absence of God’ – an apparent allusion to Chinese Communist policy. What Chiang fails to understand, is that the Judeo-Christian tradition is historically irrelevant to the people of Mainland China, and has no place in its collective psyche. It is Confucianism, Buddhism and Daoism that define Chinese spiritual culture – but Chiang probably has an inkling of this -as he ‘stole’ the culture of Chinese Ch’an Buddhism (which depicts the various stages of ‘enlightenment’ with roundel structures) and attempts to pass them off as his own creation. In the meantime, Chiang revels in portraying ‘White’ European culture as ‘superior’ (aided and abetted by African-American actor Forest Whittaker in the film), and Chinese culture as being the product of corruption and irrationality. The book and film are a masterpiece of Eurocentric racism – but in true missionary fashion – are created by a man whose own ancestry has been brutalised and oppressed by this very same racism he is perpetuating and supporting. The example of Ted Chiang should be studied very carefully, and an understanding gained of how people from the demeaned ethnicities can co-operate with their demeaners – and delude themselves into thinking that this exchange is both ‘equal’ and ‘logical’. Finally, in the UK at the moment, copies of the DVD of ‘Arrival’ are being sold with a ‘free’ copy of the book to ensure that the ‘sci-fi’ ordinance receive the ‘full’ racist message.

USSR: Debunking the Anthrax Outbreak – Sverdlovsk (1979)


“In Sverdlovsk (and the surrounding region) cases of cattle disease have become more frequent. It is believed this has been caused within the collective farms through the introduction a low-quality cow feed. The city administration strongly recommends that all Sverdlovsk residents refrain from buying meat “in random places” – including in the markets.’

(Ural Worker – 1979)

(было опубликовано следующее: «В Свердловске и области участились случаи заболевания скота. В колхоз был завезён низкокачественный корм для коров. Администрация города убедительно просит всех свердловчан воздержаться от приобретения мяса „в случайных местах“ — в том числе на рынках» . Уральский рабочий)

The demise of the Soviet Union in 1991 (despite a national referendum to the contrary), led to an intensification of the US-generated Cold War, Anti-Soviet propaganda that sought to create and maintain a false and highly negative interpretation of the USSR in the mind of the average Westerner. The point of this approach was to turn the Western working class ideologically against the Soviet Union, and prevent the spread of Soviet-style Socialism beyond the borders of the Communist Bloc. When the USSR collapsed, the Cold War offensive entered the Russian hinterland proper, and all kinds of lies and disinformation were generated using the Russian language. The purpose of this ‘new’ wave of fabrications and myths was to turn the Russian people themselves against their own Soviet history, and prevent them from ‘voting’ in a Communist government (via the liberal democratic process), or participating in an armed uprising to achieve the same end. The so-called ‘Sverdlovsk Anthrax’ outbreak of 1979 is one such attempt at disparaging the memory of the Soviet regime.In this instance, the ‘evil’ Soviet regime under the leadership of Leonid Brezhnev, is accused of breaking a 1972 treaty (signed by the USSR) that sought to curb and prevent biological experimentation (for purposes related to war), and to have ‘tested’ biological weapons upon its own people. Although certain Western and (modern) Russian authors have suggested that the US propaganda radio service – Voice of America – made a broadcast on April 5th (1979) stating that the USSR had been manufacturing biological weapons (and had either deliberately or accidentally ‘released anthrax’ onto its own people), this assertion was convincingly questioned in 2006 – suggesting that at the time, the USA knew nothing about the case, and only became aware of this version post-1991 – when the CIA ‘invented’ it. Official Soviet-era stats record that during April, 1979, 64 people were reported dead after eating infected meat (beef), which had been the result of cattle being fed sub-standard food. This emergency was soon brought under control (with the mass vaccination of cattle and general ‘cleansing’ of the infected area), and life returned to normal in Sverdlovsk. In May, 1980, Soviet academic journals published articles referring to an ‘isolated’ outbreak of anthrax in the Sverdlovsk area, how the outbreak occurred, and what measures were taken to quell the infection. This chain of events is typical of the Soviet method of ‘scientifically’ assessing and recording all events, as a means to gaining a better understanding of phenomena, and deciding the most progressive cause of action. It is interesting that the Soviet authorities did not resort to the usual ‘capitalist’ method of intensive farming, which usually advocates the ‘mass slaughter’ of the animal populations infected. The first-time the US authorities are believed to have learned about this anthrax outbreak, was in 1988, when American officials were briefed by Soviet academic Pyotr Burgasov, who had studied 27 cases of cows infected with anthrax from the Sverdlovsk area. The point of this exchange may have originated in the idea that the two strains of anthrax discovered in the cows, were known to be prevalent not in the USSR, but rather in Canada and South Africa. These facts ‘hinted’ that the Sverdlovsk outbreak might have been the product of foreign intervention – in other words, a Western-backed biological (terrorist) attack on the Soviet Union (although this was never the official Soviet position). In response to this implied assertion, the US intelligence services concocted the story that the USSR was working on ‘anthrax’ weapons that were tested upon Soviet people. There is no evidence to support this theory – but some (modern) Russian authors, wanting to cash-in on Cold War nostalgia, are quick to ‘invent’ false histories in the Russian language. In 2015, a supposed anthrax victim attempted to sue the Russian government for being a victim of anthrax experimentation, with the case being thrown-out as it lacked supporting historical evidence.

Russian Language References:Эпидемия_сибирской_язвы_в_Свердловске


Marx Oration – Highgate Cemetery (19.03.2017) Long Live the Paris Commune!

Key Speaker: Her Excellency Rocio Maneiro



Ambassador of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela


‘In present times, as you know, the legacy of Marx is at the core of the Bolivarian Revolution and more specifically in the policies of our Government. Our social programs are inspired by the ideas of Karl Marx, giving priority to the inclusion of poor people into health, education, and housing systems.’

Her Excellency Rocio Maneiro – Marx Oration (2017)

Socialist Venezuela represented an ‘unusual and extraordinary threat to the US national security and foreign policy’

US President Obama (2016)

October, 2017, will be the 100th anniversary of the Great October Revolution in Russia that swept VI Lenin and his Bolshevik Party to power. Today, around 200 people from all social and ethnic backgrounds converged on the entrance to Highgate Cemetery in preparation for the short march to the grave of Karl Marx (who died on March 14th, 1883), marked since 1956 by a monument equal to the historical importance of this extraordinary man. Following the destruction of the Paris Commune in May, 1871, Karl Marx, his family, Friedrich Engels and other Socialists in the UK, attempted to commemorate this event each year on its anniversary, but faced tremendous resistance from the British establishment. However, they continued to work for a regular gathering each year despite this official harassment. When Karl Marx died on March 14th, 1883, it was agreed that as this date was near the founding of the Paris Commune, it would be a good idea to merge the remembering of the life of Karl Marx with that of celebrating, commemorating and lamenting the passing of the Paris Commune – the world’s first attempt at establishing a Scientific Socialist State. Therefore, from 1883 onwards, the ritual of remembering Karl Marx has been intimately associated with the memory of the Paris Commune (which existed between March 18th to May 28th, 1871).


Her Excellency Rocio Maneiro – the Ambassador of Venezuela – gave a moving speech explaining how her country has been building a Socialist State premised upon Marxist principles, emphasising the eradication of poverty through the empowerment of the ordinary people. This has been achieved through extensive State assistance and support, which has seen an extensive re-distribution of wealth. This has seen a rapid reduction in homelessness (through the providing of good quality housing), and an equally rapid increase in public health through the establishment of a nation-wide medical system. The Venezuelan economy has been re-organised along Socialist lines, and has created employment and opportunities for the ordinary people to live in dignity through possessing a job, and positively contributing toward society. Employment unions are encouraged to ensure good working conditions, and there is an extensive welfare system for those who cannot work, or who are ill or disabled. However, Rocio Maneiro explained that despite all these important accomplishments for humanity, President Obama (of the USA) declared in 2016 that Venezuela represented an ‘unusual and extraordinary threat to the US national security and foreign policy’. Following this statement, the Western Press started calling for military intervention in Venezuela, and the destruction of its Socialist regime. This is how the so-called ‘democratic’ capitalist world responded to the Venezuelan working people taking control of their own destiny. Venezuela continues the struggle against the excesses and injustices generated by the exploitative system of capitalism.


Liz Payne – the Chair of the Communist Party of Britain (CPB) – spoke powerfully about the historical importance of the establishment of the Paris Commune in 1871, and how it is important for all genuine Socialists and Communists to propagate its memory. Although the Paris Commune ultimately failed, the French people for a time exhibited a true working class consciousness which was attacked and destroyed by the reactionary forces of capitalism. Karl Marx, in his many works, stated that the working class will have many victories – and suffer many defeats, before the final victory of Socialism and the establishment of Communism. The Paris Commune symbolised how working people can take control of their own destinies, and if need be, organise to defend that achievement. The eventual defeat was noble, and set the example of how working class people should proceed. When a white shirt covered in blood was raised on a stick (taken from a dead worker killed by the authority) – the Red Flag of Socialism was born.


Alaister Beach & Adrian Chan-Wyles



Representative of the PRC with Members of the CPB














US Cold War Disinformation: Operation Infektion


In the Russian language, the equivalent of the English word ‘infection’ is ‘инфекцион’, which is rendered into the English alphabet as ‘infeksion’. This is the first contextual problem with the so-called ‘Operation Infektion’ that is prevalent in the West, has its own dedicated Wikipage (as if it were ‘true’), and has its origins entirely within US Cold War (Anti-Soviet) propaganda. In fact, in the Russian language, ‘Operation Infektion’ would be written ‘Операции инфекцион’, and yet nowhere in the English wiki article is this Russian term to be found. This is not surprising, as this wiki article  does contain one Russian language reference – either popular or academic – to substantiate its bizarre claims. Its only source stems from a single American book entitled ‘Operation INFEKTION – Soviet Bloc Intelligence and Its AIDS Disinformation Campaign’ by Thomas Boghardt (2009) – a fantasy novel that peddles science and political fiction – presented as ‘fact’. This work of fiction suggests that the Soviet KGB initiated a ‘disinformation’ campaign against the USA, which suggested that the HIV Virus was manufactured by the CIA and ‘tested’ on an unsuspecting American public (namely the ‘Gay’ community and drug addicts). On the face of it, this is not as absurd as it first seems, as the CIA (through MKUltra and other hidden programmes) deliberately infected US (and other) populations with various diseases and experimental compounds (as a means to ‘test’ efficacy). There is even the allegation that the US dropped biological weapons over China and Korea during the Korean War (1950-1953), and there was a case in France (in the early 1950’s) where a village (with a Socialist-leaning administration) was plagued with bizarre physical and psychological illnesses for a time – thought to have stemmed from the CIA planting LSD in the local bread supply. Given the obvious criminality of the CIA throughout its history, the idea that its inhuman programmes could have created a ‘new’ disease or plague is not that far-fetched, but in this instance, there are no Soviet era, or modern Russian language records suggesting that the KGB deliberately initiated a propaganda exercise to blame the US in the manufacturer of the HIV Virus. Although many US conspiracy theorists talk of Pravda or Tass news articles appearing in the Soviet Union stating that the US created HIV, in fact no such articles are evident in Russian language sources today, and may be judged as ‘not existing’. At a time when modern Russia is satiated with the nonsense of the bourgeois imagination (imported from the West after 1991), and given that Russians now discuss all kinds of conspiracy theory, none participate in the discussion of the Soviet Union ‘blaming’ the US for HIV – even when they indulge the equally bizarre idea that HIV might not be’ real’! There was no ‘Operation Infektion’ and its narrative originates entirely within the imagination of the Western bourgeois psyche.

Russian Language Reference:Вирус_иммунодефицита_человека (contemporary scientific research) (Discussion – HIV does not exist) (Where Did HIV Come From? Not one mention of the US) (Pravda Explains HIV – no mention of the US)

English Language Reference: (false propaganda)

RIP Chinese Victims of Elliot Rodger (2014)


Parents of Murder Victims: (Left to Right) Mr Chen Junan [陈君安}, Mrs Kelly Wang (王), Mrs Liu Jinshuang (刘锦双), & Mr Wang Zhangshuang


Family Shrine for George Chen (乔治·陈)


Wang Weihan (王维汉) & Mother


Mother of George Chen (Left) & Mother of Wang Weihan (Right)

Many people of different ethnicities were murdered by the deranged son of a multimillionaire film director, during May 2014. A certain number of the 21 victims (6 killed and 15 wounded) were of Chinese ethnicity (perhaps as many as 8). What is disturbing about the three Chinese young men killed by Elliot Rodger in his luxurious flat in Santa Barbara, was that somehow he managed to over-power all of them, and kill each with multiple stab-wounds. Later, he either hit others with his car on the street, or shot them, but the beginning of his killing spree has left many questions. The parents of the Chinese men killed in Elliot Rodger’s flat are understandably heart-broken and devastated. Together, they stated that the US media was more interested in how Elliot Rodger’s famous father was coping with the tragedy, rather than the fact that it was their children that had been brutally ‘murdered’ by a deranged young man suffering from delusions of grandeur and racist attitudes toward Chinese people. The Chinese parents stated that it is the responsibility of the parents to look after their children and protect them from society – and society from them  – if they are psychologically disturbed. Parents in the West often leave their children to do as they please and this can lead to all kinds of social problems – and even tragedies that could have been avoided.  Whereas Barbara Walters spent hours on CBS quizzing Peter Rodger – the families of the Chinese victims were treated as second class citizens, being given a short-time to express their grief and generally treated with disrespect. The family of murder victim Hong Chengyuan (洪晟元) were absent from proceedings, as they had returned to China to respectfully spread the ashes of their son.

Chinese Language References:

Elliot Rodger (Re-Visited) Misogyny


Elliot Rodger – London Eye – Lambeth (UK)

I seldom revisit these types of posts, but I felt that in Elliot Rodger’s case, a second outing was justified. Elliot Rodger, despite his obvious ‘Americanisation’, was in fact born a ‘Londoner’ in the UK. He was born in Lambeth (famous for many things, including Waterloo Station), probably in St Thomas Hospital. If this is correct, then he was born within the comforting embrace of the British NHS – and not ‘privately’ delivered as would have been expected due to the wealth of his father – film director Peter Rodger. Elliot Rodger was brought into the world through a ‘Socialist’ medical system (copied from the Soviet Union by the British Labour Party in 1948). This may have been the only time he experienced Socialism in operation, as his family moved to the USA when he was around 5 years old. From that moment onwards, he was exposed to the forces and contradictions of predatory capitalism and routine gun ownership. In the UK, British people do not own guns within civil society, but when called upon to defend their island – they fight lions regardless of the odds stacked against them. Between 1939 – 1941, Great Britain stood alone against the might of Nazi Germany, when politicians in the US were voting not to come to the UK’s aid and assistance, and to make a ‘separate’ peace with Adolf Hitler’s despicable regime. British people do not need to carry guns to be effective fighters, and if Elliot Rodger had remained in the UK – and had been brought-up as ‘British’ rather than transplanted to a foreign land, his 6 murder victims would still be alive, he would still be alive, and 15 others would not be injured. In all probability, his Asperger Syndrome would have been correctly diagnosed and treated within the British NHS, and his state of mind quelled as a consequence. I have posted elsewhere (See: Elliot Rodger: Bourgeois Excess) that Elliot Rodger was probably ‘gay’ in sexual orientation. I say this because his entire persona (or at least that which he chooses to show the world in his numerous videos) appears highly effeminate. As I progressively support LGBTQ (and non-binary) rights (and have attended London’s Gay Pride March), I felt Elliot Rodger was ‘gay’ but for reasons of non-support in his life, was acting-out a fantasy of being attracted to females (that did not return the ‘attraction’). Although sexual politics is a mine-field, generally speaking, ‘straight’ women (the target of Elliot Rodger’s fantasising) would not be amorously attracted to gay men – other than perhaps for platonic friendship. I believe this is the basis of his hatred toward women. He hated his own ‘gayness’, and manifested this as ‘misogyny’. His ‘inner’ self-hate was ‘objectified’ as a hatred of women, where he imagined that they (womanhood) rejected his male perfection. In reality, it was Elliot Rodger that was ‘rejecting’ his own effeminate persona, and every woman that reminded him of it. He was ‘jealous’ of heterosexual couples, because such couples represented a ‘male’ rejecting Elliot Rodger for the female being courted. This diverting men ‘away’ from Elliot Rodger, was blamed in his fantasy world as being caused by women deliberately conspiring to ‘attract’ men away from him. Why did he not simply embrace his gayness? He did not embrace his gayness because his middle class upbringing taught him to despise homosexuality in general. When I review the following interview with Peter Rodger, I see a an eerily ‘detached’ privileged White man playing to the cameras and simply defending his own reputation through spin and sound-bites – after-all – he is a film director.


Free Ross Ulbricht (18.3.2017)


Free Ross Ulbricht

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