The Sangha Kommune (僧伽公社) Defined


Ch’an Master Caotang siad:

There is nothing special to leadership – essentially it is a matter of controlling the evils of biased information and autocracy. Do not just go by whatever is said to you first – then the obsequities of petty people seeking favour will not be able to confuse you.

After all, the feelings of a group of people are not one, and objective reason is hard to see. You should investigate something to see its benefit or harm, examine whether it is appropriate and suitable or not; then after that you may carry it out.

True Record of Sushan (Song Dynasty)

The Chinese Buddhist monastic community is referred to as a ‘Sangha’ (Sanskrit for ‘spiritual community’), whereby men and women form a voluntary association premised upon following a strict set of rules known as the ‘Vinaya Discipline’. Within this community, there is ‘equality’ between all members, with the leaders being those who have followed these rules for the longest times. This is because such people are thought to have more experience at adhering to the Vinaya Discipline (which includes celibacy and vegetarianism), and are therefore able to effectively advise all others through the difficult times they my face in their practice. As those with little experience have less to share, they are not considered leaders whilst more experienced practitioners live in the vicinity. Of course, this is a relative matter depending upon the size of population of a community, and the length of time it has existed, and the quality of the masters (male or female) that have led it. Those who cannot keep the Vinaya Discipline (of over 200 rules) generally choose to leave on their own accord, with those who confess breaking the major rules being asked to leave and expelled from the monastic community (due to the bad example they set). However, the term ‘Sangha’ is often more loosely applied to the devout or dedicated lay community, the members of which follow at least 5, 8 or 10 vows as a life routine, and who regularly visit the local temple and volunteer their time in worthwhile social or charitable activities. In this manner, the monastic Sangha teach and guide the lay Sangha, and the lay Sangha applies the Buddha’s teachings of compassion, loving kindness and wise action to the outside the temple, and thereby expand the Buddha-Dharma beyond the temple. As the Buddha originally taught that there is no ‘difference’ in enlightened essence between the monastic and lay community, the monastics do not consider themselves ‘superior’ and the lay community does not consider itself ‘inferior’ to one another. The principle of ‘Sangha, therefore, denotes a sacred space defined and maintained through the principles of psychological and physical self-discipline and learning, premised upon a general attitude of mutual respect. The Sangha, in both essence and function, is a model for a ‘commune’ operating through the vigorous principles of  equality’, ‘discipline’ and ‘wisdom’. These are the principles embodied within this blog – regardless of the scope of its subject matter.


The term ‘Kommune’ is taken from the German word for ‘Commune’, and is directly related to the principles of Scientific Socialism, as formulated by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. Indeed, within German language editions of the works of Marx and Engels, the term ‘Kommune’ is often encountered. This type of ‘Kommune’ is also a voluntary association, albeit distinctly ‘modern’ in origination, and designed to serve the Revolutionary needs of the Proletariat – or the mass of peasants forced to work in the industrialised factories produced by the oppressive capitalist system. Working 12 to 16 hours a day, strictly by the clock, whilst being dictated to by brutal managers and the movement and operation of monotonous machines, these peasants were transformed into self-disciplined and highly exploited automatons of industry, waiting for the right historical epoch to free themselves from their endless toil for little reward. Just as the collective mind is ‘dulled’ by endless hours of repetitive toil, it is ‘freed’, ‘activated’ and ‘expanded’ when encountering the strictures of Scientific Socialism, and a non-resisting ‘false consciousness’ is replace by a resisting ‘true consciousness’. Generally, when the mind is freed from the straitjacket of oppression, the body soon follows, even though it is equally true that if the body is freed by a Revolution caused by others, then the mind soon follows! In these post-modem times, proletariat ‘true consciousness’ is much more amorphous in manifestation, particularly as factory work becomes ever less prevalent in the West. Although the modes of capitalist exploitation change with the epoch, the nature of capitalist exploitation (and class distinction) remains exactly the same. Striving for the establishment of a ‘Kommunistic’ society remains the duty of all right-minded working class people across the globe, with the Marxist principle of ‘Internationalism’ replacing nationalism and racism, etc. The point is that the ‘true consciousness’ of the working class is premised entirely upon non-hatred for one another, as this hatred has been imported into the working class by the very capitalists that exploit them! By rejecting capitalism, the working class is rejecting the greed, hatred and delusion that underlies all capitalist thought and action. This working class mission is no less ‘sacred’ than its Buddhist counter-part, and shares exactly the same essence. The author of this blog strives to agitate for the peaceful achievement of both inner and outer Revolution amongst by any means necessary (to quote Malcolm X).


Having defined two interpretations of ‘Kommune’, it is important to also emphasis the pivotal notion of ‘education’ and the training of the human mind to discern a relevant ‘truth’ in any given situation or circumstance. Learning in a classroom, through a book, encounter groups, political meetings, protest marches, meditation sessions, or the internet, are all crucial aspects of ‘refining’ the memory and ‘honing’ the intellect. The thought processes (and emotionality) must be ‘calmed’ for the sake of ‘wise’ action and non-action when young, so that avoidable errors and mistakes are reduced to the minimum, and progressive activity increased to the maximum (to selflessly benefit humanity).  This is not always easy, and the ability to recognise non-efficient thought-patterns and behaviours should also be cultivated as a means toward achieving self-forgiveness, and the forgiveness of others. The important point is that the mind should be kept in a positive frame of operation, so that the body can be used for various types of ‘enlightened’ political, cultural and social action. The physical body must be clearly (and cleanly) directed by the mind (the seat of volition), and kept physically fit through appropriate activities. This psycho-physical training sets the stage for the refined individual to understand the frequency and quality of inner and outer energy, and immediately understand the best action (if any) to take, or instantly ‘know’ when others are ‘lying’, or presenting ‘untruth’ as ‘truth’. This ability can be further used to generate ‘correct’ work that counters the lies of a society motivated entirely by greed, racism and an indifference to the suffering of humanity and other life forms. Therefore, this ‘Sangha Kommune’ blog is a work in progress that covers a bewildering array of topics, opinions, and research data. By taking a step back away from its content – the general reader will begin to understand the underlying (and motivating) paradigm. This is essentially a ‘Kommunist’ zone where all beings are automatically ‘freed’ at the point of contact. The need for money is already ‘transcended’, and the energy frequency of the Sangha Kommune should be used by all to achieve a state of permanent ‘freedom’ in all circumstances. This is a space of permanent Cyber Kommunism, and ongoing Revolutionary activity in the form of ‘exposing’ and ‘dissolving’ the bourgeois system and its redundant mode of capitalist organisation.


Ch’an Wuzu said:

The Ch’an community is a place for the moulding of Sages and ordinary people, and for nurturing and developing potential ability. It is a source of teaching,. Even though many people are living together, gathering in kind, they are guided and made equal. Each has a transmission from the teacher.

Now in many places they do not strive to maintain the standards of the Sages of the past. Biased feelings of like and dislike are many, with people bending others to what they personally think is right. How should later students take an example?

Records of Equanimity (Song Dynasty)

A Warning About Labour


Although many quite rightly concentrate on Peter Mandelson or Tony Blair as the architects of ‘New’ Labour, in reality these were only frontmen for Philip Gould who preferred to keep just out reach of the limelight. Gould represented a movement within the Labour Party away from the traditional Socialistic policies that cared for working-class – even if those huddled masses refused to vote in local and national elections. The Labour Party had historically taken the Marxist concept of ‘Labour’ as its defining motivation and political direction, and had risen in popularity in the UK as Lenin’s Bolshevik ‘Communist’ Movement moved ever closer to power in Russia (between 1903-1917). Following the October Revolution in 1917, the Labour Party in the UK not only achieved electoral success with MPs sitting in the House of Commons, but looked more and more like a political party ready for national governance. It is one of those ironies of history that saw Labour’s electoral success throughout the industrial heartlands, coincide with its (essentially) middle class leadership moving ever further away from the International Communist Ideal. This was the Labour Party attempting to represent the ordinary working-class people of the UK, whilst trying not to offend or disrupt the bourgeois status quo. For decades Labour advocated Socialistic policies whilst reconfirming its commitment to capitalism and the middle-class domination of the UK. The Philip Gould-era represented a marked reversal of this approach which saw the Labour Party abandon the working-class and embrace the middle-class – the class of its leadership. Out went welfare provision and healthcare ‘free at the point of us’, and in came privatisation, subsistence wages and a resorting to a ruthless Social Darwinism that blamed the ordinary and the poor for their beleaguered birth circumstances. This ‘New’ Labour approach nolonger viewed the working-class as ‘oppressed’ by middle-class power and intrigue, but rather as the victims of its own laziness and malaise. The working-class was condemned to suffer just as long as it collectively refused to conform to middle-class values – regardless of any injustice or inequality that might entail. To this end, Philip Gould barrowed the US Democratic Party’s policies of Bill Clinton (and his adviser David Morris), which had abandoned the working-class in 1996 (cutting welfare and healthcare to secure Clinton’s popularity with the bourgeoisie), and pandered instead to the vagaries of the middle-class floating voter. This neo-liberal and neo-conservative approach had its origins in 1920’s America, through the thinking of Edward Bernays (the nephew of Sigmund Freud), who invented modern consumer capitalism by psychologically manipulating the working-class to purchase through ‘desire’ rather than through the traditional ‘need’. With the help of Anna Freud (Sigmund Freud’s daughter) after WWII, Edward Bernays assisted the US Government in using the techniques of Freudian Psychoanalysis to turn the US working-class away from Socialism, and to associate the Soviet Union with everything that was ‘evil’. This effectively meant that the working-class in the US was brain-washed through media and education to dis-associate itself with the very ideology of Socialism that represented its best class interests. Edward Bernays and Anna Freud managed to convince the US working-class that its best interests lay in being continuously exploited by the middle-class, and that this was normal and beyond question. Although much slower in manifesting in the UK, this approach to mass brain-washing was supported by Matthew Freud (great grandson of Sigmund Freud). It was not until the ascendance of Tony Blair to the Labour Party leadership in 1994 that the thinking of Edward Barneys infiltrated the Labour Party through the influence of Philip Gould. Tony Blair – being a Tory – facilitated this profound and deadly shift in Labour policy. Gordon Brown was no different and in a meeting between Labour Party ministers and members of the Audit Commission in 2009, ‘New Labour revealed its ‘secret’ plans to privatise the NHS and dismantle the Welfare State. This was to be carried-out over a 15-year period, with the Audit Commission tasked with delivering this transformation and selling its dreadful consequences to an unsuspecting general public. As soon as the Tories and LibDems were elected in 2010, however, the Audit Commission was abolished and the ‘New’ Labour policy of abolishing welfare and healthcare was embarked upon without restraint. This policy ultimately led to the Tories and LibDems being found Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity by the UN in 2016, for the deaths of around 120,000 UK citizens. Today, with the Tories currently forming a minority government, nothing has changed. The Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn has promised to return the NHS to its former glory should it manage to win an election, through a manifesto that rejects raising taxation or re-instigating a comprehensive Welfare System. This is not an attack on the Labour Movement (which has always represented the working people of the UK), but a protest about a Labour Party that has deviated to the political right since 1994. The following indepth documentary will explain the main themes highlighted in this article.

Photographs of Historical and Contemporary Tyrants Enjoying Themselves!


Winston Churchill Killed Four Million in Bengal

Bourgeois capitalism – and the liberal democracy it generates – has been responsible for electing into high office some of the worst human-beings in history. This middle class process of acquiring and retaining political and economic power has maneuvered those privileged people into positions of immense influence and unquestioned authority, that would otherwise be termed ‘mentally’ ill, or suffering from discernible psychiatric conditions.  Although the likes of Adolf Hitler should not be taken lightly, it is important to expose the meglamaniac, the schizophrenic, the bipolar sufferer and those with delusions of grandeur, all of whom should have been kept in a secure environment and given appropriate medical treatment, rather than political power over entire nations, empires and commonwealths. Adolf Hitler was a rightwing capitalist as was one of his greatest admirers – Winston Churchill. Both men were elected into office by the liberal democratic system, and both consequently killed millions through their policies. If the argument is one of ‘degree’, then I will concede that Churchill kept his killing within ‘reasonable’ bourgeois boundaries, whilst Hitler did not. However, this article must not be confined to the usual culprits of bourgeois crime, but must be extended to include the breath-taking array of mass murderers elected into office by the middle class populations of capitalist countries. This is not an exhaustive list, but it does also include unelected dictators and corrupt religious figures courted by capitalist politicians for nefarious ends.


Adolf Hitler – Holocaust 11 Million – USSR Invasion 40 Million


President Truman – Hiroshima & Nagasaki Atomic Bombs – 200,000


Margaret Thatcher – Death Penalty Supporter, Anti-NHS, and Anti-Welfare State


Henry Kissinger – Described as a One Man International Crime Wave


14th Dalai Lama – Self-Proclaimed Leader of Tibet and CIA Operative


Augusto Pinochet – Friend of Margaret Thatcher and Chilean Despot


Chiang Kai-Shek – Nationalist Despot and Murderer of Untold Millions


David Cameron – Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity (UN) 2016


Nick Clegg – Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity (UN) 2016


George HW Bush – Hundreds of Thousands Killed in Iraq


George W Bush – Killed Millions in Afghanistan and Iraq

Former U.S. President Clinton laughs during the student speeches in Cambridge

Bill Clinton – Had Disabled Man Put to Death and Established Anti-Communist Statue


Hilary Clinton – Offered to Destroy Syria for Israel


Donald Trump – Racist, misogynist, Anti-Disabled, Warmonger and Fascist

Mikhail Gorbachev           in China

Mikhail Gorbachev – destroyed the USSR – 5.9 million Russians Died 1991-1999


Barack Obama – Sponsored the ‘Maidan’ Neo-Nazi Regime in Ukraine


Pope Pious XI – Supported Fascist Italy and Nazi German


Pope Pious XII – Colluded with the Nazi German Holocaust


Ramsey MacDonald – Betrayed the British Labour Movement

Tony Blair interview

Tony Blair – Anti-Working Class – Killed millions in Afghanistan and Iraq


Neville Chamberlain – Gave Czechoslovakia to Nazi Germany in 1938


Lyndon Johnson – Killed Millions in Vietnam


Emperor Hirohito – Killed Millions in China


Benito Mussolini – Arch Fascist, Racist and Imperialist


Ronald Reagan – Authorised the Dropping of a Bomb on US Citizens in Philadelphia (1985) and bombed Libya (1986)


Chandra Bose – Indian Fascist and Ally of Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan – Said Nothing About Japanese Atrocities Committed in India During WWII

National Day of Action Against Neo-Nazi Ukraine (10.2.2018)


Dear Comrades

National Day of Action for Ukraine: No to Fascism! Solidarity with the Communists!

The YCL Executive Committee has called a national day of action on 10 February 2018 in solidarity with our comrades in the Communist Party and Komsomol of Ukraine against state oppression and the rehabilitation of fascism.

The YCL has called for a demonstration outside the Ukrainian Embassy in London (60 Holland Park, W11 3SJ) from 1pm on Saturday 10 February 2018.

Demonstrations are also being planned for Edinburgh, Glasgow and Manchester on the same day. Please contact or 07598188699 if you are able to attend or want to organise a demonstration in your town or city.

SInce coming to power during the Euromaidan protests at the beginning of 2014 the EU-US-NATO backed fascist junta in Ukraine has vicously oppressed and murdered communists, trade unionists and democrats throughout Ukraine. With the full backing of the British and other NATO powers the Kiev government has attacked antifascists in Donetsk and Luhansk using neo-nazi paramilitaries, often targeting civilians. Soon after the fascist junta came to power, dozens of trade unionists, including pregnant women, were locked in Odessa Trade Union House and burnt alive.

The EU backed government immediately introduced new laws to criminalise communism, glorify WWII fascist collaborators and legitimise the neo-nazis organisations propping up the new government. The Ukrainian Communist Party faces a judgment from the Kiev Administrative Court ordering its dissolution and banning. The Party has been prohibited from standing in elections since 2014, even before this communists faced violence, intimidation and vote rigging. In the 2012 pre-coup elections the CP secured over 13% of the popular vote. The antidemocratic measures adopted by the Kiev government have silenced the vote of almost 3 million Ukrainians.

As recently as Christmas 2017 our sister youth wing the Komsomol of Ukraine were attacked by the neo-nazi members of the ‘National Corps’. The British government and EU have done nothing to restrain their puppet government in Ukraine. They have encouraged attacks on communists and the use of fascist militias to oppress the peoples of Ukraine.

The Young Communist League has called this national day of action to:

– Condemn the killing of antifascists, democrats and trade unionists
– Oppose the attacks on the peoples of Lukhansk and Donetsk
– Protest the expulsion of the Communist Party of Ukraine from Parliament, their prohibition from elections and banning
– Demand an end to violent attacks against our comrades in the Ukrainian CP and Komsomol
– Call on Britain to cut all diplomatic ties with the junta.
– Express solidarity with the Communist Party of Ukraine, communist youth and all anti-fascists in Ukraine

The YCL calls on all socialists, antifascists and democrats to join us in this national day of action!

Future generations will not forgive us if we allow fascism to rear its head in Europe!

¡No pasarán!

Solidarity with the Communists!

In comradeship

Executive Committee
Young Communist League
Ruskin House
23 Coombe Rd

‘Pip’ the Immortal Foreign Finch (2006-2017)!


We acquired a pair of Foreign Finches in 2006, and were told they had just been hatched, and that it was common for these birds to live between 2 – 5 years. the other bird ‘Patch’ died in 2011 and was around 5 years old. However, ‘Pip’ lived on until passing peacefully away on September 9th, 2017 (in our flat in Sutton). He had lived just over ‘twice’ the usual age of a Foreign Finch (also known as an ‘African’ Finch). I took these photographs probably about 6 months before he died to keep a record of his life. His pleasant chirping throughout the day, and overly familiar behaviour with our cat (who only wanted to eat him) kept our spirits lifted even in the darkest of times!





Remembering the Sacrifice of the Soviet Red Army on Holocaust Remembrance Day (26.1.2018)

Jahrestag/ KZ Auschwitz/ Befreiung
At a time in history when the Soviet Red Army involvement in the ‘Liberation’ of the Auschwitz Concentration and Extermination Camp is played-down or denied by certain sectors of the Jewish and non-Jewish community, Holocaust Memorial Day at the Imperial War Museum takes place next to the Soviet War Memorial. Winston Churchill referred to Red Army reports of Nazi German mass extermination camps as ‘Soviet propaganda’. Most other such ceremonies will not mention the Soviet sacrifice and I think this corner of the UK might well be unique throughout the Western world. The following is an email from the Society for Co-operation in Russian and Soviet Friendship. Six millions Jews, and five million disabled, homosexuals, Communists, anti-Nazis and the racially inferior were murdered during the Holocaust by the Nazi Germans. Casualties of dead and wounded (both military and civilian) throughout the Soviet Union amounted to around forty million men, women and children. ACW (16.1.2018)
Holocaust Memorial Day ceremony – Friday 26 January 2018
[Please note that due to HMD itself falling on a Saturday this year, the 2018 ceremony is taking place on FRIDAY 26 JANUARY]
On behalf of the Trustees of the Soviet Memorial Trust Fund [SMTF] and the Mayor of Southwark, I would like to invite you to attend this year’s Holocaust Memorial Day commemoration on Friday 26 January 2018, organised by the SMTF, Southwark Council and the Imperial War Museum [IWM]. As you may be aware, HMD marks the date of the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration and extermination camps by the Soviet Red Army in 1945.
The commemoration begins with a brief wreath-laying ceremony at the Holocaust Memorial Tree and Soviet War Memorial which stand together in the Geraldine Mary Harmsworth Park which surrounds the Imperial War Museum in London. Guests will then proceed inside the IWM for the contination of the event in the Cinema. Guests attending the indoor element of the event are invited to view the IWM’s Holocaust Exhibition after the ceremony concludes.
10.50 am – Gather at the entrance to GMH Park (in front of the IWM main entrance and near the park cafe), Lambeth Road, London SE1 6HZ
11.00 am – Wreath-laying ceremony at the Soviet War Memorial and Southwark Council’s Holocaust Memorial Tree
11.45 am – Indoor ceremony, hosted by the Mayor of Southwark, begins in the Cinema of the Imperial War Museum
12.50 pm – Indoor ceremony ends
NB: No seating is provided outdoors. This part of the event is expected to last no more than 20 mins.
Due to seating limitations, if you wish to attend the ceremony inside the Imperial War Museum, please contact the Mayor of Southwark’s Office directly on Tel: 020 7525 7303 or Eml: as soon as possible.
If you intend to lay a wreath on behalf of an organisation or you will be carrying a standard, please reply directly to me at by noon on Thu 25 Jan.
Please contact me if you have any questions.
Ralph Gibson
Hon Secretary
Soviet Memorial Trust Fund
Direct Work Tel: 020 7370 3002 (at Rossiya Segodnya)
SMTF, 320 Brixton Road, London SW9 6AB

Sarah Joe Disappearance – Not So Mysterious! (1979)


Lost fishermen still cast shadow 30 years later

Below is a video that explains this incident. Throughout the net, a ‘myth’ has been propagated stating that although the wreck of the Sarah Joe (fishing boat) was discovered in a dilapidated state (in 1988) on the island of Taongi (in the northern part of the Marshall Islands roughly 2,200 miles southwest of the Hawaiian Islands, where it and its crew went missing in 1979), a US Government Survey of the island in 1984 did not spot this wreck – or the nearby grave of one of its crew (Scott Moorman). This suggests that the boat and grave were not there in 1984, but according to friends and relatives of the missing crew, the Sarah Joe (and grave) were discovered in 1984 – but this find was not reported by the personnel responsible. It seems the Sarah Joe (and its five crew) got caught in a bad storm, and at least one of the crew made it to the island (possibly after three months at sea). Whether he was alive or not is a matter of conjecture (one theory siggests he tied himself to the boat but died at sea). However, someone found and buried the dead body of Scott Moorman and within the grave was placed what seems to be Chinese ‘joss paper’, or a type of coloured tissue paper containig silver strips (this usually signifies good luck in the next life). It is thought that illegal fishermen from either Taiwan or China found the dead body and buried it with respect and consideration – even building a ‘cross’ out of driftwood.


UK: Tips for Surviving Flu – Winter (2018)


With the incumbant (rightwing) Tory Administration (that has already been found ‘Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity’ by the UN in 2016), Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) has been subjected to a vicious and highly accelerated ‘privatisation’ process that has seen hundreds of hospitals, GP Surgeries, Health Centres and Community Medical Services ‘cut’ and/or sold into the private sector. This greed-led process has compromised the principle of all healthcare in the UK being paid for ‘collectively’ through taxation, and delivered ‘free’ at the point of use. Millions of ordinary people in the UK are now being left with deficient or no effective healthcare. Coupled with the simultaneous dismantling of the Welfare State, the British media is reporting that between 2010-2017, the ‘Austerity’ policies of the Tories (and LibDems) have led to the deaths of around 120,000 people. What is making matters worse for ordinary British people is that the UK media and British Medical Association (BMA) are colluding with this privatisation process, and ignoring the intense suffering being caused.

In the US at the moment (around the California area), there is a particularly virulent strain of influenza currently spreading through the population. Many US Citizens – even those who possess private health insurance – are dying from this disease. All indications suggest that this flu has now spread to the UK and can be seen to be creating intense suffering in Cornwall and Scotland. This is not to say that it does not exist in England – it does – but it has spread very fast through the Celtic areas – areas that are known for their poor medical infrastructures (due to Tory NHS cuts). I have heard that many local GPs are colluding with government privatisation plans and deliberately ‘withholding’ adequate medical treatment. This is being done to ‘force’ ordinary British people into ‘paying’ for private healthcare – in the meantime, people are dying and no one is being held responsible for these deaths. This being case, we must take measures to protect our own health.

1) Face Masks. Surgical face masks are already popular in Japan and China, and many US Citizens are now wearing them to prevent the spread of air-borne flu.

2) Healthy diet. Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables.

3) Vitamin and Mineral Supplement. It is a good idea to regularly take a multivitamin and mineral supplement together with flaxseed (or equivalent). Immunace is one of the better examples designed to boost the immune system.

4) Echinacea boosts the white blood cells and helps the body resist and fight infection.

5) Vitamin D is a pro-hormone that triggers the defenses of the body (through adrenal stimulation), and is highly effective in preventing the catching of diseases, and the fighting of diseases already present.

6) Black Elderberry Syrup is often referred to as a natural anti-biotic that can shorten the symptoms of influenza.

Of course, if you have access to a doctor that is still delivering a service, always seek professional medical advice before taking any of these supplements. If access to a GP is limited, then contact a Pharmacist. All these supplements are available over the counter without prescription, and it is entirely up to individuals to educate themselves in the face of the tyranny currently being administered against the British people. Remember, vote Labour to get these terrible and murderous Tories out of power – and share your survival knowledge with one another!

Sigue Sigue Sputnik – Hammer and Sickle (1986)


Sigue Sigue Sputnik – Love Missile F1-11 (Ultraviolence Remix)

A Message to leftists That Propagate ‘Fascism’


Here’s the deal. I oppose fascism on every front – including Zionist racism AND anti-Semitism. Please do not ‘attempt to ‘Freind’ or ‘Follow’ this psge if you hold rightwing opinions. I will find out and you will be permanently ‘Banned’. Fascism and Trotskyism are not welcome here. There are certain sites out there where opposers of Israel use fascist racism rather than dialectical reason. Judaism is not the issue – racist (secular) Zonism is. These sites attract White Suprenacist criminals – which insults my Jewish friends who oppose Israel. I reject these sites and the racism they perpetuate. I also reject any Communist or Socialist site which uses anti-China or anti-North Korean racism as a false front to perpetuate fascism. Much of this racism is eminating from BJP controlled India. I reject this form of fascism. The same rejection is in operation for all forms of homophobia and transgenderphobia (from whatever source). Such people are class enemies and no different from Nazi Germans. You have my eternal scorn and undying resistance. You are Scum and an affront to the working class!

Proletariat Fish: Marx and Engels are in the Building! (12.1.2018)




Mei-An and Kai-Lin have been promised fish for sometime now, and neither has caused a fuss for having to wait patiently. A picture of Lenin adorns the back, together with a Red Flag on the front. The two ‘Revolutionary’ goldfish are now known as ‘Marx’ anf ‘Engels’! Long Live the Socialist Revolution!

(Purchased as a ‘Starter Kit’ with tank, pump, filter, food and two goldfish from Pets Place, 105 Central Rd, Worcester Park KT4 8DY)




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