The Sangha Kommune (僧伽公社) Defined


Ch’an Master Caotang siad:

There is nothing special to leadership – essentially it is a matter of controlling the evils of biased information and autocracy. Do not just go by whatever is said to you first – then the obsequities of petty people seeking favour will not be able to confuse you.

After all, the feelings of a group of people are not one, and objective reason is hard to see. You should investigate something to see its benefit or harm, examine whether it is appropriate and suitable or not; then after that you may carry it out.

True Record of Sushan (Song Dynasty)

The Chinese Buddhist monastic community is referred to as a ‘Sangha’ (Sanskrit for ‘spiritual community’), whereby men and women form a voluntary association premised upon following a strict set of rules known as the ‘Vinaya Discipline’. Within this community, there is ‘equality’ between all members, with the leaders being those who have followed these rules for the longest times. This is because such people are thought to have more experience at adhering to the Vinaya Discipline (which includes celibacy and vegetarianism), and are therefore able to effectively advise all others through the difficult times they my face in their practice. As those with little experience have less to share, they are not considered leaders whilst more experienced practitioners live in the vicinity. Of course, this is a relative matter depending upon the size of population of a community, and the length of time it has existed, and the quality of the masters (male or female) that have led it. Those who cannot keep the Vinaya Discipline (of over 200 rules) generally choose to leave on their own accord, with those who confess breaking the major rules being asked to leave and expelled from the monastic community (due to the bad example they set). However, the term ‘Sangha’ is often more loosely applied to the devout or dedicated lay community, the members of which follow at least 5, 8 or 10 vows as a life routine, and who regularly visit the local temple and volunteer their time in worthwhile social or charitable activities. In this manner, the monastic Sangha teach and guide the lay Sangha, and the lay Sangha applies the Buddha’s teachings of compassion, loving kindness and wise action to the outside the temple, and thereby expand the Buddha-Dharma beyond the temple. As the Buddha originally taught that there is no ‘difference’ in enlightened essence between the monastic and lay community, the monastics do not consider themselves ‘superior’ and the lay community does not consider itself ‘inferior’ to one another. The principle of ‘Sangha, therefore, denotes a sacred space defined and maintained through the principles of psychological and physical self-discipline and learning, premised upon a general attitude of mutual respect. The Sangha, in both essence and function, is a model for a ‘commune’ operating through the vigorous principles of  equality’, ‘discipline’ and ‘wisdom’. These are the principles embodied within this blog – regardless of the scope of its subject matter.


The term ‘Kommune’ is taken from the German word for ‘Commune’, and is directly related to the principles of Scientific Socialism, as formulated by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. Indeed, within German language editions of the works of Marx and Engels, the term ‘Kommune’ is often encountered. This type of ‘Kommune’ is also a voluntary association, albeit distinctly ‘modern’ in origination, and designed to serve the Revolutionary needs of the Proletariat – or the mass of peasants forced to work in the industrialised factories produced by the oppressive capitalist system. Working 12 to 16 hours a day, strictly by the clock, whilst being dictated to by brutal managers and the movement and operation of monotonous machines, these peasants were transformed into self-disciplined and highly exploited automatons of industry, waiting for the right historical epoch to free themselves from their endless toil for little reward. Just as the collective mind is ‘dulled’ by endless hours of repetitive toil, it is ‘freed’, ‘activated’ and ‘expanded’ when encountering the strictures of Scientific Socialism, and a non-resisting ‘false consciousness’ is replace by a resisting ‘true consciousness’. Generally, when the mind is freed from the straitjacket of oppression, the body soon follows, even though it is equally true that if the body is freed by a Revolution caused by others, then the mind soon follows! In these post-modem times, proletariat ‘true consciousness’ is much more amorphous in manifestation, particularly as factory work becomes ever less prevalent in the West. Although the modes of capitalist exploitation change with the epoch, the nature of capitalist exploitation (and class distinction) remains exactly the same. Striving for the establishment of a ‘Kommunistic’ society remains the duty of all right-minded working class people across the globe, with the Marxist principle of ‘Internationalism’ replacing nationalism and racism, etc. The point is that the ‘true consciousness’ of the working class is premised entirely upon non-hatred for one another, as this hatred has been imported into the working class by the very capitalists that exploit them! By rejecting capitalism, the working class is rejecting the greed, hatred and delusion that underlies all capitalist thought and action. This working class mission is no less ‘sacred’ than its Buddhist counter-part, and shares exactly the same essence. The author of this blog strives to agitate for the peaceful achievement of both inner and outer Revolution amongst by any means necessary (to quote Malcolm X).


Having defined two interpretations of ‘Kommune’, it is important to also emphasis the pivotal notion of ‘education’ and the training of the human mind to discern a relevant ‘truth’ in any given situation or circumstance. Learning in a classroom, through a book, encounter groups, political meetings, protest marches, meditation sessions, or the internet, are all crucial aspects of ‘refining’ the memory and ‘honing’ the intellect. The thought processes (and emotionality) must be ‘calmed’ for the sake of ‘wise’ action and non-action when young, so that avoidable errors and mistakes are reduced to the minimum, and progressive activity increased to the maximum (to selflessly benefit humanity).  This is not always easy, and the ability to recognise non-efficient thought-patterns and behaviours should also be cultivated as a means toward achieving self-forgiveness, and the forgiveness of others. The important point is that the mind should be kept in a positive frame of operation, so that the body can be used for various types of ‘enlightened’ political, cultural and social action. The physical body must be clearly (and cleanly) directed by the mind (the seat of volition), and kept physically fit through appropriate activities. This psycho-physical training sets the stage for the refined individual to understand the frequency and quality of inner and outer energy, and immediately understand the best action (if any) to take, or instantly ‘know’ when others are ‘lying’, or presenting ‘untruth’ as ‘truth’. This ability can be further used to generate ‘correct’ work that counters the lies of a society motivated entirely by greed, racism and an indifference to the suffering of humanity and other life forms. Therefore, this ‘Sangha Kommune’ blog is a work in progress that covers a bewildering array of topics, opinions, and research data. By taking a step back away from its content – the general reader will begin to understand the underlying (and motivating) paradigm. This is essentially a ‘Kommunist’ zone where all beings are automatically ‘freed’ at the point of contact. The need for money is already ‘transcended’, and the energy frequency of the Sangha Kommune should be used by all to achieve a state of permanent ‘freedom’ in all circumstances. This is a space of permanent Cyber Kommunism, and ongoing Revolutionary activity in the form of ‘exposing’ and ‘dissolving’ the bourgeois system and its redundant mode of capitalist organisation.


Ch’an Wuzu said:

The Ch’an community is a place for the moulding of Sages and ordinary people, and for nurturing and developing potential ability. It is a source of teaching,. Even though many people are living together, gathering in kind, they are guided and made equal. Each has a transmission from the teacher.

Now in many places they do not strive to maintain the standards of the Sages of the past. Biased feelings of like and dislike are many, with people bending others to what they personally think is right. How should later students take an example?

Records of Equanimity (Song Dynasty)

Joe Bugner and Hungarian Neo-Nazism


The former British and Australian heavyweight boxer – Joe Bugner is in fact Hungarian born ‘József Kreul Bugner’, whose parents left Hungary after the 1956 neo-Nazi uprising was put-down by the Soviet Red Army. In the West, the 1956 neo-Nazi uprising in Hungary was presented as a ‘freedom’ movement, and its crushing interpreted as yet another act of senseless oppression, perpetuated by the Soviet Union. Why did Joe Bugner’s family leave Hungary after a ruthless and murderous neo-Nazi uprising was quelled – and the normalcy of a Socialist government restored? The only answer that makes sense is that the Bugner family was involved in supporting the neo-Nazi movement in Hungary, which over a decade before had seen the Hungarian government (and Hungarian armed forces) actively assist Adolf Hitler’s invasion of the Soviet Union (1941-1945), and fully participate in the holocaust committed there. Although Joe Bugner was born in 1950 (being only 6 years old when his family emigrated to the UK in 1956), obviously he would have absorbed the far rightwing attitudes of his parents – with no questions asked about his family background when he settled in the capitalist West. The Soviet Union had been fighting neo-Nazi insurgencies in the Ukraine from 1945-1947, with sporadic uprisings occurring up until around 1955. The Soviet Archives reveal that the Ukrainian neo-Nazis were found to be armed with British, American and Nazi German weaponry, as were the neo-Nazi insurgents of Hungary in 1956. There is also evidence that the situation was compounded when Khrushchev ordered the release of thousands of Hungarian men who had voluntarily fought in the Nazi German armed forced during WWII (who had committed all kinds of atrocities in the USSR), back into Hungary unregulated, just prior to the neo-Nazi uprising in 1956.


Hungarian Communist Official Beaten to Death by Hungarian Neo-Nazis (1956)

It is interesting to note that Nazi Germany had nearly destroyed the UK during WWII, and yet just 11 after the end of that war, the UK was giving ‘British Citizenship’ to Hungarian neo-Nazis – no questions asked. Of course, this all happened due to the distortions of the US-led Cold War, which in a relatively short time period, managed to re-write history and persuade the Western world that night was day, and black was white, etc. From the late 1940’s, the US presented the Soviet Union as being exactly the same as the Nazi German regime the Red Army had taken a key part in destroying. Also down-played and hidden from view was the fact that around 40 million Soviet men, women and children died in the fight against Nazi Germany – and in the holocaust Hitler initiated in that country. As matters transpired, (and taking into account that there were rumours of General Tito of Yugoslavia agitating in assisting the neo-Nazi insurgency in Socialist Hungary), the Soviet Red Army – exercising extreme self-discipline – separated the two sides and arrested the perpetrators. This is why over-all casualties are reported in Soviet Records as being around 3000 killed. In the meantime, Joe Bugner made a career in the capitalist West presenting his racism, bigotry and misogyny as a playful eccentricity.

Russian Language Source:


Paul Scully MP (Sutton and Cheam) Justifies the Tories Getting into Bed with the Terrorist DUP!


As those who regularly (or even occasionally) read my blog, you will probably be aware of the rather ‘hit and miss’ performance of the Conservative Member of Parliament (MP) for Sutton and Cheam (South London) – Mr Paul Scully – and how, in the past he has been not only implicated in a Parliamentary fraud investigation (due to his ‘eccentric’ use of ‘expenses’), but due to his refusal answer a number of my enquiries, he has also been accused of ‘Dereliction of Parliamentary Duty’ by myself. My most recent enquiry to my MP expressing my concern about the fact that Theresa May – the beleaguered Tory Prime Minister – was intending to enter a ‘coalition’ with the Northern Irish, Christian terrorist party known as the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) just to save her job – was heading in much the direction. However, after numerous ‘re-sends’ of my email to various addresses all linked in one-way or another to Mr Paul Scully – and after directly contacting the British Parliament – the MP for Sutton and Cheam has finally seen fit to issue a reply. Below I present my letter of ‘concerned’ enquire – followed by Mr Paul Scully’s eventual response – issued immediately after Theresa May formally announced her ‘coalition’ with the Christian terrorist DUP – and the fact that the Prime Minister – Theresa May – is ‘gifting’ £1.5bn (of British tax-payers money) to the DUP as a bribe for keeping her in power. It is interesting to not that when asked what she was going to do to relieve the suffering caused by ‘Austerity’ for nurses ad the disabled – Theresa May stated that there was no ‘magi money-tree’ – but apparent there is – just as long as it is used to finance Christian terrorist groups!  Of course, Paul Scully MP despicably justifies this support for Northern Irish Christian terrorism as a ‘moral’ issue – when in fact his own Tory Prime Minister has made it a blatantly ‘political’ issue! In the meantime, whereas Northern Ireland (due to the threat of violence by the DUP and UDA) has remained ‘free of the benefit and NHS cuts inflicted elsewhere across the UK by the Tories, the Northern Irish DUP is assisting Theresa May to continue with her project of completely dismantling the British Welfare System and privatise the NHS. Hopefully, this Tory-orchestrated reply (and hundreds like it) will serve as the epitaph to this deficient and immoral Tory Administration:

My Original Letter to Paul Scully MP (Sent Friday, June 16, 2017 06:02):

Dear Mr Paul Scully (Conservative MP for Sutton and Cheam)

Following the loss of the slim Tory majority (as a consequence of the General Election of June 8th, 2017), and the subsequent decision of Prime Minister Theresa May not to resign – but rather attempt to form a ‘Coalition’ government by aligning the Conservative Party with the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) of Northern Ireland – I feel sure that you appreciate the anxiety that this move has caused the people Britain, and the shockwave of revulsion that it has sent throughout the nation.

I would be very grateful if – as my duty-bound MP – you could explain why the Conservative Party (which has often presented itself as the harbinger of the ‘War on Terror’), has now alarmingly changed its ideological position, and is attempting to forge an alliance with a political party in Northern Ireland that is known to openly support an extremist ‘Loyalist’ and ‘Protestant’ Christian position, one that advocates not only armed insurrection, but also the murder of Catholic people as a means to pursue political objectives ‘beyond’ the ballet box? In your explanation, you might like to further explain how the Conservative cause can benefit from the well-known DUP policies that oppose the ‘Rights of Women’, the science of Darwinian Evolutionary Theory, and the principle of ‘Gay Rights’?

Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

Yours sincerely

Dr Adrian Chan-Wyles


Paul Scully MP – Eventual Reply (Sent June 27, 2017 13:15)

Dear Adrian,

Please accept my apologies for the delay in responding to you.

Thank you for your email about talks between the Conservatives and the Democratic Unionist Party. No-one is proposing a coalition such as existed between the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats between 2010 and 2015. Instead we have a ‘confidence and supply’ agreement. This means a loose agreement where the Conservatives can run a minority government with the DUP agreeing to support the Queen’s Speech, the Budget and legislation within the Queen’s Speech. In this system, the DUP have no ministerial positions nor any role in government.
We must govern in the national interest and that means giving as much certainty as possible to the electorate, businesses and those around the world with whom we will be dealing over the coming period. The DUP are a democratically elected party who have been in power in the Northern Ireland Assembly for some time. Although they have views on some issues that I do not share they are a different party from the one that Ian Paisley founded in the 1970s. The leader of the DUP and their Chief Whip in Parliament are both former members of the Ulster Unionist party, the moderate sister party of the Conservatives. For these reasons the Labour party found it appropriate to speak to the DUP after the 2010 election and ahead of the 2015 election in order to form their own deal to run a government should that possibility have arisen.
I certainly don’t share the reported views on same sex marriage or abortion, views that are unfortunately clearly shared by many of their voters in Northern Ireland. For the last two years, the Liberal Democrats were led by Tim Farron who said he ‘wishes he could argue abortion away’, telling a Salvation Army publication in 2007 that ‘abortion is wrong’. He also has a very mixed record on LGBT issues as checked by Channel 4. As much as I disagree with such views, I recognise that they are shared by many people of faith.
However these issues are both devolved issues and moral issues which are always subject to a free vote in our Parliament. I have had reassurance from the Prime Minister that there is absolutely no prospect of the rights of the LGBT community or women being curtailed or diluted but rather we will continue to see what more can and needs to be done in this area.
The Secretary of State for Northern Ireland has spent time over the last few days in Northern Ireland assuring all parties that any agreement only relates to the parliamentary party of the DUP and will not affect the government’s neutral role in supporting the governing arrangements in North Ireland and protecting the Good Friday Agreement. The Prime Minister will be in Downing Street later today, speaking to politicians from all of the Northern Ireland parties. John Major relied on the votes of the Ulster Unionists during his time in No. 10 defending a small majority whilst laying the foundations for peace in Northern Ireland. Gordon Brown did not believe that peace was at risk whilst talking to the DUP in 2010 and maintaining a relationship with the SDLP as Labour’s sister party.
These are clearly challenging times and I do not dismiss these concerns out of hand but believe that they need not and will not affect an agreement that does not lock the two parties into a hard coalition such as existed after the 2010 elections, but brings the two together on votes that the two parties typically agree on anyway, leaving out those on which we would clearly disagree.
Thank you once again for taking the time to get in touch.
Paul Scully MP
Sutton & Cheam

The Rightwing Limitations of Ken O’Keefe


I was recently asked what I thought of the rhetoric of the former US Marine (and First Gulf War Veteran) Ken O’Keefe. I must confess that I had not heard of him, and so headed to YouTube to spend a few days listening to his public lectures, speeches and media interviews, coupled with reading articles about him. On the surface, and at the first point of contact, Ken O’keefe appears to be truly ‘revolutionary’, but anyone of the left must show caution here. Ken O’keefe is certainly not leftwing, and quite often espouses an open admiration and association with the far-right neo-Nazi cause, once stating that the only thing Adolf Hitler did wrong was to withdraw Nazi Germany from the world banking system. Ken O’Keefe says this because he believes the Jewish holocaust never happened during WWII – and that Adolf Hitler was a victim of a world Jewish conspiracy. Ken O’Keefe claims to support the Palestinian cause (mimicking the attitude of the political left), but in so doing, he mistakenly equates Zionism (i.e. Jewish White Supremacy racism) with all Jewish people, and the Jewish religion. This is completely wrong. Many Jewish people in Israel ‘reject’ Zionism, as do thousands of Jews around the world. Zionism has nothing to do with the religion of Judaism, but was invented by a small number of White (secular) European Jews in the 19th century, and when combined with terrorism, was used as the justifying ideology underpinning the formation of the modern State of Israel and the subsequent (and ongoing) prosecution of the Palestinian people. In fact, so racist has been many of Ken O’keefe’s outbursts, that even Palestinian groups have stated publically that they reject his ‘anti-Semitism’, because they reject all forms of racism. Furthermore, for a man who makes an ample living by lecturing about how he has purportedly ‘seen through’ the conditionality of society and social programming through the US media, he nevertheless has stated that he believed as ‘true’ the supposed events of ‘Tiananmen Square’ in 1989 (reported by the same US media), apparently unaware that Wikileaks has made public the Reagan government’s diplomatic records (to and from the US Embassy in Beijing) stating that ‘nothing happened’ in Tiananmen Square – but that President Reagan ordered that the US and UK media networks were to (falsely) create a narrative that a ‘massacre’ had occurred (a deception supported by British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher). Of course, Ken O’Keefe is not alone in believing this nonsense (see Billy Bragg), but the fact that a man who presents himself as a revolutionary maverick fully supports the US establishment’s policy of anti-Chinese racism, is indicative of the limitations of his own perception, and exposes the true rightwing (anarchist) nature of his rhetoric. In reality he does not really support Palestine, but uses this situation to justify and support his anti-Semitic and anti-Jewish attitudes – pretending that he is somehow opposing ‘Zionism’. In reality, Ken O’Keefe is as racist as the Zionism he claims to be fighting. Jewish people are not, and have never been the problem – the problem is Zionist racism! Many groups and associations that invite Ken O’keefe to talk are rightwing and a priori anti-Socialist – again mistakenly associating world Judaism with Marxism – as if the two are the same – or that both are somehow deficient! This is pure neo-Nazi rhetoric which must be clearly discerned when listening to the range of Ken O’Keefe’s otherwise anti-establishment outbursts!

Wikileaks: no bloodshed inside Tiananmen Square, cables claim

Anti-Zionist Jewish Network

Western-Backed Neo-Nazism in the Ukraine (in Russian Sourced Photographs)


Neo-Nazi Western Ukraine (in Chinese Sourced Pictures)

The Obama Administration of the USA fully backed and supported the neo-Nazi ‘Madan’ coup that illegally took power from the democratically elected government of the Ukraine in 2014 – a fascist move that was immediately supported by the UK and other EU Member States – as well as US allies around the world. Just why an ‘African-American’ President would support the rightwing political ideology that had brutally enslaved his ancestors and murdered them in their millions, is anyone’s guess. Previously, I provided an article of Ukrainian neo-Nazi photographs from Communist Chinese sources (linked above), but here, I present Ukrainian neo-Nazi photographs collected from Russian sources.
















Sutton: Stone Bird Statues – Beech Tree Place (London)


Beech Tree Place was built in the 1950’s (when Sutton was still part of Surrey), and today consists of 20 self-contained flats, designed as a ‘Sheltered Housing’ complex for people 60 years and over. Beech Tree Place is a cul-de-sac just off St Nicholas Way- not far from Sutton High Street. What is unusual, is that there are two large stone statues of birds sat on plinths attached to the walls of two flats. I could not find any information about these two statues regarding interesting architecture in the Sutton area. My partner – Gee – thinks they are probably birds of prey – possibly falcons.






The official Sutton Council PDF reads in-part:

‘Beechtree Place was built in the early 1950’s. It consists of 20 flats. There are 3 separate blocks each gated for additional security. The first block No’s 5-8 are two bedroom flats with one main entry door; they have a back door, which leads through to a communal garden.
The remaining flats are on the ground or 1st floor, of these, 5 are studio flats. All the properties have single glazed windows, wellfitted kitchens and storage heating. All have access to gardens and an outdoor drying area.

Beechtree Place is situated in a very convenient position at the back of Sutton High Street. The Borough Civic Offices are 5 minutes away, as are buses. Doctors, chemists and supermarkets are all within easy walking distance. Beechtree Place shares a community hall, which is situated at Thomas Wall Close, Robin Hood Lane (5 minutes away).

All dwellings are fitted with a Community Alarm System, with twoway speech module, that enables you to summon assistance, and speak to the two Sheltered Housing Officers, or the Call Centre.’

East Germany (GDR): Remembering the Neue Wache Monument to the Victims of Fascism


Respect for the Victims of Fascism – circa 1970’s

The ‘Neue Wache’ (or ‘New Guard-House’) was opened in 1818 as a building to house elite German troops. However, during the Battle for Berlin (in 1945), this structure was heavily damaged by artillery fire during the fighting between Soviet troops and Nazi German forces. From 1957, the East German Communist Authorities re-built the Neue Wache – where it was reopened in 1960 and dedicated as a ‘Memorial to the Victims of Fascism and Militarism’. This was to commemorate the death of around 40 million Soviet citizens and military personal, and the 11 million victims who died in the Nazi German Concentration Camps (as well as the countless others who lost their lives in the battle against the forces of International Fascism). Under the paved floor inside the building, the body of an unknown Soviet soldier – together with a body of an unknown Concentration Camp victim – were respectfully laid to rest, with a rectangular glass prism placed over the graves, that contained an ‘Eternal Flame’ of remembrance. This monument was continuously guarded by soldiers of the Friedrich Engels Guard Regiment.


After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, and the re-unification of Germany through a US-led predatory capitalist model – this monument was conceptually and physically destroyed through bourgeois reformation. In 1993, the leader of West Germany – Helmut Kohl – demanded that the glass prism (and eternal frame) be removed and replaced by a hideous modern art piece. As Helmut Kohl was a rightwing capitalist and stooge of the Americans, he had the purpose of the monument changed to represent the ‘Victims of War and Dictatorship’ – rather disgustingly extending this definition to include not only Nazi German – but also the Soviet Union! Of course, this is a typical rightwing distortion prevalent in the capitalist West, where the victims of Nazism are deliberately conflated with the Nazi German perpetuators of the holocaust. This ludicrous piece of ‘inverted’ bourgeois mentality suggests that those innocents murdered by the Nazi Germans in the USSR where as ‘bad’ as those doing the killing! The point to remember here, is that the GDR Authorities did a very good job using Socialist education to eradicate Nazism from the German mind-set in a relatively short space of time. German people – particularly the youth – learned very quickly the difference between fascism and Communism – and were able to understand the enormity of the Nazi German holocaust and its maniacal militarism.






Ehrenwache NVA-Wachregiments Friedrich Engels



Russian Language Sources:Нойе_Вахе

Out and About in Islington (24.6.2017)




Islington Museum: Spanish Civil War Banners (24.6.2017)


Visiting Islington Museum


Islington Museum is currently exhibiting Banners made during the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) in the UK – made in support of the democratically elected ‘Socialist’ government of the Republic – in its fight against the renegade General Franco and his rightwing forces supported by Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy. The Banner featured at the top of this article is ‘new’ and has been commissioned by Islington Museum to celebrate and commemorate the sacrifices made by the people of Islington who joined the famed ‘International Brigades’, in their fight against totalitarianism, greed and hatred. This Banner is part painted by hand, and part embroidered, and carries the Spanish words ‘NO PASARAN’, or ‘NO PASS’ – referring to the Republican battle-cry that fascism will not be allowed to ‘pass’ through the battle-lines into society, and corrupt all it encounters!




Also on display are Banners usually stored at the Marx Memorial Library (Clerkenwell), commemorating the response to the Spanish Civil War from around London and other places. Generally speaking, the Soviet Union co-ordinated the anti-fascist response through the auspices of the International Communist Party and its numerous branches spread throughout the world. Ordinary men and women would turn-up at a local Communist Party Offices, and following an interview to establish suitability, would be told whether they were needed in Spain or not. If selected, the volunteers had to make their way to Spain (easier said than done, considering Western Europe’s apathy toward the Republican cause), and once there, they were given a uniform, a weapon, basic training and placed in the front-line – usually in a battalion containing people of the same ethnicity – hence the ‘British Battalion’. Interestingly, the Americans were represented by the Abraham Lincoln Brigade – which was commanded for sometime by African-American Communist Oliver Law (1900-1937) – who is believed to have been the first Black man to command White troops in any capacity in world history. Although the Republic was eventually destroyed by fascism in 1939, the bravery of the ‘foreign’ International Brigades has never been forgotten by the Spanish people!











Islington Museum: Statue of Lenin (24.6.2017)


Visiting Islington Museum

I was contacted recently by a friend living in Russia, who had found a very interesting article on the Russian language internet (celebrating the 95th Anniversary of the Russian Revolution), featuring photographs and brief descriptions of Lenin statues around the world. (see: 95-й годовщине Великой Октябрьской социалистической революции посвящается)  He was surprised to see a photograph included, of a Lenin statue in the heart of London (probably taken in the 1930’s) being respectfully admired by British Socialists – and guarded by a British police constable! This is the photograph in question:


The Russian language text accompanying this photograph reads:

‘‘Бюст Ленина в музее лондонского района Ислингтон. Ранее он стоял на Холфорд-сквер, но после начала холодной войны его убрали в хранилище.’

This seems to state in English translation:

”Bust of Lenin in a Museum situated in the London area of Islington. Previously, he was standing on Holford Square, but after the start of the Cold War, he was removed to the vault.’

I have been informed that the photograph above is in fact the Lenin statue in Holford Square (Kings Cross) – where it was placed in a frame at eye level. The bust is now on display half a mile away in Islington Museum on St John Street, Islington. The original bust was placed outside the modernist housing development ‘Lenin House’, designed by Soviet (Georgian) architect Berthold Lubetkin. He named the housing project after Lenin because it is opposite the site where Lenin and Krupskaya lived when they were in London in 1907. The bust of Lenin was attacked and vandalised by British fascists throwing black paint on it when it was first erected. Eventually it was moved to safe keeping in Islington Town Hall, and is today in Islington Museum. After WWII, the housing block was renamed ‘Bevin House’ after the Labour Foreign Secretary, Ernest Bevin. These are the photographs we took of the Lenin statue during our very enjoyable visit to Islington Museum yesterday.







North Korea: Otto Warmbier (1994-2017)


The United States of America pursues a political path that is thoroughly anti-Socialist and anti-Communist, with this anti-Working Class policy being codified, normalised and intensified after WWII, and the development of a Cold War pseudo-history that was designed to misrepresent the Soviet Union, Communist China, and any nation that has undergone a Socialist Revolution. Of course, North Korea has attracted a strong vitriol from the US propagandists, particularly in the light of the US Military defeat inflicted in North Korea by the North Korean Military and its Chinese Volunteer Army allies during the Korean War (1950-1953), with the US Military nearly losing South Korea as a result. The US government – whether Democrat or Republican – will not rest until all vestiges of Working Class self-assertiveness is wiped-out across the world, and US-style predatory capitalism rules the world. US foreign policy falsely believes that Communist China will not come to the aid of North Korea, if the US attacks North Korea. In fact, the Chinese language internet (Baidu) is littered with official and unofficial texts clearly stating that Communist China will ‘defend the Socialist Revolution’ in North Korea, if North Korea is attacked by the US (or any of its allies). The US is misleading the Western world when it makes such irrational and blatantly ‘untrue’ propaganda statements, and hiding the truth that the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) will ‘annex’ North America and put an end to its ridiculous capitalist system – and in so doing, bring Socialism and peace to the world! Make no mistake, Communist China will not allow North Korea to be invaded, and capitalism brought to its borders.


Therefore, anything the US government states must be assumed to be ‘lies’ until proven otherwise. In the unusual case of Otto Warmbier, for instance, the American (University of Virginia) student who visited North Korea on a five day new year tour during late December and early January 2016, and who was caught on CCTV ‘stealing’ a poster from a hotel wall (containing Communist statements), the Trump Administration has been ranting and raving stating Otto Warmbier was ‘beaten’ to death – whilst the US medical report (available for all to see online) clearly states that there was no evidence of any physical damage to his head or body. The CCTV footage shows Otto Warmbier stealing the sign from a restricted part of the hotel on January 1st, 2016, and he was arrested on January 2nd, 2016. Otto Warmbier was tried and convicted for the theft of a political sign from a restricted area of the hotel. Evidence at his trial included his confession, CCTV footage, fingerprint evidence, and witness testimony. Unusually, a press conference was held on February 29th, 2016, where Otto Warmbier confirmed his confession – stating that he was charged with this task by a ‘church’ that he and his family belong to in the US. He stated that the church required the sign (or something similar) because it considered ‘Communism’ to be ‘evil’ and the sign would be placed in the church so that everyone could ‘pray’ for the downfall of the North Korean Communist System, and replaced with US-style capitalism. This part of Otto Warmbier’s statement exists all over the Chinese Language internet – which favourably carries North Korean news articles. However, these articles also state that the church involved has since stated it does not know Otto Warmbier or his family. The English language wikipage, of course, provides a pro-US narrative and will not include the full text of Otto Warmbier’s confession.


Bear in mind that the US currently operates the biggest prison slave labour force in the world when assessing the following details. The only country that imprisons and exploits its own population is the USA. Now, On March 16th, 2016, Otto Warmbier was to be sentenced to 15 years re-education through hard labour (for a crime against the North Korean State). On June 12th, 2017, North Korea released Otto Warmbier into US custody due to ill health. After complaining of stomach pains (referred to as food poisoning) he apparently took a sleeping pill and refused to wake-up. He was still in this semi-comatosed state when he arrived back in the US, although the medical examiners (at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center) could not find any traces of food poisoning, or evidence of food poisoning. Otto Warmbier died in the hospital at 14:20hrs on June 19th, 2017, at the age of 22 years old. North Korean medical records suggest that he was in this state from around April, 2016, with North Korean MRI scans revealing brain damage due to oxygen deficiency in the brain. Of course, hundreds of people die everyday within the US prison through ‘accidents’ and ‘assaults’ carried-out by other inmates or guards. Others die of illness or injury due to inadequate or non-existent medical care, whilst others are quite literally worked to death but the US and capitalist media remain silent and the UN refuses to investigate. Chinese language texts state that Otto Warmbier received the best ‘free’ medical care within the North Korean Communist System – equivalent to that of a millionaire in the US.  He was not mishandled or brutalised, but his behaviour was very suspicious.


Also played-down by the Western, capitalist press, was the manner in which Otto Warmbier expertly eluded hotel security and made his way into a ‘restricted’ part of the hotel – as if well trained for a mission to extract a specific North Korean sign. The only mistake he made was not being aware of the surveillance cameras that caught him in the act. In the meantime, it has been revealed that Otto Warmbier is of Jewish ethnicity, and that his family supports Zionist Israel. This raises questions as to whether Otto Warmbier was on an Israeli secret mission to interfere with North Korean stability in some way (or simply ‘training’ for more elaborate missions later on) – the reason why he was found guilty of a crime against the North Korean State. Finally, it is implied in Chinese language texts that Otto Warmbier died as a result of medical negligence in the US – due to delays caused by arguments over who was going to pay his medical bills.

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