Rightwing Fox News Supports Mike Tyson

Fox News is a despicable rightwing, bourgeois, capitalist supporting commercial entity, that is responsible for the sustaining and perpetuation of ‘White’ racism in the USA.  Fox News also supports the racist Republican Party, and has supported virtually all neo-colonial military activity perpetuated by the US Government both within and outside the USA.  Fox News revels in warmongering around the world, and has taken the lead in perpetuating anti-Chinese racism, and the continuous misrepresentation of Communist China.  Fox News is a class enemy of the people, and yet in this documentary, the case is made that Mike Tyson was a victim of a lying woman who wanted to make money and gain fame from her association with him.  I have read legal papers some years ago that also cast doubt on the victim’s assertions, and it seems that Mike Tyson – despite being rich at the time – was betrayed by Don King, and his own legal team.  Mike Tyson was the victim of Black ‘capitalist’ greed and the very ‘White’ racism that Fox News perpetuates, even though Fox News above has climbed on the bandwagon to suggest that he might have been ‘innocent’.  There is much to suggest that this conclusion is ‘true’ and that the White established – which has always feared the ‘Black Man’ (just see the 1933 film ‘King Kong’) – was looking for a reason to bring-down the ‘frightening’ (to ‘White’ people) former (and awesome) heavyweight champion of the world. According to three female witnesses, that the alleged victim was all-over Mike Tyson and had confided in a friend that she was going to have sex with him. It seems that Mike Tyson was the victim of a greedy ‘Black’ woman in the US, whose own testimony was full of holes, contradictions and inconsistencies.  Of course, rape is absolutely wrong, and I condemn any and all aspects of such a despicable crime (whether it happens to men or women), but the weight of evidence in this case suggests that Mike Tyson was innocent and the victim of a Black woman’s greed and a White, racist establishment that wanted to get rid of him.

The Far-Right Complexities of Zionism and Anti-Zionism


Zion (Jewish Eurocentric racism), and anti-Zionism (opposition to this racism), are peculiar entities, as both possess the power to attract far-right political support.  In the case of Zionism, not much imagination is required as to work-out what the political far-right find attractive, as a predominately ‘White’ and highly militarised and aggressive Jewish State is given carte blanche by the United States (and its allies), to persecute, torture, rape and murder the non-White Palestinian (and primarily ‘Islamic’) indigenous population of that occupied land (i.e. historical Palestine).  It seems illogical for the forces of neo-Nazism to politically ‘align’ themselves with Israel – particularly as this political far-right grouping has historically viewed all Jewish people with a racial disdain, and perpetuated the Hitlerite holocaust of WWII specifically (although not exclusively) against them.  Just as ‘like’ attracts  ‘like’, it is the Eurocentric ‘White’ racism that is implicit in Zionism that the political far-right find attractive, and not the theology of Judaism.  The Western far-right will support Israel for as long as it pursues its racist anti-Palestinian cause, but will abandon this support if Israel ever changed its Zionist policies.  This is nothing more than a relationship of convenience, because although Israel is currently supported by the far-right political establishment, Jews living outside of Israel are still subject to attack and murder by Western neo-Nazi thugs. Israel, of course, from time to time, condemns far-right political activity, but refuses to include its own Zionism in that criticism.

As Adolf Hitler specified that ‘lying’ is an important tool for far-right political activists, the far-right ‘ideologues’ have continuously sought new ways to sully and blur the left – right political debate.  This policy has been inspired as a means to hide its own despicable actions throughout the world both before and after WWII, particularly with regard to the Holocaust that targeted primarily Jews, but also the disabled, homosexuals, political dissidents, anti-racists, Communists, Socialists and anyone who opposed any aspect of Hitlerite thinking.  Rightwing historians assist this process of denial by claiming that the holocaust never happened, and that such a claim is nothing but a conspiracy theory aimed at besmirching Hitler’s reputation as a ‘great’ leader.  Another tactic is to argue numbers – stating that for various (and spurious) reasons, at least six million Jews (and other people) could not have been killed in the Concentration Camps both before and during WWII.  Given al this seeming contradictory information, how does the far-right justify supporting the anti-Zionist cause?  It does so because it links Zionist Israel with Soviet Russia – ludicrously stating that both are manifestations of a world-wide Jewish conspiracy to gain complete political power and eradicate the ‘gentile’ races, etc.  This is the far-right use of a legitimate (predominately ‘leftwing’) cause to attack the memory of the USSR, and turn the anti-fascist war it fought against Hitler’s Nazi Germany, into an ‘attack’ on peace-loving Europeans!  In pursuing this policy, the far-right are attempting to re-write history in their own distorted image.  The USSR fought and opposed fascism as a matter of ideological necessity, and as such, opposition to capitalism in decay, is the duty of every (non-Trotskyite) Socialist and Communist, and being so, is not a matter of choice.  The far-right plays down its own atrocities (as a form of historical denial), and instead projects its own short-comings and inadequacies onto the memory of the anti-fascist USSR.  This form of neo-Nazi revisionism plays into the hands of the Western-backed neo-Nazi regimes in Eastern Europe that pursue a racist anti-Russian policy.  Of course, as matters stand, none of this matters to Israel, because Israel is currently a racist colonial State occupying someone else’s land.

UK Academies: A New Form of Tory Child Abuse


The enforced school academies in Sutton and Cheam, represent nothing more than the commercialisation of young children’s education.  Instead of the education space being free and neutral of blatant capitalist interest as the State teaches the child to read and write, today’s academies are brain-washing Britain’s children into accepting’capitalism’ and ‘free market economic force’ as the ‘norm’ in society.  This is a dangerously bias approach to education that removes the agencies of ‘free will’ and ‘self-determination’, and which is designed to eradicate all criticism from within a generation, to the excesses of predatory capitalism.  British children already grow-up in a ruthless capitalist system, and this ruthlessness is often manifest in the play-ground with certain children dominating and bullying others. It is also true that the State apparatus is entirely ‘bourgeois’ in nature, but the State system of education, for all its faults and inconsistencies, did allow for children to grow-up and develop their own opinions about ‘greed’ and the ‘exploitation’ of others, and if necessary, assume distinctly ‘leftwing’ viewpoints in opposition to capitalism.  UK school academies are designed to normalise ‘capitalism’ in the minds of British children, and this is tantamount to a violation of Human Rights, free thought and free speech.  It is similar to the education system in Nazi Germany that brain-washed a generation of German children into thinking that racialised science was ‘correct’.  Education in the UK should occur as far as possible in a neutral ‘free space’ that is nurturing but not coercive.  If academies continue to spread and influence UK children, it will not take long for the British tradition of leftwingism to fade away.  In an ‘academy’ in Cheam, for instance, the school has taken to placing adverts (in the form of ‘flyers’) from local businesses in the ‘homework’ bags of the children who attend.  The children then take these ‘adverts’ home to their parents, and act as a ‘free’ billboard.  Imagine allowing local businesses to use young, impressionable and vulnerable children to ‘advertise’ for services they do not understand, without the knowledge or consent of their parents – well, this is now going on all over the UK thanks to this rightwing, Tory Junta.  This is a form of government-led child abuse and it should be stopped immediately!

Interpreting Ch’an – Basic Errors in Western Discourse


When a body of knowledge leaves its mother-culture and permeates into unfamiliar and very different cultures, errors of interpretation and understanding are bound to happen, and should be expected.  Of course, such errors do not exist only within Western discourse, which has tended to filter all new and incoming information not only through a Judeo-Christian rubric, (supplemented by a capitalist, political bias from around the middle of the 20th century onwards), but is also observable within various aspects of Japanese Buddhist discourse, particularly in relation to the ‘Japanese’ interpretation of ‘Chinese’ Buddhist history.  Whereas the erroneous Western discourse may be attributed in-part to cultural and historical differences, the Japanese erroneous discourse is primarily one of the deliberate ‘distortion’ of Chinese culture and identity, particularly since the Meiji Restoration of 1868, which saw a resurgent ‘nationalist’ Japan attempt to distance itself from its obvious Chinese cultural influences and origination.  This situation has been compounded by the fact that Western scholarship has chosen to follow the apparently ‘modern’ scholarship of Japan, with regard to interpreting and understanding Chinese history and culture, whilst refusing to ‘engage’ with Chinese scholarship, either ‘traditional’ (pre-1949), or ‘contemporary’ (post-1949).  This has created a situation whereby ‘Chinese’ history and culture has been inadequately interpreted by one culture (i.e. the ‘West’), through the erroneous scholarship of another (i.e. ‘Japan’), which is compounded by the fact that neither the West nor Japan are willing to admit the errors they have made (and continue to make) with regard to interpreting and understanding Chinese history and culture, and fully engage with Chinese academia to rectify these errors.

It goes without saying that every distinct cultural grouping possesses the right for self-determination, and, of course, self-interpretation, but with regard to China’s own distinct historical and cultural identity, the West and Japan appear unwilling to apply this most ‘liberal’ and common-sense attribute.  Prior to WWII, China appeared ‘distant’ even to those colonial Europeans who lived there.  The Confucian-based education system was designed to exclude most Chinese people, and it certainly was not open to those non-Chinese who did not understand its ethos and functionality. Although a small number of Western scholars did attempt to engage this old style Chinese academia, for the majority of Europeans It appeared opaque and impenetrable.  Japan, by way of contrast, whilst pursuing a racist nationalist policy throughout Asia, was willing to modernise its institutions along Western lines, and that included reforming its academia away from that of Chinese dominated Confucianism.  Part of this drive for cultural independence from China was the whole-sale rejection of Chinese history and culture.  Japan quite literally ‘invented’ a new identity for itself, whilst mimicking the West culturally and militarily (a policy that would ironically lead it into a direct and disastrous confrontation with the West).  After Japan’s defeat in 1945 (caused in part by the dropping of two atomic bombs by the US), and the success of Chinese Communism in 1949, the US quickly reactivated Japanese nationalism, albeit operating in a new framework of enforced liberal democracy and rampant, US-style capitalism.  The US pursued this policy to create a Japanese buffer-zone between Communist China and the rest of Asia.  From that ‘Cold War’ point onward, the US would not allow any correction of either its own, or Japanese scholarship relating to China, and actively encouraged further misrepresentation and distortion.  The idea of this policy was to ‘conflate’ everything ‘Chinese’ with everything ‘Japanese’, so that the ordinary Westerner could not tell them apart, and had no independent access to Chinese academia to check the claims.  Although the internet has allowed for theoretical access to Chinese history from China, the obvious language barrier prevents the average Westerner from being able to engage directly with authentic Chinese culture without the aid of reliable translation.  However, more and more good quality translation is slowly becoming available about China in the West, and this is breaking-up the US-Japan monopoly upon interpreting Chinese history and culture.

Encountering China’s Most Beautiful Daoist Nun


This is the Daoist Nun known as ‘Miao Miao’ (妙妙), who lives on ‘Dragon Tiger Mountain’ (龙虎山 – Long Hu Shan), situated in Mainland China’s Jiangxi province.  Although young (apparently born in 1990), she carries the ‘horse hair dust-whisk’ of spiritual authority in the above photograph. According to a man who visited the area during the Tent Festival during the National Day holidays in October, 2010, he met and fell in-love with this nun, and the two got married soon after (their marriage certificate is dated October 10th, 2010).  It is unclear from various Chinese language texts exactly what happened next. Miao Miao is still a Daoist nun living an austere lifestyle on Mount Long Hu -although because of her ‘partner’s’ internet article retelling their whirlwind romance, she has become famous throughout China, with many tourists deliberately visiting the area to speak with her and take photographs.  Some Netizens in China think the entire story is a hoax to encourage tourism to the area, whilst others (including the government position) is that the story is true, and that the Daoist nun Miao Miao has conducted herself with the utmost virtue that the country would do well to emulate.  Although unclear, it would appear that despite marrying a man she just met, she did not ‘consummate’ the marriage, but remained forever ‘pure’.  This Chinese language article (and photographs) are from a tourist perspective of this Daoist nun.



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US Inspired WWIII Hoax


Just a quick note about the numerous World War III posts circulating the Net. There are no such stories in any ‘official’ Mainland Chinese media outlets, and my Russian speaking friends inform me that there are no such stories circulating in Russian media. These stories are in fact emanating from the United States and being trumpeted around the globe so as to suggest that China and Russia are trying to provoke the the West into all-out war. It is true that these stories, although originating within an American-English cultural milieu, are being translated into Chinese (in Taiwan, and other US-friendly Chinese States in an attempt to destabilise Communist China), and into Russian in neo-Nazi Ukraine. These (quite often ‘poor’) translations are then falsely presented as ‘original’ documents, whilst the ‘original’ American-English versions are passed-off as ‘translations’. This is the quintessential ‘inverted’ bourgeois mind-set at work. The only warmongering State in the world at the moment is the USA (supported by its Zionist ally Israel).

A Mind Free of Poisonous Greed


I couldn’t care less about money and am certainly not motivated or interested in ‘profit’ for profit’s sake, and yet I live in a world surrounded by people who ascribe a monetary value to everything, and will not help others if there is no monetary gain attached.  Of course, I acknowledge that a living has to be made, but there are legitimate methods and illegitimate methods to do this.  Caring for others with a mind unsullied by greed is an important facet of human healing. Caring that has ‘profit’ or monetary gain as its object, is not ‘true’ caring, but a superficial fabrication that does not possess the ancient ability to ‘heal’. As far as I am concerned, those who practice ‘care for profit’ lack virtue and spiritual fortitude.  Caring for the genuine reason that we want others to be free of pain, and live a happy life, emanates from a psycho-physical frequency of fundamental detoxification and recuperation.  Admittedly, caring in and of itself cannot always ‘heal’ the recipient completely, but its presence gives strength and certitude to the onward journey.  Caring for just as long as the money lasts is an abhorrent perversion of human evolution, and a gross product of economics dominating human well-being.  Those who are greedy live only in a mechanical universe of profit margins and projected loses, where other people are not valid human beings worthy of unconditional care, but are rather stepping stones to acquiring more monetary wealth and material profit.  Fundamental caring pierces through to the very spiritual essence of humanity’s existence.  It has the ability to breakup and dissolve all negativity in the mind and body, and give others the strength to self-heal and to carry on.  Real caring is the underlying aspect missing from advances of modern medicine, where doctors are trained to be accountants and see patients as ‘expensive’ problems, or individuals to be exploited to the highest possible degree, through pointless treatments.  Only the rich receive the best medicine, whilst the poor are left to languish within the mire of filth and poverty.  However, money does not purchase genuine health and well-being, but merely creates a pointless economic category of privilege.  Living longer through the use of expensive mechanical devices, does not necessarily equate with living well or with contentment.  Genuine caring is spontaneous and not mediated by any other concern.  Capitalism not only makes fools of us all, but dramatically reduces true human spirituality in the process.  This is why I follow the Buddha and Laozi in providing spiritual instruction free of monetary charge. It is everybody’s right to be of suffering, and everybody’s duty to ensure that this continues to happen.

The Plight of the Artist


Furthermore, the commodification and commercialization of a market for cultural purposes during the nineteenth century (and the concomitant decline of aristocratic, state, or institutional patronage) forced cultural producers into a market form of competition that was bound to reinforce processes of ‘creative destruction’ within the aesthetic field itself. This mirrored and in some instances surged ahead of anything going on in the political-economic sphere.  Each and every artist sought to change the bases of aesthetic judgement.  It also depended on the formation of a distinctive class of ‘cultural consumers.’Artists, for all their predilection for anti-establishment and anti-bourgeois rhetoric, spent much more energy struggling with each other and against their own traditions in order to sell their products than they did engaging in real political action.

Harvey, David, The Condition of Postmodernity, Blackwell, (2000), Page 22

TS Elliot on Consciousness


To be conscious is not to be in time

But only in time can the moment in the rose-garden,

The moment in the arbour where the rain beat,

Be remembered: involved with past and future.

Only through time time is conquered.

TS Elliot: Four Quarters

NHS Privatisation and Data Mining


Since 1979 (and the Tory election victory of that year) the attacks on the Socialist NHS have been intensified, with the rightwing objective of stripping the British nation of good quality and ‘free’ healthcare at the point of use, and to replace the NHS with a system premised upon private medical insurance.  Tony Blair’s ‘New’ Labour continued this process of privatisation with his ‘private finance initiative’ (PFI), which saw private firms such as ‘Virgin’, buy large swathes of the NHS to be run for (their) profit, whilst possessing no medical knowledge or skills whatsoever.  New Labour’s betrayal of the NHS facilitated the final sell-off and effective abolition of the NHS in 2012 under the Tory and LibDem Coalition.  To make the NHS seem more attractive to private business interests, the law was changed in 2012 so that it is nolonger a legal requirement to a) treat a patient, and b) treat a patient appropriately.  With these safe-guards removed, private companies can make any cuts in staff, services and standards to retain profit margins, and not be breaking UK health law.  This is why people are now dying of NHS ‘neglect’, ‘starvation’, and ‘incorrect’ or ‘deficient’ treatment, and no one is being prosecuted.  Furthermore, doctors are now recording such deaths as ‘natural’ and not ‘suspicious’.  This is, of course, the product of ‘denial’, as the current Tory government states time and again that the NHS is safe in their hands, whilst continuously pursuing destructive policies that run counter to that claim. When every British citizen is born, they are given an NHS number.  This confirms their status and eligibility for ‘free’ NHS treatment.  However, as the socialised NHS is closing-down, faceless private companies are taking-over various services in a piece-meal fashion, and in a haphazard manner.  On the surface, however, these private firms still continue to use the ‘NHS’ logo, and the only way to tell that the service is nolonger under government administration, is the dangerously ‘deficient’ nature of that service, and the poorly trained and poorly paid staff that have replaced properly and medically trained NHS staff.  Another way to detect this deterioration in professional standards, is to observe how private firms currently do not have access to your medical data stored on the NHS data-system.  This is a problem for private health insurance firms, who need access to NHS patient medical history to calculate how high or low the premium is to be set for each individual, once the NHS transitions to full privatisation.  This ‘private’ medical information is also used to ascertain whether very ill individuals will receive any insurance over whatsoever, as such individuals are deemed ‘unprofitable’ and rejected out of the private health insurance industry.  This is because the private health insurance industry punishes those who use medical resources more than occasionally – the exact opposite of the premise of the original NHS.  Those people who are disabled or who suffer from long-term or degenerate illnesses are viewed as a drain on profits and discouraged from using the privatised health services.  Before the private health companies can apply this discriminative policy, however, they must acquire the private medical records of all NHS patients, because without this data, ‘probability’ and ‘risk’ cannot be properly calculated in a lawful manner. As NHS medical records are currently off-limits, ‘NHS’ hospitals and GP Surgeries that are collaborating with the privatisation process, have started granting rudimentary ‘free’ healthcare only after the patient concerned ‘voluntarily’ provides numerous details about their job, earnings, current address,  number of children, major illnesses, disabilities, blood group, general medical history and details of accidents, etc.  What must be remembered is that none of this information is relevant for the consultation at hand, and that if the ‘NHS’ hospital or GP Surgery was still in the NHS system, it would have access to all NHS medical data, and would not have to provide a ‘questionnaire’ at the point of first contact.  I suspect that this policy is illegal and is only being allowed by the current Tory government as part of a ‘quick’ sell-off of the NHS.

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