The Sangha Kommune (僧伽公社) – A Place of Spiritual and Physical Growth! (Founded 31.11.2011)

The Chinese Buddhist monastic community is referred to as a ‘Sangha’ (Sanskrit for ‘spiritual community’), whereby men and women form a voluntary association premised upon following a strict set of rules known as the ‘Vinaya Discipline’. Within this community, there is ‘equality’ between all members, with the leaders being those who have followed these rules for the longest times. This is because such people are thought to have more experience at adhering to the Vinaya Discipline (which includes celibacy and vegetarianism), and are therefore able to effectively advise all others through the difficult times they my face in their practice. As those with little experience have less to share, they are not considered leaders whilst more experienced practitioners live in the vicinity.

McRefugee: How Mary Seow Reduced World Economics to Burger Bar Politics! (28.5.2023) 

Li Shiren moves in with Mary Seow during 2008 and the two spend six blissful months together in her four-roomed Boon Keng flat. Li Shiren then ‘disappears’ never to be seen again (not even in a McDonalds Store). Mary Seow’s family express no concern over Li Shiren’s disappearance. To date – Li Shiren has never reappeared. Meanwhile, the ‘Chinese National’ (female) friend (who is never named) then ‘works-on’ Mary Seow. This woman of suspicious character ‘persuades’ Mary Seow to ‘sell’ her four-room (Boon Keng) flat and use the proceeds (together with her lifesavings) to ‘invest’ in a transportation company situated within Mainland China. A mere 2-years later (during 2010) – Mary Seow – starts making business trips to Mainland China. Between 2008-2010, Mary Seow appears NOT to have suffered any loss of money.

Peter Wyles

My Honourable Father – Peter Wyles (b. 1943) – is 80-Years Old Today! (28.5.2023)

My grandfather was in the Ox & Bucks (1st Bucks Battalion) – Territorial (Light Bobs) – which landed on Sword Beach. They were given the task of fighting their way ten miles in-land to relieve D Company (2nd Battalion) of the Ox & Bucks Light Infantry (Professional) which were Glider-Landed in and around Caen. My father had just turned ‘1 years old’ in 1944 – when his father left for war! My father remembers all the war stories his Dad told him – and which he has told me. My grandfather’s Unit suffered terrible casualties fighting against fascism to secure the freedom we take for granted today! Luckily, my grandfather survived the battles liberating Western Europe from the thuggery and murder of the Nazi German jackboot!

Battersea Park: Beautiful Environs! (28.5.2023)

‘By 1846 an Act of Parliament was passed which authorised the plan. James Pennethorne and John Gibson, both of whom had worked on Victoria Park in Hackney, created the design. They elected to raise and level the ground on which the park was to be built, and so 750,000 tons of soil was excavated from nearby Surrey Docks. The park was finally finished in 1854, and was officially opened four years later by Queen Victoria, alongside its neighbouring Chelsea Bridge.’

Battersea Park: The Central Bandstand! (27.5.2023)

The River Wandle flows for around 9 miles – and originates in the Waddon Ponds and Carshalton Ponds area – a boundary area spanning East Surrey and Southwest Greater London (the London Borough of Sutton and Cheam). The River Wandle enters the right-bank of the River Thames in the vicinity now called ‘Wandsworth’. Both the river (and the place) are probably named after a mighty Saxon Warlord named ‘Waendel’ whose clan dominated a large swathe of Southern and Eastern England! Indeed, so powerful was this man’s reputation that his name came to dominate an entire British river! 

Battersea Park: Revolutionary Flags! (27.5.2023)

Buddhism – like Socialism – belongs to humanity! Violence in the outer world can only be ended when one dominant class stops oppressing another! Peace can only be achieved if the capitalist world (in its exploitative aspect) is vanquished and the Bourgeoisie stops resisting and oppressing Socialism! If we – as the working class – stop fighting then we abandon the field to our oppressors and encourage them to inflict an even greater injustice upon us! Genuine peace will only come when the working class siezes the mean of production! As Marx once said – peace is the state achieved when there is an absence to the process of developing Socialism! These photographs were taken at the (Japanese) Buddhist London Peace Pagoda which is situated to the North of Battersea Park!

Buddhism: London Peace Pagoda! (27.5.2023)

The history of this (Japanese) Buddhist artifact can be read above. As Chinese Buddhists – we support the concept of World Peace – and sympathise with the Japanese victims of the US Atomic Bombs. However, between 1931-1945 – the Imperial Japanese Army murdered over 9 million Chinese men, women and children – with countless more victims throughout Asia (including many Westerners)! To date, although individual Japanese Buddhists and Japanese Buddhist groups have called for World Peace – the successive post-1945 governments of Japan are puppets of the United States! This an unfortunate situation which has turned Japan in to a colony of American fascism and anti-intellectualism! Whilst calling for World Peace – the governments of a defeated Japan refuse to take responsibility for its War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity committed in China (and throughout Asia)!

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