China: Tibetan Children Enjoy Unforgetable Visit to Beijing! (7.6.2023)

This is a particularly important and poignant event – coming as it does in the shadow of the exiled 14th Dalai Lama sexually abusing young children in poverty-stricken India – and the collective Western media reacting with an embarrassed ‘silence’! Whereas the forces of predatory capitalism submits the children unfortunate enough to born within its cold embrace to all kinds of indignities and deprivations – the forces of Socialism within China ensures that ALL children born to the 56 ethnic groups receive the best possible educational and cultural upbringing!

UK: International Conference on Friedrich Engels Held! (3.6.2023)

He said that Engels not only understood the division and opposition between humans and nature, but also explored the coordination and unity of humans and nature in practice, which has outstanding significance in today’s times and is an important guiding theory for Chinese modernization.

“This conference provides a platform for Chinese scholars to discuss with their foreign counterparts the common problems facing mankind and to provide Chinese wisdom to solve them,” he told Xinhua.

“As a Western politician, I can see that Marxism works and has made China great,” George Pippas, ex-mayor of Cambridge, said at the conference.

Pippas said he has visited China more than 20 times and was impressed by the high-speed railway technology, the high level of education, history and tradition blended beautifully with the political system, which are examples of how well Marxism works in China.

Battersea Park: Beautiful Environs! (28.5.2023)

‘By 1846 an Act of Parliament was passed which authorised the plan. James Pennethorne and John Gibson, both of whom had worked on Victoria Park in Hackney, created the design. They elected to raise and level the ground on which the park was to be built, and so 750,000 tons of soil was excavated from nearby Surrey Docks. The park was finally finished in 1854, and was officially opened four years later by Queen Victoria, alongside its neighbouring Chelsea Bridge.’

Battersea Park: The Central Bandstand! (27.5.2023)

The River Wandle flows for around 9 miles – and originates in the Waddon Ponds and Carshalton Ponds area – a boundary area spanning East Surrey and Southwest Greater London (the London Borough of Sutton and Cheam). The River Wandle enters the right-bank of the River Thames in the vicinity now called ‘Wandsworth’. Both the river (and the place) are probably named after a mighty Saxon Warlord named ‘Waendel’ whose clan dominated a large swathe of Southern and Eastern England! Indeed, so powerful was this man’s reputation that his name came to dominate an entire British river! 

Battersea Park: Revolutionary Flags! (27.5.2023)

Buddhism – like Socialism – belongs to humanity! Violence in the outer world can only be ended when one dominant class stops oppressing another! Peace can only be achieved if the capitalist world (in its exploitative aspect) is vanquished and the Bourgeoisie stops resisting and oppressing Socialism! If we – as the working class – stop fighting then we abandon the field to our oppressors and encourage them to inflict an even greater injustice upon us! Genuine peace will only come when the working class siezes the mean of production! As Marx once said – peace is the state achieved when there is an absence to the process of developing Socialism! These photographs were taken at the (Japanese) Buddhist London Peace Pagoda which is situated to the North of Battersea Park!

Buddhism: London Peace Pagoda! (27.5.2023)

The history of this (Japanese) Buddhist artifact can be read above. As Chinese Buddhists – we support the concept of World Peace – and sympathise with the Japanese victims of the US Atomic Bombs. However, between 1931-1945 – the Imperial Japanese Army murdered over 9 million Chinese men, women and children – with countless more victims throughout Asia (including many Westerners)! To date, although individual Japanese Buddhists and Japanese Buddhist groups have called for World Peace – the successive post-1945 governments of Japan are puppets of the United States! This an unfortunate situation which has turned Japan in to a colony of American fascism and anti-intellectualism! Whilst calling for World Peace – the governments of a defeated Japan refuse to take responsibility for its War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity committed in China (and throughout Asia)!

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