Communist China’s Success and its Misinterpretation


Production by the masses, the interests of the masses, the experiences and feelings of the masses – to these the leading cadres should pay constant attention.

Mao Zedong 8th Route Army Headquarters – Yenan – 24.11.1943

When it comes to emancipating our minds, using our heads, seeking truth from facts and uniting as one looking to the future, the primary task is to emancipate our minds. Only then can we, guided as we should be by Marxist-Leninist and Mao Zedong Thought, find correct solutions to emerging as well as inherited problems… Just imagine the additional wealth that could be created if all the people in China’s hundreds of thousands of enterprises and millions of production teams put their minds to work. As more wealth is created for the state, personal income and collective benefits should also increase somewhat… Otherwise, we won’t be able to rid our country of poverty and backwardness or to catch up with – still less surpass – the advanced countries.’ 

Deng Xiaoping – Emancipate the Mind, Seek Truth from Facts and Unite as One in Looking to the Future – 13.12.1978

Communist China is a Socialist State founded in late 1949. At that time, the Communist Party of China (led by Mao Zedong) over-threw the Western-supported government of Chiang Kai-Shek, eradicated feudalism and over-threw the bourgeoisie and the predatory capitalism they represented, and seized the means of production. Chiang Kai-Shek and his capitalists invaded the island of Taiwan and seized power there (committing many atrocities in the process), with the remnants of his US-supported regime still occupying that island today, with its exploitative class system still intact. Taiwan is the only part of Mainland China where US-style capitalism still holds sway. Within Taiwan, the small middle class dominates and oppresses the masses of workers – who are forced to eke-out a living in oppressive conditions – whilst this rogue regime is held together through US Christian missionary work (that converts the masses and turns them against Chinese culture by stating it is evil and backward), and by continuous US threats about invading Mainland China, or false US fears about Communist China invading Taiwan. This is the standard ‘divide and conquer’ tactics used by the Eurocentric forces of imperialism for centuries. Add to this the fact that the US government uses billions of dollars of its own tax-payer’s money to artificially prop-up Taiwan’s ‘false’ economy, and the true ‘fake’ status of Taiwan is revealed, showing it to be nothing but a US colony.

Every utility and business in China is ‘nationalised’ and owned by the Communist Chinese State. In other words, the Communist Party of China (CPC) – as the organised representative of the working class – having ceased full control of the means of production in 1949, now administers the entire business and service economy to benefit the people. All generated profit is immediately fed back into building a stronger and more efficient Workers’ State. This includes a fully comprehensive Welfare System, and free at the point of use National Health System. China uses both Western and Chinese medical systems provided free by the State. Science and technology is given unlimited funding to progress human understanding of the universe, and to develop advanced technology, medicines, treatments, communication systems, satellites and space travel. The Chinese legal system guarantees ‘equality’ throughout China, and unlike its bourgeois counter-part, a Chinese person receives full and free legal support. Communist China has rapidly developed both psychosocially and materiality since 1949, and has not only caught-up with the capitalist US, but is now surpassing this ruthless and capitalist country that uses its massive prison population as a form of slave labour.

The US has initiated a relentless anti-China campaign since 1949, bearing all the hall-marks of that country’s predictable ‘anti-Communist’ propaganda. Common accusations without any evidence include bizarre allegations that China is despotic, undemocratic, an invader of Tibet, a deceptive ‘capitalist’ country, and a dog-eating abuser of human rights, etc. What is remarkable about these views and many similar misrepresentations of China, is that they are shared equally across the Western political spectrum – both left and right. Underlying all these views are Eurocentric racist interpretations of the Chinese ethnicity, its political system, its history and its culture. These derogatory ideas about China are just as likely to manifest in India, as they are in the US, and often serve as the basis of both Western fascist and Communist critiques of China. The Western mainstream is just as racist as the fascist rightwing – but the Communist and Socialist left should know better. The problem with the left is that it has become riddled with Trotskyite racialised rhetoric that seeks to undermine any and all Marxist-Leninist regimes. Trotskyism dove-tales nicely with fascist ideology and is nothing but a racist misrepresentation of the leftwing perspective. Trotskyism also serves as the basis for the British Labour Party leftism – with even Jeremy Corbyn criticising China’s Yulin Dog Festival in Parliament in 2015 – with no Chinese-based evidence informing his views. This is the same Labour Leader who says nothing in Parliament about 24 hour slaughter houses in the UK, etc.

Communist understanding should be a continuous process of dialectic development and should not be stuck in the past, or congeal around a set of dogmatic ideals. When a Communist government seizes control of the means of production, capitalism is over-thrown with exploitative capitalist market forces replaced by working class representative Socialist market forces. Whereas in the former all profit is concentrated into the hands of a small and privileged group, in the latter all profit is radically re-distributed throughout society to directly benefit the majority of the ordinary people.  Obviously China has rejected the former and embraced the latter. Today, China seeks to master and over-come the Western capitalist system by learning its method from a Socialist perspective, and turning its method against the capitalists. The Western powers dominated China for hundreds of years and in that time ruthlessly exploited its people and stole its considerable wealth – leaving China thoroughly impoverished by 1911. By engaging the capitalists and beating them at their own game does not make China a ‘capitalist’ country – as even the USSR traded with the capitalist West. What it demonstrates is not the failure of Marxist-Leninist ideology, but rather its success. In just over 60 years, a backward and impoverished country has been completely transformed through the leadership of the Communist Party of China. This fact flies in the face of the false US propaganda that Socialism equals poverty. What capitalists and fascists either conveniently forget, or just do not know, is that Karl Marx stated that Socialism (and then Communism) emerge out of a very well developed and successful capitalist system – he never taught that Socialism is ‘anti-capitalist’. Marxists are anti-bourgeois and anti-exploitation, but they take economic market forces and re-define their uses so that society is benefited rather than oppressed. In 1949, 90% of China’s population were impoverished and illiterate – today, after just over 60 years of CPC guidance, this situation has been completely reversed, with 90% of the population being able to read and write, and live a life of greatly improved economic circumstances.

Zero-Hours – Labour’s Failure – and Modern Slavery


A friend of mine has said that since Labour lost the last election – things have got far worse for most ordinary workers on ‘zero hours’ contracts. He is continuously threatened with the sack if he doesn’t turn-up at a moment’s notice (day or night) for a well-known super-market chain. The management have made it clear that should he exercise his right of taking time off – he will be sacked. Since the election, employers have started demanding ‘unpaid’ over-time – again, threatening to sack any workers refusing to comply. In the accounts – the management enters this as ‘voluntary’ activity on the part of the worker – falsely implying that it is the worker who has insisted that they work for ‘nothing’. I pointed-out that all the managers have proper employment conditions with contracts, rights and a substantial salary – no manager in their right mind would work for ‘nothing’ – so why should workers? Even in Victorian times – when the industrial revolution was in full-swing – and even taking into account the generally hideous conditions and long hours and low pay that workers were forced to endure – I have yet to find an example of workers toiling for absolutely ‘nothing’. Of course, working for ‘nothing’ is the definition of ‘slavery’. The British government and bourgeois establishment are getting away with this because the Labour Party is riddled with riightwingers and Trotskyites that do not care about the working class – with a Socialistic minority view expressed by Jeremy Corbyn and his supporters. Labour Party Socialism is not Marxist-Leninism, or the insistence upon a ‘Socialist’ Revolution – far from it – the Labour Party simply seeks to make things appear ‘fairer’ within a society that remains ‘capitalist’. The problem with this is that as soon as the Tories or LibDems get into power – they immediately remove all the safe-guards and direct the UK back toward a predatory free market economy (in line with the brutal and uncaring US system). Finally, the New Labour Party was a hideous incarnation of Labour-inspired ‘anti-worker’ policy – and a sure sign that as a political movement, (and regardless of an occasional charismatic leader), it cannot be trusted by the workers to represent their own best interests. At the moment, many people within the Labour Party want to either stay in the rightwing and fascistic EU – or at least remain in the Single Market upon Brexit (which amounts to the same thing). The Labour Party should abandon its Blairite and Trotskyite tendencies and develop a true Marxist-Leninist and working class consciousness.

London Zoo: How ‘Ming’ (明) the Giant Panda Resisted Nazi Germany!


Yesterday (24.9.2017), we visited London Zoo situated in North London. One exhibit we had not seen before was the statue of ‘Ming’ (明) – commemorating the giant panda that lived in London Zoo from 1938 to her death in 1944. This statue (and plaque in the Chinese and English languages) was presented to London Zoo (as the chosen representative of the British people), by officials representing the People’s Republic of China (PRC) on October 21st, 2015 – to mark the 70th Anniversary of the end of WWII – and Britain’s victory of Nazi Germany. As we had never heard of this panda – or that statue and plaque – I was inspired to research this story on the Chinese language internet. As usual, the current wikipedia page covering the history of London Zoo is incomplete and inaccurate, and omits any mention of Ming the giant panda. This is peculiar when it is considered that Ming the giant panda received an ‘obituary’ in the London Times Newspaper at the time of death – so loved was she by the British people!


Ming the giant panda – during her stay in London Zoo – brought both courage and joy to the British people, both locally and nationally. The BBC would routinely mention this bear in their radio broadcasts, and often film her in her enclosure at London Zoo for the old newsreels shown throughout the UK (in the cinemas). The antics of Ming also made their way into the local press around the British Isles, and she became a symbol of British anti-fascist resistance. As the bombs fell on London, (many deliberately targeting London Zoo and its environs), Ming was presented as continuously going about her day undisturbed. She was shown to be a very peaceful and happy bear, and never became agitated by the bombing – or disturbed by the constant stream of visitors – which at one time even included Princess Elisabeth (who would eventually become Queen Elizabeth II).


According to Chinese language sources, in 1938, five giant panda bears from China were illegally smuggled into the UK (by Japanese-American explorer Floyd Tangier-Smith) – with London Zoo purchasing three for its animal collection. One extraordinary photograph shows Ming the giant panda pretending to take a picture of the son of Bert Hardy:


After the founding of New China in 1949, there were three ways a giant panda bear could be sent abroad – these methods lasted from 1957 – 1982:

a) As a gift from the People of China.

b) As a symbol of co-operation and friendship.

c) Scientific purposes.

Since 1982, the convention of presenting giant panda bears as ‘gifts’ was discontinued, primarily over concerns for welfare and preservation (the other famous giant panda bear – Chi Chi – for instance, was often fed chocolate and refused to eat enough bamboo).


The two other giant pandas that arrived with Ming – named ‘Tang’ and ‘Sung’ by staff at London Zoo – did not live very long (Sung died in 1939, and Tang in 1940), but Ming being the youngest and the most playful, became very popular, even if by today’s scientifically-led standards of giant panda maintenance, the manner of her care in 1940’s London would be seen as highly inappropriate. Indeed, evidence suggests that upon her death, her health had suffer terribly from the war-time ‘Blitz’. Although Ming (who was born in Sichuan province in 1937) was very calm and playful before the war, her exposure to war-time conditions (and regular travelling) did in fact take its toll on her health, which led to a nervous disorder and loss of fur. Although evacuated during the war to Whipsnade Zoo (another larger part of London Zoo situated in Bedfordshire), she was continuously returned to London Zoo (near Camden in Northwest London) as a means to boost British morale. Ming the giant panda died whilst suffering an epileptic seizure on Boxing Day, 1944. The Times wrote:

‘She could die happy in the knowledge that she gladdened the universal heart and, even in the stress of war, her death should not go unnoticed.’


Ming suffered terribly en route from war-time China in 1938 – along with five other giant panda bears. One of her colleagues died during the journey, and another died waiting to clear Customs, as they prepared to entered the UK.  A third colleague was then sold to a collector (ironically, in Nazi Germany). The fact that Ming was born ‘wild’, and yet wandered around amongst other animals and humans without ever a thought of violence, is quite extraordinary in itself. Particularly so considering the inappropriate conditions within which she had to live in London. Although her health definitely suffered as WWII progressed, prior to this she was a very happy, tolerant and deeply caring giant panda that seemed quite legitimately to be friendly toward children. Today, the attitude in modern China is one of high regard and immense respect for Ming the giant panda – who is viewed as an ‘ambassador’ of the Chinese people during very difficult times. Ming was able to fulfil her ‘diplomatic’ mission of bringing two countries together, and served an important part of boosting the morale of the British people. This is why a group of conservationists and artists from Shaanxi and Sichuan provinces collaborated to design and construct a statue of Ming, and as a symbol of ‘friendship’ and ‘anti-fascism’, present this statue to the British people in 2015. We, as British people must do our part in remembering this little bear with a kind heart.


Chinese Language Source Articles:

Begging, Dignity and Respect


A Beggar in China Bows to the Ground to Eat

When China suffered under imperialist rule, 90% of its people were illiterate and lived in abject poverty. Today, and since the Communist Revolution of 1949, this figure has been reversed, with literacy rates and wealth distribution directly benefiting 90% of the population. Begging still occurs in Communist China, but a compassionate Socialist State exists to help the individuals concerned to change their lives for the better. The over-riding reality if that life in Communist China today, is much better than prior to 1949.


This article contains a series of photographs about begging in the US from a Chinese language article discussing the agency of ‘respect’ and the differences between the capitalist West and Communist China. The upshot of it all is that in China the Socialist State does everything possible to relieve poverty and guide people toward resources with a compassionate attitude. Many Chinese beggars act with the utmost respect and dignity and do not ‘demand’ or ‘presume’ (acting very much like selfless itinerant Buddhist monks). Chinese beggars keep themselves clean and tidy and tend to bless everyone. The Socialist States has dramatically reduced begging in China because their is now ample resources for ALL Chinese people to live with dignity.


However, although the capitalist West controls immense wealth, it is all focused into the hands of a privileged few. Poverty in the West is (falsely) presented as the ‘fault’ of those who are poor – rather than being a natural consequence of a highly unjust and unequal system. The capitalist system only begrudgingly helps those in need in an undignified manner and provides them with the barest of resources to fend off hunger and death. Within Communist China – people are treated wit respect and ‘gently’ guided toward settling down. Where mental illness or disability is involved, the Socialist State takes immediate control – providing housing, income, clothing and food.


Human labour has the potential to change the world – this id true – but conditions are not always conducive for continuous or effective labour to be carried-out, particularly in capitalist countries where workers are oppressed and exploited as the norm. Although many Westerners suffer terribly under this system, the weak and the vulnerable are pushed aside by those who misuse the agency of begging for purely selfish and frivolous reasons. Chinese beggars respectfully ask for food, water and soap, whilst high-profile Western beggars use their intelligence not to ‘work’ – but rather to ‘entertain’ their way to generating income. In the meantime, starving Westerners die of hunger quietly in their homes or behind dumpsters, or of medical neglect. When the Western State does act – it tends to be in an oppressive manner – with ordinary people’s rights being violated. Unlike in Communist China – where we all have rights without having to’pay’ to prove it  – in the capitalist West, the people only have the rights they can ‘afford’ to prove they possess. As poor people have no money in the capitalist West, they have no access to the bourgeois legal system – and subsequently rich people exercise all their legal rights (usually against the defenceless poor). Even begging in the West has a bourgeois element to it!


Chinese Language Source Article:

The Bravery of Mr Paul Aladdin Alarab (1958-2003) RIP


If the US-Zionist propaganda is to be believed, the 911 terrorist attacks on New York in 2001 were carried-out by 17 Saudis and 2 Egyptians – but as both countries are allies of the US and friends of Israel – and given that Israel represents US interests in the Middle East – no military action was taken against either Saudi Arabia or Egypt. Add to this the bizarre fact that at the last count at least 10 of the alleged suicide bombers on 911 have subsequently been found to be ‘alive’ – then the ‘irrationality’ and the ‘illegality’ of the US-led invasion and destruction of Iraq in 2003 is made patently clear. This blatant act of Western neo-imperialism has cost the lives of hundreds of thousands (some estimates state ‘millions’) of innocent Iraqi men, women and children, and paved the way for the development of a disastrous Islamofascism in the formerly Arab Socialist State. There were no weapons of mass destruction in an already impoverished country that had suffered under unjust UN Sanctions for over a decade. Furthermore, all legal experts agree that this ‘invasion’ was illegal under International Law. Saddam Hussein – the Iraqi leader who had resisted Western imperialism for decades – was tried by a puppet court comprised of Iraqi collaborators and traitors and hung (with his death being filmed and immediately released across the internet). I remember millions of people protesting this grotesque war in London – and the then criminal British Prime Minister Tony Blair just ‘laughing’ in Parliament! I also recall news bulletins that told of Westerners who had travelled to Afghanistan (that other victim of Western neo-imperialism) and Iraq – and deliberately blowing themselves up at Western military check-points in protest to the aggressive actions of their respective governments. American-Iraqi Paul Aladdin Alarab did not carry-out any action that directly inflicted violence upon anyone else – despite his heartfelt resistance to the US invasion of Iraq (the country of his ancestors). However, despite having a family (and all to live for) he decided to end his own life in protest to the illegal military action the US was taking against Iraq. Paul Aladdin Alarab (44) ended his own life by jumping to his death from San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge on May 19th, 2003. To my mind, it is not the trained military thugs of the US military that are heroes, (after-all, anyone can kill innocent people with fire-arms), but rather people like Paul Aladdin Alarab (and those Westerners who protested the illegal invasion of Iraq in numerous ways). In fact, a good measure of this man’s selfless attitude can be gleamed from the fact that he protested on behalf of the elderly and the handicapped in the US in 1988 – when he accidently fell-off the bridge in question – but remarkably managed to survive the plunge. America must throw-off the shackles of capitalist oppression and develop a Socialist State that renounces all ‘aggressive’ war.

Find a Grave – Paul Aladdin Alarab

2nd Bridge Fall Kills Foe of War

The CIA-Generated Myth of Liu Xiaobo (刘晓波) [1955-2017] and the 14th Dalai Lama Connection


The historical fact that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was behind the fabrication of the ‘Pro-Tibetan Movement’ (acting as a means for the United States of America to bring-down the Communist regime of Mainland China from that country’s Tibetan region) is no longer denied in the West, and its details can be read on Wikipedia (an apologist for US imperialism, Zionism and capitalism), as well as in a number of English language books (that in no way can be considered ‘sympathetic’ to Communist China). In recent years, Wikileaks has confirmed that no deaths occurred in Tiananmen Square in 1989 (see: Wikileaks: no bloodshed inside Tiananmen Square, cables claim), and that the entire affair was a very well orchestrated ‘fake news’ event perpetuated by the BBC and its US news counter-parts in the days before the internet, and when Mainland China was not directly connected to the West through its media. At that time, people living outside of China had no way of verifying what the Western media was saying, and had been subjected to a constant barrage of anti-China, anti-Communist propaganda emanating from the US since at least 1945. This brain-washing procedure was not only aimed at Westerners, but also at diasporic Chinese people living outside of China (with US anti-Communist China propaganda being published and distributed from Taiwan [in the Chinese language] throughout the many Chinese communities of the world). As part of the continued attempt to perpetuate the racist (imperialist) myth of Judeo-Christian dominance throughout the world, this US-led propaganda depicted Communist China as the very incarnation of ‘evil’ in the world, and manifesting the obvious ‘Crusader’ mentality, called for the destruction of China’s government and its regime. Obviously, the masses of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) completely rejects this Eurocentric and racist misinterpretation of China, her history, her culture and her political system.

The 14th Dalai Lama was awarded the Noble Peace Prize in 1989 for his support of the CIA-led disinformation campaign that presented the false image of thousands of students being killed in Tiananmen Square – apparently for protesting against the Communist government. This is a lie. No massacre occurred – but Chinese students were present at the time – protesting Western interference in internal Chinese affairs, and acting in support of the Communist Party of China (CPC). Wikileaks presents evidence that President Ronald Reagan (supported by British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher) called for events in Tiananmen Square to be deliberately misrepresented, as part of the continuous US policy to bring-down the USSR (which was falling apart under Gorbachev at the time – another ‘winner’ of the Noble Peace Prize for aiding the destruction of his own country’s Communist System in 1990). Obviously, the Noble Peace Prize is a bourgeois institution in the pocket of the USA, that has been operating an openly ‘anti-Socialist’ policy since at least 1945. Even in 1935, when the Norwegian Noble Peace Prize Committee awarded the prize to a German pacifist and convicted ‘traitor’ (a verdict upheld in 1992) named Carl von Ossietzky – members of that Committee ‘resigned’ in protest to Ossietzky’s perceived ‘leftist’ political viewpoints despite the fact he was a social democrat who rejected ‘Communism’. He perpetrated the historical ‘lie’ that a re-arming ‘democratic’ Germany was rebuilding its airforce by having pilots trained in the USSR. In fact, Germany had been part of the 14 country anti-Bolshevik alliance that had invaded Revolutionary Russia in 1918 – precipitating the so-called ‘Russian Civil War’ (1918-1921) – and as one of those 14 countries participating in this anti-Communist imperialist action – was eventually and soundly defeated by the Red Army. Again, US disinformation suggests that the USSR ‘collaborated’ with capitalism and fascism – when the opposite is obviously the case. Today, Communist China’s considered opinion is that the Noble Peace Prize is a good idea that could be used for the maintenance of World Peace and Harmony amongst the different ‘self-determining’ Nations – but that at the moment, it is a mouth-piece manipulated and guided by US neo-colonial policy, and as such, is used to perpetuate war and destruction (the very opposite intention to its own founding principles and functioning propaganda).

In his youth, Liu Xiaobo fully benefited from Communist China’s Socialist System. This comprehensive approach to re-building China included State provided full-employment, housing, medical care, nutritious food, and an entirely ‘free’ education system. Liu Xiaobo (and his family) were uplifted from a state of imperialist-inflicted poverty, and were reconstituted through Socialist planning, into entirely ‘new’ and dignified human-beings. Historical and biographical material suggests that Liu Xiaobo was fully aware of this fact, and in his youth openly supported the Communist Party of China (CPC), and considered himself (and his family) to be active members of the Revolutionary Masses as represented by the workers of China. In 1984, Liu Xiaobo graduated from Beijing Normal University, and four years later earned a Doctorate in literature and Art. However, in the 1990’s, he became involved in the ‘Democracy for China’ (民主中国 – Min Zhu Zhong Guo) Movement – a semi-clandestine CIA-funded project in China – that was allocated material (and moral) support from the ‘National Democracy Foundation’ in the US. This is where Liu Xiaobo ‘betrayed’ his country and the legacy of the Communist Revolution in China. Whereas China threw-off imperialist (Western) oppression in 1949 – Liu Xiaobo took the personal decision to re-engage with this racist form of oppression, and in so doing endanger every person living within Communist China. The capitalist West is the epicentre of all fascism and racism in the world, with the US and its EU running dog killing hundreds of thousands and even millions of people annually, throughout the world, as a means to maintain the dominance of the unjust and highly exploitative capitalist system. Why did Liu Xiaobo turn on his own country? The simple answer is ‘greed’ – exactly the same reason the 14th Dalai Lama turned on the Tibetan region of China – and abandoned the Tibetan people in 1959. No one in the modern and Socialist Tibet (not even the monks in the monasteries) remember this other traitor – or consider him in anyway a ‘leader’ or ‘representative’ of the Tibetan people. This hypocrite calls for ‘peace’ amongst his wealthy millionaire supporters in the West (usually from the luxury of a five star hotel in the US), whilst his office actively calls for ‘violence in Tibet and China (very much like that other CIA-concocted anti-China Movement – the ‘Falun Gong’ Cult).

Liu Xiaobo’s traitorous activities were eventually uncovered by China’s Intelligence Services, and he was tried and found ‘guilty’ of ‘Treason’ and crimes against the Chinese State in 2009. During his trial, it was revealed how the US had transferred funds to the PRC for the personal use of Liu Xiaobo, to cause as much social disorder and disruption in China as possible (which his ‘Democratic Movement’ carried-out in 1995 and 1999). Despite these despicable crimes against the Chinese people (and in the name of ‘foreign’ powers), China’s Judiciary found him ‘guilty’ of Crimes Against the State – and sentenced him to 11 years imprisonment – with the suspension of his political rights for 2 years. This was a very lenient sentence considering the gravity of his crimes. Of course, as the US and CIA-involvement in Liu Xiaobo’s criminal activities was made public during his trial, the US government immediately initiated a damage limitation exercise that saw the criminal Liu Xiaobo being granted the Noble Peace Prize for 2010 – together with the 14th Dalai Lama immediately issuing a statement of support, calling for the immediate release of Liu Xiaobo (falsely referring to him as a ‘freedom fighter’), and ignoring his mercenary motivations and criminal past. Liu Xiaobo was not a Buddhist, and had no personal interests in the Western notion of ‘Human rights’ – which can be seen from the social damage his criminal activities caused (harming individual Chinese men, women and children). Despite being a criminal that should have received the Death Sentence for his crimes – Liu Xiaobo was treated leniently by the Chinese State Judiciary – and toward the end of his life (when he was dying of cancer), he was treated with compassion by the Chinese State, and received the best medical care available (free of charge). Liu Xiaobo was a common criminal and not a hero. He took from the Communist Chinese State – but abused all the advantages that Chinese Socialism granted him. He had no thought for his family, the Chinese people, or the millions that died in China fighting for his political and cultural freedoms. His response to the collective suffering of the Chinese people, and the compassion of the Chinese State – was for him to try and help racist foreigners in an attempt to destroy the Chinese Communist Revolution. No matter what the bourgeois, capitalist System throws at Communist China – this can never be allowed because it is against the interest of the entirety of humanity.

Chinese Language Reference:刘晓波/14900221?from=image



USSR: Buryats-Mongolian Buddhist Monks Confirm the Scientific Nature of Buddhism (1923)


FI Stcherbatsky (1866-1942) was an expert in Buddhist studies in Czarist Russia – and was elevated to a Soviet scholar specialising in Buddhist thought and practise (founding the Soviet Institute for the Study of Buddhist Culture in 1928 – under JV Stalin). His books, – when translated into English – are a joy to encounter and study. He studied all over Europe and Asia during his life, and amassed an exact and reliable knowledge and understanding of Buddhist thought throughout its developmental history, and the different Buddhist cultures such thinking generated. Writing in the UK in 2017, and having had access to a very good and progressive academic and Buddhist education, I am pleasantly surprised as I encounter correct fact after correct fact (about the many and complicated facets of Buddhism) contained within Stcherbatsky’s academic out-put. However, in this article I which to convey a very interesting footnote written by Stcherbatsky in his excellent ‘The Conceptions of Buddhist Nirvana – with Sanskrit Text of Madhyamaka-Karika’ (Motilal, 2003 – Pages 33-34). Stcherbatsky is discussing the different Buddhist concepts of nirvana and samsara, and the complicated relationship Buddhist thought has with the concept of materialism – particularly in the light of the Buddha denying the existence of an eternal soul (atma). The chapter in question is entitled ‘The Vaibhasikas’ and the relevant footnote (7) reads:

‘Prof. M. Aneski, Nichiren (Cambridge, 1916) p. 137 ft. evidently alludes to the Vaibhasikas when asserting Buddhism includes a materialist school, or a school which its opponents characterised as materialistic. As a curiosity it may be added that when the educational authorities of the newly founded republic of Buriats in Transbaikalia started an anti-religious propaganda, they first of all assailed the doctrine of transmigration in its popular form and insisted on the fact that modern science favours a materialistic view of the universe. The Buddhist monks, who are Mahayanists, retorted in a pamphlet in which they developed the view that materialism is not unknown to them, since the Vaibhasikas maintained that after Nirvana, every life ceases forever.’


FI Stcherbatsky is, of course, talking about the ‘Buryats-Mongol Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic’ (Бурят-Монгольская автономная область) [situated in Southern Siberia] which was officially founded in 1923. This area is comprised of ethnic Evenk and Mongolian peoples, many of whom follow various lineages of Tibetan Buddhism. In fact, these people actively supported the Russian Revolution, with Soviet power first being established in the region in February, 1918. It is thought that Socialism and its ideas were popular amongst these often nomadic Buddhist peoples, and this inspired their resistance against the old and oppressive feudal system. Of course, the English wikipedia page regarding the Buryats-Mongol Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic is comprised of US-derived Cold War paranoia, disinformation and myth, and disagrees at every important historical point with its Russian-language counter-part (referenced below). For instance, the US propaganda states that the Buryats Buddhists supported the 14 (capitalist) countries that invaded Revolutionary Russia in 1918 (including the UK, Japan and USA), but this is patently untrue and ahistorical. In reality, the fledgling Soviet presence in Buryats was extinguished by the fascist forces of Imperial Japan (in the summer of 1918) – which committed untold atrocities in the area looking to eradicate all support for the Socialist Revolution. The Red Army took back control of certain areas of Buryats in 1920. The Imperialist Japanese (and their White Russian and Western allies) were eventually defeated by the Red Army and a Soviet Republic established in the area in 1923. This Republic lasted until 1991 and the collapse of the USSR – but the Western propaganda states that the Soviet Authorities carried-out a systematic destruction of Buddhism in Buryats during the 1920’s at exactly the sametime that Stcherbatsky was establishing the Institute for the Study of Buddhist Culture. Not only does FI Stcherbatsky not mention any such destruction of Buddhism in the USSR, but after 1991, the Western propagandists ran into the problem of trying to explain why it was that Buryats Buddhism was flourishing like never before in a very happy Socialist Republic! The answer was to go back to the original disinformation story about the USSR destroying Buddhism – and bizarrely concoct the equally false ‘suggestion’ that the USSR (after committing genocide and cultural destruction in the area), actually ‘re-invented’ Buryats Buddhism in the 1980s! What Stcherbatsky describes from personal experience, is that the Buryats Buddhists supported a) Socialism, and b) Science, apparently because of the similarities between these two systems, and that of certain aspects of Buddhist philosophy. Finally, I have written previously (see ‘Further Reading’ below) of at least two other Buddhist republics that comprised the USSR – the story of the Buryats-Mongol Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic would suggest the existence of a third.

Russian language reference:Бурятская_Автономная_Советская_Социалистическая_Республика

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Two Buddhist States in the USSR

How the Bourgeois State Usurped Socialist Education Methods in the UK


It is interesting how the capitalist system will steal Socialist educational methods if a profit can be made by selling them! Socialist education methods are designed to be deployed ‘free’ throughout the country – and not ‘sold’ to those who are already privileged within society. Free and good quality education is a right for all working class people, and working class children should be treated with respect and compassion when they go to school. Then, these children will grow-up to be respectful and compassionate toward others! Of course, if the working class could be ‘transformed’ in this manner, then the bourgeoisie would lose its control over capitalist society – and so Socialist education must be ‘stolen’ from the workers and never allowed to succeed. In the 1970’s in the UK, Labour controlled Local Education Authorities tried a number of different and progressive ways to educate children – usually ideas derived from progressive Socialist thinkers. At the time, the bourgeois establishment and its rightwing media attacked these ideas as emerging from the ‘loony left’ – and potentially damaging to the minds of youngsters. Like in the USSR and Communist China – Labour Authorities sought to break with the principles of elitist education (that were not in the class interests of the workers), and develop an entirely ‘new’ way of educating the masses premised upon scientific research and experience. In a bizarre turn-around, particularly in the bourgeois area within which I live, I have noticed how certain ‘academies’ are now routinely using what were once considered ‘progressive’ and ‘Socialist’ education methods – methods that put the well-being, confidence and learning experience of the child at the fore-front of all developmental learning strategies – whilst abandoning the stark and often brutal tenants of Social Darwinism (still practised in the elitist schools through the traditional methods of education). These progressive methods create a healthy and incentive-based environment, within which what the child thinks and feels is taken into account and valued. The irony is that even some ‘private’ schools in my area are applying these progressive methods – but at no time are the ‘Socialist’ origins of these methods acknowledged or discussed. This is a clear case of the bourgeois, capitalist system usurping Socialist education methods and using them for its own ends (i.e. to make profit), simply because they work. The difference today is that it is the elitist academies and private schools that are deploying these progressive methods – and as these entities fully support the capitalist system – the mainstream press nolonger refer to this exercise as deriving from the ‘loony left’.

Russian Film: Battle for Moscow -Panfilov’s 28 (2016) How Soviet Muslims Turned Back Hitler!


It is a well-known fact (amongst free thinkers and those academics that sill exercise the search for truth), that the Cold War rhetoric of the West (devised and spread to Europe from the USA since 1945), was designed to re-write history by a) demonising Scientific Socialism, and b) equating the Soviet Union, Communist China, Socialist Vietnam, Socialist North Korea, Socialist Cuba, and any State, regime or freedom movement of a Marxist-Leninist nature – with the atrocities deliberately committed by the Nazi German regime of Adolf Hitler (1933-1945), even though the vast majority of those atrocities were actually committed by the Nazi Germans against the citizens of the USSR. With an estimated casualty list that measures between 27-40 million casualties (involving men, women and children), the Soviet Red Army suffered millions of casualties (and many early set-backs and defeats), before the advance of the Nazi German war machined was first ‘checked’, and then permanently turned back by Soviet forces at the gates of Moscow. Although the Soviet government was preparing to retreat from Moscow – it was Joseph Stalin himself who refused to leave the Soviet capital – and in so doing inspired a desperate nation with his order ‘not a single step backwards!’ As the Western Cold War disinformation campaign is still in full swing (just look at the Western support for neo-Nazi Ukraine and the continued and racist demonisation of Communist China), ample funding is made available by the US government, the EU and the UN, for films to be made that re-write and ‘demonise’ the history of the Soviet Union (an example of this is the hideous and thoroughly ‘wrong’ film entitled ‘Soviet Story’ – which has been used to justify the resurgence of the far-right in Eastern Europe). but when funding is needed to make a film depicting the true humanitarian, brave and progressive history of the Soviet Union – all of a sudden all offers of international funding for Russian film projects dry-up. This is why this film – Panfilov’s 28 – had to be crowded funded by over 35,000 individual people from across Russia and the world. This story is important because it depicts a company of multi-ethnic Soviet men (many of whom were of Muslim ancestry including Uyghurs and Kazaks, etc, as well as Mongolians) – who stood together against 4 heavily armed and well-manned German tank regiments on the outskirts leading to Moscow. In the first battle, the 100 Red Army men were reduced to just 28 – but they had destroyed 4 German tanks and inflicted dozens of Nazi German casualties. In this first battle they were supported by Soviet artillery – but this was withdrawn when the Nazi German Airforce started targeting it. The Red Army men were lightly armed and very poorly equipped – but they knew that the Nazi Germans were already committing atrocities in other parts of the USSR – and that if they got into Moscow, millions more would die in the genocide against Jews, Communists, disabled, homosexuals, and anyone deemed racially inferior. In the final battle (with undertones of Thermopylae), the 28 Red Army soldiers that were left (which included a political commissar) held their ground against terrible odds – forcing the Nazi Germans to call-off their offensive in that area. Just 6 Red Army men survived this battle (disrespectfully referred to as a ‘myth’ in Western discourse), but their collective effort (and that of their dead comrades) inflicted 70 dead Nazi German (as well as an unknown number of wounded), and destroyed 18 (of the 54) Nazi German tanks sent against them! The ‘true’ history of the Soviet Union is full of selfless acts perpetuated by individuals for the benefit of the entirety of society.


USSR: Institute for the Study of Buddhist Culture (1928)


Author: Stcherbatskay F.I. – Title: Theory of knowledge and logic according to the teachings of later Buddhists. Part 1: Dharmakirti’s “Textbook of Logic” with Dharmottara interpretation.

The Soviet Institute for the Study of Buddhist Culture (INSBC) was first proposed in 1927 as a coordinated academic project by scholar FI Stcherbatsky, and supported by his fellow academics SF Oldenburg and MI Tubyansky – all of whom professed an in-depth interest in Buddhist thought.  On April 4th, 1928, at the 7th meeting of the Department of Humanities of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, FI Stcherbatsky reported that the Council of People’s Commissars (responsible for the creation, development and function of Academic Institutions within the Socialist State), had formally approved the establishment of the Institute for the Study of Buddhist Culture (a decision included in the Decree of the Council of People’s Commissars of the USSR dated March 13, 1928 – entitled “On the Composition of Scientific Institutions of the Academy of Sciences USSR”) and discussed the desirability of taking measures to immediately start the organizational work of academically developing the Institute. When discussing the report, it was supposed to FI Stcherbatsky that he assume the temporary duties of the Director of the Institute (a post he accepted and held between 1928-1930). During its academic activity of developing a sound interpretation and understanding of Buddhist philosophy and practice throughout the Soviet Union (and the world), the INSBC organized a number of important scientific expeditions, and produced many ground-breaking papers, books and journals, etc.. In 1930, the INSBC was structurally incorporated into the Institute of Oriental Studies, as part of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR.

Russian Language Source Article:Институт_буддийской_культуры

Институт буддийской культуры (ИНБУК) был создан как скоординированный проект, предложенный академиком Ф. И. Щербатским совместно с академиком С. Ф. Ольденбургом и М. И. Тубянским в 1927 году. «4 апреля 1928 года на VII заседании Отделения гуманитарных наук Академии наук СССР Ф. И. Щербатской доложил об утверждении Советом Народных Комиссаров в составе Академических учреждений Института по Изучению Буддийской Культуры (Постановление СНК СССР от 13 марта 1928 года “О составе научных учреждений Академии Наук СССР”) и о желательности принять меры к началу организационных работ Института. При обсуждении доклада было положено просить Ф. И. Щербатского взять на себя временно исполнение обязанностей Директора. За время своей деятельности ИНБУК организовал ряд научных экспедиций. В 1930 году ИНБУК структурно был включён в состав Института востоковедения АН СС



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