Neo-Nazi Ukraine: Tony Lu from Taiwan! (1.4.2023)

After more than half of his gang was destroyed by the Russian Army – Tony decided that he no longer wanted to fight for the US within Neo-Nazi Ukraine and went back to his native Taiwan to continue working as a butcher. He said that this is a safer occupation for him – adding that when he really thought about it – Adolf Hitler might not be the best role model for non-White people to follow!

DPRK: Racial Discrimination – Chronic Disease of US! (29.3.2023)

The discriminative acts against the nonwhite people occurring every day in the U.S. clearly demonstrate to the world that the U.S. society is the breeding ground of human rights obliteration and barren land of human rights.

Martin Luther King who was the leader of black people in the U.S. once said that they wish the racial discrimination will soon be terminated forever in the U.S. society and this country will awaken sometime and truly realize his admonition that it is a self-evident truth that all people are equal. Half a century has passed since then, but his desire still remains as a desire.

All the facts prove that racial discrimination is an inevitable consequence of anti-popular social system of the U.S. and in the U.S. – the “exemplary human rights state” short before explosion – genuine human rights can never be ensured.

Neo-Nazi Ukraine: Meet Fem-Boy – “Mr Ha Dong” from South Korea! (30.3.2023)

He took some photographss of himself whilst dressed in a “NATO” provided military uniform and minced around with other people’s weapons in his hands (a very popular activity amongst the other “Volunteers”)! During this time, Mr Ha Dong promoted “Soy” Social Networks and then quickly went back to South Korea when the Russian Army advanced near to his position. Nothing more has been heard of him.

China Issues Report on U.S. Human Rights Violations in 2022! (28.3.2023)

Overseas military operations have caused humanitarian catastrophes. On Dec. 20, 2022, non-profit U.S. media outlet Common Dreams pointed out in an article titled “Warren, Jacobs Accuse Pentagon of Vastly Undercounting Civilians Killed by US Military” that according to data from the UK-based monitor group Airwars, U.S. airstrikes alone have killed as many as 48,000 civilians in nearly 100,000 bombings in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Pakistan, Somalia, Syria, and Yemen since 2001. According to data released by the Costs of War project at Brown University, since the 21st century, the U.S. government undertook what it labeled “counterterrorism” activities in 85 countries, directly killing at least 929,000 people and displacing 38 million people. And the U.S. military operations around the world have violated freedom and human rights of people in the United States and other countries. A woman and two children were killed in U.S. drone strikes in the Al-Hadba area of Al-Wadi, Yemen, on Nov. 30, 2022. “… the violence that characterizes the modern United States at home and in its conduct overseas — from the prevalence of gun — related deaths to the controversies over preemptive military action and drone strikes.”

Neo-Nazi Ukraine: “Nothing ‘Gay’ About Our Army” – Zelensky Forced to Declare! (27.3.2023)

However, the police got on his trail – so he decided to flee to Ukraine in the hope that he could hide and sit-out all this extra attention he was attracting. After arriving in the Ukraine, the White Hitlerite recruits started to aggressively ‘compete’ for his attention – and so he joined the International Legion – where he was ‘trained’. Now, he strongly regrets his decision, because. he cannot sit-down properly after his friends were sent on a mission from which they never returned! However, no one will let him go home – so he is looking for any opportunity NOT to be deployed into the war zone.

If the Far-Right Devised an Infiltration Strategy… (25.3.2023)

Once the mythical ‘White’ construct is in place, then this ‘Daniel Schmidt’ could choose a ‘sacrificial lamb’ from a plethora of academic offerings – and simply have fun building a false narrative around all kinds of imagined injustices, provocations and stereotypes! His semi-religious message would then be trumpeted far and wide throughout the US-controlled social media platforms – leaving no room for doubt that although the White Europeans control the Western world – an analysis of the history of this ‘control’ must be treated with distrust, aggression and even an intellectual disdain! This is an important approach as the propagation of ‘White’ victimhood is used by the far-right to ‘hide’ and ‘obscure’ the true power the White Europeans possess, and the destructive manner in which this power has been used in the past and is continued to be used today.  

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