Sutton: Our Red Flag of Freedom Out and About! (14.5.2023)

Thousands of these flags were issued to the Soviet Red Army as the Offensive upon Berlin was initiated – with each flag carrying a unique production number! This was used to trace ‘where’ and ‘when particular Soviet Red Army Units penetrated into Nazi German controlled territory! The last of the elite SS Regiments (mostly comprised of Scandinavian ‘Volunteers’) put up the most stringent of fanatical resistance – hell-bent upon proving Hitler’s theory about ‘race’ (which Hitler used to replace the theory of ‘class’ as perpetuated by Marx and Engels) was right! Of course, like Hitler himself, this theory failed miserably and the Soviet Red Army eventually triumphed over the dark forces of World Fascism!

Henry VIII: St Alban’s the Martyr Church (Cheam) – Constructed from a Nonsuch Royal Stable! (14.5.2023)

The wood used for the roof (and support beams) dates to about 1550 CE – and was originally a very large royal stable used by King Henry VIII and I am told – his daughter – Queen Elizabeth I! It was dismantled from its original site (adjacent to Nonsuch Palace) by Shipwrights – and brought to what was once a remote area of Cheam – and reassembled (with added contemporary brickwork) to form a very large Church! The wood would have been part of a royal forest cultivated in the area – grown to make ships, buildings and other required ‘royal’ structures! Therefore, the wood itself will be far older than the 1550 CE date the barn is believed to have been originally constructed! The beams are held together entirely by wooden-pegs – just as they were originally designned to be – with no ‘modern’ nails or connecting materials! Indeed, Shipwrights reconstructed this building as if they were building a wooden ship!

DPRK: We Strongly Condemn Canada’s Groundless Criticizism of China’s Human Right Record! (14.5.2023)

Canada’s absurd claim of “slave labour” reflects the sense of “guilt” that exists in the United States, Canada, and some Western countries!

From 1525 to 1866, about 12.5 million Africans were trafficked to the United States and forced to work as slaves, but in the United States, about 500,000 people are still living in modern slavery, and today the United States is universally referred to as the “centre” of forced labour in the world!

In Canada during the last century, many Black and indigenous people were forced into slave labour, with “slave auctions” being prevalent, with aboriginal child abuse being part of this systematic racism! This is a Eurocentric racism involving anti-Islamic, anti-African, and anti-Asian behaviours that were so prevalent that all sorts of religious and racial discrimination occurred. Such was the continuous reality for the non-White populations!

Transgender Studies: Interesting Academic Information! (14.5.2023)

This is a selection of reliable (academic) articles pertaining to the US and UK regarding the objective study of ‘Transgenderism’ and/or ‘Transsexuality’ – with a bias toward the US. I have checked the links to ensure each is working properly, and have assessed the efficacy of each research paper. The data should be ‘objective’ and its scientific interpretation ‘impartial’. This type of study is important so as to avoid ‘political’ bias (of whatever orientation) and to construct a sound ‘material’ basis for the study of this subject. We know that this subject ‘exists’ – and we need to establish ‘why’ and in so doing ascertain the ‘direction’ of this trend. This process requires ‘detachment’ from the more ’emotive’ reactions seen within certain sections of society – and to approach this subject as a Doctor might approach any other element of physical and psychological health.