Social Media: How the West ‘Lost’ its Freedom…

All social media platforms in the West – masquerade as ‘neutral’ spaces of mass communication – when in fact, the software that defines each programme is ‘default set’ to support the capitalist system, and limit debate – diverting all communication away from any genuine leftwing (alternative) interpretative narrative. Although right-leaning Trotskyismi is accommodated as a means to meet this objective, Marxist-Leninism in any of its guises is definitely suppressed as a violation of ‘Community Standards’ or some other equally ‘imagined’ and ‘arbitrary’ regulatory code. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube (amongst others) emanate from the United States and represent the predatory capitalism that is preferred by that branch of the bourgeoisie. The US expands its influence into the living rooms and minds of people all over the world without the need for military conflict through the commercial use of the internet and the providing of seemingly ‘free’ social media platforms. Nothing in the world of US capitalism is provided ‘free’ of charge, and social media platforms ‘harvest’ the personal data of those who use their software – utilising ‘backdoors’ to ‘illegally’ enter email accounts and gain the details of all those registered as ‘friends’ or ‘contacts’, etc. This technology also ‘follows’ individuals around the internet – recording all the sites visited, objects looked at, things bought and people contacted, etc. Laptops are infiltrated and personal details of all kinds is electronically ‘lifted’ and fed into the secure (and massive) data-bases maintained by the social media platforms. This mass of personal data is then ‘separated’ into its constituent’ parts and ‘sold-off’ to the highest bidders within the advertising world! This includes ‘reporting’ to the US government the content of an individual’s ‘political’ views, associations, activities and intended objectives, etc. The US government then acts upon this data from behind the scenes in various and diverse ways, including the ‘sharing’ of these political files with the UK and friendly governments throughout Europe, Australia and New Zealand, with the expressed purpose of nefarious action being taken against Citizens of those countries – who dare to exercise their freedom of thought and actively support ‘Communist’ or ‘Socialist’ points of view. As Facebook now owns Instagram and WhatsApp – the idea is that these seemingly ‘independent’ businesses continue to support the US government in its witch-hunt against all Communist-supporting individuals! YouTube and Twitter are fully in support of this objective, as is Google, LinkedIn and various other platforms. Indeed, there is nothing ‘free’ about any of these activities which are designed to ‘take away’ freedom of expression whilst pretending to be the apex of free expression!  

Freedom of Profit Trumps (Literally) Freedom of Expression!

Communist China, quite rightly, ‘bans’ ALL US social media platforms because the Communist Party of China is well aware that the US uses social media platforms to ‘infiltrate’ the cultural space of other countries, and brain-wash the inhabitants into supporting US hegemony and neo-imperialism! It is better for Westerners to use WeChat from Communist China or VK from modern Russia. These platforms allow for ‘full’ freedom of speech (whilst ‘rejecting’ fascism). China also uses ‘Ren Ren’ a platform much better than Facebook. In the meantime, Facebook feeds millions of unwanted and unsolicited adverts through the millions of personal accounts and presents this intrusion of privacy as ‘inevitable’. Whilst taking away the rights of free expression, US social media platforms also take away the money of their members! The entire process is designed to be addictive and habitual like drug-taking or smoking! These platforms behave like mini-States that ‘police’ their own populace through ‘banning’ and ‘unbanning’, although ‘ghosting’ is also employed. Ghosting consists of Facebook, Twitter or YouTube putting a ‘block’ on a post the US government (and its allies) do not want broadcast or disseminated throughout society at key times – such as during heightened tensions, open warfare or elections, etc.  

The US Controls the World’s Youth – and Therefore World Opinium!

This is how US-controlled social media platforms ensure the survival and perpetuation of predatory capitalism whilst penetrating right into the centre of your living-room and your mind!  The only permissible posts or either irrelevant to the point of puerile banality, or openly in support of the far-right. For Facebook, this means supporting (without question) the murderous actions of Zionist Israel against the Palestinians, and the ‘normalisation’ of Israeli fascism (disguised by Facebook as fighting ‘anti-Semitism’). Censuring posts that expose Israeli aggression of military illegality also includes the stifling of debate surrounding the 1975 UN Resolution which defined (and condemned) Zionism as a form of ‘White Supremacy’ racism practised primarily by ‘White’, middle-class Jews. White racism against non-White people is a legitimate target of the Marxist-Leninist left. Facebook and its cronies are attempting to force its subscribers to passively ‘accept’ this form of vicious racism which routinely attacks, maims and murders the (non-White) Palestinians! This must surely be a direct definition of ‘pure’ evil! Particularly when viewed from the perspective that many right-minded Jews in the world actively a) oppose Zionism, b) oppose the persecution of the Palestinians and c) question the right of Israel to ‘exist’ from a Jewish theological point of view! A esteemed (elderly) Rabbi once explained that it was the god of the Jews who expelled the Jews from ‘Israel’ (formerly a very small part of the country of Palestine called ‘Judea’), and that ordinary men (Jewish or otherwise), possessed no godly right to interfere in these actions of god and independently ‘re-establish’ an Israeli State outside of the dictates of holy scripture! Zionists, as typical fascists, lie continuously to achieve their objectives – but Facebook now says that any attempt at exposing this ‘lying’ will be ‘banned’ as ‘holocaust denial’! This can be added to the Facebook policy of defining the reporting of Israeli military War Crimes (and Crimes Against Humanity) as being ‘anti-Semitic’! I support various Jewish anti-Zionist movements and do not want to dwell on this issue for too long as many Jewish activists carry-out sterling work in this area. In the case of Rachel Corrie – they even give their lives…  

Russia, China and North Korea – Actively ‘Ban’ the US Controlled Internet!

However, my point is that Western social media platforms are definitely not ‘neutral’ and ruthlessly pursue rightwing political and commercial agendas, applying the most dreadful intrusion, bullying, brain-washing, manipulation and stifling of freedom of thought and freedom of expression! US-controlled social media platforms should be pegged-back and made to acknowledge and follow the sovereign law of the countries they operate within, (just as US businesses should pay their taxes in the foreign countries they operate within). Democracy as a ‘neutral’ political and creative space that could well allow for a Socialist Revolution to develop has been ‘lost’ – and deliberately so! The rightwing US ideologues understand the potential consequences of this (true) democratic freedom and want it stopped at all costs! Re-establishing this ‘neutral’ position of liberal democracy is something could be worked for even within the confines of predatory capitalism, as such a re-establishment would once again create a balance of political view in the West that would stop the racist attitudes toward China, Russia and North Korea, fight and abolish racism within each Western country, and from the ‘clean’ base of progression, abolish Trotskyism, temper the most severe aspects of capitalism and embark upon the building of (Marxist-Leninist) Socialism!  

When this corrective is finally established, then the Russians could re-build the USSR, China could purge Taiwan of its US colony, and North Korea could purge South Korea of its US colony! The current Cambodian Vietnamese governments could then ‘apologise’ to the Khmer Rouge and rehabilitate PolPot – explaining al the lies and finally burying the bones of the victims of US bombing in the area! Tony Blair and George Bush (probably both ‘versions’) should be tried for War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity as should the British historian Anthony Beevor – who ‘lied’ about Soviet Red Army troops ‘raping’ German women whilst ‘liberating’ Berlin in 1945! The Labour Party can apologies for its persecution of the Maoist Workers’ Institute – simply because of a racist grudge. Nick Clegg and David Cameron must also be charged with War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity for the devastating effects of ‘Austerity’, the deaths 130,000 people in the UK and the unjust conviction and imprisonment of Aravindan Balakrishnan in 2016! All in all – lots of work to do!