USSR: Western Cold War Deception and the Lionel ‘Buster’ Crabb Incident! (10.5.2023) 

Between 1947-1956, Lionel Crabb (as an expert ‘Civilian’ Diver) was often contracted by the British government to take part in various clandestine (and hazardous) duties involving ‘spying’ and the ‘recovery’ of sensitive materials and/or individuals, etc. Much of this clandestine activity involved him gathering sensitive data relating to Soviet submarine and shipping design – as the Americans were worried about why it was that the Soviet Red Navy was producing vastly superior ships at a fraction of the cost. This explains why the British MI6 recruited Crabb (in 1956) to explore the bottom of the Soviet Cruiser named ‘Ordzhonikidze’ (Орджоникидзе). At this time, the Head of the USSR – Nikita Khrushchev (and – N. A. Bulganin) was on board the Cruiser – which was making a ‘Good Will’ diplomatic visit to Portsmouth (situated on the South Coast of the UK) – during which time the British government had given its word that there would be ‘no spying’. According to ‘Spycatcher’ author Peter Wright – Crabb was sent to investigate the propeller-system of the Soviet Cruiser despite this ‘Agreement’ – the new design of which the British Naval Intelligence wanted to know. On April 19th, 1956, Crabb dived into Portsmouth Harbour – and was never seen alive again. Crabb’s roommate at the hotel quickly ‘removed’ all his belongings and tore-out the ‘Guest Registration’ page bearing the names of ‘Crabb’ and himself as he left! Ten days later, on 29th April 1956, the British Admiralty announced that Crabb had ‘disappeared’ whilst on ‘Assignment’ at Portsmouth.

Latvia: The 1941 Dalliance with Hitler! (10.5.2023)

Some of these pictures show small numbers of Latvian people in ‘staged’ propaganda photographs which were designed for consumption within (domestic) Nazi German Newspapers! The German people were falsely led to believe that their (fascist) troops were ‘welcomed’ everywhere they went – with the mass-killings not shown at all! The large picture (immediately above) features representatives of the ‘Lithuanian Auxiliary Police’ – who are transporting a group of Latvian Jews (who were opposed to the Nazi German Occupation) for mass execution in Vilnius – an ‘action’ which took place during July, 1941. The top-right picture records the rounding-up of pro-Soviet Jews for mass execution by members of the ‘Latvian Auxiliary Police’ – who were operating in ‘Liepaja’ – also during July, 1941!

Latvia: Red Partisan Memorial Destroyed by Neo-Nazis! (10.5.2023)

This particular Soviet Statue used to stand in the Latvian city of – Balvi – situated in the Latgale (Latgalia) area of Eastern Latvia (a Roman Catholic dominated-enclave controlled by the Vatican). It was part of a substantial Monument construction process carried-out by the post-WWII ‘Socialist’ government loyal to the USSR. The Soviet Red Army had ‘Liberated’ this country at great cost from the Nazi German Occupiers and their Latvian Collaborators! Part of this task of ‘Liberating’ the oppressed Latvian population fell upon the outstanding activities of the ‘Red Partisan’ Detachment – an ad hoc Marxist-Leninist formation that fought all-over Europe and within Asian territories during WWII – although in China this war began much earlier against Imperial Japan – during 1931! All that can be done is to ‘record’ these wonderful Monuments to Freedom – and when this new generation of Neo-Nazis are finally destroyed – those who carried-out these crimes can be bought to justice and these structures can be replaced with bigger and better representations dedicated to Huma Freedom!