Baltimore Police Brutality


A photograph from the Chinese media regarding the ongoing protests in Baltimore, USA.  Freddie Gray – an African-American – was arrested by Batimore police on April 12th of this year.  When he was put into the back of the police van he was a fit and healthy young man – when he was taken out of the van at the police station – the Chinese article reports that his spine had 80% breakage.  He died whilst in a coma some days later.  Police are public servants who are recruited the general public.  They are paid through the taxation of the very people they ‘police’, and yet throughout the Western world it is obvious that they do the bidding of the middle class.  The UK invented the modern police force in the early 1800’s as a means to protect the minority rich from the majority poor.  The modern police represent the attitudes of the middle class they represent – which, of course, includes racist attitudes, that exist within a broad prejudice against the working class.  Police officers who break the law, should face the legal consequences of their destructive actions, and not be continuously absolved of all blame by the State they protect and serve.

The following Chinese language article includes FBI stats regarding the ethnic breakdown of deaths in police custody in the USA – these stats are in English:  As the police have a vendetta against the working class in general, this may explain the results below – but the ever present ogre of racism must never be discounted.


Chinese and Tibetan Children Plant ‘Friendship Trees’

China - Tibet Cooperation

China – Tibet Cooperation

Original Chinese Language Article: By China-Tibet Information Network (

(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

On March the 11th, 2009, Chinese and Tibetan children joined together to plant a number of ‘Friendship Trees’ in the Anju District of Suinang City, which is situated Sichuan province, southwest China. The Chinese students were from the Dong Ch’an Town Central Elementary Primary School, whilst the Tibetan students came from the Wo Long Tibetan Primary School in Wen Chuan County, also situated in Sichuan province. Both groups of students cooperated to plant the tree carefully. After the 5 – 12 earthquake, the teachers and over 200 students of the Wen Chuan County Wo Long Tibetan Primary School, relocated to Suinang City,

©opyright: Adrian Chan-Wyles (ShiDaDao) 2015.

Original Chinese Language Source Article:

《中国西藏新闻网》为人民日报社、西藏日报社共同主办的以新闻报道为主体的门户站。本站支持汉语 ,藏语,和英语版本。(

汉藏小朋友共植“友谊树” 3月11日,四川省遂宁市安居区东禅镇中心小学的学生和来自汶川县卧龙小学的藏族学生一起开展植树活动。“5·12”地震发生后,汶川县卧龙小学200余名藏族师生整体搬迁到遂宁市,藏族小朋友与当地汉族学生结下了深厚友谊。 (图13)

Xu Yun’s Gatha (1959)


Xu Yun’s Gatha (1959)

I urge my Dharma friends to think

Deeply and with care about

The karma of birth and death

As silkworms spin their cocoons.

Endless desires and thoughts

Increase all trouble and suffering.

If you would escape from this,

First practice almsgiving and the threefold study

Of wisdom, meditation, discipline,

Then hold firm the four correct thoughts.

Suddenly you awaken and perceive

Clearly that all is like dew and lightning,

You realise that in the absolute

Myriad things have the same substance,

The created and the uncreated

Are like water and its waves.

Master Xu Yun (1840-1959)

!959 – In his 120th year of age.

(Translated by Charles Luk – Empty Cloud Pages 209-210)

請各法侶 深思熟慮 生死循業 如蠶自縛

貪念不休 煩惱益苦 欲除此患 布施為首

淨參三學 堅持四念 一旦豁然 方知露電

悟證真空 萬法一體 無生有生 是波是水

(虛雲和尚年譜 – 鼓山門下弟子順德岑學呂寬賢編輯 – 民國四十八年己亥師一百二十歲)

Courage (勇气 – Yong3 Qi4)


The characters for ‘courage’ within the written Chinese language are ‘勇气 – Yong3 Qi4’. The left-hand character ‘勇’ (yong3) is comprised of the signific particle ‘力’ (li4) meaning ‘strength’, superimposed over the phonetic particle ‘甬’ (dong4), which means ‘bell’. As a bell ‘measures’ time, the ideogram ‘勇’ (yong3) refers to a ‘measured strength’, and carries the associated meanings of brave, courageous, bold, valiant, intrepid, fearless, a soldier, a conscript, bravery and courage. The right-hand character is ‘气’ (qi4) which denotes inner and outer strength. This ideogram in its older version (氣) depicts rice cooking in a cauldron of boiling water. The steam from the pot builds pressure and the cauldron lid is lifted and dropped as a consequence. When someone has ‘courage’, their ‘measured strength’ is full of ‘inner power’ that is virtuous, correct, and upright.

Boycott Stagecoach Buses Torbay – for Their UKIP Support

Stagecoach Supports Racist UKIP

Stagecoach Supports Racist UKI

Stagecoach run a network of buses and trains across the UK. Their headquarters is in Oxford, but Stagecoach also runs lucrative transport contracts in and around the London area. Millions of people travel on Stagecoach transport every year and yet the Stagecoach management have recently agreed to accept advertisement from the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP), despite the fact that as a distinct political party it has been judged to have followed a clearly ‘racist’ political line, and pursued an anti-Disabled agenda in its rhetoric. In the Torbay area, for instance, a notoriously rightwing borough on the Devon’s south coast, Stagecoach buses are openly displaying UKIP advertisements throughout the area, clear for all to see. This decision obviously demonstrates that the management of Stagecoach endorses UKIP – a racist political party – despite official denials toward the opposite. In Torbay, a certain section of the population comprising of hoteliers, prominent landowners, and other bigoted members of the local population, (aided and abetted by an apathetic police force), actively espouse xenophobic rhetoric, and with the notoriously rightwing local newspaper, the Herald Express (which has in the past openly supported the racist British National Party [BNP]), the message to people with Disabilities, or to those possessing differing ethnicities – is that you are not welcome! It must be born in-mind that the political rightwing has always pursued dishonesty as a legitimate political weapon. They actively propagate racism whilst denying that is exactly what they are doing. Innocent people fall victim to this vicious policy of discrimination, whilst laughably being told that they are to blame for their plight. I suspect that in multicultural London, Stagecoach would not dare to advertise a racist political party on their buses, as this would obviously adversely affect their profits. I wrote to Stagecoach’s head office about their policy of UKIP support, and this is the emailed answer I received (on the 16.4.15) which is replete with contradictions and attempts at distancing Stagecoach from its own chosen policy:

‘Many thanks for your email and I am sorry to hear of your concerns over this matter. Stagecoach is a politically neutral organisation. We do not endorse or support any political party. During the run-up to an election all political parties are able to enquire about advertising on our buses and we take the same approach with them all.

We carry advertising campaigns placed by a range of organisations. However, acceptance of an advert is not an endorsement by Stagecoach of the products, services or campaign messages involved in the advert. Advertising on our buses is managed by an external agency which is bound by the British Code of Advertising Practice. Adverts must comply with the Advertising Standards Authority guidelines. We appreciate that our customers and local people have differing views on a range of issues, however we understand that the advert in this particular case complies with the necessary guidelines.

I hope this clarifies our position on this. Thank you once again for your correspondence.

Kind regards,


Helen Scholes

Marketing Manager

Stagecoach South West

Belgrave Road, Exeter, EX1 2LB

T: 01392 889 721

M: 07500 447 608

F: 01392 889 727’

This is of course a well-rehearsed public relations exercise designed to limit any potential and wide-spread economic damage Stagecoach’s policy of support of the racist UKIP, as well as divert any threat to the apparent prestige of the company. This is my reply (16.4.15):

‘Thank you for your reply.

Obviously Stagecoach has discretion in this matter and does not have to accept advertisements (even those inaccordance with current UK advertising law) from a racist UK political party. As I am sure you appreciate, with this being the case, there is no reason why the victims of UKIP’s racialised political rhetoric should continue to spend their money on any Stagecoach Services in the UK. Whilst on holiday in Torquay, I have witnessed Stagecoach buses advertising UKIP (but no other political party), and when I return to my home in South London shortly, I will pursue this matter further.

Thank you for your time in this matter.

Dr Adrian Wyles’

There is a disease running through the heart of the UK, and that disease is racism. It permeates unseen into the very essence of British culture and it must be weeded-out of any modern , civilised society. Public service providers, such as Stagecoach, have a duty not to endanger the personal safety of all people who ride on their transport, and not only those the UKIP ideologues declare to be racially pure, or free of disabilities. In these matters it is best to hit Stagecoach where it hurts the most, and that is in their pocket. The answer is simple – BOYCOTT Stagecoach until they withdraw their support for the racist UKIP. Only then can it be safe to ride on the public transport they provide.

Boycott the Livermead Cliff Hotel – Torquay

Livermead Cliff Hotel - Torquay Road - Torquay

Livermead Cliff Hotel – Torbay Road – Torquay

The Management of the Livermead Cliff Hotel – Torquay Road – Devon (and associated hotels in the area), advertises and supports the far-right political cause of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP), the policies of which are premised upon racism and discrimination. The Livermead Cliff Hotel (and the others like it in the Torbay area) should be boycotted by all right-minded individuals who support common decency, and tourists of African-Caribbean, Asian, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean descent, amounts many others.  It is ironic that the sign advertising the next meeting of UKIP Devon is next to the Disabled access ramp of the Livermead Cliff Hotel.  UKIP – continuing its Nazi heritage – detests people with disabilities and would have them removed from public view and left penniless and destitute.  This is why disabled people should boycott the Livermead Cliff Hotel.

Matthew Collins – in his book entitled ‘Hate’ – describes Torquay as being a bedrock of far-rightwing political bias, racism, and discrimination. Indeed, he was made welcome in the early 1990’s in a number of boarding houses and eateries throughout the area, because of his then membership of the British National Party (BNP). Many business, hoteliers, and local people viewed him as something of a national celebrity because of the rightwing views they shared with him. Since then of course, Matthews Collins has become a leftwing activist campaigning against racism and discrimination, and exposing for political far-right for what it is – staffed ostensibly by drunkards and drug addicts, as well as those suffering from various types of emotional and psychological damage.

As the 2015 General Election looms in the UK, the rightwing Torbay Council – supported by the local apathetic Devon and Cornwall Police – is gearing-up for its usual support of the Conservative Party and its far-rightwing political supporters. Public funds gathered from local tax-payers are being used to fund politically bias advertising campaigns that demonise the Labour Party, ignore the Liberal Democrats, and openingly supported the racism of the British National Party (BNP) in the past, and which today supports the racism and hatred of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP). The irony here is that under five years of Tory Administration, businesses in the Torbay area are falling apart, as one after another closes its doors for a final time.

Crossways – Paignton

Crossways – Paignton

Hotel, motels, and boarding houses in the area rely for their business upon people staying at their holiday establishments all year around, with a particular emphasis on the summer months. People from all over the world come to Torquay and spend their hard earned money on accommodation and various other leisure activities. This includes people with Disabilities, or of African-Caribbean, Asian, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean descent, amongst many others, and yet there exists in the area a streak of pronounced prejudice racism that damages the very business that is reliant upon a multicultural clientele, and a clientele with Disabilities. This is why local business people and individuals living in the Torbay area – and who hold far-right political views – should pay the economic cost for these views, and nolonger benefit from the revenue that a clientele with Disabilities, or a multicultural clientele regularly generates. The Livermead Cliff Hotel is linked through its management with other hotels in the Torbay area. This management openly supports the discriminative and racist United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) and as can be seen from the above recent photograph, grants it a safe place to hold its local meetings so that it can continue to spread its vile poison. The answer is simple – BOYCOTT THE LIVERMEAD CLIFF HOTEL! Do not book rooms there, and do not eat in its dining rooms. If the management of the Livermead Cliff Hotel wants to give refuge and support to the racist UKIP – or any other far-right group – let them pay the economic cost for this support. DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY – but instead stay at a reputable establishment that has no far-right political links.


2003: China Government Officials Visit the Most Venerable Yi Cheng


Original Chinese Language Article: By Hui Hai Buddhist Resource Library (Xin Hua Net)

(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

Translator’s Note: This even took place in 2003, but this article was not posted until 2009. Master Yi Cheng was a disciple of Master Xu Yun (1840-1959), and is considered a very eminent Ch’an Buddhist monk in his own right. Such is the respect within which he is held by the Communist government of China that he remains sitting whilst government officials stand in his presence. My English translation of his biography can be read at: ACW 13.4.15

On March 14, 2003, Vice-President Zeng Qing Hong and Vice Committee Chief Xu Jia Fu – as representatives of the Tenth Session of the National Political Consultative Conference (NPCC), visited the President of the China Buddhism Association – the most Venerable Yi Cheng.

©opyright: Adrian Chan-Wyles (ShiDaDao) 2015.

Original Chinese language Source Text:


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Protecting Life Painting Collection: Equality


Original Chinese Language Text: By

(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

Translator’s Note: The following is a poem about ‘equality’ written by the Song Dynasty poet – Huang Ting Jian – which has been set to a picture of a human being looking at a dog – and a dog looking at a human being. Although the human seems ‘higher’ than the dog, in fact both are ‘sat’ down in a submissive manner, implying a certain ‘equality’ to proceedings. Furthermore, for reasons not explained in the original Chinese language article, there is a quote attributed to ‘Turgeniev’ in English, which I assume is actually the Russian novelist Ivan Turgenev (1818-1883). At first glance this seems an odd association, as Turgenev was a renowned hunter of animals. ACW 12.4.15

I am flesh, all life is flesh, as a body that is named, does not make it special. In origination, there is only one unifying nature, and this manifests in different (living) forms.

Song Dynast Poet: Huang Ting Jian (黄庭坚) [1045-1105]

©opyright: Adrian Chan-Wyles (ShiDaDao) 2015.

Original Chinese Language Source Text:




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