Safe-Guarding China’s Revolution – WeChat Group Interaction (27.1.2020)

There is the need for protecting the Revolution – as in maintaining State Security and cohesion – and there is also the requirement to ‘educate’ and spread ‘reliable’ data. This is a dialectical reality relevant to the conditions of the present epoch. It can be carefully managed. This reality is the consequence of the 1949 Socialist Revolution and the seizing of the means of production by the Chinese workers and peasants, led by the Communist Party of China. This is the ‘Dictatorship of the Proletariat’ and has no corresponding reality in the areas of the world where predatory capitalism (and its liberal democracy) is still dominant. In the West there is the cultivated ‘Cult of Individualism’ which advocates personal choice whilst every action (and reaction) is carefully stage-managed by the so-called ‘elected’ governments which represent nothing less than the various trends of bourgeois domination in that type of society. Capitalists think they are ‘free’ because they have been conditioned by their society to ‘think’ that way, regardless of the deluge of evidence which suggests otherwise. Although Socialism is effectively the ‘key’ to this cell-door, freedom from this imprisonment is treated as the ‘imprisonment’, and the ‘imprisonment’ defined as the only ‘freedom’ worth having. This is a prime example of the ‘false consciousness’ and ‘inverted mind-set of the bourgeoisie’ as defined by Karl Marx.  

The Communist Party of China represents the collective strength of the Chinese workers and peasants. The ‘Dictatorship of the Proletariat’ is in reality the ruling of China by everyone who lives in it, (I.e. all the workers and peasants), so that all class distinctions naturally fall-away as a product of Socialistic reform and the disempowerment of the bourgeoisie. Power is taken away from the minority that represent the bourgeoisie and is assumed by the majority of people (I.e. the workers and peasants who form an unbreakable alliance). All imperialist elements are firmly uprooted, disempowered, rejected and expelled never to rise again. The post-Revolutionary engagement of the world is now defined entirely through the auspices of the Socialist Revolution with the power remining firmly in the hands of the workers and peasants, as guided by the Communist Party. Everyone must work together and move in the same Revolutionary direction. Bourgeois individualism at this point amounts to ‘Counter-Revolutionary’ activity, and the possibility of the re-emergence of predatory capitalism. This is why State Security and the Protection of the Revolution go hand-in-hand in Mainland China.

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