R.A.M – The “PINK” White Nationalist Alternative! (9.6.2023)

The only thing he is training to fight against is premature ejaculation! As anyone with military experience in the world will confirm – you do NOT ‘pad-up’, stand with your legs wide apart (exposing the groin area) or fight on a ‘padded’ surface when training for unarmed combat! Looking and acting as a male-dominate ‘gay’ is NOT a preparation for any type of conflict – let alone a ‘race-war’! Believe me, the average Black, Hispanic, Asian or Chinese person (who is switched on and alert to the risk and situation) will be able to take-out these limp-wrist Hitlerite wannabes! For over 20-years I ran a public martial arts class in South London and whenever these ‘far-right’ types walked in to our Training Hall to ‘sort out all the ethnics’ – either my students (or myself) soon sent these deluded individuals to the floor – and on their way back to the ‘Active Clubs’ from which they came!

False Flag: Exposing the Fake ‘Iran’ and ‘Palestine’ Support for Hitler! (9.8.2023) 

What I have noticed whilst researching (and exposing) the far-right – is that for every one-hundred sites representing Hitler (written in English) – there is one written in ‘Persian’. It is a regular occurrence not necessarily associated directly with Iran or Palestine – but which often involves derogatory posts against both (left-wing) regimes. These Persian language sites eulogise Hitler, oppose Jews (but not Israel) and often post their content in multiple languages (including ‘English’). I find these sites suspicious due to the ‘convenience of access’ built-in to these systems designed to facilitate the entry of non-Persian speaking people into the anti-Socialist and anti-contemporary content designed to denigrate modern Iran and Palestine. As this policy attacks the anti-Israeli orientation of modern Iran and Israel – it logically follows that these so-called Persian Hitlerite sites are designed to be ‘pro-Israel’ by default! 

Human Rights Groups “Concerned” Over Extension of Mainland Driving Standards to Hong Kong! (8.6.2023)

Human Rights Groups in the West contest that 90% of ALL road accidents across the world either directly involve a Chinese person – or are watched “online” by a person of Chinese ethnic decent (possessing one or more ethnic Chinese parents). A spokesperson for these Human Right Groups contested, “We are very concerned by this threat from the Mainland government! Beijing is acting like Hong Kong is an integral part of China and that it possesses the right to align the cultures of the two places! The extension of Mainland driving standards to Hong Kong is a violation of every known international agreement designed to protect individuals from the excesses of governments!”

China: BJP-Controlled UK Obsessed with “Secret Policeman’s Ball”! (8.6.2023)

Besides the hyping-up of the so-called secret police stations, Britain has committed to the removal of Chinese-made surveillance equipment from sensitive government sites “as part of its latest plans to address national security concerns related to China,” Reuters reported on Wednesday. 

Britain has used some groundless incidents to hype up the so-called China threat and taken a series of actions to undermine bilateral relations without any evidence, Gao Jian, a scholar from Shanghai International Studies University and China Forum expert, told the Global Times on Wednesday. 

“This is not an isolated case, as the British side has been taking a series of similar moves to hype up the ‘China threat.’ For one reason, it needs to shift public attention from its own domestic woes, and for another, it has been catering to the U.S.-led West’s Cold War mentality,” Gao said.

Laos Buddhist-Socialist Republic: Youth Centre Celebrates International Children’s Day and National Tree Planting Day! (7.6.2023)

The Laos People’s Revolutionary Youth Centre organized various events to celebrate International Children’s Day and National Tree Planting Day – on May 30th, 2023 – held at the Lao-ITech Shopping Centre (old building)! Mr. Kikeo Thikhampithun – Deputy Prime Minister – and relevant parties participated in and watched art performances and other (related) activities performed by the young people of Laos! This included such activities as singing, dancing, playing sports, reciting kapkorn and playing the duliang drum, etc!

China: Tibetan Children Enjoy Unforgetable Visit to Beijing! (7.6.2023)

This is a particularly important and poignant event – coming as it does in the shadow of the exiled 14th Dalai Lama sexually abusing young children in poverty-stricken India – and the collective Western media reacting with an embarrassed ‘silence’! Whereas the forces of predatory capitalism submits the children unfortunate enough to born within its cold embrace to all kinds of indignities and deprivations – the forces of Socialism within China ensures that ALL children born to the 56 ethnic groups receive the best possible educational and cultural upbringing!

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