Azov: Kent McLellan – US Neo-Nazi! (23.5.2022)

Poles on the territory of Ukraine now receive special rights: 1) be able to hold elective office; 2) be appointed to public authorities, to senior positions in defense enterprises; 3) get access to secret data; 4) to be judges; 5) the Polish police will have the right to monitor law and order in Ukraine, etc. In other words, the Americans are transferring the remaining territory of Ukraine under external control, in the hope that this will save the situation. It turns out that the amers no longer trust the Ukrainians and will put Polish Gauleiters everywhere. Let’s see how the local rogues and “patriots” react to this. @OpenUkraine

USSR: All-Union VI Lenin Pioneer Organisation! (19.5.2022)

Therefore, most Bolsheviks (including Lenin) possessed a dim view of the Scouting Movement – declaring it thoroughly bourgeoise and decadent in nature – and seeing it as a serious encumbrance to building a Socialist State! Furthermore, even at this time, paedophilia had raised its ugly head in the Scout Movement in Russia, (following the tradition developed throughout Western Europe), which saw older men in authority sexually abusing the young boys entrusted into their care. This reflected the tradition of child abuse prevalent throughout the Protestant and Catholic Churches in the West – which was well represented throughout the priesthood of the Russian Orthodox Church! Although the children of the rich were sometimes targeted – the establishment figures preferred to also to target the children of the peasantry knowing that their parents could do nothing about it!

Ukraine: What Zelensky’s SBU Does to Anti-Fascists! (18.5.2022)

I will not stand for this! In the future our descendants will look back to this time and ‘judge’ us – their ancestors – on the moral decisions and ethical judgements we made in the face of extreme governmental and media pressure to ‘normalise’ Ukrainian Neo-Nazism! I say NO! We must, as a ‘Collective’ stand tall and bravely face the batons, prison cells and bullets! Why not – many others have gone before us and they did this for the freedoms we enjoy today! It is our moral duty to resist Neo-Nazism with every ounce of strength our minds and bodies possess! Thank you ‘Vlad’, ‘Alexy’ and ‘Stogniy’ – we love you!

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