About an hour after a group of self-important Tories visited our street in Sutton (Southwest London), espousing their neo-liberal nonsense, a very much welcomed ‘Vote Labour’ leaflet fell through our letterbox! The Tories are privatising the NHS and dismantling the British Welfare System – only Jeremy Corbyn has promised to prevent this and returns things to a much better state. In the Sutton Council Election on the 3rd of May – Labour can win seats and Labour can take control of the Council! Ordinary, working class people must register to vote, and then vote for the Labour Party Council candidates. Remember – the Tory and LibDems Government of 2010-2015 was found Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity by the United Nations (UN), because ‘Austerity’ killed around 10,000 people with disabilities through welfare and health-cuts.



All European Countries Should Leave the EU!


Why do some leftists think the EU is progressive and in the best interests of the workers? This is because of the Trotskyite left which dominates Labour. This inverted view holds that masses of disempowered workers being shunted from one economic zone to another (dependent upon the whim of the middle classes) equates to ‘internationalism’ and ‘multiculturalism’, when in fact it is the worst form of worker oppression. The dominant middle classes do not move en mass around Europe because they own the means of production, it is only the ‘de-Unionised’ workers that are forced to leave their homes and families in search of poorly paid work, long hours and no security. This is why the EU is nothing but a capitalist charter that advocates the abolishment of any and all national Welfare States and National Health Services. A worker can only be forced to migrate for work if there is no local unemployment benefit or Socialised healthcare available. Migratory workers arrive at their destination not as friends, students or inquisitive travellers, but rather as aggressive competitors conditioned to fight for every paid job and scrap of food. This destroys local economies, drives down wages, and reduces once habitable areas into barracks or dominators for migrant workers. This invariably effects working class areas which lose their distinctiveness, sense of community and economic stability, but does not affect the gated communities of the middle class who are protected from the effects of the system that they have established to enrich themselves further. What the working class must understand is that the enemy is the EU and not fellow workers from other countries (despite local pressures and conflicts). This situation has come about because the EU has destroyed strong Unions and pro-Union laws throughout Europe, and is attempting to turn Europe into the US. Racism is not the answer, but rather correct dialectical analysis and the exercising of good political judgement. Workers need to build their Unions domestically, and secure a future for their families wherever they happen to have been born. Ripping families apart is a terrible consequence of EU policy, and part of the desperate plight the workers are being placed within. The good news is that more and more international workers are becoming aware of what the EU is doing and are starting to oppose it. The only reason the anti-EU stance has become associated with racism is because that is exactly what the EU wants everyone to think. When the BBC (and media in general) use the fascistic UKIP as the only opposition to EU membership – excluding the Communist and Socialist left from the debate – the stage is set to brain-wash the workers into thinking that their comprehensive exploitation is the best path available to them, and to question the validity of the EU is tantamount to embracing neo-Nazism! The irony is that the EU historically grew-out of the US post-WWII meddling in European affairs, and the anti-Soviet, anti-Communist nature of that meddling. The EU is aggressively anti-working class and exercises the greatest racial exclusion of any political entity since the 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act in the US. This is because the EU is an exclusive rich White man’s club that does not want to see migrants from India, Africa, or China entering the EU Zone to compete for jobs. Those people who mistakenly believe that the EU is multicultural because it allows lots of different ‘White’ people to ‘mix’ should think again. The EU has a level of racism within its legislation the likes of which has not been seen since the times of Nazi Germany! Finally, in the Ukraine the EU is actively supporting the neo-Nazi ‘Maidan’ regime and seeks to spread EU domination into Russia.

Wing Yip (Purley Way): Tai Tung Restaurant Nepotism and Discrimination (16.2.2018)


Wing Yip Supermarket

As an Anglo-Chinese family living in Sutton – Southwest London – we used to frequent the Tai Tung Restaurant nearly every weekend when the older relatives were alive, but this activity lessened around 2008, when the prices were doubled overnight, and the portions halved. It made much better economic sense to catch the Tube to Leicester Square (a journey free of the traffic congestion in and around the Croydon area), and eat in a cheap and well run Yun Cha (Dim Sum) restaurant in Gerrard Street (i.e. London’s Chinatown. We had not visited the Wing Yip Supermarket in Purley Way for around ten years, but today, my partner Gee and myself, decided to take our two young daughters to experience the local Chinese community. Bear in mind that for over a decade we have been socializing with Mainland Chinese people from Communist China, and had gotten used to their modern and civilised attitudes. Thinking back, we used to eat in the Tai Tung Restaurant (situated within the Wing Yip complex in Purley Way) in large groups of extended family members. We even took my mother – Diane Wyles – there when she was visiting from Devon around 2001, but I do remember certain issues. Once, whilst waiting for a table to take our Chinese grandmother for a meal, it took over two hours to be seated. Another time, we were seated in the restaurant and were not approached by a waitress for over 45 minutes – and then it was to be asked whether we wanted our bill!

The Wing Yip family are very successful members of the British Chinese community, and they cannot be faulted for their hard-work and dedication. They are British citizens and unlike many corporations in the UK – Wing Yip actually pays its fair share of tax. They also originate from a Hong Kong that was a British imperialist colony. Up until 1997, this part of China had been more or less immune from the Socialist transformation that occurred on the Mainland from 1949 onwards. These Chinese people were subjected to a brutal British colonial administration that made it clear that Whites were superior to Chinese, but that Chinese were better than Asians or Africans, etc. For many from the older generations in Hong Kong, it was taught that the only way to survive was by conforming to, and accepting this British imperialist attitude of racial discrimination. What this has meant for pockets of Chinese people from the old Hong Kong, is that these outdated attitudes are applied in an inverse manner in the UK. The manager of the Tai Tung Restaurant practises these discriminative attitudes when allotting tables to queuing members of the public, during times of high density eating. Our experience today serves to confirm what others have told me in the past, but which I was not paying attention to prior 2008.

This is how British colonial attitudes are applied at the Tai Tung Restaurant:

  1. Chinese people who are known are privileged over Chinese people who are not known.
  2. Chinese people who are not known are privileged over non-Chinese people who are known or not known.
  3. Mixed ethnicity couples involving an ethnic Chinese partner are treated as ‘non-Chinese’ and pushed to the back of the queue.

Furthermore, Wing Yip has provided in the past small bursaries for British born Chinese people, but on the application form, the applicant must provide proof that they are ‘ethnic Chinese’, and that neither of their parents are of ‘non-Chinese’ origin. As far as I am aware, this is ‘illegal’ in the UK under racial discrimination laws. When we arrived at Wing Yip today (to celebrate Chinese New Year), we received number ’55’ and joined to queue of around ten people who were waiting. Soon about another 20 odd people arrived and numbers were being given-out into the 70’s. however, after waiting 30 minutes, we noticed that the group of people around us (all mixed ethnicity families involving an ethnic Chinese partner and a Black, Asian or White partner and children) were being ignored, and instead people who had just arrived holding numbers like ’68’, ’71’ and ’75’, etc, were being called in front of use because a) they were ethnic Chinese, and b) know the owner! Our group started to complain about what was happening in front of our eyes, only to be told the ‘right kind of table’ is not ready. Most of the mixed ethnicity groups involved families of four members – and yet groups of four were being allowed in who had only just arrived!  This is a sickening display on two counts. 1) ethnic Chinese people should know better than to racially discriminate in the UK, and 2) what we are seeing here is British colonial rule being applied to Hong Kong businesses in the UK. I would suggest boycotting Wing Yip and spending your money elsewhere. Gerrard Street has many wonderful eateries that have well-mannered staff and reasonably priced food, but having said this, there are now many very good Mainland Chinese restaurants all over the UK. The Tai Tung Restaurant in Wing Yip (Purely Way) brings shame down upon the Chinese people, and insults all those people of other ethnicities who would otherwise like to interact with ethnic Chinese people.


Lenin and the Fox


Buddhist-Marxism Alliance (UK)

The Buddhist-Marxism Alliance (UK), being an expression of the leftwing intellectualism that permeates Oxford, pursues a Marxist-Leninist and anti-Trotskyite political agenda. As a supporter of Communist China, Maoism is viewed as an application of Marxist-Engelsism and Marxist-Leninism to the unique cultural and historical conditions of China. As for the Buddhist input, Buddhist philosophy is viewed as secular and non-religious, and useful for the ordinary people of the world to discipline their minds and develop a progressive attitude and functionality in the world. There is a definite support for vegetarianism and veganism, and the supporting of the development of a Socialist society that nolonger eats meat or participates in the mass slaughter and abuse of animals (a direct influence from within traditional Chinese Buddhism). Although Friedrich Engels, as a member of the middle class, did participate in fox-hunting, Karl Marx had quite another attitude toward animals:


Lenin used to hunt (particularly during his exile in Siberia), but never for sport and always for food. However, within her book the ‘Reminiscences of Lenin’ – Nadezhda Krupskaya (Lenin’s partner) states that during his later life in Moscow, Lenin was out hunting oneday, when a fox ran-out and looked at him – Lenin did not fire. From that moment on, Lenin never went hunting again with the same zeal. When asked why he never shot the fox – Lenin said he realised at that moment just how beautiful the fox was. The actual quote reads:

‘The beaters drove the fox straight towards him, bu he seized his gun when it was too late. the fox stopped and looked at him, then slipped away into the woods. “Why didn’t you shoot?” I asked him. “The fox was so beautiful,” he said.’

‘Reminiscences of Lenin’ – Nadezhda Krupskaya – Kindle Edition (Loc 514) Originally Published in 1933

The Freedom of Communist Democracy Versus the Elected Dictatorships of the West


From the smallest villages to the biggest cities, people living in Cuba, Vietnam, Laos, North Korea and China, and a far greater democratic choice than people living in capitalist ‘liberal’ democracies. Whereas governments within capitalist ‘liberal’ democracies are effectively ‘elected dictatorships’ run exclusively for the aggrandisement of the middle classes, within Socialist countries building toward a Communist society, people possess a far greater voting power. If a local delegate fails to represent the people who elected him or her to a particular committee, an ’emergency’ election is held and the deligate in question is removed from their post. furthermore, elected politicians that propose to pursue policies against the interest of the people who elected him or her, can be arrested and charged for ‘crimes against the people’. Within the capitalist West, however, once a political party is elected into power, it may hold that position for 4 or 5 years and do whatever the leader decides regardless of the views of the masses. This is an elected dictatorship that supports and protects the inherent inequalities existent within the capitalist system. The masses existing within such an exploitative system are brain-washed to think that they are ‘free’ simply because they can vote in an election every 4 or 5 years. In the meantime, they are subject to all  the destructive policies of these warmongering and greedy national governments that only represent the middle classes. Within Communist China, despite the continuous anti-China racism and disinformation extant in the West, the Chinese people vote often and far more effectively than people in the capitalist West. This was exactly the case in the former Soviet Union and the Communist Bloc countries of Eastern Europe. Today, Russian people are disempowered and subject to the oppressive forces of liberal democracy and the corrupt capitalist system it supports.

CCCP: History and Meaning of the Red Flag


The national flag of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics  – the official symbol of the USSR (along with the State Emblem and the State Anthem) was “a symbol of the state sovereignty of the USSR and the inviolable alliance of workers and peasants in the struggle to build a Communist Society”. The red colour of the flag is a symbol of the heroic struggle (and blood) of the Soviet people as led by the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU) in the project of building Socialism and Communism. The hammer and sickle refers to an unshakable alliance between the working class and the collective farm peasantry. The red five-pointed star on the flag of the USSR is the symbol of the ultimate triumph of the ideas of Communism throughout the five continents of the globe. The fore-runners to this flag of are as follows:

Prior to 1918


Flag of RSFSR 1918-1937


Flag of RSFSR 1918-1937 (Variant)


Flag of the USSR – 1923

The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) was oficially founded in December, 1922 – as the Russian Civil War came to an end – and the Soviet State consolidated its power experimented with a number of designs . Prior to, and after this date, the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (RSFSR) experimented with a number of designs for a Soviet State Flag. In 1924 the idea of a definitive flag was formulated – with the finished design revealed in 1936 and co-opted into service in 1937. The flag itself embodies the advanced spirit of Socialism and Communism, and was often carried into battle at the head of Red Army formations during the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945). Today, it is still flown by the modern Russian Military as a ‘battle banner’ signifying victory during WWII. It is an honour to carry the Red Flag which must be protected at all times, and kept out of the hands of fascists. In 1980, the USSR developed a variant of the 1937 flag – with one side being fully red (with no star or hammer and sickle), whilst the other side was red and retained the star and hammer and sickle. This version existed beside any and all variants and was not a replacement.


How Facebook Supports Fascism


I recently write a post exposing the brutal and predatory capitalism that underlies Facebook as a business and manipulator of politics and culture. I made the point that FB steals your data without your knowledge or consent, and sells it to faceless third parties – also without your knowledge and consent. This knowledge is used to further exploit you and keep you in your place. In the meantime, FB makes millions out of you – and you never see a penny. I suggested that the way to use this system is to make your data so leftwing and radical that when FB disseminates it without your permission, they are unwittingly spreading a counter ideology to their fascistic logarithms. I hit the ‘post’ button – and nothing happened. I hit the post button again and I got a message I had never received before, it stated – ‘There is an error in connectivity – this post cannot be unloaded without losing data.’ I left it at the time and went on to something else. However, over the last few days a number of rightwing trolls have crossed my path and I have noticed how FB protects them. A fascist makes a racist, homophobic, violent or otherwise outrageous and disruptive post and FB allows the post to stand without any interference. However, when a counter-comment is made – including external links – exposing the fascism as ‘incorrect’ – FB flags the counter-comment as ‘spam’ and immediately deletes it. This leaves the original fascist comment ‘uncontested’ giving the false impression that there is a general consensus that it is correct.

Julia Varley (1871-1952) – Trades Unionist


JULIA VARLEY – Trade union organiser and fighter for women’s rights

During WWI, the men of the UK were mass-conscripted into the military, and women took their place. Women – who had only been servants or menial factory workers, suddenly found themselves as fire-fighters and police officers,or working in the industries of munitions manufacturing, bomb-making and chemical processing, Women assembled cars, and produced weaponry in their tens of thousands. This proved that they were just as capable as men. Julia Varley fought against male prejudice and founded the first ‘Union’ specifically for women – as during WWI Union Membership by women had grown by 160% – although their interests were not always pursued by these male-dominated entities. However, despite all her hard-work in this area – her Women’s Only Union ultimately failed because many working class people at the time were brain-washed into accepting bourgeois notions of discrimination, and exercised a type of snobbery aimed against other working class people. Cooks, for instance, who were always women, were not prepared to exercise an attitude of ‘equality’ toward other workers who were perceived as occupying an ‘inferior’ status. This is because a good servant was very much judged upon how well they unquestionably accepted the discriminatory and oppressive viewpoints of their masters, and made such viewpoints their own. Of course, this is importing into the working class mind, ideas and notions that run counter to the best interests of the working class – an exercise in what Marx and Lenin termed a ‘false consciousness’. A similar attitude existed in ‘White’ Unions where Black or Asian workers were not welcome – with no sense of irony! Although Unions are an essential vehicle for negotiated group rights, (capital and labour cannot co-exist in harmony), it also demonstrates the various limitations of such entities.

A Message to leftists That Propagate ‘Fascism’


Here’s the deal. I oppose fascism on every front – including Zionist racism AND anti-Semitism. Please do not ‘attempt to ‘Freind’ or ‘Follow’ this psge if you hold rightwing opinions. I will find out and you will be permanently ‘Banned’. Fascism and Trotskyism are not welcome here. There are certain sites out there where opposers of Israel use fascist racism rather than dialectical reason. Judaism is not the issue – racist (secular) Zonism is. These sites attract White Suprenacist criminals – which insults my Jewish friends who oppose Israel. I reject these sites and the racism they perpetuate. I also reject any Communist or Socialist site which uses anti-China or anti-North Korean racism as a false front to perpetuate fascism. Much of this racism is eminating from BJP controlled India. I reject this form of fascism. The same rejection is in operation for all forms of homophobia and transgenderphobia (from whatever source). Such people are class enemies and no different from Nazi Germans. You have my eternal scorn and undying resistance. You are Scum and an affront to the working class!

The Anti-Socialist Crimes of ‘Sir’ Winston Churchill – the Short Course


In response to the general lack of public education regarding this matter, and seven years in to a devastating rightwing Tory rule of the UK, I felt that a quick access guide to many of the ‘crimes’ of Winston Churchill be gathered in one place for research purposes. As the Tories continue to privatize the NHS and dismantle the Welfare State, and after being found ‘Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity’ by the UN in 2016, their resorting to invoking the spectre of Winston Churchill has seen at least three big budget movies made since 2010, all purporting to represent various aspects of his life, but all perpetuating myth after myth, and none covering any of the historical ‘crimes’ or ‘morally reprehensible’ acts that this man has been directly or indirectly involved in. The central myth to be demolished is that Winston Churchill was not a great leader either during wartime or peace, and that his racist and anti-Socialist opinions were responsible for inflicting suffering and death upon millions of people in the UK and abroad. Furthermore, as a natural holder of fascistic opinions, Winston Churchill is on record as an admirer and supporter of Adolf Hitler – a fact that does not sit well with those who perpetuate his myth as ‘anti-fascist warrior’. Winston Churchill was hated by the British working class, and was often driven from bombed-out parts of London which he had visited to film short propaganda films about ‘how we can take it!’ Of course, although the British working class died in their tens of thousands during the ‘Blitz’ (1940-1941), Churchill lived unconcerned in a luxury bomb shelter under Whitehall, smoking Cuban cigars and eating caviar whilst the ordinary British people starved.

On the other hand, there is no doubt that amongst a certain type of ‘White’ person enthused with bourgeois attitudes and opinions, Winston Churchill is nothing but an unquestioned ‘hero’ and champion of ‘Human Rights’, and virtually no evidence to the contrary will sway this interpretation. This is because the middle-class image of Churchill is ‘religious’ in nature, and constitutes a type of hagiography premised entirely upon ‘faith’, and not at all upon ‘fact’. If an interpretation of Churchill’s life was fact-based, he would be generally perceived in a very different light. Although the ‘unelected’ leader of Britain during WWII, he did none of the fighting and did not experience any of the suffering. As a consequence, Churchillian apologists (which has included many members of the British Labour Party), have attempted over the years to ascribe all kinds of fanciful notions to Winston Churchill, whilst ignoring his bigotry and racism. Boris Johnson, for instance, laughably tries to convince his readership that Churchill founded the Welfare State in the UK – however, the actual facts reveal that whenever British workers went on strike, or came together to protest – Churchill immediately deployed the British Army as a means to prevent a ‘Socialist’ Revolution! The British working class should work to expose Churchill’s anti-Socialist attitudes and support all non-White people in their condemnation of his racist attitudes.

A Chronology of Churchill’s Racist, Xenophobic and Anti-Socialist Attitudes

Churchill Speaks About the ‘Evils’ of Socialism in the UK and North Korea (1950)

1899: In his book entitled ‘The River War’, Winston Churchill discusses Islam in the following terms – ‘How dreadful are the curses which Mohammedanism lays on its votaries! Besides the fanatical frenzy, which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia [rabies] in a dog, there is this fearful fatalistic apathy. Improvident habits, slovenly systems of agriculture, sluggish methods of commerce and insecurity of property exist wherever the followers of the Prophet rule or live.’

1900: Winston Churchill enters Parliament as a Conservative, but jumps ship and temporarily joins the Liberal Party in 1904. However, as the Liberal Party lost influence and votes, Churchill soon returned to the Tories. This duplicity has led a number of commentators to suggest Churchill possessed no scruples or principles.

1910-1911: As Home Secretary, Winston Churchill ordered the British Army into Wales to contain and crush strike action carried-out by the miners of the Tonypandy and Rhondda areas of South Wales. This was a local dispute between mining unions and mine managers over working conditions, but on November 8th, 1910, Winston Churchill ordered the British Army into Wales as a means to ‘support’ the police. Records suggest that around 500 minors were injured as a consequence of this military action. Although strike action in he area did not end until around August, 1911, Churchill’s decision to use the British Army to interfere in an industrial dispute was in opposition to the democratic process and in violation to the right to strike. Churchill’s intervention was ideologically led and designed to prevent the Welsh miners winning in their strike against the mine managers. Instead of winning better working conditions, the miners were arrested and tried as common criminals.

1914: As First Lord of the Admiralty, Winston Churchill vocally calls for the full mobilisation of the British Military to launch an immediate attack upon Imperial Germany.

1915-1916: Winston Churchill championed the cause of an invasion of Gallipoli, Northern Turkey by British and Allied troops. After around 10 months of fighting, this disastrous campaign left at least 160,000 British troops and 30,000 French dead for no discernible gain.

1918-1921: Winston Churchill (as Secretary for War) was responsible for Britain (and 13 other countries) invading Revolutionary Russia and attempting to kill Lenin and crush Bolshevism. Under Churchill’s orders, the British Army massacred unarmed Bolshevik prisoners at Baku in late 1918.

1919: Aliens Restriction Act (Amendment) Act 1919. In January 1919, Winston Churchill was appointed Secretary of State for War and Secretary of State for Air. Although responsible for the demobilisation of the enlarged wartime British Army serving in France, his influence in all aspects of domestic British government was substantial. He used his authority to order the British Army to break strikes and quell all working-class protest and descent. He also ordered the British Army to clear-out around 20,000 British Chinese men who had fought with the British Army during WWI as labourers. At bayonet point, these men were rounded-up and deported on ships back to China.

1919: On January 31st, 1919, between 10,000 – 12,000 British troops were deployed by Secretary for War Winston Churchill throughout the City of Glasgow, as a means to contain and crush a working class strike and protest over long working hours. Churchill was already orchestrating military action within Revolutionary Russia, and was paranoid that a ‘Bolshevik’ Revolution was about to happen in the UK. When Scottish police failed to disperse the strikers – Churchill ordered in the British Army. This has become known as ‘Bloody Friday’ in Scotland, and the ‘Battle of George Square’ – although it must be stressed that at no time were the workers ‘armed’. An unspecified number were wounded by this action, before the British Army was ordered to withdrew.

1919: As Colonial Secretary – Winston Churchill advocated the use poisonous gas in Iraq. ‘I do not understand the squeamishness about the use of gas, I am strongly in favour of using poison gas against uncivilized tribes.’

1919-1921 Irish War of Independence. Winston Churchill was responsible for the recruitment and deployment of the so-called ‘Black and Tans’ – a paramilitary police force recruited almost exclusively from ex-soldiers from the British mainland. As Irish Independence was a popular cause throughout Ireland, very few Irishmen joined this ‘British’ police force. Churchill ensured (through lack of adequate control) that the ‘Black and Tans’ carried-out their work in a particularly brutal and murderous fashion. Churchill turned a blind eye to the antics of widespread vigilante attacks against ordinary Irish citizens – quite often in their homes and involving other family members. As these former British soldiers were well-trained, heavily armed and ill-disciplined (as Churchill intended), the true extent of their murdering and maiming remains unknown. With Eire’s independence, the ‘Black and Tans’ were dissolved in 1922.

1922: Admirer of Italian fascist dictator Benito Mussolini. Churchill was of the opinion that as Revolutionary Russia developed into the USSR in late 1922, the fascist dictator Mussolini offered Western Europe a rightwing alternative to Socialism in general, and Bolshevism in particular.

1924: As Chancellor of the Exchequer, Winston Churchill, irrespective of the UK’s inflation rate, returned the UK to the ‘gold standard’. This has ongoing and devastating economics repercussions which led directly to the Wall Street Crash of 1929, and the subsequent ‘Great Depression’ across the Western world. Winston Churchill has also been implicated in the ‘Zinoviev Letter’ affair – which brought down the ‘first’ Labour Party Government. This was a fake letter published by the rightwing Daily Mail newspaper in the UK, falsely suggesting that the Labour Party was an extension of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.

1931: Winston Churchill attacks Mahatma Gandhi’s anti-colonial activities – ‘It is alarming and nauseating to see Mr Gandhi, a seditious Middle Temple lawyer, now posing as a fakir… striding half-naked up the steps of the Vice-regal Palace.’

1935: Winston Churchill publishes his book entitled ‘Great Contemporaries’, within which he states: ‘(Adolf Hitler is) a genius born of the miseries of Germany. We may yet live to see Hitler a gentlier figure in a happier age.’

1936: Winston Churchill condemns the Battle of Cable Street in East London, where hundreds of thousands of British working class Socialist people clashed with around 10,000 British fascists led by Oswald Mosley.

1936-1939: Winston Churchill criticises the British people who volunteer to travel of Spain and fight for the democratically elected, ‘Socialist’ Republican Government – against the Nazi German-backed fascist insurgency of General Franco.

1937: Winston Churchill re-publishes his ‘Great Contemporaries’, reiterating his admiration for Adolf Hitler – condemning the British working class for its opposition to fascism. In the same year, Churchill publishes his book entitled ‘Step by Step’, within which he states ‘One may dislike Hitler’s system and yet admire his patriotic achievement. If our country were defeated, I hope we should find a champion as indomitable to restore our courage and lead us back to our place among the nations.’

1937: Winston Churchill’s statement to the Palestine Royal Commission reads: ‘I do not admit for instance, that a great wrong has been done to the Red Indians of America or the black people of Australia. I do not admit that a wrong has been done to these people by the fact that a stronger race, a higher-grade race, a more worldly-wise race to put it that way, has come in and taken their place.’

1938: Winston Churchill takes measures to exclude returning British Veterans of the Spanish Civil War from mainstream society. Many lose their jobs, are excluded from Union Membership, and are permanently ‘banned’ from serving in the British Armed Forces even during times of war (and when ‘Conscription’ was in force). Churchill view this draconian action as an ‘anti-Communist’ move.

1939: Winston Churchill has Oxford graduate and British Communist Party Member – Tom Wintringham (1898-1949) – removed from his post as head of the ‘People’s Army’ – a voluntary military force in the UK consisted of Spanish Civil War Veterans prepared to defend the British Mainland from Nazi German invasion. Churchill has the organisation re-named the ‘Home Guard’, and falsely claims it to be his own invention.

1939: As Britain is under threat (and following the tradition of ancient Greece and Rome), the democratic system is ‘suspended’ for the duration of hostilities with Nazi Germany. Governance of the UK is ‘shared’ by the three leading parties, Labour, Liberals and Tories. Winston Churchill is chosen to lead the three parties as an elder statesman. Until 1945, he delivers rousing speeches written by a team of speech-writers dishonestly presented as ‘his own work’.

1940: On May 8th, Winston Churchill ordered the Royal Navy to transport around 800 Royal Marines to Iceland with the intention of ‘invading’ that sovereign nation. The British troops landed with no opposition and were confronted by a bemused Icelandic population. Iceland had declared its ‘Independence’ from Denmark on April 16th, 1940, and was immediately recognised and supported by a still neutral USA. This was a blatant act of British imperialist aggression committed around a month before the British defeat at Dunkirk. In a bizarre twist, Churchill handed Iceland to the Americans in 1941 –  marking a US presence that did not end until 2006.

1940: During the Dunkirk Evacuation of the defeated British Expeditionary Force (BEF) from France (which happened between May 26th – June 4th, 1940), Adolf Hitler (for no discernible reason) calls a ‘halt’ to the Nazi German advance. This break in the fighting allowed the greater part of the BEF to be rescued and returned to the UK (although other British formations remained and were captured). As successive British Governments have refused to release the files dealing with this time, it has been speculated that Winston Churchill brokered a deal with Hitler along the lines that the UK would align itself with Nazi Germany in any future attack upon the USSR.

1941: Whilst refusing to ‘arm’ the local Chinese population and to provide adequate troops and weaponry for its defence, Winston Churchill orders the British colony of Hong Kong ‘not to surrender’ against a ferocious Japanese invasion. Sikh police officers in the British Administration immediately defect to the invading Japanese, and the colony falls on Xmas Day, 1941. Japanese massacres begin almost immediately.

1942: Winston Churchill ordered the Dieppe Raid as a means to ‘test’ Nazi German defences in Northern France. This led to the death or capture of around 3000 British and Canadian troops for no discernible gain. Churchill later tried to blame his bad judgement as the result of pressure from the Soviet Union. Also in this year, Churchill’s War Cabinet produces the ‘Beverage Report’ calling for a raising of tax for a radical re-distribution of wealth throughout British society. Churchill agrees with this report at the time.

1943-1944: Winston Churchill ordered the British Army in Bengal (India) to commandeer all the food supplies in the area, and deny the local population any sustenance. This led to a famine throughout the region that killed around 4 million people (some estimates suggest a figure of between 12-29 million deaths). The numbers are in dispute due to the fog of war and allegations of British maladministration of the entire affair, in an attempt to cover-up Churchill’s Crime Against Humanity.


1944: Majdanek Concentration Camp (Poland). When British BBC correspondent Alexander Werth reported that he had been in the Red Army frontline when it had liberated the Majdanek Concentration Camp, Winston Churchill forbade the BBC from transmitting the details of the brutality and mass murder discovered – instead referring to this information as ‘Communist propaganda’, designed to make people feel ‘sorry’ for Soviet suffering!

1945: Winston Churchill, in collusion with Pope Pious XII, ordered the resettlement of an SS Regiment in Scotland – with the cover story that these men (who had committed mass murder and other atrocities on the Eastern Front during the Nazi German invasion of the Soviet Union) – were relocated Polish refugees. Churchill carried-out this pro-fascist policy whilst criticising the Labour Party’s plans for a ‘Socialist-style’ National Health Service (NHS) and comprehensive Welfare State. As WWII drew to a close, Churchill supported the militarily pointless atomic bombing of Japan.

1945-1946 War in Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh’s ‘Viet Minh’ freedom fighters in Vietnam had been promised ‘Independence’ from French (and Japanese) colonial rule by Churchill, if they fought against the Japanese on behalf of the Allied cause during WWII. However, under the terms of the 1941 Atlantic Charter, both Churchill and Roosevelt agreed that all occupied territories had to be return to their pre-war governments upon the secession of hostilities. A particularly bitter pill for Ho Chi Minh to swallow was that the British Army ‘re-armed’ the surrendered Imperial Japanese Forces, which then re-deployed to yet again terrorise the Vietnamese population. This pro-colonial policy of Churchill would lead to the wars in Vietnam between the French, the Americans and the Vietnamese people. These wars would lead to millions of Vietnamese deaths.

1946-1949 Greek Civil War. During the brutal Nazi German (and Fascist Italian)  occupation of Greece during WWII, the ‘Communist’ Democratic Army of Greece (DSE), also known as the ‘People’s Army’, offered the only real resistance to this fascist tyranny. Most Greek people at the time supported a ‘Socialist’ Revolution, but Churchill retained a Greek rightwing ‘government in exile’, that had no intention of allowing any kind of leftwing administration after the war. Furthermore, Churchill had entered into an understanding with Stalin as part of the Percentages Agreement of October, 1944, that the USSR would not support a Socialist Revolution in Greece. Churchill’s interference in the internal affairs of Greece, and his support for a rightwing government, led to the deaths of over 150,000 Greek people AFTER WWII had come to an end.

1946: Smarting from his comprehensive electoral defeat in 1945, and having witnessed the coming to power of a ‘Socialist’ Labour Party, Winston Churchill makes his infamous ‘Iron Curtain’ speech  in 1946, and actively assisted President Truman to initiate the US ‘Cold War’ anti-Soviet disinformation programme. Churchill was concerned that the Labour Party was planning an ‘alliance’ with the Soviet Union, and a ‘Communist Revolution’ in Britain. Churchill backed the anti-Socialist Truman Doctrine and Marshall Plan not only in the UK, but across the entirety of Western Europe. This US interference within European politics eventually morphed into the anti-Socialist ‘European Union’ (EU).

1948-1960: Malaya Emergency. Winston Churchill had become Prime Minister in 1951, and continued the existing British imperialist policy in the colony of Malaya. During WWII, Malayan and Chinese Communist Partisans were promised independence by Churchill if they fought for the Allies against the Imperial Japanese. However, following Japan’s surrender in 1945, Churchill sent in the British Army to put-down the Malay Independence Movement. In 1948, the British Army would commit the atrocity of ‘Batang Kali’. Churchill saw the Malaya Emergency as an important resistance to the perceived threat of the spread of International Communism, and refused to hold the British Army accountable for its actions.

1950-1953: Korean War. Winston Churchill had become Prime Minister in 1951 – and continued the Labour Party’s support for the US and UN intervention in Korea. This included an unquestioned parroting of an essentially ‘racist’ US Cold War rhetoric against North Korea and Communist China, which had no basis in fact. As Communist Forces began to inflict humiliating defeats upon Western Military Forces, Churchill, fearing the possibility of a defeat to Communist Forces, changed his tune and began to advocate negotiation and ceasefire. However, in a 1950 pre-election speech, Winston Churchill suggests that British Socialism is an ‘evil’, and that Soviet Communism is exactly the same as Adolf Hitler’s National Socialism, stating that the ‘Free World’ must fight once again to defeat the ‘materialist religion’ of Communism. Churchill, of course, says nothing about the US use of biological and chemical weapons in Korea, or the millions of civilians killed by UN Forces.

1951: Whilst elected Prime Minister, Winston Churchill began an immediate attack upon the NHS (introducing pointless ‘Prescription Charges’), and the Welfare State. Many of the draconian and fascistic elements of the ‘Department of Work and Pensions’ (as it is now known) derived from Churchill’s time in office. Although the British working class paid for the NHS and Welfare State through taxation, and despite ample finance being raised, Churchill instigated the idea that this Socialist provision was ‘failing’ and could not be ‘afforded’ – both false assumptions. From this time onward, anyone seeking free healthcare or benefits would be treated with disrespect and derision by governmental staff. For Churchill, only the ‘rich’ deserved a secure or happy life.

1954: Chemical Castration of Alan Turing (the Enigma Code Breaker during WWII). Turing committed suicide shortly after. Churchill was instrumental in Turing’s prosecution for being ‘gay’.

1955: During a Cabinet meeting in January, 1955, Churchill suggested that the Tories should campaign for the next General Election by using the slogan ‘Keep England White’.

This is an ongoing ‘Crimes of Churchill Project’, with new details being added regularly. The point is that Winston Churchill was a rightwing racist, who had no interest in the welfare and development of British working class, or any workers from around the world. His notoriety is a contrivance fabricated and maintained by the middle classes and those who are invested with high office. He was and remains a dictator of the worst kind, propelled into democratic governments and positions of immense power and social influence. He misused that power to pursue a destructive Tory narrative much the same as that currently prevalent in the UK. A an opponent of the NHS and Welfare System in the UK, he was of the opinion that the British working class should firmly ‘know its place’, and never be allowed to develop beyond poverty, hardship and oppression. Churchill most certainly is NOT a hero of any sort, and the youth of this country are advised to through-off the oppressive yoke of pseudo history and learn about the REAL Winston Churchill. Do not inflict middle class lies a delusion upon another generation. Think for yourselves always, evolve psychologically and physically, and in so doing, become proficient in critical thinking.

©opyright: Adrian Chan-Wyles (ShiDaDao) 2018.


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