Soviet War Memorial – Metta Meditation (17.5.15)

This invasion took the German military emphasis away from the UK (and the USA) – who had been encouraged by British diplomats (and others) to attack the USSR prior to the start of WWII. The duplicitous Winston Churchill, for instance, was quite happy for Nazi Germany to destroy the Soviet Union – until Britain itself fell prey to the Nazi menace.

General Elecion 2015: My Response to the Duplicitous Liberal Democrats!

The Liberal Democrats have blood on their hands through the vicious benefits cuts they supported and condoned, which have led to the death of at least 10,000 Disabled People in the UK, and the terrible impoverishment of millions of others. Of course, as the NHS has been sold off to the American profiteers, UK citizens nolonger have the facilities to ensure their lifelong health and safety.

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