US: Martial Racism & Denial

Black fighters have always proven these fabricated White fighters to be paper tigers – but White society often demands its ‘heroes’ – even if the fabrication is pure fantasy. One last observation is that the commentators to these fights always seem to be hill billies talking only to a White audience. Racism within martial arts is exactly the same as the racism throughout US society.

1993: The Year the Soviets Fought Back!

Of course, this approach is entirely racist and seeks to ‘write-out’ of history any out-pouring of popular support for the Communist Revolution. Today, the West is seeking to destroy self-rule and self-determination in Russia, with the intention of turning the country into a ‘colonised’part of the US-controlled European Union (EU) – probably administered by the United Nations (UN).

The Academy School Rip-Off (2016)

The Guardian article above exposes the monumental scale of the corruption in the higher echelons of the ‘Academy’ system, including massive expenses to fly US citizens to the UK to advise how to ‘dismantle’ that country’s ‘Socialised’ education system. This Tory policy is essentially the legalised abuse of Britain’s young and vulnerable school children and must be brought to an end

Crimes of Cinema: The Soviet Story (Edvins Snore – 2008)

Make no mistake about it, the Soviet Union was a solid Socialist bulwark against the far-right and highly destructive ideology of Adolf Hitler. This is reflected in the Soviet casualties for the Great Patriotic War (1941-45) which range between 27 – 40 million dead men, women and children. This is a shocking price to pay to keep Europe free of fascism, and it is particularly indicative of the moral degradation of the EU that it has to plunge to such depths as openly supporting the far-right, in its pathetic attempts to re-write history.

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