May 9th 2023 – Long Live the USSR – Long Live Russia – Long Live the Eternal Victory Over Fascism! (9.5.2023)

For many – the Unconditional Surrender of Nazi Germany to the USSR was the Victory of the Communist ideology over that of the hate filled ‘reactionary’ thinking as embodied in Hitler’s Mein Kampf – an anti-intellectual tract that certainly does not get better with age (or subsequent re-readings). In short, from an academic perspective their is no ‘hidden meaning’. This Hitlerite anti-intellectualism is the exact opposite to the reality of the philosophical texts as constructed by Marx and Engels. This still holds true when elaborating the texts of Lenin, Stalin and Mao (amongst others) are critically assessed. Joseph Stalin’s leadership of the Soviet System from 1933-1945 should form a separate study on its own – as he had to lead the Soviet people (following numerous re-elections into the post of ‘General Secretary’) during what must be termed the ‘Hitler Years’ – although the rise of Mussolini (1922-1945) [the more inept of the two fascist world leaders] must also be taken into account, as the emergence of the Catholic-based totalitarianism in Italy manifested on the world scene when Lenin’s health started to fail.

King Charles III – That Was Worth a Few Hospitals! (6.5.2023)

As a Mass Party we oppose China, North Korea, Cuba, Vietnam and Laos! As a Mass Party – we support the dismantling of the British Welfare State and the National Health Service (NHS) – as this empowers the workers by generating the conditions for the workers to take independent action! This Mass Party has come along way since its inception during 1921 – and the glorious revolution in Russia of 1991! Let us hope together that King Charles III ushers in a new era of sublime Bourgeoises dominance and leadership! As a Mass Party we fully encourage our members to support the British State and assist in its development! Together we can keep the dream of Leon Trotsky alive!’

China: Exposing the US and UK Terrorists Through the ‘Hong Kong’ Chronicles [香港編年史]! (5.5.2023)

The US and UK are colluding with Pro-Separatist elements of Taiwan (a rogue region of the People’s Republic of China) – to generate ‘division’ between the 56 ethnic groups that constitute the Mainland ‘Chinese’ nation. This includes ‘White’ and ‘Black’ people born in China – who are ‘Chinese Citizens’ by right of birth. Modern China is a multi-Ethnic and multi-National State – within which all forms of Han chauvinism has been outlawed since 1949 – and subsequently ‘educated’ out of the ‘Socialist’ population! Of course, in the Taiwan region, US influence ensures that Han chauvinism is retained and that Chinese people born into the (Bourgeois) capitalist system on that island are enthused with racist and religionist attitudes that are Eurocentric in nature (maintained by the incessant US Missionaries) and completely incompatible with life in a progressive, developed and affluent China!

May Day is “Love” – Such is Working-Class “Internationalism”! (1.5.2023)

The workers of America and the Ukraine should overthrow their oppressive governments, put an end to their support of Neo-Nazism – and join Russia (and a ‘free’ Ukraine) in a bright, new tomorrow! This has been our intention since this particular battle started in 2014! This is why we salute Syria and North Korea for recognising the Donbass Republics! China, one of our beloved Motherlands has been brokering a ‘Peace’ – as workers we must make this a reality! Long Live the British Republic (1649-1660)! Long Live Oliver Cromwell and Mao Zedong! Long Live Thomas Sankara and Huey Newton! Long Live Lenin and Stalin! Long Live Ho Chi Min and Fidel Castro! Long Live the Laos Buddhist-Socialist Republic! Long Live the Palestinian People! Long Live the Democratic Republics of Malaya and Kampuchea! Long Live the Workers’ Institute! Long Live Aravindan Balakrishnan! Love, Peace and Respect to the International Working Class!

Hongshan (紅山) Culture (4700-2900 BCE): Ancient China – Transgenderism and Buddhism! (15.4.2023)

The concept of a female goddess in China existed thousands of years prior to the development of Buddhism in India – and yet when the ‘male’ Avalokiteśvara Bodhisattva (evoking ‘Compassion’) was transmitted into China from India – ‘he’ morphed into a ‘she’ (becoming locally known as ‘Guanyin’ [觀音] or she who is ‘Attentive to Sound’) – whilst retaining all the Buddhist characteristics. Why did this ‘transgender’ event occur?

US Army: Chinese TCM “Adopted” to Keep Troops Fit! (14.4.2023)

TCM originated in the Chinese culture. It explains health and diseases from a macro, systemic and holistic perspective. As a unique form of medicine, TCM exercises a profound influence on the life of the Chinese people. It is a major means to help the Chinese people maintain health, cure diseases, and live longlives. 

Born in China, TCM has also absorbed the essence of other civilizations, evolved, and gradually spread throughout the world. As early as the Qin and Han dynasties (221 BC-AD 220), TCM was popular in many neighboring countries and exerted a major impact on their traditional medicines.

China has launched a series of programs to promote the development of TCM. With curative effects being seen by the public, TCM is gaining popularity worldwide and being widely used in many countries.

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