Christianity Flourishes in North Korea


The Seven Valley Church is located in Pyongyang’s Guangfu Street.  It was founded in 1899 and has over a hundred years of history.  For a long time the Seven Valley Church was a stronghold for the Christian faith in Korea, but during the Korean War tragedy struck.  At that time many Christians took refuge in the church when it was deliberately bombed by US forces, and as a result many lost their lives.  However, Christians within North Korea have worked hard to re-build this church so that they might have a place of worship that represents their faith requirements.  The new church is now open and welcome to all Christians.  The church has a leading pastor, novice priests, elders, and deacons.


On Sunday, Christians come to this church to partake in (Christian) preaching that emphasises Korean national unity, love of the Korean motherland, the practice of ethics and morality in everyday life, to hope and pray for a prosperous motherland free of ethnic strife, and for a national unity that has the power to split those foreign forces that conspire to destroy Korean unity.  Ambassadors, diplomats, representatives of international institutes, Koreans born overseas, and members of other delegations, all come to the Seven Valley Church.


This loyal church is located in the Funabashi area of Pyongyang and its re-building was completed in October, 1988.  Catholics from all over Korea attend this church on Sunday mornings to pray and are comprised of artists, workers, intellectuals, and many different Christians engaged in other activities.  Prayer meetings emphasis loyalty to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, the fighting spirit of the nation, and actively participate in the building of a prosperous country.  Many South Koreans as well as foreign Christian clergy also visit this church to worship.  Those international groups that support the DPRK pay this church a visit, as do different kinds of Christians from abroad.  Whenever there is a major (Christian) festival, the Seven Valley Church Choir gives a performance.

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祈祷会上,他们说,要以胸怀爱国家、爱民族的火热心情,积极参与建设富强国家的事宜。 访问朝鲜的南朝鲜以及海外天主教神职人员与信徒、驻朝外交代表团和国际机构的天主教信徒也都来参加祈祷会。


Kim Jong Un Inspects the Korean People’s Army Fisheries Division


The Korean Central News Agency announced that on November the 19th, 2014, Kim Jong Un inspected Unit 567 of the Korean People’s Army – which is part of the 18th Division of Fisheries – and boarded the boat designated ‘Red Maple 2-04’.  Kin Jong Un stated that the key to good harvests of fish was the application of advanced technology and progressive methods.  In this way the fisheries industry will always be up to date and retain its modern and scientific functionality.   Xinhua News Agency – KCNA

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朝中社11月19日提供的照片显示,朝鲜最高领导人金正恩(中)日前在视察朝鲜人民军第567部队所属18号水产事业所时,登上“丹枫2-04”号渔船。他指出,获得渔业丰收的关键是积极采用高新科技和先进的捕捞方法,实现水产业的科学化、现代化。 新华社/朝中社



















Racist Daily Mail Wrong about North Korea


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(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles)

Translator’s Note:  There are a number of attacks on North Korea within the Western media that although pertaining to criticise a political regime, are in fact highly ‘racist’ and factually inaccurate.  Fabricating ‘stupid’ and ‘irrational’ pseudo-facts about North Korea does nothing to create a dialogue or resolve any difference.  One particularly absurdity emerge from the page of the British newspaper the ‘Daily Mail’.  This paper supported Adolf Hitler during his rise to power, and is renowned today for its racist and bias reporting.  In 2013 the Daily Mail falsely alleged that North Korea had passed laws regulating hair-cuts o political grounds.  What follows is a Xinhua – Chinese Newsagency deconstruction of this racist lie.  ACW 26.1.2016

Xinhua News Agency: DPRK Does Not Limit Hairstyles

In 2013 the (rightwing) British media (falsely) reported that the government of North Korea legally limits the number of hairstyles available to men and women to just twenty eight.  The number of twenty-eight was said to be the number by which Socialism can resist the onslaught of Capitalism.  According to the (rightwing) Daily Mail and City Metro newspapers (21.2.2013), pictures of haircuts on a barbershop wall in North Korea – eighteen for women and ten for men – are the product of DPRK legislation limiting the hairstyles that North Korean citizens can choose.

The latest news from the Xinhua Newsagency is that these reports are groundless and lacking in any truth.  The North Korean government has not issued any such legal guidelines defining hairstyles.  The (rightwing) Daily Mail falsely reported that the DPRK attempt to limit hairstyles was designed to counter the threat of Western influence in the country.  According to Xinhua reporter Du Baiyu (杜白羽) stationed in the North Korean capital of Pyongyang, the pictures falsely reported in the UK press were merely standard barbershop suggestions with no reference to any legal requirement or limitation.

The (rightwing) Daily Mail further incorrectly stated that North Korean women who were traditional clothing should have straight hair, whilst those women wearing Western-Style clothing often choose wavy or permed hair.  Married women adopt a short hair-style, whilst single women grow their hair long and often wear pony-tails, etc.  Men must have short hair (no more than 5cm) that is cut every fifteen days – or nutrition to the brain is inadequate – the Daily Mail falsely claimed.  Older men can grow their hair up to 7cm long.  The (rightwing) Daily Mail also incorrectly reported that in 2005 there was a DPRK TV programme entitled ‘Let Us Create Socialist Hairstyles’ which was designed to resist Western cultural corruption.  The (rightwing) Daily Mail backed up its deliberately false rhetoric by asserting that anyone with a non-official hair-cut will be arrested as a traitor and their names announced on national TV.  None of this reporting is true.  The (rightwing) Daily Mail) finished by stating that these hair-cut laws only apply to the ordinary people and not to the leader Kim Jong Un (金正恩) or his wife – Li Xue Zi (李雪子) – who can wear whatever hair or clothing fashion style they like – the (rightwing) Daily Mail continued its false reporting by asking how will this affect the youth of North Korea?

Last year (2012) the hair-cut of Kim Jong Un was very popular.  Mr Hu – who is involved in the coal industry and who is from the Dandong area of China – said that when he was staying in a Pyongyang Hotel last year he spent 30 yuan at the barber’s shop.  He said the shops are small and tidy, and fully equipped for all kinds of modern hair-cutting needs (including the barber’s chair, scissors, combs, clippers, shampoo and sinks, etc) – with men and women being catered for by separate specialising barbers.  In other words the barber industry of the DPRK is very similar to that found in modern China.  Mr Hu said that North Korean Barbers do possess clippers, but they prefer to use scissors for greater accuracy.  Barber’s do not refer to manuals or journals for guidance on hair-cuts.  They simply do as the customer asks.  Last year Kim Jong Un’s hair-cut was very popular (a back comb with the sides and back shaved).

Mr Wang – a Chinese businessman from Yanji, who specialises in mineral resources –  said that in the past in China and North Korea, barbers only used scissors and a razor-blade sharpened on a leather strap.  Sometimes there might be water and soap, but sometimes there was not.  There was no hair-dryer and everything was dried using a towel.  Today things are very different.  Those who work in a barber’s shop have to have a work permit based upon a three-point system of technical ability.  In the best ‘cheap’ barber shops each cut costs between 500 to 1000 DPRK dollars (around 3.5 to 7 yuan).  DPRK nationals are charged 2 DPRK dollars when they visit the barber shop.  Generally speaking, ordinary foreign people cannot go to the DPRK and open a Barber’s shop. This situation is different for Korean people born in China who can go and start a business in the DPRK – with the exchange rate very much operating in their favour.  Now Pyongyang has many well established and respected barber shops that are fully equipped with all the latest hair-cutting technology.  Prices range from $5 to $20.

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Ancient Theology Debunked by Buddha


Chris White made a video debunking the Ancient Aliens Series – which purports to provide evidence that space-travellers visited the earth in the distant past and in so doing influenced or interfered with the evolutionary development of humanity.  This entire concept is the extrapolation of the work of Eric Von Daniken.  This series is really a pseudo-science with no basis in reality.  It is an exercise in religious myth-making in secular guise.  The Judeo-Christian god becomes an advanced alien civilisation ‘somewhere out there’, and aliens visiting the earth are representative of the Son of god coming down to earth and performing miraculous deeds.  The use of mainstream (and rational) science by Chris White, although thoroughly entertaining, is also dishonest and a misuse of secular knowledge by a Christian fundamentalist who is exercising a hidden agenda.  What is not so obvious to the general viewer of ‘Ancient Aliens Debunked’ is that its producer is also pursuing an ‘anti-science’ agenda.  Yes – science is used in a brutal fashion to discredit the claims of the show’s participants (who generally espouse absurdity as fact) – but in so doing, Chris White tends to leave the equally absurd biblical claims alone.  Why does he do this?  In subsequent interviews and videos he states clearly that he is a conservative Christian who upholds the century’s old Christian fundamentalist belief that that only its theology is ‘true’ and that all other teachings are inferior and arise from the devil.  More than this, however, but Chris White states that he believes Christian theology to be a ‘science’ that can be verified through testing.  Ironically this statement of Chris White sounds exactly like the rhetoric found within the Ancient Aliens Series.  It is clear that Chris White wishes to subsume secular science into the teachings of Christian theology and in so doing end secular science serving as an ‘independent’ threat (and corrective) to the illogical claims of Christian theology.  This agenda can be clearly seen in his three hour debunking of Ancient Aliens – where the last thirty minutes or so are taken-up establishing a pro-Christian theological stance that is in structure more logically bizarre than the pseudo-science he had previously been debunking.

Conservative Christian filmmaker debunks ancient alien theories, but not Noah’s ark

In his interview with Alex Tsakiris (of Chris White shows the depth of his theologically inspired ignorance, and the shallowness of his rational knowledge of other philosophies and faiths.  Furthermore, like all faith-based fanatics he is proud of this counter-rational stance and wants everybody to know about it – presumably for ‘glory of ‘god’ or some other equally vague theological construct.  His notions regarding Buddhism reduce the extensive philosophy of Buddhism to the narrow confines of an unknowing Christian theology.  He also does this to the religions of Islam and Hinduism – but saves his most telling rhetoric for his theological interpretation of Buddhist teachings.  Of course what both the interviewer and interviewee fail to establish is that Buddhism is a ‘science’ and not a ‘religion’.  Once Buddhism is allowed to be misrepresented as a ‘religion’, then Chris White has already won the rhetorical argument and the flood gates of ignorance are fully opened.  Buddhism when viewed through the eyes of a Christian fundamentalist is reduced to a set of pointless behaviours that are unable to convey the practitioner in any worthwhile direction – this is nothing other than the uninformed rantings of a Christian missionary who views ‘difference’ as a ‘threat’ that must be ‘converted’ out of, and away from, its separate existence.  At no time does Chris White understand that his superficial knowledge (which he mistakes as being representative of ‘Buddhism’) is nothing other than greed, hatred, and delusion manifest in his own mind, and that the theology he follows has already been deemed in structure as incorrect by the Buddha.  Why did the Buddha do this?  He did this because in his opinion theology is the product of a mind still trapped within sophistry of ignorance.  Chris White describes himself as a ‘former’ supporter of the Ancient Alien Theory.  This presumably means that his position has moved from that of rational science (mainstream thought), toward pseudo-science (Ancient Aliens), and finally settling upon the non-science of theology (i.e. Christianity).  Buddhism represents a rational challenge to his irrational belief in theology and he has no answer to it.

The Agency of Disagreement


Social media is primarily designed to share the world of visual imagery – but what does this mean?  For many it is merely the conveyance of photographs, paintings, pictures or written descriptions of objects or circumstance, whilst for others this process includes not only the outer texture of an object or an event, but also the ‘inner’ terrain of the mind when experiencing the outer object (i.e. the psychological and emotional response).  This tends to mean three ways of conveying (or communicating)  the world:

1) External description.

2) Internal description.

3) Integrated description.

As people are conditioned to think and react differently to exactly the same outer world, this means that an external object (or event) will be interpreted in a diverse and bewildering number of ways by different people.  Therefore a ‘tree’ for example, even if there is a general consensus that it is a ‘tree’, will be inwardly ‘experienced’ in a diverse manner.  Assuming the outer world is a sensory constant (in as much as for the time being it is always likely to be ‘there’) then it is obvious that it is the psychological and emotional responses of the inner person that is responsible for human creativity.  Ironically this dynamic process also ensures that where there is ‘creativity’ there will also be disagreement – as the agency of ‘disagreement’ appears to be the price humanity pays for being able to think for itself.  This being the case, conflict can be avoided by planning for it.  How an individual responds to the outer world is a matter of upbringing and conditioning, but the interesting point about this is that the concept of ‘conditioning’ is an ongoing process that take surprising twist and turns, even if at times many appear stuck in their ways.  The way to maintain peace is to be able to present ‘difference’ in a robust and convincing manner, so that those who do not like what you say (or do) are encouraged to seek-out why their inner world differs from your own.  This is an individual process of continuous inner and outer dialogue with the external world and inner psychological imprint of that world, as well as the learning process of sharing different viewpoints with others an having those viewpoints either validated or challenged in a constructive and progressive manner.  Education regarding the outer world, and an appreciation of the workings of the inner world are required if the average individual is to maximise the benefit of the human tendency toward the development and advancement of evolutionary knowledge.  If too much time is spent fighting over whose inner experiences are more valid than anyone else’s, then humanity will cease to progress.  There must be clarity of thought and the ability to acknowledge when the quality of thought has been improved through the agency of a difference of opinion.


Pytheas – the Greek Explorer who Discovered Britain


Pytheas of Massalia (350-285 BCE) was a renowned navigator and explorer who lived in Greek colony which is now known as ‘Marseille’ and forms part of Southern France.  The Greeks had many colonies outside of Greece and formed a presence all over the Mediterranean, and including such places as Italy, France, Spain, Turkey, Russia and North Africa.  Greeks spread-out due to over-crowding, lack of resources, warfare and sometimes banishment, and took their sophisticated culture with them.  No matter where a Greek was born, he or she was considered a ‘Greek’ first and foremost.  As the Greek culture involved the use of logical thought applied to the divine and worldly realm, the exploration (and mapping) of the world was an important element of the development of Greek knowledge.  This exploration by land and sea often involved navigation by the stars, and the understanding of the behaviour of the earth and the sun, etc, as well as predicting weather, climate and the rhythms of the sea.  The Greek cultural influence throughout the world they occupied not only formed the basis for the Latin alphabet (together with Etruscan influence) and contributed (through Roman culture) to the development of European culture.

In around 304 BCE Pytheas set sail from Massalia with the intention of exploring the seas west of the European landmass.  In so doing Pytheas became the first Greek to visit and sail around Britain.  He discovered that Ireland lay further west of Britain, and that Norway was to the north of Britain.  Not only this, but Pytheas is said to have landed in Cornwall and witnessed their tin-mining industry, and travelled all around the island nation.  He said that the British were friendly and hospitable and although there were many different kings and leaders, peace reigned throughout the land.  Pytheas stated: ‘The people of Britannia are simple in their habits and far removed from the cunning knavishness of modern man…  they do not drink wine, but a fermented liquor made from barley, which they call curmi.’  His circumnavigation of Britain took six years to complete which included time taken landing ad investigating various places.  The books of Pytheas entitled ‘The Ocean’ and ‘A Description of the Ocean’ are now lost – but much of his work has been preserved in the writings of others.  Oddly, Pytheas spent much of his life trying to convince his incredulous contemporaries that he had indeed really discovered Britannia – as many were of the opinion that nothing existed west of the European mainland.  It can be said today that Pytheas was the man who discovered Britain!

How Nazism Shaped the Western Notion of Tibet


Heinrich Harrier (1912-2006) shares a status (through his misrepresentation of the past and recent history of Tibetan) equal to that of the Englishman named Cyril Henry Hoskin (1910 –1981) as both have managed to fool the world for decades.  Hopkins was better known in the West as ‘Tuesday Lobsang Rampa’ (or the derogatorily as the ‘Plumber from Lhasa’) and in his numerous books imagined a mythical Tibet where he himself was a high lama wandering around the Himalayas in pursuit of ancient wisdom.  I have written of his particular delusions elsewhere, but I mention him now as a means to put the Harrier case into context.  Harrier was an Austrian by birth.  The military forces of Adolf Hitler annexed that country on March the 12th, 1938, and the German Nazi forces began the immediate round-up and persecution of the Jewish population of Austria.  In the afternoon of that day, Adolf Hitler (together with four thousand bodyguards) crossed the Austrian border into Braunau, his birthplace.  As many Austrians viewed themselves as ethnically ‘German’ they willingly submitted to the Nazi invasion – evening arresting around 70,000 dissenters prior to March the 12th following Nazi German advice.  This included Social Democrats, Communists, Jews, homosexuals, ethnic minorities and anyone deemed politically unreliable.  In fact so many people were imprisoned that an impromptu Concentration Camp had to be established at a disused railway station in northwest Vienna at the time.  Hitler had previously demanded that all political power should be handed over to the Austrian Nazi Party – a move that ensured that all ideas of democracy were immediately crushed.  After this whole-sale destruction of Austrian culture and the instigation of fascist murder and mayhem in his country, what did Heinrich Harrier decide to do?  Did he keep quiet and see how things developed?  Did he join a network of Austrian resistance to the Nazi invasion?  Did he work toward protecting those Austrians who were the victims of German fascism?  No – Heinrich Harrier did none of these things.  In fact just under three-weeks after the Nazi German invasion (on April the 1st, 1938) Heinrich Harrier joined the Schutzstaffel – better known as the ‘SS’ – where he held the rank of Oberscharführer (or ‘Sergeant’).  This paramilitary organisation was under the direct control of Adolf Hitler and was charged with the application of the ‘Final Solution’ the Nazi plan to cleanse the world of inferior races, political dissenters, the disabled and sexual deviants.  Exactly one month later (on May the 1st, 1938), Heinrich Harrier became a full member of the Nazi Party – an act that further confirmed his fascist credentials.  As a mountaineer – Harrier was quick to prove his allegiance to the Nazi German cause and was even photographed stood with Hitler:


Whilst Harrier attempting to conquer various mountains in the Himalayas in the name of Nazi Germany, Britain (in 1939) went to war with Hitler’s regime.  Harrier was arrested and interned in a British POW camp in India from which he eventually escaped and made his way on foot into Tibet in early 1946, where he stayed for seven years until 1952.  In 1952 he returned to Austria where he wrote his book entitled in the original German language ‘Sieben Jahre in Tibet. Mein Leben am Hofe des Dalai Lama’.  This actually translates into English as ‘Seven Years in Tibet – My Life at the Court of the Dalai Lama.’  This was subsequently translated into English under the shortened title of ‘Seven Years in Tibet’.  Just as the US Government had granted immunity to many former Nazi German and Japanese scientists that had took part in dubious and often illegal experimentation, when the SS NCO Harrier returned to Europe with his strange story of his time in Tibet during WWII, he was immediately ‘cleared’ of any wrong doing during his time during the early period of the Nazi occupation of Austria – although no evidence of this investigation has ever been made public by the US authorities.  By 1952, the US Government had developed the antagonisms that would serve as the basis of the ‘Cold War’ with Soviet Russia and Communist China.  In 1952 the US was involved in fighting in South Korea against the North Koreans and their Chinese Communist allies – and were facing certain defeat.  The US was pursuing a blatant and highly racialised campaign against Communist China and this involved the ‘myth’ of the Chinese invasion of Tibet in 1950 – when in fact Tibet had already been apart of China for hundreds of years.  It is interesting to note that when the Nationalists took power in China in 1912 – the West said nothing about the Nationalist troops that took the place of the Qing Dynasty troops, but when the PLA troops took the place of the defeated Nationalist troops in 1950 – this change of administration was termed an ‘invasion’ by the US.

There is no evidence that anything Harrier says is true in his book.  Of course, the 14th Dalai Lama and the lamas that surround him in the West are dependent upon US money for their livelihood.  Generally speaking, this group lives a very opulent lifestyle at the US taxpayer’s expense.  As the Dalai Lama opposes the historical fact that Tibet has been apart of China for hundreds of years, it is only logical that he supports all and any attempts to undermine the Chinese Communist regime.  Therefore with regards to Harrier’s book – it is only the Dalai Lama (and his close supporters) who has said that the details depicted within it are correct – when other evidence from Tibetans and Chinese who were also present at the time, suggest that Harrier’s book is nothing but US propaganda, a deception that Harrier agreed to in return for immunity from prosecution for war crimes he committed in Austria during the early days of Hitler’s invasion.  It is interesting to see how the desperate US Government has continued to support Harrier when awkward questions have been asked about his past.  This has even included a Hollywood movie about his book starring the Zionist-supporter Brad Pitt in the main role.  There is no other situation in the world where those living in the West are required to accept a lesson in history from an ex-Nazi and member of the horrific SS.  What the US propaganda appears to have done in the Harrier case, is to use the atrocities instigated by the Nazi German regime and lift them out of their historical context and projected them upon the history of Tibet.  In this distortion the Chinese PLA becomes the invading Nazi German forces, and the Tibetans are falsely portrayed as the victims of Nazi German occupation and oppression.  This actually fits-in with the broader US propaganda offensive of recent years that has seen the conflating of German Nazism with Soviet and Chinese Communism – as if the two opposite ideologies are the same thing.  As the political far-right makes a virtue of ‘lying’ there is no reason whatsoever to take what the Nazi Heinrich Harrier has to say about anything.

The Revolutionary John Brown (1800-1859)


This is John Brown (1800-1859) – the American abolitionist.  he was hung for treason (against the State of Virginia) for leading an armed uprising.  He was a revolutionary who raised a small but determined force of liberal white people and enslaved and free black people.  He procured a large amount of arms in 1859 with the intention of setting large numbers of enslaved Africans free.  Unfortunately the slaves did not rise-up and Brown and his small group was left to fight the US Army and the angry town’s people on its own.  Brown’s second in command – Dangerfield Newby (an African-American) – was first of his followers to be killed by the rabid mob that had gathered to defend their ‘property’ – and his body was mutilated for ‘souvenirs’.  Brown was wounded in the final battle when the US Army stormed the building he was holding-up in and he was taken into custody.  Although today depicted as a religious fanatic – John Brown refused all help from any clergy – as the local clergy at the time were fully in support of the very slavery Brown sought to other throw through use of arms.  Ironically, it was Colonel Robert E Lee who led the troops that put an end to Brown’s uprising.  Brown was hung on December the 2nd, 1859 at 11:15am – but was not pronounced dead until 11:50am – 35 minutes after the noose first tightened.

How Midwives Survived Religious Persecution


During the 15th, 16th and 17th centuries the Catholic and Protestant Churches unleashed a wave of Misogyny (that is an irrational fear of women and all things effeminate) that saw an estimated 200,000 people drown, hanged, tortured to death and burnt at the stake for alleged Witchcraft.  Research has shown that the majority of these deaths involved women (many suffering from Disabilities), as well as a smaller number of men (accused of wizardry) and children accused of assisting in black magic rituals.  The UK ‘officially’ executed around 1000 victims for witchcraft – but many more were killed by sadistic mobs who took the law into their own hands (encouraged by local priests).  What many may not realise is that one of the crimes listed as witchcraft was ‘vile midwifery’ – a crime that demanded the death penalty.  Any woman who was found to possess knowledge of pregnancy, labour, childbirth and post-natal recovery were deemed in league with the devil and sentenced to be burnt at the stake.  This wiped-out centuries of folk-lore that dated before Christian times, and left pregnant women without any help.  As a result, midwifery went underground and has survived into the modern day as the Midwife Professional.  The Christian church tried to stamp-out Midwifery by replacing these local non-Christian women (who were well-known and respected within their local communities) by indifferent Christian nuns.  This is why I think Midwives are true heroes who have suffered historically to preserve and apply their expertise – and who are today being attacked yet again by an uncaring far-right Government in the UK.

US Death Penalty as Domestic Terrorism


The capitalist system is inherently unequal.  It privileges a minority with immense wealth whilst disempowering and alienating the majority.  The minority (i.e. the bourgeoisie) retain their wealth through defining and controlling the political and education systems and the structure of society which is default set to keep the impoverished minority (i.e. the proletariat) firmly in its place with no hope of improvement.  Religion plays a fundamental role in this disempowerment and continuation of ignorance from one generation to the next.  In the US the Death Penalty is used in a number of States to punish those whose behaviour has been conditioned through the auspices of the bourgeois oppression they have faced since birth.  Crime in capitalist societies is the exact consequence of bourgeois oppression against the masses.  Those who are made desperate through hunger, poverty, race-hate, religious fundamentalism and sexual perversity manifest these bourgeois traits in their everyday behaviour.   In the US it is the individual victims of capitalism that are brutally murdered by State sanctioned violence (in the execution chamber) – whilst the State continues to function unaffected by the entire duplicitous procedure.  Murdering the working class is nothing but the product of Judeo-Christian revenge, and is backward and medieval in nature.  Documentaries on US television covering the Death Penalty are designed to turn State sanctioned killing into something of a fetish for the middle class so that they feel ‘safe’ in their gated communities.  Execution squads in these US prisons are comprised of dead-eyed individuals that lack any moral compass, and who describe what they do as a social service, and think that they comprise an ‘elite’ or ‘special force’ on the frontline of fighting crime.  Their amoral certainty and unquestioning and unthinking dedication to duty is reminiscent of those Nazi Germans who comprised the Waffen SS, and who described their murderous activities in much the same language.  Execution is murder and the US system views itself as so correct in its religious fundamentalism that it has mastered the judicial murder of its own citizens behind closed doors.  The only difference between US judicial murder and the murder employed by terrorists is that the terrorists carry-out their atrocities in public – as can be seen through the actions perpetuated by Israel through its illegal occupation of Palestine.  The domestic US policy of murdering its own citizens is reflected by the US foreign policy of supporting fascism and other equally despicable regimes throughout the world, in furtherance of its policy of inflicting terrorism on the international community.

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