Battersea Park: Revolutionary Flags! (27.5.2023)

Buddhism – like Socialism – belongs to humanity! Violence in the outer world can only be ended when one dominant class stops oppressing another! Peace can only be achieved if the capitalist world (in its exploitative aspect) is vanquished and the Bourgeoisie stops resisting and oppressing Socialism! If we – as the working class – stop fighting then we abandon the field to our oppressors and encourage them to inflict an even greater injustice upon us! Genuine peace will only come when the working class siezes the mean of production! As Marx once said – peace is the state achieved when there is an absence to the process of developing Socialism! These photographs were taken at the (Japanese) Buddhist London Peace Pagoda which is situated to the North of Battersea Park!

Russia-Laotian Friendship Association: Remembering Soviet Red Airforce ‘Internationalist’ Spirit (1960-1973) – Confronting US Aggression in Southeast Asia! (23.5.2023)

Representatives of the Russian Federation (including Soviet Red Airforce ‘Veterans’) attended the solemn ‘Opening’ of a Monument (constructed in the capital City of the Laos Buddhist-Socialist Republic) – Dedicated to the BRAVERY of the Soviet (Transport Aviation) Red Airforce Pilots – who took part in the hostilities throughout Indochina during the years of American military aggression which occurred between 1960-1973! This was a ‘PRIVATE’ occasion designed by the Laotian Government to express the Gratitude of the entire Laotian People to the Russian People (Past and Present) which took place on December 6th, 2022! This Monument will Officially be ‘Opened’ to the General Public in Vientiane City (Laos) on April 14th, 2023!

Moscow: Delegation from the Laos Buddhist-Socualist Republic Visits Russia! (23.5.2023)

Comrade Santisuk Simmaravong expressed his gratitude for the invitation and highly appreciated the attention and honour received from the Russian-Lao Friendship Association and the Russian Peace Fund! This gratitude especially recognises the important contribution of made by Mr. Alexander Lvov – a famous Russian Photographer who travelled to the important and famous places in Laos between February 4th and March 3rd 2023. During this time, he took the excellent photographs of the most beautiful Laotian places – which were then exhibited in Moscow for the Russian people to see how ‘beautiful’ Laos is! This Exhibition will surely encourage tourism to Laos – a country which welcomes ALL visitors!

Laos Buddhist-Socialist Republic: President Meets Delegation from Cuba’s National Women’s Union! (19.5.2023)

On this important occasion, the President of the Laos PDR welcomed and congratulated Mrs. Teresa Maria Amare Yebui (and the Delegation) – which highly appreciated the visit (and work) of the Delegation of the Cuban Women’s Union – as being an important contribution to enhancing and magnifying the good friendship and cooperation that already exists between the two peoples of Laos and Cuba! In the past, the leaders of the two countries have visited one another’s country – even though they are geographically far apart on different continents – showing that the bond of friendship between the two Parties, the two States and the Peoples of the two Nations is strong and getting stronger!

Sutton: Our Red Flag of Freedom Out and About! (14.5.2023)

Thousands of these flags were issued to the Soviet Red Army as the Offensive upon Berlin was initiated – with each flag carrying a unique production number! This was used to trace ‘where’ and ‘when particular Soviet Red Army Units penetrated into Nazi German controlled territory! The last of the elite SS Regiments (mostly comprised of Scandinavian ‘Volunteers’) put up the most stringent of fanatical resistance – hell-bent upon proving Hitler’s theory about ‘race’ (which Hitler used to replace the theory of ‘class’ as perpetuated by Marx and Engels) was right! Of course, like Hitler himself, this theory failed miserably and the Soviet Red Army eventually triumphed over the dark forces of World Fascism!

Laos Buddhist-Socialist Republic: First quarter of 2023 Saw Over 800,000 Tourists Visit! (11.5.2023)

There are various activities that are unique to the people of Luang Prabang, such as wearing traditional clothing, unique food and experiencing the lifestyle of the local people. In the past 2 years, there were 883,096 tourists who visited Luang Prabang. In this, 483,765 domestic tourists, 399,331 international tourists – with the average income from tourism amounting to more than 336 million US dollars. Along with this, Luang Prabang province has 97 hotels, many resorts, 400 guest houses, 311 restaurants, 97 travel companies, 19 entertainment stores, 36 massage and spa shops, 553 national tour guides (with at least 126 women performing this role) and 41 provincial tour guides (including 11 women). All of this development has continued to attract tourists to continuously visit Luang Prabang each year!

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