Berlin (1945): When British Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery Met Soviet Red Army Marshals – Konstantin Rokossovsky & Georgy Zhukov! (24.5.2023)

On May 7th, 1945 – at the invitation of Montgomery – Rokossovsky visited his Headquarters in Wismar. On May 10th, 1945, the British Field Marshal paid a return visit to the location of the Soviet troops. From the memoirs of Rokossovsky:

“We responded to the British courtesy with our own Soviet courtesy and invited Field Marshal Montgomery (and his associates) to our place. It was decided to hold the reception with full Russian hospitality.

In the Guard of Honour we put the Kuban 3rd Guards Cavalry Corps of Oslikovsky in Equestrian Ranks – in full Cossack uniform! They made a huge impression on Montgomery and his Officers. The British, with admiring glances, followed the famously retiring cavalry for a long time. After the Welcoming Ceremony, the guests were invited to a large hall, where the table was skilfully and tastefully set. Sitting at a plentiful table (the British had been talking standing up out of politeness) our guests felt even better. The conversation took on a heartfelt character. Montgomery himself, at first trying (in a very delicate way) to limit the time of his visit, stopped looking at his watch and willingly got involved in the general conversation!

Beregini: A Group of Determined Anti-Nazi Ukrainian Women! (24.5.2023)

Although I am told that this group of dedicated ‘Ukrainian’ women name their clandestine operation as ‘BEREGINI’ (although it is hidden in plain sight – given that the participants go out of their way to advertise their findings in many languages) – a word which is written in the Russian language as ‘Забудь это’ (Zabud’ eto) – I am also reliably informed that this word is in fact ‘Lithuanian’ in origin and translates as ‘DO NOT FORGET’! The cover-story is that a dedicated group of Ukrainian women – disgusted at the Neo-Nazi take-over of their country – are busy demonstrating their ‘hacking’ skills by accessing virtually ALL of the supposedly ‘secure’ governmental systems pertaining to the US-backed ‘Maidan’ (Neo-Nazi) Administration!

Neo-Nazi Ukraine: Recruitment for the Armed Forces is Going Well! (24.5.2023)

Having suffered between 39,000-55,000 casualties (killed and wounded) fighting for a small town called ‘Bakhmut’ – many level-headed Ukrainians aged between 18-65 years old are trying to find ways of accessing the Streams of Refugees that are currently heading for lives of luxury in the UK and Western Europe (paid for entirely by the ‘host’ countries) – whilst the EU initiates ruthless ‘anti-Socialist’ cuts throughout these areas – depriving the indigenous populations of ALL welfare, social housing, healthcare, schooling and elderly care! Even though the UK has withdrawn from the EU – the current Tory Administration has continued to close-down the NHS and reduce Benefit Payments to the British population that has paid for these services through their general burden of taxation! The incoming Ukrainians, despite being from an openly ‘Neo-Nazi’ country – have not contributed one single penny for the ‘FREE’ houses, cars and money the US government has decreed they should receive! We need a new Joseph Stalin – perhaps we already have one in the Kremlin!

Cathay Pacific Dismisses Crew Members Accused of Discriminating Against Non-English Speakers! (23.5.2023)

Most of the Flight Attendants I interacted with were young and older women from Hong Kong, the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia – and although NOT all were ethnic Chinese – all were ‘Asian’ and all had to be able to speak ‘English’ and ‘Cantonese’ (the dialect of the Chinese language spoke throughout Guangdong province, Hong Kong and various other areas of Asia outside of geographical China) – regardless of their own ethnic language. What the Cathay-Pacific Staff did NOT have to do was speak fluent ‘Putonghua’ (what the West refers to as ‘Mandarin’) the language spoken throughout Mainland China – as the business model at that time was toward the ‘West’ – and NOT toward ‘China’! Times have changed – and given that China is now an economic powerhouse – it is true that within the modern business climate just as many ethnic Chinese people from Mainland China (and elsewhere) use the Airline as Westerners – and that this change in business demographic toward the Chinese Mainland should be recognised by the British ‘Swire’ (family which still maintains a controlling shareholder stake in the business) – and reflected in the training of its Staff! The Cathay-Pacific Staff members who ‘discriminated’ against ‘Putonghua’ speakers on the flight concerned – hsve been ‘sacked’ – and I suspect this process was carried-out in a language they could ALL fully understand!