Palestine: Latest Zionist Aggression Leaves 33 Martyred & 190 Injured in the Gaza Strip! (18.5.2023)

During yesterday evening, a Cease-Fire Agreement between the Resistance in the Gaza Strip and the Zionist Occupation Army entered into force at exactly ten o’clock in the evening under Egyptian auspices. Egyptian media indicated that the Cease-Fire included the commitment of the Zionist Occupation to stop targeting individual civilians (and demolishing homes) – provided that Egypt works to follow up on the extent of its commitment to implement the Agreement.

Dr Konstancja Duff: “The Crucial Issue is That Racism, Misogyny [and] Sexual Violence are Normalised in Policing!” (18.5.2023)

The Guardian newspaper is a tool of the Bourgeois State – which today adopts a cenrte – centre-left (Trotskyite) approach to perpetuating governmental ‘disinformation’. This transformation from ‘friend of the left’ to ‘fake left’ has taken many years. The fact that it has uncritically supported the US-enforced Neo-Nazi government of the Ukraine is a testament to this fact. I have quoted The Guardian’s report on the case of Dr Konstancja Duff not because I agree with its editorial approach – but rather because a) the story of Dr Konstancja Duff belongs to the ‘People’, and b) such quoting serves my current purposes. DO NOT financially support The Guardian – a newspaper which took the side of the Met Police all the way through this sorry saga – only giving ground when the CCTV was released and Dr Konstancja Duff was ‘successful’ with her Civil Case! Just in case you are NOT yet convinced of the routine criminality found within the Met Police – you can checkout the story of ‘PC Hussain Chehab’! When the offending Officer is NOT ‘White’ – the likes of the Guardian and BBC ensure that the details are reported far and wide! This process is used to ‘obscure’ the criminality of ‘White’ Officers – whose stories (if they are reported at all) appear in the back pages and in obscure areas of publications!

China: Mainland Harshly Criticises Tory Attempt to “Palm” Liz Truss Off Onto Taiwan! (18.5.2023)

“Taiwan independence” activities and support from foreign forces are the greatest threat to peace across the Taiwan Strait, the embassy said, adding Truss and the like are colluding with secessionist forces to provoke confrontation and escalate tensions across the Taiwan Strait.

The Taiwan question is at the core of China’s core interests. Any violation of the one-China principle will have serious consequences for China-UK relations, it said, urging Truss to stop making political shows out of the Taiwan question.

Wang Wenbin, spokesman of the Foreign Ministry, said on Wednesday afternoon China’s position on the Taiwan question is consistent and clear. Wang said he also noticed there has been a flurry of criticism in the UK about Truss’s move, calling the trip showmanship and a disservice to her country.