Tigray: Assessing Trump’s (Proxy) ‘Race War’ in Ethiopia! (16.5.2023)

Wikipedia is ‘free’ for a reason. The US government realised quite early on that it needed an information platform it could control that was provided ‘free’ to the general public, which was easy to use and performs its task of providing the ‘preferred’ US interpretation of material reality, even when that ‘interpretation’ runs counter to known facts and contradicts personal and/or experience and collective consensus. The mythos that ‘Wikipedia’ (it should be spelt ‘Wikipaedia’) operates behind is that it represents a ‘spontaneous’ outpouring of a ‘popular’ quest for knowledge – and avoids the trap of ‘advertisement’ by being self-policed using ‘free’ labour! Well, the irony is that the US has manipulated the UN (and NATO) in the past (from the 1950s onwards) to blanketed-bomb that have stated that they wish to exercise their ‘self-determination’ in a very similar manner – usually termed ‘Socialist’ by the US – and vigorously resisted by every US President – with the possible exception of Jimmy Carter! When the people of Yugoslavia stated they wanted to continue to live peacefully under their ‘Socialist’ System – the US led NATO in a 78-day blanket-bombing offensive in 1999 – until the correct message was received. This forceful manipulation of world politics is EXACTLY why ‘Wikipedia’ exists! With prominent world events (such as the recent conflict in Ethiopia and the ongoing battles in Neo-Nazi Ukraine) the task-monkeys that lie behind the Wikipedia-disinformation process have been hard at work!

Myanmar: Chinese Embassy Rescues Nationals Kidnapped in Telecom Fraud! (16.5.2023)

Law-abiding Chinese Nationals (and Overseas Chinese people) – particularly young women and girls – are advised to take their own security SERIOUSLY whilst living outside of China (with a focus on the usually ‘friendly’ country of Myanmar) due to the despicable behaviour of the certain criminals gangs which practice ‘Human Trafficking’ of female flesh for sexual purposes! Ethnic ‘Chinese’ people are kidnapped from many different places (by ‘Chinese’ and/or ‘non-Chinese’ criminal gangs) – and are ‘ransomed’ back to their families from what are believed to be ‘safe-havens’ in places such as rural Myanmar! However, the Myanmar government has a) given China a ‘Special Permission’ to hunt-down these criminals and ‘rescue’ the victims, and b) where necessary will ‘try’ these criminal gangs under draconian Myanmar Law – carrying-out ‘Death Sentences’ in public and within ‘Ten Minutes’ of such sentences being handed-down by the Myanmar Courts! As these criminals deserve this punishment – the government of the PRC will NOT stand in the way of Myanmar ‘Justice’ and fully supports the right of the Myanmar people to safeguard the security of their borders and the well-being of ethnic Chinese peope!