USSR: Foundations of the Soviet Court! (3.5.2023)

My father – Peter Wyles – used to be friends with a Professor of Law in Devon. As my father helped run the ‘Claimants’ Union’ – he would receive free legal advice from the Professor – who would explain the rules and regulations governing the administration of the British Welfare State. My father – and other people – would then assist the poor and impoverished as they sought to negotiate with the ‘DHSS’ and navigate their way around the Bourgeois legal system designed to ‘exclude’ them (the weakest segment of capitalist society) from securing their ‘Rights’! This is where I first learned that the 1948 Reforms carried-out by the incumbent Labour Government in the UK were premised upon their Soviet counterparts (devised by Lenin and other Old Guard Bolsheviks). Essentially, the Soviets found that collective taxation provided the government with vast amounts of money which allowed the State to provide high-quality assistance to those in need! In turn, millions upon millions of terribly impoverished populations were given free education, healthcare, housing and social help – lifting them out of this state of deprivation in a matter of just one or two

Neo-Nazi Ukraine: Ukrainian Terrorist Attack Prevented – NKVD Stopped Attempt on the Life of the Head of the Crimea! (3.5.2023)

According to the FSB, six members of the Ukrainian Intelligence Group were detained – Viktor Podvalny, Alexander Litvinenko, Sergei Krivoshein, Konstantin Yevmenenko, Igor Zorin and Sergei Voinarovsky. As Sergei Aksyonov later stated, the captured Ukrainian terrorists were also involved in sabotage on the railway tracks in the Bakhchisarai region. “This is the same group that blew up the railway tracks in the Bakhchisarai region. There is no doubt that the masterminds of the crime are in Kyiv. Neo-Nazi Ukraine is a Terrorist State!” the politician said.

The detainees were found to have an impressive arsenal: five explosive devices already prepared for use, detonators, GPS trackers for tracking and radio-controlled mechanisms. The “geography” of the saboteurs is also noteworthy – explosives for bombs disguised as electric stoves were smuggled along a channel organized by the Nao-Nazi Ukrainian Special Services – through Georgia and Turkey. The terrorists themselves also had a Bulgarian passport belonging to citizen Petranov – who was

Neo-Nazi Ukraine: Kremlin Attacked by Suicide Drones! (3.5.2023)

Everything we know about the assassination attempt on Putin:

🔻The Kyiv regime attempted to strike Putin’s Kremlin residence with a Suicide Drone at night

🔻Two drones were aimed at the Kremlin

🔻 As a result of the actions of the Russian Military and Special Services – the devices were disabled

🔻There are no casualties or material damage from fragments that fell around the Kremlin

🔻The Kremlin has declared these actions to be a planned Terrorist Act and an Assassination Attempt on the elected President – on the eve of Victory Day over Fascism (German Nazism) – the May 9th Parade

🔻As a result of the Terrorist Attack – the President was not injured, his work schedule has not changed, and he continues to work as usual.

Panama: Kris Kremers & Lisanne Froon – ‘White’ Privilege – Even in Death! (3.5.2023) 

I do not necessarily believe that Kris Kremers and Lisanne Froon were murdered by locals – at least not deliberately. As to whether they were the victims of criminal gangs is another matter – who knows? I suspect they became lost, disorientated and disorganised. This spiralling of events cost them their lives. As tragic as this undoubtedly was – people go missing and die all the time in Panama – people of all ethnic backgrounds and cultural affiliations. Why, then, are these two women treated as if they are something ‘special’? The fawning over Kris Kremers and Lisanne Froon – as if they were both Super Models – is as laughable as it is disturbing. It is as if the White community is attempting to deify these two young women – who did nothing for humanity and achieved little with their lives. This harsh assessment is dialectically required not as an attack on Kris Kremers and Lisanne Froon – but rather as a ‘corrective’ to the incessant muddle-headed approach this case attracts throughout social media. It is the presence of Eurocentric racism which pushes us into this cul-de-sac of reality – from which we must collectively escape. The Panamanian victims of (historical) Eurocentric racism did not murder these two young women.

Panama: US Neo-Imperialism and the 1989 Invasion! (3.5.2023)

The US invasion of Panama, while ostensibly to protect US citizens, restore democracy – and fight drugs – was in fact to preserve US interests and influence in the Panama Canal Zone and eliminate a disobedient Puppet Regime. This action exposed the hegemony and double standards practiced by the United States, violated international law and humanitarian principles, caused huge casualties and property losses to Panama and aroused strong condemnation from countries in Latin America and the world. 

This action also provides us with some enlightenment: First, we should not believe in the slogan of justice and democracy as pursued by the United States – and we must be alert to the interests and purposes hidden behind it. The second is not to rely on the United States (or any other big country) as we must uphold our own sovereignty and dignity; the third is to strengthen solidarity and cooperation with other developing countries to jointly safeguard multilateralism, fairness and justice.