The Anti-Socialist Crimes of ‘Sir’ Winston Churchill – the Short Course


In response to the general lack of public education regarding this matter, and seven years in to a devastating rightwing Tory rule of the UK, I felt that a quick access guide to many of the ‘crimes’ of Winston Churchill be gathered in one place for research purposes. As the Tories continue to privatize the NHS and dismantle the Welfare State, and after being found ‘Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity’ by the UN in 2016, their resorting to invoking the spectre of Winston Churchill has seen at least three big budget movies made since 2010, all purporting to represent various aspects of his life, but all perpetuating myth after myth, and none covering any of the historical ‘crimes’ or ‘morally reprehensible’ acts that this man has been directly or indirectly involved in. The central myth to be demolished is that Winston Churchill was not a great leader either during wartime or peace, and that his racist and anti-Socialist opinions were responsible for inflicting suffering and death upon millions of people in the UK and abroad. Furthermore, as a natural holder of fascistic opinions, Winston Churchill is on record as an admirer and supporter of Adolf Hitler – a fact that does not sit well with those who perpetuate his myth as ‘anti-fascist warrior’. Winston Churchill was hated by the British working class, and was often driven from bombed-out parts of London which he had visited to film short propaganda films about ‘how we can take it!’ Of course, although the British working class died in their tens of thousands during the ‘Blitz’ (1940-1941), Churchill lived unconcerned in a luxury bomb shelter under Whitehall, smoking Cuban cigars and eating caviar whilst the ordinary British people starved.

On the other hand, there is no doubt that amongst a certain type of ‘White’ person enthused with bourgeois attitudes and opinions, Winston Churchill is nothing but an unquestioned ‘hero’ and champion of ‘Human Rights’, and virtually no evidence to the contrary will sway this interpretation. This is because the middle-class image of Churchill is ‘religious’ in nature, and constitutes a type of hagiography premised entirely upon ‘faith’, and not at all upon ‘fact’. If an interpretation of Churchill’s life was fact-based, he would be generally perceived in a very different light. Although the ‘unelected’ leader of Britain during WWII, he did none of the fighting and did not experience any of the suffering. As a consequence, Churchillian apologists (which has included many members of the British Labour Party), have attempted over the years to ascribe all kinds of fanciful notions to Winston Churchill, whilst ignoring his bigotry and racism. Boris Johnson, for instance, laughably tries to convince his readership that Churchill founded the Welfare State in the UK – however, the actual facts reveal that whenever British workers went on strike, or came together to protest – Churchill immediately deployed the British Army as a means to prevent a ‘Socialist’ Revolution! The British working class should work to expose Churchill’s anti-Socialist attitudes and support all non-White people in their condemnation of his racist attitudes.

A Chronology of Churchill’s Racist, Xenophobic and Anti-Socialist Attitudes

Churchill Speaks About the ‘Evils’ of Socialism in the UK and North Korea (1950)

1899: In his book entitled ‘The River War’, Winston Churchill discusses Islam in the following terms – ‘How dreadful are the curses which Mohammedanism lays on its votaries! Besides the fanatical frenzy, which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia [rabies] in a dog, there is this fearful fatalistic apathy. Improvident habits, slovenly systems of agriculture, sluggish methods of commerce and insecurity of property exist wherever the followers of the Prophet rule or live.’

1900: Winston Churchill enters Parliament as a Conservative, but jumps ship and temporarily joins the Liberal Party in 1904. However, as the Liberal Party lost influence and votes, Churchill soon returned to the Tories. This duplicity has led a number of commentators to suggest Churchill possessed no scruples or principles.

1914: As First Lord of the Admiralty, Winston Churchill vocally calls for the full mobilisation of the British Military to launch an immediate attack upon Imperial Germany.

1915-1916: Winston Churchill championed the cause of an invasion of Gallipoli, Northern Turkey by British and Allied troops. After around 10 months of fighting, this disastrous campaign left at least 160,000 British troops and 30,000 French dead for no discernible gain.

1918-1921: Winston Churchill was responsible for Britain (and 13 other countries) invading Revolutionary Russia and attempting to kill Lenin and crush Bolshevism. Under Churchill’s orders, the British Army massacred unarmed Bolshevik prisoners at Baku in late 1918.

1919: As Colonial Secretary – Winston Churchill advocated the use poisonous gas in Iraq. ‘I do not understand the squeamishness about the use of gas, I am strongly in favour of using poison gas against uncivilized tribes.’

1922: Admirer of Italian fascist dictator Benito Mussolini. Churchill was of the opinion that as Revolutionary Russia developed into the USSR in late 1922, the fascist dictator Mussolini offered Western Europe a rightwing alternative to Socialism in general, and Bolshevism in particular.

1924: As Chancellor of the Exchequer, Winston Churchill, irrespective of the UK’s inflation rate, returned the UK to the ‘gold standard’. This has ongoing and devastating economics repercussions which led directly to the Wall Street Crash of 1929, and the subsequent ‘Great Depression’ across the Western world. Winston Churchill has also been implicated in the ‘Zinoviev Letter’ affair – which brought down the ‘first’ Labour Party Government. This was a fake letter published by the rightwing Daily Mail newspaper in the UK, falsely suggesting that the Labour Party was an extension of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.

1931: Winston Churchill attacks Mahatma Gandhi’s anti-colonial activities – ‘It is alarming and nauseating to see Mr Gandhi, a seditious Middle Temple lawyer, now posing as a fakir… striding half-naked up the steps of the Vice-regal Palace.’

1935: Winston Churchill publishes his book entitled ‘Great Contemporaries’, within which he states: ‘(Adolf Hitler is) a genius born of the miseries of Germany. We may yet live to see Hitler a gentlier figure in a happier age.’

1936: Winston Churchill condemns the Battle of Cable Street in East London, where hundreds of thousands of British working class Socialist people clashed with around 10,000 British fascists led by Oswald Mosley.

1936-1939: Winston Churchill criticises the British people who volunteer to travel of Spain and fight for the democratically elected, ‘Socialist’ Republican Government – against the Nazi German-backed fascist insurgency of General Franco.

1937: Winston Churchill re-publishes his ‘Great Contemporaries’, reiterating his admiration for Adolf Hitler – condemning the British working class for its opposition to fascism. In the same year, Churchill publishes his book entitled ‘Step by Step’, within which he states ‘One may dislike Hitler’s system and yet admire his patriotic achievement. If our country were defeated, I hope we should find a champion as indomitable to restore our courage and lead us back to our place among the nations.’

1937: Winston Churchill’s statement to the Palestine Royal Commission reads: ‘I do not admit for instance, that a great wrong has been done to the Red Indians of America or the black people of Australia. I do not admit that a wrong has been done to these people by the fact that a stronger race, a higher-grade race, a more worldly-wise race to put it that way, has come in and taken their place.’

1938: Winston Churchill takes measures to exclude returning British Veterans of the Spanish Civil War from mainstream society. Many lose their jobs, are excluded from Union Membership, and are permanently ‘banned’ from serving in the British Armed Forces even during times of war (and when ‘Conscription’ was in force). Churchill view this draconian action as an ‘anti-Communist’ move.

1939: Winston Churchill has Oxford graduate and British Communist Party Member – Tom Wintringham (1898-1949) – removed from his post as head of the ‘People’s Army’ – a voluntary military force in the UK comprised of Spanish Civil War Veterans prepared to defend the British Mainland from Nazi German invasion. Churchill has the organisation re-named the ‘Home Guard’, and falsely claims it to be his own invention.

1939: As Britain is under threat (and following the tradition of ancient Greece and Rome), the democratic system is ‘suspended’ for the duration of hostilities with Nazi Germany. Governance of the UK is ‘shared’ by the three leading parties, Labour, Liberals and Tories. Winston Churchill is chosen to lead the three parties as an elder statesman. Until 1945, he delivers rousing speeches written by a team of speech-writers dishonestly presented as ‘his own work’.

1940: During the Dunkirk Evacuation of the defeated British Expeditionary Force (BEF) from France, Adolf Hitler (for no discernible reason) calls a ‘halt’ to the Nazi German advance. This break in the fighting allowed the greater part of the BEF to be rescued and returned to the UK (although other British formations remained and were captured). As successive British Governments have refused to release the files dealing with this time, it has been speculated that Winston Churchill brokered a deal with Hitler along the lines that the UK would align itself with Nazi Germany in any future attack upon the USSR.

1941: Whilst refusing to ‘arm’ the local Chinese population and to provide adequate troops and weaponry for its defence, Winston Churchill orders the British colony of Hong Kong ‘not to surrender’ against a ferocious Japanese invasion. Sikh police officers in the British Administration immediately defect to the invading Japanese, and the colony falls on Xmas Day, 1941. Japanese massacres begin almost immediately.

1942: Winston Churchill ordered the Dieppe Raid as a means to ‘test’ Nazi German defences in Northern France. This led to the death or capture of around 3000 British and Canadian troops for no discernible gain. Churchill later tried to blame his bad judgement as the result of pressure from the Soviet Union. Also in this year, Churchill’s War Cabinet produces the ‘Beverage Report’ calling for a raising of tax for a radical re-distribution of wealth throughout British society. Churchill agrees with this report at the time.

1943-1944: Winston Churchill ordered the British Army in Bengal (India) to commandeer all the food supplies in the area, and deny the local population any sustenance. This led to a famine throughout the region that killed around 4 million people (some estimates suggest a figure of between 12-29 million deaths). The numbers are in dispute due to the fog of war and allegations of British maladministration of the entire affair, in an attempt to cover-up Churchill’s Crime Against Humanity.


1944: Majdanek Concentration Camp (Poland). When British BBC correspondent Alexander Werth reported that he had been in the Red Army frontline when it had liberated the Majdanek Concentration Camp, Winston Churchill forbade the BBC from transmitting the details of the brutality and mass murder discovered – instead referring to this information as ‘Communist propaganda’, designed to make people feel ‘sorry’ for Soviet suffering!

1945: Winston Churchill, in collusion with Pope Pious XII, ordered the resettlement of an SS Regiment in Scotland – with the cover story that these men (who had committed mass murder and other atrocities on the Eastern Front during the Nazi German invasion of the Soviet Union) – were relocated Polish refugees. Churchill carried-out this pro-fascist policy whilst criticising the Labour Party’s plans for a ‘Socialist-style’ National Health Service (NHS) and comprehensive Welfare State. As WWII drew to a close, Churchill supported the militarily pointless atomic bombing of Japan.

1945-1946 War in Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh’s ‘Viet Minh’ freedom fighters in Vietnam had been promised ‘Independence’ from French (and Japanese) colonial rule by Churchill, if they fought against the Japanese on behalf of the Allied cause during WWII. However, under the terms of the 1941 Atlantic Charter, both Churchill and Roosevelt agreed that all occupied territories had to be return to their pre-war governments upon the secession of hostilities. A particularly bitter pill for Ho Chi Minh to swallow was that the British Army ‘re-armed’ the surrendered Imperial Japanese Forces, which then re-deployed to yet again terrorise the Vietnamese population. This pro-colonial policy of Churchill would lead to the wars in Vietnam between the French, the Americans and the Vietnamese people. These wars would lead to millions of Vietnamese deaths.

1946-1949 Greek Civil War. During the brutal Nazi German (and Fascist Italian)  occupation of Greece during WWII, the ‘Communist’ Democratic Army of Greece (DSE), also known as the ‘People’s Army’, offered the only real resistance to this fascist tyranny. Most Greek people at the time supported a ‘Socialist’ Revolution, but Churchill retained a Greek rightwing ‘government in exile’, that had no intention of allowing any kind of leftwing administration after the war. Furthermore, Churchill had entered into an understanding with Stalin as part of the Percentages Agreement of October, 1944, that the USSR would not support a Socialist Revolution in Greece. Churchill’s interference in the internal affairs of Greece, and his support for a rightwing government, led to the deaths of over 150,000 Greek people AFTER WWII had come to an end.

1946: Smarting from his comprehensive electoral defeat in 1945, and having witnessed the coming to power of a ‘Socialist’ Labour Party, Winston Churchill makes his infamous ‘Iron Curtain’ speech  in 1946, and actively assisted President Truman to initiate the US ‘Cold War’ anti-Soviet disinformation programme. Churchill was concerned that the Labour Party was planning an ‘alliance’ with the Soviet Union, and a ‘Communist Revolution’ in Britain. Churchill backed the anti-Socialist Truman Doctrine and Marshall Plan not only in the UK, but across the entirety of Western Europe. This US interference within European politics eventually morphed into the anti-Socialist ‘European Union’ (EU).

1948-1960: Malaya Emergency. Winston Churchill had become Prime Minister in 1951, and continued the existing British imperialist policy in the colony of Malaya. During WWII, Malayan and Chinese Communist Partisans were promised independence by Churchill if they fought for the Allies against the Imperial Japanese. However, following Japan’s surrender in 1945, Churchill sent in the British Army to put-down the Malay Independence Movement. In 1948, the British Army would commit the atrocity of ‘Batang Kali’. Churchill saw the Malaya Emergency as an important resistance to the perceived threat of the spread of International Communism, and refused to hold the British Army accountable for its actions.

1950-1953: Korean War. Winston Churchill had become Prime Minister in 1951 – and continued the Labour Party’s support for the US and UN intervention in Korea. This included an unquestioned parroting of an essentially ‘racist’ US Cold War rhetoric against North Korea and Communist China, which had no basis in fact. As Communist Forces began to inflict humiliating defeats upon Western Military Forces, Churchill, fearing the possibility of a defeat to Communist Forces, changed his tune and began to advocate negotiation and ceasefire. However, in a 1950 pre-election speech, Winston Churchill suggests that British Socialism is an ‘evil’, and that Soviet Communism is exactly the same as Adolf Hitler’s National Socialism, stating that the ‘Free World’ must fight once again to defeat the ‘materialist religion’ of Communism. Churchill, of course, says nothing about the US use of biological and chemical weapons in Korea, or the millions of civilians killed by UN Forces.

1951: Whilst elected Prime Minister, Winston Churchill began an immediate attack upon the NHS (introducing pointless ‘Prescription Charges’), and the Welfare State. Many of the draconian and fascistic elements of the ‘Department of Work and Pensions’ (as it is now known) derived from Churchill’s time in office. Although the British working class paid for the NHS and Welfare State through taxation, and despite ample finance being raised, Churchill instigated the idea that this Socialist provision was ‘failing’ and could not be ‘afforded’ – both false assumptions. From this time onward, anyone seeking free healthcare or benefits would be treated with disrespect and derision by governmental staff. For Churchill, only the ‘rich’ deserved a secure or happy life.

1954: Chemical Castration of Alan Turing (the Enigma Code Breaker during WWII). Turing committed suicide shortly after. Churchill was instrumental in Turing’s prosecution for being ‘gay’.


Empire State Building – B-25 Bomber Crash (1945)


On Saturday July 28th, 1945, over two months since the end of the War in Europe (against Nazi Germany), and around a month before the end of the War in the Pacific (against Imperial Japan), an unarmed and lone B-25 Mitchell Bomber – which was involved in the routine transportation of military personnel – flew into the north-side of New York’s Empire State Building (due to thick fog) at 9.40am, colliding with the 78th, 79th and 80th floors, All three crew were killed, as were eleven workers present in the building. Despite America still being at war, there was no mass hysteria, and no pronouncements of indignation from the US government, as life went on as usual. the Empire State Building was back open for business on the following Monday. Interestingly, all the bodies of the crew were eventually found intact, as were the eleven bodies of the workers (although the pilot’s body took longer to recover as it had fallen-down a lift shaft). As far as I am aware, this accident caused the only known incidence (outside of horror films) of an elevator crashing down an elevator shaft (falling 75 floors into the basement). The lift attendant – Betty Lou Oliver – survived this ordeal. The Empire State Building also survived this accident reemarkably well, and did not topple-over infront of the world’s media.




The ‘Evil’ T-34 Soviet Tank


T-34-85 Model 1944 “Factory No.174”

The minority rich control the political system. As the minority rich controls politics, this wealthy class also dictates the cultural direction of civil society and the use of its military. To maintain this physical power and psychological dominance, the population that comprises this society must be kept docile and in a state of unquestioned and unchallenged arrested intellectual development. This is accomplished by the minority rich retaining an iron-like grip upon the police, the legal and judicial systems, the education system, and the media. Thrown into this mix of a socio-economic control mechanism, is the cynical use of religious ignorance to hold everything together (as even bourgeois secularism is ‘religion’ stripped of its most obvious, outer religious garb). Western secular society has grown out of a staunch ecclesiastical dominance, and is premised upon a judeo-Christian theology that nolonger directly relates to the church (unless of course, one happens to believe in Christianity). Any attempt at breaking free from this bourgeois dominance (using Socialist thinking) is immediately attacked, decried, and misrepresented as being against the best interests of the majority poor. This is rather like stating that it is not in the best interests of slaves to be ‘free’ of the oppressive, material conditions of their enslavement. As long as the majority poor are brain-washed to interpret their own freedom from capitalism as ‘enslavement’, the minority rich will continue to control society unopposed.

Notice how the minority rich maintain their power through ‘inverted’ or ‘reversing’ reality by turning it inside-out, and back to front. Although the minority rich control a science that uses the ‘non-inverted’ observation and measurement of matter and material processes, its scope remains deliberately ‘narrow’, and is never allowed to formulate theories that contradict the dominance of capitalism within society. This type of science is premised upon generating monetary profit from innovation, and so humanity’s progress is continuously hindered by market share and projected income, etc. Outside of science, however, the inverted mind-set of religion is retained to keep the docile masses afloat in a morass of religious ignorance, and unable to see ‘beyond’ the limitations of its own conditioning. Above all, this psychological and physical enslavement must be viewed as ‘freedom’, and any attempt to end this enslavement must be interpreted as ‘tyranny’, ‘dictatorship’, and ‘the loss of freedom’. The minority rich also divide the international working class into competing camps of industrial out-put, and through the fabrication of ‘nationalism’, encourages workers to fight amongst themselves using the false constructs of ‘race’ and ‘racism’ as justify causes. We can see this today in the continuous misrepresentation of China’s history and its exercise of self-determination since 1949. Racism is aimed at China (and other non-White – non-capitalist countries), because of its rejection of predatory capitalism and Western dominance.

The same process of incorrectly depicting the purpose and history of the Soviet Union can also be clearly seen, not only in the capitalist West, but also within certain sectors of modern Russia’s intelligentsia. As this essentially ‘racist’ misrepresentation of the history of the USSR does not have its interpretative roots within Russia, it is obvious that it has been ‘imported’ from an antagonistic West. Although capitalist today, Russia’s post-Soviet leaders have refused to allow a Rothschilds controlled central bank to be established in Moscow. This irritates the US leadership which wants to control Russia by establishing such a financial institution. Another issue is that many people in Russia do not want capitalism, and prefer Communism – a fact confirmed by the fact that the Communist Party of Russia holds around one-third of the seats in the Russian Parliament. The US government is anxious to stop a ‘Communist’ government being democratically elected in Russia, as this would take away a major plank from US anti-Communist disinformation – namely the false assumption that Communism is despotic and imposed from above. The US tried to commit genocide in Vietnam during the 1960’s and 1970’s, just on the strength that it was believed that Ho Chi Minh (and the Communist Party of Vietnam) would win 90% of a democratic vote, in a free election. This is why all capitalist countries have adhered to US Cold War Anti-Soviet propaganda since 1945. This is a religiously inspired and racist ideology that seeks to denigrate any attempt by the working class to establish self-rule. As it is religious in nature, the Soviet Union, its leaders and all its actions are rather childishly presented as ‘evil’, and ‘dangerous’. Every step-forward which improved life for the Russian people is interpreted as being ‘at a great cost’, and every technological advancement viewed as being essentially ‘sinister’ in origin. At no time is the reality of Soviet progression and ingenuity permitted to be recognised, as this would be seen as a challenge against the dominance of capitalism. Instead, the US-dominated capitalist system holds to the highly illogical position that although the USSR is politically egalitarian, culturally progressive, and scientifically advanced, it is also ‘backward’ because it is ‘evil’. This ignorance is astounding, and can only be held in place by apathetic sections of the working class that are unable to break free of the educational brain-washing they have been subjected to.

The following bourgeois documentary informs as it disinforms about a) the history of the Soviet Union (i.e. ‘evil’ and yet ‘advanced’), and b) about the development of the T-34 Soviet tank used to good effect during WWII. There many historical points that are untrue. Lenin founded the Red Army and not Leon Trotsky. After the October Revolution of 1917, a ‘volunteer’ Red Army took to the field to try and stop the imperialist Germans invading Russia, but suffered heavy losses due to inexperience. Lenin began the industrialisation of the Soviet Union – not Stalin (although under Stalin’s guidance, Lenin’s project was completed). No one died in the Soviet Union due to the industrialisation process, on the contrary, life improved dramatically for millions of Russians. The Soviet Union had no plans to invade the West using the Red Army. The strictures of Scientific Socialism demand that the working class, wherever it happens to exist within the international capitalist system, must strive to free itself from that system. Notice also, where Soviet advanced technology is very much viewed as the ‘devil’s work’ by contrast, there is a sneaky admiration for the advanced technology of Nazi Germany, despite that regime murdering 11 million people in the holocaust, and inflicting casualties of between 27-40 million men, women and children in the USSR.

Having seen T-34 Soviet tanks in UK military museums, it is obvious that the basic design was effective, but that during WWII they were hastily assembled in large numbers due to the huge casualties in troops and machines suffered by the Red Army in the early stages of the war. Add to this the fact that as millions were being killed and wounded in the USSR, it was difficult to train and maintain experienced construction crews. As a consequence, crude welding is often evident on many models of T-34 – but the Soviet System prepared for all these problems and set about designing a standard tank ‘blue-print’ that even a poorly educated peasant could help to assemble with the minimum of training and experience. The parts were mass-produced and the T-34 tanks were assembled quickly in factories. From what I gather, the Nazi German tanks were better-made and generally more effective per individual tank, but the Soviet System countered this ‘capitalist’ advantage by ‘out producing’ the German manufacturers. In effect, the Nazi German tanks were outnumbered and destroyed by adequate Soviet T-34 tanks used effectively en mass. The Soviet designers produced a good all-round machine capable of defending Russia, but which was also able to operate outside of Russia as the Nazi Germans were pushed-back. The crews were adequately protected (within design parameters), as were the Red Army infantry that advanced behind the tanks. The Soviet System did not eulogise warfare, or make a fetish out of mechanical devices designed to achieve a specific function. From a Soviet perspective, the T-34 did the job is was designed to do, and there was no mystery surrounding its success on the battlefield.


Raphael Samuel – The Lost World of British Communism Exposed


‘It is a curious fact that in the years of the Cold War, when the Party was defending some terrible causes as well as some noble ones, and when, in trade union branches and on street corners, members were having to make a case for the indefensible, the Party was in better shape morally and organisationally than it is today, when its positions are no longer impossibilist, and when it is a great deal more modest about itself.’

(Raphael Samuel – The Lost World of British Communism – Page 43)

This book is comprised of three articles written by Raphael Samuel between 1985 – 1987 (and published in New Left Review). The author died in 1996 – one year before the rise of the neo-conservative ‘New’ Labour, but he lived to see the collapse of the Soviet Union (in 1991). Whether Raphael Samuel was ever a ‘true’ Communist is open to doubt, as his book is as much an attack upon the Marxist-Leninist ‘Communist’ Movement, as it is a presentation of a blinkered history. Of course, this attack is camouflaged as ‘discussion’, but it is important to note that Samuel left the Communist Party of Great Britain (CPGB) in 1956, at the young age of just 21. Although broughtup in a ‘Communist’ family, (the entire ‘moral’ justification behind Samuel considering his own rhetoric ‘knowledgeable’), the fact remains that his understanding at that time (which obviously was not ‘formulative’) remains dialectically immature, and may account for why Samuel continuously refers to CPGB rules and regulations passed, abandoned or reformed during the 1920’s! That is, Samuel exercises the habit of presenting the CPGB through the history, data and information he has subsequently encountered after leaving movement. Therefore, this is not a truly ‘biographical’ account of the CPGB – as asserted on the cover’s publicity blurb – and any history of Samuel’s direct involvement with the CPGB is understandably childish recollections of long ago, with no historical value.

Raphael Samuel is writing as a bourgeois historian who has fully accepted and endorsed the capitalist status quo, but who maintains a ‘nostalgia’ for what he considers a lost past. Samuel seeks to draw the reader into this inverted would of bourgeois illogicality whereby what he thinks about the CPGB (and International Communism) is the only viewpoint of the world worth having. This is very similar to a ‘cult mentality’ that is all-pervasive and beyond rational examination. Raphael Samuel’s entertaining, and at times informative take on the history of the CPGB is over-all ‘wrong’ simply because it is a bourgeois distortion. He takes (as his ideological basis) not the Marxist-Leninism allegedly of his youth, but rather the rightwing rhetoric of Trotsky and US Cold War disinformation. Samuel possesses the ability to simultaneously sentimentalise the CPGB whilst denigrate and misrepresenting its history and political function within British society. His continuous allusions to Joseph Stalin being a dictator is never once balanced with any reference to the suffering the Soviet people suffered during the ‘Great Patriotic War’ (1941-45), or the fact that it was Joseph Stalin and his command of the Red Army that eventually destroyed Nazi Germany. Again, this ‘anti-Slavic’ undercurrent is well-hidden behind the fact that Samuel had a relative who is ‘Russian’.

What I find interesting is how Samuel, describing himself as a historian influenced by Marx, could not see in the 1980’s, the blatant misrepresentation of Soviet history and policy that is easily visible to the more perceptive of us today. Even if Raphael Samuel argued that we possess a better vantage point now – post-USSR – than he did then, I would have to counter with the work of Alexander Werth and ER Carr (both British historians), who never identified themselves as ‘Communists’, but who as ‘objective’ historians, continuously worked to expose US and British Cold War lies against the Soviet Union and the character of Joseph Stalin. Grover Furr in modern times has investigated and exposed this ‘pseudo-history’ to a much greater extent, together with such modern Russians historians as Lyudo Martens, etc. Raphael Samuel could not have been much of a ‘Marxist’ historian if he could not dialectically ‘see through’ the vagaries of Trotskyism and the deceit of US Cold War ideology, unless, of course, Samuel actually supported Trotskyism and related that support to rightwing capitalism as practised by the USA.

Dishonesty runs through this book from start to finish. The reader who feels entertained by Samuel’s descriptive antics and paradoxical turn of phrase, will continue to read regardless of the anti-Communist views being expressed. Writing in the midst of rightwing Thatcherism and the whole-sale Tory attack upon the British Welfare State, NHS, Social Housing and free education, Raphael Samuel remains oddly ‘mute’ on what is going on around him. It is as if he is busy living the bourgeois ‘good life’ in a state of splendid isolation, and divorced from reality. He is busy interpreting the CPGB through its 1920’s rules and regulations, and his brief (and immature) experience in the late 1940’s and early 1950’s. He appears completely unaware of the social and cultural devastation sweeping through the Tory Britain of the mid-1980’s, or indeed the slow disintegration that was beginning to unfold in the Soviet Union during this time. He also misses the most important of historical and political points relevant to the time within which he lived, namely that the CPGB remained the only sole and genuine representative of the working class in the UK, and never faulted in this task. This continued in 1988, when key CPGB Members – together with the Morning Star newspaper – left the by now disintegrating CPGB – forming the Communist Party of Britain (CPB). Raphael Samuel sees none of this coming. He is too busy explaining his path toward the acceptance of capitalism and the bourgeois status quo, and when he looks back at his youth, how he now remotely perceives a past image of the CPGB, mistakenly believed to be existing in the present moment, albeit modified so a to seemingly corrupt its character.

When Labour ‘Banned’ May Day (1947-48)


The British Labour Party has always been an exercise in the middle class control of the working class, despite a brief flirtation with Scientific Socialism during its earliest days (in the late 19th century). Although the British Socialist Party were instrumental in supporting an independent labour movement, when the BSP changed its name to the ‘Communist Party of Great Britain’ (CPGB) in 1921, the middle class powers that be in the Labour Party ‘proscribed’ the CPGB from affiliation, and all CPGB Members from Labour Party Membership. Even after WWII, when the Soviet Red Army (and the Soviet Union) was enjoying immense world-wide credit for destroying Nazi Germany, the Labour Party refused a CPGB request for affiliation. This is obviously a class issue with the middle class who run Labour protecting their own class privilege from the threat of working class over-throw. It is a peculiar fact that the Labour Government of 1945 – which would introduce a Welfare State and National Health System (NHS), would also apply the far-right racist policy of rounding-up and deporting over a thousand Chinese people living in London (due to a sense of xenophobia and racist euphoria that had swept the land following the victory over Hitler), and ‘ban’ the Communist Party of Great Britain marching for workers’ rights on May Day 1947, and 1948.

‘The marchers knew that they might be attacked by the police. Indeed, down to 1934 (when their occurred some kind of sea-change in liberal opinion) it was normal for the police to break up Communist demonstrations (a situation which recurred in London in 1947 and 1948 when the Labour government banned our May Day demo and we had to march illegally). But the marchers themselves were above all on guard against ‘provocation’ or letting their feelings get out of hand.’

The Lost World of British Communism: By Raphael Samuel – (2017) Verso, Pages 110-111

CIA Documents Suggest Hitler Survived WWII and Fled to Latin America (1954)!


Hitler allegedly imitated his suicide and disappeared under the name of Adolf Sittelmayer. Declassified US documents from the archives of the CIA indirectly confirm that the Nazi leader Adolf Hitler did not commit suicide in 1945, but fled to Latin America.



An American intelligence informant in 1955, reported that former SS Officer Philip Citroen allegedly met with Adolf Hitler after the end of the Second World War, whilst hid in Colombia under the surname ‘Sittelmayer’. The agent’s report states that Citroën contacted the Führer about once a month. This happened during business trips from Venezuela to Colombia. Attached to the report documents is a photograph of Citroen with a man like Adolf Hitler, taken in 1954 in Tunja (Colombia). After some time, according to the informant of the CIA, Hitler moved to Argentina. According to the official version, Afolph Hitler and his wife Eva Braun committed suicide on April 30, 1945 in Berlin during the storming of the German capital by Soviet troops. Their bodies were burnt in the garden of the Reich Chancellery.

Russian Language Reference:


The Myth of ‘Sinister’ Soviet Bio-Technology


There are people in Russia today, who have no comprehension of what their immediate ancestors suffered during the Nazi German invasion of the Soviet Union (1941-1945). At least 40 million men, women and children were either killed, permanently maimed or wounded. This figure includes both military and civilian casualties. Why was this number so high? Even if the lower number of 25-27 million is accepted, this casualty figure is astonishing! A recent academic survey of populations in the Soviet Union, suggests that the Soviet casualty figures for WWII should stand at around 34 million. One reason was that the Nazi German regime was engaged in a ‘total war’, which sought to eradicate the Slavic ethnicity, and clear the Russian populations in preparation for German resettlement in the conquered land. This was Hitler’s very clear objective. In so doing – he thought – he would rid the world of Communism, which he viewed as a ‘Jewish’ conspiracy.  One trend that the US Government adopted after WWII as a foundation element of its anti-Soviet Cold War ideology, was the Trotskyite idea that there was no difference between the Nazi German regime and the Soviet Union – both represented various shades of social fascism. However, part of this thinking re-imagined the highly aggressive Nazi German regime as being the ‘victim’ of Soviet depravity. Today, the far-right and mainstream media flirts with the idea that the Nazi Germans were really the allies of the West, and that by invading the USSR and initiating the holocaust in the Ukraine, Hitler was acting for the benefit of humanity. Concomitant with this distorted thinking is that we should now feel ‘sorry’ for the Nazi Germans, and turn all our anger toward the USSR.


Whilst researching a photograph I found on the Russian internet, I discovered at least ‘three’ myths about apparently unethical, immoral or depraved experiments upon humans and animals carried-out within the Soviet Union from the 1930’s onward. When trying to find further corroborating evidence, I could not find any (outside of one or two articles copying one another’s unreferenced and sourced assertions). This strongly suggests that these stories are untrue, and part of the Trotskyite distortion of Soviet history.  However, as part of my continuous campaign to reveal US Cold War fabrications about the USSR, I will briefly describe three of these myths.

(1) Titanium Limbs.

This story suggests that Red Army volunteers received titanium implants in their arms and legs in the early 1930’s, and that in 1945, US soldiers captured a ‘secret’ Nazi German research centre. No details are given as to ‘where’ this was, or the exact date. When exploring the facility, the US soldiers found the dead-bodies of numerous Soviet Red Army soldiers – all possessing arms and legs made out of metal. The German scientists explained that they had not done this, but that these soldiers had been the victims of ‘Soviet’ experimentation. The ‘modern’ Russian author conveying this story makes the point that the Nazi Germans were only acting in ‘self-defence’ when they invaded the USSR – as a means to ‘destroy’ this inhuman Soviet regime. Here, we see the ‘Nazi Germans are our friends’ motif. It is not mentioned in the story how these Soviet soldiers came to be in a Nazi German research facility (the bizarre impression seems to be that they ‘checked themselves in’ voluntarily), but what is included is that the US Government took all the research and relocated a ‘Professor Strasberg’ to live in America and continue his research. Professor Strasberg states that the Soviets experienced tremendous pain because of the implants, which was relieved by the Soviet scientists by inserting ‘gold’ pins into the pain-centres of the brain. Supposedly, around 300 Soviet soldiers took part in this experiment, with many not surviving (but obviously some not only survived, but found their way into Nazi detention). These ‘perfect’ soldier’s had limbs (and bones) made of military-grade metal. Finally, it is said that in modern Russia (in 1994) a single body was washed out of its military grave, and on a metal limb was written ‘Kharkov. 1934. ACH 760978-C’. This was allegedly discovered by Dr Konovalenko Sergey, but before the Russian Authorities could intervene, the body was ‘washed’ away into a nearby river. One would have thought that the recovery of a ‘metal limb’ – even in a river – would have been an easy task.

(2) Human-Monkey Hybrid

I have deconstructed this myth at length in my article Professor Ilya Ivanov (1870-1932) – Human-Monkey Hybridization. The point of this kind of disinformation is to create the false image that the Soviet System is animatistic, and that Soviet Communism (and Soviet Communists) are ‘sub-human’. This is surely a page taken straight out of Adolf Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’ (the fascist bible now experiencing a resurgence under President Trump’s first term in office). Soviet Communists are presented as ‘sub-human’, and therefore ‘not worthy of life’ – yet another Hitlerite pronouncement. The finger-prints of US Cold War rhetoric can be seen all over stories such as these. Although Marx and Engels developed Scientific Socialism as an evolutionary progression in human development, the capitalist narrative is interpreted as out of date, and an inferior stage in human evolution. As a consequence, capitalists, taking exception to this interpretation of their greed-driven ideology, instead set-about generating the ahistorical myth that Soviet Communism was a ‘regression’ into some primordial swamp of totalitarian existence. What better way to express this, than have a half-man – half-monkey swinging through the trees and purportedly ‘sharing’ his nuts!

(3) Bio-Robot

This myth is often accompanied by photographs of experiments on dogs. A dog’s head is kept alive through a machine that pumps oxygenated blood into the head, de-oxygenated blood out of the head. These types of experiments were also carried-out in the West involving dogs and monkeys. I believe this kind of experimentation eventually led to the mastering of blood transfusion and organ transplants. However, in and of itself, and regardless of the rights of the animals involved, it is difficult to see how these experiments had anything to do with bio-robots.

Just what this photograph depicts is uncertain. It looks like a remote-controlled robot, possibly used in bomb disposal. However, conspiracy theorists would have us believe that a dog’s head was placed in the head of the robot, and controlled by electric signals sent to the dog’s brain. This contraption was intended to be used on the battlefield. Of course, the glaring question is ‘what’s the point?’ Or, ‘why not use a man’s head?’ More to the point, why not directly remote control this device without a dog’s head within it? Whatever the case, keeping a disembodied head temporarily alive for a short-time, does not correlate with connecting organic nerve-endings with inorganic circuitry. As matters stand, I think the Soviets used this device to defuse bombs at a distance through remote-controlled operation, or a man could have been ‘bolted’ in to perform some type of military action whilst ‘armoured’, so to speak. Soviet science was progressive and advanced, and sought to progress the entirety of humanity – there was nothing ‘sinister’ about any of it, other than its refusal to be defined by the constant search for profit (as found within ‘capitalist’ science). Soviet science was intended to relieve humanity of its suffering, and not add to it. As regards military technology, although NATO spread nuclear weapons all around the Soviet borders – it was the Soviet Union that was depicted as the aggressor by the US. As a consequence, all Soviet military technology was ‘defensive’ in nature. This can be seen from the fact that only the US has ever used nuclear weapons.

Russian Languages References:

JFK’s Pro-USSR Speech (10.6.1963)


‘Among the many traits the peoples of our two countries (the USA and the Soviet Union) have in common, none is stronger than the mutual abhorrence of war. Almost unique among the major world powers, we have never been at war with each other. And no nation in the history of battle ever suffered more than the Russians suffered in the course of the Second World War… At least twenty million lost their lives. Countless millions of homes and farms were burned or sacked. A third of the nation’s (European) territory, including nearly two-thirds of its industrial base, were turned into waste-land.’

President John F Kennedy – Speech delivered at the American University in Washington – two months prior to the USSR initiating the Moscow Test-Ban Treaty. (Quoted from the Introduction of ‘Russia at War 1941-1945’ – By Alexander Werth).

President Kennedy made a peculiar mix of rightwing and predatory capitalist-supporting speeches, together with the occasional leftwing speech supporting Unions and empathizing with the Soviet Union. Of course, he also made the usual anti-USSR speeches, formulated by the CIA and designed to sully and misrepresent the Socialist reality of the Soviet Union. President Kennedy was wrong on one vital point in his above speech, and it is significant of the level of ignorance within the US that it was not picked-up at the time. The US had previously been at war with Revolutionary Russia from 1918-1921 – where thousands of US troops participated in an ‘invasion’ of Russia – alongside the troops of 13 other nations. This ‘capitalist’ coalition was eventually defeated and expelled from Revolutionary Russia, and this part of shameful US history was quietly pushed into the background of America’s collective memory. Of course, President Kennedy was only adopting this conciliatory attitude toward the USSR, because he wanted a ‘ban’ on the arms race that the US had initiated since 1945. As Socialist Science was proving itself vastly superior to its Western capitalist counter-part, President Kennedy wanted to defuse the situation and move the US and USSR away from this type of conflicting competition. On the other hand, the Trotskyite Nikita Khrushchev was a fool who missed a vital opportunity of conserving the progressive nature of the USSR, whilst disengaging from direct conflict with the USA. Khrushchev blustered on about the USSR encouraging the International Proletariat to ‘rise-up’ in the US – whilst his domestic policies simultaneously ‘stripped’ the USSR of its self-respect and ability to ‘project’ Revolutionary power around the world.

Soviet War Memorial – Remembrance Sunday (13.11.2017)


Soviet War Memorial – Imperial War Museum – London

Around a hundred people gathered on a cold November day in the ground of the Imperial War Museum (London), to pay their respects to 27-40 million Soviet dead and wounded suffered during what the West calls ‘WWII’, and the Russians the ‘Great Patriotic War’ (1941-1945). This was a brutal war of extermination and survival, with Adolf Hitler’s Nazi German forces invading the USSR and immediately initiating ‘Operation Ost’ – the intended extermination of the Slavic ethnicity. Hitler intended to use the geographical space gained from a defeated Soviet Union as a means to create a ‘Greater Germany’. In the meantime, the Soviet Red Army, whilst suffering terrible casualties and set-backs in the face of the enemy, slowly but surely began to consolidate its presence, and push the Nazi German forces back toward their homeland. The Soviet defeat of fascism essentially gave the Western powers a fighting chance in France and beyond. Hurrah to the Soviet people! Every year the number of British Veterans who fought with the Soviet Red Army reduces – with none now being under 80 years of age. As the Old Guard falls away, their place in the line is often taken by their younger relatives. As British Veterans of the Soviet Red Army are not acknowledged by the rightwing British Legion – and are not welcome at London’s Cenotaph – these brave Veterans quite rightly congregate here.



















Joseph Stalin as Proletarian Fact


If an individual walks into an average book-shop in the UK, around 80%-90% of all books available pertaining to cover Soviet history, will not be worth the paper they are printed upon. This is because these books carry the preferred ‘capitalist’ interpretation of Soviet history, which whilst packaging its content as ‘history’, is in fact a tissue of lies. This is not a matter of opinion whereby this observation needs to be debated, but rather is a matter of provable fact. The preferred capitalist narrative is nothing but an ‘ahistorical’ exercise in Trotskyite ‘disinformation’, one that is easily dispelled through even a cursory attempt to establish the observable facts. A particular vitriol is reserved for the biographies of Joseph Stalin – which are by and large fictionalised diatribes containing no academic merit. The problem is that young or impressionable people who are genuinely seeking-out knowledge about the USSR and Joseph Stalin run into this wall of institutional lies and deceit. It is better to carry-out more indepth research before subjecting the human-mind to this kind of bourgeois brain-washing. Seek-out books and articles that expose people like Trotsky, Khrushchev and Orwell, and learn to discern the difference between a proletarian fact and a bourgeois lie. Learn to understand the Cold War mentality in the West, and its facade will come tumbling down. Dialectical truth can be found in the strangest of places (take Andrew Alexander’s ‘America and the Imperialism of Ignorance: US Foreign Policy Since 1945’, for instance), and when assessing the place of Joseph Stalin in world history it is logical to begin with his Collected Works (available ‘free’ online). This research must also coincide with a study of the collective psychology of the USA, which exposes its immature and violent nature. Remember that Joseph Stalin was a great Socialist leader who represented the Working Class in a very strong and robust manner – this explains why the capitalist West hates him, and seeks to sully his good historical reputation with bizarre lies delivered through the agency of rightwing mythology. Communists use logic and reason to progress society and to develop their characters – this is what Joseph Stalin did – and this is how a progressive student of history should behave. The lies about the USSR and Joseph Stalin must not be confronted with bourgeois sentimentalism, but rather countered with the strict use of proletarian fact. This is the manner in which Joseph Stalin handled an ever increasingly hostile USA and belligerent West under its control and influence. It is also the basis of the manner in which Joseph Stalin led the USSR in its decisive war against Nazi Germany. Do not be afraid of stating proletariat fact, after-all it is part of the process of establishing the truth. Of course, the capitalists and the Trotskyites will ‘knee-jerk’ respond with simply re-stating their lies – as if the exercise of the agency of ‘repetition’ somehow adds ‘truth’ and ‘gravitas’ to their fallacious arguments. In reality a Trotskyite lie only has to be exposed once, even if those brain-washed by Trotskyite ideology feel the need to ‘repeat’ that lie. Remember that capitalism and Trotskyism are actually ‘cult-mentalities’, within which people are psychologically and physically ‘trapped’. See this situation clearly for what it is, and relay this understanding to the Working Class. If dialectical truth can be firmly established, then the millions of words used by liars will come tumbling down – this is the nature of Scientific Socialism.

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