China: Seven-Seater Space Craft Being Designed! (10.6.2023)

Roomier than the current three-seater spaceship, the new one will be able to carry more cargo supplies and more crew members, which will contribute to expanding the scale of manned spaceflights and opening up new areas, such as space tourism, said Zhou Jianping, the chief designer of China’s manned space program, in an interview.

A new launch vehicle is also under development. According to Zhou, the new manned rocket is designed to have greater liftoff thrusts, reusable components and a larger area for payloads, becoming more cost-efficient than the previous generations.

Berlin (1945): Soviet Red Army Soldiers on the Steps of the Reichstag! (7.6.2023)

The Young Communist League allowed for male and female members aged between 14-28 years old. Those deemed psychologically and physically able (and ready to fight) were allowed into the Soviet Red Army. Most were ‘adults’ – but on occasion (and only in specific circumstances) – a very ‘young’ individual was allowed to be recruited! Such individuals usually inhabited ‘behind the lines’ activities involving keeping-up morale in hard times! In the foreground is an example of this process in the form of the 14-year-old son of the Regiment – Zhora Artemenkov (Жора Артеменков)!

China: Tibetan Children Enjoy Unforgetable Visit to Beijing! (7.6.2023)

This is a particularly important and poignant event – coming as it does in the shadow of the exiled 14th Dalai Lama sexually abusing young children in poverty-stricken India – and the collective Western media reacting with an embarrassed ‘silence’! Whereas the forces of predatory capitalism submits the children unfortunate enough to born within its cold embrace to all kinds of indignities and deprivations – the forces of Socialism within China ensures that ALL children born to the 56 ethnic groups receive the best possible educational and cultural upbringing!

Normandy: Remembering the Allied Sacrifices of D-Day (6.6.1944) – 79th Anniversary! (6.6.2023)

The British Glider Troops were tasked with seizing local landmarks (such as ‘Pegasus Bridge’) of tactical and strategic importance from the local Nazi German defenders – and hold these assets in the face of the expected Nazi German counter-attack. Meanwhile, Arthur Gibson (as a member of the Royal Navy) was busy protecting Northern Britain by preventing a Nazi German invasion – whilst keeping the sea lanes free of Nazi German ‘mines’ so that Allied Shipping could move (free of this risk) throughout the North Atlantic. This included the assisting of the Russian (Soviet) Arctic Convoys – although the presence of Nazi German U-Boats was an ever-present threat!

Homoerotic Perversion and the Waffen SS – A Living Tradition! (4.6.2023) 

These individuals believe that they are participating in the psychological and physical freedom that Adolf Hitler promised through his Mein Kampf ideology! As many Western countries possess very strict anti-terrorist laws – these ‘Waffen SS’ groups are unable to progress beyond ‘meeting-up’ online through whatever social media platform will allow them to share their hideous content! The ‘Waffen SS’ groups routinely share content involving torture, maiming, rape, murder, terrorism, animal cruelty, accidents, disasters, extreme pornography, violence toward women and girls, male rape, bestiality and paedophilia! This ideology strikes me as being a ‘living tradition’ that stems entirely from the mind of Adolf Hitler and the traditions of the SS Units he created to apply his attitudes, concepts and opinions! It has survived from one generation to the next and has received a tremendous boost through the internet! The left did NOT create Hitlerism – but the left did fight Hitler – and eventually prevailed albeit at a terrible price!  

Neo-Nazi Ukraine: “Euro-Maidan” Cultural News! (4.6.2023)

This hatred of “effeminate” gay men is still seen within the far-right today – despite many prominent far-right leaders being known to regularly engage in gay sexual antics. Not only this, but this perverse ideology also includes the routine rape of men, women and children – but also extends to bestiality! This is all held together through an official ideology of “Homophobia” – which attacks effeminate gay people – or gay people who are monogamous and abide by the law! This is the madness that the US is supporting not only in the Ukraine, but also throughout Eastern Europe – where Neo-Nazi (Catholic-supported) regimes now dominate! Meanwhile, the US spent eight-years indoctrinating the various generations of Ukrainians in a preparation for a NATO-based invasion of East Ukraine (Donbass) – and the Occupation of West Russia (creating a UN-controlled buffer-zone). The Russian government took action to stop this US-invasion by acknowledging the “Independence” of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions of Donbass. The Russian Army was then deployed in Donbass (during early 2022) at the request of the Donetsk and Lugansk Authorities! This is a UN-acknowledged “legal” process which the US has instructed its UK and EU allies to “ignore”. Instead, the US, UK and EU have continued to “arm” the vicious Neo-Nazi Ukraine regime and finance its debauched Hitlerite culture! This policy has led to to the deaths of tens of thousands of people!

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