‘HITLER UND DIE BIENEN!’ (1943) By Josef Goebbels! (11.5.2023) 

‘When I see Wasps and Hornets flying around possessing good food and living in the best dwellings whilst Bees suffer deprivation and impoverishment – I am inspired to do something about it! Yes – this I swear to you – my dear Comrades! Oh yes – these dominant populations cannot be reasoned with – they cannot even speak – but one language I am sure they understand is that of violence and force! I will take action against these undesirable populations by using different mixes of pesticides! Eradicating troublesome (competing) populations is the only way!’

Fighting the Rainbow – ‘Why’ White Hives Matter! aka ‘Hitler und die Bienen’! (11.5.2023)

Dedicated to the Aryan Nation’s Jeremy Freeman and his Internet-trading partner  (of Colchester), Bubba-Kate (who has dedicated her life to preventing self-professed ‘White Supremacists’ from wanking off to pictures of Hitler whilst hiding away in their parent’s basement) and that weirdly confused White Nationalist guy (originally from Missionary parents in Sweden) who is married to a Japanese women (and lives off her income in Japan) – whilst idling his days away sat in an ornate Zen Garden ranting and raging about what a superior White race he belongs to – until his Japanese wife calls him in for dinner!  

Laos Buddhist-Socialist Republic: First quarter of 2023 Saw Over 800,000 Tourists Visit! (11.5.2023)

There are various activities that are unique to the people of Luang Prabang, such as wearing traditional clothing, unique food and experiencing the lifestyle of the local people. In the past 2 years, there were 883,096 tourists who visited Luang Prabang. In this, 483,765 domestic tourists, 399,331 international tourists – with the average income from tourism amounting to more than 336 million US dollars. Along with this, Luang Prabang province has 97 hotels, many resorts, 400 guest houses, 311 restaurants, 97 travel companies, 19 entertainment stores, 36 massage and spa shops, 553 national tour guides (with at least 126 women performing this role) and 41 provincial tour guides (including 11 women). All of this development has continued to attract tourists to continuously visit Luang Prabang each year!

DPRK: Comrade Kim Jong Un Congratulates Russia on 78th May 9th Victory Day! (11.5.2023)

I am confident that the strong and just people of Russia will continue to win under your leadership in the journey to repel all challenges and threats posed by hostile forces – guaranteeing the sovereignty (and dignity) of the country and the stability of the region!

I would like to take this opportunity to once again send my warm martial greetings to yourself – the Russian Army and people – who have daringly stood-up in this sacred struggle to realize International Justice and defend World Peace against the high-handedness and arbitrariness of the imperialists!