UN: China Urges Israel to Stop Encroaching Upon Palestinian Land and Resources! (25.5.2023)

“Honouring these three requirements is also a fundamental step towards reviving the two-state solution. The international community should not just talk the talk in its support for the two-state solution, or take the support for direct Palestinian-Israeli negotiations as an excuse for shirking one’s own responsibilities,” Geng said, adding that the country with major influence on the parties concerned should make concrete efforts to advance the Middle East peace process and “should not unjustifiably prevent the Security Council from arriving at the minimum consensus on the Palestine-Israeli issue.”

Geng reiterated China’s position, indicating that the country “will continue to firmly support the Palestinian people and their just cause to restore their legitimate national rights, and support the establishment of a fully sovereign and independent state of Palestine based on the 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital.”

Historical ‘Weight’ of Evidence Suggests ‘David Irving’ Did Take Place! (25.5.2023)

By the end, Irving tells us that Hitler was not in good physical shape but yet kept a tenuous psychological grip on a type of reality. David Irving pieces together the Hitler paradigm with a remarkable clarity and it is a shame that he let his far-right political views edge out his outstanding literary and research skills. As a result, the man formerly known as ‘David Irving’ still peddles his wares through self-publishing, a hard to find website (linked above) and the ‘direct selling’ capacity the internet age offers! David Irving is not only being persecuted for his far-right views (as despicable as they might be) – but is also being punished for pointing-out certain ‘unsavoury’ facts about WWII that emerge from the objective consideration of Allied behaviour! I remember reading in a book about the Nuremburg Trials (NOT penned by David Irving) that an Allied legal expert thought that the remit of the ‘Trials’ should to expanded to consider alleged ‘Allied’ War Crimes – but this idea was considered too controversial and was ultimately ‘rejected’! I suspect David Irving got the Memo (he is too good of a researcher not to have done) but I doubt he had time to read it – hence the misunderstanding!

Zionist Israel Possesses the Missile Capability to Strike the UK! (13.5.2023)

The irony is that Zionist Israel can not only militarily strike anywhere in the UK whenever it feels the need – but it can carry out this feat only because the UK has given it the ability to do so in the first place! The UK has armed a potential enemy – one that perpetuated a brutal and ruthless terrorist war against the British in Palestine during the 20th century – and which could in theory launch a missile strikes on UK targets should British policy change in support of the Palestinians, or Britain demands that all the UN condemnations of Israeli military action be taken seriously! This would require the International Community to follow the UN guidance regarding its (historical) allegations accusing Israel of War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity committed in Palestine and various other theatres in the Middle East! These criminal activity is continuing today as I write – with more Palestinians being murdered by a vicious religiously justified regime that exists to reinforce a version of White Supremacist ideology (Zionism) that hides behind a veneer of fake victimhood!

Nazi Germany: The 1943 Joseph Goebbels ‘Tatanic’ Film! (9.5.2023)

The film entitled ‘Titanic’ – is a 1943 Nazi German propaganda film made during World War II in Berlin by Tobis Productions for UFA. This lavish production depicts the catastrophic sinking of RMS Titanic in 1912 – and the massive lose of life this tragic event entailed! Despite the fact that there had already been a very good ‘silent’ movie produced in Germany during 1912 (just four weeks after the actual sinking) and that a British company had subsequently released a German-language film about the disaster in 1929 – the film was still commissioned by Joseph Goebbels – with the intent of showing not only the superiority of German filmmaking (whilst the regime was suffering debilitating military losses on all fronts), but also serve as a propaganda tool portraying Hitler’s lunatic ideas that it was British and American capitalism (controlled by what he termed ‘International Jewry’) that was responsible for the disaster!

My Job Application to ‘Asia-Plus’! (8.5.2023)

Of course, what you are NOT telling your audience is just how many ethnic Tajiks in Russia SUPPORT President Putin – and openly OPPOSE your editorial position – an anti-Russian position that was even ‘banned’ by the Tajik government – so repugnant did they find it! I am sure these differences in perceiving reality will not come between us – and prevent my snout from joining yours in the trough of plenty that is the endless flow of US dollars!

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