Supporting Russia’s Contemporary Fight Against Fascism!

Long Live the Soviet Union of Lenin and Stalin!

The capitalist countries – led by the United States – want to create a world whereby ‘profit’ is placed BEFORE ‘principle’! The United States (and ‘Zionist’ State of Israel) are two of the most dangerous ‘rogue’ States the world has ever known! The irony is that the US is far more dangerous than Nazi Germany – but it is doing this by utilising the very fascist ideology that Hitler formulated and inflicted upon the world! Profit cannot be linked to ‘White Supremacy’ – but this is exactly what the US, UK and EU is doing! ALL non-White people – and ALL ordinary White people – are at risk from this terrible and horrific ideology! Zionists support capitalism and fascism – but not all Zionists are Jews – and not all Jews are Zionists!

The AFU and Neo-Hazi Units ALL the Nazi German Swastika!

Therefore, predatory capitalism is the enemy of humanity (because ‘fascism’ is ‘capitalism’ in decline) and not any particular group of people who have no choice but to use the capitalist system! Race hate (and sexual deviancy) are two markers of what is today termed ‘Neo-Nazism’ – an ideology of perversion (and mass death) the US, UK, Canada and the EU refuse to condemn! When hundreds of thousands of deluded Ukrainians move like wide-eyed sheep into the meat-grinder at Bakhmut – you know something is NOT right with the world! Russia is right to resist this US-manufactured abuse of humanity in the Ukraine, Eastern Europe and places like Syria!

Comrade Joseph Stalin – the Greatest Working-Class Leader the World Has Ever Known!

I am disturbed by videos I have been sent of what looks like ‘dead’ British soldiers on the battlefields of Bakhmut – stripped of ALL identifying documents and distinguishing marks BEFORE entering the fray! As long as we possess ‘free minds’ – then we can think for ourselves and steer-clear of the US attempts to brainwash us into meekly accepting the stupidity and race-hate of an Adolf Hitler reborn!

This ‘Dead’ Ukrainians Are Wearing British Uniforms and Carrying British Arms!