Mainland Chinese People Attend First Ever Gay Pride Event


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(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

Translator’s Note: Gay Rights exist in China, but they are emerging from a totally different historical, economic and cultural base.  Gay Rights in China should not be seen as the same as Gay Rights (that vary) in other parts of the world.  I once heard Peter Tatchell (the emanate Gay Rights Activist in the UK) refer to China as a violator of Human Rights and ‘anti-gay’.  Although I respect this man (and have met him on protest marches in London), I consider his view on China to be incorrect.  China’s gay community needs support and not criticism from the foreign Gay Community – because gay people in China are ‘Chinese’ and this cannot be ‘cured’ or ‘changed’ through a bourgeois dislike for Chinese Communism.  ACW 31.5.2016

For the first time in its 41 year history, Comrades from Communist China have attended the LA Gay Pride Event.  Pictured above from left to right are Chinese comrade ‘A Qiang’ (阿强), ‘Huang Daozheng’ (黄道政) the head of the LA Gay Organisation, Chinese comrade ‘Xiao Tiehe’ (小铁和) and Dylan Chen.  According to reports of the 13th, June, 2011, four Chinese comrades left Guangzhou, Wuhan and Shanghai, to represent Mainland China at Gay Pride for the first time in its 41 year history.  The four comrades from China are all the heads of gay organisations situated in Guangzhou, Wuhan, and Shanghai and this is why they were chosen to travel to the US.

Xiao Tiehe is a student from Zhongnan University and is the head of the youth wing of ‘Rainbow’ – a Wuhan Gay Rights Organisation.  She commented that after four weeks in the LA Gay Community that she had learned a lot and gained valuable experience.  The LA Gay Community was well organised with good relations with the broader community, which had developed clever and innovative commercial interests.  Xiao Tiehe was of the opinion that China had to learn from this very positive experience, and that the situation in LA was currently impossible in China at the moment.  A Qiang (from Guangzhou) explained that the LA Gay Community was well organised and self-financing, and in fact had paid for the Chinese comrades to visit and stay in the US.  Dylan Chen has arranged gay events in Shanghai and has attended gay events in Hong Kong, but he said that by comparison the Chinese events seemed ‘shy’ when compared with the confident and extrovert nature the LA Gay Pride Event.

(Reporter: Qiu Chen – 邱晨)

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上图左起:中国“同志”阿强、洛杉矶华人同性恋组织负责人黄道政、中国“同志”小铁和Dylan Chen,他们参加完洛杉矶同性恋大游行后在一起合影。





上海自豪节组织人Dylan Chen说,他曾去过香港等地观看那里的自豪节活动,但无论是上海或香港的同类活动都带有几分羞涩,不如洛杉矶同性恋大游行豪放,“洛杉矶同性恋大游行的参与者均表现出了发自内心的自豪感。”(记者 邱晨)


China: The Racist Advert That Never Was


Author’s Note: I have translated and paraphrased this comprehensive article from the Mainland Chinese media discussing the Western media’s rabid trumpeting of the allegation of ‘Chinese racism’ following a Chinese advert explained below.  I have been compelled to seek-out this article due to the sheer scope of gleeful racism aimed at the Chinese people from the West, with white and black people enthusiastically ‘sharing’ and making all kinds of uninformed, uneducated and ignorant statements about China.  I expect nothing less from white racists (as they are everywhere), but black people should get their act together and unite with the Chinese people to fight ‘white’ racism, and not assist the same ‘white’ racism that they have suffered under as a people for centuries.  ACW 31.5.2016

China has suffered at the hands of Western, imperialist powers for centuries, and the modern Western attitude toward China (and Chinese people) is just as racist today, as it was two hundred years.  This Western racism assumes that the Chinese people are racially and culturally inferior.  This ignores the fact that China possesses the oldest, continuous culture in the world, and that its people embraced the philosophy of Marxism to free itself from Western (and Japanese) oppression, assisted by the USSR (toward the end of WWII).   The US takes exception to modern China being a Communist State, and spends considerable resources attempting to bring China down from the outside (through such false-fronts as the Falun Gong, the Epoch Times, and the Pro-Tibetan Movement, etc).  Western racism, however, does not stop at the Chinese people living within Mainland China, but is applied evenly to all Chinese people throughout the world, and toward all facets of Chinese culture.  This process of historical and continuous demonization of the Chinese people is aided and abetted by the Western, Christian Church that paints the ‘pagan’ Chinese as being ‘spiritually’ inferior, as well as racially inferior.  This means that Chinese people (as non-Europeans) have been the historical victims of Western racism, and continue to be so today.  Although ostensibly this anti-Chinese angst is justified as being motivated by a sense of ‘anti-Communism’ in the capitalist West, it is obvious that it does not matter what economic system a Chinese person lives within, as Eurocentric racism will continue to discriminate against them as a people.  A clear example of this can be seen with the Western racism aimed at the Soviet Union before its demise in 1991 (because it was ‘Communist’), and yet despite Russia’s disastrous shift to predatory capitalism, anti-Russian, Western racism is as strong and prolific as ever.

China and the Chinese people have been the victims of Eurocentric racism and have never been a perpetrator of that racism.  Furthermore, even historians from the modern State of Israel have had to admit that China is one of the few places on earth that Jewish people have never been oppressed or subject to pogrom.  Recently, a new media offensive against China (and the Chinese people) has been spread across the Western world by its media – particularly the Huffington Post, CNN and the BBC.  This involves an alleged video of a detergent advert from China showing an African man trying to kiss a Chinese woman – who then pushes him into a washing machine.  A few moments later, a Chinese man emerges from the washing machine.  This is apparently a copy of an earlier Italian advert that sees a European man fall into a washing machine and a heavily-muscled African man getting-out.  The Western media continuously prints untrue and racist articles about China all the time as part of its assistance in the misrepresentation of China, her culture, and her people, and yet exactly the same ‘media’ has recently (and mistakenly) portrayed this video as being the most ‘racist’ and ‘offensive’ form of discrimination the world has ever seen.  Of course, the racist Western media is wrong on this account.  The worst racist incidences the world has ever seen (and continues to see) has been those continuous atrocities over the last five hundred years, perpetuated by the Westerners on non-Europeans and non-Christians.  China and her people have been on the receiving-end of this Eurocentric brutality that has been barely reported in Western media.

China firmly rejects the allegation of racial prejudice and discrimination premised upon skin-colour.  It is generally thought in China that this new offensive is part of the Western attempt to bring down Chinese Communism and its Internationalist policies – particularly throughout Africa – and within China, where African people are invited to attend universities and martial arts schools free of charge.  Another motivation for this offensive is to ‘hide’ various ‘embarrassing’ issues about life in Western, capitalist countries.  African-Americans have been exploited terribly in the past through Western institutional slavery, which although now abolished, nevertheless is still felt throughout the African diaspora through the continuation Eurocentric racism.  The US has a terrible problem of systemic racial prejudice aimed at African-Americans despite the country being run by President Barak Obama (an African-American).  Barak Obama – despite his ethnic background, has to represent the majority ‘white’ community (that financed and elected him) whilst keeping the racialised status quo very much in place.  By fabricating a ‘racist’ incident against China, Obama is diverting attention away from his disastrous record in office toward the ‘black’ community of America.  This policy has stirred-up ‘black’ anti-Chinese sentiment which is in essence simply ‘white’ racism deflected.  Youtube has a number of videos featuring African-Americans stating that the Chinese people are ‘racist’, are ‘colonising Africa’, and committing ‘genocide’ against its female population, etc.  One video purportedly shows an educated African-American man speaking Putonghua with Chinese women who racially abuse him.  This video was staged and was filmed in the US colony of Taiwan using actors. Since 1949, all forms of racism and prejudice have been forbidden under Chinese Communist Law.  However, the West has desperately sought to presents China in a racist light by falsely propagating the lie that Han Chinese hold racist attitudes toward Uighar people.  In 2005, Beijing University’s Psychology Department carried-out research recording Han Chinese attitudes toward Uighar people – and then compared the results with US academic research that recorded attitudes of ‘white’ Americans toward ‘black’ Americans.  It was found that ‘white’ Americans were generally openly racist toward ‘black’ Americans, whilst by comparison, the attitudes of Han Chinese toward Uighurs were found to be ‘mild’ in comparison.  This academic study was translated into English and made available to the Western press – which refused to publish it.  This is because the West has implicit racial problems which it does not want to face or change.  Instead, it fabricates other people into ogres to divert attention away from the very prolific nature of Western racism.

China has never possessed a historical prejudice against African people – that only exists in the West due to slavery.  Therefore this advert was not motivated in any way by anti-African racism, and it is interesting to consider that the African actor (who agreed to star in this role) did not think the plot was ‘racist’.  In fact, academics at the Central University for Nationalities – Institute of Ethnology state that traditional Chinese culture does not have any notion of ‘race’ or ‘colour’ in its historical development.  Ancient Chinese culture developed around the notion of correct behaviour and not appearance.  People were categorised by whether they practised Chinese culture or did not.  As a consequence, many different types of people were considered ‘Chinese’ despite differing physical characteristics.  Even today in modern China, there are 56 distinct ethnic groups, with only ethnic Russians and Tajiks being considered ‘Caucasian’.  There are currently around 20,000 ethnic Russians in China, and around 50,000 Tajiks.  This is a very small percentage of the Chinese population, and yet there has never been any reported cases of racial discrimination aimed at these minorities, who are law-abiding and live peaceful lives.  Modern China encourages integration and multiculturalism, and cares profoundly for the well-being of its populace.  This extends to the well-being of foreign nationals friendly to China and sympathetic to is political system.  Even today, Chinese people discuss cultural differences and never refer to race as a main designator of identity (as only Western racism makes this distinction).

Academics working for the China Advertising Association (many of whom are lawyers) confirm that all forms of discrimination are out-lawed not only nationally, but also within advertising.  This advert does not break Chinese advertising standards because it was found after investigation, that no one concerned in its making was motivated in any way by racial prejudice (as China does not historically possess the historical Western anti-black racism).  It has also been alleged that this Chinese advert has broken copyright law – but it transpires that the original Italian advert was deemed illegal in that country – and so its content cannot be copyrighted.  However, the only valid criticism for this advert is that it is uninspired and not original. Those who break the strict advertising law in China are subject to substantial fines, closure of business and even imprisonment in severe cases of infringement.  This advert was the product of bad judgement – nothing more – and the makers have withdrawn it and issued an unreserved apology for any offense caused.

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中国“黑洗白”广告让西方不爽 专家称中国人种族观念淡漠


Conspiracy Theory as Psychological Evolution

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The contemporary era is marked by distrust of government, and dismissal (to varying degrees) of mainstream media reports, films and apparently authoritative texts.  This has been aided dramatically by the advent of the internet in the 1990’s that allows millions of people to immediately share information at a touch of a button.  This building-up and sharing of knowledge operates outside of official government and mainstream media, and has taken on a creative life of its own.  Generally speaking, it seems that the ‘conspiracy theory’ is fuelled by an intuitive sense that society as it exits, (and those who run it), is not being honest and does not always present the ‘truth’ about important (or less important) current or historical affairs.  What is happening here?  Why would the citizens of the Western world conspire to create a ‘counter-narrative’ to the version of events decreed by national governments and disseminated through the mainstream media?  The Western world, is of course, capitalist and liberal democratic.  This means that the prevailing economic system is not only ‘unjust’, but is premised upon a ‘lie’ that is taken as ‘truth’.  Karl Marx (in his epic Das Kapital) explained that workers are exploited because they are never paid the full amount of money that their labour produces.  This is because the managing class pays only enough in wages to keep the workers ‘alive’ and able to ‘function’ as an exploitable labourer.  The difference between the small amount of the wages paid – and the actual true amount of profit made for the managers is termed by Marx as ‘surplus value’.  The managing class (that although owns the means of production, does not carry-out any of the hard labour) takes this profit which maintains and protects its opulent lifestyle and political power.  This is the fundamental ‘conspiracy theory’ (that happens to be exactly correct) that underlies all capitalist societies, and which motivates (albeit intuitively) the questioning of every official story in a piece-meal fashion.

As the minds of the workers are the product of conditioning from birth (by bourgeois society), they are taught that working for small amounts of pay in poor conditions is correct (and natural), and that the bourgeoisie is equally correct to harvest all the profits for its own selfish purposes.  Not only this, but bourgeois society also controls all the schools, colleges and universities, and ensures that the default setting for scholarship is that of supporting the capitalist, bourgeois society.  In this sense, although bourgeois society deals in secular science, it is ensured that nothing ‘Socialistic’ is ever proven as being more ‘true’ (and therefore more beneficial to society) than bourgeois, capitalist greed.  Bourgeois science treads the thin-line of purporting to be always searching for the progression of human knowledge, whilst simultaneously ensuring that knowledge and science do not contradict the psychological, physical, economic or political ‘norms’ of bourgeois society.  It seems that the masses of ordinary people living within Western, bourgeois society, are intuitively ‘aware’ that something is not quite right with the society within which they exist, but do not possess in general, the personal or group insight to understand the fundamental problem, but instead take a scatter-gun approach to attacking a bourgeois theory here, or a bourgeois theory there.  This is because ordinary people are aware that something about their life is inherently false, but are unable to identify exactly what it is.

Therefore, it can be correctly stated that ALL bourgeois explanations, no matter how factually correct they may seem on the surface, are in reality ‘false’ because the justifying underlying paradigm (of the systemic exploitation of the masses) is never made ‘apparent’ or ‘clear’.  It is not stated in any bourgeois textbook that the facts contained therein are tailored to keep in place a ruthless capitalist system, that although utilising the notions of ‘freedom of thought’ and ‘freedom of thought’, nevertheless strongly defends its own class privilege and position within society, by limiting free thought and free speech!  Bourgeois science represents the middle class, because it is that class which has developed this science and manipulated it so that it only develops in a specific ‘middle class’ friendly direction.  This is essentially an ‘anti-working class’ narrative used to control and define society and reality.  By and large, conspiracy theorists are taking matters into their own hands, and are questioning virtually everything bourgeois science has claimed to have achieved.  Some aspects of these conspiracy theories are valid, whilst other aspects are incorrect.  However, the ‘truth’ factor of these conspiracy theories lies not in whether they are ‘correct’ (when measured through the auspices of bourgeois science), but that they exist at all.  The genre of conspiracy theory represents a working class shift from total domination by the bourgeoisie, to a system wide ‘questioning’ of anything the bourgeois system has ever said.  Regardless of the ‘facts’ contained within each and every conspiracy theory, the existence of the theory itself is absolutely ‘valid’ as a counter-narrative to the fundamental ‘lie’ that underlies bourgeois, capitalist society.  Of course, bourgeois science criticises these conspiracy theories as being ‘incorrect’, ‘fraudulent’ and ‘false’, etc. This is exactly the same bourgeois science that never reveals its underlying class bias, or its mission to hinder the development of objective science in any other direction, than in the support of the bourgeoisie itself.  Bourgeois science is not ‘free’ science, but is limited and conditioned by its own class structure and narrow view of the world premised upon the accumulation of profit.  Conspiracy theory thinking breaks out of the ghetto of bourgeois limitation, and attempts to reconstruct a different way of viewing the objective world.

Many workers who create conspiracy theories, are of course not entirely aware of their own bourgeois conditioning, and have never read the works of Karl Marx.  They are unaware of the ‘inverted’ nature of the mind-set of the bourgeoisie, or that their attempt to break out of bourgeois ensnarement, represents a rudimentary proletarian attempt to ‘rebel’ against psychological and physical imprisonment.  This development is dialectical in nature, and represents an evolutionary stage in the minds of the workers, that although not organised (or even perceived for what it is), does represent the power of the internet and the corresponding effects this had had on the ordinary human mind.  More than this, however, but many conspiracy theories are elaborately constructed and represent an important development of lucid and three-dimensional human thinking.  Regardless of its factual or non-factual content, the conspiracy theory offers an intriguing integration of ‘thinking’ with ‘imagination’ that may well serve as the basis of an entirely new and far more progressive proletariat science that will lead humanity out of the bourgeois morass it currently exists within.

Revolutionary Buddhism Crushes All Political Illusions


Author’s Note:  Both Karl Marx and Gautama Siddharta (the ‘Buddha’) rejected mindless killing and warfare for profit.  Both also rejected the principle of the ‘Death Sentence’ and both worked to relieve the suffering of humanity.  However, what is less known or misunderstood, is that Karl Marx believed that the International Working Class had a right to protect itself from the continuous violence inflicted upon it by the International Bourgeoisie.  The Buddha, too, also recognised the practicality of a State possessing an armed force for self-defence and maintaining law and order (see the Chakkavatti Sihanad Sutta, for instance).  The Buddha and Karl Marx (both of whom expressed definite Animal Rights tendencies), believed that it was morally incorrect to maintain and perpetuate deliberate suffering throughout society, and sort through their respective rational, dialectical, and historically materialistic systems, to uproot and eradicate it from the individual mind, body, and from across society.  This is nothing short of the radical collective and individualistic transformation of existence from the base-up that leaves no stone unturned.  This is because Buddhism is naturally ‘Communistic’ and ‘Revolutionary’ in the Marxist sense – not because Marx and Engels wrote it (although they both knew, understood and admired the Buddha’s teaching) – but because the Buddha realised a profound scientific and philosophical reality prior to the ancient Greeks, and thousands of years before Marx and Engels sat-down with their quills and produced their master-piece of Scientific Socialism.  It is an interesting question as to whether Marx and Engels were motivated or influenced by the Buddha’s teachings (as transmitted to them by Karl Koppen) when they formulated their ground-breaking ‘Scientific Socialism’ for the modern age.  Whatever the case, it is impossible for a legitimate Buddhist to be rightwing in anyway (outside of Japan), but to always support the Communist and Socialist leftwing of politics.  This echoes Sartre’s famous line that ‘anyone who is not a Communist, is a dog’. The following article is part of an ongoing project that seeks to unravel and clarify the Buddha’s teachings and rescue them from the distorting bourgeois abyss they have fallen into in the modern West.  Western capitalists make use of Buddhism as just another commodity to temporarily appease their perennial greed.  Coupled with various ‘trendy’, but otherwise ‘false’ Buddhist movements in the West, the Buddha’s teachings have been made to seem as if they represent the exploitative agencies of modern capitalism (despite the fact that as a distinct body of knowledge, it was formulated during India’s feudal period).  Does the Buddha’s message represent Scientific Socialism?  The answer is definitely ‘yes’ because it seeks to undercut the very motivating greed that is the essence of modern capitalism, and in so doing, forge a new society and a new individuality based upon non-greed, non-hatred, and non-delusion – surely this represents the stage of ‘Socialism’ and the ultimate stateless-state of ‘Communism’ as envisioned by Marx and Engels, and put into practical reality by the great VI Lenin in Soviet Russia.  ACW 28.5.2016

Contrary to mistaken and distorted bourgeois interpretations of ‘Buddha’ and ‘Buddhism’, the Buddha interfered in ancient Indian politics all the time.  This probably stemmed from the fact that he was a high caste ‘Hindu’ (or adherent of the Brahmanic religious system), and came from a politically prominent family.  The Buddha ate, breathed and lived politics and in no way rejected the agencies of political awareness or political protest.  In fact it can be said that the Buddha played the political system of ancient India with a very high degree of astute sophistication and profound awareness.  He understood the inner-workings of the Brahmanic system and had an intimate knowledge of how the Brahmanic mind-set worked.  He knew how everyday political life was for Hindu society, and equally understood how to guide that process toward his enlightened reason that stated that all of humanity’s ill were the product of greed, hatred, and delusional habitual thought patterns emanating within the psychic fabric of the mind, and manifesting in the mind as incorrect thought, and in the environment as aberrant (and harmful) behaviours.  Furthermore, as the Buddha rejected ‘idealism’, he further stated that greed, hatred and delusion in the mind had its origin in the physical world, and in the accumulated consequences of those actions (karma) generated whilst living in that world.  He stated that gods were ultimately unreal (but appear to be real in the deluded state), and that in the state of enlightenment, even the agency of ‘rebirth’ (which should not be confused or conflated with ‘reincarnation’, which does not exist within Buddhism), is revealed as being not real.  The Buddha rejected the theology of Brahmanism (i.e. ‘Hinduism’) and created what can be viewed as the world’s first system of secular thought.

The Buddha’s break with Brahmanism was remarkably complete and in many ways more exact and precise than many secular Western philosophers, those otherwise interesting thoughts on logic and reason still retain a very distinct Judeo-Christian influence (as if they are ‘apologising’ for breaking free of Christian theology, whilst attempting to keep a foot in either camp).  Even today, many adherents of Western ‘secular’ thought, either attempt to re-integrate that thought with Judeo-Christian theological influences, or outside of their professional academic work, profess a profound ‘belief’ in the Judeo Christian theology that their science rejects in the name of reason.  The same cannot be said for the Buddha, who during the time of his life, and despite the fact that he was so deeply and profoundly invested in the caste privilege of his day, thoroughly rejected the very Brahmanic theological foundation of that privilege – because he perceived it (within meditational absorption) as being ‘wrong’, ‘incorrect’, and premised upon the use of historically ‘false’ logic  By using the meditational techniques and methods of Brahmanism and Yoga, for instance, he did set his mind (and body) free of all historically conditionality – whilst still continuing to exist within the conditionally created world.  This happened at a time when many Hindu (and other types of ascetics) settled for a ‘negation’ of the recognition of conditioned reality and refused to partake in any logical and reasonable discussion about reality.  Of course, this attitude left Brahmanic society completely unquestioned and allowed to continue as it had always done – until the Buddha came along, that is.

The Buddha rejected Brahmanic politics (along with the entire religious, political, social and cultural systems of Brahmanism) whilst continuing to live within it (albeit in modified fashion – from opulent prince to impoverished beggar).  The Buddha’s entire enlightened physical presence was ‘political’ (and continues to be so within modern, capitalist societies) because whilst affirming a different mode of profound enlightened existence, he thoroughly and permanently rejected the racism and greed of the very system that produced him, and continued to allow him to exist within its boundaries.  The Buddha’s physical presence, (and following his passing – his ‘Dharmic teachings’), serve to up root greed, hatred, and delusion not only in the individual mind (the emphasis of bourgeois interpretations of Buddhism in the modern West, obsessed as it is with ‘individualism’), but also within society as whole.  A proper Buddhist – like the Buddha – uproots greed, hatred and delusion in the mind and in society, and sees no difference between the two.  The modern bourgeois, by way of contrast, labours under the misapprehension that enlightenment can be a purely ‘personal’ affair, that the society that privileges him or her can continue unchanged by the enlightened experience.  This is a modern disease found virtually everywhere within Buddhism today that does not have its roots within authentic Indian Buddhism, but rather in the deluded minds of those who try to use Buddhism to re-inforce or justify the corrupt, and greed orientated societies that they happen to exist within.

Bourgeois Buddhism (being deluded as they are), will continue to perpetuate greed, hatred and delusion no matter where they live (East or West), and support the greed of capitalism and its hate-filled warmongering and political duplicity.  This is because the outer constructs of bourgeois society are firmly rooted within the deepest recesses of their minds.  In such a situation, a type of ‘fetish’ Buddhism is employed to justify ALL bourgeois social and political constructs, so that in reality nothing changes, other than the sham association between the bourgeois in question and the ‘new’ exotic philosophy they have discovered within Buddhism.  This rejection of true Buddhism for false Buddhism allows Western Buddhists to continue with their greed-filled and hate intensive lifestyles – bombing any country that dares to defy this world-view.  In Asia, Asian Buddhists infected with this bourgeois disease resort to such Western hatreds as Islamophobia, and other forms of inter-ethnic violence.  This is the spread of Western delusion in the Asian mind.  This is not to deny the fact that non-Western peoples have greed, hatred, and delusion in their minds, (after-all the uprooting of ‘Asian’ delusional psychology and correspondingly ‘corrupt’ social modes of existence, is the entire foundation of Buddhist philosophy), but acknowledges the power of relatively recent historical processes and events, in the form of pervasive European imperialism and colonialism.  In short, the European colonialists amassed for themselves the means of production in Asia, and set about ruthlessly exploiting her peoples, and conditioning them to unquestionably ‘accept’ without question, the premise of domination through racism, so on and so forth.  The legacy of this spread of Western delusion into Asia is that these psycho-physical traits of Eurocentric delusion hide deep-down in the mind, and only emerge when conditions are right for their expression.  Buddhists hating Muslims in Asia is simply the encoding of Western prejudices against Islam into the minds of non-Europeans, so that these ‘Buddhists’ believe they are acting out of free will when they attack and murder otherwise peaceful Muslim communities.  Perhaps an example of this Western-inspired murder in Asia is demonstrated by the fact that many of the so-called ‘protesting’ Buddhist monks hold-up placards containing anti-Islamic rhetoric written in ‘English’ when very few people in those countries would use English as a political language.  It is though these ‘Buddhists’ are communicating to the ‘new’ Western over-lords, confirming that Eurocentric racism has been effectively transmitted throughout non-European communities in the world.  In the meantime, whilst this game of deluded politics is played-out, thousands of innocents continue to die.  Obviously this is not ‘Buddhism’, but is its exact opposite.  It is not the uprooting of greed, hatred, and delusion, but rather the firm maintenance and perpetuation of greed, hated and delusion, often instigated by the members of the Buddhist Sangha – or ordained monastic community.  This is a particular problem for Asian countries which possess impoverished and poorly educated masses, which tend to ‘worship’ the ordained Sangha, and carry-out any instructions emanating from it.  This represents a corruption of Buddhism that has fallen into ‘religiosity’ where the Buddha is viewed as a ‘god’ and his ordained monks and nuns as ‘mediators’ between the ignorant laity and god (as Buddha).  This mimics, of course, the Christianity of the Western missionaries who were deliberately (and cynically) placed around Asia attempting to ‘convert’ and ‘corrupt’ all indigenous cultural modes of expression to their own use.

The Buddha’s rejection of theism and ALL political, social and cultural modes of expression premised upon it, (i.e. ALL aspects of ancient Indian Brahmanic society), was without compromise or apology.  The Buddha interpreted his expression of understanding as being the ‘right’ of a spiritual traveller who had ‘realised’ or ‘recognised’ the ‘truth’.  The difference for the Buddha, was that he firmly rejected the entire psycho-physical expression of his religious and socio-economic system.  He knew that this would exclude him from ALL religious and social structures that had previously enabled his privileged existence, and that he would have no recourse through the extant political system (that his father was so prominent within).  As it was socially acceptable to live on the edge of society and rely on begging to sustain a physical existence, the Buddha chose this existence and after his enlightenment, never again re-entered the society he had so firmly rejected.  In his mind (and in his body) he fundamentally entered a new state of being whereby ALL aspects of Brahmanic society was uprooted, analysed as incorrect (because it was the product of greed, hatred, and delusion in the mind and body), and discarded as suffering producing.  However, the Buddha’s community of ordained monks and nuns lived a ‘Communistic’ existence where even their clothing (as ‘robes’) was donated by others (usually members of the laity).  In early Buddhism, the monks and nuns would walk quietly through villages or towns with their eyes looking downward at the ground, holding a single begging bowl, into which ordinary people could put scraps of food in, if they felt so compelled.  Under no circumstance was a Buddhist monastic permitted to ‘ask’ for food, or engage the populace in any manner that would suggest ‘greed’ in operation.  The practice of ‘begging’ sustenance for the body was turned into a walking meditation practice for the Buddha and his monastics.  Often these monks and nuns would return with no food to the Sangharama or Vihara, would replace their bowls in the correct manner, and without a ‘grasping’ mind, return to seated meditation practice, or other forms of permitted Dharma-work.  The Buddha rejected the concept of ‘leadership’, and instead put the authority of the community in his teachings – or ‘Dharma’.  This is why even today, the Dharma is considered more important than even the Vinaya Discipline (the Buddhist monastic discipline).  Generally speaking, an elderly monk or nun co-ordinates Dharma practice – but is never considered the ‘head’ of Buddhism.  Lay Buddhists (whilst living within Brahmanic society), were encouraged by the Buddha to put his teachings into practice in a manner that benefitted society and reduced or eradicated all forms of suffering.  This is because the Buddha tempered his revolutionary thinking with the application of ‘loving kindness’ and ‘compassion’ toward ALL beings even those who perpetuated greed, hatred, and delusion, usually as an important first-step to transforming their minds and lifestyles.  Even when lay-Buddhists earn money (through their labour), the Buddha encouraged them to be ‘wise’ and ‘compassionate’ with its usage.  An amount should be saved, an amount should be spent on daily living costs, and an amount should be given to those in need.  Lay Buddhists living within ancient India had to ‘work’ for their living not because the Buddha thought wage-slavery was correct (he obviously did not), but because lay-Buddhists were often married with children, were not celibate ascetics, and could not access the tradition of spiritual wanderers begging for sustenance.  Lay Buddhists (usually Hindu converts) would ‘give-up’ caste if they could, or work from within it to bring it down in a gentle and persuasive manner, if they could not.  However, wherever possible, the Buddha would encourage the laity to ‘ordain’ into his monastic community, and leave Brahmanic society completely behind (which also meant the rejection of the institute of ‘marriage’, having a spouse, and raising children, etc).

The Buddha, being of high caste Brahmanic birth, was generally respected by the numerous kings and ministers that ruled India during his lifetime.  This certainly seems to be the case even after his enlightenment and his known thorough rejection of the Brahmanic system.  It is a valid question as to whether the Buddha would have been listened to, to the extent he obviously was (by high caste Hindus), if he had been born a low-caste Hindu possessing a dark complexion.  However, as the Buddha was nothing if not pragmatic, he used his influence to continuously interfere in regional politics if he thought it would reduce suffering in the world.  This is why he often interceded in conflicts with the intention of using wisdom in the place of killing (i.e. ‘military action’).  However, although the Buddha clearly states that killing is wrong (because it attracts negative karmic fruits for all concerned), and advises that both lay and monastic Buddhists should adhere to this precept first and foremost (as a means of uprooting greed, hatred, and delusion), nevertheless the Buddha’s practical approach often meant that he would approach lay existence with a certain ‘balance’ of view.  For instance, although he made it clear about the dangers of killing, he still acknowledged that for protective purposes, the State could retain an armed force, providing its soldiery were disciplined and of a high moral calibre.  This is because the Buddha understood that greed, hatred, and delusion, were so ingrained within the mind, body and society that simply proscribing an activity would not be of any use in transforming that activity.  A soldier (or revolutionary) who becomes a ‘Buddhist’ is still a soldier or revolutionary, just as a lay person (with all their cares and tribulations, are still a ‘lay’ person).  The Buddha did not agree with killing (of humans, animals or plants), but understood that lay society has a historical karmic force underpinning it, and that these waves of dialectical manifestation must be manifest and cannot be prevented from doing so.  The best way of dealing with the institutes and entities of society was to influence it for the better, rather than out rightly condemning certain manifestations of it.  This is the Buddha’s ‘middle way’ in operation.  He understood that within lay society conflict and violence might well have to occur to end greed, hatred, and delusion.  This is the Buddha’s pragmatic understanding in operation.  Although he preferred the auspices of peaceful inner and outer change, he acknowledged that lay society might well have to undergo various changes through otherwise non-peaceful means.  The Buddha’s advice is that violent actions have negative karmic responses (and therefore induce ‘suffering’), but that those people engaged in violent activity (such as soldiers or revolutionaries), should strive to purify their minds of greed, hatred, and delusion whilst in pursuance of their political ends.  This is because the Buddha interpreted the agency of karma as not just being physical actions, but as rather originating in the mind as ‘intention’.  If this ‘intention’ is infested with greed, hatred, and delusion, then it logically follows that this ignorance is perpetuated throughout the world through the agency of physical action.  However, for a fully enlightened being, all deluded ‘intention’ has been uprooted, and no further ‘karma’ is produced (in the mind and body), although such a being will still experience a diminished historical karma associated with the physical body (whilst it still exists in the world).  A lay Buddhist can attain to this state, (although it is difficult to do so), and continue to function in lay society.  Such an accomplished layperson is in a position to spread revolutionary enlightenment throughout the world, and assist in the freeing of humanity from the chains of historically conditioned oppression and exploitation.  A Buddhist – whether monastic or lay – is a true revolutionary committed to uprooting the basis of deluded society in the mind, body and environment.  This pragmatic Buddhist approach parallels the Scientific Socialism of Marxist-Engelism and Marxist-Leninism – and Buddhists are advised to study these teachings in all their manifestations (including Joseph Stalin and Mao Zedong) as an important step in transforming the modern world for the better.

©opyright: Adrian Chan-Wyles (ShiDaDao) 2016.



Rejecting the EU, Racism & Nationalism


The Good People of Britain

Since Thatcher’s 1986 ‘Single European Act’, Europe has been systematically ‘cleansed’ of its unionism and natural tolerant, leftwing political cultures and social trends.  Prior to 1986, the European Union (EU) in whatever of its previous guises (probably dating back to 1950), existed to nullify racism, protect sovereignty, ensure workers’ rights, and maintain living standards – but Margaret Thatcher’s rightwing Toryism put an end to all that.  The evil axis of Thatcher, Kohl (West Germany), and Reagan (US), joined to ‘force’ the then constituent countries of the EU to agree to de-unionise its workforce (and strip them of all protection under law), dismantle (and privatise) welfare systems and national health provision.  All of this was an agreement to open previously closed internal markets to US investment (or domination through the US banking system).  The US dominates Europe because it is ‘buying’ all of its resources and then ruthlessly ‘selling’ them back to the people who already supposedly own them.  In the meantime, instead of good, well-paid and solid local employment opportunities, the masses of EU workers are encouraged to migrate to wherever the need is greatest for cheap labour.  This deprives local people of a fare wage, and destroys local communities – as workers are forced to move away (and often travel thousands of miles) just to temporarily secure a ‘zero-hours’ contract that only benefits the management.  This requirement for workers (and capital) to freely move around Europe breaks-up families and destroys local culture (through dispersion).  This situation threatens the very fabric of the diverse cultures of Europe, and reduces its peoples to a state of fighting one another (economically) for scarps from the rich man’s table.

The EU makes enemies (and fools) of us all because the default relationship is one of  brutal exploitation of the workers, who (like the gladiators of old) are forced to fight one another whilst the fat over-lord looks on, rubbing his greedy hands together with glee!  As America buys and destroys the previously leftwing institutes of Europe, the US bourgeoisie get ever richer and more complacent in their racist disregard for the well-being of their own proletariat, and the proletariat of the EU.  Workers from different EU countries having to fight one another for meagre ‘employment’ opportunities is the basis of racism and racial aggression.  It is not that the workers are ‘racist’, but that they are forced (by their over-lords) to compete with one another in such a brutal fashion that racism becomes a natural weapon in this stupid war of attrition, (initiated and sustained by the US capitalists), who do not give a damn about their own working people, and even less about the international working community.  In the UK, of course, racism has always existed in the media (perpetuated by the Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph, Daily Express, The Times, and the Sun, etc), and given credence by Sky, the BBC, ITV, Channel Four and Channel 5, etc.  This has led to the uprising of such political racist and far-right parties as the National Front (NF), British National Party (BNP), United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP), and the Islamophobic and pro-Christian Britain First aberration.  The mistake that these parties make is that they ‘encode’ the temporary racism of economic conflict, making it ‘permanent’ and ‘all-embracing’, instead of educating their working class members against it, and explaining that their enemy is not migrants (who are, after-all, just other workers), but rather the middle class rightwing politicians and business owners who simply do not care for their own well-being.  Migrant workers and local workers are ‘WORKERS’ together, first and full-most, and should unite to mutually assist one another in rejecting the EU and its US imperialist foundation.  We, as workers must stop fighting one another for somebody else’s entertainment and unite together for our own well-being and class interests.

Leaving the EU is a vital first step in the psychological and physical break with US economic tyranny and racism.  The UK has a once in a lifetime opportunity on the 2rd of June, 2016, to exercise the democratic vote to ‘LEAVE’ the EU – not because of a racist rejection of ‘difference’, but because of a rejection of ‘racism’.  Rejecting the EU will replace UK sovereignty and prevent the privatisation of the Welfare System and the NHS.  Other people can then travel to the UK as ‘friends’ and not ‘economic’ enemies.  The UK can also break with the constant agreement with racist US foreign policy, and openly condemn the neo-Nazi regime that has taken over the Ukraine.  Membership of the EU has led to a massive increase in racism in the UK that has seen Black and Asian British people and Black and Asian people from abroad (those countries are not in the EU) bearing the brunt of this xenophobia.  Staying in the EU will only make racism worse, because racism is implicit within predatory capitalism that is unregulated by leftwing pragmatic political control.  The Communist Party of Britain (and other Communist and Socialist Movements) in the UK are opposed to the tyranny of continued EU Membership, because the progressive left completely rejects racism, and seeks to represent the best class interests of the working masses.  We should unite to reject the EU, protect Socialism, and protect the rights of ALL workers in the UK and around the world.  Lastly, we should unite to reject all forms of racially based nationalism and Islamophobia.  Our children should be broughtup to respect other human-beings, and work toward the goals of the common good.  Capitalism will never deliver this – only Socialism – but for this to happen we need to break with the EU legal system that prevents any leftwing political agenda.  Let’s get out of the EU and firmly develop true ‘Internationalism’ and respect for other people!

Piecing Together Anti-China Rhetoric


It is interesting to observe the photograph above of a typical pro-Tibetan demonstration, (taken on September the 22nd, 2015 in Seattle, USA) that there is no leftwing political support as determined by the flags that are evident.  In fact together with the fallacious ‘National Flag of Tibet’ are the US flag, and the Taiwanese Nationalist flag.  This is because the pro-Tibetan Movement, together with the Falun Gong and Taiwanese Independence Movement are all political rightwing entities.  Not only this, but the origins of these movements lie not in Asian spirituality, Asian culture, Asian psychology or Asian history, but are in fact the product of Western, bourgeois, liberal, capitalist psychology and ideology.  Why is this the case?  This is the case because the capitalist countries of Europe and the USA (together with their Japanese, Taiwanese and South Korean capitalist allies), are all pursuing a highly aggressive United States derived and anti-Communist policy.  Part of this policy is the active infecting of some Asian people through the propaganda of Eurocentric racism, and then the application of that racism towards Chinese people living within Communist China.  This is, of course, the continuation of Western racism through the recruitment, grooming, and deployment of misled and weak-minded Asian individuals who are inducted into pseudo-political movements, the ideology of which represents the Judeo-Christian sentimentality of the Western bourgeoisie.  These groups also recruit Western supporters who are politically unaware, and who are ignorant of Chinese history and Chinese culture.  Western supporters of capitalism are quite happy to assist in this racist attack on Mainland China, because they think that as other Asians are apparently legitimising their racism – the racism is morally justified.  Part of this racist rhetoric is the continuous misrepresentation of Chinese culture, and the distortion of the Chinese Communist political system.  This is aided and abetted by the mainstream media in the West that continuously produces ‘lies’ and ‘falsifications’ about China that have no basis in fact, and no sources within the Chinese language.  As these groundless allegations have no Chinese language sources, it is obvious that they have their originations solely within the mind of the Western (and racist) bourgeoisie.  The fact that some misled Asian people also believe these fraudulent stories, is used by the Western press as an act of ‘inverted’ justification.  The chain of events is this: the Western governments invent anti-Chinese racist disinformation, and then disseminate these lies through their willing media and press.  As anti-Chinese racism in the West is prolific, the Western governments and media meet only minor resistance to its propagation, as many people are willing participants in this deception.  Even if Communism in China collapsed – Western anti-Chinese racism would continue uninterrupted.  The US government wants to weaken and destroy Communist China by breaking it apart (as it did with the USSR), and see Taiwan and Tibet split from direct Mainland Chinese Communist control.  The Falun Gong is a mimicry of true Chinese culture, and a misrepresentation of Chinese spirituality, because the Falun Gong is a Western ‘political’ entity tasked with propagation of anti-Mainland China propaganda. This is centred around the allegations by the Falun Gong that China continuously violates ‘Human Rights’ in China.  These false allegations are broadcast through the Falun Gong mouthpiece – The Epoch Times, and yet none of these allegations have any Chinese language source references. In other words, none of these dysfunctional stories about China, actually originated in China.  This includes such bizarre Western racist lies as ‘organ harvesting’ (even mentioned as correct in a recent interview given by the American-African intellectual Mr Dick Gregory).  This misrepresentation of China is nothing other than the ‘inverted’ mind-set of the theistic (Judeo-Christian) religion that relies upon the agency of ‘blind faith’ for its legitimation.  The US government routinely uses racism and brainwashing to achieve its political and economic ends.  In the meantime, many people in the West inhabit a ‘mythic’ reality that presents a completely ‘false’ interpretation of China and Chinese culture.  This white racist rhetoric is so powerful and convincing that it has spread into the African diaspora – where some black intellectuals actively engage in the perpetuation of Western race-hate aimed at the Chinese people.

Did the Dalai Lama Really Go to the Moon?


In a shock move recently, His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama revealed that the early Soviet Space Programme did not use dogs as Cosmonauts, but in fact used the children of dissident Tibetans – supplied secretly by the Chinese ‘Communist’ Government.  The Tibetan children – dressed in fur costumes – were ‘sealed’ into sound-proof spacesuits, before being incarcerated into the capsules of crudely manufactured rockets (designed by the maniacal Stalin!)  The Dalai Lama, with a tear in his eye, then stated that he was part of the US Apollo 11 Moon-shot, and during that 1969 mission, when off-camera, performed a special ritual and drew a mandala in the moon-dust for the souls of those Tibetan innocents lost during the heady days of the USSR excursion into space.  He further explained that Communist China had stolen Tibetan space technology and tried to pass it off as their own!  He finished with a flourish by stating that he was in fact a ‘Marxist’, and ended on a high note by requesting that young Tibetans set fire to themselves outside of a Buddhist monastery or temple of their choice!

A number of ‘leftwing’ journalists who were present, sparked controversy by casting doubt on the Dalai Lama’s statements.  This was particularly embarrassing for President Barak Obama – a Black man currently supporting the neo-Nazi regime in the Ukraine – who has got used to not having the ‘official’ US version of events questioned by the mainstream media.  Xinhua, RT, and Al Jezeera all pointed-out that Stalin was long dead before the Soviets launched dogs into space, and that the CIA did not launch its campaign of welding Western racist nationalism onto Tibetan Buddhism until 1959!  The Huffington Post added that all the US Astronauts were in fact ‘white’ Americans (much like their editorial staff), and that there was no evidence that the Dalai Lama had left his luxury US hotel during the Apollo 11 moon-shot.  The British Morning Star Newspaper was ignored when it asked for ‘evidence’ to back-up the Dalai Lama’s assertions.

The Dalai Lama listened sagely and then quickly telephoned Richard Alpert (Ram Dass) to ask his opinion.  Ram Dass calmed His Holiness from his wheelchair on a Pacific island, and advised that he should continue the line of equating the Israeli resistance to the Palestinians with the Tibetan resistance to the Chinese.  In that way the Zionist lobby in the US (and elsewhere) would to continue to fund the anti-Chinese racism emanating from the Dalai Lama and his clique of luxury enjoying lamas.  This conversation was concluded with both megaliths of the spiritual world agreeing to raise their fees for the upcoming financial year.

The Dalai Lama clarified his position by explaining that he lived in a world of mythic reality which Westerners must take seriously or he would report them to the United Nations for the crime of racism!  He then placed his palms together (which made his supporters to ‘swoon’) and shouted ‘Death to China!’ and ‘Down with Communism!’  Following the Press Conference, President Obama had the dissenting journalists imprisoned without trial, and the Dalai Lama awarded the prestigious Medal of Honor!

UPDATE: A week after this Press Conference, NASA announced that it had found a previously ‘classified’ tape in its vaults that clearly shows the Dalai Lama wearing a special ‘orange’ space-suit replete with the Tibetan National Flag on the shoulder!  He is clearly heard chanting in Tibetan and seen making marks on the ground with a special stick!  The Dalai Lama received a further boost recently when the neo-Nazi Government of the Ukraine ‘unearthed’ a mass grave in the former Soviet Republic containing the bodies of Tibetan Children ‘dressed like dogs’ and wearing Soviet-era space-suits!  Ram Dass wept openly as he announced (via podcast) the publication of his new book – ‘Does a Dog have Buddha-Nature – Go Ask the Tibetan Children!’ – and the Dalai Lama danced with joy as he visited Taiwan!  In the meantime, President Obama announced that the detained journalists are to charged with violation of ‘Freedom of Speech’, and of course ‘racism’, for contradicting the Dalai Lama.  When asked for his reaction, the Dalai Lama stated that he would visit the journalists in prison to personally ‘forgive’ them, before ‘smiling’ in their direction.  He then surprised everyone with an impromptu geography lesson – demonstrating with an interactive map that not only was Tibetan never a political part of China, but that it was not actually geographically part of China, but in fact existed somewhere in South America!  Google and Wikipedia quickly acted to update their pages!

Dennis Skinner MP – How Thatcher Forged the Capitalist EU


‘When I hear Tories and the purple-faced UKIP go on now about Poles, Romanians and Bulgarians coming to Britain to work, I think back and remember what Mrs Thatcher did.  She signed the 1986 Single European Act to create the free market of people.  She was championing the eastwards expansion of the European Union into the former Soviet satellites.  She wanted the EU to embrace that part of the world to roll back the Iron Curtain, and stick it to Mikhail Gorbachev and Communists.  The Single Market was designed deliberately to allow employees to transfer cheap labour across national borders.  It wasn’t principally about letting workers decide where they’d look for jobs.  That’s a by-product.  The Single Market’s main aim was to supply cut-price workers to capitalism. A capitalism with an insatiable appetite for the dozen-a-penny workers she created by stripping away employment rights, by shackling trade unions.  The problems we wrestle with today can be traced back to her door.’

Dennis Skinner: Sailing Close to the Wind – Reminiscences, Quercus, (2014), Page 248

Stop Female Circumcision to Improve Rights for Women


Original Chinese Language Article By:

(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

Translator’s Notes.  It is interesting to note that neither Islam nor Christianity require that their female adherents be circumcised.  The practice of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) appears to be dominant in Africa (particularly Somalia and Sudan), but I am told that it can also occur in the Middle East and Asia.  The practice has developed from early patriarchal society and is in essence the projection of male ignorance and prejudice upon the bodies of women.  Men assume that a woman can only get pregnant if their virginal lips and clitoris have been removed (often with a rusty razor) and the subsequent virginal opening sewn-shut.  Furthermore, I have heard that often the stolen clitoris is used to make a ‘fertility’ medicine drunk only by men.  I support the rights of women around the world, and believe that unbiased education is the path to empowerment and equality.  By way of balance, I must mention that I once heard a group of Somali women who were protesting ‘Eurocentricism’ regarding female circumcision – stating that they rejected the acronym ‘FGM’ as being ‘racist’ – and made it clear that as Somali women they had a ‘right’ to their own culture (which they did not see as ‘inferior’ or ‘dangerous’ to their health).  Perhaps the hidden narrative here is that a ‘Eurocentric’ and ‘secular’ narrative is being projected onto a non-European (and religious) people, and that this subtle form of neo-imperialism is being disguised as ‘good health’.  ACW 22.5.2016

Between 130 and 150 million women are victims of genital mutilation – most of them are Africans. Now, doctors, teachers and social workers in Germany are increasingly being confronted by this practice.  Somalian Jawahir Cumar moved to Germany with her parents when she was a girl. Later, on a visit to her grandparents’ village when she was 20, Jawahir witnessed the funeral of a young girl who had bled to death after being ‘circumcised.’ “I then saw another case,” the now 36 year old says: “A pregnant woman was in labour. She had never been to a doctor, there was nowhere for her to get ultrasound in the area – the next hospital was 900 kilometres away, in Mogadishu. After the birth of the child, the woman was sewn up again.”  The midwife had overlooked the fact that the woman had been carrying twins, so she was still in pain. She was later transported to Mogadishu by car – a journey that took two days. And although she survived, the second twin died.

Severe health damage

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is currently practiced in 29 African countries, despite being illegal in some. It is usually done when girls are between the ages of four and eight – using varying instruments, ranging from razor blades, kitchen knives to broken glass and tin lids. As because these tools are used more than once, it also increases the risk of spreading diseases like HIV/AIDS and hepatitis.  Female Genital Mutilation includes procedures that intentionally alter (or cause injury) to female genitalia for non-medical reasons, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). These practices include partial or total removal of the clitoris, the removal of the labia and narrowing the vaginal opening by creating a covering seal to leave a small opening of about two to four millimetres.

About 15 percent of the women who have been cut (especially in Somalia and Sudan) have also undergone infibulation, which results in the vaginal opening being almost sealed completely.

“If the vagina is almost closed, urine and menstrual fluids can hardly be discharged and remain trapped as a result,” explains Dr Christoph Zerm, a gynaecologist who specializes in counselling and treating women who have undergone FGM. “This creates an environment that is conducive for infections. It can cause severe illness in the urinary tract and even the kidney. The uterus, ovaries and the fallopian tubes can also get infected,” he adds.  For these women, even urinating, which can (take up to 30 minutes), is painful.

Raising awareness in Germany

Jawahir was just a girl when she was cut. As a result, she had to have several surgeries in Germany to reverse the infibulation. She wants to prevent other girls and women from having a similar experience. That’s why she founded ‘Stop Mutilation.’  “The immigrants that come here bring this problem with them. That’s what made me create this organization in 1996,” says Jawahir, who is now a mother of three.  An estimated 30,000 women living in Germany have been subjected to FGM and 6,000 girls are at risk, according to human rights organization Terre des Femmes. Pressure from families in their countries of origin plays a big role.

“Mothers-in-law and grandmothers, especially, call all the time, write letters and send messages,” says Jawahir Cumar. And the message is always the same: “[They say] you have to cut your daughters! Or just bring them to us and we will do it,” she adds.  Jawahir visits kindergartens and advises teachers on how they can raise awareness about FGM. She also targets African immigrants in her advocacy work.  “Many of them don’t know that [female genital mutilation] is prohibited in Germany. They are shocked when they hear that they could lose custody of their children,” Jawahir says.  She was able to prevent 17 girls from being subjected to FGM last year.

Encouraging Africans to Ban FGM

Somalian Fadumo Korn also talks about FGM with immigrant families from Somalia and other African countries. She warns them that it can result in a prison sentence or deportation.  “It only works from one African to another,” she says, because Europeans are often not seen as the right people to raise awareness in Africa.  “It is easy for me because I am also a victim. No one can tell me that genital mutilation isn’t bad,” Fadumo adds.  Together with Nala – an association in Frankfurt – she was able to convince 18,000 people from a community in north-eastern Burkina Faso to publicly renounce FGM.  “We got support from the local imam and the head priest of the Christian community, as well as the chief of this region for our campaign. These three men stood up and told their community that FGM is forbidden,” Fadumo explains.  Even though religion is often used to justify FGM, neither Islam nor Christianity demand it of their followers. Fadumo believes it is important for religious leaders to clearly speak out against the practice to change tradition in their communities.  “Whether it’s Islam or Christianity, we use all religions to tell people, ‘Your God will be angry with you, if you circumcise his children,’” she says.

Re-education is key

Both Jawahir and Fadomo, and activists in Africa face major challenges in the fight against Female Genital Mutilation. Women practicing FGM have to be re-educated and families have to be convinced to let their daughters grow up without being cut.  “Men have to learn that a woman who is not cut can also have children and make her husband happy,” Jawahir Cumar says, while adding that families also need to recognize the importance of education for their daughters.  However, there’s still a lot of work to be done in Germany as well, says Jawahir, pointing to how long it took for forced marriages and ‘honour killings’ to be regarded as a criminal offence and not simply as the customs of immigrants.  Gynaecologist Christoph Zerm would like medical students to learn more about FGM, so doctors can provide better care for women who are affected.

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Original Chinese Language Source Text:阻止女性割礼改善妇女权益(组图)



库马尔(Jawahir Cumar)来自索马里。她在年幼时同家人迁移到德国。20岁时她回到家乡的镇上参加祖父的葬礼,她在当地目睹了一名小女孩因割礼失血而死。 “我还目睹了另一个事件”,现年36岁的库马尔回忆道:“那是一名正在分娩的孕妇。她从未看过医生,当地也没有超声波检查。最近的医院在900公里之外的摩加迪沙。孩子出生后,人们又将她的下体缝上。”但助产士没有预料到,产妇怀的是一对双胞胎。库马尔继续说道:“那名女人仍然相当痛楚。人们花了两天的时间开车送她去摩加迪沙。虽然她活下来了,但是第二个孩子不幸夭折。”




约有15%接受割礼的女性遭缝合阴道。此类的割礼主要发生在索马里和苏丹,对女性带来相当严重的健康损害。妇科医师泽尔姆(Christoph Zerm)在德国专门为受到割礼的女性提供咨询和治疗。他解释说:“当阴道口被几乎缝合后,尿液和月经分泌只能缓慢排出,囤积在阴道。这容易造成感染,最后可能造成严重尿道疾病,甚至肾病。”单是排尿就经常需要痛苦地花上近30分钟。

库马尔幼年时受过女性割礼。她在德国经历了多次手术,将缝合的阴道口恢复原状。在发现索马里依旧继续施行割礼时,她感到极度震惊。20岁造访故里后,她在杜塞尔多夫成立了终结割礼协会。目前已诞下三个孩子的库马尔对德国之声表示:“来到这里的移民,自身也有相同问题。这是我在1996年成立协会的动机。”根据妇女权益组织“女性的地球”(Terre des Femmes)估计,在德国共生活着3万名受过割礼的女性,另有6000名年轻女性可能遭施行割礼。来自家乡的家族压力是重要主因。“特别是婆婆和祖母会不停来电、来信并发送信息。”库马尔说,信息内容总是大同小异:“你们必须让女儿行割礼!或是:把她们带回来,交给我们施行!”



知名的索马里裔女作家科恩(Fadumo Korn)对德国之声表示,她同样也明确警告来自索马里或其他非洲国家的移民:举行割礼者将在德国被判处监禁,随后被递解出境。科恩同样来自索马里,在年幼时受过割礼,经历了漫长的治疗才得以痊愈。这名作家希望中止女性割礼这项残忍传统。“人们必须在非洲进行许多劝说工作。只能由非洲人承担这项工作。”根据她的经验,欧洲人的劝说无法使非洲人信服。“对我来说很容易,因为我也受过割礼。没有人可以对我说,割礼没那么糟糕。”







Chinese Communist Science Recognised by Capitalist West

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This is Professor Tu Youyou (屠呦呦) who is renowned for discovering Artemisinin and Dihydroartemisinin, both used in the treatment of malaria.  It is admitted (in the West) that this remarkable woman’s breakthrough in medical science has saved quite literally millions of lives in South Asia, Africa, and South America.  Although this advancement of science was made in the 20th century, Professor Tu’s work was ‘officially’ ignored by Western academia because she lived in a Communist State. However, this situation changed when Professor Tu became the first Chinese person to receive the (2011) Lasker Award for clinical medicine and the 2015 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (jointly shared with William C. Campbell and Satoshi Ōmura).  What is less widely known in the West is that in her acceptance speech, Professor Tu stated that she was 19 years old when Mao Zedong came to power – and before this life was terrible for people in China.  Professor Tu further stated that her extraordinary breakthroughs in Tropical Medicine were the direct consequence of the progressive Communist Education System operating in Mainland China.  She accepted the Nobel Prize on behalf of the Chinese People, and made it clear that it was Chinese Communism that provided her with all the cognitive and physical tools required to progress human understanding.  Since her discovering, the People’s Republic of China (PRC) have been treating people with Malaria free of charge around the world.  Professor Tu’s comments explaining her support for Chinese Communism (as a progression of science) were edited-out of all Western media reports.

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