Hakka Revolutionaries of Mainland China!

The formation of Hakka culture happened during periods of social turmoil. This led to the Hakka being surrounded on all sides, often suffering the worst excesses of imperialism and siege. This is the origin of the Hakka struggle for self-defense. This is a manifestation of the Hakka solidarity, advocacy of armed forces and Revolutionary traditions.

Bourne Hall – Ewell East (25.2.2018)

I was told that the dog statue was made to remember a local hound that jumped into the lake to save the life of a drowning child sometime in the 19th century. The dog pulled the child to the bank, but the exertion led to the death of the dog. The rich owner had the ‘Dog Gate’ built to forever remember the bravery and selflessness of this family pet.

Lenin, Stalin and the ‘Internationalist’ Nature of the Red Army

This historical requirement demonstrates that even if an army is premised upon Socialist Thinking, its military ability must still remain top-notch until the danger to Socialism is thoroughly disarmed and removed. Even when fighting for survival, the Red Army never resorted to racism or hatefilled nationalism, this is why it represents a new era in the evolutionary development of humanity. 

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