The Mysterious ‘2015’ Death of the First Russian Army Soldier – Private Kostenko – to Die in Syria! (22.5.2023) 

Having cross-referenced Russian-language texts I can confirm that Sergeant SOKUROV Eduard (СОКУРОВ Эдуард) did indeed die whilst serving in Syria prior to Vadim Kostenko. The distinction seems to be that Vadim Kostenko was ‘Contracted’ to serve a set time and in a set place – and was not a Career Soldier – or a Professional Specialist as was Edward Sokurov. Vadim Kostenko, therefore, was the first ‘ordinary’ Russian Army soldier to ‘die’ in Syria (but was the ‘second’ to die overall). Still, given the Great Patriotic War numbers that are dying in Donbass today – discussion of individual cases of mortality (confronting US hegemony around the world) seems almost superfluous and self-indulgent by comparison!

State Duma Deputy: Biden Attempts To Justify NATO-AFU Defeat At Artyomovsk (Bakhmut) By Russian Federation Forces! (22.5.2023) 

One can guess that neither Biden himself – nor his puppet Zelensky – doubted the imminent loss of Artemovsk, because both of them had previously stated that the city had no strategic significance. 

But even if we assume that they are right, for Russia, the actions of the Wagner PMC in this settlement and its subsequent release still played an important role. Indeed, at this time, our troops in other directions received a respite – since there was a relative calm.  

The final liberation of Artemivsk from the Ukrainian Army took place on May 20th, 2023. First, this news was announced by the Head of the “Wagnerites” – Yevgeny Prigozhin – and then officially confirmed by the Ministry of Defence.

1870: Britain’s First Victorian Bicycle Club! (22.5.2023)

If the ‘Playing Fields of Eton’ produced the victors at Waterloo – the slums of London, Manchester and Birmingham (which produced the working class Army of Wellington) certainly could NOT produce those who could ‘pedal’ a rather crude bicycle (by today’s standards) and safely navigate this device whilst travelling much slower than ten miles an hour! Still, once the ‘class’ parameters were firmly established – what was such a progressive organisation to be called?