Do Not Worship Cause and Effect


Our societies are full of bourgeois spiritualities that have no basis in logic and reason, and whilst purporting to offer a ‘higher’ path, are in fact an anchor weighing down on the heads of the working class, (and in the case of distorted Buddhism, quite literally),  These bourgeois entities mirror religious structure and spiritual instruction, but never (except in the case of radical or fringe practitioners) question the inequalities or injustices inherent within the capitalist, liberal democratic, bourgeois societies that have spawned them.  This is exactly the point of these bourgeois spiritualities, they claim to offer ‘freedom’ but freedom from what?  It certainly is not the injustices, war and famine perpetuated by the outer societies within which they exist, or the class oppression meted-out by the bourgeoisie itself upon the working class.  These ‘spiritual’ paths are follies for the wealthy, and those who already possess systemic political power and the means to guide culture along a non-threatening path, so as not to compromise the class privilege already amassed through the stolen profit of the labour of others.  In this sense, (and all others), bourgeois spirituality is nothing but a ‘muse’ to entertain the middle classes when they get momentarily bored of the opulence that surrounds them, but even then, opulence tends to dictate the inner and outer structures of the philosophy and theology that often offers a better tomorrow, but which as of yet, has never been proven to be true.  All these paths imply and infer that they possess a ‘higher’ knowledge as yet unknown by rational science, or the enquiring minds of humanity.  In other words, they peddle speculative and highly imaginative post-death scenarios, promising the living that when dead, they will carry-on living!  A question that everyone should be asking is this; does life mean so much now (with all its disasters, pain, suffering, and momentary pleasures), that anyone in their right minds would want to repeat the process again, albeit in somekind of disembodied format?

Although this generally goes unacknowledged, rational science has solved the meaning of existence, but not many people (accept for the Buddha in ancient India, and one or two others around the world) have realised this.  To build the picture, exactly the same thing happens before death, as it does after death, and our individual opinions about this natural process do not matter one iota, as the universe simply continues to do its ‘thing’ irrespective of how we might fell about it.  What is this ground-breaking realisation?  It is simplicity itself, as it is merely the observation that everything happens due to ‘cause and effect’, nothing more.  All the rest of the accumulated ‘junk’ of religiosity that has accrued over-time is simply an obscuration of this fact.  Such muddled religious teaching is like trying to formulate an echo, or define a shadow, none of it works, but instead forces humanity into religiously inspired ghettoes of the mind and body existence.  This type of limited religious thought creates the prisons it claims to possess the keys to.  Of course, ‘religion’ will not like hearing this insight because it directly ‘sees through’ Bourgeois obscuration and threatens its very existence by revealing its inherent redundancy.

Much of contrived religion is about keeping the masses looking in the wrong place for universal truth.  Universal truth does exist, and rational science has already de-mystified it and made it readily available, even if that science exists within bourgeois societies, and presents this truth though that political outlook.  The point is that science found universal truth by breaking away from the limitations of Judeo-Christian theology.  However, as it serves the class interests of the bourgeoisie to keep perpetuating the ignorance of theology, the toiling masses are kept from further and higher education, and encouraged to worship in a church rather than carry-out rational scientific research in a laboratory.  Why is this?  It is because rationality reveals the stupidity of capitalism as a defining economic system – as Albert Einstein pointed-out.  If the whole of society worked this out for itself, the capitalist system would collapse from within, washing away its rotting infrastructure of support.  Instead of middle class universities excluding the masses and compromising with the irrationality (i.e. read ‘greed’) of capitalism, they would have to throw all their academic weight behind actively participating in the revolutionary process of encouraging and guiding the evolutionary process for the betterment of humanity.

The churches need not be abolished – they must simply start telling the truth – and those who follow Buddhism should stop pretending it is Christianity, or a method for gaining money from the gullible and unsuspecting.  Islam should release that the modern and rational mind ‘worships’ Allah every time it creates a medicine that saves countless lives, and Brahmanism should let its natural beauty (as bright as the sun) shine through.  Science has existed in the past in all parts of the world, and this is a fact that must be understood.  Many ancient cultures had ‘science’ and used their collective minds to influence the world.  Modern science is, of course, a refinement of this process, but science within capitalist societies is currently dominated by a restrictive bourgeois straitjacket that prevents it from truly shining.  This is science polluted by the search for perpetual monetary gain and momentary advantage.  For science to truly fulfil its ‘emancipatory’ (i.e. ‘religious’) function, it must be ‘freed’ from this limited control.  Rational thought must be freed from inner psychological conditioning, and outer societal conditioning for humanity’s true potential to be unleashed for a better tomorrow.  The real mystery is how conventional religion has survived so long through delivery so little, but of course, it is no mystery at all.  That which is corrupt or of no rational use, is kept in place by a political class because it suits that class’s long-term purposes.  Religion as it currently exists (even its good manifestation) keeps humanity at a certain level of thought, and does not allow any progress beyond this point.  The working class, simply for evolutionary purposes, must progress beyond the limitations of theology for the betterment of the psychological and physical health of humanity.

My Father’s Old Waving Chair…


In the garden of our family home in Torquay, my father’s old chair slowly returns to its own inherent nature.  This is where my father used to sit to replenish his spiritual energy between bouts of intense waving anywhere on the road between Paignton and Torquay. When I discussed this chair with him recently, he said do not worry about it – nature takes care of its own.  Now the old chair has a new beauty all of its own, outside that of human utility.  This chair was once a tree (or a group of trees), and now slowly merging back into the nature from which it came.  This is how my father sees himself today.  He is three-quarters conscious light now, and only one-quarter physicality.  He says that like his chair, he is returning to the primordial light from which he came.  No sadness and no joy, things are just happening as they should.  My father’s primary message is ‘do not be afraid’ of the cycles of nature, they exist to guides us from one state to another.




Should Chopsticks Carry a Health Warning?


Bill Bryson – Insidious Racism

When a popular author’s books carry endless (and vacuous) endorsements from the British rightwing press, suspicion about the content of those books understandably emerges.  Why would racist newspapers like the Daily Mail (that like its equally racist hero Winston Churchill, supported Adolf Hitler before WWII – but also like Churchill – had to change its position fairly quickly when Britain declared war on Nazi Germany in 1939), the Daily Telegraph and The Times, endorse such an author?  What is it about the narratives that Bill Bryson establishes through his books, that has the UK bigoted press in a delirium about their content?  Of course, to be fair to Bill Bryson, the liberal Observer, The Independent and even the duplicitous Guardian have gotten in on the act – much to their shame.  Bill Bryson has penned a number of bestselling travel books, but the extract I am going to share comes from one inparticular, entitled ‘Notes from a Small Island’.  These types of books convey the author’s skewed opinion about the places he visits and the people he meets.  Bryson is particularly non-objective in his narratives, as to render much of his descriptions of no use at all to a reader genuinely interested in exploring different places and meeting new people.  Furthermore, Bill Bryson’s books are generally poorly written, and I suspect that the rightwing press perceive this as ‘a man in the street’ perspective, and due to its bigoted nature, uncritically support its narratives.  It is clear to me that Bill Bryson is a bigot who has expressed himself in the past, using the rhetoric of anti-Chinese racism.  This observation is significant when it is remembered that the UK has initiated two anti-Chinese pogroms In its history, emptying Britain of its Chinese populations in 1919, and 1946.

Exeter is a university city with a considerable history, and unusual for many parts of Devon, a multicultural citizenship.  It possesses many and important places of historical interest, such as Rougemont Castle (built around 1068 or soon after), which was partly built into the already existing (and ancient) Roman Wall.  Rougemont Gardens are open to the public, with both castle and grounds being Grade II listed buildings.  Within Rougemont Gardens stands the 10th century Athelstan’s Tower.  Prior to 926 CE, the ancient Britons (i.e. Celts) inhabited Exeter, but were driven out of the city and into Cornwall by the Saxon King Athelstan.  He built a fortification (still visible) to keep the Britons out of England.  Not far from this place is the beautiful Exeter Cathedral (and its historic square replete with its ‘odd’ clock), and around the corner is what many believe to be the ‘narrowest street’ in the world.  There is a public house just off of Cathedral Square that has an ancient well (accessible by the public) in its cellar, surrounded with display cases containing the bones and other items found in its deep bottom.  There is also Exeter’s ‘Guild Hall’ shopping centre and its Natural History Museum.  There is also the mysterious Gandy Street, with its curiosity shops, eateries and Masonic Lodge.  Scattered throughout the city are numerous ruins of ancient buildings, all preserved and accessible to the general public, as well as many other places of historical interest (including Exeter’s infamous Victorian prison formerly known as the ‘Devon Gaol’).  Fast food outlets, cafes, Chinese, Thai, Turkish and Indian restaurants abound, as do healthy eating establishments.  Exeter is a beautiful city of great historical value and interest, and my description only scratches the surface.  On the other hand, you will not find any of this information in Bill Bryson’s explanation of Exeter (a Labour stronghold), which he describes as being a bombed-out shell from WWII, which is today comprised of one-way systems and roundabouts.  However, inadvertently, Bryson does hint at the progressive nature of Exeter when he mentions it was difficult to find a place to eat that did not say ‘Vegan’ on its signs.  Bryson disparages Exeter probably because it is a leftwing and progressive city, a fact that insults his own sense of natural (and bigoted) Conservativism.

As racism obviously abounds in the UK, (an observation which does not necessarily mean that everyone is ‘racist’), I will quote Bill Bryson’s astonishing racialised attack upon a part of Exeter’s Chinese population in full, so as to convey the full force of his opinion – a racist opinion that the Daily Telegraph declared to be ‘Hugely funny (not snigger-snigger funny; but great-big-belly-laugh-till-you-cry funny’, Sue Townsend of The Times ‘Seriously funny’, and the Observer ‘laugh out loud’:

‘Finally, I happened on a hilly street with a few modest eateries and plunged randomly into a Chinese restaurant.  I can’t say why exactly, but Chinese restaurants make me oddly uneasy, particularly when I am dining alone.  I always feel that the waitress is saying: ‘One beef satay and fried rice for the imperialist dog at table five.’ And I find chopsticks frankly distressing.  Am I alone in thinking it odd that a people ingenious enough to invent paper, gunpowder, kites and any number of other useful objects, and who have a noble history extending back 3,000 years haven’t yet worked out that a pair of knitting needles is no way to capture food?  I spent a perplexed hour stabbing at rice, dribbling source across the tablecloth and lifting finely poised pieces of meat to my mouth only to discover that they had mysteriously vanished and weren’t to be found anywhere.  By the time I finished, the table looked as if it had been at the centre of a violent argument.  I paid my bill in shame and slunk out the door and back to the hotel where I watched a little TV and snacked on the copious leftovers that I found in sweater folds and trouser turnups.’

(Bill Bryson: Notes from a Small Island Black Swan, (2015), Pages 145-146)

Being from a multicultural British family with a major Chinese influence, and having spent many years in Exeter in my younger days, I can state with absolute certainty that Chinese restaurants provide knives and forks for their customers – and only provide chopsticks if asked for.  Occasionally both knife and fork, as well as chopsticks are provided.  It is only in areas where Chinese people eat in Chinese restaurants that chopsticks are provided as the norm (such as in Gerrard Street – in London’s Chinatown).  Chopsticks are actually called ‘筷子’ (Kuaizi) in the Chinese language, which probably refers to the mastery of ‘swift’ eating.  The point is that the two sticks keep the food away from potentially dirty hands, and the length of the sticks means that a group of people can sit around a single table, and without over-reaching, share a meal of a number of dishes, together. Just why Bill Bryson went into a Chinese restaurant when such places and people make him feel uneasy, is a little odd to say the least.  If the situation was reversed, and a Chinese person publically stated that ‘White’ people make them feel ‘uneasy’, we, as a nation, would probably be looking at pogrom number three against the Chinese people living here.  It might also be good for Bill Bryson if he got his facts right about the people he is insulting, as Chinese history is much older than ‘3000’ years.  The problems that China has experienced in recent centuries do not emerge from their own culture, but rather from Western imperialism, fuelled as it is by rabid racism.

The kind of casual racism expressed by Bill Bryson is legitimised as ‘humour’, and any non-White victims of that racism are described as ‘too sensitive’, or ‘lacking a British sense of humour’, when they fail to see the ‘humour’ in Eurocentric ‘racism’.  When comments such as Bryson’s are taken to their ultimate conclusion, people are murdered in the UK for simply being the ‘wrong’ skin-colour.  Hitler would be proud:

British Youths Murder Mi Gao Huang Chen,

Bill Bryson, no doubt, might well find it ‘funny’ that one of the victims of this racist attack in the UK watched her partner beaten to death by British youths, before being knocked unconscious herself.  She woke-up handcuffed to a hospital bed to find that the racist British police had charged her with assault for trying to defend herself against the rabid horde that took her partner’s life.

Sue-Ling Chan-Wyles – You Are Special!


I think Nana (Diane Wyles) made this for you when you was around 7 or 8 (2004/5).

Meditation Posture (Vajrasana)

Simple preparation on sand for the full ‘lotus’ position, also referred to within Chinese Buddhist (and Daoist) traditions as the ‘Vajrasana’ (金剛座 – Jin Gang Zuo).  This quite literally means ‘to sit like a diamond’, with the Chinese character ‘金’ (jin) meaning ‘gold’ (as in something precious in this context), and ‘剛'(gang) meaning ‘hard’, or ‘unbreakable’.  When taken together, these two characters ‘金剛’ are used to denote a ‘diamond’ , or ‘diamond-like’ substance.  The third character of ‘座’ (zuo) means ‘to sit’.  This version of ‘Vajrasana’ should not be confused with a different posture of the same name favoured within Japanese culture, where the meditator sits with the legs folded underneath the body.  Within Chinese Buddhist scripture, the person named ‘金剛’ (jingang) is known as the Buddha’s warrior attendant (this is why this posture is sometimes also know as the ‘Warrior’ position.  Practising on sand allows the ground to mould to the body shape and weight distribution  This immediately reduces tension in the muscles and joints, (i.e. tendons and ligaments), and the bones become pliable.




Photographs taken on Institution Beach, Livermead, Torquay (30.7.2016)

US Anti-Chinese Racism: American Beats Out Kwan (1998)


The White (blond) US champion figure-skater – Tara Lipinski (b. 1982) – carries a Jewish, Polish surname, that refers to people originating in places named after ‘lime trees’ in Poland, although, of course, she was born in the US to American parents of Eastern European descent.  In the 1998 Winter Olympics, she won a Gold Figure-Skating Medal, after having come very close to losing to her fellow American competitor Michelle Kwan (b. 1980).  Even today, the two respective Wikipedia pages treat these two women very differently with regards to their respective ethnicities.  Tara Lipinski, for instance, despite having parents with Eastern European names, is presented as an ‘American’, which in the coded language of Eurocentric racism, means ‘White’.  In fact her Eastern European ethnic background is completely ignored, and not examined at all.  All the reader needs to know is that she is ‘White’.  On Michelle Kwan’s Wikipedia page, the story is very different.  It is made clear that although she is born in the US, her parents are ‘immigrants’ from Hong Kong.  In other words, Michelle Kwan, using the same coded language of Eurocentric racism, is ‘not White’.  In the 1998 Winter Olympics, Michelle Kwan, as a world-class figure-skater, was dominating the event, when her opponent (and US team mate) Tara Lipinski eventually stole the show with her outstanding performances.  The two at the time were well-known for their competitive spirit against one another on both the domestic and international scenes. Michelle Kwan had beaten Lipinski a number of times, but in the 1998 Winter Olympics, she had to settle for a Silver Medal.  The reaction of MSNBC appears to show that amongst White Americans at least, the real battle was between White Americans and non-White citizens of the US who were not acknowledged as ‘American’.  The MSNBC headline ran ‘American Beats Out Kwan’, and White Americans started celebrating.  This racist mentality caused a peak in racially motivated violence in the US, and a number of Chinese-American groups to sell their souls by making public statements that they are ‘American’ too, as if saying ‘we act White’ because we live in the US.  In a multicultural society, people who occupy a single country, are by definition, ‘different’.  It is only when White racism dominates, that every other ethnic group is forced to become subservient to it.

MSNBC has tried to remove all mention of their racist headline blunder, and its eventual apology, which stated:

MSNBC apologizes for error in Michelle Kwan news bulletin

MSNBC apologizes for an error that may have been interpreted to
state that U.S. figure skater Michelle Kwan was not American.
The error appeared briefly in a scrolling marquee during
coverage of the Winter Olympics and was corrected quickly.
However, the marquee was picked up by MSNBCs push technology,
News Alert. So to some, it might have appeared the error was on
the site for a longer period or was not corrected. MSNBC
apologizes for the bulletins wording.

Edmundo Macedo
Executive Sports Editor

MSNCB Apologises for Kwan Headline

How Japanese Martial Arts Invaded the West

images (14)

Great Britain has never had any colonial links with Japan, and as such, has never possessed Japanese people as British citizens, as being the product of the British empire.  It has only been in the post-WWII era that a relatively small population of Japanese businessmen and their families have temporarily settled in the UK for reasons of work (usually linked to the car industry). In fact, so small are their numbers, that most British people have probably never met any, or are aware of their presence.  As a consequence, the UK has no historical or cultural links with Japan or Japanese culture.  This may be compared to the UK’s imperial links with China, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong that lasted hundreds of years, and which saw tens of thousands of ‘British’ Chinese citizens from British colonies, permanently settling in the UK, and bringing their food and culture with them.  Britain has deep and extensive historical and cultural links with China, but possesses none with Japan.  With this fact in mind, the question then becomes this: Why did ‘Japanese’ martial arts suddenly become popular in the UK throughout the 1970’s and 1980’s?  As there was no Japanese presence in the UK that could have transmitted this body of knowledge in such a short space of time, where did Japanese martial arts come from?

After the USSR defeated German Nazism at the end of WWII, the capitalist USA was concerned by the military successes of their Soviet ‘ally’ (who had suffered at least 27 million casualties ousting the Nazi Germans ‘out’ of the USSR).  Not only this, but the USSR, at the behest of the West, successfully sent the Red Army into northeast China in late 1945, to crush the Japanese forces there (handing the liberated land to Mao Zedong).  In the meantime, the US became the only country on earth ever to have used an atomic weapon – following the devastating bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan.  It is interesting to note that despite Nazi Germany posing a far greater military threat to the West, the US would not consider dropping an atomic weapon on what they perceived to be another ‘White’ nation.  President Truman – the rightwing, Christian fundamentalist – was encouraged by Britain’s odious and racist Winston Churchill, to deliberately enact a policy of non-co-operation and disinformation toward the USSR, (a policy of deliberate misrepresentation of Soviet Communism that became the foundation of the US-led ‘Cold War’).  This policy of the demonization of Communism as a US foreign policy was expanded to include China, which became Communist in 1949 (partly due to the Soviet victory over the Japanese in China in 1945). The US has always pursued ‘racism’ as a defining policy, both internally and externally since its inception as an independent country in the 18th century, and this was clearly evident in the 20th century.  Having depicted its own Chinese population as ‘sub-human’, the US simply co-opted this racism to demonise Communist China (and by association all Chinese people outside of China), through three simple steps:

a) Anti-Chinese racism in general (continuing the Eurocentric project of historical racial discrimination against Chinese people and their culture).

b) Anti-Chinese racism aimed at Communism (as part of the US fabricated ‘Cold War’).

c) Pro-Japanese fascist ideology as expressed through that country’s martial arts (most of which historically originated in China and not Japan). These arts (together with Japanese Zen Buddhism and the State religion of Shintoism) were co-opted into a vicious rightwing racialist system of thinking which had its roots in the 1868 Meiji Restoration. These martial arts, polluted as they were by fascistic thinking, were used on the battlefields of China, Asia and the Pacific (both before and during WWII), and were responsible for the killing of millions of non-Japanese people, including many tens of thousands of Westerners.

Long before WWII, the Japanese Imperial Army had inflicted a race war on the peoples of Asia, and then on the imperialist Europeans, languishing as they were, in their ill-gotten colonies.  In many ways, the imperialist Japanese regime was ‘mimicking’ the colonialist Europeans, many of whom had committed their own atrocities against people living in Asia over hundreds of years.  The US dropped two atomic bombs on Japan and treated its people as ‘sub-human’ in the immediate aftermath of Japan’s surrender.  The cult worship of the emperor was immediately forbidden, as was the practice of most Japanese martial arts (that the Americans knew about).  When the Chinese Communist Revolution occurred in 1949, this policy immediately changed, and the US embarked upon the re-arming and re-nationalisation of Japan – hidden behind a thin veil of Western-style capitalist endeavour (financed by the US tax-payer without their knowledge), and Western-style democracy.  Emperor Hirohito – the man behind all of Japan’s military atrocities – was allowed to retain his status as a constitutional monarch.  Japanese martial arts were unbanned, and Japanese people encouraged not only to practice to the point of suicide, but in so doing, to give vent to ‘anti-Chinese’ racist sentiment.  In effect, the US occupiers of Japan gave the go ahead for Japanese fascism to be re-embraced by a defeated nation, as long as its racism mirrored that of White America, and was aimed specifically at Mainland China.  This included new propaganda films aimed at White Americans (or those who actually run the US), that presented the newly ‘militarised youth of Japan in the early to mid-1950’s), to be like those young American men who volunteer to defend the USA.  It was further stated that by defending Japan from Communist China (a false flag), these ‘militarised’ Japanese men, despite looking like their fathers who had wilfully brutalised and murdered US servicemen a generation before, were in fact ‘defending’ the USA.

As part of this US policy of the ‘toleration’ of fascism as long as it was aimed at Communist China, a new mythology surrounding the Japanese martial arts was concocted for Westerners to unquestioningly accept.  The distinctly ‘fascistic’ elements of Japanese racism – defined as ‘fighting spirit’ – was imported into the West as being both ‘transcendent’ and ‘spiritual’ – and presented as an example to be followed by those Westerners interested in the practice of Japanese martial arts.  Overnight a number of serving or ex-serving US Servicemen sprang-up in the US wearing the white ‘gi’ and black belts around their middle.  Their stories were all suspiciously similar, but in those pre-internet times, very difficult to verify for the ordinary person.  The US government would have the world believe that representatives of a nation drunk on anti-European racism (the Japanese of WWII), whilst being humiliated and thoroughly dominated by an equally racially motivated US invasion force, would meet cordially a couple of times a week with representatives of the USA, and teach these invaders the ‘secrets’ of the martial arts that racist Japanese believed imbued the essence of the people of Japan!  This is how the US re-vitalised Japanese fascism, and successfully introduced it peacefully into the Western world, as a means to propagate an enhanced ‘anti-Chinese racism’.  Many of these martial biographies of US Servicemen follow a script that states that militaristic ‘jitsu’ (術) martial arts were replaced with spiritualised ‘do’ (道) martial arts.  This is a fallacy with no grounding in cultural fact.  The Chinese character ‘柔’ (shu4) refers to a skill, method, or art.  This term is used throughout China to refer to all kinds of ‘spiritualised’ martial arts, and does not necessarily refer to only ‘fighting’ arts divorced from spirituality, as all Chinese martial arts retain their combat effectiveness whilst conveying health, fitness and mental discipline.  The Chinese character ‘道’ (dao4) also refers to a method or an art (as does ‘shu’), but implies an over-arching and guiding doctrine.  The point is that ‘shu’ can also imply a ‘doctrine’, and therefore the dichotomy in early US martial arts biographies set in post-WWII Japan does not make sense.  In China, as Japan all ‘shu’ are ‘dao’ and all ‘dao’ are ‘shu’ – there is no real difference other than in the misinformed imaginations of Western agitators.  This justification for Americans to embrace the fascistic martial arts of their former enemy, is a fallacy.

When the ‘Chinese’ Bruce Lee rose to prominence throughout the Western world in the early 1970’s, the US government countered this ‘Chinese’ martial threat with the spreading of Japanese martial arts schools to the UK and Europe.  It was a Cold War policy that saw national governments spontaneously ‘inviting’ Japanese martial arts masters to live in Europe as something akin to the status of a diplomat.  Schools opened everywhere and in those days taught unsuspecting Western students in the militarised Japanese language (i.e. the fascist Japanese language of WWII).  Vast martial networks sprang-up around Europe run in a fascistic, hierarchical fashion by Japanese nationals, who were literally being ‘worshipped’ by their ‘new’ Western audience.  In the late 1970’s, this bubble began to burst when President Richard Nixon visited China in 1972, and then President Jimmy Carter formally recognised Communist China as a legitimate regime in January 1979, withdrawing recognition from Taiwan.  This is why the extensive and homogenised (and anti-Chinese) ‘Japanese’ martial arts scene diminished and collapsed in the 1980’s – never to re-emerge in the same context again in the West.

The anti-Chinese racism that accompanied the embracing of Japanese martial fascism, depicted the Chinese people as anti-social, secretive, and the ‘enemy within’, whose martial arts were ‘inferior’ to those of Japan. Even the BBC in 1980, got in on the pro-Japanese fascism bandwagon, through its series ‘The Way of the Warrior’ which avoided and/or demonised Mainland China, whilst focusing on the largely incomplete martial lineages of the pro-American Taiwan.  (The BBC never even bothered to explore the martial-rich British colony of Hong Kong at the time).  One episode featured Nippon Shorinji Kempo – founded by the politically rightwing So Doshin [宗道臣] (1911-1980) – who claimed that whilst being a member of the Japanese Imperial Army (that had invaded, brutalised and murdered the Chinese people), he studied Daoism and Shaolin gongfu with Chinese masters (and inherited a Chinese Shaolin lineage).  Indeed, So Doshin claimed that his art – despite not looking like anything like ‘Shaolin’ in China, was in fact the ‘real’ Shaolin martial art.  The BBC showed former Japanese soldiers (now embittered old men) worshipping at the shrine of So Doshin, making their Japanese nationalism (and racism) clear for all to see.  Nippon Shorinji Kempo is nothing but a militarised Japanese cult, mimicking the Chinese martial culture of the people they had killed in the millions in China.  In fact, Don Draeger, in one of his books about Japanese martial arts (Modern Bujutsu & Budo Vol. III), states that in 1972 (the year of Nixon’s visit to China), Chinese pressure groups (probably with PRC backing) took So Doshin to a Court in Japan, and legally ‘proved’ that So Doshin had never trained with any Chinese masters, and that no Chinese masters would have taught a brutal and murderous enemy such as So Doshin.  The Japanese Court ruled in favour of the Chinese pressure groups and So Doshin was ordered to change the name of his organisation to make clear it was not ‘Chinese’ – he did this by simply adding ‘Nippon’ (i.e. ‘Japan’).  (The Wikipedia-page retains the original So Doshin Do myth and mentions nothing of the Court case, or of Don Draeger’s work exposing Doshin as a fraud).  Obviously the rightwing So Doshin was part of the US anti-China policy that spread racist Japanese martial arts around the world.  Finally, many Western groups of martial artists committed to Japanese controlled martial arts have complained of ‘racist’ treatment from their Japanese over-lords. This has included the ‘ignoring’ of highly ranked Europeans being ‘ignored’ and instead replaced by lower-ranked ethnic Japanese practitioners.  This has led to the implosion of many of these Japanese schools and societies, which have subsequently become ‘independent’ of Japanese control.




Wyles Family of Duddington – the St Andrews Connection


The Wyles Family of Duddington

FACEBOOK: The Wyles Family of Duddington

Moses ‘The Bay’ Waveman

The above links are relevant to my British surname ‘Wyles’ – the history of which is obscure.  As a consequence, there a number of competing theories – including a possible English Celtic, Scottish Celtic, Viking (Pictish) and Flemish origination.  However, in recent years we have discovered that our direct (male) line occupied a sleepy and picturesque village called Duddington in rural Lincolnshire, since at least the early 1500’s according to particular records, and in the general area from at least the 14th century.  Interestingly there are Scottish records recording this surname, with different areas of Scotland associated with it.  I once visited the Record Office of the Seaforth Highlanders in Scotland, and saw how a number of kilted men named Wyles had been killed in that regiment fighting in WWI.  Since that time, I have had my Y-DNA (or ‘Paternal’ line) analysed and have published the results on the main The Wyles Family of Duddington website to assist others in their research into this surname.  Professor Brian Sykes of Oxford University has told me that ‘E3b’ (or ‘E1b1’) is unusual for the British Isles, and is even known amongst Black African populations, as well as found in the Middle East, Greece, and in a rare occurrence – China.  As my family is diverse, multicultural and internationalist, this is the best result I could have wished for.  Recently, part of our family DNA – surname project has been picked up by the prestiges Scottish University of St Andrews for inclusion in their ‘Scotland and the Flemish People’ project:

Scotland and the Flemish People

The information contained on this page about the surname ‘Wyles’ is not all my own, and I do not necessarily agree with all the research – but it is interesting nonetheless.  The assertion that ‘Adam Wyles’ of Yorkshire (1379) is the ‘first’ recorded ‘Wyles’ is incorrect. In the Ragman Rolls of 1291 a ‘Thomas Wyles’ is recorded, (he is also recorded in 1296). I have also seen Court Records for the Lincolnshire area that have people called ‘Wyles’ listed for an earlier date than ‘1379’.  Today, I doubt the ‘Flemish’ origination for my branch of the Wyles Clan, as we lived for hundreds of years in one traceable village (Duddington) and was a prominent family in that place.  If there had been any Flemish origination, it would have been recorded somewhere, but it was not.  However, research is ongoing.

Tutankhamen – Black Pharaoh

In recent times I have been concern by what I consider racially motivated attempts within certain branches of academia, to depict Tutankhamen as ‘European’, and not a ‘Black African man.  This is not a mainstream effort, however, but represents the racist fringe of pseudo-scientists who try to hide their prejudices behind a thin veil of academia.  Nor is this a case of ‘White’ versus ‘Black’ – as many White people fully support Black liberation, and in the very least are thoroughly opposed to racism.  This is more a case of ‘racists’ versus ‘non-racists’ and this battle is ongoing.

In this regard, I have just watched the above excellent documentary on BBC Four about Tutankhamen.  This is the latest research with DNA testing proving that he was the son of Pharaoh Akhenaten and Queen Kiya. The test also revealed that these two royals were brother and sister.  Tutankhamen had a club left-foot (hence all the walking canes in his tomb), and a shattered left knee.  All the other injuries and breakages on his body were inflicted after he was found in 1922 – a time of primitive archaeology. In Joyce Tyldesley’s book ‘Tutankhamen’, it states that his body was contaminated with DNA after his death, and during the 70 days of the embalming process 3,300 tears ago in ancient Egypt.  Also, after 1922, thousands of Europeans pocked, prodded and handled Tutankhamen’s mummy – contaminating it with European DNA. Decades later, the contamination of his body was revealed by DNA testing, but some researchers, instead of explaining the presence of European DNA as being an ‘error’ easily explainable, actually proposed the absurd notion that Tutankhamen was ‘European’ and not a ‘Black’ African.  The BBC documentary carries-out an impressive ‘virtual’ autopsy, and from all the genetic, biological and physical data – and reconstructs Tutankhamen’s entire body – as a proud ‘Black’ African man.  Joyce Tyldesley (of Oxford University) independently carried out a similar data analysis and produced this forensic image of Tutankhamen:


Distorted Zen – By Thomas Cleary

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(Following the defeat of Japanese fascism in 1945, the US government, as part of its policy of re-militarising Japan as a buffer zone against the imagined threat from Communist China, encouraged people in the West to train in the very Japanese martial arts and fascist philosophy of distorted Japanese Zen Buddhism, that had only just recently been used to kill Westerners on the battlefield. Below, Thomas Cleary exposes a central fault in modern, Japanese Zen.)

The distinction made between men and women in ordinary Taoist practice is part of the science of this life and has to do with the physiological difference between the sexes.  As seen in the work of Sun Bu-er, the feminine Tao of life includes the practice of deliberate and harmonious menopause as part of mastery over the physical body.

In the present treatise, it will be seen that the primary distinction made is in the location of the attention when generating psychosomatic energy to circulate through the body.  Men ordinarily use the lower abdomen, but this is proscribed for women, who are to use the sternum instead.

The inner circulation of psychosomatic energy is commonly used for health and well-being, but misapplication of the collection procedure is universally held to be harmful.

Those familiar with present-day Zen cults of Japanese origin will immediately notice in the following text the distinction made between Taoist practice for females and males in terms of the location of the attention in beginning sitting meditation.

One of the unfortunate results of the uncritical importation of deteriorated forms of Japanese Zen Buddhism into Western countries, where a relatively large number of women attempt to practice Zen, is that many women have been taught to sit with the attention in the lower abdomen, a method Taoists claim is harmful to females.

It is in fact nearly impossible to find any indication of this practice in authentic traditional Chan or Zen texts of China or Japan.  It was popularised by the famous eighteenth-century Zen teacher Hakuin, but as part of a therapeutic regimen, as it had been in the comprehensive Chinese school Tiantai Buddhism from which Chan partly derived.

There is no evidence, furthermore, of Hakuin having taught any of his many female students to keep their attention in the abdomen as a regular practice, but many later Zen teachers seem to have made it a standard procedure for everyone regardless of other conditions.

Perhaps this distortion was fostered by the popularity of Zen among males of the samurai caste, and later by association of Zen with martial arts, in which the focus of attention in the lower abdomen has a special function.

In martial arts, of course, the motion of the practitioner has the effect of rapidly redistributing the accumulation of energy and thus offsetting the attendant dangers of this technique.  According to the Taoist science of life, focus of attention on any part of the body involves potential danger and should not be done too long or too intensely.  Specific dangers accompanying attention on the lower abdomen in females, and attention on points in the head in both females and males.

In Japan, the deterioration of the original system of which concentration on certain physical locations forms a part is evidenced in the use of the term tanden (“elixir field”) exclusively for the lower abdomen.  The original Taoist system defines three elixir fields, not just one; the lower abdomen is but one of these, called in Taoism the lower elixir field.  Again, it might be to theorized that the fragmentation and oversimplification of this system in Japan might have been due to centuries of dominance of male military associations with Zen.

The present treatise on spiritual alchemy for women also makes it clear that this type of exercise is done only in the beginning of practice, until a certain effect is realized.  Here again Zen cults of Japanese derivation that have people repeat the same exercise – particularly the exercises of placing the attention in the abdomen or on the breath – over and over again for tears on end present clear evidence of stultifying deterioration.

Cleary, Thomas, Trans, Immortal Sisters – Secrets of Taoist Women, Shambhala, (1989), Pages 91-92 of Introduction

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