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This is from Chinese Sources – and adds to the debate:

Red Deer Cave People 马鹿洞人 (蒙自人): Unknown Humans Discovered in China马鹿洞人-蒙自人-unknown-humans-discovered-in-china/

You probably remember Alice Roberts in China – where she stated that the Chinese Authorities taught (in schools) that Chinese people evolved from Homo Erectus in China – and do not share the ‘Out of Africa’ lineage shared by the West? I cannot find any evidence for this thinking today, on the Chinese language internet, with every theory pointing toward the ‘Out of Africa’ thinking. I also remember Chinese researchers attempting to prove a ‘non-African’ origination for Chinese people. I think around 5000 DNA samples were taken from men across China – and every single one possessed the ‘Out of Africa’ DNA marker. However, it is my understanding that ALL hominids developed in Africa and migrated-out at various times. Modern humans stem from a migration around 50,000 years ago (of perhaps just 200 individuals), and spread across the world (encountering different types of hominids that had migrated out of Africa at earlier dates) – but the Chinese thinking might contend that Chinese people evolved from an earlier migration ‘Out of Africa’ – from a completely different evolutionary line of descent (from the rest of modern humans).

Until proven otherwise, I think there is evidence for this. However, we must be eternally vigilant for Eurocentricism and political bias in Western sources, designed to continuously work to undermine Mainland Chinese science simply because it is not ‘European’ or emanating from a capitalist regime. One distinguishing feature of a Socialist society is that its education system ‘rejects’ any and all notions of ‘nationalism’ – because it is this ‘nationalism’ which imbues ‘racism’ – and that was used by the West in the past to keep China in a subjugated state. It is the West that uses nationalist racism against China (and not the other way around – as suggested by the otherwise interesting article). My view is that we do not yet know everything about our ‘human’ past, and that we must not assume too much (either way), but quietly gather evidence and attempt tentative interpretations. If it turned-out that ALL human life somehow developed in China (or just the ‘Chinese’ lineage of it), I would be very happy, but even if it is eventually proven that we all just just wandered ‘out’ of Africa, this pleases me also, as both models serve to ‘break-up’ Eurocentric notions of racial superiority. It is ironic that it could possibly be true that two ethnicities of human beings (i.e. the Chinese and the Africans), both historically oppressed and persecuted by Europeans, would turn-out to be far older in origination, and to have built advanced cultures very early on!

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You might find the attached link to be of interest.  We’ve talked about Peking Man before, and some Chinese scientists think that modern Chinese people evolved directly and exclusively from Peking Man.  The attached article was only published last year, so it’s the most recent update on the theory.


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Westerner’s that Eat Dog Meat


Brenda & Robert Vale – New Zealand Campaigners for Dog Meat Eating

Animal Welfare charities in the West always support the strategies and political motivations of their respective (bourgeois) governments, and rarely if ever, criticise any policy, convention or reality of Animal Welfare that would invite an open criticism of that government (primarily due to the fact that it is these very governments that grant the ‘tax-exemption’ status these charities enjoy). Therefore, as ‘Communist’ China is viewed with suspicion and distrust by Western governments, inevitably Western Animal Welfare charities target this country for complaint, painting the Chinese people (and their culture) as being ‘evil’ and ‘inhuman’, with regards to animal care, animal welfare, and the breeding of dogs (and cats) for human consumption. This approach, of course, only works if the routine cruelty aimed at animals in the West is ignored, and the subject of China is treated with a ‘racist’ indifference with regard to the facts. The very same Western Animal Welfare charities that initiate one emotionally driven (and irrational) media campaign after another aimed at the demonisation of Chinese people and their culture, remain absolutely ‘silent’ about the 24 hour slaughter-factories that operate all over Europe and the Americas, and actively work to ‘hid’ the fact that they advocate and participate in the mass extermination of hundreds of thousands of cats and dogs annually, as a means to control these populations. These animals, usually abandoned and unwanted pets, can starve to death, be hit by cars, be abused by uncaring humans, or when taken into the ‘temporary’ care centres provided by the charities, are eventually ‘euthanasised’ by the same charities after a certain time, using various methods of dispatch, such as lethal injection, electrocution and gassing, etc. It is another curious fact that the various Animal Welfare charities ‘never’ criticise one another’s policies in this regard, as dog protection is a popular cause in the West that attracts millions of pounds annually from a general public that relies on the very same Animal Welfare charities they fund, to provide them with information about the various causes they pursue.

Due to the one-sided nature of the anti-China propaganda issued by the Western Animal Welfare charities (and their celebrity supporters), many Westerners will be surprised to learn that:

  1. Eating dog meat has been – and remains – a worldwide phenomenon that has manifest in virtually all human cultures throughout history.
  2. China has its own Animal Welfare and Animal Rights institutions that work with the government to reform and educate the people.
  3. Many Chinese people are vegetarian for religious or health reasons (generally premised upon the Daoist and Buddhist proscriptions against eating meat – as such a consumption is viewed as being not only immoral, but also unhealthy.
  4. China has Animal Protection Laws that are far more extensive in scope and effectiveness than those existing in Western countries. (As Western Animal Welfare charities avoid calling for legislation that would disrupt or diminish the ‘capitalist’ exploitation of animals for the industrialised meat industry).
  5. Chinese Law distinguishes between cats and dogs that are ‘pets’ (which cannot be used in the meat industry), and cats and dogs that are breed for the meat industry (which can be eaten).
  6. Eating cats and dogs is not wide-spread in China, and is viewed very much as a minority habit left-over from the poverty stricken days of feudalism. The government of China has stated a number of times that the current affluence that China is experiencing, means that eating cat and dog meat is nolonger required.
  7. The Chinese police have on occasion, sided with Chinese Animal Rights activists that have ‘blocked’ lorries carry cats and dogs that have been ‘legally’ bred to be eaten – allowing rescued animals to be taken into the care of the Animal Rights protesters.
  8. Western Animal Welfare charities and groups are viewed in China as being politically and religiously motivated, pursuing a policy of encouraging ‘civil disobedience’ – an approach that no sane Chinese person supports.
  9. Whereas Christianity states that animals ‘have no souls’ and can be treated as an ‘inferior’ life-form (to be brutally treated, killed and then eaten), Chinese Buddhism and Daoism – both of which advocate the notion of ‘rebirth’ – reject this view, and instead ascribe a certain ‘dignity’ to all animals.
  10. A number of countries in the West possess populations that eat dog meat.

In 2009, New Zealanders Brenda and David Vale published their book entitled ‘Time to Eat Dog?’, arguing that dogs are easy to breed, easy to feed and look after, and highly nutritious to eat. The pair argue that as the world changes, and it becomes ever more obvious that the current rate of consumption of other animals cannot be sustained, it might be advisable for humanity to seek-out a new source of food – and their chosen sustainable source is dog meat. The claims of nutrition and protein content as explained in this book, were subsequently scrutinised and subjected to testing by the scientific community and found to be ‘correct’, but this book, as interesting as it is, should not distract from the fact that whilst bourgeois Animal Welfare charities pursue a racially motivated attack upon China, many Westerners partake in the habit of eating dog meat – often slaughtering the dogs in public before consumption – with this activity ignored by the very same charities that complain about China. In the US, Native American Indians have their right to eat dog meat legally protected, but it is a habit also followed by some ‘White’ Americans as well, The same is true with South American populations, where eating dog meat is well-known and not perceived as a problem. Eating dog meat is wide-spread throughout Mexico, as it is in Northern Canada. In Alaska, where the weather is cold, dog meat is eaten all the time, particularly if a sledge dog dies, etc. Perhaps the most surprising area where the eating of dog meat is found is in Switzerland, where its consumption is open and common. Why is it that the Western Animal Welfare charities especially target China where eating dog meat is definitely on the decline and only practised by a minority of people, but ignore exactly the same behaviour happening in the West? It might be further added that South Korea, Taiwan and Japan (all historical colonies of the US), pursue a rabid habit of consuming dog meat – but face virtually no criticism from Western Animal Welfare charities (although through an act of self-regulation, Taiwan has recently passed legislation discouraging the eating of cats and dogs).

Chinese Language Reference:

China: British Maths Wizard Marries Chinese Girl! (29.10.2007)


Danial & Xiao Yan (小颜)

Original Chinese Language Text By:

(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

According to a daily British tabloid newspaper (published on the 27.10.2007), there is a real life example of the hit film character ‘Rain Man’ living in the UK. The ‘Rain Man’ character suffers from Autism, but because of this cognitive disability, is also renowned as a maths genius. In fact, this fictitious movie character is very similar to British student Daniel Lightwing – who currently studies at Cambridge University. Daniel suffers from autism, but also has amazing mathematical skills. When Daniel visited China recently, he met a young Chinese woman, and they both fell in-love and decided to get married.

According to Daniel’s mother Caroline, when Daniel was very young, she found her son to be out of the ordinary, because he was able to recite the alphabet at the age of just 2, whilst at 4 years old, he could do complex mathematical calculations. When Daniel was four years old, he would stare at the kitchen and accurately report how many tiles were on the kitchen floor, the walls and the ceiling. He was even able to work-out exactly the correct number of bricks used to create a structure, and he did all this in his mind, without the aid of calculators or computers. In 2006, Daniel – on behalf of the United Kingdom – participated in the International Mathematical Olympiad competition, and won a silver medal.

However, Daniel, due to his autism, is very ‘incompetent’ in other ways, and cannot communicate with others in the normal way, or complete some simple tasks, such as making a cup of tea for himself. Daniel’s love for China began when he witnessed 6 outstanding Chinese competitors performing at the International Mathematical Olympiad. This experience prompted the 19 year old Daniel to take a year out from university, and spend it touring China – this is where he met his future wife – Xiao Yan. In just 4 months, Daniel learnt to read and write the Chinese language to a very precise degree – and speak fluent putonghua (i.e. ‘Mandarin’) as if he had been born in China. Prior to this he had studied simple French for 8 years – and achieved no progress. Daniel explained this by stating that he has no interest in France, and so could not be bothered to learn the language. People with autism often have problems feeling and expressing emotions – but Daniel explained that as soon as he met Xiao Yan (who was working at one of the hotels he was staying in, he immediately fell in-love with her, and she with him. Xiao Yan stated that she fell in-love with this hard-working British man – and after 6 months of dating, decided to get married.

According to the British medical experts, autism appears in boys around 4 times higher than in girls, whilst typically, autistic patients have problems communicating with others, and cannot usually understand the significance of emotions. This autistic disability was diagnosed by Hans Asperger, a paediatrician from Vienna, 50 years ago. The depiction of Raymond Babbitt in the film ‘Rain Man’ shows a man suffering from some form of ‘Asperger Syndrome’. However, medical experts say that autistic patients like Daniel or the ‘Rain Man’ character exhibiting a bizarre mathematical genius, is a very rare phenomenon.

Original Chinese Language Article:












Beauty Through Virtue


In a Chinese language article dated 14.3.2010, the author asks what constitutes the nature of ‘true’ beauty? In a Beijing street, a man falls to the ground (possibly through ‘fainting’) while a nearby young woman thinks about helping, but is told by other by-standers not to get involved and to mind her own business. However, this young lady ignores this advise and steps out of the crowd to assist the man sit-up, recover his senses, and finally regain his feet. The author states that this action is the basis of ‘true’ beauty, which is a beauty of character, rather than of physicality. A person that possesses a ‘beautiful’ exterior, may not possess a ‘beautiful’ interior and vice versa. This young lady, of course, is physically beautiful in a discreet sense, but her character (and ‘mind’) appear to be the deciding factors in her particular manifestation. Understanding this opens the notion of ‘beauty’ into a much deeper and broader spectrum of manifestation (not limited to the ‘material’ plain), that requires a much more sophisticated means of perception in the observer.



Within Chinese thought, beauty cannot be just about ‘physicality’, as it must also be a manifestation of all ‘inner’ qualities. Indifference to physical beauty is just one of these attributes. Beauty is ‘enhanced’ by a lack of interest in its own fabrication, and ‘demeaned’ by an interest that is obsessive and corrupting.

Original Chinese Language Article:


On Why Ch’an Master Xu Yun (1840-1959) Rejected Japanese Zen

Interesting to read the attacks on Xu Yun’s age (purported to have been 120 years of age at his death) emanating from pro-Western Taiwan Chinese sources (which generally eulogise the Westernised and Christianised Chinese scholar Hu Shih). Hu Shih – a man who thought Chinese traditional culture was inferior to that of the West (due to the manner in which he was academically trained in the West) – launched his attack upon Xu Yun’s reputation and integrity in 1959, when the anti-Chinese Cold War offensive was beginning to gain momentum, led as it was by CIA activity in the Tibetan part of China. It can only be surmised that this was in response to (or ‘revenge’ for) Xu Yun ‘staying’ within Revolutionary China, meeting with the ‘new’ Chinese Authorities, and actively assisting in guiding that government in its ‘modern’ presentation of Buddhism. Xu Yun informed Zhou Enlai (his disciple), and Mao Zedong that the practises of ‘modern’ Japanese Buddhism were no good for China, and that it must be written into Chinese secular law that Buddhist monks and nuns ‘must’ legally follow the entirety of the Vinaya Discipline with no exceptions. Xu Yun stated that a ‘lay’ person was not a Buddhist monastic, and that a Buddhist monastic must be celibate, a strict vegetarian and not to drink alcohol.

Bearing these facts in-mind, it is curious that one or two ‘Zen’ groups in the West claim fictitious lineage links to Xu Yun (which are not recognised or accepted in Mainland China), and fail to understand that Xu Yun did not practice ‘Zen’, had a low opinion of Japanese Buddhism, and was disgusted by the general lack of morality and restraint demonstrated by imperial Japanese soldiers in China between 1931 to 1945. The main reason Xu Yun rejected ‘Zen’ was because Japanese Buddhism in general had rejected the following of the Vinaya Discipline centuries ago, and allowed lay men and women to undergo ‘mock’ ordinations, to get married, participate in all kinds of worldly activity (including warfare), eat meat and drink alcohol. Secondary reasons involved the sullying and distortion of the Linji and Caodong lineages (and others) that had spread to Japan, and the misunderstanding of basic Ch’an idioms, methods and techniques. Needless to say, these ‘fake’ Zen-Ch’an lineages propagated in the West can be easily dismissed by contacting the ‘alleged’ associated Ch’an temples in China, and asking the presiding Head Monks whether any non-Chinese people have received ‘Dharma Transmission’ in modern times, and been granted ‘official’ permission to use the Japanese term ‘Zen’ in replacement of the Chinese term ‘Ch’an’ in Western language translation. The answer will always be the same, and that answer is ‘no’. This being the case, it means that all the so-called ‘Zen’ lineages are either completely fictitious, or linked to authentic ‘Zen’ lineages in Japan. Whatever is the case, there is no genuine link to a) Ch’an Master Xu Yun, and b) authentic Chinese Ch’an Buddhism. Although there are respectful relations between certain Japanese ‘Zen’ sects and their Chinese Ch’an counter-parts, this does not imply a ‘direct’ lineage transmission link. Of course, this situation is problematic as the Japanese government currently refuses to acknowledge the War Crimes its soldiers committed in China between 1931-1945 – many of which Xu Yun relates in his biography.

North Korea has a Right to Defend itself Against US Aggression


The United States is the aggressor in Asia. As a capitalist country, it requires wars to fuel its sagging boom or bust economy,  and in so doing, take control of other areas of the world through business and commerce. This is the US policy of neo-imperialism and neo-colonialism. America is able to do this because the European Union is fully on-board with this racist agenda, as are such US colonies as South Korea, Taiwan and Japan, etc. Interestingly, since the end of WWII, the US military has been defeated twice in Asia,  firstly Korea and secondly in Vietnam, but with Donald Trump at the helm, nuclear weapons might well be an option for the West. The US is continuously threatening North Korea and trying to antagonise that regime onto a war-footing with the US. In the meantime, the Western media continues to lie about the situation, claiming that Communist China will not come to the aid of the DPRK should such a war arise. This is a dangerous and false propaganda. Although there exists much debate about the nature of the relationship between China and the DPRK within China, the official policy remains one of protecting the DPRK against US attack. This policy implies that an attack on the DPRK will be viewed as an attack on China – and that the Chinese government will take appropriate steps to ‘defend’ itself. Asian people should unite and collectively throw-out the US presence from the region. If they do not, then Asian people will be sacrificed yet again for the pursuance of a racist, US foreign policy.

The North American Working Class


The concept and principle of a Class War is not an abstraction – it is not an idea about some theoretical future event, as its reality is already upon us. This is the ‘war’ the ruling classes continuously rage to perpetuate the capitalist system through which all their privilege flows. If the capitalist system is replaced with an evolutionary transition toward Socialism, this flow of privilege is necessarily ‘cut-off’, and this is something the ruling classes will fight to prevent with every means at their disposal. This being the case, Karl Marx wrote that the International Working Class has a right to ‘defend itself’ from this continuous ruling class assault. Working class self-defence is not ‘violent’ or ‘terroristic’ in the first instance (although armed conflict can occur if the Bourgeois State resorts to direct murder as a tactic) – it is purely ‘humanitarian’ – and in so being is ‘morally correct’. Much of this working class self-defensive action evolves around the daily grind of living within an oppressive bourgeois system, which contains a legal system that is designed to preserve and retain the asymmetric bias as defined by the greed of capitalistic thought and action. Of course, the bourgeois police and judiciary exist to support and defend the ruling classes – that is their wealth, property and privilege – whilst perpetuating the ‘myth’ that they exist to ‘serve’ the wants and needs of ordinary people. Any benefit a working class person may gain from the law enforcement industry is purely a coincidental ‘accident’ – as it means that in some other, not so obvious manner, the bourgeoisie is benefiting in a much more profitable fashion. Working class people, with no real access to the corridors of true political or legal bourgeois power, have no choice but to ‘self-educate’, and in so doing, assist one another whilst withdrawing (to various degrees) open collaboration with the capitalists. These Marxist-Leninist-Maoist observations, naturally perceive ‘Trotskyism’ as a bourgeois sham designed to infiltrate and ultimately prevent the International Working Class from achieving a ‘true consciousness’ by shrugging-off the historically conditioned ‘false consciousness’ associated with capitalism. A Trotskyite is a ‘class enemy’ masquerading as a working class ‘revolutionary’, and this is why the entire work of Leon Trotsky must be viewed as a detailed record of an ongoing ideological co-operation with the bourgeois system. Therefore, be wary of Trotskyite ‘anti-racist’ groups and movements that proclaim to ‘stand up to racism’, whilst supporting the very capitalist system that a priori generates the conditions that re-create racism from one generation to the next. Trotskyism ensures the ideological ‘survival’ of racism whilst on the surface appearing to offer a resistance to it. This means that by collaborating with the capitalist system, and supposedly ‘resisting’ racism, the Trotskyites are creating it as a psychological and physical reality – rather like a drug treatment that carries the risk of actually generating the illness it purportedly exists to eradicate. All of this is applicable to the International Working Class spread across the globe, regardless of skin-tone, phenotype, language culture or religion – as it is bound by a common shared history of oppression at the hands of International Capitalism. This means that a required criticism of the US ruling class (and the oppressive, racist system it upholds) is essential due to the influence that system has upon the world. However, this essential critique of the American bourgeoisie IS NOT a critique of the North American Working Class, despite the fact that it remains terribly ignorant of its own oppressive existence, and is conditioned to routinely co-operate with its oppressors. These are issue that all working class people suffer from (to varying degrees) around the world, that live within capitalist countries. The International Working Class must ‘self-critique’ as a means to gain knowledge and understanding of the oppressed nature of its own existence. and in so doing, reform its own behaviour toward a revolutionary vigour. This is class war at its most essential aspect, and all it takes is learning to read a book, listen to others, and critically assess all the information in a ‘non-inverted’ and progressive manner. If this is done properly, the North American Working Class will understand that it has more in common with the working class of Africa, China and North Korea, than it does with its own ‘ruling’ middle class, and should learn from these progressive elements. This automatically serves to breakup and dissolve the power of the racism that the bourgeois system perpetuates to keep the working class in a state of hateful disunity. This is not a denial of historical, cultural or linguistic differences, far from it, it is an acknowledgement of the reality of ‘class politics’, and a demonstration of how working class people can take control of their own psychology and physical destiny through self-analysis. Racism is a very powerful ‘false’ ideology that must be confronted and destroyed at all levels so that it becomes a thing of the past. This cannot happen whilst the capitalist system functions, because racism has its very origins in the bourgeois ‘division of labour’. Racism is a major means of political control in the US, and it is the main issue that must be confronted (within the context of capitalist oppression), by the North American Working Class. At the moment, the balance of power is with the Bourgeois State, but with the right amount effort in the right direction, this can change over-night.

How Nationalist Chiang Kai-Shek Collaborated with Adolf Hitler


(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

Translator’s Note: Believe or not, in the early years of his ‘Nazi’ regime, Adolf Hitler had a respectful attitude toward ‘Nationalist’ China. This was more to do with the inherent corruption of the Nationalist leader Chiang Kai-Shek (aka ;Cash My Cheque’) rather than any humanitarian notions held by Hitler himself. To get matters straight – Hitler still viewed the Chinese as racially inferior (as he did he Japanese), but thought that perhaps they might be granted a ‘status’ slightly above ‘sub-human’, but still below that of ‘White’ German, Aryan. Today, some misguided Chinese intellectuals of a rightwing persuasion (existing outside of Mainland China), adhere to a bizarre notion that ‘Hitler’ was somehow ‘misunderstood’. This is not true – he had no real liking for Chinese people simply because he was a ‘White’ supremacist who viewed all other races as ‘inferior’.  Hitler in fact referred to the Chinese people as racially inferior a number of times in his speeches — despite whatever views he may have held. This was particularly so during the 1937 Japanese Rape of Nanjing – where Nazi Official John Rube ordered Nazi German troops to protect Chinese people fleeing the massacre. Hitler was furious when he heard about this interference, and stated that Nazi Germany should do ‘nothing’ whilst one inferior race eradicates another. ACW 3.4.2017

Although Adolf Hitler was a fanatical racist (and anti-Semite) who blamed all of society’s ills upon the Jewish people, it is an interesting historical question as to why he had a relatively ‘respectful’ attitude toward China. Hitler is recorded as stating that the Chinese people were ‘special’ (and not a ‘degenerate’) race that they should enjoy more ‘rights’, whilst during the early years of the Second Sino-Japanese War, Hitler even provided military aid to Chiang Kai-Shek’s Nationalist government. In this regard. ‘three’ distinct reasons are given for Hitler’s apparent ‘respect’ for China.

1. Private Relations. 

Hitler was impoverished in his early years, and was homeless on the streets of Vienna. Due to his obvious lack of food and clothing, a Chinese man living in Austria at the time – surnamed ‘Cheng’ – granted him assistance. Cheng gave Hitler 500 Austrian shillings toward the cost of living and learning, but also often invited Hitler to stay at his home. When Adolf Hitler came to power, it is said that he searched out this Mr Cheng to reward him – but he could not be found.


2. When Adolf Hitler met Kong Xiangxi (孔祥熙).

In 1933, Hitler became the leader of German, and began to actively expand military preparations for war, thus breaking the Versailles shackles from Nazi Germany. However, Germany after the first world war was weakened, and ensuing economic sanctions, the lack of rare minerals, agricultural products and other strategic resources, kept Germany in a powerless position.  China was a vast land, rich in resources, and this prompted Adolf Hitler in the early years of Nazi Germany to ‘strengthen’ diplomatic and trade links with Chiang Kai-Shek’s Nationalist government. This was a shrewd move as Chiang Kai-Shek was more than accommodating toward Adolf Hitler’s Nazi regime. Whereas Hitler provided Chiang with the tanks and guns he needed to fight the Communist Uprising in China, in return Chiang provided Nazi Germany with much needed tungsten, lead, manganese, antimony and other mineral resources. Although many people were starving in China due to the corruption of Chiang’s government, Chiang, nevertheless, gave Nazi Germany peanuts, cotton, cotton, bristles and other agricultural products. At one point Adolf Hitler had specially telephoned Chiang Kai-Shek, stating that ‘the close cooperation between the two countries is in the best interests of the two peoples,’ whilst Chiang Kai-Shek is said to have replied, “for the economic cooperation between Germany and China – we enthusiastically support this relationship – so that our country can benefit from the generated harmony, and we especially thank you.”


3. Anti-Soviet – Anti-Communist Alliance (1936).

Hitler (despite calling his movement ‘National Socialism’) always hated Communism, and in 1936, representatives of Germany and Japan met in Berlin to sign the ‘Anti-Communist International Agreement’, which was an anti-Soviet, anti-Communist military alliance. The Chinese National Government – headed by Chiang Kai-Shek – was also anti-Soviet and anti-Communist, which sought to encircled Mao Zedong’s Red Army, whilst simultaneously cracking down on the workers and peasants movement, and had at one time waged an armed conflict with the Soviet Union. In this context, Hitler still wanted to strengthen relations wbetween China and Germany, to deal with the Soviet Union.

Why did this relationship finally break? Mainly because Japan launched the war of aggression against China, and Germany and Japan were allies. This meant that the Chinese National government could nolonger obtain substantial military assistance from Nazi Germany. The ending of Nazi German assistance and support led to Chiang Kai-Shek seeking help from the Soviet Union – where Chiang eventually signed the ‘Sino-Soviet Treaty of Non-Aggression Pact’, an act which guaranteed Soviet military assistance. Later, under pressure from Japan, Hitler withdrew the Nazi German military advisory group, completely cut off all military ties from both sides. Hitler justified this by stating that all that exists is eternal interests, and not eternal friends.

©opyright: Adrian Chan-Wyles (ShiDaDao) 2017.

Original Chinese Language Text:


DPRK: Japanese Kidnappings (1977-1988)


Following the 1868 Meiji Restoration, Japan embarked upon a rapid and radical transformation of its political, military and social culture. These changes were motivated by the need to ‘modernise’ and successfully compete with the then rampant Western imperialist powers that had subjugated large areas of the world, and dominated trade in Asia through the perpetual threat of punitive military action. Japan adopted the pseudo-science of Social Darwinism (an idea rejected by Charles Darwin), which segregated the world into an imagined hierarchy of racial fitness. In its original form, it emanated from England, and propagated the lie that all ‘White’ Europeans were racially superior to all other ethnic and cultural groups in the world, which were categorised as such, in a descending scale of worthiness (with Asians assumed to be ‘superior’ to Africans, but ‘inferior’ to Whites, etc). The Japanese Meiji government modified this pseudo-science, and re-interpreted it to assume that the Japanese race was superior to all others. This also included the implicit idea that Japanese racial fitness was augmented (and even justified) by a ‘spiritual’ superiority. As Japan modernised its military along Western lines, its government embraced a fascistic form of administration and set about mimicking the Western habit of ‘colonisation’. As a consequence, Japan invaded and occupied large areas of the Pacific, and subjugated millions of people to its despotic rule (this included Korea, Taiwan and even Vietnam). All other ‘non-Japanese’ races were to be conquered and subdued into a state of servitude toward Japan and the Japanese people. This inherently ‘racist’ and rightwing attitude led directly to Japan’s invasion of China in the 1930’s, and to the Pacific War with the US.  The Japanese imperial forces kill and massacred hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women and children throughout Asia, which also included the mistreatment of and murder of numerous Western prisoners. Following Japan’s defeat after WWII, and its subsequent colonisation by the USA, the Japanese government, adopting as it does an anti-Communist agenda, refused to apologise to the people of Asia for the well-documented and hideous Crimes Against Humanity (including the infamous Unit 731 human experimentation) that its military forces committed throughout the 1930’s and 1940’s. Japan can get away with this attitude because it actively pursues American foreign policy in the region, and is politically (and militarily) protected by the US. Japan committed the most blatant and brutal acts of rape and murder throughout the 1930’s and 1940’s, but has never paid the price for its murderous actions due to the international influence of the USA (in this regard, Japan has much in common with the modern State of Israel). In-short, Japan has never formally apologised for the atrocities its forces committed during WWII, and still refuses to do so today.

According to both Russian and Chinese language sources, in 2002, the then leader of North Korea – Kim Jong Il – publically acknowledged that ‘rogue’ elements within the intelligence services of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) had initiated a programme of ‘kidnapping’ a non-specified number of Japanese citizens – but that the upper echelons of the DPRK government at the time had not been involved or informed. Kim Jong Il formally ‘apologised’ to the Japanese government on behalf of the DPRK government, and issued assurances that no further kidnappings would take place, and that the rogue elements that had carried-out this unofficial policy had been tried and imprisoned for their part in this illegal activity. Although Japan officially states that at least seventeen people over-all were kidnapped over a ten year period (some Japanese sources suggest a number as high as seventy!), the North Korean government stated that it only has evidence for thirteen kidnap victims. Furthermore, Kim Jong Il announced that the five kidnap victims that were still known to be alive (together with their children born in the DPRK) would be allowed to migrate back to Japan. Kim Jong Il suggested that although North Korean records appear to show that five Japanese kidnap victims entered the DPRK – it is unclear what exactly happened to the other eight Japanese kidnap victims (with Kim Jong Il stating that the DPRK could not comment on the other four victims suggested by the Japanese government). Much of these negotiations evolve around the ‘normalisation’ of Japanese-Chinese diplomatic relations. The problem is that China insists that Japan issues a formal apology for the deaths of the hundreds of thousands of innocent Chinese men, women and children murdered during the Japanese invasion during the 1930’s and 1940’s, with the Japanese government continuously refusing to do so, whilst worshipping its war-dead in Japan at the Yasukuni Shrine as ‘heroes’. The Japanese attitude is that the lives of ‘thirteen’ (or more) of its citizens are more important than the hundreds of thousands of its war-victims during the 1930’s and 1940’s – currently US foreign policy supports this hypothesis.

As matters stand, capitalist Japan pursues the anti-Communist agenda of the USA, and tirelessly works to portray (and undermine) the DPRK as an ‘evil’ and ‘despotic’ regime despite no evidence to support these claims. In reality, the DPRK attracts around 250,000 tourists annually – a figure that includes around 6,000 Westerners from Europe and the USA. These would suggest that the anti-DPRK propaganda of the Japan-USA axis is not working. Furthermore, even the usually anti-Communist Western press is beginning to acknowledge just how many North Korean defectors are opting to return to the DPRK, after experiencing first-hand, the terrible inequality found within capitalist South Korea. Although the DPRK Japanese kidnappings were deemed ‘unofficial’, it is interesting to ask ‘why’ they happened in the first place, as not all kidnappings happened on the Island of Japan, with at least two occurring in Europe. Within Chinese language sources on this matter, four other incidences of alleged DPRK kidnappings are mentioned, the victims of which were ‘non-Japanese’ in ethnic origin. These four examples all happened in 1978, and actually involved eight further people. Two were Chinese people kidnapped in Macau (which was still a Portuguese colony at the time), one was a Thai national also kidnapped in Macau, one was a Romanian kidnapped in Italy, and four were Lebanese women kidnapped in Beirut and allegedly taken to Pyongyang. (Apparently the PLO was instrumental in securing their eventual release). What is peculiar is that ‘Doina Bumbea’ captured in Rome was originally from the Communist country of Romania! However, it must be stated that the DPRK refuses to accept that these ‘missing’ non-Japanese people were kidnapped by North Korean agents, and considering that the original purpose of the kidnaps was to acquire ethnic Japanese tutors to ‘correctly’ teach North Korean intelligence agents ‘how to think and act like a Japanese’, this DPRK claim might well be correct. If Kim Jong Il had not admitted at least some Japanese kidnaps in 2002, I would have stated that this story was untrue and typical of anti-DPRK Cold War propaganda. However, it does seems that this story has grown well beyond the scope of material reality, and taken on a ‘mythic’ reality all of its own. The DPRK certainly does not admit to more than twenty kidnappings of Japanese citizens – and yet outspoken protesters in Japan have asserted that as many as seventy Japanese people have been kidnapped. This hysteria reminds me of the false anti-Semitic allegations aimed at Jewish communities, which falsely claimed that Jews ‘stole’ Christian babies to be used in satanic rituals! It seems that Japanese and Western conspiracy theorists are taking examples of ordinary people going missing in the world, and simply accusing the DPRK of kidnapping them. Indeed, since 2002, the Japanese government has continued to level all kinds of insane allegations at North Korea (with US-backing), that has involved the United Nations (UN) accusing the DPRK of committing Human Rights violations – even though neither the UN, Japan or the US has one shred of evidence. Furthermore, those who were released back to Japan have gone on record confirming the DPRK version of events.

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The Corruption and Racism of Transparency International (TI)


Transparency International TI) is a capitalist supporting, politically rightwing motivated Transnational non-governmental corporation, founded by a number of privileged ‘White’ German businessmen in 1993. It receives substantial financial backing from Western (capitalist) governments, as well as big businesses, and exists to campaign for the retention of political, economic, social and cultural conditions that support and continue the smooth running of the capitalist economic system. TI does this through defining all resistance to capitalism as ‘corruption’, and demonises any regime that is unable (due to poverty) to function in a capitalist setting, or that has chosen not to. Needless to say, the natural racism that underlies TI and its work routinely condemns African countries impoverished through centuries of European colonialism and imperialism, or Asian countries such as China, Vietnam of North Korea, that have chosen to 0ver-through capitalism and pursue a Socialist pathway. It is interesting to observe that whilst assuming a self-righteous and condescending Eurocentric (bourgeois) attitude toward the world, TI NEVER criticises ‘capitalism’ as an economic system, and neither does it draw attention to the fact that the so-called ‘corruption’ that it allegedly investigates is directly linked to the capitalist economic system it supports. TI is a pseudo-morality institute pursuing the ‘good vs evil’ theological agenda of the Judeo-Christian church, which hides its true capitalist (and discriminatory) agenda behind a veneer of ‘doing good’. TI is nothing but a club for privileged White men who want all resistance to capitalism removed from the world so that they might become ever richer. Capitalism is the basis of all corruption in the world, and TI says ‘nothing’ about this. In this regard, what motivates its employees is ‘religious-like’ zeal such as that which would motivate a ‘crusade’. Although founded in Germany (which through the EU – ‘de-Socialises’ the rest of Europe – whilst keeping its own Socialist institutions), Ti is actually controlled through the USA. This is why TI refused to back Edward Snowden after its US branch influenced a resolution inaccordance with US governmental policy. Laughably, in 2012, the US branch of TI gave Hilary Clinton an Integrity Award – an action defended by TI in 2015 following revelations of Clinton’s wide-spread corruption. This is just a small part of a history of financial and moral irregularities that have rocked TI in recent years. In its online propaganda, TI claims to have a branch in ‘China’ – this is false – as Mainland China views TI as a corrupt bourgeois ‘cult’ that attempts to bully sovereign nations into following US foreign policy. Finally, TI often hire employees from varying ethnic backgrounds to camouflage its international racist policies. People should not work for this corrupt institution, but instead strive to bring it down by revealing its true purpose and inherent corruption.


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