The Eurocentric Myth of John Titor: ‘White’ American Time-Traveller


I am not going to over-analyse this topic, which comes-up every now again. John Titor materialised on the early internet during 2000-2001. The details can be read on a number of websites, but the gist of the story is that John Titor claimed to be a time-traveller from the near future – 2036 – who, as part of a special military unit, was tasked with travelling back in time to collect a specific IBM computer from 1975. When his forum postings stopped in late 2001, it was thought that he had returned to his time. Like any myth, the story has expanded with some claiming John Titor visited as early as 1998 and sent a number of faxes, and that he may have re-surfaced in 2009. Whatever the case, there is now a story that his parents (whom he visited in 2000-2001), now have a lawyer, and have gone into hiding – but not before publishing a book about their ‘son’ and his time-travelling ways! Of course, none of this is provable and even his supposed parents (or the lawyer for that matter) can not be found. Like a religion, lack of evidence has become proof of truth. The ‘real’ person who wrote the posts in 2000-2001, did so over a number of forums in the days before search-engines, and so today this body of literature can be read in its entirety. This individual pursued a ‘script’ with a definite story-line – which he kept to – regardless of forum visited. None of his ‘predictions’ were right. This is despite many contemporary followers of Titor claiming that things have developed ‘sort of’ like he said. The reality is that none of his very precise predictions about the future cane true in anyway. Titor was well prepared for this, as he also stated that there are a number of different time-lines in the future, and our time-line (despite him being in it), may not be the same as the future he had already lived. So far, so good. A stranded time-traveller who happens to be hanging-out with his mum and dad – whilst on his way back to a future he can describe in detail, but yet cannot ‘predict’ in any meaningful manner!

What is interesting, is that John was apparently unaware of his own ‘Slavic’ surname, which is found mostly throughout Russia today, with a small number spread throughout the world. This is how a Russian online genealogy forum defines and describes the surname ‘Titor’ (Титор):

‘The name Titor is derived from the nickname Titor. The nickname “Titor” comes from the nominal “Titar”. In the southern and western dialects this word has the meaning of “church elder”. Most likely, the ancestor of the owner of this family name was a clergyman.’

(Фамилия Титор ведет свое начало от прозвища Титор. Прозвище Титор происходит от нарицательного «титарь». В южных и западных диалектах это слово имеет значение «церковный староста». Скорее всего, предок обладателя этой фамилии был церковнослужителем.)

This is despite the fact that he mentions Russia using nuclear weapons on the cities of the US – apparently as part of Russia supporting one side in a ‘new’ American Civil War. The author of John Titor’s scribblings is obviously a ‘White’ American, as he uses the usual anti-Chinese rhetoric in describing that country – claiming that Communist China invades Korea and Japan, but suffers a military defeat at the hands of ‘White’ Australia! This is pursuing the age-old racist idea that China and her people are racially and culturally inferior, and although they may ‘bully’ other Asian countries, when they encounter the superior ‘White’ race and culture – they are invariably defeated. This is the usual bourgeois, Eurocentric attitude prevalent in the US today, and not an attitude indicative of a ‘new’ future where all the ‘old’ ways of viewing the world have been smashed and transcended. For a non-White person reading Titor’s posts, it is obvious that the narrative that he builds for the future is ethnically biased and symbolic of contemporary racist attitudes prevalent amongst many White communities. This should not be surprising for a man who does not even know the Slavic origins of his own surname.


Soviet Red Army Liberates Manchuria (North-East China) August-September – 1945


At the behest of the United States under President Roosevelt – the Soviet Red Army Declared War on the fascist Empire of Japan in 9.8.1945 – and fought their way into the Chinese city of Harbin not long after. Although the Japanese Authorities hinted that Japanese Forces (in the form of the 700,000 man Kwantung Army) would offer little resistance, in reality however, Japanese resistance was very strong in places, leading to many Soviet casualties. The Imperial Japanese had been agitating in ‘Manchuria’ (i.e. North-East China) since at least 1931, and their forces had committed continuous atrocities against the local Chinese population, and prisoners of war. The Japanese plan was to eradicate the Chinese presence from North-East China, and use this ‘new’ space to accommodate millions of Japanese migrants. This strategy reflected that of Adolf Hitler and his plans for a ‘Greater Germany’ in the Soviet Union (by eradicating the Slavic race). Following the bloody and brutal Battle of Okinawa, President Roosevelt was not keen on the idea of further large scale conventional battles with the Japanese Imperial Forces, and certainly did not favour the idea of a conventional US military invasion of the Japanese homeland. As he had been discussing with Britain’s Winston Churchill about the possibility of encouraging the destruction of the Soviet Red Army by bleeding it dry against Nazi Germany – a plan was hatched to try and bleed it dry against the Japanese. The problem was that instead of bleeding it dry – the Soviet Red Army grew ever stronger with each campaign and victory! As matters transpired, the Red Army was spectacularly successful in China and the islands off the North-Coast of Japan. The local Chinese population welcomed the Soviets with open arms, and when the campaign was complete, the Soviets handed the captured area over to Mao Zedong and the Communist Party of China (together with all its captured Japanese industry and weaponry). This acquisition allowed the CPC to consolidate power in North-East China, and eventually defeat Chiang Kai-Shek in the South. As a consequence, and contrary to the English wikipedia pages that still espouse false US Cold War propaganda as ‘fact’, there were no atrocities committed by the Soviet Red Army in China. There are no Chinese language texts, Japanese language texts, or indeed Russian language texts recording any untoward behaviour. As can be scene from some of these photographs (all gathered from the Russian language internet), there were even Westerners present in Harbin during the Soviet ‘Liberation’ and not one recorded any incidence of bad behaviour on the part of the Soviet Red Army.  It is remarkable today, to witness in the West a pro-fascist mentality developing which attempts to re-write history and present the perpetuators of world fascism as being the ‘victims’ of those who fought back against the real atrocities. The Nazi Germans (who committed the holocaust), and the imperial Japanese that pursued a genocidal policy against the Chinese – are falsely packaged as being the real victims! This is nonsense and nothing but a rightwing attempt at clearing its own conscience that has the deaths of countless millions upon it.  The historical evidence is clear – Nazi Germany and fascist Japan both thought that they could eradicate large swathes of humanity from the earth through military aggression – and both failed due to the strength of the Soviet Red Army and the resistance to invasion Of China by the CPC. I include a documentary with these pictures that clearly describes the Soviet campaign in Manchurian. The Soviets recorded 9 ineffectual Kamikaze attacks – with Japanese troops surrendering en mass after each defeat suffered. Of particular note is the successful use of Soviet paratroops to quickly ‘liberate’ forward areas before being relieved by Soviet infantry and tanks within 24 hours.














DPRK: Is Kim Jong Un Giving-Up the Hereditary System and Rejoining the ‘Communist’ Camp?


(Research & Translation by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

Translator’s Note: Although the terms ‘Socialism’ and ‘Communism’ were apparently ‘removed’ from official documents in the DPRK a number of years ago, this did not mean that North Korea abandoned its Socialist or progressive institutions or establishments. On the contrary, the DPRK carried-on building Socialism and striving to establish Communism by looking after its people and providing for all their educational and material needs.  The idea that the removal of these two terms on paper equated with the abandonment of Marxist-Leninism in practice, is an error of interpretation. The only issue of note is that of the ‘heredity’ system in North Korea, and the dominance of that country’s government by a single branch of the ‘Kim’ family – but this is a matter for the North Korean people and no one else. Finally, although China is attempting to remove US and South Korean aggression against North Korea (by calling upon all sides to exercise restraint and arms control), nevertheless, articles within the Chinese press make it blatantly clear that China will come to the aid of North Korea should the West attack it. ACW (8.7.2017)

In May of this year (2016), the DPRK’s Workers’ Party will hold its 7th National People’s Congress.  It is thought that during this 7th Congress, the term ‘Communism’ will be re-written into the DPRK’s Constitution, or that slogans using the term will be used throughout the DPRK. In fact, with around a month before the 7th Congress begins, the DPRK Workers’ News publication has increased the intensity of its coverage, with Editorials including the word ‘Communism’! A typical example reads:

‘Military and civilian workers in the DPRK are striving together to build a Bright New Dawn and a Great Shining Path as a means of establishing ‘Communist’ civilisation in the country!’

The term ‘Communism’ has not appeared in the North Korean media for a long time. In April, 2009, the Supreme People’s Assembly (held in North Korea) decided to remove the term ‘Communism’ from the Constitution. Then in June, 2014 (after 39 years of ideological consistency) altered the Guiding Principles of the Constitution and the Workers’ Party Guiding Regulations for the first time, stating that ‘the only way to establish the DPRK Workers’ Party’s Ten Principles’, is only through the ‘Baishou Mountain Descent’ System – whereby Kim Jong Un’s regime was confirmed as being purely ‘hereditary’ in nature.

With the abandonment of the terms ‘Socialism’ and ‘Communism’, and the movement away from the ‘dictatorship of the proletariat’ – and the ‘Communist’ vision followed by Kim Il Song and Kim Jong Il – North Korea has become a de facto ‘Dynasty State’. This seems to suggest that Kim Jong Un’s rule is now viewed as more important than that of his ancestors, and that the Marxist-Leninist basis of revolution and workers’ struggle has been side-lined, or relegated as less important.

When North Korea followed the ‘Communist’ path, it was very much viewed as a hermit country with little interest in the outside world. With the abandonment of ‘Socialism’ and ‘Communism’, and the establishment of Kim Jong Un’s rule, the DPRK has become very active on the international stage, and has attracted unwanted and unwarranted attention from the capitalist West – particularly the US. Could it be the case that to remedy this, the DPRK is going to re-engage ‘Communism’, and abandon the Kim Family inheritance pathway?

The DPRK media has not used the term ‘Communism’for around 14 years – but its sudden re-emergence, it does appear that a change is coming. This is significant, as the DPRK has only held 6 previous Congresses in 1946, 1948, 1956, 1961, 1970 and 1980. The upcoming Congress will be the first in 36 years since the rule of Kim Sung Il!

©opyright: Adrian Chan-Wyles (ShiDaDao) 2017.

Chinese Language Article:

放弃世袭! 金正恩考虑重投“共产主义”阵营

发表于 2016-04-11 22:27:04|
导读: 朝鲜将于今年5月召开劳动党第七次全国代表大会。有观点认为,“共产主义”一词有可能会在本次七大上重新写入宪法,或者朝鲜政府将提出与共产主义相关的口号。

Jeremy Corbyn and My Considered Position on the ‘Jade Forest’ (玉林 – Yu Lin) Dog Festival (13.6.2017)


In 2015, Jeremy Corbyn raised the issue of the Yulin Dog Festival in Parliament – expressing his concern for the welfare of the dogs concerned, the conditions within which they are allegedly kept, and the manner in which they are apparently killed. He called upon the Chinese government to ‘ban’ this event which sees around 10,000 to 15,000 dogs killed and eaten each year during the evening of the day of the Summer Solstice. I have written numerous times on this blog about Animal Rights in China, and have complained continuously about the Eurocentric and racist manner in which Western narratives of China – continuing the imperialist paradigm of attempting to ‘dominate’ at the point of contact – portray one-fifth of humanity (i.e. one billion people) as racially inferior, morally flawed, and culturally and politically backward. I must state from the start, that as a vegetarian I support Jeremy Corbyn’s unflinching support for Animal Rights, but would urge caution when acting as an intermediary for certain Animal Rights Groups in the West, that whilst using the veneer of animal welfare when it comes to assessing China, nevertheless pursue a thoroughly ‘racist’ paradigm in their critique of China. The race-hate aimed at China through Western Animal Rights rhetoric, is often delivered through purely ‘imaginative’ scenarios with no basis in fact. For a start, most involved in this kind of malignant ‘China watching’ do not possess the ability to read, write, or speak the Chinese language, and therefore are unable to provide any Chinese language source articles or materials to support their opinions. I want to make it clear that Jeremy Corbyn did not partake in this hyperbole, but rather very carefully read-out details (in English) that I have read in the Chinese language on the Mainland Chinese internet. In fact, as I am sure Jeremy Corbyn already knows, eating dog and cat meat has been illegal in China for a number of years – but there is a legal distinction between pets which are protected under Chinese law) – and dogs and cats that are bred to be eaten. This must be understood in a correct historical context, as the Communist Party of China has stated that it would prefer that the eating habits of feudalistic China, not be retained in an affluent, progressive and forward-looking Socialist China. As far as the Yulin Dog Festival is concerned, the Local Government of Yulin has officially stated that it is an event not supported by the CPC, and which the authorities have interrupted on numerous occasions – with the police ‘freeing’ lorry-loads of dogs into the hands of local Chinese Animal Rights activist (yes – China has ‘Animal Rights activists’) – of course, very little of this reality in China, finds its way into the West. As I am concerned about the ‘Eurocentric’ nature of much of the criticism of the Yulin Dog Festival in the West, I cannot, and do not, align myself with it, as I am well aware of its racist undertones (despite the fact that I personally believe the killing and eating of animals is wrong). The only way I could support such a criticism of the Yulin Dog Festival from a Western position, would be if all the correct Chinese cultural details were acquired and understood by the various (and concerned) Animal Rights Groups in the West, as well as including and/or consulting the Communist Party of China (CPC) and Chinese Animal Rights Groups (in China), which should be invited to contribute to the drafting of the eventual statement of criticism. As matters stand, very few Westerners understand that the CPC has drafted many Animal Rights laws, and is even considering a universal legal statement about the sanctity of animal life (this is still being debated due to its legal implications for commercially farmed meat). This has come about due to the activities of Mainland Chinese Animal Rights Groups that work quietly but determinedly behind the scenes and inaccordance with the law. Many people in the West have no idea that Chinese Buddhism (even under Communism), insists that its practitioners follow a strictly vegetarian (or vegan) diet, and that compassion toward all beings (including animals) is a primary practice. This is the motivating attitude that underlies the formation of the many Chinese Animal Rights Groups in Mainland China. These groups do not exist in ‘opposition’ to the CPC, but work in co-operation with it, slowly but surely working through the required re-forms so as to ensure that animals are treated with respect. I think it is unreasonable to demand that the CPC ‘bans’ the Yulin Dog Festival (as the CPC never sanctioned it in the first place) – whilst Animal Rights Groups in the West continuously fail to call for the ‘ban’ of 24hr slaughter factories that exist throughout the UK (as this would upset the capitalistic profit of the industrialised meat industry).

The Psychological & Physical Deficiencies of Xu Xiaodong (徐晓冬)


It is a curious coincidence that Xu Xiaodong was 39 years old when he challenged a 50 year old Taijiquan Master in April of this year, and that of the example of Iwakura Tsuyoshi (岩倉豪 – famous for punching the 65 year old  Yanagi Ryuken (柳龍拳) – who was himself 35 years old, beginning a MMA career at 39! Being in the mid to late 30’s seems to be very late in life to start a Western combat sport within which many peak-in around 25 years old! It maybe that these two characters, as they were approaching middle-age, and having abandoned the traditional Chinese martial arts idea that elderly people can be effective martial artists, were desperate to make their mark on a foreign combat sport that has no real currency within Chinese culture. What is of further interest is that both Xu Xiaodong and Iwakura Tsuyoshi are notorious for not possessing any tangible mixed martial arts ability, either physically or psychologically. In fact, both individuals might be described as ‘seriously’ limited in their MMA abilities, and certainly nowhere near the standard of world level. Many MMA practitioners in the West possess much better skills than these two, and yet never make a name for themselves (such is the competitive nature of this sport). Having made this clear, why then are these two MMA fighters so popular in the West? The answer lies in that the examples of these two individuals have been used in the West by a particular strain of MMA practitioner that pursue a far-right political narrative that demonises China, and interprets Chinese culture as being the deficient manifestation of an inferior race! The film footage of Xu Xiaodong (against Master Lei Gong), shows a man with no real mixed martial arts skills – who could have been easily defeated with groin-kicking or throat-punching, etc, and whose mental state is often described as ‘mad’ even by himself! The above photograph shows Xu Xiaodong confronting police as he rampages against traditional Chinese martial arts in early May of this year.

Chinese Language Reference:

Successful Corbyn Drives Political Rightwing into a Tight Corner!


The misled Scottish people turn to the racist Tories to cement their sovereignty and their freedom, the racist Tories turn to the equally racist, homophobic and terroristic DUP to legitimise Theresa May’s electoral failure, and the bias BBC have just asked Jeremy Corbyn to resign – but remains absolutely ‘silent’ about the dangerous political lurch to the right by the British political establishment! This fascistic insanity maybe added to the general mainstream media (such as the radio channel LBC) claiming that if only Jeremy Corbyn was not the leader of the Labour Party, and a more moderate (i.e. ‘capitalist supporting’) Candidate was in his place, then Labour would have won an outright majority – completely ignoring the historical fact that the Labour Party had already (and unsuccessfully) tried this compromising approach with Ed Miliband in 2015! What is happening is that the middle class is flexing its political muscle – and has been doing so since the demise of the Soviet Union in 1991 – completely unafraid of the consequences of its own (often illegal or unlawful) behaviour. The USSR offered a tangible threat to the Western Bourgeoisie which nolonger exists, whilst a vicious, ruthless and relentless racist campaign against Communist China ensures that the Western Working Class imbues these anti-Chinese racist attitudes, and does not ideologically associate itself with the Chinese proletariat. In fact, so successful has this racially motivated campaign been that its attitudes have become associated with logic, and are equally pervasive as much on the political left as on the political right.  This lurch to the right can be easily discerned across Europe (with the EU’s anti-Socialist agenda), and the rise of Donald Trump in the US. It may well be safe to say that only Jeremy Corbyn now genuinely represents the Socialist position within mainstream politics, and that the British establish will try anything to get rid of him in anyway that it can. I think the Tory position amounts to ‘do not pay any attention to the man behind the curtain’! I think there is now a distinct possibility of race riots developing on the British streets, if the British people do not put a stop to this madness!

China’s View of Evolution (Email Exchange 19.5.2017)


Subject: Re: Peking Man

Date: Tuesday, May 23, 2017 19:15

Dear W

Thank you for very interesting email.

This is from Chinese Sources – and adds to the debate:

Red Deer Cave People 马鹿洞人 (蒙自人): Unknown Humans Discovered in China马鹿洞人-蒙自人-unknown-humans-discovered-in-china/

You probably remember Alice Roberts in China – where she stated that the Chinese Authorities taught (in schools) that Chinese people evolved from Homo Erectus in China – and do not share the ‘Out of Africa’ lineage shared by the West? I cannot find any evidence for this thinking today, on the Chinese language internet, with every theory pointing toward the ‘Out of Africa’ thinking. I also remember Chinese researchers attempting to prove a ‘non-African’ origination for Chinese people. I think around 5000 DNA samples were taken from men across China – and every single one possessed the ‘Out of Africa’ DNA marker. However, it is my understanding that ALL hominids developed in Africa and migrated-out at various times. Modern humans stem from a migration around 50,000 years ago (of perhaps just 200 individuals), and spread across the world (encountering different types of hominids that had migrated out of Africa at earlier dates) – but the Chinese thinking might contend that Chinese people evolved from an earlier migration ‘Out of Africa’ – from a completely different evolutionary line of descent (from the rest of modern humans).

Until proven otherwise, I think there is evidence for this. However, we must be eternally vigilant for Eurocentricism and political bias in Western sources, designed to continuously work to undermine Mainland Chinese science simply because it is not ‘European’ or emanating from a capitalist regime. One distinguishing feature of a Socialist society is that its education system ‘rejects’ any and all notions of ‘nationalism’ – because it is this ‘nationalism’ which imbues ‘racism’ – and that was used by the West in the past to keep China in a subjugated state. It is the West that uses nationalist racism against China (and not the other way around – as suggested by the otherwise interesting article). My view is that we do not yet know everything about our ‘human’ past, and that we must not assume too much (either way), but quietly gather evidence and attempt tentative interpretations. If it turned-out that ALL human life somehow developed in China (or just the ‘Chinese’ lineage of it), I would be very happy, but even if it is eventually proven that we all just just wandered ‘out’ of Africa, this pleases me also, as both models serve to ‘break-up’ Eurocentric notions of racial superiority. It is ironic that it could possibly be true that two ethnicities of human beings (i.e. the Chinese and the Africans), both historically oppressed and persecuted by Europeans, would turn-out to be far older in origination, and to have built advanced cultures very early on!

Best Wishes


From W – On Fri, May 19, 2017, at 18:47:

Dear Adrian,

You might find the attached link to be of interest.  We’ve talked about Peking Man before, and some Chinese scientists think that modern Chinese people evolved directly and exclusively from Peking Man.  The attached article was only published last year, so it’s the most recent update on the theory.


Kind regards,



Westerner’s that Eat Dog Meat


Brenda & Robert Vale – New Zealand Campaigners for Dog Meat Eating

Animal Welfare charities in the West always support the strategies and political motivations of their respective (bourgeois) governments, and rarely if ever, criticise any policy, convention or reality of Animal Welfare that would invite an open criticism of that government (primarily due to the fact that it is these very governments that grant the ‘tax-exemption’ status these charities enjoy). Therefore, as ‘Communist’ China is viewed with suspicion and distrust by Western governments, inevitably Western Animal Welfare charities target this country for complaint, painting the Chinese people (and their culture) as being ‘evil’ and ‘inhuman’, with regards to animal care, animal welfare, and the breeding of dogs (and cats) for human consumption. This approach, of course, only works if the routine cruelty aimed at animals in the West is ignored, and the subject of China is treated with a ‘racist’ indifference with regard to the facts. The very same Western Animal Welfare charities that initiate one emotionally driven (and irrational) media campaign after another aimed at the demonisation of Chinese people and their culture, remain absolutely ‘silent’ about the 24 hour slaughter-factories that operate all over Europe and the Americas, and actively work to ‘hid’ the fact that they advocate and participate in the mass extermination of hundreds of thousands of cats and dogs annually, as a means to control these populations. These animals, usually abandoned and unwanted pets, can starve to death, be hit by cars, be abused by uncaring humans, or when taken into the ‘temporary’ care centres provided by the charities, are eventually ‘euthanasised’ by the same charities after a certain time, using various methods of dispatch, such as lethal injection, electrocution and gassing, etc. It is another curious fact that the various Animal Welfare charities ‘never’ criticise one another’s policies in this regard, as dog protection is a popular cause in the West that attracts millions of pounds annually from a general public that relies on the very same Animal Welfare charities they fund, to provide them with information about the various causes they pursue.

Due to the one-sided nature of the anti-China propaganda issued by the Western Animal Welfare charities (and their celebrity supporters), many Westerners will be surprised to learn that:

  1. Eating dog meat has been – and remains – a worldwide phenomenon that has manifest in virtually all human cultures throughout history.
  2. China has its own Animal Welfare and Animal Rights institutions that work with the government to reform and educate the people.
  3. Many Chinese people are vegetarian for religious or health reasons (generally premised upon the Daoist and Buddhist proscriptions against eating meat – as such a consumption is viewed as being not only immoral, but also unhealthy.
  4. China has Animal Protection Laws that are far more extensive in scope and effectiveness than those existing in Western countries. (As Western Animal Welfare charities avoid calling for legislation that would disrupt or diminish the ‘capitalist’ exploitation of animals for the industrialised meat industry).
  5. Chinese Law distinguishes between cats and dogs that are ‘pets’ (which cannot be used in the meat industry), and cats and dogs that are breed for the meat industry (which can be eaten).
  6. Eating cats and dogs is not wide-spread in China, and is viewed very much as a minority habit left-over from the poverty stricken days of feudalism. The government of China has stated a number of times that the current affluence that China is experiencing, means that eating cat and dog meat is nolonger required.
  7. The Chinese police have on occasion, sided with Chinese Animal Rights activists that have ‘blocked’ lorries carry cats and dogs that have been ‘legally’ bred to be eaten – allowing rescued animals to be taken into the care of the Animal Rights protesters.
  8. Western Animal Welfare charities and groups are viewed in China as being politically and religiously motivated, pursuing a policy of encouraging ‘civil disobedience’ – an approach that no sane Chinese person supports.
  9. Whereas Christianity states that animals ‘have no souls’ and can be treated as an ‘inferior’ life-form (to be brutally treated, killed and then eaten), Chinese Buddhism and Daoism – both of which advocate the notion of ‘rebirth’ – reject this view, and instead ascribe a certain ‘dignity’ to all animals.
  10. A number of countries in the West possess populations that eat dog meat.

In 2009, New Zealanders Brenda and David Vale published their book entitled ‘Time to Eat Dog?’, arguing that dogs are easy to breed, easy to feed and look after, and highly nutritious to eat. The pair argue that as the world changes, and it becomes ever more obvious that the current rate of consumption of other animals cannot be sustained, it might be advisable for humanity to seek-out a new source of food – and their chosen sustainable source is dog meat. The claims of nutrition and protein content as explained in this book, were subsequently scrutinised and subjected to testing by the scientific community and found to be ‘correct’, but this book, as interesting as it is, should not distract from the fact that whilst bourgeois Animal Welfare charities pursue a racially motivated attack upon China, many Westerners partake in the habit of eating dog meat – often slaughtering the dogs in public before consumption – with this activity ignored by the very same charities that complain about China. In the US, Native American Indians have their right to eat dog meat legally protected, but it is a habit also followed by some ‘White’ Americans as well, The same is true with South American populations, where eating dog meat is well-known and not perceived as a problem. Eating dog meat is wide-spread throughout Mexico, as it is in Northern Canada. In Alaska, where the weather is cold, dog meat is eaten all the time, particularly if a sledge dog dies, etc. Perhaps the most surprising area where the eating of dog meat is found is in Switzerland, where its consumption is open and common. Why is it that the Western Animal Welfare charities especially target China where eating dog meat is definitely on the decline and only practised by a minority of people, but ignore exactly the same behaviour happening in the West? It might be further added that South Korea, Taiwan and Japan (all historical colonies of the US), pursue a rabid habit of consuming dog meat – but face virtually no criticism from Western Animal Welfare charities (although through an act of self-regulation, Taiwan has recently passed legislation discouraging the eating of cats and dogs).

Chinese Language Reference:

China: British Maths Wizard Marries Chinese Girl! (29.10.2007)


Danial & Xiao Yan (小颜)

Original Chinese Language Text By:

(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

According to a daily British tabloid newspaper (published on the 27.10.2007), there is a real life example of the hit film character ‘Rain Man’ living in the UK. The ‘Rain Man’ character suffers from Autism, but because of this cognitive disability, is also renowned as a maths genius. In fact, this fictitious movie character is very similar to British student Daniel Lightwing – who currently studies at Cambridge University. Daniel suffers from autism, but also has amazing mathematical skills. When Daniel visited China recently, he met a young Chinese woman, and they both fell in-love and decided to get married.

According to Daniel’s mother Caroline, when Daniel was very young, she found her son to be out of the ordinary, because he was able to recite the alphabet at the age of just 2, whilst at 4 years old, he could do complex mathematical calculations. When Daniel was four years old, he would stare at the kitchen and accurately report how many tiles were on the kitchen floor, the walls and the ceiling. He was even able to work-out exactly the correct number of bricks used to create a structure, and he did all this in his mind, without the aid of calculators or computers. In 2006, Daniel – on behalf of the United Kingdom – participated in the International Mathematical Olympiad competition, and won a silver medal.

However, Daniel, due to his autism, is very ‘incompetent’ in other ways, and cannot communicate with others in the normal way, or complete some simple tasks, such as making a cup of tea for himself. Daniel’s love for China began when he witnessed 6 outstanding Chinese competitors performing at the International Mathematical Olympiad. This experience prompted the 19 year old Daniel to take a year out from university, and spend it touring China – this is where he met his future wife – Xiao Yan. In just 4 months, Daniel learnt to read and write the Chinese language to a very precise degree – and speak fluent putonghua (i.e. ‘Mandarin’) as if he had been born in China. Prior to this he had studied simple French for 8 years – and achieved no progress. Daniel explained this by stating that he has no interest in France, and so could not be bothered to learn the language. People with autism often have problems feeling and expressing emotions – but Daniel explained that as soon as he met Xiao Yan (who was working at one of the hotels he was staying in, he immediately fell in-love with her, and she with him. Xiao Yan stated that she fell in-love with this hard-working British man – and after 6 months of dating, decided to get married.

According to the British medical experts, autism appears in boys around 4 times higher than in girls, whilst typically, autistic patients have problems communicating with others, and cannot usually understand the significance of emotions. This autistic disability was diagnosed by Hans Asperger, a paediatrician from Vienna, 50 years ago. The depiction of Raymond Babbitt in the film ‘Rain Man’ shows a man suffering from some form of ‘Asperger Syndrome’. However, medical experts say that autistic patients like Daniel or the ‘Rain Man’ character exhibiting a bizarre mathematical genius, is a very rare phenomenon.

Original Chinese Language Article:












Beauty Through Virtue


In a Chinese language article dated 14.3.2010, the author asks what constitutes the nature of ‘true’ beauty? In a Beijing street, a man falls to the ground (possibly through ‘fainting’) while a nearby young woman thinks about helping, but is told by other by-standers not to get involved and to mind her own business. However, this young lady ignores this advise and steps out of the crowd to assist the man sit-up, recover his senses, and finally regain his feet. The author states that this action is the basis of ‘true’ beauty, which is a beauty of character, rather than of physicality. A person that possesses a ‘beautiful’ exterior, may not possess a ‘beautiful’ interior and vice versa. This young lady, of course, is physically beautiful in a discreet sense, but her character (and ‘mind’) appear to be the deciding factors in her particular manifestation. Understanding this opens the notion of ‘beauty’ into a much deeper and broader spectrum of manifestation (not limited to the ‘material’ plain), that requires a much more sophisticated means of perception in the observer.



Within Chinese thought, beauty cannot be just about ‘physicality’, as it must also be a manifestation of all ‘inner’ qualities. Indifference to physical beauty is just one of these attributes. Beauty is ‘enhanced’ by a lack of interest in its own fabrication, and ‘demeaned’ by an interest that is obsessive and corrupting.

Original Chinese Language Article:


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