Wealthy US (UCLA) Basketball Players Caught Shoplifting in China!


According to both US and China news sources – three wealthy UCLA basketball players were recently caught red-handed – shoplifting goods (that they could have easily afforded) from exclusive shops situated near their hotel in Hangzhou. The three basketball players have admitted their crimes both in China and in the US. They were confined to their hotel rooms by Chinese police whilst the investigation unfolded (which included CCTV footage). If they had been Chinese citizens, they would have been held in jail awaiting sentencing. The jail-term for shoplifting in China is ten years imprisonment. However, according to Chinese and US news sources, President Xi Jinping authorised (on compassionate grounds) the release (and return to the US) of the three young men concerned. Of course, President Trump has implied that his action freed these three men in a tweet:


The disrespect of another country’s law and culture exhibited by these three privileged individuals might be described as ‘typical’ for Americans. These three young men, irrespective of their ethnic identities, whilst visiting China behaved in a manner typical of that associated with ‘White’ imperialism. The fact that these ‘criminals’ have been treated with the utmost respect and concern by the Chinese people and the Chinese government, has wrong footed both White racists and Black nationalists in the West – whose anti-China rhetoric makes even less sense than normal. The People’s Republic of China supplies all the needs of the Chinese people (and foreigners visiting China), so that the barbaric crime of ‘stealing’ from one another is neither required or permitted. Communist China also opposes all kinds of racism and supports all dialectically correct freedom movements. For decades the Western imperialist powers ‘stole’ from the Chinese people – please do not visit our country and continue this historical crime. Communist China welcomes all the people of world in equality and friendship.

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Wikileaks and the Re-Distribution of Knowledge


Wikileaks is not a Socialist organisation, a point which can be discerned from the fact that although documents have been released regarding various and continuous abuses of power by Western, capitalist governments, at no time is the capitalist system (which gives rise to these injustices and atrocities), criticised by Wikileaks. Wikileaks is in the business of ‘re-distributing’ knowledge, but is definitely not in the business of re-distributing wealth and eradicating inequalities from within society. In this regard, Wikileaks is a thoroughly bourgeois and individualistic endeavour, which explains why the bourgeois-left British newspaper ‘The Guardian’ was complicit in assisting Wikileaks with a number of its earliest links (which attacked the government of Kenya). There is a mistaken notion at the heart of Wikileaks which assumes that without transforming the capitalist system, things can be made ‘better’ by simply sharing knowledge. This is an obviously middle class and Eurocentric view of the world, which over-prices the value of information, and ignores the fact that the systemic poverty within the capitalist system ensures an asymmetric distribution of that knowledge, which can only be accessed by the economically and culturally privileged. This smirks of bourgeois anarchy, or perhaps even Trotskyism, but certainly cannot be associated with Revolutionary Socialism. Simply telling governments what they already know is not a Revolutionary act.

What Wikileaks has achieved is the confirmation that the democratically elected governments of the capitalist world, routinely ‘lie’ and act to ‘deceive’ the very electorate that votes them into power, to a level that is so huge that it is difficult to fully comprehend in a single sitting. We can see that ‘War Crimes’ have been part and parcel of the US military presence in both Afghanistan and Iraq, and that breaking domestic and international law is routine for every US government. Of course, Wikipedia has stated that it has nothing to do with Wikileaks, and condemns its method and purpose. This is not surprising, as Wikipedia follows US government guidelines with its perpetuation of ‘fake’ history about the USSR, Palestine and China, etc. With regards to China, I have included three Chinese language articles that mention Wikileaks in the Chinese media. This exposes the lie perpetuated by Wikileaks that it is ‘banned’ in China! As a Communist State, the US (and its allies) are not allowed to use their bourgeois media outlets as a means to directly undermine the Communist Party of China (CPC), or its governance of China. As matters stand, although disruptive and inconvenient for the capitalist governments, Wikileaks remains firmly within the bourgeois, capitalist camp an is not a friend of Socialism. This is despite Wikileaks revealing US diplomatic papers proving that the supposed 1989 Tiananmen Square Incident was a media fabrication of the US and UK governments. Communist China is not interested in Western governments telling lies – as Karl Marx established this fact over a hundred years ago.

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Exposing a ‘Fake’ Story About China – the Case of the Poor Farmer and Educated Son


Communist China is continuously misrepresented in the West, as part of a US-led drive to demean the Chinese people and denigrate their Socialist System. This policy is pursued in a number of ways, one of which is the ‘planting’ of ‘fake’ news articles within a compliant and unquestioning Western media. These articles state untruths such as China is not ‘Communist’, Tibet is under ‘Chinese’ occupation and that the Falun Gong is a ‘peaceful’ organisation (rather than a very dangerous cult). Chinese people are considered racially inferior, and their culture a matter of practised stupidity. The Chinese Socialist state is continuously misrepresented as ‘oppressive’ and ‘failing’, when nothing could be further from the truth.

The photographs above were doing the rounds a few years ago in the West, claiming that an impoverished farmer in China had saved every penny to give his only son a university education – implying that people in China are poverty-stricken and desperate for education. This is completely untrue. ALL education in China is completely free for ALL Chinese citizens – including farmers from economically deprived areas! However, even in areas of relative poverty, finance and resources are extensively pumped into the area so that no one in modern China suffers like in old China. Finally, it has been recently revealed that this photograph and story are not from Communist China – but rather ‘capitalist’ Thailand, where much of their population lives in abject poverty, and ALL education is paid for (as it is in the USA).

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Expunging Trotsky from ‘Socialist’ History – a Dialectical Necessity


Even before he was expelled for treasonous activities from the Soviet Union in 1929, Trotsky’s distorted version of ‘Socialism’ had attracted the attention of the anti-Soviet ideologues in the USA. Indeed, there is much evidence to suggest that after WWII, what had by then become referred to as ‘Trotskyism’ was used as the basis for the US anti-Soviet (and anti-Communist) Cold War rhetoric. This is why most people are confused by ‘Trotskyism’ and the many organisations that follow his anti-Soviet ideology – whilst still insisting on calling themselves ‘Socialist’. Trotsky, for many, is known the wrong way around back to front, and in many ways ‘ahistorically’. What must be understood is that Trotsky was not a true Revolutionary, but rather a political ‘opportunist’ of the worst kind. He temporarily aligned himself with Revolutionary Movements to further his own political career, and as a means for him to attain influence and personal power at any cost. In this regard, he certainly was not a Marxist or Marxist-Leninist, and had no theoretical interest in those ideologies.

Trotsky was criticised by Lenin – and later by Stalin – for continuously failing to understand and interpret history from a Marxist perspective. This led to Trotsky attempting to undermine the hard-earned Soviet System from within, by advocating a thoroughly ‘bourgeois’ counter-revolution, with himself at the helm. For this treachery, he (and many of his followers) were expelled from the Soviet Union in 1929 – but a number of his followers remained behind ‘undetected’ within the Soviet System to spread their particular brand of ‘unrest’ and ‘discontent’. Many, as the years went by, attempted acts of sabotage against the Soviet State, destroying technology and machinery, and interfering with scientific research. Some even attempted to undermine the morale of the Red Army, and turn its officers against the Soviet State it had helped to build.

As Trotsky became the darling of the West, he attracted a great attention from the supporters of capitalism – which included many members of the rightwing and far-right political establishment in America, Europe and Asia.  This inspired Trotsky to actively call for all of his supposedly ‘Socialist’ supporters to enter into an alliance with Nazi Germany and fascist Imperialist Japan in 1938, and work to over-throw the Soviet Union AND the liberal democracies of the West! A year before (in 1937), many of Trotsky’s ‘sleeper cells’ in the USSR had become active, and were immediately identified by the NKVD and ‘neutralised’. This policing action was necessary to prevent what would today be interpreted as a comprehensive ‘terrorist’ attack on a sovereign government and the country it administers. If Trotsky had been successful, the Soviet Union would have collapsed prior to WWII, and the Red Army would not have existed to confront and eventually destroy the military forces of Nazi Germany.

As it is now the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution (2017), it is important that Trotsky is nolonger viewed as a legitimate ‘Revolutionary’, and that his path of ideology (which he and his followers deceptively term ‘Socialism’), not be associated with either Marxism-Engelsism, or Marxism-Leninism. Trotsky’s work must be historically ‘re-oriented’ and removed from the glittering history of Revolutionary Struggle, and placed firmly within the realms of capitalist-supporting, bourgeois counter-revolutionary thought. Trotsky’s duplicity cost the lives of immeasurable numbers of people due to the Nazi German invasion of the Soviet Union – despite this beginning a year after Trotsky’s death. Presumably Hitler was of the opinion that Trotsky’s followers had carried-out enough damage to the infrastructure of the USSR, and that the time was now ripe to invade. Of course, the distorted history of the capitalist West blames all this on Stalin – as Trotsky demanded. Indeed, in 1925, just one year after the death of Lenin, the US Time magazine already began to exhibit the interfering-style of developed US Cold War rhetoric – by implying that Trotsky (and his ‘distorted’ Socialism) should now run the USSR – over Joseph Stalin. The myth here, is that Soviet citizens did not vote. In fact, ‘voting’ in a proletariat society is a central activity to every citizen’s life, but of course, proletariat democracy is not liberal democracy, and does not favour or privilege the bourgeoisie. The point continuously omitted in Trotskyite accounts of the USSR, is that from 1924 until his death in 1953, Comrade Stalin was continuously re-elected into office – despite trying to resign ‘twice’ after 1945. The citizenry of the USSR was organised around the trade union model, where from lowest to the highest in society – everyone voted for representatives on numerous committees. This organisational model did allow the bourgeoisie to manifest and/or exercise power within a Socialist society. Trotsky wanted to reverse this Revolutionary change, and allow the resurgence of capitalism in the USSR, and along with it the predatory capitalist system.

The very idea that Stalin had millions, or hundreds of thousands sent to the gulags – and/or executed – is an ‘ahistorical’ lie perpetuated by Leon Trotsky and his followers. Alexander Werth was a British BBC correspondent who was of Russian parentage. He was with the Red Army virtually throughout the entirety of the ‘Great Patriotic War’ (1941-1945), and was allowed at the frontline. During August, 1944, Alexander Werth was with the Red Army when it liberated the Majdanek Concentration Camp in Poland – built by the Nazi Germans. His initial reports to the BBC in London were the first to reach the allies regarding the Nazi German holocaust of the Jews and other minorities. Winston Churchill, still looking for ways of absolving the Hitlerite regime, had Werth’s reports quashed – stating that they were Soviet lies about Nazi Germany. As a result, Werth spent much of his later life repudiating US and UK anti-Soviet propaganda, proving it to be ‘untrue’. In 1959, Werth visited the Soviet Union once again, and met-up with a number of American friends who lived and worked in the USSR. As incredible as it seems, and despite the rabid anti-Soviet propaganda in the US, American people still travelled to the USSR, with some making their homes there. When Werth asked one or two prominent Americans about the supposed ‘purges’ of the late 1930’s, he was usually met with laughter! The general consensus was that a Trotskyite plot was uncovered that involved around 10,000 traitors. Many were sent to prison, whilst a minority were executed for treason. There were not hundred of thousands, or millions of people involved – Trotsky was just not that popular in the USSR – where life was very good for most people!

The Nazi German holocaust cost the lives of around 11 million people (6 million Jews, and 5 millions of other ethnicities, political and sexual orientations, the disabled, and anyone who disagreed with fascism). Meanwhile, Imperial Japan is estimated to have caused around 60 million deaths in China, a figure that does not include those killed throughout other parts of Asia by Japanese troops. When the Nazi German forces invaded the Soviet Union, between 27-40 million casualties were suffered (both military and civilian). The conquered Ukraine area of the USSR saw some of the worst Nazi German excesses of the holocaust – aided and abetted by a minority of rightist Ukrainians – the political (and in some cases ‘biological’) descendents of whom comprise the contemporary ‘Madan’ neo-Nazi government of Western Ukraine. All this anti-Socialist death and destruction is exactly the political policies that Trotsky advised his followers to embrace in 1938. A question worth asking is why the Trotskyite Movement today, remains entirely ‘free’ of any criticism from the bourgeois press. The answer, of course, is that the Trotskyites support capitalism, and are not averse to fascism, or fascist atrocity.


Philosophy: Three Theistic Terms


Technically, the three following terms more correctly fall into the category of the ‘Philosophy of Religion’. Obviously, whether or not an individual ‘believes’ or ‘disbelieves’ in religion is irrelevant to the philosophical exercise of striving to understand the theoretical basis and practice of religions that evolve around a central theistic core element or elements. This is important because theistic religion has served as a primary source for human knowledge and purpose of action for thousands of years, and still continues to exercise that influence over a great many people in the world today. Even if some people describe themselves as ‘atheistic’ (i.e, ‘not’ accepting or believing in a divine concept, or any teachings emanating from such a theistic entity), secular society tends to exhibit religious trends of thought (as morals, ethics and attitudes), although devoid of any obvious or direct religious content or control. In the West, this has been the Judeo-Christian tradition, whilst in modern China, it has been Confucianism, Buddhism and Daoism that have set the moral and cultural (national) character. In modem India it has been Brahmanism, whilst in the Middle East it has been Islam, etc. This secular development tends to manifest as a parallel stream of psychological and physical influence alongside the practice of more traditional modes of religion, albeit to varying degrees of intensity, or definitional sociological frameworks. The three Greek terms under discussion in this short essay are:

  1. Theogony
  2. Theurgy
  3. Theology

Theogony literally translates as the ‘origin of the gods’, or more specifically the ‘birth and genealogy of the gods’. It stems from the original Greek word ‘theogonia’ – with ‘theo’ meaning ‘god’, and ‘gonia’ meaning ‘birth’, and by implication, ‘growth’ and ‘development’. ‘Theogony’ is a poem written by the ancient Greek poet Hesiod (8th-7th Centuries BCE), which describes the origins of the ancient Greek gods.This body of knowledge may be considered augmented by the myths and legends as recorded by Homer.

Theurgy literally translates as ‘divine work’, and stems from the original Greek word ‘theourgia’. This term is found in the thinking of ancient and classical Greece, and later in the works of Plotinus. It originally referred to rituals that created the conditions on earth for a ‘divine intervention’ in human affairs. Sometimes referred to as ‘magic’, the practice of ‘theurgy’ is used by Plotinus to refer to the act of ‘contemplation’ or ‘meditation’ designed to ‘unite’ the individual with the ‘divine essence’. In this sense, ‘theurgy’ refers to a set of (disciplined) purification practises, performed with the body and mind, which generate a ‘frequency’ of being here and now, which through its rarefied structure, facilitates the manifestation of a divine presence in the affairs of humanity.

Theology literally translates as the ‘study of god’, or the ‘science of god’, and is a Judeo-Christian term referring specifically to the study of the theory, faith and practice of the monotheistic, Christian tradition in all its various branches, sects, schools and lineages, etc. Theology stems from the original Greek word ‘theologia’, and was used by the early Christian thinkers after Christ, as a means to develop a distinctly ‘Greek’ interpretation of teachings originally delivered in Syriac-Aramaic (the probable language of Jesus Christ), which expressed religious terms as preserved in Hebrew – the language of the ancient Jewish religion. This transition became vital for the early Christians – after that sect of radical Judaism – was ‘expelled’ from the Jewish religion and had to develop an entirely ‘new’ way for interpreting its guiding strictures. The early Christian were Jews who routinely used Hebrew to communicate their non-conformist ideas, and the use of Greek philosophical terms was considered a viable alternative. In this transition, of course, the Greek philosophical terms were ‘changed’ in meaning to suit the strictures of early Christian thought, and to ‘distance’ the emerging Christian Church from the pantheistic and atheistic tendencies found within Greek thought proper. This explains why later Christian leaders ‘banned’ all original Greek thought. As a consequence, and unless otherwise stated, Christian theology ‘rejects’ the notions of ‘theogony’ and ‘theurgy’ as examples of pre-Christian pagan practises and modes of thought.

The Dalai Lama’s Hypocrisy and the Rohingya Crisis in Myanmar


Noble Prize Winners – the 14th Dalai Lama & Aung San Suu Kyi

Original Chinese Language Article: http://news.m4.cn/

(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

The 14th Dalai Lama collaborated with the Nazi German interest and presence in the Tibetan area of Western China, before, during and after WWII. His thinking is definitely fascistic, hierarchical and domineering. From a historical point of view, he was never the leader of an ‘independent’ Tibet, and is not considered by ordinary Tibetans today, to have any say in the successful Socialist restructuring of this ‘special’ ethnic area of China. The organisation the 14th Dalai Lama controls is the ‘Pro-Tibetan Movement’ which was founded by the American CIA in the 1950’s, and premised upon the Western-terroristic notion associated with the political violence of forced ‘regime change’ – designed exclusively to bring-down the sovereign government of China (an ‘illegal’ act under International Law). This Western-inspired political violence has nothing to do with Buddhism as practised in the Chinese area of Tibet today, but is still used by the 14th Dalai Lama as a means to cause pain and suffering throughout the Pro-Tibetan Movement (and on occasion, within geographical Tibet itself). The Dalai Lama has been responsible for small outbreaks of politically inspired violence in Tibet, and on occasion, has been the direct inspiration for gullible teenagers setting fire to themselves (I have wrote about this elsewhere on this blog). In the 1950’s, so corrupted by CIA promises of temporal political power had the 14th Dalai Lama became, that he was authorising certain communities of misguided ordained Buddhist monks (who had taken vows of complete non-violence), to be trained by CIA Operatives in Tibet in the use of fire-arms with the intention of killing members of the Tibetan Authorities, pro-Chinese Tibetans, mixed marriage groups (between Tibetans and Chinese people – including their children), and any ethnic Chinese people living in Tibet at the time. The point of this genocidal action was to create a political power-base for the US to militarily operate from, with the intention of invading Mainland China and establishing a US-style capitalist State (these historical events have been misrepresented by Hollywood as a ‘fictional’ invasion of ‘Tibet’ by ‘China’ – an event that never happened) . This CIA movement failed due to local Tibetan people fighting back, and through the requested assistance of the Chinese PLA. Following his defeat, the 14th Dalai Lama fled to capitalist-friendly India – but continued to call for terrorist activities to be carried-out on his behalf in the Tibetan area of China.  Today, the 14th Dalai Lama lives the lifestyle of a movie star in the West (together with a cohort of dissident lamas) – being driven around in limousines and staying in 5 star hotels, etc. The Pro-Tibetan Movement – whilst advocating terrorism in China – is falsely portrayed in the West as ‘peaceful’, and this inverted interpretation probably reached the apex of its greatest hypocrisy when the 14th Dalai Lama was awarded the Noble Peace Prize in 1989 – the year the CIA and the Western media fabricated the ‘Tiananmen Square Incident’ – since revealed as a media fraud by recent Wikileaks revelations.

Tibetan Buddhism is generally of the ‘Vajrayana’ (or ‘Diamond Vehicle’) School, a later development in India containing a number of non-Buddhistic elements, (for instance, within Early Buddhism, there is no notion of ‘reincarnation’, the basis of the ‘myth’ of the 14th Dalai Lama’s ‘imagined’ authority), which has no direct historical or philosophical link with the Theravada Buddhism as practised in Myanmar (and other parts of Asia). Theravada (or ‘Elder Teaching’) School is considered a contemporary expression of one version of a very ‘early’ version of Buddhist thought and practice – premised upon the uprooting of greed, hatred and delusion from the mind, and thereby bringing a complete end to personal suffering generated by volitional karma and rebirth. Although ‘apolitical’ in nature, Buddhism rejects all forms of violence and warfare. This being the case, it is obvious that the 14th Dalai Lama does not follow this ‘peaceful’ teaching, and neither do many branches (i.e. temples or monasteries) of the ordained (i.e. ‘Sangha’) that comprise the Buddhist community in Myanmar (i.e. ‘Burma’).  This is known because it is on record that certain ordained Theravada Buddhist monks in Myanmar, have been expressing race-hate amongst the ordinary (often ‘illiterate’) Burmese people (which has peaked in recent years), aimed at the annihilation of the ‘Rohingya’ predominately Islamic minority (with some being Hindu), which live historically in Western Myanmar. This has led to inter-communal violence between Buddhists and Muslims – with each attacking the other – but obviously with the minority Rohingya being very much at a numerical disadvantage. Ethnic Myanmar Buddhists view the Rohingya as ‘foreign’ interlopers from the Bengal area of India – a phenomenon that may have its historical roots during WWII – where armed pro-British Rohingya’s (i.e. the ‘V Force’) attacked pro-Japanese Burmese Buddhist communities (purportedly carrying-out massacres of Buddhists civilians), as a means to limit Imperial Japan’s influence in the area. The point is that under British colonial rule – many different ethnic people were ‘migrated’ into Burma for labour purposes, but the ethnic Myanmar Authorities today, refuse to recognise the Rohingya minority as being ethnically from ‘Myanmar’. This means that the Rohingya do not possess Myanmar Citizenship, and despite being born (for generations) in Myanmar, are considered as unwelcome ‘immigrants’ or ‘refugees’ in the country of their birth. At the sametime, the modern country of Bangladesh does not accept that the Rohingya as being ethnically ‘Bengali’, and are unwilling to offer citizenship, or commit themselves to long-term plans involving economic aid or cultural assistance.

Aung San Suu Kyi was awarded the Noble Peace Prize in 1991 – two years after her ally – the 14th Dalai Lama. Although purportedly advocating ‘non-violence’, Aung San Suu Kyi  – a committed anti-Socialist and pro-Western capitalist, she has always been surrounded by supporters who have been perfectly happy to resort to violence to achieve political ends. Indeed, since Aung San Suu Kyi has been released in 2010, she has done very little to assist the Rohingya people – and has even been considered to have endorsed recent Myanmar government crackdowns on the Rohingya community. Ironically, in 2007, ordained Buddhist monks refused to accept food offerings from members of the then totalitarian government (a shocking and karmically significant event for Buddhists), and called for democratic reforms and the instigation of ‘Human Rights’ in Myanmar. It is astonishing to consider that this same community of ordained Buddhist monks (who were attacked and persecuted for taking on the Myanmar government), are now considered at the fore-front of anti-Rohingya agitation and violence in Myanmar. Like the Noble Peace Prize winner – the 14th Dalai Lama – who continuously advocates violence in China whilst calling for peace in the West, Aung San Suu Kyi  – also a Noble Prize Winner – appears to be condoning governmental and ethnic violence against the Rohingya minority in Myanmar, whilst ‘ignoring’ calls from both within and outside of Myanmar, condemning that country’s treatment of the Rohingya. Of course, just as I refuse to accept that all Muslims are ‘terrorists’ (a common assumption in the Western media today), I do not accept that all Buddhists are ‘terrorists’ – despite the fact that the 14th Dalai Lama and Aung San Suu Kyi are not particularly ‘good’ examples of practising Buddhists. In Communist China (and Tibet), for example, Buddhism is an important factor in the Building of Socialism in that country. Just as there is no place for ‘terrorism’ in the Holy Qur’an’, there is no place for ‘terrorism’ or ‘race-hate’ anywhere in the thousands of Buddhist scriptures. What is being seen in the duplicitous behaviour of the 14th Dalai Lama and Aung San Suu Kyi, is the clear manifestation of Bourgeois hypocrisy, and the playing-out of Western race politics. In 2016, in a very much ‘contrived’ meeting designed to further the interests of the ‘sentimentalist’ Western media, the 14th Dalai Lama and Aung San Suu Kyi ‘posed’ for photographs together – with the Dalai Lama issuing the usual empty platitudes about ‘tolerance’ and ‘compassion’ (the kind of blurb usually employed to ‘sell’ his distorted books about Buddhism in the West), and Aung San Suu Kyi saying ‘nothing’ of substance about the Rohingya situation – a response that she has well practised of late. It seems that the 14th Dalai Lama ‘tolerates’ everyone except ‘Socialists’ and the Chinese, and that Aung San Suu Kyi also ‘tolerates’ everyone except ‘Socialists’ and the Rohingya.  A better example of two Buddhist hypocrites will difficult to find throughout history, or across the contemporary world!

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“她已经获得诺贝尔和平奖了,所以道德上她应该……为缓解佛教界和穆斯林之间的紧张作出努力”,达赖在华盛顿接受路透社采访时说道,“我实际上告诉她,她应该公开地说出来” 。








罗兴亚人问题是历史、政治和宗教交织的结果,但无论情况如何,达赖喇嘛都并没有资格置喙。一方面,嘴上谴责“暴力”的他实际是“3·14”事件以及多起藏区自焚案件的幕后人,早被中央定性为“在西藏制造社会动乱的总根源”;另一方面,一直自称只是一个“简单的僧人”的他,竟多次干涉他国政治事务,其虚伪性不证自明。(中国西藏网 文/赵钊)

Loyal Muslims in China


An elderly Chinese Muslim man comes to the local medical clinical for his ‘free’ weekly check-up and treatments. The Communist Party of China (CPC) supports all religious groups with free education, housing and healthcare. All the religious groups have to do is assist the CPC is building Socialism for EVERYONE – religious or not. The CPC dos not blame China’s religious people for extremism – but rather the infiltration of the motherland by ‘foreign’ influences designed specifically to disrupt the internal peace an harmony of China herself. By and large, China Muslim populations are Chinese first – Islamic second – and completely loyal to the Chinese State. This applies even to the Uighurs – who are of Turkic origination – despite the fact that a small minority (influenced by Western and Middle Eastern terrorist forces) have carried-out atrocities against the Chinese population. The Chinese population has no hatred or anger toward these terrorists – even though such misled people have caused tremendous sorrow and loss to other innocent Chinese families who never did anything wrong toward Muslims. This is because China’s Socialist education system emphasises ‘Internationalism’ over ‘nationalism’, or backward ethnic enclaves. People have the right to be different, and not to be attacked for that difference, but the problems arise when certain members of these religious groups listen to the hate-filled rhetoric of the West (which is a priori anti-Communist), and take it upon themselves to attack the very Socialist System that nurtures their belief system and protects them from external attack. Regardless of how many ‘foreign’ inspired terrorist atrocities occur in China, the West does not possess the power or influence to dislodge the CPC – which has lifted more people out of poverty than any other government in the history of the world!

Why China Will Defend North Korea: China-DPRK Friendship & Co-operation Treaty


People have asked why China will come to the aid of North Korea if the West (i.e. the US-led UN), attack North Korea – and the answer is one of treaty and legality. A diplomatic agreement exists between Mainland China and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK). This agreement is entitled in the Chinese language as ‘中朝友好合作互助条约’ – which translates into the English language as the ‘China-DPRK Friendship and Co-Operation Treaty’. It is also informally known in the Chinese language as the ‘中华人民共和国和朝鲜民主主义人民共和国友好合作互助条约’ or ‘People’s Republic of China and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea Treaty of Friendship and Co-operation’. This Treaty was ratified on July 11th, 1961 in Beijing, with Zhou Enlai representing Communist China and Kim Il Sung representing Communist North Korea. This important Treaty has been automatically renewed twice, and is now valid until 2021.

The Treaty primarily guarantees full military (and other assistance) to the other Contracting Party when the Contracting Party is in a State of War. The parties do not participate in any alliance, group, action or measure that is hostile to the other party. In the economy, culture, science and technology,full cooperation is to be carried-out. Both sides agree to grant where relevant – full economic and technical assistance. From the date of signing (1961), this Treaty is valid and binding to both sides for 20 years, and has been renewed in 1981 and 2001. Either side can request an alteration to the terms, or an annulment of the Treaty in writing 6 months prior to each intended re-newal date.

The Treaty was approved by Liu Shaoqi, Chairman of the People’s Republic of China on August 30, 1961, and was approved by the Standing Committee of the Supreme People’s Political Consultative Conference of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea on August 23, 1961. Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai and DPRK Prime Minister Kim Il Sung (as the representatives of the two sides) met on September 10th, 1961 in the North Korean capital of Pyongyang to exchange articles of agreement. In accordance with Article 7 of the Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation and Cooperation between China and the DPRK, this Treaty entered into force on September 10th, 1961.

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The Eurocentric Myth of John Titor: ‘White’ American Time-Traveller


I am not going to over-analyse this topic, which comes-up every now again. John Titor materialised on the early internet during 2000-2001. The details can be read on a number of websites, but the gist of the story is that John Titor claimed to be a time-traveller from the near future – 2036 – who, as part of a special military unit, was tasked with travelling back in time to collect a specific IBM computer from 1975. When his forum postings stopped in late 2001, it was thought that he had returned to his time. Like any myth, the story has expanded with some claiming John Titor visited as early as 1998 and sent a number of faxes, and that he may have re-surfaced in 2009. Whatever the case, there is now a story that his parents (whom he visited in 2000-2001), now have a lawyer, and have gone into hiding – but not before publishing a book about their ‘son’ and his time-travelling ways! Of course, none of this is provable and even his supposed parents (or the lawyer for that matter) can not be found. Like a religion, lack of evidence has become proof of truth. The ‘real’ person who wrote the posts in 2000-2001, did so over a number of forums in the days before search-engines, and so today this body of literature can be read in its entirety. This individual pursued a ‘script’ with a definite story-line – which he kept to – regardless of forum visited. None of his ‘predictions’ were right. This is despite many contemporary followers of Titor claiming that things have developed ‘sort of’ like he said. The reality is that none of his very precise predictions about the future cane true in anyway. Titor was well prepared for this, as he also stated that there are a number of different time-lines in the future, and our time-line (despite him being in it), may not be the same as the future he had already lived. So far, so good. A stranded time-traveller who happens to be hanging-out with his mum and dad – whilst on his way back to a future he can describe in detail, but yet cannot ‘predict’ in any meaningful manner!

What is interesting, is that John was apparently unaware of his own ‘Slavic’ surname, which is found mostly throughout Russia today, with a small number spread throughout the world. This is how a Russian online genealogy forum defines and describes the surname ‘Titor’ (Титор):

‘The name Titor is derived from the nickname Titor. The nickname “Titor” comes from the nominal “Titar”. In the southern and western dialects this word has the meaning of “church elder”. Most likely, the ancestor of the owner of this family name was a clergyman.’

(Фамилия Титор ведет свое начало от прозвища Титор. Прозвище Титор происходит от нарицательного «титарь». В южных и западных диалектах это слово имеет значение «церковный староста». Скорее всего, предок обладателя этой фамилии был церковнослужителем.)

This is despite the fact that he mentions Russia using nuclear weapons on the cities of the US – apparently as part of Russia supporting one side in a ‘new’ American Civil War. The author of John Titor’s scribblings is obviously a ‘White’ American, as he uses the usual anti-Chinese rhetoric in describing that country – claiming that Communist China invades Korea and Japan, but suffers a military defeat at the hands of ‘White’ Australia! This is pursuing the age-old racist idea that China and her people are racially and culturally inferior, and although they may ‘bully’ other Asian countries, when they encounter the superior ‘White’ race and culture – they are invariably defeated. This is the usual bourgeois, Eurocentric attitude prevalent in the US today, and not an attitude indicative of a ‘new’ future where all the ‘old’ ways of viewing the world have been smashed and transcended. For a non-White person reading Titor’s posts, it is obvious that the narrative that he builds for the future is ethnically biased and symbolic of contemporary racist attitudes prevalent amongst many White communities. This should not be surprising for a man who does not even know the Slavic origins of his own surname.





Soviet Red Army Liberates Manchuria (North-East China) August-September – 1945


At the behest of the United States under President Roosevelt – the Soviet Red Army Declared War on the fascist Empire of Japan in 9.8.1945 – and fought their way into the Chinese city of Harbin not long after. Although the Japanese Authorities hinted that Japanese Forces (in the form of the 700,000 man Kwantung Army) would offer little resistance, in reality however, Japanese resistance was very strong in places, leading to many Soviet casualties. The Imperial Japanese had been agitating in ‘Manchuria’ (i.e. North-East China) since at least 1931, and their forces had committed continuous atrocities against the local Chinese population, and prisoners of war. The Japanese plan was to eradicate the Chinese presence from North-East China, and use this ‘new’ space to accommodate millions of Japanese migrants. This strategy reflected that of Adolf Hitler and his plans for a ‘Greater Germany’ in the Soviet Union (by eradicating the Slavic race). Following the bloody and brutal Battle of Okinawa, President Roosevelt was not keen on the idea of further large scale conventional battles with the Japanese Imperial Forces, and certainly did not favour the idea of a conventional US military invasion of the Japanese homeland. As he had been discussing with Britain’s Winston Churchill about the possibility of encouraging the destruction of the Soviet Red Army by bleeding it dry against Nazi Germany – a plan was hatched to try and bleed it dry against the Japanese. The problem was that instead of bleeding it dry – the Soviet Red Army grew ever stronger with each campaign and victory! As matters transpired, the Red Army was spectacularly successful in China and the islands off the North-Coast of Japan. The local Chinese population welcomed the Soviets with open arms, and when the campaign was complete, the Soviets handed the captured area over to Mao Zedong and the Communist Party of China (together with all its captured Japanese industry and weaponry). This acquisition allowed the CPC to consolidate power in North-East China, and eventually defeat Chiang Kai-Shek in the South. As a consequence, and contrary to the English wikipedia pages that still espouse false US Cold War propaganda as ‘fact’, there were no atrocities committed by the Soviet Red Army in China. There are no Chinese language texts, Japanese language texts, or indeed Russian language texts recording any untoward behaviour. As can be scene from some of these photographs (all gathered from the Russian language internet), there were even Westerners present in Harbin during the Soviet ‘Liberation’ and not one recorded any incidence of bad behaviour on the part of the Soviet Red Army.  It is remarkable today, to witness in the West a pro-fascist mentality developing which attempts to re-write history and present the perpetuators of world fascism as being the ‘victims’ of those who fought back against the real atrocities. The Nazi Germans (who committed the holocaust), and the imperial Japanese that pursued a genocidal policy against the Chinese – are falsely packaged as being the real victims! This is nonsense and nothing but a rightwing attempt at clearing its own conscience that has the deaths of countless millions upon it.  The historical evidence is clear – Nazi Germany and fascist Japan both thought that they could eradicate large swathes of humanity from the earth through military aggression – and both failed due to the strength of the Soviet Red Army and the resistance to invasion Of China by the CPC. I include a documentary with these pictures that clearly describes the Soviet campaign in Manchurian. The Soviets recorded 9 ineffectual Kamikaze attacks – with Japanese troops surrendering en mass after each defeat suffered. Of particular note is the successful use of Soviet paratroops to quickly ‘liberate’ forward areas before being relieved by Soviet infantry and tanks within 24 hours.














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