China’s Governmental Position Regarding the Tobacco Industry


Original Chinese Language Article: ‘烟草业’ (Tobacco Industry)

(Research and Translation by Adrian Chan-Wyles)

Translator’s Note: I came across an American Youtube video that presented the idea that China possessed a vibrant tobacco industry, and that this was ‘stupid’ and ‘deceitful’. The implication was that China has a duplicitous political system that does not have the best interests of the Chinese people at its heart. The European imperial presence in China from 17th – 20th century introduced the Western habit of modern smoking to China. This was particularly intense during the pro-Western Nationalist Government Era which lasted from 1912 – 1949. Today, the Communist Government of China has inherited a bad habit from the West that has now been transformed into an advantage for the Chinese people. China has developed its own unique tobacco industry, even though the rate of smokers in China remains half of that found in the West. The tobacco industry in China is State Owned and pays substantial amounts in taxes and other forms of finance. It provides jobs for millions of people, and has helped impoverished areas to become affluent. So robust is this industry that it voluntarily finances projects such as the building of schools and advanced scientific facilities. Despite this, whilst developing new types of risk-free cigarettes, the Government of China continuously warns its citizens of the health risks associated with smoking conventional cigarettes. The following article explains why the Communist Party of China allows the tobacco industry to exist, when Chinese culture generally advocates healthy living. The tobacco industry in China is highly developed from a scientific and TCM point of view, which means cigarettes are being developed in China not only with minimal health risks, but also with some health benefits. ACW 18.2.2018

The Tobacco Industry in China

As the community realizes that smoking is harmful to health, the tobacco industry constantly makes use of science and technology to reduce the harm caused by cigarettes. This effort has not only achieved remarkable results, but is an ongoing process. One may wonder why the tobacco industry still exists and continues to develop in China today, when the unhealthy aspects of smoking have yet to be solved. This is because, fundamentally, the tobacco industry as it exists outweighs the disadvantages that a) already exist within society, or b) it might cause to society.

The social benefits generated by the tobacco industry outweigh the disadvantages – this is the standard that must be used. Three points must be clarified: First, the tobacco industry’s advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Society is an organic whole formed by multiple elements that are based upon interrelated material production activities. The angle of view should be multidimensional. Second, the tobacco industry’s social benefits outweigh the disadvantages within existential space-time conditions, that is, the tobacco industry is neither good nor bad. Its usefulness should be interpreted in a country-specific manner, through the stage of socio-economic development within which it is located. We hold that we should evaluate our country’s tobacco industry from the material reality of our country and oppose empty generalities. Thirdly, starting from the material reality of our country, we can measure whether an act, process or product outweighs any disadvantages. The most fundamental consideration depends upon whether it is conducive to the development of social productive forces, whether it is conducive to raising the overall national strength, and whether it is conducive to raising the living standards of the people. In our country, the tobacco industry has the function of accelerating the accumulation of funds and increasing the financial capacity of the country, whilst also supporting other industries. Why do governments in all countries promote tobacco cessation without canceling the tobacco industry at the same time? This is because all development costs money and the tobacco industry generates substantial income. The development of our country is now at an urgent period. We cannot let any chance go by for development of the economy. The tobacco industry accumulates large amounts of funds for the promotion of China’s economic construction, and as such represents a firm material reality.

Our country is a developing country. The tobacco industry’s tax revenue accounts for about one-ninth of our country’s tax revenue. Without this one-ninth revenue, there would be shortage of basic industries and infrastructural development, and local businesses would suffer.  This means that the gross national product of our country, the development of our country, and the improvement of our people’s living standard would all be seriously affected. This is by no means alarmist. There are 1.3 million tobacco farmers, 500,000 tobacco workers in the tobacco industry, and 5 million merchants who sell cigarettes. People as statistics in society are also people in reality. Only when we look at people from the position of social reality, can we determine the pros and cons, and assess the best direction of travel. What is good for society, in fact, is good for the people. Our country aims not only at developing economic strength, but also enhancing national power. The material reality which is the basis of society can only be strengthened through economic development.

First, smoking is harmful to our health. However, any disease has a multi-cause. It is unscientific and unfair to blame the loss caused by the disease on the tobacco industry. Smoking may cause cancer, but smoking is not the only cause of cancer.

Second, the economic benefits created by the tobacco industry are by no means limited to taxes and profits turned over to the State. For example, during the period of the 7th Five-Year Plan, more than 2 billion yuan of the peasants’ income in our country came from the cultivation of tobacco. In many places, poverty has been lifted by relying on the production of tobacco leaves.

Thirdly, 1.3 million peasants in our country farm tobacco and there are over hundreds of thousands of people closely linked with the tobacco industry. This is an unavoidable objective reality in our country. If the conclusion was reached that the tobacco industry was doing more harm than good to our society and it was abolished, then the jobs of 1.3 million farmers wuold be lost, and the lives of hundreds of thousands of people would be directly and negatively affected. As matters stand, the existence of the tobacco industry in China at this present time contributes to both the social and economic stability of the country.

Fourthly, there are nearly 300 million people smoking in our country. In view of the fact that smoking is harmful to health, and that the Government of China cannot get rid of smoking habits simply through issuing administrative orders, our government reminds smokers that this habit is bad for their health. On the other hand, the tobacco industry has been ordered to use scientific development to make cigarettes as harmless as possible.

At present, China’s per capita consumption of cigarettes is low, less than half of that in Western countries. Rural population accounts for 80% of the country’s consumption, and its sales of cigarettes account for 60% of the national total. There are a lot of handmade cigarettes and other forms of smoke consumption in rural areas. As people’s incomes continue to grow, they will be able to afford good quality filtered cigarettes.  As smoking certainly has negative health related issues associated with it, the tobacco industry in China has been transformed into a facility seeking healthier methods of smoking. This technical transformation has three aspects:

1) Gradually adopt internationally accepted approaches to research. For example: increase the filter, improve the roll paper, improve tobacco quality, tobacco sheets, ventilation and dilution, and reduce the amount of cigarette tar.

2) Explore a selective focus on ways to reduce harmful substances in tar. For example, in 1986, Huazhong Institute of Technology and Wuhan Cigarette Factory carried-out research into trace elements within tobacco additives. According to foreign data, low incidences of lung cancer has been linked to 0.46ppm of selenium content in cigarettes, whilst high incidences of lung cancer linked to 0.16ppm of selenium content in cigarette. The tobacco used in the Wuhan Factory has a selenium content of 0.22ppm. According to the advice of China’s nutritionists, the intake of selenium for Chinese adults should be 70 micrograms / person · per day, whilst the actual average intake is deficient and stands at 30 grams / person · per day. This shows that adding an appropriate amount of selenium is beneficial.

3) Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has a long history and is a treasure trove of knowledge. The tobacco industry has been working with TCM experts to develop a distinctly Chinese cigarette that does not contain any of the health risks associated with its foreign counter-part. At the moment, hybrid cigarettes are being developed that will eventually evolve away from all harmful health implications. Thanks to the joint efforts of experts and scholars from the medical and health sector and the tobacco industry, some new mixed cigarette products have successively been put on the market and exported through a series of tests and accreditation, which have been well received by consumers. New hybrid cigarettes have to go through extensive clinical trials within medical and health departments, to test the pharmacology and toxicity of drugs and chemicals used, and to further analyse and review procedures. China’s medicinal resources are very rich. The Ming Dynasty Pharmacist Li Shizhen compiled a ‘Compendium of Native Chinese Medicinal Plants’, containing up to 1892 different kinds of medicinal plants, used to generate 11000 prescriptions. Different drugs are used to treat different conditions, and today there are currently more than 40 cigarette factories in China producing more than 50 kinds of TCM-derived cigarettes, containing different natural TCM ingredients.

At present, the tobacco industry is facing new situations and challenges. As people’s living standards improve, the effects of smoking upon people’s health is gaining more attention. Although there are different opinions, most countries are promoting cessation of smoking, with May 31st of each year being designated as ‘World No Tobacco Day,’ This general trend around the world restricts smoking in public places, with some countries passing laws prohibiting smoking altogether, and causing huge losses to tobacco companies (often settled with compensation payouts). Even the world’s largest tobacco company – Philip Morris of the United States – also recognises the harm caused by smoking. with the numbers of smokers in the United States and Britain has been reduced by more than 20%, and Singapore seeking to become a completely non-smoking country. Smoking being harmful to health seems to be the conclusion. Smoking is harmful to health because of the tar content produced during the combustion process of tobacco. This negatively affects the human trachea and is linked to lung carcinogens. In order to protect people’s health there must be produced low-tar cigarettes. Improving the safety of smoking has swept the countries in the world and is the direction of development for the tobacco industry in the future. Flue-cured tobacco tar content is high, drying tobacco tar content is low. If flue-cured tobacco leaves are mixed with 30% to 40% of sun-cured tobacco, then an effective hybrid cigarette is produced. This is one of the more effective measures to produce low tar cigarettes. Foreign hybrid cigarettes have been developed earlier, with faster progress, containing more brands and better quality. The tar content has dropped below 12mg / per cigarette, accounting for more than 70% of the total cigarette market. Ultra-low tar cigarettes (below 6mg / cigarette) are also being developed. The gap between our country and this foreign development is substantial, as the development of blended cigarettes is relatively new, whilst there is less brands, a poorer quality, and poorer sales, accounting for only 5% of the market. Tobacco-fueled cigarettes still dominate the market with less than 15 mg / of tar, implying poorer safety. After China’s accession to the WTO, foreign low-tar hybrid cigarettes will surely enter China in large quantities, and the cigarette market in China will be seriously affected. Vigorously developing low tar cigarettes to improve the safety of smoking and enhance the competitiveness with foreign cigarettes to keep the domestic market and prevent financial outflows is China’s direction of movement.

Original Chinese Language Article:烟草业/752153

Jack Whitehall’s ‘Bad Education’ Really is ‘Bad’ (2012-2015)


Bad Education was commissioned by BBC3 between 2012-2014 and even spawned a film in 2015. Although universally panned (even by the racist Daily Mail), it has received good ratings upon screening, and has sustained reasonable DVD sales. The problem is that this series as a concept is entirely premised upon its creator – Jack Whitehall’s – middle class stereotypes of the working class and ethnic minorities. Furthermore, its depiction of homosexuality is entirely homophobic in nature, but disguised as ‘inclusion’. In fact, all of Whitehall’s characters are nothing but negative gender, ethnic and class stereotypes that are demeaning and disemporing. This should not be surprising, as Whitehall is the product of his own bourgeois socio-economic conditioning. For a responsible parent, the idea of a teacher like Jack Whitehall’s character is distressing and alarming. Failing schools are not funny, and social inequality is not a laughing matter for those not living in a middle class utopia. When a society fails its children due to an asymmetric distribution of wealth and resources, this is ‘child abuse’ and not humour. Ignorant working class children with no responsible adult role models should not be the cannon fodder the Whitehall’s flagging career, but the class prejudice he displays runs much deeper than this. The assistant head master is depicted in an entirely misogynistic manner. This character is made to appear like a male fascist hell-bent on world domination. She is sexually aggressive (whilst depicted as ‘repulsive’), and her sexual preference appears to change with the wind. although Nazi-esque in attitude, Whitehall avoids all mention of Hitler and Nazi Germany, but instead has a Soviet education poster hanging on her office wall. At this point all is implied but nothing is said. Obviously Whitehall is so poorly educated in reality, that he accepts and perpetuates US Cold War propaganda that equates Nazi Germany with the Soviet Union (despite the fact that the USSR was an ally of the UK during WWII, and lost between 27-40 million people fighting Nazi Germany). In a later episode which features the sub-plot that the deputy head has committed suicide, Whitehall has one of his working class thugs stating that she is probably in hell with Stalin – as if Joseph Stalin was a bad person! Again, Whitehall does his best to demonize the Soviet Union whilst protecting the reputation of Nazi Germany. As for disability, Whitehall seems to think that everyone with a disability possesses legs that do not function – that is it.  Probably the most outrageously ‘racist’ element of this ‘comedy’ is the character of Jing Hua – a supposedly Mainland Chinese teenager attending school for some unknown reason in Watford. Whitehall does not seem to understand that Britain possesses its own indigenous Chinese community of children born in the UK. By depicting Jing Hua as he does, he omits from British history the historical Chinese presence in this country – a country that has forcibly deported its Chinese populations twice – once in 1919 and again in 1946 – due to White British racist and xenophobic attitudes. Even if it is argued that there are Mainland Chinese students in the UK (which there undoubtedly are), Whitehall is entirely wrong to cast a Japanese actress (Kae Alexander) in the role of Jing Hua, when there are many fine and capable British born Chinese actresses to choice from. Furthermore, Japan committed atrocities in China during WWIi (and before), killing millions of Chinese men, women and children, crimes that the Japanese government will neither admit to, or apologise for.  The character of Jing Hua appears to have been created by Whitehall for his character to attack Communist China, and make an apparently ‘Chinese’ student the butt of all his racially motivated ‘jokes’. Bad Education is a disgrace in the 21st century, and reminds me of a modern re-make of the notoriously ‘racist’ Mind Your Language from the 1970’s. Jack Whitehall and BBC3 demonstrate that prejudice and racism survives the changing times by adapting the manner in which they manifest.

The Freedom of Communist Democracy Versus the Elected Dictatorships of the West


From the smallest villages to the biggest cities, people living in Cuba, Vietnam, Laos, North Korea and China, and a far greater democratic choice than people living in capitalist ‘liberal’ democracies. Whereas governments within capitalist ‘liberal’ democracies are effectively ‘elected dictatorships’ run exclusively for the aggrandisement of the middle classes, within Socialist countries building toward a Communist society, people possess a far greater voting power. If a local delegate fails to represent the people who elected him or her to a particular committee, an ’emergency’ election is held and the deligate in question is removed from their post. furthermore, elected politicians that propose to pursue policies against the interest of the people who elected him or her, can be arrested and charged for ‘crimes against the people’. Within the capitalist West, however, once a political party is elected into power, it may hold that position for 4 or 5 years and do whatever the leader decides regardless of the views of the masses. This is an elected dictatorship that supports and protects the inherent inequalities existent within the capitalist system. The masses existing within such an exploitative system are brain-washed to think that they are ‘free’ simply because they can vote in an election every 4 or 5 years. In the meantime, they are subject to all  the destructive policies of these warmongering and greedy national governments that only represent the middle classes. Within Communist China, despite the continuous anti-China racism and disinformation extant in the West, the Chinese people vote often and far more effectively than people in the capitalist West. This was exactly the case in the former Soviet Union and the Communist Bloc countries of Eastern Europe. Today, Russian people are disempowered and subject to the oppressive forces of liberal democracy and the corrupt capitalist system it supports.

Bjork (and Other Enemies of China)


In 1996, Bjork attacked a British-born reporter in Bangkok after the journalist ‘welcomed her to Thailand’. Despite the vicious assault being caught on camera, Bjork suffered no legal consequences.

During September of 1996, Ricardo Lopez – a longtime stalker of Bjork – filmed his own suicide whilst making racist statements about Bjork’s partner. Bjork subsequently went on to attack another reporter in 2008, amongst rumours of her continuing to perform whilst suffering psychological instability. 2008 also happens to be the year Bjork performed a concert in Shanghai, during which she started chanting ‘Tibet’ and calling for Tibetan independence in front of a stunned Chinese crowd.

The Government of China immediately issued a statement that said that Bjork had broken the Law of China, and insulted the Chinese people within their own country. At that time, the Government of China also stated that due to Bork’s criminal behaviour, it will be difficult in the future for foreign artists to perform in China as the Law will be tightened to prevent this type of entertainment related terrorism. What is interesting about Bjork is that she subscribes to a bourgeois anarchism, which is nothing more than a form of hyper-individualism generated through the capitalist system. By carrying-out this action in China, Bjork fully aligned herself with the US derived racial campaign aimed at bringing down the Communist System within China. Ethnic Tibetans were freed from primitive feudalism and the threat of capitalism in 1949 when the Communist Party of China came to power. At this time, Tibet was also freed of imperialist Chinese rule. Bjork, like many other misguided Westerners (including Richard Gere, Beastie Boys, Puff Daddy Brad Pitt and Sinead O’Connor, etc) would have Tibet returned to the tyranny of feudalism and the brutality of capitalism. This is the dubious ‘freedom’ that the CIA (and 14th Dalai Lama) advocate for Tibet, but the reality is that modern Tibet is a thriving Socialist country that has no need to regress into outmoded forms of backward socio-economc conditions.

Sarah Joe Disappearance – Not So Mysterious! (1979)


Lost fishermen still cast shadow 30 years later

Below is a video that explains this incident. Throughout the net, a ‘myth’ has been propagated stating that although the wreck of the Sarah Joe (fishing boat) was discovered in a dilapidated state (in 1988) on the island of Taongi (in the northern part of the Marshall Islands roughly 2,200 miles southwest of the Hawaiian Islands, where it and its crew went missing in 1979), a US Government Survey of the island in 1984 did not spot this wreck – or the nearby grave of one of its crew (Scott Moorman). This suggests that the boat and grave were not there in 1984, but according to friends and relatives of the missing crew, the Sarah Joe (and grave) were discovered in 1984 – but this find was not reported by the personnel responsible. It seems the Sarah Joe (and its five crew) got caught in a bad storm, and at least one of the crew made it to the island (possibly after three months at sea). Whether he was alive or not is a matter of conjecture (one theory siggests he tied himself to the boat but died at sea). However, someone found and buried the dead body of Scott Moorman and within the grave was placed what seems to be Chinese ‘joss paper’, or a type of coloured tissue paper containig silver strips (this usually signifies good luck in the next life). It is thought that illegal fishermen from either Taiwan or China found the dead body and buried it with respect and consideration – even building a ‘cross’ out of driftwood.


Exposing Trotskyites: Russia and China are not ‘Imperialist’ (2017)


he latest Trotskyite disinformation offensive is that both Russia and China are ‘imperialistic’ powers. As Trotskyites are bourgeois deceivers, interpreting reality through an ‘inverted’ mind-set, obviously their assertion presents reality back to front, and the wrong way around. This is to keep the working class confused and unable to unite around true Scientific Socialism. In reality, it is Russia and China that are both victims of Western capitalist imperialism, i.e. anti-Slavic and anti-Chinese racism. Although Russia is capitalist today, it has an ingrained Socialist past and its Communist Party has around one-third of the seats in the Russian Parliament. The US fears a Communist Party in Russia democratically elected into government and would prefer Russia to be annexed by the EU. As for China, despite the racism aimed against all Chinese people around the world, and the official US disinformation that states China is ‘capitalist’ – this is wrong. China is a Communist State from the base-up, which has modernised and is in the early stages of building Socialism (with Chinese characteristics). China uses ‘Socialist’ market forces to build wealth for the nation. These changes came about during the Sino-Soviet Split (1956-1991) – whereby Khrushchev denounced Stalin and Mao Zedong disagreed, referring to Khrushchev’s utterances as ‘revisionism’. Khrushchev, in retaliation for China not agreeing with his denunciation of Stalin, Khrushchev cut-off all economic and military aid to China – leaving it an impoverished position. Deng Xiaoping orchestrated the economic reforms as a means to ‘earn’ back the wealth stolen from China by the West during imperial times. Trotskyites always misrepresenting China’s history with a blatant disregard for the facts.

China Supports Palestine Against Zionist Aggressionn and Occupation!


Communist China – unlike the US colony of Taiwan – has always supported the country of Palestine and the Palestinian people. China has made it politically clear that it agrees with the 1975 UN Resolution (opposed by the US and Israel), that states Zionism is a form of White Supremacy racist ideology, originally adopted and adapted by a small clique of secular – but highly influential middle class Jews – in 19th century Western Europe. The point of ‘Zionism’ is to align secular ‘White’ European Jews with ‘White’ European non-Jews, so that a united front of Eurocentric racism can be achieved and maintained – one which does not ‘exclude’ Jews, or view Jews as either racially or ethnically ‘inferior’. Zionism has nothing to do with Jewish theology or traditional Jewish religious values, and everything to do with ‘White’ racist attitudes that denigrate ALL non-White people in the world. This fact explains why many traditional Jewish groups around the world ‘reject’ Zionism (as do a number of Jews living in Israel), and recognise its racist structure as being fundamentally incompatible with the wisdom contained within Jewish scripture. Modern Israel as a nation, is considered a theological ‘blasphemy’, because it contradicts god’s will – a divine will which cast the ancient Jews out of their home land. By secular Jews with racist attitudes assuming to create a fabricated State of Israel by invading Palestine and ruthlessly subjugating its Arab population, the will of the Jewish god is being contradicted. Of course, Jewish people have historically existed in China with no problem whatsoever, and Communist China fully condemns any and all anti-Semitism, or racial violence aimed at peaceful Jewish groups living around the world. On the other hand, the criticism of Zionism must never be associated with ‘anti-Semitism’, but rather viewed as the legitimate continuation of the common fight of the non-White people of the world (and other oppressed minorities) against White racism and the forces of fascism. China fully supports the Palestinian people in their fight against Zionist racism, and would like to emphasis that for over a thousands years Arabs have travelled to China and even settled to become distinct ethnic groups within the diverse populations of the motherland. Zionism is racism and must be exposed for the fascism that it is. Long Live Palestine!

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Beware Shen Yun, Epoch Times and New Tang Dynasty – All Dangerous Falun Gong Cult Fronts! (17.1.2017)

Recently, the dangerous Falun Gong Cult engaged in the so-called ‘Shen Yun Performance’ in New York and was resisted by the local Chinese community. New York Chinese people held aloft banners outside the theatre hosting these performances, stating ‘Resist the charm, resist the cult politics, stay away from the evil Falun Gong!’, ‘Shen Yun, The Epoch Times, and NTDTV are propaganda tools for cult Falun Gong.’ ‘ Name and deeds propagandize the reality of a Falun Gong cult.’ ‘False charm, carrying out traditional culture is fake and promoting Falun Gong is a real evil.’ ‘Falun Gong lie and spread false rumours to smear China.’









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Wealthy US (UCLA) Basketball Players Caught Shoplifting in China!


According to both US and China news sources – three wealthy UCLA basketball players were recently caught red-handed – shoplifting goods (that they could have easily afforded) from exclusive shops situated near their hotel in Hangzhou. The three basketball players have admitted their crimes both in China and in the US. They were confined to their hotel rooms by Chinese police whilst the investigation unfolded (which included CCTV footage). If they had been Chinese citizens, they would have been held in jail awaiting sentencing. The jail-term for shoplifting in China is ten years imprisonment. However, according to Chinese and US news sources, President Xi Jinping authorised (on compassionate grounds) the release (and return to the US) of the three young men concerned. Of course, President Trump has implied that his action freed these three men in a tweet:


The disrespect of another country’s law and culture exhibited by these three privileged individuals might be described as ‘typical’ for Americans. These three young men, irrespective of their ethnic identities, whilst visiting China behaved in a manner typical of that associated with ‘White’ imperialism. The fact that these ‘criminals’ have been treated with the utmost respect and concern by the Chinese people and the Chinese government, has wrong footed both White racists and Black nationalists in the West – whose anti-China rhetoric makes even less sense than normal. The People’s Republic of China supplies all the needs of the Chinese people (and foreigners visiting China), so that the barbaric crime of ‘stealing’ from one another is neither required or permitted. Communist China also opposes all kinds of racism and supports all dialectically correct freedom movements. For decades the Western imperialist powers ‘stole’ from the Chinese people – please do not visit our country and continue this historical crime. Communist China welcomes all the people of world in equality and friendship.

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Wikileaks and the Re-Distribution of Knowledge


Wikileaks is not a Socialist organisation, a point which can be discerned from the fact that although documents have been released regarding various and continuous abuses of power by Western, capitalist governments, at no time is the capitalist system (which gives rise to these injustices and atrocities), criticised by Wikileaks. Wikileaks is in the business of ‘re-distributing’ knowledge, but is definitely not in the business of re-distributing wealth and eradicating inequalities from within society. In this regard, Wikileaks is a thoroughly bourgeois and individualistic endeavour, which explains why the bourgeois-left British newspaper ‘The Guardian’ was complicit in assisting Wikileaks with a number of its earliest links (which attacked the government of Kenya). There is a mistaken notion at the heart of Wikileaks which assumes that without transforming the capitalist system, things can be made ‘better’ by simply sharing knowledge. This is an obviously middle class and Eurocentric view of the world, which over-prices the value of information, and ignores the fact that the systemic poverty within the capitalist system ensures an asymmetric distribution of that knowledge, which can only be accessed by the economically and culturally privileged. This smirks of bourgeois anarchy, or perhaps even Trotskyism, but certainly cannot be associated with Revolutionary Socialism. Simply telling governments what they already know is not a Revolutionary act.

What Wikileaks has achieved is the confirmation that the democratically elected governments of the capitalist world, routinely ‘lie’ and act to ‘deceive’ the very electorate that votes them into power, to a level that is so huge that it is difficult to fully comprehend in a single sitting. We can see that ‘War Crimes’ have been part and parcel of the US military presence in both Afghanistan and Iraq, and that breaking domestic and international law is routine for every US government. Of course, Wikipedia has stated that it has nothing to do with Wikileaks, and condemns its method and purpose. This is not surprising, as Wikipedia follows US government guidelines with its perpetuation of ‘fake’ history about the USSR, Palestine and China, etc. With regards to China, I have included three Chinese language articles that mention Wikileaks in the Chinese media. This exposes the lie perpetuated by Wikileaks that it is ‘banned’ in China! As a Communist State, the US (and its allies) are not allowed to use their bourgeois media outlets as a means to directly undermine the Communist Party of China (CPC), or its governance of China. As matters stand, although disruptive and inconvenient for the capitalist governments, Wikileaks remains firmly within the bourgeois, capitalist camp an is not a friend of Socialism. This is despite Wikileaks revealing US diplomatic papers proving that the supposed 1989 Tiananmen Square Incident was a media fabrication of the US and UK governments. Communist China is not interested in Western governments telling lies – as Karl Marx established this fact over a hundred years ago.

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