The Black Sewer Pigs of Hampstead! (5.6.2023) 

We were told that the area is currently in mourning due to a local’s body being found partially devoured in the nearby sewer system. ‘It was the Black Pigs wot done which live down the Sewers’ – we were told. The plan to have all the latrines feeding into the sewers was thought a security risk for the nation. In light of this interpretation the Whigs have been putting about the hysterical idea that Napoleonic Socialism is ‘seeping’ out of Western France and into the English Channel – where it enters the English sewer system (travelling up the pipes) into the domestic and public latrines! From here, it is a simple matter of this foreign ideology entering the unsuspecting human body via the ‘back passage’ – thus converting England into a French colony! As anyone who agrees with this process – is agreeing with ‘back passage violation’ – then, such people are declared to be ‘paedophiles’ and ‘sexual deviants’! Obviously, the Whigs are whipping up the ignorance of working-class sentiment and encouraging those who can draw to set about unsuspecting individuals (who think latrines are a good idea) and make charcoal ‘likenesses’ which are then affixed to public spaces – as a means to induce a sense of ‘shame’ in said individuals!

Daily Mail: When the Permafrost is NOT to be Found! (4.6.2023) 

“Snow Less Prevalent in Countries not Traditionally Populated by Europeans!” – a recent Daily Mail report suggests! Speaking at a special zoom meeting – Mark Collett (who was in-bed with Tommy Robinson as a ‘Protest’ against homosexuality) – starred “This is nothing but White Genocide!” Tommy Robinson agreed stating “Wherever Europeans are not present – our general numbers lower – and all our ethnic interests are diminished!” At this point in the proceedings, the Zionist flag that was modestly covering Tommy Robinson’s private parts “slipped” to reveal a clinically “deficient” lower body structure!  

Exposing the Far-Right ‘Active Club’ Mentality – Beware of the Fascist Myth of a White Utopia! (1.6.2023) 

Whilst infiltrating and exposing the far-right – I have been contacted by a few individuals who have told me that the contemporary Neo-Nazi movement encourages single young men to shave their heads (usually performing this task upon one another) and congregate in secretive ‘fitness’ clubs that on the surface focus upon weightlifting (bodybuilding) and martial arts (often with their tops off – ostensibly to display their Hitlerite tattoos) – but which are excuses for latent homosexual behaviour. Bear in mind that although the Neo-Nazi ideology is inherently homophobic – it mimics the decadent homosexuality as practiced by Hitler and his SS Officers (usually upon the bodies of unsuspecting recruits)! This is part of the physical and sexual grooming that the far-right participates within when polluting the mind and bodies of the British nation’s youth. Some of the more extreme contemporary ‘Waffen SS’ movements openly support paedophilia, bestiality and violence against women and children!

Taiwan: “I Can’t Breathe!” (31.5.2023)

The ethnic Chinese person who passed this footage on to me stated that if this had happened in Beijing – this photograph would have been splashed all over the Bourgeois front-pages – with each headline screaming about the “barbarity” of the Communist System! The Taiwan Police Officers depicted here – were all trained by their (White) US counterparts – and are putting into practice the very same “Submission” hold which murdered George Floyd! As this incident happened in Taiwan the hypocritical (and “sexist”) Western media does not care one iota! The young woman states that she cannot breathe – but in the world of anti-China racism it simply does not matter! The White racists that control Taiwan have trained a generation of ethnic Chinese people who oppress their own kind in the name of supporting the forces of US hegemony!

China: US Delegation Confirms “No Strings Attached” During Visit to Puppet State! (31.5.2023)

In addition to the Toulou, the artists also watched local plays like Throw An Embroidered Ball, which is a way used by a woman to pick a husband in traditional Chinese culture.

“This kind of art form is very special, and I am very happy to communicate and cooperate with local artists face to face,” said Tom Teasley, an American world percussionist.

As a birthplace of Hokkien culture, Zhangzhou has a rich cultural heritage with distinctive local characteristics. The city has actively promoted Chinese culture to the world and displayed the new image of Zhangzhou as a modern coastal city in recent years.

US: Bus Driver and Passenger Exchange Shots – In Dramatic “2nd Amendment” Event! (30.5.2023)

When asked why it was that hawker stalls are not commonly found in African countries – the same BLM spokesperson knowingly replied “Colonialism!” – adding that David Fuller was “lucky” that day as Omarri Shariff Tobias was suffering from the “jitters” (due to hunger) and that this was disrupting his aim! A ‘White Lives Matter’ (WLM) representative was immediately arrested when he appeared on the scene (holding up a sign that read “FULLER BLEW THE F’CKER AWAY!” – a statement the local Police declared was “non-factual” as Omarri Shariff Tobias had survived and was likely to make a full recovery) – and “imprisoned” for unspecified offenses.

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