April 30th 1945 – the Day the Soviet Red Army Broke into Hitler’s Berlin! (2.5.2023)

On April 30th, 1945, the Soviet Red Army broke through the Berlin defence parameter after a hard fought battle and the Red Banner of Victory was hoisted over the Hitler’s Reichstag in Berlin! Only a few days remained before the complete surrender of Nazi Germany! Tens of thousands of Soviet Red Army soldiers were killed – whilst thousands of others carried the Red Flag! Special Red Army groups were responsible for ‘filming’ the battle on Soviet Hand-held (wind-up) cine-cameras! Many of these groups were wiped-out – but their cameras were later recovered and their precious film was safely retrieved for history! Above is one such example – filmed as the Soviet Red Army advances under fire toward the German Reichstag!

DPR: International Workers’ Day (May 1st) – was Celebrated in Gorlovka! (2.5.2023)

This process is both ‘legal’ and ‘lawful’ – and that the US interpretation of the situation is ‘wrong’ and the US support for the Neo-Nazi regime (Obama put into power during 2014) is illegitimate and unwanted! What this means is that the Neo-Nazi Ukrainian presence in Donbass is now ‘illegal’ and ‘unlawful’ – and that the now ‘Independent’ and ‘sovereign’ nations of the DNR and LNR have every right to ‘expel’ the Neo-Nazi Ukrainian Forces – and to request Russian military action to assist in this objective! Where this process has been achieved – the local inhabitants have been able to celebrate May 1st – as the Neo-Nazi Ukrainians had originally ‘banned’ it – and implemented the US ‘Labor Day’ (‘Labour’ is spelt ‘wrong’ in the US) which happens in September and is designed to recognise the control of the workers by the all-poweful Management – the exact opposit of the ‘Socialist’ May 1st celebration!

France: The Under-Reported Mass Protests Againt US and EU Policy in Neo-Nazi Ukraine! (2.5.2023)

This is class politics in action. The Bourgeois media will not assist the interests of the working class in anyway! This is a clear indication of which class controls the means of production in the West – and which class does not! In this case, the Proletariat of France has taken to the streets and has been fighting (for several months) against the French government’s refusal to stand up to the US and say ‘NO’ to the Biden’s bullying tactics! These are the US foreign policies used against Russia and America’s unconditional support for the Neo-Nazi Junta that currently occupies Kyiv and West (Catholic) Ukraine! I am told that the Socialists and Communists are also out in force on the streets of Paris!

How The Beatles Changed Everything – Except Capitalism! (2.5.2023) 

Lennon followed Ono to New York, and this decision cost him his life. Not only this, but it cost him his credibility by becoming mixed-up with the Bourgeois libertines of that scene! One such character that Ono introduced him to was ‘David Peel’ – a former member of the US Army – who after his Honourable Discharge masqueraded as a street artist and countercultural guru! He can be seen ‘duetting’ with GG Allin as he sings a song advocating the sexual abuse of young children – a performance YouTube is quite happy to host – whilst it blocks any serious attempts to present genuine history, Israeli War Crimes and left-wing political rhetoric, etc. David Peel is interviewed calling for John Lennon to be President – whilst simultaneously agitating for the destruction of Disco music (?) an important component of Black cultural identity in the 1970s!