ZSL – London Zoo (23.9.2017)


ZSL London Zoo

We travelled up the Northern Line Tube and alighted at Camden Town. We walked about 20 minutes down Camden High Street and crossed the Regent’s Canal (near Regent’s Park), before finding the entrance to the Zoo. Gee and myself probably visited London Zoo around 13 years ago – but this was the first time that our daughters (Mei-An 5 and Kai-Lin 1) had visited. (My mother tells me she visited with her school from Oxford – in the late 1950’s – at a time when visitors could still ride on elephants around the compound!). The letters ‘ZSL’ stand for ‘Zoological Society London ‘ – the official body that founded the Zoo in 1828 and which is responsible for its continued administration, maintenance and development. Surprisingly, London Zoo has never received any government support, and so has to charge an admittance fee to visitors, although certain supermarkets are offering tickets in exchanges for shopping points accrued upon loyalty cards. Elephants and Rhinos are no longer at this north-west London site – but now live at ZSL Whipsnade (in Bedfordshire) which has far more space for them to roam. Nevertheless, London Zoo is still sizeable and offers all kinds of interesting creatures to marvel at. This visit was part of our ongoing policy of empowering our children through education and positive learning experiences.













































Begging, Dignity and Respect


A Beggar in China Bows to the Ground to Eat

When China suffered under imperialist rule, 90% of its people were illiterate and lived in abject poverty. Today, and since the Communist Revolution of 1949, this figure has been reversed, with literacy rates and wealth distribution directly benefiting 90% of the population. Begging still occurs in Communist China, but a compassionate Socialist State exists to help the individuals concerned to change their lives for the better. The over-riding reality if that life in Communist China today, is much better than prior to 1949.


This article contains a series of photographs about begging in the US from a Chinese language article discussing the agency of ‘respect’ and the differences between the capitalist West and Communist China. The upshot of it all is that in China the Socialist State does everything possible to relieve poverty and guide people toward resources with a compassionate attitude. Many Chinese beggars act with the utmost respect and dignity and do not ‘demand’ or ‘presume’ (acting very much like selfless itinerant Buddhist monks). Chinese beggars keep themselves clean and tidy and tend to bless everyone. The Socialist States has dramatically reduced begging in China because their is now ample resources for ALL Chinese people to live with dignity.


However, although the capitalist West controls immense wealth, it is all focused into the hands of a privileged few. Poverty in the West is (falsely) presented as the ‘fault’ of those who are poor – rather than being a natural consequence of a highly unjust and unequal system. The capitalist system only begrudgingly helps those in need in an undignified manner and provides them with the barest of resources to fend off hunger and death. Within Communist China – people are treated wit respect and ‘gently’ guided toward settling down. Where mental illness or disability is involved, the Socialist State takes immediate control – providing housing, income, clothing and food.


Human labour has the potential to change the world – this id true – but conditions are not always conducive for continuous or effective labour to be carried-out, particularly in capitalist countries where workers are oppressed and exploited as the norm. Although many Westerners suffer terribly under this system, the weak and the vulnerable are pushed aside by those who misuse the agency of begging for purely selfish and frivolous reasons. Chinese beggars respectfully ask for food, water and soap, whilst high-profile Western beggars use their intelligence not to ‘work’ – but rather to ‘entertain’ their way to generating income. In the meantime, starving Westerners die of hunger quietly in their homes or behind dumpsters, or of medical neglect. When the Western State does act – it tends to be in an oppressive manner – with ordinary people’s rights being violated. Unlike in Communist China – where we all have rights without having to’pay’ to prove it  – in the capitalist West, the people only have the rights they can ‘afford’ to prove they possess. As poor people have no money in the capitalist West, they have no access to the bourgeois legal system – and subsequently rich people exercise all their legal rights (usually against the defenceless poor). Even begging in the West has a bourgeois element to it!


Chinese Language Source Article:


The Bravery of Mr Paul Aladdin Alarab (1958-2003) RIP


If the US-Zionist propaganda is to be believed, the 911 terrorist attacks on New York in 2001 were carried-out by 17 Saudis and 2 Egyptians – but as both countries are allies of the US and friends of Israel – and given that Israel represents US interests in the Middle East – no military action was taken against either Saudi Arabia or Egypt. Add to this the bizarre fact that at the last count at least 10 of the alleged suicide bombers on 911 have subsequently been found to be ‘alive’ – then the ‘irrationality’ and the ‘illegality’ of the US-led invasion and destruction of Iraq in 2003 is made patently clear. This blatant act of Western neo-imperialism has cost the lives of hundreds of thousands (some estimates state ‘millions’) of innocent Iraqi men, women and children, and paved the way for the development of a disastrous Islamofascism in the formerly Arab Socialist State. There were no weapons of mass destruction in an already impoverished country that had suffered under unjust UN Sanctions for over a decade. Furthermore, all legal experts agree that this ‘invasion’ was illegal under International Law. Saddam Hussein – the Iraqi leader who had resisted Western imperialism for decades – was tried by a puppet court comprised of Iraqi collaborators and traitors and hung (with his death being filmed and immediately released across the internet). I remember millions of people protesting this grotesque war in London – and the then criminal British Prime Minister Tony Blair just ‘laughing’ in Parliament! I also recall news bulletins that told of Westerners who had travelled to Afghanistan (that other victim of Western neo-imperialism) and Iraq – and deliberately blowing themselves up at Western military check-points in protest to the aggressive actions of their respective governments. American-Iraqi Paul Aladdin Alarab did not carry-out any action that directly inflicted violence upon anyone else – despite his heartfelt resistance to the US invasion of Iraq (the country of his ancestors). However, despite having a family (and all to live for) he decided to end his own life in protest to the illegal military action the US was taking against Iraq. Paul Aladdin Alarab (44) ended his own life by jumping to his death from San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge on May 19th, 2003. To my mind, it is not the trained military thugs of the US military that are heroes, (after-all, anyone can kill innocent people with fire-arms), but rather people like Paul Aladdin Alarab (and those Westerners who protested the illegal invasion of Iraq in numerous ways). In fact, a good measure of this man’s selfless attitude can be gleamed from the fact that he protested on behalf of the elderly and the handicapped in the US in 1988 – when he accidently fell-off the bridge in question – but remarkably managed to survive the plunge. America must throw-off the shackles of capitalist oppression and develop a Socialist State that renounces all ‘aggressive’ war.

Find a Grave – Paul Aladdin Alarab

2nd Bridge Fall Kills Foe of War

Email: Wim Hof – A Case of Scientific Daoism? (17.9.2017)


Subject: Modern Daoism – Wim Hof
Date:Sunday, September 17, 2017 06:33

Dear Q

I am always researching the scientific verification of Chinese Daoist technique – and I note the ‘modern’ approach Zhao Bichen took by incorporating certain Western biological terms into his explanatory texts. This would suggest that although Daoism can have a religious element – its core teachings are in fact biologically and medically correct, premised upon observation and refinement over-time (through practical experience). Obviously, this lies out-side of the realm of ‘blind faith’ and lies firmly within the realm of empirical science, even though it might be described as an ‘efficient’ use of consciousness and matter entwined. I believe that in the case of Wim Hof there is a scientific verification of the medical premises of Chinese Daoism. This is not because Wim Hof is a Daoist – far from it – he is a scientist who rejects faith and extols the scientific method. His method is ‘trauma’ led – and requires a very serious and dedicated mind-set. The point is that he has been subjected to scientific testing (under strict laboratory conditions) around the world and his abilities have been scientifically proven. He appears to have developed a conscious control of his autonomic systems, and can (at will) alter the neurological and chemical terrain of his inner body, so as to survive in extreme (usually very cold) environments. As a demonstration of this, he once climbed Mount Everest in shorts! He has also been injected with a virus – which he wilfully countered by releasing adrenalin and clearing the disease out of his body. Having practised his method of breathing in more than breathing out (to fill the head and chest with oxygen), I can say that this reminded me of the microcosmic circulation (up the Governing Vessel and down the Conception Vessel), etc. Furthermore, he has trained others who have also succeeded under scientific conditions. I pass on a short video for your general interest:


All Best Wishes



Gee’s Florence Nightingale Midwifery Medal (2017)


After four years hard work, earning a Midwifery Degree from Kings College (London), and carrying and giving birth to Kai-Lin (our youngest daughter) – Gee was finally awarded the highly coveted ‘Florence Nightingale Medal for Nursing and Midwifery’. These awards are rare and indicative of passing all the practical and theoretical texts to the highest standards.





Mayor of London (Sadiq Khan) and the Destruction of Healthy Trees (Please Help!)


I was told of this bizarre situation a few days ago by someone who is a student at Kings College (London). It transpires that the Blairite Mayor of London – whilst introducing a ‘new’ Congestion Charge – is planning on ‘widening’ roads in Central London as a means to encourage ‘more’ traffic. Why is he doing this? Apparently, despite the apparently ‘environmentally friendly’ propaganda emanating from the Mayoral Head-Office, Sadiq Khan plans to raise revenue for Office to spend on various projects by simultaneously raising the ‘Congestion Charge’ (ostensibly to ‘limit’ traffic in and out of Central London), whilst destroying landmarks and healthy trees in a ‘road-widening’ project designed to encourage more vehicles in Central London. Obviously, a greater volume of traffic on purpose-built roads will generate a greater income for London’s Mayor. Whilst cynically claiming to care about the quality of London’s air as a means to justify a new monetary fine – Sadiq Khan is targeting these perfectly healthy trees to facilitate what can only be described as a ‘public fraud’. Central London needs less environmentally damaging vehicles and fewer open roads – not more.

Please send a protesting emailing to: consultations@tfl.gov.uk

Protesting letters to: FREEPOST, TFL Consultations,

Protesting Telephone Calls to: 0343 222 1155







How the Bourgeois State Usurped Socialist Education Methods in the UK


It is interesting how the capitalist system will steal Socialist educational methods if a profit can be made by selling them! Socialist education methods are designed to be deployed ‘free’ throughout the country – and not ‘sold’ to those who are already privileged within society. Free and good quality education is a right for all working class people, and working class children should be treated with respect and compassion when they go to school. Then, these children will grow-up to be respectful and compassionate toward others! Of course, if the working class could be ‘transformed’ in this manner, then the bourgeoisie would lose its control over capitalist society – and so Socialist education must be ‘stolen’ from the workers and never allowed to succeed. In the 1970’s in the UK, Labour controlled Local Education Authorities tried a number of different and progressive ways to educate children – usually ideas derived from progressive Socialist thinkers. At the time, the bourgeois establishment and its rightwing media attacked these ideas as emerging from the ‘loony left’ – and potentially damaging to the minds of youngsters. Like in the USSR and Communist China – Labour Authorities sought to break with the principles of elitist education (that were not in the class interests of the workers), and develop an entirely ‘new’ way of educating the masses premised upon scientific research and experience. In a bizarre turn-around, particularly in the bourgeois area within which I live, I have noticed how certain ‘academies’ are now routinely using what were once considered ‘progressive’ and ‘Socialist’ education methods – methods that put the well-being, confidence and learning experience of the child at the fore-front of all developmental learning strategies – whilst abandoning the stark and often brutal tenants of Social Darwinism (still practised in the elitist schools through the traditional methods of education). These progressive methods create a healthy and incentive-based environment, within which what the child thinks and feels is taken into account and valued. The irony is that even some ‘private’ schools in my area are applying these progressive methods – but at no time are the ‘Socialist’ origins of these methods acknowledged or discussed. This is a clear case of the bourgeois, capitalist system usurping Socialist education methods and using them for its own ends (i.e. to make profit), simply because they work. The difference today is that it is the elitist academies and private schools that are deploying these progressive methods – and as these entities fully support the capitalist system – the mainstream press nolonger refer to this exercise as deriving from the ‘loony left’.

Russian Film: Battle for Moscow -Panfilov’s 28 (2016) How Soviet Muslims Turned Back Hitler!


It is a well-known fact (amongst free thinkers and those academics that sill exercise the search for truth), that the Cold War rhetoric of the West (devised and spread to Europe from the USA since 1945), was designed to re-write history by a) demonising Scientific Socialism, and b) equating the Soviet Union, Communist China, Socialist Vietnam, Socialist North Korea, Socialist Cuba, and any State, regime or freedom movement of a Marxist-Leninist nature – with the atrocities deliberately committed by the Nazi German regime of Adolf Hitler (1933-1945), even though the vast majority of those atrocities were actually committed by the Nazi Germans against the citizens of the USSR. With an estimated casualty list that measures between 27-40 million casualties (involving men, women and children), the Soviet Red Army suffered millions of casualties (and many early set-backs and defeats), before the advance of the Nazi German war machined was first ‘checked’, and then permanently turned back by Soviet forces at the gates of Moscow. Although the Soviet government was preparing to retreat from Moscow – it was Joseph Stalin himself who refused to leave the Soviet capital – and in so doing inspired a desperate nation with his order ‘not a single step backwards!’ As the Western Cold War disinformation campaign is still in full swing (just look at the Western support for neo-Nazi Ukraine and the continued and racist demonisation of Communist China), ample funding is made available by the US government, the EU and the UN, for films to be made that re-write and ‘demonise’ the history of the Soviet Union (an example of this is the hideous and thoroughly ‘wrong’ film entitled ‘Soviet Story’ – which has been used to justify the resurgence of the far-right in Eastern Europe). but when funding is needed to make a film depicting the true humanitarian, brave and progressive history of the Soviet Union – all of a sudden all offers of international funding for Russian film projects dry-up. This is why this film – Panfilov’s 28 – had to be crowded funded by over 35,000 individual people from across Russia and the world. This story is important because it depicts a company of multi-ethnic Soviet men (many of whom were of Muslim ancestry including Uyghurs and Kazaks, etc, as well as Mongolians) – who stood together against 4 heavily armed and well-manned German tank regiments on the outskirts leading to Moscow. In the first battle, the 100 Red Army men were reduced to just 28 – but they had destroyed 4 German tanks and inflicted dozens of Nazi German casualties. In this first battle they were supported by Soviet artillery – but this was withdrawn when the Nazi German Airforce started targeting it. The Red Army men were lightly armed and very poorly equipped – but they knew that the Nazi Germans were already committing atrocities in other parts of the USSR – and that if they got into Moscow, millions more would die in the genocide against Jews, Communists, disabled, homosexuals, and anyone deemed racially inferior. In the final battle (with undertones of Thermopylae), the 28 Red Army soldiers that were left (which included a political commissar) held their ground against terrible odds – forcing the Nazi Germans to call-off their offensive in that area. Just 6 Red Army men survived this battle (disrespectfully referred to as a ‘myth’ in Western discourse), but their collective effort (and that of their dead comrades) inflicted 70 dead Nazi German (as well as an unknown number of wounded), and destroyed 18 (of the 54) Nazi German tanks sent against them! The ‘true’ history of the Soviet Union is full of selfless acts perpetuated by individuals for the benefit of the entirety of society.


The Fabrication of Burma in the Western Mind


Author’s Note: As a Scientific Socialist, I do not unquestionably support the bourgeoisie system – but until we achieve a Socialist Revolution in the West, we are stuck with it, and must find some use for it. Although I am scholar specialising in Chinese philosophy and religion – and a practising Chinese Buddhist – I must state that I am irreligious and profess a support for science premised upon the study of a material universe (which includes Quantum Mechanics). Although I do not possess any notion of ‘faith’ in religion, and believe that religions should not hold political power, I am not opposed to religions per se. As long as it follows the law and does not cause harm to others, people are free to do as they will with their minds and bodies. However, as both a Socialist and a Buddhist, I consider myself a friend of Islam, and am perfectly aware of the Islamophobic lies and disinformation that currently emanates from the West. On a Muslim organised ‘peace march’ through London recently, my family and I were the only non-Muslims present. However, the polarised fashion the Western press is treating the situation in Myanmar (i.e. ‘Burma’ – I use the names interchangeably), both the wisdom systems of Buddhist and Islamic scholarship are being compromised and side-lined for the establishment of a purely Eurocentric (and racist) paradigm which has its foundations within the Western, imperialist presence in Asia. Obviously, I reject ALL Buddhist and Islamic derived violence, and would call upon the Burmese Government Authorities, the Buddhist Burmese Authorities, and the Islamic Authorities (both within and outside the Rohingya community) to defuse the situation and take a step-back from psychological and physical violence, and let traditional Asian wisdom and knowledge take the place of Western-inspired race-hate. ACW (9.9.2017)


The West – that is Europe and the US – has been dominated for hundreds of years by the the capitalist economic system, and its supportive (middle class dominated) liberal, democratic system. Freedom is defined as any and all socio-economic, political or cultural expressions that directly benefit the middle class, and which legally facilitate the unbridled ability to exploit the working class. Invariably, the middle class is numerically small, but retains most of the political power, and controls the majority of the finance. It guarantees this power from generation to generation by its iron grip on the military and the police, and a bourgeois legal system that only theoretically extends rights to all citizens. In reality, the bourgeois legal system only extends those rights that an individual can financially prove should be applied to themselves and their situation. This amounts to the situation (for the numerically superior working class) of no money equals no rights. As capitalism requires an ever expanding market of exploitation to furnish its insatiable thirst for profit, the Western bourgeoisie eventually exported their capitalist system all over the world. Although challenged here and there in the 17th and 18th centuries, it was not until the 19th century (and the rise of Marxism) that its progress was seriously (although temporarily) checked (as seen in the 1848 Europe-wide uprisings, and the 1871 Paris Commune). It was not until the Russian Revolution of 1917 (led by VI Lenin), that saw a large swathe of humanity reject predatory capitalism for Scientific Socialism – soon to be join by Mao Zedong’s China in 1949. Obviously, the Western bourgeois world, in an attempt to retain its economic, political and military hegemony over the world (particularly after WWII), began a disinformation campaign that involved the media (in all its aspects) as well as the professional and amateur academic establishment, to fabricate an ‘alternative’ history and interpretation of world history and current affairs, that was designed to denigrate Socialism amongst the exploited workers of the West (with racism toward non-Whites being a major component), so that these Western workers voluntarily ‘distanced’ themselves from those elements of the International Working Class that already lived ‘freely’ in Socialist countries (falsely and inaccurately termed ‘Communist’ by a Western media that remained entirely ignorant of the philosophy of Scientific Socialism). This disinformation campaign inverted reality, and presented working class freedom as working class enslavement – with the implicit threat that should the Western workers over-throw the oppressive capitalist regime they currently suffer under, life would be worse for them, rather than better. An extra layer of bourgeois security was generated through the tolerance and selective support of fringe far-right political groups in the West that blamed all the inequalities within the capitalist system upon immigrants, and which encouraged race-hate and racially inspired violence and murder. These fascists groups were designed to operate within working class communities and use race-hate to stop those communities being infiltrated by Socialist propaganda and organised working class movements that aimed to over-throw the British capitalist system either by force of arms, or through the ballet box. These rightwing groups have been very successful in convincing working class people to vote for parties that advocate policies which are against their own class interests, or to boycott the voting system altogether, and refuse to vote for parties that represent working class interests. Whilst inappropriately voting or not voting, the working class is stripped of all its militancy and conscious awareness, and sits passively on the political sidelines suffering terribly from oppressive government policies – whilst doing nothing constructive about it.

Who will save the Rohingya?

What does this have to do with Burma (Myanmar)? The question that has to be asked is this; If the domestic working class in Britain can be manipulated to perceive the world in a manner that is against its own class interests, how easy is it for the Western media (and mainstream academia) to use racism, prejudice and discrimination to misrepresent what is happening in Burma? The answer, of course, is highly likely. The British East India Company – operating out of India – used the British Army in a number of invading wars against the indigenous Burmese people between 1824 and 1885 (during the three so-called Anglo-Burmese Wars), effectively (and actually) annexing the country in 1886, making Burma an extension of the British imperialist rule of India. This administration continued until 1948 – when the British Labour Party granted Burma full independence from British colonial rule. However, under British rule, the Burmese people were used as a virtual slave-labour force, with Christian missionaries being imported by the British to convert the predominantly Buddhist population (a standard model of destroying indigenous cultures to make the ethnic people easier to control). Any ethnic Burmese who resisted was harshly punished with imprisonment, torture or even execution. Just as the British had imported en mass Tamil (Hindu) workers into the predominantly Buddhist Sri Lanka, they also imported (en mass) Bengali Muslim workers into Burma. The point of this enforced migration and settlement was the deliberate propagation of ethnic tensions between the subjugated peoples of the British empire, so that they could not ‘unite’ against British rule – being too busy fighting one another’s presence. Of course, the Bengali Muslims are not ethically Burmese (or ‘Buddhist’), and today refer to themselves as ‘Rohingya’ – a term not recognised by the Myanmar government since 1982. During WWII, the imperial Japanese invaded Burma, and the British Authorities armed and trained the Bengali Muslims – making them a distinct fighting unit of the British Army in the resistance to the Japanese presence. However, the ethnic Burmese people, by and large, welcomed the invading Japanese as ‘liberators’ from British colonial rule. This led to a conflict between the ethnic (Buddhist) Burmese fighting for the Japanese, who opposed the British-supported Bengali Muslims who were attempting to annex the Arakan area of Burma, and integrate it with the Bengal part of India (or today’s Bangladesh). It is this British arming and encouraging of Bengali nationalism that is seen as the historical origin of the ‘violent’ and ‘murderous’ ethnic tensions that exist today between ethnic (Buddhist) Burmese and ethnic (Muslim) Rohingya in the Rakhine State of Western Myanmar. The Burmese Authorities take the position today that it is Rohingya nationalism that is driving the inter communal violence, and that the Rohingya resistance to ethnic Burmese rule is now funded (in-part) by Saudi Arabia, and other Islamic States that finance and train the various elements of Islamic extremism and Islamic terrorist groups that exist in the world. Perhaps one of the biggest (and saddest) ironies regarding this matter is the video clip of Hilary Clinton admitting during an interview that the US ‘manufactured’ Islamo-fascism (i.e. ‘Al Qaeda’) as a means to fight the Soviet Union in Afghanistan (the same ‘Al Qaeda’ that would carry-out the 911 attacks in New York).

Who will save the Rohingya?

Burmese Buddhists living in the Rakhine State view themselves as ‘ethnic’ inhabitants of Myanmar, and state that Islamic militants regularly attack their villages and Buddhist temples, carrying-out acts of rape, torture and murder. The point of this activity is to ‘cleanse’ the area of the ethnic Burmese and their Buddhist culture. In response, the Burmese Authorities have deployed the military to carry-out punitive expeditions into the Rohingya areas. Before examining whether any of this is true or not, Burma’s modern history has to be understood. After gaining its independence from the British in 1948, Burma refused to join the British Commonwealth (viewing it as a means for Britain to retain political influence and power throughout its former empire), and declared itself a ‘Socialist State’, with close political and economic ties to the Soviet Union – and later Communist China. As the Cold War developed, and the US anti-Communist disinformation spread throughout the world, Burma was presented not as a former British colony that had suffered terribly under British imperialist rule and was now attempting to independently re-build its economy (and culture) from the base-up, but rather as a despotic and ‘failed’ State that ‘oppressed’ its people, and applied ‘racist’ policies toward the Rohingya. In fact, the propagation of Rohingya nationalism by the British, ensured that the Bengali Muslims in Arakan remained firmly opposed to Socialism, acting as a pro-Western, pro-capitalist destabilising force in Burma. Unlike the pro-capitalist 14th Dalai Lama and his unrepresentative pro-Tibetan Movement, the Burmese Socialist Authorities (many of whom were Buddhist), as well as the Buddhist monastic community, remained (quite naturally) opposed to capitalist greed and oppression. As a philosophy, Buddhism at its base remain anti-capitalist a priori – but has become associated with immense wealth in the West due to movie stars, rock stars and the middle class embracing various aspects of distorted Japanese Zen and corrupted sects of Tibetan Buddhism, etc. Asian Buddhist temples that teach non-greed, non-hated, and non-delusion, are generally ‘ignored’ by many Westerners who have no interest in the associated Asian culture through which this genuine Buddhism has been transmitted. As a consequence, Burma has been misrepresented to the Western mind very much in a racist and mythological manner, following the bourgeois blue-print used to misrepresent Tibet as a means to destabilise Communist China. As a result, up until 2011, Burma was a ‘brutal’ military regime that oppressed its people – an interpretation encouraged by the US and its mouth-piece the United Nations (UN). The problem the West now has is one of transition for its previously anti-Burma rhetoric, with regards to its former media darling in the form of Burma’s now de facto leader –  Aung San Suu Kyi (the 1991 recipient of the Noble Peace Prize) – who (rather embarrassingly for her Western bourgeois supporters) remains resolutely ‘anti-Rohingya’ in the face of the capitalist world’s criticism of her leadership and her government’s punitive actions against the Rohingya people. The Chinese language press has reported that Aung San Suu Kyi personally requested that the US not use the term ‘Rohingya’ in its diplomatic communications, and that as reported in today’s Morning Star (9.9.2017) and the Chinese language press (see links below), Aung San Suu Kyi has also stated that videos and reports purportedly recording and showing the torture and abuse of Rohingya’s, are in fact the product of ‘fake’ news. Although Aung San Suu Kyi is a supporter of Western-style capitalism (which has only impoverished the Burmese people), and the liberal, democratic process, (as opposed to the centralised democracy of the Socialist System), her attitudes and behaviour appear to mimic those of the previous ‘Socialist’ Burmese leaders who continuously referred to the Rohingya as ‘invaders’ from India. In fact, Aung San Suu Kyi (agreeing with other Burmese officials), has routinely stated that Myanmar is currently under a sustained Islamo-fascist attack from a Rohingya-led Al Qaeda insurgency (funded by Saudi Arabia – an ally of the US and Israel), which aims to annex the Rakhine State – purging it of its Buddhist culture and ethnic Burmese people – and replacing it with an Islamic culture. In this regard, Aung San Suu Kyi cannot understand why the West refuses to support Myanmar in its fight against Islamic extremism, when it supports Israel without question, and any other movement in the world that opposes Islamo-fascism. Just because Aung San Suu Kyi might be an expressed ‘anti-Socialist’, does not mean that she automatically supports the Western Cold War rhetoric that privileged the Rohingya people when Burma was a Socialist State. The fact that she will not ‘bow’ to international pressure to alter her stance on this issue, demonstrates the strength of the anti-Rohingya feeling throughout the country she now leads.

Malaysia Myanmar Protest

The West has used Buddhism in the past as a means to try and destabilise the Tibetan part of China – probably since 1949 – and it would seem that a Western presence in Burma might well be up to its old tricks again. Just as it is well documented in Western sources that the CIA armed and trained Buddhist monks in Tibet that had taken vows of non-violence, it would seem that Buddhist monks that have taken vows of non-violence and non-hatred have been influenced in Myanmar to propagate race-hate amongst Muslims in that country. Why would protesting Buddhist monks hold-up placards in English – a language very few Burmese or Rohingya’s could read? Who are these placards meant to inform? Are Burmese Buddhist monks really leading protests against the Rohingya people? The answer appears to be ‘yes’ with the caveat that not all Buddhist monastic orders in Myanmar support protests or agree that Muslims should be demonised. The Buddhist lay and monastic vows form a psychological and physical barrier to any violent production of thought or action. Of course, the Western press ignores the Myanmar Buddhist establishment that continuously calls upon the Burmese Buddhist population to meditate upon loving kindness, and to act with charity, wisdom and compassion toward all beings – including the Rohingya Muslim community.  Just as important (and as equally ignored by the Western press), is the Rohingya representatives that continuously call for ‘peace’ from Burmese Muslims, and not to respond with violence to any provocation (this latter point is even ignored by the Islamic press in the West, which remains wedded to representing the Rohingya people as a disempowered and oppressed ‘ethnic minority’ in Myanmar – that is currently suffering a ‘genocide’). This one-sided and poorly informed viewpoint has even been endorsed by the leftwing British politician George Galloway recently, through his social media. This situation is unfortunate and appears to be representative of a ‘hidden’ agenda preferred by forces operating outside of Myanmar. Consider this; the 14th Dalai Lama lives a life of luxury in the West, selling books and charging large amounts of money for study courses conveying the distorted form of Buddhism he teaches, (whilst calling for the destruction of the Communist government of China, and for young people in China to ‘self-immolate’) all of which breaks the monastic rules he took in his youth, but the Western press maintains a continuous support for his antics and remains ‘silent’ about his excesses and hypocrisy. This is the same Western press that misrepresents an overwhelmingly ‘peaceful’ Buddhist establishment in Myanmar as being a hot-bed of extremist terrorism. This reads very much like the usual Eurocentric ‘divide and conquer’ strategy in effect.


Are the Rohingya Muslims terrorists? Certainly not. Did they exist in Burma before their mass importation into the area? Undoubtedly ‘yes’. What, then, is the problem? The problem is the historical Western, imperialist interference in the internal affairs of Burma (Myanmar) – an interference that is continuing today and causing all kinds of suffering in Rakhine State. It is reasonable to assume that the West wants Burma to rip itself apart using ethnic and religious disputes to fuel the fire of hatred and violence. Have certain Buddhist monks incited violence between ethnic Burmese and ethnic Rohingya? The answer is ‘Yes’. However, as these monks broke their monastic vows of ‘peace’ to do this, they should have been expelled from the Buddhist monastic Order (the ‘Sangha’), and then tried in a civilian court and imprisoned. This is what usually would happen in a Buddhist country, and it is telling that this action was not taken in Burma. Of course, it may be that Aung San Suu Kyi – who received moral support from the Buddhist Sangha whilst under house arrest – is reluctant to move against the Buddhist monastic establishment which has a very powerful influence over the opinions and actions of ordinary Burmese people. If the Buddhist Sangha called for the over-throw of Aung San Suu Kyi, the Burmese people would make short-work of ousting her from office. This explains her reluctance to ‘officially’ moderate the Burmese government’s stance on the Rohingya. Have innocent Rohingya been murdered? Yes – just as innocent Burmese Buddhists ave been murdered. Does the UN correctly reflect the problem in Burma? No. The UN is a mouth-piece for the neo-colonial policies of the US government, and its official announcements are always in line with current US foreign policy directives. Whilst advocating Islamophobia across the world, the US wants the Rohingya in Burma to appear to be a one-sided ‘victim’ in the ethnic violence perpetuated there. This is probably a hang-over from the days that the US wanted to bring-down the Socialist State in Burma – but just like the Al Qaeda the US developed in Afghanistan – the Islamic militants it created in Burma have now assumed a life of their own, and are effectively out of control. Although the Rohingya as an ethnicity are not terrorists, there is a minority that definitely uses violence to pursue political objectives. The problem has been that the Burmese military has attacked and punished large swathes of the Rohingya population – many of whom have had no connection with Islamic extremism or terrorism in Burma. This is an unjust situation involving both sides – but the Burmese people and the Rohingya must realise that they need to throw-off the destructive influence of the West, and in so doing reject the divisive politics of race and religion. Buddhists and Muslims can live together in peace in Burma, but this will take time, self-discipline, and an altruistic approach to social well-being.

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Chinese Terms for ‘Mosque’


(Hui) Najiahu Mosque – Yinchuan City (Ningxia, China)

I am aware of two Chinese language terms used to describe a ‘mosque’ which are as follows:

  1. 清真寺 (Qing Zhen Si)
  2. 回教堂 (Hui Jiao Tang)

What is interesting is the level of ‘respect’ in the Chinese language used to refer to a ‘mosque’, and the obvious historical high regard with which the authorities and scholars of imperial China must have held Islam. This is because the most common term used to refer to a mosque is 清清寺 (Qing Zhen Si), with ‘qing’ (清) translating as ‘pure’ or ‘clean’, and ‘zhen’ (真) translating as ‘profound truth’, or ‘highest sincerity’. The Chinese term ‘si’ (寺) refers to a ‘temple’, as often found within Confucianism, Buddhism and Daoism, and describes a special place of transcendent quality and function, where individuals and groups gather to receive expert guidance of a spiritual nature, and work upon the purification of their minds and bodies through dedicated self-cultivation. Whereas each Confucian, Buddhist or Daoism temple might have a different and distinguishing name – all mosques in China are called by the honorific ‘清清寺 (Qing Zhen Si)’, although each mosque is also usually distinguished in others ways – such as by the family name of the Islamic people who first founded the mosque, or who now administer the mosque – or by its location or ethnic group it serves. Another name used in a less general sense to refer to a mosque in China is ‘回教堂 (Hui Jiao Tang)’, and this specially refers to the ‘Hui’ (回) ethnic minority that are the descendants of Arab merchants who travelled to China hundreds of years ago, married Chinese women and settled in the country. A ‘jiao tang’ (教教) refer to a religious (i.e. 教 – Jiao) hall (i.e. 教 – Tang) used for worship and self-cultivation. This association explains why the Chinese term for ‘Muslim’ is often written as ‘回教徒’ (Hui Jiao Tu) – or ‘Hui Religion Disciple’, which can also be rendered as ‘Arab Religion Disciple’. Another Islamic ethnic group that live in North-West China are the ‘Uyghur’ (維吾爾 – Wei Wu Er), who are thought to have been, at least in-part, descended from Turkic ancestry, although many also claim Mongolian ancestry. Today, the Uyghur (who have not always been Muslims) live in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region of the People’s Republic of China.


Varanasi Mosque – Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (PRC)

According to Chinese language sources, the familiar term ‘mosque’ derives from the Arabic – Persian مسجد masjid (singular), and مساجد masājid (plural). This is a religious place of worship used by Muslims, and although in theory any place can be used as a mosque, the Sunni tradition of Islam follows strict rules that limit the buildings that can be used due to specific religious requirements and concerns. A building used by Muslims for worship that is not a an official mosque is termed a ‘musallah’. The establishment of a mosque is a very serious and religiously profound process that is not taken lightly, as there are many formal restrictions, but once established, a mosque is usually a smaller part of a larger complex. Once a place is designated as a mosque, it must remain a mosque forever, never be destroyed, or allowed to be occupied by non-Muslims (in an aggressive or destructive manner).  Many mosques possess an exquisite dome, a minaret and a worshipping hall, with each often expressing a unique architectural style. The mosque originated in the Arabian Peninsula, and Muslim living in the Middle East today, can trace their Islamic ancestry to specific mosques in particular areas. For Muslims the mosque is a place of worship, but it can also be used to convey information, education and as a place of dispute resolution, as well as for other purposes. The congregation of the mosque is lead in prayer by an Imam.

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