The Midwife Bayonet Charge of Leningrad (1943)


Anna Petrova (1910-2000) related this story to a Russian friend of mine, who has asked me to write a short piece about it. Anna Petrova was from Leningrad, and in 1930, she trained as a Midwife. During September, 1941, Leningrad had far more Midwives than was usual, because a Midwifery Conference was being held in that city. This involved probably around 100 Midwives gathered from hundreds of miles around to attend special lectures regarding the latest Soviet science related to conception, pregnancy and childbirth. There was also lectures about the psychological well-being of both men and women during times of child production. These Midwives were effectively ‘trapped’ in the city between September 1941 and January 1944 (together with millions of ordinary citizens) following the Nazi German siege.  This siege would become one of the bloodiest battles of the entire ‘Great Patriotic War’ (1941-1945), with Soviet died and wounded amounting to around 4 million (including military and civilian figures). As the Nazi Germans encircled the city, supplies of food and medical supplies were meagre or non-existent, and starvation was common place. The Midwives carried-on delivering babies and caring for women – but the circumstances were appalling and the mortality rate was distressingly high. Midwives were being killed by enemy action, disease and starvation. By 1943, there were only 60 of the Midwives left, with only 40 still able-bodied. These Midwives had been seconded into the defending garrison of the Red Army and effectively ‘militarised’. They received slightly better rations, and were trained in the use of the rifle and bayonet. In early January, 1943, the commander of Midwives was asked to gather together a voluntary force that was to stage a bayonet charge West of the city – to an area where medicines and baby food was thought to have been placed for collection. All 40 of the able-bodied Midwives volunteered, and on the given date, the bayonet charge was initiated at dusk across no-man’s land. The Nazi Germans sent-up flares and unleashed a vicious bombardment, but the Red Army did its best to protect the Midwife Force. Around 20 Midwives survived the charge and located the supplies which they loaded upon their backs before making the hazardous journey back to the their own lines. By the end of the action, 18 Midwives carrying heavy supplies made it back to the relative safety of Leningrad. Their sacrifice meant that a number of Soviet children (and their mothers) would survive the siege and would go on to live a long and happy life following the war. Anna Petrova was one of those surviving Midwives. Each Midwife received the ‘Order of Lenin’ for their bravery (as did the Midwives who died in the action). Hurrah for the Soviet Midwives!

US Mythology: Dog-Man


US neo-imperialism and neo-colonialism are all linked with US media hegemony across the Western world, large parts of Asia, Africa and South America. The implicit mind-set of this world-view is essentially ‘Eurocentric’ and racist, or the perpetuation of the notion that what ‘White’ Americans think, feel and experience about the world is far more important than the experiences of non-Americans (of any other ethnicity). This description lays the foundation for the perpetuation of American pre-occupations that are perpetuated around the globe through (the ‘British’ invention) of the world-wide web. Youtube is one such agency that conveys this kind of information, and one of its more ‘mythic’ subjects is that of the ‘dog-man’. This information is invariably anecdotal and delivered through the format of ‘creepy’ wilderness stories.  The US has a number of vast national parks and wilderness areas, which were created as one of the final acts of dispossessing Native American Indians of their ancestral lands. This ‘stolen’ land was then ‘re-invented’ as the playground of the European settlers. It is the descendents of these settlers who now claim to see, on occasion, a large wolf-like animal that can run on all-fours, or walk upright on its back-legs. This creature smells like a cross between stale urine, wet fur and rotting flesh. When stood-upright, this creature is said to be around 7 foot tall. When on all-fours, it has been known to keep up with speeding cars for short distances. It has a head like a German Shepherd dog, and a body covered in red, black, or grey hair. Its front ‘arms’ hang-down past its knees when stood-upright, an it is heavily muscled, with a rounded chest and thin waist. No physical evidence of any sort exists to prove the existence of this creature. Many of the so-called ‘true stories’ appear to be ‘fictional’ creations designed to entertain an audience of horror fans. It is ironic to think that when White settlers were raping and murdering their way across America – they must have seemed like some kind of barbarous ‘animal’ to the natives who fell victim to their mindless violence.


Racist New York Police ‘Assault’ 84 Year Old Chinese Man! (2014)


The 84-year-old Chinese man named Huang Jing (黄镜), was walking along 96th Street on Broadway (in Manhattan) at 5pm on the 19th of January (2014), when the United States police suspected him having crossed a road whilst the traffic-light was ‘red’. There then followed a misunderstanding due to a language barrier. Huang Jing was born in Mainland China and can only speak Cantonese and Spanish.  As Huang Jing could not understand what was being said – he was beaten to ground by a number of police officers and suffered a wound to the back of his head – which was later treated in hospital (receiving stitches).



Chinese Language Articles:

How the Bourgeois Legal System Works


The bourgeois legal system that operates within capitalist societies, is the epitome of class discrimination. It has been developed over hundreds of years by the middle class as a means to consolidate its political power, and to protect its interests and property. Access to this profession is very strictly controlled, and limited to the off-spring of the middle class. The working class is excluded from this profession, and unless working class individuals possess access to ample supplies of money, are also excluded from its legal protection. This is because the legal system, the judiciary and the police have all been historically constructed as a means to ‘protect’ the middle class from the working class. Why would this be necessary? This is because of the disparity of the distribution of wealth throughout feudal and capitalist societies. As the rich will not willingly ‘share’ their wealth, the working class (as individuals or groups) has been continuously agitating for a fairer share of the wealth that they generate for the middle class through their labour. The bourgeois legal system ensures that there can be no recourse to any effective legal action by the working class against the middle class.

This process of ‘inequality’ is held together by the illusion of ‘fairness’. When taken as a whole, the bourgeois legal system appears to be ‘fair’ in principle, when all its checks and balances are considered, but this is a charade. Within the capitalist system, an individual only has access to the legal system through the amount of money that he or she can afford to pay for a legal representative. The legal system has developed a ‘jargon’ all of its own, which ‘excludes’ all those who are not trained in it. Therefore, the judges and legal representatives all conspire to ‘with-hold’ rights from an individual – until it is proven that the individual in question can ‘afford’ the access’ fee. No access fee – no legal rights. Depending upon the cost of the legal representative, the individual requiring legal representation will access his or her rights on an ascending scale, with the least money attracting the least rights, and the most money attracting the most rights. Therefore, the bourgeois legal system only appears ‘fair’ on paper, but certainly is not fair in practice. Those who do not possess the wealth to hire an expensive legal representative, in effect possess no legal rights. This is because their income does not possess the financial power to ‘prove’ (through legal representation) that these rights apply to them.

By way of illustration, a simple example of this disparity will suffice. Let us assume that a poor family in the UK has come under scrutiny by Social Services (a government department that oppresses the very poor and vulnerable it purports to help). This poor family approach a bourgeois lawyer and explain their plight. The lawyer, seeing that there is a case for illegal behaviour on the part of Social Services, suggests that a legal representation can be made, whereby the lawyer will support the family and forcibly represent their legal interests – making clear all the infractions of the rules and procedures perpetuated by Social Services. Furthermore, the lawyer states that as it is difficult to sue a government agency, it would be better to sue individuals working for the Social Services (thus by-passing departmental privilege). The only catch to all this positive assessment is that the lawyer will charge £250 per hour – and will require at least £500 in advance. The poor family explains that they cannot afford the fee. The lawyer, who had previously explained that the Social Services were behaving ‘illegally’, now changes the nature of the legal advise available. The poor family is now advised to ‘acquiesce’ to all the demands of the Social Services, and to adopt a ‘subservient’ position in the face of this illegal activity. As this poor family are not ‘paying’ for legal representation, what was previously interpreted as ‘illegal’ activity on behalf of the Social Services  is now re-interpreted as a ‘misunderstood’ or ‘misconstrued’ application of policy. The lawyer is bourgeois as is the Social Services. When poor people are subjected to illegal activity, the bourgeois system supports that criminality, and closes ranks around its own class interests. This is the middle class obsession with capitalism.

Debunking Microsoft and D-Wave Quantum Computing (2017)


The following video is very interesting, because it ‘exposes’ the true state of science in the West, with regards to the concept of ‘quantum computing’. The issue here, is that the corporate-controlled scientific community in the West, which spends billions of dollars every year in 5 or 6 figure salaries, glossy magazines and pretentious seminars, actually has no idea about the subject it claims to represent, and has made ‘no’ practical progression toward producing any coherent technology that even vaguely resembles a ‘quantum computer’. What is wrong with ‘theory’ I hear you ask? There is nothing wrong with scientific speculation and theoretical questioning, but Microsoft, D-Wave and Google, etc (all US corporations), are not engaged in scientific ‘theorising’, and are not correctly practising ‘science’ in the public domain. If this is true, what exactly are these private business-interests doing? They are deploying ‘rhetoric’ and deceptively presenting this as ‘science’, when in fact they possess ‘zero’ science in their presentations. This conglomerate of business interests is in reality pursuing a US government policy of attempting to ‘combat’ the rise of advanced and progressive technology emerging out of Communist Chinese science. The US government is terrified that a Socialist organisation of society is proving more effective with regards to producing cutting–edge science, than its class-based, oppressive and elitist capitalist counter-part. The capitalist West is throwing money at its educated elite, in an attempt to find an answer to a scientific question it cannot solve.

China Space Programme: Shenzhou 5 – Knocking in Space (2003)


In 2003, during the successful launch of Shenzhou 5, the People’s Republic of China (PRC) became only the third country in history to ‘independently’ place a living human-being in space. The other two counties to achieve this outstanding technological achievement has been the Soviet Union (USSR), and the United States of America (USA). This means that two of these three countries have possessed a progressive ‘Socialist’ regime (i.e. the USSR and the PRC), whilst the third operates a regressive system of predatory capitalism. Furthermore, where the USSR collapsed due to mismanagement in 1991, the USA has all but given-up on initiating any progressive space programmes involving sending living human-beings to the outer reaches of space. On the other hand, China’s space programme is going from strength to strength, and active steps are being taken to land PRC cosmonauts on the Moon, and then on Mars, etc. Currently, the US is ‘banned’ from the Russian-owned International Space Station for its policy of supporting the neo-Nazi ‘Madan’ regime currently operating in Western Ukraine (a bizarre situation that began under the presidency of Barack Obama).

In a book about his experiences a the first PRC cosmonaut in space, Yang Liwei (楊利偉) has stated that whilst in Earth’s orbit, he heard a loud ‘knocking’ on the hull of his space-craft. It sounded like a wooden hammer striking a metal bucket. It could last for minutes at a time, and be quite regular, or appear for just a few seconds. It would begin unexpectedly, and end suddenly. Yang Liwei kept a level-head and visually inspected the out-hull through the port-holes, and then carefully checked the on-board operating manual to see if there was a technical problem that had been anticipated by the scientific designers, and which he could repair in space. Obviously, this must have been a highly stressful experience, as this ‘knocking’ sound was unexpected and could have suggested the development of a life-threatening fault in the system. Yang Liwei records his experiences and the PRC’s first cosmonaut in his 2010 Chinese language biography ‘天地九重’ (Tian Di Jiu Chong) or ‘Sky and Earth – Double Auspiciousness’. However, this book appears to carry the English title ‘The Long March to Space’. In its original Chinese language title, this appears to be an allusion to the ancient Chinese book of wisdom – the ‘Yijing’ (易經), or ‘Change Classic’. This book is exclusively published by the ‘People’s Liberation Army Press’. Yang Liwei, of course, is a major-general in the ‘People’s Liberation Army Airforce’ (PLAAF), whilst his partner is an officer in the ‘People’s Liberation Army’ (PLA). He explains further in his book that as the operation of the space-craft was ‘normal’ from a technical position, he chose not to report the incident at that time, but waited until ‘de-briefing’ safely back on Earth. Yang Liwei also checked the internal structure of the space-craft, but found nothing amiss. His experience is interesting, as PRC cosmonauts on Shenzhou 6 and Shenzhou 7 also reported this strange ‘knocking’ phenomenon.

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Buddhism: Environmentally ‘Friendly’ Upright Cremation Box


(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

[Origin: Miaoli News] Coffins have usually been designed for the deceased to ‘lie down’ within, but now, there is a new cremation device designed especially for Buddhists who want to be sat in the cross-legged meditation posture after death. It is a traditional practice for very advanced Buddhist practitioner to ‘pass away’ whilst maintaining an upright, seated meditation posture (known as the practice of ‘Zuo Hua’ [坐化], or ‘Seated ‘Transformation’). This new cremation device is known as a ‘compact shrine coffin’ (龕棺 – Kan Guan), or ‘niche coffin’, designed to fit-in to a religious or spiritually appropriate  ‘space’. Furthermore, as this new device is made entirely of paper and wood, it is considered entirely environmentally friendly.

This new device has been developed by the commercial arm of the ‘Benevolent and Virtuous Medical College of Life Care’, after consultation with the Chinese Buddhist community, and after listening to the many needs and concerns, it was decided to design a simple, straightforward and cost-effective device suitable for the modern era. This is a business initiative premised upon traditional standards of religious and spiritual etiquette, and harnessed to produce a range of goods to help those who follow spiritual or religious beliefs. The founding principle of this type of business is one of a profound respect for the Buddhist community, and the production of goods designed to help that community – rather than to make monetary profit. In this business model, the profit is measured in ‘virtue’ earned, and not in cash gathered. These devices can be designed for either correct Buddhist sitting, or indeed in a manner more suited to Western people. Western people are more than welcome to participate in the use of these new devices, which are manufactured by staff specially trained to retain a ‘respectful’ attitude throughout the construction process.

Qiu daneng (邱達能), the Director of the Life and Bereavement Department stated: ‘I personally approached Dharma Master Fa Cang (法藏) of the ‘Ten Thousand Buddha Temple’ (萬佛寺 – Wan Fo Si), situated in Tainan. He agreed that in the past, devout Buddhist people had no choice as to the device used for their cremation, but now, even if they cannot pass-away unaided whilst sat in the upright meditation posture, they can be placed in this new burial device in a manner that expresses their deepest spiritual and religious beliefs. There is now no need to ‘lie down’ if that is not what you do not want to do. Of course, this a new innovation for Mainland China, and we will be developing training courses to teach the coffin-makers how to generate a virtuous mind-set during the process of manufacture.’

Director Qiu went on to explain that his department is working on a special ‘preservation’ technique premised upon modern science, whereby the deceased body can be respectfully treated so as to maintain its posture whilst sat in the new device, whilst being placed in a specially designed environment (with air conditioning and filtering in effect), that maybe considered a ‘secular’ burial space, whereby these new devices can be respectfully positioned and maintained. This is a matter that is currently being discussed with the Government of China, but such a development would take the strain away from temples and monasteries, or where they still exist, exclusive burial plots for clans, etc. What is needed is a ‘new’ way of viewing traditional attitudes toward ‘death’, that allows a version of the old ways to exist in a technically advanced modern or post-modern China. This development, if it is accepted, will need to train a new generation of young people so that they can understand the religious attitude, and why things were done a certain way in the past. Whatever the case, monetary profit cannot be used to lead this initiative, which must always be facilitated through the agency of ‘respect’ for one’s fellow humanity.

This ‘seated’ coffin is different from ‘long’ coffins in that it is of modular design, and can be stored flat-packed with no problem. When assembled, there is no need for screws or nails – every part fits securely into its proper place and is ‘locked’ tightly into place. A circular raised dome is provided for the base, and there are stout handles which allow family and friends to carry the deceased to the desired location. Director Qiu further stated that this new burial device is made of paper and wood, and is designed to be easily cremated under current Chinese law. In fact, the entire design is currently highly ‘flammable’ to assist the cremation process. As a consequence, this new device does not require diesel or petrol to burn properly at a high temperature, and so is environmentally friendly. It is an easy method for staying close to nature and returning one’s remains to the soil, etc. The upright design of the coffin not only tells observers that the deceased is a Buddhist with a high moral bearing, but is also a better design for the cremation furnace to reduce the entire device (and occupant) to an even level of ash. This new burial device can be associated with the great Buddhist monks of the past, some of whom were cremated in the upright meditation position, whilst others were placed in special ‘bell-shaped’ personal tombs for hundreds of years (whilst their bodies did not decay).

Original Chinese Language Article:

環保坐姿龕棺 全副紙材打造









Virtual Particles and the Science of ‘Nothingness’ (Quantum Field Theory)


Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle was formulated in 1927 – but scientific thinking has not stood still since then. Heisenberg stated that it is impossible to simultaneously accurately fix (or measure) the position and momentum of a sub-atomic particle. This means that it is impossible to simultaneously fix (measure) or define time and energy. In the vacuum state, conventional logic dictates that there should be no sub-atomic particles existing in this quantum state (i.e. exactly zero energy at all times). On occasion, enough energy seems to be present to apparently ‘create’ a virtual sub-atomic particle as if ‘out of nothing’. These entities are known as ‘virtual particles’ and can theoretically possess any mass and move at any speed – even faster than light. This observation implies that virtual particles could travel backwards in time. Virtual particles exist in the interval between the measurements of real (or ‘observable’) particles, and this is why they can only be said to exist when not being observed. If they could be observed, then they would not be virtual particles. However, although some scientists think that virtual particles only exist in theory, since 1947 (Lamb and Rutherford), and in various experiments after this date, the ‘effect’ of vacuum particles upon the material universe has been observed. Furthermore, there is a theory which states that virtual particles may well be directly related to dark energy and the expansion of the universe. The point is that in an apparent vacuum that should possess ‘zero energy’ – small amounts of energy have been observed, and the presence of virtual particles is a mathematical inference from this observation. In other words, there is something there – even though it seems that there is nothing there. Virtual particles appear not to be bound by the laws of physics that govern the macro-universe, but even so, it is believed that their behaviour represents a ‘higher’ scientific understanding not yet realised by the human-mind. This is why sub-atomic particles may appear to both ‘exist’ and ‘non-exist’ at the same moment. This is not a metaphysical statement or position, but is rather a mathematical probability derived from exact calculation. This is simply a matter of observational position in relation to the sub-atomic universe. It seems as if Heisenberg is not saying that virtual particles ‘do not exist’, but rather that their existence lies in the gaps between ‘observable’ sub-atomic particle activity. This could imply that the ‘virtual’ nature of these particles actually represents a ‘gap’ in current human perception, and that when human scientific understanding advances beyond its current state, what was once thought to be ‘virtual’ particles will be understood in a new light. Of course, such a development in human faculties might well render Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle obsolete.

Did the ‘Big Bang’ Event Happen?


No scientific theory is beyond improvement or dismissal (if proven wrong). Human scientific understanding has ‘evolved’ over-time, moving toward an ever greater, or more subtle understanding of the material universe. Science deals exclusively with the material universe because it can be seen – either technologically or mathematically – and therefore can be ‘observed’ and ‘measured’. This is even true of the quantum level of existence, which humanity only knows is there, because it has been ‘observed’. An apparent problem at the quantum level, is that it is difficult to ‘measure’ the behaviour of certain sub-atomic particles (termed ‘uncertainty’). Below is an informative video that explains the state of human knowledge as it now stands – this is open to revision at anytime. The ‘Big Bang’ event appears to have happened. The universe is expanding, that is, space itself is stretching (apparently faster than light). As space stretches, the light travelling through it is also stretched. However, logically working backwards through time, it appears correct to say that the universe was ‘less stretched’, i,e. ‘smaller’ than it is today at an earlier time in its existence, and this has been confirmed with photographs taken of when the universe was just 370,000 years old – some 13.8 billion years ago. Furthermore, a definite ‘event’ occurred which saw a highly dense and hot universe suddenly emerge and rapidly expand. The sticking-point for many scientists is whether a ‘singularity’ occurred, and if it did, what was its precise nature? Hot plasma transitioned into a gas state, as hydrogen atoms were formed. Simultaneously, the infra-red light which was trapped was suddenly ‘freed’ to expand across the universe.

Coleton Fishacre, Kingswear, Torquay (25.10.2017)



Coleton Fishacre – National Trust

This is a 1920’s country retreat for the London-based D’Oyly Carte family – famous for the Savoy Hotel and Savoy Theatre. As we are Londoners – we thought we would give it a look. After WWI, the D’Oyly Carte family was responsible for the resurgence of opera in London, and on the back of that success, bought a picturesque valley in Torquay. This 24-acre spot (which runs down to the sea) was extensively landscaped, and an extensive manor house was built-in the simplistic style of arts and crafts, with an art decor interior. Following WWI, the 1920’s were quite decadent for the middle classes in the UK – and Coleton Fishacre has the feel of an out of control ‘folly’. There is opulence at every turn, with the senses being positively simulated in all areas. The manor house is seggregated into a servant section, and an owner section – and on the 100th anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, it is interesting and poignant to witness the stark division of the classes. The working class area is ‘downstairs’, whilst the middle class area is ‘upstairs’. Having made this observation, it must also be acknowledged that the servant area is spacious, clean, tidy, full of light and probably far better than the conditions many of the service class had to live in, in other middle class houses, where staff comfort was more or less irrelevant. To our minds, the opulence is pointless, as it does not progress society as a whole, but represents a prolific and out of control ‘individualism’ that is highly selfish and destructive of progressive working class social forces. Still, the only way ordinary people like ourselves could ever get to see inside a place like this, is through a tourist attraction! In this regard, such visits are used as historical lessons for ourselves and our children. We have taught our childre that workers are not ‘servants’ or ‘slaves’, and that every generation of workers must fight for their collectve rights anew – because the bourgeoisie will always take them away. Finally, as October comes to an end, the temperature on the day of our visit reached 20 degrees!













































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