US: Police Officer Yvonne Wu – What the Western Media Fails to Explain! 

Translator’s Note: What follows is an English translation of an original Chinese language article regarding this story. The (racist) oppression that people of Chinese origin suffer in the United States would probably make Adolf Hitler blush in embarrassment – making his anti-immigrant policies appear ‘tame’ and far too ‘liberal’ by comparison! The sheer scope of ‘control’ applied by the dominant White community over the minds and bodies of ethnic Chinese people is a study in ongoing racial eugenics. A Chinese person, simply because they are ‘Chinese’ – is depicted as ‘not quite human’ – with their physical presence portrayed as a (threatening) sullying factor for White society. Chinese people are untrustworthy, inhuman and do not share the common human traits that define ‘White’ society.  

Chinese people are not permitted to pursue their own (independent) self-determination – either in China or the West! A tolerable Chinese person is one who voluntarily ‘conforms’ to a debilitating ‘White’ standard of subordinate behaviour – one which allows their minds and bodies to be exploited for ‘White’ gain at every turn! Of course, the myth is that with enough conformity – the ‘White’ community will ‘accept’ the Chinese people as ‘equal’ – well, this has not happened to date, and it does not look like happening anytime soon! 

This is the power of ‘White’ racism – and it permeates all of Western society. The three ‘Chinese’ women involved in this story are: 

1) Yvonne Wu (吴伊冯 – Wu Yifeng) – Serving NYPD Police Officer (Suspect) 

2) Jenny Li (李) – Ex-Girlfriend of Yvonne Wu (Victim – Survived) 

3) Jamie Liang (梁) – New Girlfriend of Jenny Li (Victim – Deceased) 

In the West this story is reported as a ‘fetish’ because all the women involved are a) ethnically ‘Chinese’ and b) ‘lesbian’ in sexual preference. These three women are not accorded the usual level of respect – or even derision – with which the LGBTQN+ community is usually treated, as they occupy a ‘peculiar’ category all of their own. Finally, what the Western media fails to convey is the fact that Yvonne Wu previously served in the US Army before joining the NYPD – and that she was known by her superiors to be suffering from ‘Depression’ and ‘PTSD’ – whilst still being entrusted with a loaded firearm on a daily basis! ACW (12.5.2023) 

When the victim called 911 – Yvonne Wu (Wu Yifeng) could also be heard on the phone saying loudly: “I told you not to mess with me!” “This is what you deserve!”. 

The Chinese American Police Officer and Her Ex-Girlfriend 

Female Police Officer – Yvonne Wu – was known to be a ‘Veteran’ who had served in the US Army. During that time, she had achieved a rich combat experience and was known to be highly proficient in the use of firearms. Following the 911 emergency telephone call – the Police immediately dispatched a large number of heavily armed Police Officers in an attempt to prevent a fierce gun battle during the arrest process – and to avoid causing unnecessary casualties! 

The heavily armed Police Officers came to the scene of the crime, surrounded and sealed off the entire area – but unexpectedly discovered that Yvonne Wu was very calm – when she was found sitting in the living room waiting for the Police (her former colleagues) to arrive! Yvonne Wu ‘calmly’ surrendered himself on the spot – confessing that she had shot everyone in the house. The handcuffs were put on Yvonne Wu, and she was quickly placed into a Police vehicle and driven away without resistance on her part. 

Chinese American Police Officer Handcuffed by Her Own Colleagues 

One of the shooting victims was rushed to a nearby hospital for emergency treatment. During the treatment, it was found that Jenny Li – the ex-girlfriend of Police Officer Yvonne Wu – was shot in the body, and that her injuries were serious but not life-threatening. The new lover of Jenny Li – Jamie Liang – was in a more dangerous situation. She was shot several times – with the most serious injury being in the chest area. After being rushed to the hospital – she died because of the serious nature of her wounds. 

In the United States, there are shootings every day. The main reason is related to the free gun policy implemented by the government. At present, there are more than 300 million legal guns circulating throughout American society (the total population of the United States is also about 300 million – so the average person has one gun each) with the number of ‘illegal’ guns in US society currently not known. 

As the Police were involved in the shooting, the case was immediately handed over to the New York State Attorney General, who – as the Special Prosecutor – will initiate criminal proceedings against Yvonne Wu. 

As a ‘same sex’ related shooting case – big problems have been revealed in the follow-up and management of Veterans in the United States. Soldiers often perform dangerous tasks during their Service – especially in the US military. Many of them have seen extensive action on the battlefield. They are used to seeing life and death – and are often required to perform their duties whilst under great psychological and physical pressure. Therefore, many Veterans suffers from mental illness after retiring. As they are used to the military life, it is often difficult for them to integrate back into the society. Many feel continuously out of place – and this creates further tensions. 

Police Arrest Scene 

According to insiders, Police Officer Yvonne Wu had been in love with her ex-girlfriend (Jenny Li) for 2 years. More than 20 days ago, her ex-girlfriend (Jenny Li) proposed that they break up. Yvonne Wu – a Police Officer who regards her ex-girlfriend (Jenny Li) as her only spiritual sustenance – could not accept the end of her two-year relationship! Yvonne Wu had been trying to re-build her relationship with ex-girlfriend (Jenny Li) – and had refused to return the keys to their once shared home. It is believed that as Yvonne Wu still possessed these keys – this was how she was able to gain entry to the building and await the arrival of her ex-girlfriend (who happened to turn-up with her new girlfriend – Jamie Liang). Due to the complexities of entangled human emotions – the tragedy unfolded!  

It has been speculated that Yvonne Wu did not know that Jenny Li had a ‘new’ girlfriend – and that she returned to the living space when off-duty – only to find that when Jenny Li appeared she was with a ‘stranger’! Yvonne Wu emotionally ‘snapped’ and lost her better judgement for a few (deadly) minutes! Yvonne Wu had been a Police Officer for 5 years and had won four medals! Yvonne Wu obviously felt that Jenny Li had betrayed her trust – and this belief caused her to behave in the destructive manner that she did! After being arrested, Yvonne Wu was sent to New York University Langone Hospital for psychiatric evaluation – but the specific results have not been released by the US Police. 

On behalf of the family of the deceased (Jamie Liang) – a lawyer is claiming $25 million damages from the New York City government and the City Police Department. It is believed that the NYPD supervisor was aware that Police Officer Yvonne Wu suffered from depression – but allowed her to keep her gun – which shows that there was a problem of oversight in the NYPD. As the saying goes ‘三个女人一台戏’ (Sān gè nǚrén yī tái xì) – wherever three women congregate – there is bound to be trouble! In this incidence, the three women are all American born Chinese people who happen to be ‘lesbian’. Even so, it is the age-old human predicament of unrequited love, jealousy and misjudged action!  

Chinese Language Article:



2022-02-22 11:23 

震惊美国纽约市的三女情杀案主角,华裔女警官吴伊冯(Yvonne Wu)枪杀前女友新欢一案有了新进展,被害人24岁华裔女生梁杰米(Jamie Liang)的家属通过律师向纽约市政府提交索赔要求。计划向纽约市政府和市警察局,以过失杀人罪、人员管理不善等罪名和精神损失费等理由,向其索赔2500万美元。 

这起三角恋情杀枪击命案,发生在2021年10月13日的下午,31岁的吴伊冯(Yvonne Wu),来到23岁华裔前女友李珍妮(Jenny Li)位于布鲁克林区十九大道的家中,向前女友和她的新女友梁杰米(Jamie Liang)连开数枪,整整打完19发弹弹匣,导致一死一伤。 







枪击受害者火速送到附近医院进行急救。救治中发现,这位女警察的前女友李珍妮(Jenny Li)身体中弹,伤势严重但没有生命危险。但新情人梁杰米就比较惨了,身中数枪,最严重的伤势在胸部附近,送到医院后由于伤势太重,不幸遇难。 














Yvonne Wu的华裔女警 

她的前女友叫Jennie Lee 。 

Jennie Lee正跟自己的新女友Jimmy Liang交往 

Yvonne Wu就把Jimmy Liang给崩了