Book Review: The ‘Time’ Machine or the ‘Space’ Machine? Christopher Priest Takes the Easy Road!

One is left with the distinct impression that Priest truly believes that if his version HG Wells classics were published in the 1880s – well-bred young men would be masturbating everytime there is mention of Amelia’s exposed ankles- to the back drop of a Martian invasion of Earth and nutty Professors who have convinced themselves that their ‘Time’ machine (which is only secondarily a ‘Space’ machine) is ‘not quite there’ whilst it l supposedly lays shimmering in and out of material existence whilst inhabiting a study in Richmond! Those motoring goggles may well come in handy yet – and not necessarily for motor driving! As Priest penned this tome in 1976 – he was probably influenced by the highly successful British science fiction series of ‘Dr Who’ (that also possessed an advanced machine – the ‘TARDIS’ – which funnily enough could also travel in both ‘time’ and ‘space’) and was reaching its creative peak with the actor – Tom Baker – at the helm! More to the point, the ‘love’ scenes, if we can call them that, seem as if the author quickly threw the two Wells novels together, and then realised his caper was up if he did not attempt to go back and at certain random points in the story literally ‘insert’ obviously ‘out of place’ amorous interactions to act as a type Pythonesque ‘camouflage’ – in the hope that the distraction will draw the attention of the audience away from the fact that the book contains ‘zero’ originality and no genuine labour on his part! If anyone does happen to invent a genuine time machine, perhaps the top of any list might be the necessity to go back to 1976 and hide all the pens in the Priest household – and thus save humanity from a genuine catastrophe!

Why ‘GPs’ Are Not ‘Doctors’ in the UK! (7.1.2023)

Of course, it gets a little complicated if a PhD (or similar) is held by a GP and/or a Surgeon – but this does not alter the fact that a ‘GP’ is technically not a ‘Doctor’. A ‘Doctor of Philosophy’ (PhD) is not a ‘Medical Doctor’ qualification but is rather an academic rank (of which there are many versions such as in ‘Law’, ‘Literature’ and ‘Music’, etc). In theory, a ‘PhD’ (or similar) could well involve advanced medical research, but even so, the holder of this distinction would still be an ‘Academic Doctor’ who has diversified and specialised in a medical subject – pushing the theoretical boundaries of knowledge further back – whilst adding new and original thinking to existing understanding!

CAHOKIA – One of the Non-European Cities to have Existed in North America! (7.1.2023) 

US academics who do dabble in this area often try to date its decline and disappearance to a convenient ‘1350 CE’ – or just prior to the arrival of Columbus in 1492 CE – whilst others state that it was probably contact with Europeans that put an end to it. The usual dualistic paradigm perpetuated is that these non-European architects who (were expert in engineering) – were also ‘savage’ in religion (a recurring theme in Protestant and Catholic-led European colonialism) – and destroyed themselves through their own inherent ‘evilness’ and ‘stupidity’! There is premised upon apparent archaeological evidence of what might be a small number of human ‘sacrifices’ dating to around 900 CE – but many old cultures practiced this including Celts, Vikings, the Chinese, Indians and many other ethnic and religious groups (including Christians) around the world. The Protestant and Catholic Christians, for instance, used to ritualistically ‘burn’ one another throughout Europe as an ‘offering’ to their respective interpretation of the same Abrahamic god! Of course, this was when these two ‘Unorthodox’ Churches were not busy torturing or burning the Pagan populations of the countries they had occupied!

UK: Strange Weather for December! (16.12.2022)

The Russian Academy of Sciences – one of the few institutions to survive intact from the USSR to a ‘capitalist’ Russia at the end of 1991 – stated matter of factly, that there is NO reliable, objective scientific evidence that ‘Global Warming’ is a ‘real’ phenomenon generated by the last 200 years of human Industrialised endeavour! On the contrary, the RAS clearly recognised that the Bourgeois West uses fearmongering associated with the ‘belief system’ surrounding ‘Global Warming’ as an excuse to bring-in political and economic sanctions which prevent Socialist and Developing countries from undergoing their own respective ‘Industrial Revolutions’ – and in so doing developing their own socio-economic structures, strengthen their individual countries and forge a better life for themselves! Such a ‘Luddite’ attitude maintains the status quo with ‘White’, Western European countries ‘dominating’ the world and ‘limiting’ the rest of the (non-White) countries from developing (by experiencing the same modernising processes) and becoming a threat to US hegemonic forces! 

HG WELLS (1897): THE CRYSTAL EGG (21.11.2022)

There was, until a year ago, a little and very grimy-looking shop near Seven Dials, over which, in weather-worn yellow lettering, the name of “C. Cave, Naturalist and Dealer in Antiquities,” was inscribed. The contents of its window were curiously variegated. They comprised some elephant tusks and an imperfect set of chessmen, beads and weapons, a box of eyes, two skulls of tigers and one human, several moth-eaten stuffed monkeys (one holding a lamp), an old-fashioned cabinet, a flyblown ostrich egg or so, some fishing-tackle, and an extraordinarily dirty, empty glass fish-tank. There was also, at the moment the story begins, a mass of crystal, worked into the shape of an egg and brilliantly polished. And at that two people, who stood outside the window, were looking, one of them a tall, thin clergyman, the other a black-bearded young man of dusky complexion and unobtrusive costume. The dusky young man spoke with eager gesticulation, and seemed anxious for his companion to purchase the article.

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