Deconstructing Anatole A. Klyosov – A Good Soviet Mind Regressed by Predatory Capitalism! (10.6.2023) 

Anatole A. Klyosov (Анато́лий Алексе́евич Клёсов) was born on November 20th, 1946 – just over a year after the mighty Soviet victory over Adolf Hitler in the war mentioned above! He would have been 7-years old when Joseph Stalin died (in 1953) – and 10-years old When Khrushchev manoeuvred his way into power in 1956. Anatole A. Klyosov, however, would grow-up in the Socialist (Soviet) System and become a renowned biochemist. All his work up to 1991 was outstanding, remarkable and praiseworthy. Following the collapse of the USSR in 1991, the US flooded the post-Soviet space with far-right ideology and the most intense (and stupid) religiosity. This was designed to break up the Soviet notions of class unity, solidarity and internationalism! These attributes had to be replaced with individualism, selfishness, racism and nationalism! After 1991, Anatole A. Klyosov travelled to the US and was acquainted with ‘White’ racist notions that privilege the European ethnicity. His ‘White’ American friends introduced him to the chaos and injustice of US society and explained to him that the reason non-White people behave the way they do is NOT because of the historical, cultural or political injustices they have been subjected to over centuries – but rather because of their deficient genetic heritage (pseudo-science)! This observation is important for what is to come next.  

R.A.M – The “PINK” White Nationalist Alternative! (9.6.2023)

The only thing he is training to fight against is premature ejaculation! As anyone with military experience in the world will confirm – you do NOT ‘pad-up’, stand with your legs wide apart (exposing the groin area) or fight on a ‘padded’ surface when training for unarmed combat! Looking and acting as a male-dominate ‘gay’ is NOT a preparation for any type of conflict – let alone a ‘race-war’! Believe me, the average Black, Hispanic, Asian or Chinese person (who is switched on and alert to the risk and situation) will be able to take-out these limp-wrist Hitlerite wannabes! For over 20-years I ran a public martial arts class in South London and whenever these ‘far-right’ types walked in to our Training Hall to ‘sort out all the ethnics’ – either my students (or myself) soon sent these deluded individuals to the floor – and on their way back to the ‘Active Clubs’ from which they came!

False Flag: Exposing the Fake ‘Iran’ and ‘Palestine’ Support for Hitler! (9.8.2023) 

What I have noticed whilst researching (and exposing) the far-right – is that for every one-hundred sites representing Hitler (written in English) – there is one written in ‘Persian’. It is a regular occurrence not necessarily associated directly with Iran or Palestine – but which often involves derogatory posts against both (left-wing) regimes. These Persian language sites eulogise Hitler, oppose Jews (but not Israel) and often post their content in multiple languages (including ‘English’). I find these sites suspicious due to the ‘convenience of access’ built-in to these systems designed to facilitate the entry of non-Persian speaking people into the anti-Socialist and anti-contemporary content designed to denigrate modern Iran and Palestine. As this policy attacks the anti-Israeli orientation of modern Iran and Israel – it logically follows that these so-called Persian Hitlerite sites are designed to be ‘pro-Israel’ by default! 

Berlin (1945): Soviet Red Army Soldiers on the Steps of the Reichstag! (7.6.2023)

The Young Communist League allowed for male and female members aged between 14-28 years old. Those deemed psychologically and physically able (and ready to fight) were allowed into the Soviet Red Army. Most were ‘adults’ – but on occasion (and only in specific circumstances) – a very ‘young’ individual was allowed to be recruited! Such individuals usually inhabited ‘behind the lines’ activities involving keeping-up morale in hard times! In the foreground is an example of this process in the form of the 14-year-old son of the Regiment – Zhora Artemenkov (Жора Артеменков)!

Spain (1936) – Historical Origins of the Term ‘Fifth Column’! (6.6.2023)

Contrary to the dreams of the far-right – it would appear that the term “Fifth Column” first appeared in a “Communist” (Spanish) newspaper during late 1936. The implication seems to evolve around Catholic duplicity and the Vatican’s open support for the fascist movement! As Catholics were everywhere – and were guided by their Catholic Priests – there was a perpetual threat to the democratically elected “Socialist” government “from within” or from “behind”! Just as the Catholic Church is guiding (and encouraging) far-right activists (Neo-Nazis) to travel from around the world to join the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) today – it also carried out exactly the same “recruiting” roll during the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939)! Anyone interested in this duplicitous history can access the work of Joseph McCabe. I have relied entirely upon Russian language sources for the following article as they are far more objective.

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