Poland: Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Axe-Man Takes to the Streets! (5.4.2023)

Indeed, a fine example of Hitlerite manhood stripped down to his underwear (in true US superhero style) and began to swing an axe around whilst threatening to decapitate attending Police Officers! Once a sizable crowd had gathered (involving members of the Press) – he took the opportunity to forcibly complain about the free house and car he had been given on arrival – as it is nowhere near ‘big enough’ to meet his future needs! Why is this – you might ask yourself? Well, you see he intends to bring ten of his relatives to join him in Poland in the near future – and he does not want to work for a living!

Panama (2014) – Why Do White People Possess a Terrible Sense of Direction (Spanish Sources)? (4.5.2023)

Overtime, however, the emphasis was usually toward voluntary mixing – although large (and remote) areas of Panama still retain tribes of indigenous people who avoid any prolonged contact with outsiders. Today, White Europeans (and their American counterparts) tend to possess a demeaning attitude toward what they perceive to be the ‘inferior’ non-White Panamanian population. This attitude of utter disrespect was compounded by the 1989 US invasion of Panama and the overthrow of its Cuba-friendly government (the local people have been forced by the US to abandon their pro-Cuba and pro-Socialist attitudes). As a consequence, many indigenous people talk of the US soldiers raping, torturing and killing the local population. This is why many Panamanian people recent all White Americans – particularly as such individuals treat Panama in much the same way that they treat Costa Rica – as a place for cheap sex tourism and the filming of pornographic movies. As usual, women and girls are the victims.

Palestine: Martyrdom of Commander Khader Adnan [خضر عدنان] Celebrated! (4.5.2023)

The Zionist Aggressors only took him hospital when they were reassured by their doctors that his death was guaranteed! As a result, he passed away as a Martyr, a Resistance Fighter and a symbol of the Captive Palestinian Movement! The Zionist Occupation is responsible for his killing! The PFLP called upon all Palestinian factions and military arms to exert more effort with the aim of capturing Zionist soldiers and exchanging them for Palestinian prisoners – because it is the only language that the Zionist enemy understands!

Laos Buddhist-Socialist Republic: Celebrating the 58th Anniversary of the Founding of the People’s Political Bureau! (4.5.2023)

The role, duties and performance of the Peacekeeping Political Forces are always linked to the direct, resolute, and comprehensive leadership of the Laos People’s Revolutionary Party, as well as the Party’s Ministries during each phase of the Revolutionary struggle for National Liberation.

Throughout the past 58 years – by following the guidance provided by the Communist Party – a Peace Defense Force has been constructed that has devised a plan to modify the country step by step. This careful process has required the coordinated compliance of the higher political organizations as well as the correct implementation of all political duties assigned by the Party-State and the people, especially the Party-Staff work and the political work carried-out by the Peacekeeping Force. Throughout the past period, the leadership of the General Political Department for Peace Protection during each generation, as well as the entire force of the General Political Department, have raised their respective burdens of responsibilities and stood shoulder to shoulder with other Specialized Military Departments!