History Dictates That Russia Must Not Allow US-Backed Neo-Nazism to Prevail in West Ukraine! 

This thoroughly perverse US policy of supporting the very fascist ideology that has seen African-American people routinely lynched within America – outside of its own borders with a Blackman at the helm of the US government is so anti-intellectual that it defies belief! Furthermore, to add salt to the wound of this injustice, the US has been attempting to coerce the Ukraine and Georgia (the latter being the birth-place of Joseph Stalin – who is still popular amongst the local people) into joining NATO – the military arm of US aggression around the globe!

Maintaining a United Front Against Fascism – Why Communists Must NOT Allow the ‘JK Rowling’ and ‘George Galloway’ Factor to Succeed in the Political Space! (21.1.2022)

Fascism is the eternal enemy of humanity that must be checked and prevented from prevailing at every turn! We must maintain a ‘United Front’ against fascism and never take a single step backwards in the fight against the far-right and the scum that are drawn to it!

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