Neo-Nazi Ukraine: How I Discovered the “Russian Volunteer Force”! (27.5.2023)

Whilst researching the far-right political presence on the Telegram App – I was directed to the above Channel entitled ‘卐Ku Klux Klan NS卐’ (‘卐Ku Klux Klan Neo-Nazi卐’) – but creatively written (including the Neo-Nazi Ukrainian Swastika) as can be seen from the photograph at the very top of this page! As can be further understood – this fascist Channel is written primarily in the ‘Persian’ language. Supporters of Zionist Israel often perpetuate this ‘trick’ to give the false impression that the beleaguered Palestinians (and perhaps the ‘Iranians’) – whilst courting the political ‘left’ against the Zionist Occupation – in fact supposedly ‘support’ the political far-right! It is also an important point to recognise that not all Zionists are Israeli and that the political far-right in the West (comprised of ‘Catholics’ and ‘Protestants’) also routinely supports the Zionist Cause!

Neo-Nazi Ukraine: Alexander Doniy (Александр Доний) – Right-Wing Radical! (23.5.2023)

These walls of Neo-Nazi “Self-Defence” were actually referred to (behind the scenes) as ‘Porno Barricades”! This involved naked young ladies with their bare bodies covered in Neo-Nazi emblems and phrases such as “Will – or Death!” – stringent concepts to be “projected” onto Ukrainian society without mercy! Whilst all this was going on – Alexander Doniy – would stand on the side-lines (picking his nose) and “pretending” that the world he had constructed and brutally controlled – was unfolding around him almost by accident! All “Classic” components of the Neo-Nazi Ukrainian Independence Movement:

1) Spectacle

2) Debauchery

3) Lawlessness

4) Murder

Neo-Nazi Ukraine: Recruitment for the Armed Forces is Going Well! (24.5.2023)

Having suffered between 39,000-55,000 casualties (killed and wounded) fighting for a small town called ‘Bakhmut’ – many level-headed Ukrainians aged between 18-65 years old are trying to find ways of accessing the Streams of Refugees that are currently heading for lives of luxury in the UK and Western Europe (paid for entirely by the ‘host’ countries) – whilst the EU initiates ruthless ‘anti-Socialist’ cuts throughout these areas – depriving the indigenous populations of ALL welfare, social housing, healthcare, schooling and elderly care! Even though the UK has withdrawn from the EU – the current Tory Administration has continued to close-down the NHS and reduce Benefit Payments to the British population that has paid for these services through their general burden of taxation! The incoming Ukrainians, despite being from an openly ‘Neo-Nazi’ country – have not contributed one single penny for the ‘FREE’ houses, cars and money the US government has decreed they should receive! We need a new Joseph Stalin – perhaps we already have one in the Kremlin!

Russia: Shocking Qur’an Burning Incident in Volgograd! (21.5.2023)

A criminal case has been initiated against this young man. Earlier, he admitted that he burned the Qur’an for 10 thousand rubles at the direction of the Ukrainian Special Services and handed over the video to an SBU Officer. A RIA Novosti source in the Law Enforcement Department indicated that the provocation was organized with the participation of the US Intelligence Services. The management of this criminal case against a young Russian man born in 2004 – has been transferred to the appropriate Courts in the Chechen Republic.

Neo-Nazi Ukraine: President Biden Reacts to “Humiliating” Bakhmut Defeat! (21.5.2023)

When asked about the thousands of Gay men who died in the ‘Holocaust’ – the Editor of Gay Times replied “Most of those deaths were from illness, injury and lack of food when the Soviet Red Army encircled these Camps and cut-off the supply of Nazi German food!” He continued “The Jewish history writers should alter (or change) the books regarding the Holocaust to reflect this new research!” When asked whether there was any contradiction between ‘Gay’ people supporting Neo-Nazi Ukraine and the homophobia the Nazi Germans were known to express, he stated “Most Nazi Germans were Gay!” The Gay Times, in the light of the Neo-Nazi Ukrainian defeat at Artyomovsk will write a front page eulogise the Azov and Aidar Nationalist Battalions – two known Units full of closet homosexuals!

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