Patrol! Patrol! Patrol! – is the ‘new’ mantra of the fascist (Indian) BJP! (26.6.2020)

The (fascist) BJP government has been highly embarrassed by this episode which seems to have been designed as a precursor to invading and annexing the Chinese area of Tibet. Once under Indian control, the 14th Dalai Lama would have been invited back to oversee the transition from Socialism to predatory capitalism – and India’s assistance to the CIA would have been complete!  Where Trump has failed in Hong Kong, he would have taken this Indian victory as the start of the collapse of Communist China, but alas for fascist Trump it was not to be! The PLA Border Guards carried-out their function expertly and defended China and the Socialist Revolution against Indian fascism. The only response the (fascist) BJP is able to enact is an increase in its anti-China racism and rhetoric, which sees young Indian schoolchildren shouting ‘Patrol!’, ‘Patrol!’, ‘Patrol!’ every day before lessons, whilst being encouraged to view the Chinese people through the eyes of Western racism. The fictional story the (fascist) BJP has concocted in the media (in an attempt to save face), is that the Chinese PLA crossed over into Indian territory, and that the brave Indian Army fought them off! Nothing could be further from the truth! Those Indian soldiers that survived the initial encounter literally ‘begged’ on their knees for their lives – and this is the only reason they are alive today! The widespread illiteracy within India allows its government to perpetuate outrageous lies and get away with it and this is exactly what is happening in India today! Yet again, the shadow of the 14th Dalai Lama lurks behind this unprovoked Indian attack upon China… 

Email: The ‘No’ Hypothesis (20.6.2020)

A genuine scientist is indifferent to religious belief. This probably explains why the Vatican keeps a fully funded scientific department in operation – staffed by suitably qualified priests. An objective fact is the only fact and I will explain why. I remember a group of devout Catholics claiming they saw the face of the Virgin Mary in a stain on a wall. This was a dark oblong stain made by water and mildew, etc, formed in the centre of a otherwise clean, whitewashed wall. So far so good. However, this group went further when challenged and provided photographic and video proof of their experience (which had the potential to change the world as we know it)! Could you imagine an image of the Virgin Mary appearing and talking to the faithful? When the evidence was tested, it revealed 15 minutes of a damp stain on a wall – and nothing else – and yet all the Catholics in attendance had convinced themselves that they were witnessing a miraculous event!

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