Sir Goldsworthy Gurney & Bude Castle 30.7.15




Bude Castle is not a ‘castle’ as such, but a modest stately home situated in Bude – north Cornwall – that was once the home of Goldsworthy Gurney (1793-1875).  Goldsworthy Gurney was born in Padstow (Cornwall) and was something of a genius.  He was educated at Truro Grammar School, and despite not going to university, he apprenticed with a local medical doctor, learning how to be a general practitioner, and eventually inheriting the practice as a surgeon before he was 20 years old.  However, he longed to experience life in London – one of the most progressive cities in the world – and in 1820 he and his family relocated to the city.  He began to meet with, socialise with, and debate with the leading scholars of his day, where he had a chance to explain many of his scientific ideas.  His obvious genius led to him being elected a member of the Surrey Institute, and in 1822, he became a lecturer in chemistry and natural philosophy – subjects he must have thoroughly learned at school to a high degree.  This triggered his scientific insight and he is known for the following inventions; a) (1823) High Pressure Steam Jet – used to improve the functioning of steam engines, as well as ventilate mines sewers.  b) (1824) The Oxy-hydrogen Blow Pipe – which safely burnt explosive gases, and assisted the application of chemically produced heat during the manufacturing process.  c) (c. 1830’s) The Bude Light was a replacement for candles which produced light through the fusion of magnesia and lime.  The lit Bude Castle, and was later commissioned in London to light the Houses of Parliament, Trafalgar Square (where an example can still be seen), and Pall Mall leading to Buckingham Palace.  This lighting system was also used in light-houses.  d)  (1863) the Gurney Stove was designed to warm and moisten the air.  It was used in Bude Castle, and later churches and public beings.  He was not only a pioneer of steam trains that ran on rails, but also of steam powered automobiles (in effect the first ‘cars’ in the world) that could run on public roads instead of rails  In 1863 Goldsworthy Gurney was knighted by Queen Victoria.

 Sir Goldsworthy Gurney (1793-1875) – the Magic of Cornwall








The Ruins of Penhallam Manor – Northeast Cornwall – 30.7.15


Penhallam Manor is a building complex surrounded by a defensive moat, the original foundations of which date back to just after the successful Norman Conquest of Britain (in 1066 CE).  The Normans were in fact Francocised Danish Vikings (or ‘men from the North, i.e. ‘Norsemen’, etc) that had invaded France during the 9th century settled in the north-western area.  This area was formerly acknowledged as being the fiefdom (or ‘county’) of Normandy’ in 911 CE, through an agreement between the French King Charles III and the Norman King Rollo.  In 1066 CE, the then Pope declared Britain to be a pagan country (despite the well established presence of Celtic Christianity) and authorised William the Conqueror’s invasion of the country and the usurpation of the British crown.  The English King Herald was defeated (and killed) during the Battle of Hastings in 1066 CE.  However, indigenous Britons continued to resist the Norman invasion of their country for decades to come.  The Normans consolidated both their political and physical presence throughout England with the building of impressive stone castles surrounded by moats, and built on small hills or steep areas.  The indigenous Britons and Celts often fought on foot, and these Norman castles were virtually impossible to penetrate by massed infantry.  The Normans moved between their fortifications under armed guard and continued to dominate the country through oppressive laws and military pressure.  All the noble families that had supported William the Conqueror, and who had fought in the Battle of Hastings, were granted noble titles and large swathes of British land.  The stone mansion built at Penhallam was an impressive stately home for the time, built around an inner courtyard with many surrounding buildings (such as a kitchen and a granary, etc), all surrounded by a moat accessible over a bridge.  Although only the foundations exist dating to 13th century renovations, (the home was eventually abandoned in the early 15th century), they reveal expert stone-masonry, architectural design, and building craftsmanship, as well as over-all expertise in positioning of the stricture and the good use of natural terrain, (the local river, for instance, was diverted to form the water in the encircling moat).  The area of Penhallam was awarded to the de Cardinham family from France, and Penhallam Manor apparently served as one of their stately homes – such was the family’s importance in the new Norman social order in Britain.  English Heritage maintain the site – which is free to enter for the general public.  The ruins lie in a forest clearing that is about a 15 minute walk from the small car park (which is designed for 5 cars).  It is a beautiful place to visit.

Penhallam Manor (English Heritage)























Arthurian Centre – Camelford – Cornwall: 28.7.15


The Arthurian Centre is located in Camelford, Cornwall. It is an educational centre specialising in all details surrounding the history, myths and legends surrounding the story of King Arthur. The centre is situated on a large country estate that has the river Camel running through it. The area is partly fields and partly forests, and as visitors exist the Arthurian Centre, they are led on a 500m trail through the countryside to find the ancient Arthur Stone which has been dated to around 540CE by the Irish Ogham script found engraved upon it. Academics and researchers argue over what the inscription actually says – with some claiming it mentions the name of King Arthur being buried probably under the original placement of the stone. The general area itself is also thought to be where Arthur had his last battle (against his nephew Mordred) – a battle he won. However, although victorious, Arthur suffered a mortal injury and later died of his wounds. Arthur’s royal court of Camelot is believed to have been named after the River Camelot.  The Arthurian Centre is a truly wonderful place to visit:

Arthurian Centre – Cornwall


































The Great Halls of King Arthur’s Court – Tintagel – Cornwall 26.7.15


The Great Halls of King Arthur

In the earliest layers of legend – King Arthur is a pre-Christian British leader – who unites the land and brings peace and prosperity to the land of Britain.  He is assisted in this task by the magic Celtic wizard named Merlin.  After Christianity arrived in Britain, the early Christian missionaries were surprised by the fact that the local Britons believed in the story of Arthur to a greater extent than they turned to the foreign and unfamiliar religion of Christianity.  To combat this indigenous threat to the spread of Christianity, the missionaries pursued a policy of harnessing local ‘pagan’ beliefs and superimposing upon them a Christian interpretation.  This policy was a deliberate and more or less successful attempt at religious colonisation of the British Isles by those Christians who could read and write, over the generally poorly educated masses of British people, who were misled away from the belief systems of their Celtic fore-fathers.  The Celtic King Arthur was not a Christian – and neither was his wizard Merlin, but overtime, a Christian layer was added to the story.  This place in Cornwall is an imagined recreation of what King Arthur’s royal halls might have been like – as many people believe that Arthur was linked to the nearby Tintagel Castle, although other areas in the UK are also associated – such as North Wales and Glastonbury.  In Winchester – there is yet another Great Hall – with an ancient round table also associated by many with the Arthurian legend.  There is something truly magnificent about Arthur’s Great Halls in Tintagel.  King Arthur’s Great Halls was the brainchild of the eccentric philanthropist and millionaire – Frederick Thomas Glasscock (d. 1934).






















Launceston Castle – Cornwall – 25/26.7.15


Launceston Castle – Cornwall

Launceston Castle was built in 1067 CE – just a year after the successful Norman-French invasion of Britain. Castles like this were built throughout the land so that the foreign invaders could project a sense of power – whilst living in safety behind the very large, and well-built stone strictures, that were usually positioned in high mounds or small hills. The point of these fortifications was to prevent the effectiveness of British warrior attacks – either from the Celts, or from the Angles or Saxons (Germanic settlers who come to Britain hundreds of years earlier). These British warriors usually attacked the enemy using massed infantry assaults, and literally attempted to smash the enemy defences apart and drive the survivors out of the country. In 1066 at the Battle of Hastings, King Harold of England and his forces, nearly defeated William the Conqueror – but failed after a ferocious conflict that left thousands dead on each side. The then Pope had backed William the Conqueror’s grab for power in Britain because he deemed the British to be pagans. Nevertheless, even though William acquired the throne – native Britons continued to militarily resist the Norman occupation for decades after. Castles such as that at Launceston were very difficult to penetrate on foot, as the warriors had to charge up steep hills whilst being fired upon by arrows and catapults, and if they got to the foot of the very high castle walls – they were then subject to attack from large rocks and boiling oil dropped from the battlements. Castles of this type (motte and baily) were effective because they symbolised an evolutionary development in human military planning. Lightly armed warriors from agricultural societies could penetrate these structures on foot, and often suffered very high casualties attempting to do so. Furthermore, tribal groupings living on farm lands, had no equivalent fortified structures to hide behind.







IMG_20150725_190159 IMG_20150726_110107










Racist Torbay Herald Express and the Anti-Austerity March 18.7.15

Red Flag in Brixham

Red Flag in Brixham



The Torbay Herald Express used to be a local daily newspaper covering the Brixham, Paignton and Torquay area, but due to falling circulation, it recently shrank its printed publications to just one edition a week. Like many supposedly ‘local’ papers, the Herald Express is in fact owned by the very same notorious far-rightwing national news corporation that owns the Daily Telegraph. As a consequence, even a cursory glance through the pages of the Torbay Herald Express reveals that its ‘news’ content is far from being ‘local’, impartial or even factually correct. This should not be surprising, as like its Daily Telegraph over-lord, the Herald Express ardently pursues a thoroughly conservative and far-right political agenda hidden behind the pretentious platitudes of ‘freedom of speech’, (a legal right that British citizens – unlike their US cousins – do not actually possess in UK law), and ‘democracy’ (when its anti-intellectual agenda limits the scope of thinking within the minds of its regular readers). Make no mistake, like any fascist organisation supporting the far-rightwing of British politics, there is nothing ‘free’ or ‘democratic’ about what the Herald Express does. Its primary aim is to keep the majority working class in Torbay disempowered politically and intellectually, whilst ensuring that at the very least, a rightwing conservative or liberal democrat MP is returned to parliament, by the minority of middle class voters in the borough who bother to exercise their right to vote. Adrian Sanders, for instance, the previous libdem MP for the area, refused to help a disabled couple who had been thrown-out of the now closed Picasso’s Café in Union Square (because one was in a wheelchair), despite the fact that they had written to him and asked for help on the telephone. Sanders did nothing in this case, which is not surprising as his voting record reveals that he supported every single welfare and social services cut, and every privatisation drive to abolish the NHS. The Herald Express fully supported this rightwing abhorration with ample interviews and photo sessions. The now unemployed Sanders is going about the borough bemoaning his plight, as now he is truly experiencing the austerity Britain that he directly helped to create. But I digress. The new Tory incumbent (undoubtedly a free mason), currently holds the reins of power in the area. This has put the final stamp on the Torbay Council’s ongoing war on the disabled, the young, the elderly, ethnic minorities, the low paid, the vulnerable and the poor – discriminative actions all questionably backed by the Herald Express, a paper that until a few years ago, had an editor who was from Northern Ireland and an avid supporter of the now more or less now defunked racist British National Party (BNP). The so-called ‘Loyalists’ of Northern Ireland have long been bed-fellows of the UK far-right, and exudes just as much race-hate and aggression. This editor was quietly ‘retired’ when the Herald Express came under national scrutiny for its biased reporting and far-right political support.

Within its printed pages, the Herald Express as to be seen to toe the legal line, but it saves its far-right vitriol for its so-called ‘Comments’ section of its online editions. These ‘comments’ are obviously anti-intellectual and are designed to induce ‘fear’ and ‘terror’ in the minds of the average reader. Anyone with any sense would avoid this cess-pit of backwardness, but many in the Torbay area are unwittingly drawn to these pages under the mistaken notion that the comments contained therein, are somehow representative of a) local opinion, and b) rationality and reason. The truth is that like many other supporters of the far-right in the UK press, the Torbay Herald Express hires one or two people who ‘comment’ under various (and bogus) logins, to write the must vile, hate-filled, and generally despicable comments that are designed to support Toryism and the far-right political movement that emanates from it. However, the local police – who usually would support this rightwing bias in the area – gave permission for the march to go ahead on the 18th of July, not because they have any leftwing leanings (far from it), but because this Tory administration (and its previous libdem lapdogs), have inflicted such vicious cuts on the police service (and individual police officers), that the powers that be in the police gave the ‘green light’ for the march. This maybe viewed as slightly ironic, as the local Green Party took a major had in organising the march. The irony, of course, is that this march came only months after the Greens were more or less wiped-out at the polls, prompting the Green Leader – Natalie Bennett – to announce in the national press that the Greens were now reading to work with UKIP. The Green Party, wherever they have had elected local councillors, have always voted in favour of austerity and welfare cuts. Although the Torbay march was ostensibly about ‘anti-austerity’ (which contradicts manifest Green Party policy to date), the real reason may well have been to demonstrate the Green Party’s new political alliance with the racist UKIP. This can be easily confirmed by the fact that the Torbay anti-austerity march has gone down in history as the ONLY anti-austerity protest ever to have occurred in the UK, which included a deliberately ‘invited’ member of the far-right (in the form of a local UKIP representative from nearby Newton Abbot). This illogicality, of course, borders on insanity, as their fascist economic plans involve the disempowerment of the ordinary mass of citizens, and the further enrichment of a small social elite – presumably in the case of UKIP – Nigel Farage and his ragtag band of social outcasts, sex offenders, ex-convicts, fraudsters, kidnappers and murderers. The insanity of both the National and local Green Party has a lot to answer for.

However, the racism of UKIP and the Green Party aside, (I have written elsewhere about this), we were able to short-circuit the far-right love-in that the Herald Express has in the area, by turning-up with our Red Flag and representing the truly leftwing politics that has given rise to, and sustained the anti-austerity movement across the length and breadth of the UK. It is the far-right supporting people of Torbay that are out of step with the rest of the country (and with history). The insularity of the place has produced centuries of apathy in the minds of the majority of primarily good local people, as they are continuously abused and oppressed by the local government and its media. The Red Flag of Socialism was flown proudly throughout the 8.29 miles of the march from Brixham to Torquay. We travelled from London to be on this march and were proud to walk with the brave 300 – but we were not proud of the UKIP presence, or the fact that no one supported our call to have him expelled. I personally regret the fact this UKIP individual was photographing and filming my three year old daughter and uploading the images onto the net – and despite telling one of the March organisers – Mr Nick Slater – about what was happening, he did nothing. Indeed, after he March, Mr Nick Slater and his Green Party friends unleashed a vicious racially motivated attack on my British born Chinese partner, and my three year old daughter. They also viciously attacked by ailing father – Moses Waveman – because he dared to confront their racism and discrimination. Of course, the far-right Herald Express has ignored this in their printed pages – but have carried on, and encouraged the racist attacks on my family through their online editions and the ‘Comments’ sections of their website. However, one thing that can be eternally relied upon is the fact that the far-right is terminally stupid. Whilst racially attacking my family – for some strange and bizarre reason – the far-right Torbay Herald Express published photographs of the March and in virtually everyone are images of us – and of myself proudly holding up the Red Flag in Brixham!

Racist UKIP Invited to Torbay Anti-Austerity March 18.7.15

Mr Nick Slater Thanking Me for Travelling from London to Join the March

Mr Nick Slater Thanking Me for Travelling from London to Join the March

It is common knowledge from newspaper reports that the Green Party has what can only be described as somekind of mistaken ‘ideological’ truce with the well-known and racist United Kingdom Independent Party (UKIP). I have been informed by a local former Green Party member that a UKIP represented was invited (obviously without my knowledge) to participate in the recent anti-austerity ‘walk’ (the description ‘march’ was apparently dropped early on in the planning as the Green Party considered its use too leftwing). The organiser of the ‘walk’ –Mr Nick Slater – was a Liberal Democrat who then joined the Torbay Green Party – before then joining the Socialist Party and the Trade Union Socialist Coalition (TUSC), following his apparent attendance at the London demo on the 20.6.15. I have contacted the Socialist Party and TUSC to gain their positon on the fact that a protest they officially backed – had a policy of courting the Torbay far-right – early indications suggest that both vehemently deny any connection with UKIP and are astonished that such a policy could be pursued by any members of their organisations. As I write, I am told that an investigation of the protest, its organisation, and its organisers is currently underway, and that I will be informed of the results. In the meantime, I have been informed that resignations are being discussed.

Just prior to the 2015 General Election in Torbay, the Livermead Cliff Hotel and Stagecoach buses in the area actively carried advertisement for UKIP. The Livermead Cliff even hosted a conference for these racists, whilst Stagecoach drivers were forced to drive buses eulogising UKIP’s racist EU policies. This was as well as Torbay Council sponsoring UKIP billboards around the town and along the main roads. My family started two petitions – one against the Livermead Cliff – and the other against the Stagecoach management – both calling for boycotts of businesses that routinely take money from a multicultural clientele, whilst simultaneous using that money to fund a racist political organisation. Nick Slater did not acknowledge our anti-UKIP campaign, and did not sign either of the two petitions. In June of this year, my father (Moses Waveman) was taken for a Father’s Day meal in the Babbacombe area of Torquay and was refused entry by two cafes because he was in a wheelchair. We launched an awareness campaign about disability discrimination in the area, and yet again Mr Nick Slater refused to acknowledge what had happened to my father, or support the disability awareness campaign. These important social issues were ignored by Mr Nick Slater – at exactly the sametime as he was trying to illicit my father’s support for the Anti-Austerity march.

During the march, the 200 to 300 hundred people who participated were excellent! After the initial shock of having to march with a UKIP fascist (who was continuously photographing and filming my partner and three old daughter and uploading the images to the Net) we marched with vigour and determination – putting the plight of those suffering under austerity before our own temporary inconvenience. At the beginning of the protest I asked Nick Slater if UKIP had been invited and his answer was ‘It would have been unfair and intolerant not to have invited him.” This is straight out of the book of the distorted logic of the Green Party. This inverted (and unSocialist) mind-set states that it is the victims of racism, fascism and intolerance that are the problem, because they keep complaining about the racists and the fascists that are doing them harm. This complaining is deemed ‘intolerant’ and is in fact the far-right tactic of blaming the victim for the discrimination they suffer. This is a point of ideology that the Green Party and UKIP currently share, as this newspaper article clearly highlights:

Greens ‘Could Work with UKIP’

Nick Slater and his Green Party friends are of the opinion that UKIP is not a racist and fascist political organisation. Their perspective is that UKIP is a misunderstood nationalist movement that is trying to do good by its country – and that ‘foreigners’ and British born Chinese people (such as my family) are the ‘enemy within’. It is ironic to consider that ‘we’ marched as a family for the rights and freedoms of the very people who then unleashed a racist tirade against us. If anyone doubts the criminality of the UKIP movement, here is a brief list of key stories involving its illegality (bear in mind that Nick Slater, his family, his friends, his Green Party associates, and his colleagues are backing these people over my family):

Ukip condemned by cross-party group for running ‘racist’ campaign

Ex-Ukip MEP Ashley Mote sentenced to five years in jail for expenses fraud

Ex-UKIP man and marine Ian Couch spared jail after pig’s head insult to Cambridge mosque

UKIP councillor receives suspended prison sentence for arson offence

Former UKIP Chairman, Peter Entwistle, JailedFor Child Offences

Former Bury UKIP chairman jailed for child porn offences – Bury Times

Former UKIP parliamentary candidate jailed for animal cruelty offences

UKIP candidate Julian Penna sentenced for punching woman at Hull club

I informed Mr Slater that the UKIP participant was photographing and filming – but took no action. Given the circumstances, I did not want any violence on the protest and so I tried to get between my family and the UKIP participant to spoil his ability to get a clear shot. This person left us briefly alone only when the TV cameras showed-up. As we are obviously Socialists – the BBC kept well away from us – but they did approach Mr Slater – indeed there is a video on Youtube of Mr Slater being interviewed by the local BBC Spotlight programme and right next to him – clearly in-shot – is the UKIP participant. Below are a number of photographs I took of the UKIP participant harassing my partner and three year old daughter, and a brief selection of the racist comments that Nick Slater, his family, friends and Green Party colleagues uploaded onto his personal Facebook page attacking my family – whilst defending the presence of the UKIP participant. Mr Nick Slater has imitated this hate campaign merely because my father – Moses Waveman – withdrew his support for the march only when he discovered that a UKIP supporter was present, and that his daughter-in-law and three year old granddaughter was being photographed by him:

UKIP Member from Newton Abbot Officially Invited on the March – Uploading an Image of My Partner and Daughter to the Net

UKIP Member from Newton Abbot Officially Invited on the March – Uploading an Image of My Partner and Daughter to the Net

UKIP Member Photographing My Partner and Daughter - Uploading the Image on the Net

UKIP Member Photographing My Partner and Daughter – Uploading the Image on the Net

UKIP Member Photographing My Partner and Daughter - Uploading the Image on the Net

UKIP Member Photographing My Partner and Daughter – Uploading the Image on the Net

‘Are we able to track him down? the UKIP man Must say I feel a little uneasy he has had his photo used and been written about on a public forum without a chance to defend himself…’

Jem Dodd – Green Party Member – Torbay (Posted to Nick Slater’s Facebook Page)

The young chinese couple with baby, carrying the red flag, also caused some controversy…ridiculous…Their rightsThe young chinese couple with baby, carrying the red flag, also caused some controversy…ridiculous…Their rightsThe young chinese couple with baby, carrying the red flag, also caused some controversy…ridiculous…Their rights

‘The young chinese couple with baby, carrying the red flag, also caused some controversy…ridiculous…Their rights.The young Chinese couple with baby, carrying the red flag, also caused some controversy…ridiculous…Their rights.’ (Edited Version)

‘Why should we listen to that Chinese family? Their presence on the March was controversial to say the least. It’s like their rights are more important than our rights. This sort of thing should be kept out of Torbay!’ (Original Version)

Virginia Keyes – Green Party Member – Torquay (Posted to Nick Slater’s Facebook Page

‘Good point Jem.’

(Nick Slater – Organizer – Torbay Anti-Austerity Walk)

‘So the man who posts on a website called ‘An Exploration of Budhism, Philosophy & Leftwing Political Analysis’, believes the man who has worked tirelessly for months to organise a peaceful protest walk should’ve used whatever force necessary to remove the UKIP representative. But because he didn’t resort to such action, and remained calm (keeping within the tone of the day), he is therefore, “obviously pursuing a rightwing political narrative crudely disguised as “Socialist” .’ Congratulations Adrian, you’ve gained the attention you clearly crave and have forced people to discuss you.

While he means well, and has become a well known face in Torbay’s community, Moses Wave Man’s primary daily activity is sitting on a roadside and waving at cars. So given that the Dalai Lama’s job is safe, for now, Nick doesn’t need to take political, religious or social advice from him or his ignorant son.’

(Natalie Croxon – Green Party Member – Torquay (Posted to Nick Slater’s Facebook Page)

‘Thanks Nat! So well Said by my Sister! X’

(Nick Slater – Organizer – Torbay Anti-Austerity Walk)

‘Roaring over here! Glad the Dali Lama can sleep at night. To be honest Nathalie I was wondering what his credentials were and what it was that made him so wise & respected. That’s not to say I mean him any disrespect but just that if he wasn’t affiliated with the politics of his son he would more than likely be dismissed as a “crazy old man” As it is he’s like the Torbay mascot, which is great I just don’t know what it contributes to the community when I can tell you at least ten things that Nick has. (& others of course but since it was directly addressed to him..)  To surmise; amazing!’

Jem Dodd – Green Party Member – Torbay (Posted to Nick Slater’s Facebook Page)

I think that these comments are naïve, ignorant, immature, and typical of a group of insular people who are very much out of their depth both politically and morally, and definitely out of touch with a vibrant and tolerant UK that exists outside of Torbay.  Change will come to Torbay and we very much respect the majority of the 300 or so people who walked the 8.29 miles from Brixham to Torbay.  My disagreements with Mr Nick Slater and the small group around him are purely political and never personal.  I feel no need to verbally attack him or his family – the actions of whom very much speak for themselves.  In the meantime I will let the reader decide for his or her self.  In the meantime, as I write from London, many around me are bemused by the situation – as they are well aware that outlying places like Torquay are institutionally racist, conservative, and petty minded.  They do not know why I bother with this nonsense when there are more pressing things to worry about in the real world.  Be that as it may, I know from personal experience that many good people live there and I think the heart and soul of Torquay is worth fighting for!  Is it to be ‘racism’ or ‘tolerance’?

Red Flag over Torbay – When the Dust Settles


‘If we have chosen the position in life in which we can most of all work for mankind, no burdens can bow us down, because they are sacrifices for the benefit of all; then we shall experience no petty, limited, selfish joy, but our happiness will belong to millions, our deeds will live on quietly but perpetually at work, and over our ashes will be shed the hot tears of noble people.’

Karl Marx: Letter to His Father (1837)

This article is dedicated to the good people of Torbay who planned, organised, and made possible the Anti-Austerity March that happened on Saturday the 18th of July, 2015. It has been estimated that around 200 – 300 took part in the march, but at times the numbers seemed larger than this. The march began at 11am in Brixham harbour and when my family arrived at around 10:15am – there was only two other people. We waited unsure about what was going to happen, but slowly the numbers began to build. Around 95 set off on the 6 mile hike to Preston Green (in Paignton) along suburban and country roads shouting anti-austerity slogans, beating drums, blowing whistles and waving flags. Locals stood in quiet amazement wondering what was going on – as cars went by often tooting their horns in support. Considering the weight of rightwing oppression that hangs over the area, the abuse was minimal and usually limited to obscenities shouted through open car windows, and occasionally negative comments from pedestrians. It seemed odd that the local Devon and Cornwall police – although sanctioning the march – did not see fit to provide officers to escort the group, close roads, and direct traffic. The presence of police, if nothing else, generally deters hostile reactions from locals who might otherwise take exception to protests that question their cherished rightwing attitudes and opinions. A fellow marcher stated to me that this situation might have been due to the latest rounds of cut-backs applied to the police by the government. In other words, the local police simply lacked the resources.

The weather was hot and humid – around 25 degrees and hotter at times (although not long after the march had ended, Torquay experienced a down-pour) – but every man, woman, child and accompanying dog managed to traverse the long and winding roads, pathways, meadows and steep inclines, etc. It was amazing to see all these different and dedicated people carrying this feet of endurance, motivated as they were by the compassion they felt for the plight of their fellow human beings. One often chanted slogan was ‘Austerity Kills!’ and it certainly does. Since 2010 and the LibDem – Tory Coalition (and the subsequent re-election of the Tories this year), through the sudden and dramatic abolishing of benefits, social services, and the National Health Service (NHS), it is estimated that round 10,000 people with disabilities have died, and many, many more vulnerable people in other categories such as the elderly, the young, the ill, and the injured, etc. The final death-toll for this far-rightwing ideological insanity could be well in the 100,000’s! While hundreds of thousands have marched through the major city centres of the UK, in the notoriously conservative shire things are very different. In these rightwing enclaves, a minority of conservatives hold the majority of the wealth and local commercial and political power, whilst the majority of the people area (i.e. the workers), have to exist on meagre State benefits, remain in low-paid work, be subjected to undiagnosed or untreated illnesses, have their children taken into care by corrupt social workers, and have little or no formal education. All whilst being confronted by an aggressive and uncaring Department of Work and Pensions (DWP), which has a tried and tested policy of demeaning people to control them. Of course, this is nothing new and Torbay is not unique – but it is a far-cry from the more progressive centres of human interaction in the UK. The minority of middle and upper class in the UK controls the majority that comprise the working class. The working class make everything, develop everything, enable everything, and produce everything – and yet they own nothing but their labour which they must sell to the lowest bidder. Workers are nothing but paid slaves that produce the luxuries that the middle class (and their allies) demand for little or no reward.

The masses of people who live on housing estates of Torbay are hidden away from the view of the tourists on the seafront, and live in abject poverty. As they have no voice – they appear not to exist. This non-existence is designed to keep a stock of potential workers handy should the need arise – whilst simultaneously preventing them from gaining an education and accessing adequate employment and political power. Although there are obviously more workers in Torbay than the bourgeoisie (i.e. middle class), they appear not to exist because they lack any means to access the bourgeois system. Protests such as marches, are designed to make what was previously invisible and out of sight, become visible and in plain view. The dialectical forces of history create new opportunities for change – but generally speaking – change is prevented by an oppressive system which uses law and law enforcement to prevent any challenges to its hegemony. Historical materialism – as formulated Marx – states that everything that exists in the present is the product of causes and effects from the past, and that as such, existential events can be analysed and understood in their historical origin, and guided by current thoughts and trends of action. A revolution is the turning of oppressive conditions into mutually beneficial circumstances despite the oppressive presence of the State and all its apparent power. Political hegemony always projects absolute power even when a regime (or class) is morally bankrupt. Sometimes at the right point in history, entire monoliths of oppression can fall. What has fallen in Torbay (through the Anti-Austerity march) is the decades old assumption by the authorities, that the local people they think they control will remain ‘quiet’ whilst being systemically abused by an uncaring system.

After arriving in Preston Green, there were a number of speeches given by the various organisers and charities backing the protest, the piper that had accompanied the marchers into Paignton, led them back onto the road leading into Torquay proper (a route just over two miles). The piper turned-back at the Paignton-Torquay demarcation sign. When the marchers where tired as they entered Paignton – this lone piper lifted their spirits with ‘Scotland the Brave’, and when they left, he gave them strength to finish the 8.29 mile route! The march ended at Speakers’ Corner – where many people spoke about why they thought they were marching, explained the bad experiences they are experiencing under austerity, and to thank everyone involved in the planning and execution of the event. Torquay may be the only rightwing borough in the UK (that has a Tory MP), that has dared to stand-up to Tory austerity. However, the eventual end of austerity will not mark the end of capitalism, class oppression, racism, discrimination, injustice, or inequality. Austerity is merely a symptom of class oppression and sustained class privilege – it does not come out of thin air and has a definite and discernible root in traceable historical events. Simply fighting austerity because it is ‘nasty’ is not enough. Defeating austerity now – but not uprooting the capitalism that has created it – simply condemns future generations to suffer under its dubious auspices. It is a bourgeois-left error that turns austerity into a ‘single issue’ divorced from the capitalist system that creates it, and the injustices that sustain it As fascism is simply enhanced (and unbridled) capitalism – fascism has no answer to austerity. Indeed, fascists use the fact that there is little apparent resources to attack those competing to receive them. This is after the fascists have deliberately withheld money, food, work, and medical supplies from the masses – actions that create the artificial conditions for austerity in the first place. Capitalism is the real cause of austerity and the creator of all social injustice – and fascism is nothing but its lapdog. The Torbay March was only really about the bourgeois concern that perhaps ‘austerity’ has gone too far – and not about the working class concern that capitalism is fundamentally unjust. Of course, although this maybe the over-arching justification for the March by its middle class organisers – many of the ordinary individuals who marched, did so with their own agendas and political motives in mind. We carried the Red Flag of International Working Class (and Communist Movement), whilst the Green Party carried their banners, as did the Unions and numerous individuals – each making important statements about the sufferings of others. The local TV cut-out all images of our Red Flag – but ironically the BBC did focus on my partner (Gee) as she crossed the road pushing our daughter – there was an anti-cuts placard on the pushchair. The racist Herald Express (a local newspaper owned by the Daily Mail) did a ‘hate piece’ on the Red Flag and encouraged all the local racists and UKIP supporters to post obscene and generally unsavoury comments about our presence. This is to be expected as one way the bourgeois authorities control Torbay (and elsewhere), is through the encouragement of the principle of divide and conquer. If we are all busy fighting one another about the colour of the outer layer of our body, then they think we will never pause for thought and perceive that it is in fact the classes above us that are causing all our suffering and grief! This is all aided and abetted by the local church which, incidentally, did not support or take part in the protest. We flew the Red Flag over Torbay and gave the workers hope – this was our achievement as a family on the day.

The Disturbing Case of UKIP on the Torbay Anti-Austerity March

UKIP Infiltrator on Torbay March

UKIP Infiltrator on Torbay March

UKIP Member Photographing My 3 Year Old Daughter - and Uploading the Image on the Net

UKIP Member Photographing My 3 Year Old Daughter – and Uploading the Image on the Net

“You Left-wing scum are all the same, wanting to hand our birthright to Romanian gypsies who beat their wives and children into begging and stealing money they can gamble with, Muslim nutters who want to kill us and put us all under medieval Sharia law, the same Africans who sold their Afro-Caribbean brothers into a slavery that Britain was the first to abolish.”

Paul Wiffen (Former UKIP London Region Chairman)

My family travelled from London to be on the historical Torbay 3 Towns Anti-Austerity Walk. We are very active in Leftwing politics in the London area – and as part of our family lives in Torquay, we wanted to show solidarity in the opposition to the vicious cuts inflicted upon the UK populace, by the Liberal Democratic and Conservative Parties – the latter of which was re-elected in the 2015 General Election. This is despite the fact that at least 10,000 people with disabilities have died as a direct result of Benefits cuts – a shocking statistic that is only part of the social and cultural damage achieved by the far-right and its ruthless ‘austerity’ measures. The United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) is a fascist political entity that has its headquarters in Newton Abbot, Devon – exactly the same headquarters, by the way, as the now struggling British National Party (BNP). Both these far-right neo-Nazi movements are are staffed by members who multi-task at running the English Defence League (EDL), and the Christian based Britain First. Although these type of far-right fringe parties only have a membership in the low hundreds – their general fascist message is given a respectability it does not disserve, through the unquestioning media support it receives from the BBC, ITV, Channel Four, Channel Five and Sky, etc. This type of coverage legitimises attitudes such as racism, misogyny, homophobia, domestic violence, sexual abuse, animal abuse, anti-disability, and the anti-democratic viewpoints espoused by Adolf Hitler in his infamous book entitled ‘Mein Kampf’. Indeed, during the hustings for the 2015 General Election in the UK – many UKIP parliamentary candidates were seen openly quoting passages from this epicentre of Nazi ideology, with little critical comment from the news networks (who showed the quotes in full), or from observing by-standers. This behaviour is from exactly the same UK news networks that refused to cover the Trade Union Socialist Coalition, the Socialist Party, or the Communist Party of Britain, all of which stood parliamentary candidates across the UK.

I was dismayed to see a UKIP representative on the Torbay march. I was even more disappointed that he was not asked to leave, or that other people on the march (all predominately ‘white’) were either indifferent to his malignant presence, or worse still actually engaged him in jolly banter as he filmed and photographed other members of the group to upload on the numerous neo-Nazi websites administered by UKIP. This included photos and footage of my wife (who is British born Chinese), and my young daughter. We felt threatened by the presence of a neo-Nazi – and by the reaction of those around us who were indifferent to our plight – whilst protesting ‘anti-austerity’! We marched the entire 8.6 miles and this individual kept trying to walk between myself and my partner – probably to illicit a response – but we are too disciplined to react to this provocation. When we carry the Red Flag, we carry it for the International Working Class and not for ourselves. As we moved from Preston Green, this UKIP individual was seen talking a by-stander. This by-stander nodded and walked over to me in an aggressive manner and said: ‘If you don’t want austerity – you pay for it!’ We suspect this was another UKIP person trying, but spectacularly failing to be ‘intellectual’! I ignored him and marched on. When I attended the Gay Pride March in London a few weeks ago – UKIP tried to infiltrate – but the police took them away. Let’s not forget that Adolf Hitler’s Nazism (which UKIP supports) murdered hundreds of thousands of gay people in the gas chambers. Just as they hate the disabled, they also hate anything that deviates from their notion of ‘white’ supremacy. After falling abysmally to get anywhere in the 2015 General Election, UKIP is now trying to infiltrate leftwing politics in an attempt to hijack the agendas of tolerance and understanding. UKIP – the party of intolerance – accuses any group that rightfully ‘bans’ them as being ‘intolerant’! It is my understanding that this is the tactic they used to gain entry to the Torbay march. I think the fascist UKIP should not have been permitted to march – particularly as there is so much racism in the Torbay area. The scope of their lies and deception can be seen in the fact that everytime a driver beeped his or her car-horn in support of our Red Flag – the UKIP infiltrator would wave and shout ‘thank you – another vote for UKIP’! We listened to all the speakers along the way, and – not one of the otherwise excellent speakers commented on the connection between the enforced poverty of austerity, and the inherent link to the rise in the UK of the far-right. It is a well-known fact that racism and indolence increases with desperation poverty, and that these conditions prove fertile ground for the recruiting of desperate people into far-right political movements. Unfortunately, by allowing the corrupting influence of UKIP to be present at this historic event, organisers of the Torbay march missed a prime opportunity to stand up against racism in British society, and make a firm stand against fascism.  On the other hand, the very fact that a leftwing march happened at all in the naturally rightwing Torbay – and that it had the power to attract the odious UKIP – demonstrates just how extraordinary this event was!

UPDATE: This is the message of disgust we have sent to one of the organisers of the Torbay anti austerity march. This person actively allowed a UKIP member on the anti-austerity march – and then encouraged his rightwing friends in Torbay to insult my partner and daughter. The world of politics can be a dangerous place – particularly when white racists pretend to be revolutionary left-wingers! Torquay is a racist place and this racism must be fought. We marched with the Red Flag – we are proud of that!  I reported to Mr Nick Slater whilst on the march that this UKIP person was photographing and filming my three year old daughter and partner (who is British born Chinese) and uploading these images onto net.  I am advised that this should be reported to the police, and cannot comment any further at this point.  20.7.15

Racist UKIP Invited to Torbay Anti-Austerity March 18.7.15

Dear Mr Nick Slater

Please be advised that my father (Moses Wave Man) supports the good people of Torbay and applauds their anti-austerity march – but has been deeply disappointed and saddened by your support for the racist UKIP – as has the rest of our family and the broader, right minded people of the Torbay community.  This has been compounded by the rightwing post of support that you made about the UKIP representative you allowed on the march (and where interviewed with on BBC Spotlight) – and the racist comments this has attracted against my partner and daughter from your rightwing ‘friends’ (such as the local Green Party members Jem Dodd, Virginia Keyes, Natalie Croxon and others) in Torbay.  As you are obviously pursuing a rightwing political narrative crudely disguised as ‘Socialist’ –  neither my father, nor our family can continue to support you.  I will, instead be writing a very different article for the national press.  We marched for the ordinary people of South Devon (and elsewhere) who live on housing estates and not country estates.  Who suffer oppression on a daily basis from the national government, DWP, local council, Social Services, corporations, the judiciary and indifferent law enforcement. I think the duplicitous attitude that prevailed throughout the march can be easily explained by this article from the Morning Star:

UPDATE: These are the comments Nick Slater and his Green Party (UKIP supporting) friends have been making on Nick Slater’s Facebook page about our family – and my father Moses Waveman:  My father thought it best to place these messages on his Facebook page to expose the racism (against his daughter-in-Law and granddaughter) and the corruption in the minds and hearts of these individuals.  My father has been humbled by the thousands of messages of support and advises that although these people are mistaken and misled, they should be forgiven once the danger they pose has been fully understood:  25.7.15

Moses the Bay Waveman – No To Racism

Brixham – Torbay Anti-Austerity (8.29 mile) Walk – 18.7.15


During the 2015 General Election in the UK – the Stagecoach Bus Company had their drivers carry adverts for the racist United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) on their buses in the Torbay area (and elsewhere in the UK). Not only this, but many local companies (including hotel chains) in the area, openly advertised the far-right UKIP – despite the fact that these very same companies make hundreds of thousands of pounds from foreign tourist every year. Another example of how the far-right mentally controls Torbay is seen in the regular occurrence of disabled people barred from cafes and restaurants in the area because they are in a wheelchair, have a facial disfigurement or learning difficulties, etc. This bastion of far-right, racist and fascist attitudes is compounded by an air of unchallenged Eurocentricism, a local press (Herald Express) that is run by the racist Daily Mail, and a local police force that is known for its apathy when asked to deal with crimes of discrimination. In this regard, the psychological attitude of this rightwing enclave in South Devon lags far behind the more progressive and advanced city areas of the UK. Torbay is institutionally racist, and controlled by a minority of conservatively minded people who have moved into the area to ‘retire’ – bringing their money and bigoted viewpoints with them. Many of these ‘white’ people state that they come to Torbay to ‘escape’ the multiculturalism of the cities! This attitude was challenged today as many of the 200 or so that gathered in Brixham, did so because they were motivated by a general dislike for these discriminative attitudes and the austerity measures initiated by the ConDem Coalition in 2010 – and continued by the newly elected Tory Administration earlier this year. This is in recognition that the rise of fascism is inherently linked with the sudden and dramatic increase in poverty bought about by ‘austerity’. These people were brave because they gathered together in a backdrop of an establishment that continues to be highly aggressive to any form of Leftwingism or notions of the redistribution of wealth. Money that belongs to the wealth of the nation – that is to the majority Working Class – has been stolen from the masses and given into the hands of the greedy bankers, the uncaring middle class, and an arrogant upper class that is waiting for the ban on fox-hunting to be lifted by their Tory chums. What happened in Torquay today was unique and revolutionary! Although the hundreds that gathered my not have seen eye to eye on every facet of political ideology, there was a general consensus that what is going on in the UK is morally and politically wrong. Why should the Working Class be punished for the mistakes made by the greedy bankers? There are Tory enclaves all over the UK – signified by a minority of small-minded and petty people that keep the majority Working Class in their respective areas both culturally and economically impoverished. In this general state of exploitation and oppression, many through a lack of basic education, turn to the far-right, become embroiled in pointless crime, and descend into highly negative modes of existence. This is the final crushing of the Workers – as every avenue of hope is taken from them. The Leftwing Movement must fight the rightwing, that is for sure, but it must also try and rescue the workers who have already gone under, and who have sunk into the mire of despair. A Worker that is rescued from this mire regains self-respect and will undoubtedly reject the far-right and any form of conservatism as being incompatible to his or her class interests. We marched not for the racist bigots who control Torbay – they already have their rights and privileges – but for the ordinary and oppressed who usually have no say.  Please see the ‘Update’ at the end:




















UPDATE: This is the message of disgust we have sent to the organiser of the Torbay anti austerity march. This person actively allowed a UKIP member on the anti-austerity march – and then encouraged his rightwing friends in Torbay to insult my partner and daughter. The world of politics can be a dangerous place – particularly when white racists pretend to be revolutionary left-wingers! Torquay is a racist place and this racism must be fought. We marched with the Red Flag – we are proud of that!  20.7.15

Dear Mr Nick Slater

Please be advised that my father has been deeply disappointed and sadden by your support for the racist UKIP – as has the rest of our family.  This has been compounded by the rightwing post of support that you made about the UKIP representative you allowed on the march – and the racist comments this has attracted against my partner and daughter from your rightwing ‘friends’ in Torbay.  As you are obviously pursuing a rightwing political narrative crudely disguised as ‘Socialist’ (behaviour typical of Trotskyites) –  neither my father, nor our family can continue to support you.  I will, instead be writing a very different article for the national press.  We marched for the ordinary people of South Devon (and elsewhere) who live on housing estates and not country estates.  Who suffer oppression on a daily basis from the national government, DWP, local council, Social Services, corporations, the judiciary and indifferent law enforcement. I think the duplicitous attitude that prevailed throughout the march can be easily explained by this article from the Morning Star.

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