The Issue of Zionism and Israel


Miko Peled – The General’s Son

The modern State of Israel grew-out of decades of UK imperialism in the Middle East in general, and Palestine in particularly. International Jewish opinion must not and cannot automatically be equated with the political ideology of Zionism. International Jewish opinion is diverse and varied depending upon where Jewish people live, the cultures within which they live, and the political and economic systems within which they happen to live throughout the world. I am not knowingly a person of Jewish origin – as far as I am aware – and as an Internationalist I thoroughly reject all forms of racism including any and all forms of genuine anti-Semitism. The historical and irrational persecution of the Jewish people is plain for all to see and any right-minded individual would condemn such a hateful ideology out of hand and without reservation. This is a matter of clear thinking openly supported by many Jewish people around the world. However, Zionism is also a form of racism that has emerged out of a distortion of Jewish theology that has been merged with rightwing political nationalism. This rightwing political nationalism conflates the Jewish theological position that the Jewish people are god’s chosen people (and are therefore ‘special’ amongst the various and different peoples of the world) with that of the pseudo-science of racial superiority. The Jewish theological position is not in its purest form ‘racial’ in any way, as can be seen by the fact that Jewish people can be of any and all ethnic origin. Jewish people can be Black, White, Chinese, Arab and Asian, with no theological distinction between them as their different physical characteristics and cultures do not detract from the fact that the Hebrew god sees all his people as being theologically ‘equal’ with no other distinction interceding with this religious position.

Zionism, on the other hand, should not be confused with Jewish theology. Zionism is not Jewish theology, but Zionism is Eurocentric nationalist racism that assumes a ‘racial’ superiority for predominantly ‘White’ Jewish people of European descent. This has led to government policy in Israel openly discriminating against Jewish people of non-European descent (as can be seen with the treatment of the Ethiopian Jews), which has led to a racial hierarchy of ‘Jewishness’ in Israel premised upon ‘worth’ denoted entirely by skin-colour. From a political perspective, the modern State of Israel is a racist state that is dominated by a Judeo-fascist ideology that continuously presents its racism to the world stage as legitimate Jewish theology. This ‘Zionism’ is then unleashed on the Palestinians both within the geographical boundaries that now define the modern State of Israel, and on the Palestinians that live in the reduced geographical area now known tentatively (but not officially) as ‘Palestine’. Even if it is acknowledged that NOT all Jewish people currently living in Israel support the racist ideology of Zionism, it also has to be acknowledged that ALL Jewish people are subjected to Zionism because it is the dominant political ideology that has governed not only the modern State of Israel since its inception, but was also the ideology of the Jewish terrorist groups that carried-out illegal military actions against the British Authorities, moderate Jews, and Muslims, etc. The Jews in Palestine were never the subject of the holocaust initiated by Nazi Germany but after WWII the false assumption that Palestinian Jews had suffered at the hands of Nazi Germany became accepted as ‘true’ and a defining aspect for all subsequent military actions taken by Israel either against the Palestinians, or their Arab neighbours. This element of Zionism also justified numerous Israeli terrorist attacks such as the 1948 Zionist assassination of the UN Ambassador in Israel, and the deliberate attacks on US citizens in Egypt in 1954 (Operation Susannah), and the Israeli attacks on the US Naval vessel USS Liberty in June 1967. This ability of Israel to openly flout International Law with impunity has led to allegations that Israeli Intelligence was in some way involved in the 9/11 terror attacks on the world trade buildings in 2001 – attacks that were initially blamed on the Palestinian Liberation Organisation (PLO) at the time by Israel, apparently in the Israeli hope that the US would initiate an unjust and genocidal war against the Palestinians so that Zionism could spread into a conquered Palestine, and Jewish migrants could take land they do not own for their own use, etc

Most Jewish people both inside Israel and throughout the world, do not agree with Zionism and do not practice racial hatred. Many Jewish people also have very good relations with Muslims around the world, even though Palestinians living in Israel do not possess equal rights with their Jewish counterparts. The Zionist interpretation of history is academically flawed and racially motivated in their distortion. In this regard, the Zionist Government of Israel uses its media and academia to create a false history that misleads its own people from one generation to the next, which is a policy well known in Nazi Germany. Adolf Hitler also misused the German media and academia to instil in the minds of the German people an attitude that intensified already existing anti-Semitic tendencies present within German society, and ensuring that a non-Jewish population was ready to racially hate Jewish people, perceive them as non-humans, and ultimately commit an unthinking genocide against them. Zionism in Israel reflects the ideology of racial superiority for one group – i.e. Zionist Jews – and demonises as ‘sub-human’ the Palestinians, all other Arabs, and any non-Arabs who dare to defy this racism and speak out against Jewish racist Zionism, and try to help the victims of Zionist racism. Jewish people have to be the vehicle for change that dismantles the Zionist infrastructure and clears away Jewish racism in the Middle East. We as non-Jews must assist the decent minded Jewish people to oust Zionism and free the Palestinian people from the slave-like conditions they live under. The political non-Jewish rightwing has no say in this situation as it remains vehemently anti-Semitic in its ideology and anti-Semitism is wrong – end of story. Jewish people follow a religion that is non-racial in it theology, but which has been tainted by rightwing Eurocentric ideology of race-hate in the form of Zionism. The modern State of Israel will survive if it initiates a policy of ‘wisdom’ over that of racism, and frees the Palestinians from oppression, and all Arab peoples from the threat of Israeli military strikes supported by the USA. We non-Jews should help the decent minded Jewish people to achieve these important humanitarian objectives.

Racism and Animal Rights


As a supporter of the Leftwing, I fully support the principle of raising the level of human consciousness, and in so doing, changing the manner we as a species interact with animals and insects, etc. At the moment the default setting for human-animal interaction is at a cruel setting, administered through hatred and anger (and even enjoyment), or a complete indifference to the plight of other species as they suffer through human action or inaction. The Animal Rights Movement is not naturally Leftwing, but is split into a Left and a Right camp. The rightists are fascist and over-sentimentalise Animal Rights, whilst allowing all kinds of abhorrent behaviour to be committed against other human beings – they are also inherently racist. They follow the bizarre example of Adolf Hitler who was a vegetarian and who enacted some of the first ever laws banning animal cruelty and experimentation – at exactly the same time as he ordered people with disabilities to be euthanized, and Jews, homosexuals, dissidents, Communists and ethnic minorities to removed from society through shooting, starving, gassing and other brutal methods. Needless to say the fascist rightwing is very active in the UK and the West, and is always racializing Animal Rights. In reality it should make no difference whatsoever what religion or complexion a human being possesses who is caught brutalising another species – it is the ‘brutalising’ of an animal that is the obvious issue for Animal Rights campaigners. It is the hateful thought processes and the destructive physical actions they produce that are the only issue, simply because it is through changing attitudes that behaviours are also changed. When this important point is established, then why is it that the rightwing Animal Rights lobby always refers to the ethnicity of an abuser of animals if they happen to be Black, Chinese or Asian, but never refer to a European animal abuser as being ‘White’? Why is it that the abuse of animals that involves non-Europeans is always associated with Black, Chinese and Asian cultures (as if these cultures are inherently inferior), but the European cultures of ‘White’ animal abusers is always ignored and left-out of the equation? In other words, why is that White animal abuse is culture-neutral, whilst Black, Chinese and Asian animal abuse is culture-specific? The answer is simple, the rightwing Animal Rights lobby pursues the ideology of racism hidden behind a thin-veneer of an ‘apparent’ concern for the welfare of animals. Rightwing Animal Rights is the enemy of humanity and the enemy of animals, because it is the fascist ideology of embracing and perpetuating the very human ignorance that causes animal abuse in the first place!

Shaker Aamer Vigil – Downing Street – 24.10.15


shaker2Mr Shaker Aamer is a British Citizen who has been illegally imprisoned for nearly 14 long years in the US military at Guantanamo, Cuba.  He has committed no crime and has been held in solitary confinement and subjected to psychological and physical abuse.  Mr Shaker Aamer was arrested by US Authorities simply because he is a Muslim – and a succession of UK Governments have turned a blind-eye to this poor man’s plight and circumstance.  Modern Britain is a multicultural country and I and my family are deeply concerned for the welfare of Mr Shaker Aamer – not because we have ever met him – but simply because he is a human being.  Today we gathered with thousands of others to put pressure on the UK Government to assist in the release of a UK Citizen who is being unlawfully detained by the USA – an ally of the UK.

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Muslims Rise-Up Against Capitalism (USSR)


Followers of Islam Rise-Up Against Your Oppressors!

Comrades You Fought Under the Green Banner of the Prophet,

Defend Your Land and Free It From Your Enemies!

Join the Communist Struggle North, South, East and West,

Mount Your Horses and Ride Toward Enlightenment!

Following the Russian Communist Revolution of 1917, the bourgeois forces of the West (together with Imperial Japan), launched an invasion of the fledgling Communist State that became known as the Russian Civil War (1918-1921). The USA and Europe wanted to return Russia to a backward feudal system that they could easily control, but the newly formed Red Army countered this threat and eventually drove the capitalists out of Russia and the Soviet Union. This poster (printed in Russian and Turkic Tartar) is calling upon Islamic horsemen to join the Red Cavalry and defend the Communist Revolution by driving the capitalists out from their homelands.

Economics and the Exploration of Other Realities


If individuals and social classes are materially, culturally and educationally impoverished, then their existence is dominated by the continuous requirement to fight for survival on a daily basis. This requirement is a facet of the economic system these beings exist within, and is viewed by those who possess the political power as being a perfectly normal and natural process – a destructive process that sees the majority of the people trapped in such a system, essentially existing to enrich and serve the minority that control society. Having to exist in such a manner that involves conflicting with one another (and with society) on a daily basis to acquire enough resources just to continue to survive, means that the human mind is prevented from developing beyond the grinding material conditions that define its physical existence. Desperation and brutality against others is the product of not having enough resources readily available, so that those suffering deprivation are controlled by those who possess social and political power to exist and behave in a manner that makes them easy to exploit. A man or woman will work 12 hours for £50 if such an exploitative situation represents the difference between starving to death and continuing to exist. Therefore we know that a privileged minority in modern Western, capitalist societies control the majority though the deliberate and cynical limitation and granting of resources.

This being the case, it is obvious that the majority of people existing within capitalist societies are generally in a psychological and physical state of disadvantage. This suggests that they are so heavily locked-in to the socio-economic situation of their existence, that their minds are unable to disengage from it, and see beyond it. This is a logical assessment of the psycho-physical reality of the workers. They are not trained to use their minds in a manner that allows them to be ‘free’ of the daily battle for survival. This is because they are never in a situation where they are ‘free’ from the daily grind, unlike their middle class counter-parts. The workers are trained from birth to possess a limited ability (through a deficient education system) that ensures that their attention is taken with basic greed and superficial observation. They are taught that they must not be united with their fellow workers, but treat them as competing enemies that they must fight. When workers are distracted by fighting one another (like rats trapped in a barrel) they do not develop the insight to understand that their real enemy is in fact that the middle class which maps out their exploitative future from birth, and that ensures the workers never escape the trap of poverty they are made to exist within.

The middle class, on the other hand, experience from birth a totally different and very positive socio-economic situation. Whilst being brought-up to think that they are superior in every way due to their possession of political and economic power and resources in society, their education provides them with every cognitive advantage. As they already possess ample resources (which they gain from exploiting the workers) they do not, as a rule, need to fight for their existence on a daily basis. This difference automatically ‘frees’ the middle class person to explore literature and philosophy, to travel and explore the world, and generally experience a far more diverse and rich experience of the psychological and physical world they inhabit. They are falsely taught that the working class are poor because they are psychologically and physically inferior – this serves to explain and justify their impoverished existence, and suggests that there is no point trying to help them, etc. Whilst implicitly and explicitly creating the conditions to exploit, oppress and impoverish the working class, the middle class is never taught that it is all their fault and within their power to change things. It is the middle class ideology of conservativism that holds all this together, and as many middle class people are quite happy and content with their artificial but otherwise positive existence, many do not see the need to either change themselves in any way, or work toward transforming society.

Capitalist society assumes a priori that nothing should change, but every so often, philosophers, poets and spiritual travellers do emerge. Generally speaking they are all usually of a middle class background simply because it is the exposure to the middle class education system that has provided them with the psychological attributes required to see beyond the limitations of their existential situation. Working class people, as their psychological conditioning is deliberately engineered to be self-limiting, generally do not possess the ability to see beyond their circumstance, and so have no reason or ability to do so. It is not that working class people are actually ‘inferior’, but that the exploitation applied against them ensures that most think and behave in a dysfunctional manner. This can be changed through self-education, but it is difficult for workers to break free from the sheer oppressive psychological and physical weight of the life they are forced to live. Workers should educate themselves and try to break free of the oppressive state they exist within, but middle class people possess a definite advantage as they are already conditioned to be ‘free’ in the world they inhabit. Occasionally, some middle class people break free of their cultural programming and open their minds to other realities. This is a product of their privileged socio-economic circumstances, but it does also demonstrate that there exists other ways of viewing the world that are not limited to the blinkering effects associated with capitalism. It is the system of economics that we inhabit that acts as an intermediary between individuals living within a society and the many levels of reality that science and philosophy state exist beyond our obsession with the outer layer of material reality. If the human mind can be freed (through the correct application of an appropriate education system) from the limitations of historical conditioning, then it is possible for individuals to develop a realisation that permanently perceives a multi-dimensional reality. However, it must be noted that inequality and poverty within a society prevents the human mind from functioning in an optimised evolutionary manner. This means that capitalism is not only a stupid system used to control humanity through greed, but it also keeps humanity in a state of arrested evolutionary development.

It’s Funny How Ancient Aliens are Still Bourgeois!


The Ancient Aliens Series – produced by the History Channel – ran from 2010 – 2014, and consists of 6 Seasons of 82 episodes, which last over 68 hours. In the Region 1 DVD Box-set of this series (2014), there is included 12 extra-episodes not aired on TV during its original run. The format is a continuous presentation of a counter-narrative to conventional academia and established religion. All science is incorrect because it does not recognise that all the knowledge that human-kind has developed over its existence is a product of ancient (alien) astronauts who have visited the planet Earth and imparted their advanced knowledge to its backward inhabitants. Established religions are wrong because their adherents do not recognise that the ‘deities’ they worship are not gods as such, but were in fact ancient (alien) astronauts that visited the Earth and imparted their advanced knowledge to its backward inhabitants. Astute readers will see a pattern forming. What is interesting about this exercise of ‘free thought’ is that it is thoroughly bourgeois in nature (and therefore a product of the industrial and post-industrial era), that is in reality a re-representation of Judeo-Christian theology through the rubric of a pseudo-science. The ancient astronaut theory is one that is religious in nature – but freed from the restrictive yoke of conventional religion – and scientific in the limited sense that it does not adhere to the established scientific method that states that nothing is happening unless it is otherwise proven to be happening.

The ancient astronaut theory assumes unscientifically that its premise has already been proven (in this regard it is like a faith-based religion), and all that its adherents have to do is simply fill-in the evidential gap by gathering together disparate facts that have no causal connection, in an attempt to build a scientific-like case for its assumptions and conclusions. As a counter-narrative, it does not view itself as ‘illogical’ but rather assigns to itself the idea that it is a higher science simply because it appears to reject conventional religion. However, this is a false assumption because the ancient astronaut theory is essentially a religious belief system based upon the worship of disparate facts, and it is this worship of disparate facts (gathered from all areas of different scientific and philosophical academic subjects) that replaces the focal point of a ‘god’, and gives it its assumed ‘scientific’ bent. In a very real sense, the ancient astronaut theory is the secularisation of the belief in theistic religion – it is a religion that does not need a god-construct to be religious – but it does retain and depend upon the use of ‘faith’ to hold its theoretical assumptions together. Without ‘faith’ the ancient astronaut theory falls to pieces – because that is all it is – a collection of misconstrued disparate facts that are used to support conclusions that do not exist. In other words, there is no scientific proof for the assumptions and conclusions contained within the vague subject area that is the ancient astronaut theory.

This is not an efficient manner to explore the subject of the paranormal – if such a subject exists at all. One of the seductive aspects of the ancient astronaut theory is that it does operate from a limitless theoretical base that pulls together often very interesting historical and philosophical facts and figures. In fact this ability to continuously pick-out significant or unusual events is a foundational and definitional aspect of this theory. Its premise is the ever-expanding collection of data that is assumed to prove its central hypothesis, but of course as the central hypothesis is never actually proven, all the adherents of the theory can do is continuously ‘gather’ more facts. This behaviour is very similar to that of the religious fanatic who desperately wants to believe in a theistic entity, but deep-down knows that it is not true. All such a religionist can do is try to gather support for his or her faith by getting more people to believe in it as well. This behaviour never ‘proves’ that god exists, however, but through its continuous search for converts, this fact becomes ‘hidden’ and ‘obscured’. For believers in theistic religions, scientific proof is not required to substantiate their beliefs, as this type of human organisation is premised upon numbers of adherents and not on scientific facts. This is the manifest stupidity of religious thought. Fact is ignored for the propagation of popularity, and through this popularity, large segments of the population are kept physically controlled and in a state of psychological and intellectual arrested development. The difference between conventional religion and the ancient astronaut theory is that the latter, whilst behaving exactly like the former, actually believes that it is being ‘scientific’ in its modern pursuit of a faith-based belief system.

If this analysis was not enough to blow its theoretical premise out of the speculative water, its obvious Eurocentric and middle class bias should finally lay it to rest. Not only does this series present a thoroughly ‘white’ view of history, but it uses the distinctly modern ‘American’ view of the world to convey a mishmash of academic and religious facts and fictions in an obviously ‘capitalist’ and ‘liberal’ format. This bourgeois (middle class) view of the world, its history, origins and evolution, gives the absurd impression that human socio-economic manifestation has always been modern ‘capitalist’, when in fact human history in its entirety has for most of that time, not in any way operated through a modern capitalist system. This is perhaps the greatest flaw in the ancient astronaut theory which purports to present a revelation of insight that proves that the greatest thinking of the modern world is incorrect and out of date. Far from being revolutionary or revelatory, the ancient astronaut theory is nothing other than post-WWII US pro-capitalist propaganda that was designed in its origination to confront and discredit the Soviet Union and its Communist ideology. This bourgeois thinking presents aliens or extra-terrestrials as conforming to contemporary US pro-capitalist propaganda that is essentially Eurocentric in its design. This effect is similar to how old sci-fi films when viewed today, always seems ludicrous in their theoretical imagining and presentation of the ‘future’, because the ‘future’ they imagine, no matter how apparently bizarre it may seem at the time of its creation, is always obviously deeply rooted in the socio-economic circumstances of its time period. The illegal invasion of Iraq by US military forces in 2003 is supported by the makers of the Ancient Astronaut Series. This is part of the general trend found within the series of the application of a racist narrative that interprets historical events from a Eurocentric, imperialist perspective. The US forces not only destroyed the sovereign government of Iraq (which led to the eventual execution by hanging of its last President Saddam Hussein), but it also destroyed Iraqi society completely so that chaos reigned in the place of law and order. The US’s policy encouraged previously outlawed extremist religious factions in Iraq to rise-up and commit mass murder and destruction of property. The series contains an episode that refers to this cultural annihilation of ancient civilisation as ‘Operation Freedom’, and buys in entirely to the lie that the US military is ‘freeing’ the Iraqi population by destroying its culture and political system. The story evolved around the fact that the US allowed museums in Iraq to be ransacked by looters and thieves, but it did not present it that way. Instead the Ancient Astronaut Series actually blamed the Iraqi people themselves for looting its own historical artefacts – but it did not attempt to explain why a people the US military had subjugated would be motivated to ‘steal’ artefacts that they already owned. This is a peculiar omission of insight for a theory that trades on the assumed possession of a ‘superior’ knowledge – a superior knowledge that apparently cannot see through capitalism and the imperialism it inspires.

Throughout the series is the racist misrepresentation of Tibet and China. The view of Tibet the series presents is that of the mythological creation in the West invented by such people as Lobsang Rampa and by others in the Theosophy movement. This is a false ahistorical viewpoint that tells the viewer absolutely nothing about ‘real’ Tibet. The programmes also perpetuate the modern myth that Tibet was invaded by China in 1959, and that Tibet was never part of China. This is very bad academia. In 1949 (when the Communists came to power) Tibet was part of China. In 1911 (when the pro-Western Nationalists came to power) Tibet was part of China. In 1644 (when the Qing Dynasty came to power), Tibet was part of China. Even before this, parts of west and south-western China were annexed and controlled by Tibet, so from a correct historical perspective, China did not ‘invade’ Tibet in 1959 because Tibet was already a part of China. Again, what is being seen here is US Cold War propaganda designed to destroy Communist China, and turn Western opinion against it. Furthermore, this series suggests that what are in fact Han Dynasty tombs in north and northwest China are really Egyptian-type pyramids and that the Chinese is preventing its own people and the people of the world from knowing about them. Any search through ‘Baidu’ the Chinese search-engine will demonstrate that these Han Dynasty tombs are well known, well researched, well recorded and well explored, not only by the Chinese people, but also by many foreign tourists over the years. This is yet another example of how the ancient astronaut theory that purports to see more than most ordinary people, cannot even see through the superficial and quite stupid disinformation created by the USA. For those who want to understand the reality of the US in its attempt to destabilise Communist China through Tibet, please access the subject by typing ‘CIA in Tibet’ through any search engine.

In the later episodes, the USA itself is presented as a ‘special’ god-protected country that has a predestined mission on Earth. Of course, this is merely a reworking of the Judeo-Christian myth whereby America is viewed as another Israel, and Americans simply as more Israelites. America is the chosen country on Earth and all of its history is interpreted as being comprised of events caused by extra-terrestrials who want to protect and guide the development of its culture. This gives the gloss that any act of vicious US imperialism in the world is automatically elevated above its actual motivation of greed, and into the category of divine revelation. The supposedly superior culture of the extra-terrestrials is obviously the Judeo-Christian god-concept and explains why it exists up above where heaven is supposed to be. When individual aliens visit the Earth and bestow their blessings upon humanity, this is nothing other than the reworking of the Jesus mythos. An alien visiting Earth is the ‘son’ or ‘representative’ of the superior extra-terrestrial culture (or ‘god’) from which he or she has arisen. This childish philosophy reduces humanity to an inert biological entity that can do nothing for itself, and must patiently ‘wait’ for superior beings to guide it along. Jesus – like the aliens – visited the Earth a very long time ago, and just as Christian theology talks of Jesus one day returning and creating heaven on Earth, so the ancient astronaut theorists talk of aliens returning to Earth to transform it forever. This is the sullying of hard and progressive science with that of an imagination of a non-existing reality that is raised to the level of assumed facts. This may well be an exercise in free thought, but it is a free thought that destroys all human progression throughout history, and reduces humanity into an infantile state of being. The point is that there may well exist other beings in the universe – multiverse, and it may be equally true that some of these beings have very advanced cultures. It could also be true that they have either visited, or may yet visit the Earth, but none of this can be ‘scientifically’ known if human consciousness is allowed to regress into a religious mind-set that mimics science (whilst fundamentally rejecting its methodological premise). Humanity has made itself and does not have to rely upon imagined gods or theoretical aliens to justify its existence. One day humanity will in all likelihood encounter extra-terrestrials, but this will be through a matter of logical science and not religious mythology. The interference in humanity’s natural evolution through alien manipulation is simply yet another reworking of the Judeo-Christian myth of god performing ‘miracles’ in the world. A theological ‘miracle’ is defined as the momentary suspension of the operation of the laws of nature. This definition is exactly the theoretical ground that the ancient astronaut theory both occupies and operates from. This is why it cannot be viewed as a legitimate science. It is a religion masquerading as a science, and this is a fact even if it is one day ‘scientifically’ proven that a) aliens exist, and b) they once visited the Earth in the distant past. This analysis holds even if it is also scientifically proven that alien technology was once used to alter human DNA – which at the moment is simply an interesting speculation. Speculating about reality is the origin of all scientific breakthroughs, but when a pre-existing theological construct is assumed to exist without evidence, a true scientific endeavour cannot be developed. This is really a debate about how the human mind can be used. The point is that the ancient astronaut theory is obviously a Eurocentric, religiously inspired, revelatory, miracle performing myth that is waiting to be proven correct – like any good religion. It just so happens that along the way, this modern myth has co-opted various aspects of modern science, whilst rejecting the conclusions of that science. It is all good fun just as long as readers can see beyond the old conditioning presented in a new and highly seductive light. It is the brain of humanity that will travel to the stars, and it will do this through intellectual observation and technological developmental. To reach the stars humanity should abandon the dead-weight of the past and fully embrace the future, or it will not be able to break free of Earth’s gravity!

9/11 Conspiracy Theories as an Expression of Free-Thought


Bear with me for a moment whilst I weave an intricate web of deceit and delusion. When the evidence is examined regarding the destructive events surrounding the so-called ‘terror’ attacks on the World Trade Center buildings in New York on September the 11th, 2001, the glaring inconsistencies in the ‘official’ reports compiled by agencies of the US government (and its allies), are so obviously designed to manipulate a passive audience, that the details contained therein cannot be accepted as ‘true’ without a tremendous amount of qualification and clarification. The 9/11 reports, without a shadow of a doubt, were not designed to impartially and dispassionately report a tragic loss of life to a shocked populace, but from the very beginning were a propaganda exercise in Islamophobia initiated by a rightwing US Administration. The 9/11 reports became a vehicle for the dissemination of anti-Muslim racism in the US, Europe and white colonial countries such as New Zealand and Australia, etc. This type of racialised reporting prepared the ground for a rabid race-hate campaign against the peoples of both Iraq and Afghanistan – two countries that had no part in the 9/11 attacks in New York – which culminated in the US military (supported by the UK) illegally invading and occupying these countries. Those brave Iraqi and Afghani men, women and children who rightfully resisted this act of blatant US-led neo-imperialism, and have died in their hundreds of thousands, have been portrayed by the Western media as insane sub-human entities that are not worthy of compassion or concern. Of course, this is not a new strategy for Western imperialism, but is part of a well-practiced historical response in its dealings with the other ethnicities it seeks to dominate and exploit. Exactly the same dehumanisation technique can be seen within the discriminatory Western attitudes applied to Africans, Indians, Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Native American Indians, Vietnamese, Cambodians, Laotians, South Americans, Polynesians, Aborigines and Maoris, etc. During the Cold War, this simple technique of race-hating the enemy was even applied to the USSR.

A population that does not think for itself, waits to be told what to think and what to do by its government. This is the case in the US, and increasingly so across the EU. Ordinary people have either forgotten how to think for themselves, or have had the educational opportunities to do so withdrawn from their cultures by rightwing governments. The biggest threat to the Western rightwing is not Islamophobia, but rather the free thinking associated with an individual that has received a good and all-round education. Free-thinking is an inoculation against rightwing terror and its social manipulation. Why is it, for instance, that the US did not blanket-bomb Saudi Arabia and Egypt following the 9/11 attacks, when 17 of the alleged bombers are believed to have been Saudi citizens, and the other 2 from Egypt? Why is it that shortly after releasing this list of apparent suicide bombers, one or two of these individuals were reported as still being alive? Why was it that massive and well-built modern buildings collapsed shortly after the two jets hit them and the Solomon building also collapsed without being hit by a plane? Despite the apparent destructive force of two jet-planes hitting the WTC buildings, the US authorities stated that their investigators recovered the passports of some of the alleged hijackers in the debris of the collapsed buildings, along with the unlikely find of Qurans bound together with flight manuals! There are many more inconsistencies, sleights of hand, omission of facts, and obvious disinformation that collectively serves to fuel the numerous conspiracy theories that abound.

When compared to the controlling and manipulating manner in which the US authorities have handled the 9/11 crisis, the advent of 9/11 conspiracy theories can be legitimately interpreted as an exercise in free-thought and expression, regardless of the factual content or truth value of each conspiracy. The creation of these counter-constructs are in response to the official interpretation of events that has been judged as academically failing, on top of the obvious Islamophobia and general lying through disinformation presented as fact. What conspiracy theories represent is the application of human free-thought when confronted by an oppressive state and its deliberately controlling apparatus. A conspiracy theory, regardless of its truth content, is an important device that confronts the tyranny of state originated attempts to control the thought patterns and emotional responses of its citizens. The 9/11 official report issued by the US government, at its base, requires those who believe in it, to accept that white Eurocentric culture is superior to the cultures of brown-skinned people who happen to follow the religion of Islam. This message is delivered by the US government through the vehicle of institutional ‘victimhood’ – whereby the suffering of white America is considered superior than the suffering experienced by non-Americans (with the exception of Zionist Israel). To accept the official US report on 9/11 is to accept that racism is legitimate, and to conspire to apply that thinking in the physical world, and of course that is the entire point of this policy. It is designed to encourage US citizens to join the military and partake in a new crusade of murdering Muslims for an imagined affront to European dignity.

As a free-thinker I neither fully accept nor reject conspiracy theories. My view is that they serve as an important control mechanism in Western democracies that are not as ‘free’ as their own rhetoric suggests that they are. The conspiracy theory I would like to suggest is quite simple. I am of the opinion that the US government would have us believe that the 9/11 attacks just appeared out of nowhere and had no place in history. This reflects that Judeo-Christian myth of a god-construct that suddenly created all in existence out of nothing. The US then uses this counter logical and unreasonable position to portray its own suffering as ‘unique’ and ‘special’ (exactly the same as that attitude found within Zionism, or Jewish national racism). In so doing, it automatically absolves itself of any guilt for 9/11 premised upon its own historical behaviour. This illogicality is the basis of the US official 9/11 report and the reason why so many people refuse to accept that report – regardless of the facts contained within it. Conspiracy theories sometimes take the wrong direction, or advocate incorrect facts, but taken as a general response to US lies and tyranny, their existence represents an important beacon for human free-thought. It was the US racist attitude and highly oppressive historical behaviour that led to 9/11 happening. In this assessment I do not personally reject the idea that 9/11 was an inside job, simply because it is my right to think freely, but the fundamental ‘conspiracy theory’ comes not from ordinary citizens, but rather from the US government itself which would have us believe that it is the innocent victim of religious extremists.

Ancient Maps Prove China Discovered America (and Australia)


Original Chinese Language Article By: Wu Ming (吴明)

(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

The conventional (Eurocentric) historical narrative states that Columbus discovered America in 1492. It also states that it was not until 1519 that Magellan (another European) took three years to become the first human being to navigate the globe. This voyage of exploration became known as the ‘great geographical discovery’ (地理大发现 – Di Li Fa Xian). This information is available in history books throughout the world and is considered unquestionably correct. However, in 2001, a text known as the ‘Record of All Foreign Nations Existing under the Divine-Sky’ (天下诸番识贡图 – Tian Xia Zhu Fan Zhi Gong Tu) was discovered in China. The information contained within this map proves without a shadow of a doubt that Chinese mariners not only reached the Americas in 1418, but in so doing, also navigated the globe. When the historicity of this map is studied, it is clear that it is linked to a much earlier map of the world discovered buried within an 11th century tomb in China. These texts demonstrate that even in the 11th century, the Chinese people had already visited and mapped not only the coastlines of the Americas, but also the coastlines of Australia. Furthermore, it is clear that the Westerner Marco Polo (when he lived in China) had seen and studied these maps, mapping notes, and taking this knowledge back to Europe with him. These notes of early Chinese maps of North America were then later used to develop the famous Map of the World produced by Matteo Ricci. Although this map is a very important development for Western Civilisation, Ricci’s work hides a very significant fact – namely that his work is premised upon far earlier Chinese maps of the world. Ricci does not state at any point that he got his details from Marco Polo, and that Marco Polo got his facts from his time in China, studying ancient Chinese texts.

The text discovered in the 11th century tomb in China is known as the ‘Ancient Map Code’ (古地图密码 – Gu Di Tu Mi Ma), and clearly shows that the ancient Chinese people had discovered both the Americas and Australia. Not only are the coastlines drawn remarkably accurately, but this ancient map also appears to make use of both longitude and latitude (i.e. vertical and horizontal location and orientation lines). This map is thought to be at least two thousand years old, and to cover thousands of miles of data gathering, including many other countries, landmasses and other geographical details. The point is made that many hundreds of years later, Europeans such as Columbus and Magellan made use of ancient Chinese knowledge of science and technology, but did not credit this source. More than this, however, but Eurocentric history has followed a path of denying any Chinese input whatsoever in the circumnavigation of the world. In fact it can be said today that the idea that the Europeans achieved anything first with regard to circumnavigation is merely a very poorly constructed myth that relies heavily upon the withholding of correct historical data for it to be maintained in its function of deceiving the masses. The later Europeans simply built their theories upon a far earlier body of Chinese advancement in the development of science and technology – which includes the Eurocentric misrepresentation of the ancient use of ‘longitude’ and ‘latitude’ in ancient Chinese map making. Admiral Zheng He used this ancient Chinese knowledge to guide his imperial treasure fleet gradually, from to east to the west. In this sense, Zheng He was doing nothing new other than following established Chinese maps from a far earlier era of Chinese Civilisation. Later, European mariners, making use of this old Chinese knowledge of the world, followed their copies of earlier Chinese maps and claimed to have ‘discovered’ (falsely of course) the Americas.

Ancient Map Code (1418: How China Solved the Problem of Mapping the Ancient World) by Liu Gangzhe (刘钢著) – in Association with Guangxi Normal University Publishing House – October 2009

Original Chinese Language Article




《古地图密码(1418中国发现世界的谜团玄机)》,刘钢著, 广西师范大学出版社,2009年10月出版

Suspected Alien Base on the Moon Photograph Leaked


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(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

The launch of the Apollo 17 space mission in December 1972 was the last time that the USA landed humans on the Moon. In fact the safe return of the Apollo 17 mission marked the end of the Apollo Space Programme. Although the Soviets were in the advanced stages of planning to land a Cosmonaut on the Moon, that mission never took place, and for many years after the Apollo missions the USA never sent another manned mission to the Moon. One viewpoint for this is that all 25 of the US astronauts who went to the Moon witnessed UFOs, and advanced technology of extra-terrestrial origin. This contact with a vastly superior civilisation apparently caused a reaction of ‘fear’ in the minds of the US astronauts and NASA was ordered by the US Government to discontinue its plans for further manned flights and not go back to the Moon.

In 1973 NASA started to publish some of its findings from its Moon missions, and it is believed a secret statement was released to officials stating that all 25 US astronauts on the Apollo Programme reported seeing UFOs on the surface of the Moon, or in flight above the surface of the Moon. The former Director of the US Space Programme to the Moon – Dr Wernher von Braun – has gone on record as stating that during his lifetime several Apollo Missions reported contact with UFOs. These objects were monitored because of their presence and unusual activity which appeared extra-terrestrial in nature. This opinion received backing in 1979 when the former Director of NASA Communications Maurice Chatterton also stated that contact between US astronauts and UFOs was ‘normal’ and not unusual. This information (and more like it) has developed into a conspiracy theory that suggests that both the Soviets and the US were prevented from going to the Moon for decades through the fear of conflicting with an alien presence on the Moon that apparently includes not only flying machines, but entire bases for the superior alien technology to be stored, and alien life-forms to live in. This conspiracy theory suggests that there is an alien base (or bases) situated on the dark side of the Moon that is always facing away from the Earth and cannot be monitored or observed by Earth technology. This allows the aliens to study the Earth whilst not being seen themselves. The aliens can safely shelter out of harm’s way and appear and disappear as they please, using the Moon as a platform from which they can make investigations regarding the Earth and its biosphere. UFO researchers state that there are several alien bases on the dark side of the Moon. This year (2014) Japanese astronomers spotted several 500m to 1000m long black objects (that appeared to be ‘Z’ shaped) moving very quickly over the lunar terrain.

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25名宇航员都遇到过月球UFO 1973年,NASA第一次公开了登月任务的一些结果。在一份秘密声明中,NASA称,所有25名参与“阿波罗”登月任务的宇航员都曾在月球上空遭遇过不明飞行物UFO。美国前登月计划负责人韦赫·冯布朗生前称,数次“阿波罗”登月任务都遭到某种地外神秘力量的监控。1979年,美国NASA前通讯主任莫里斯·查特连称,宇航员在月球上空和不明飞行物相遇是一件“平常事”。 月球上的UFO基地,旁边有UFO飞过 恐惧使美苏30年没有再登月 一种阴谋论观点认为,人类所有“载人登月任务”在30年前突然中止,是出于对在月球上存在的外星力量的恐惧。阴谋论者认为,月球是外星智能生物研究地球的最好平台,它距离地球不算太远,并且月球的一面永远面对地球,这意味着外星生物可以安全地栖身在月球的另一面。UFO专家称,月球黑暗的另一面有好几个外星生物基地,今年,日本天文学家就在月球表面拍摄到了好几个500米到1000米长的黑色物体,它们以Z字形的运行轨迹快速穿过月球表面。

Trotsky the Racist


It is one thing when a Communist party, firmly resting on the flower of the urban proletariat, strives through the workers to lead a peasant war. It is an altogether different thing when a few thousand or even tens of thousands of revolutionists, who are truly Communists or only take the name, assume the leadership of a peasant war without having serious support from the proletariat. This is precisely the situation in China. (Leon Trotsky)

There is a big problem on the political left in the UK at the moment, and this problem involves the lies and deception of the many groups, movements and parties that claim to be ‘Socialist’ and even ‘Communist’, when in fact that they are simply revisionist and servants of the Bourgeois State. What is the origin of this situation? The origin of this situation lies in the theoretical work of Leon Trotsky who was an integral part of the Bolshevik movement in the USSR, until his attempt to grab power from Stalin failed. He was all for the ‘dictatorship of the proletariat’ until he was unable to secure power in the Soviet Union, then he exhibited his true philosophical colours and reverted to type, namely that of asserting the bourgeois collaborating philosophy of the Menshevik movement he had supported prior to switching his allegiance to Lenin at the 11th hour, just before Lenin successfully led the Russian Revolution to power in 1917. In 1929, Trotsky was expelled from the USSR for un-Communistic behaviour and separatist tendencies. He came to the West where he began an immediate campaign in co-operating with the capitalist bourgeoisie, and attempting to dismantle, negate, and otherwise render null and void the third ‘Communist’ International (founded by Lenin in 1919 – calling for Communist Revolution in all countries around the world).

Trotsky’s approach was to collaborate with the capitalist establishment in every manner, whilst forming a bizarre and distorted world of anti-Socialist and anti-Communist Movements that masqueraded as both alternative and legitimate Socialist Movements to that developed in the USSR – a system that Trotsky helped to build by founding the Red Army. In 1921, Trotsky led that Red Army (without permission) and crushed a workers’ uprising in Kronstadt, killing hundreds of workers in the process. Reports suggest that both Lenin and Stalin were appalled at Trotsky’s decision and subsequent behaviour. Trotsky used the Soviet Red Army – that is the army of the workers – to attack and kill the very workers it supposedly represented and existed to protect. This single action serves to give a good measure of Trotsky as a man, as it reveals his thirst for power, his willingness to compromise Socialist and Communist principles, and his non-concern for the very workers he claimed to represent. He transplanted this irreverence for the workers to West when he took the bourgeois position. Trotsky’s Socialism is in fact a version of bourgeois liberal democracy that has nothing to do with Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin, or Mao. Trotskyism is nothing but collaboration with the very bourgeois State that Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Mao strive to overthrow. Therefore Trotsky’s notion of ‘permanent revolution’ is nothing more than ‘permanent collaboration’ with the ruling class. Many contemporary Trotskyite Movements in the UK claim to be anti-racist and anti-fascist, but as can be seen from the above quote from Trotsky – Trotsky was a bourgeois racist. His misrepresentation and deliberate misinterpretation of the ‘Chinese Revolution’ give testimony to this fact, and serves as a virulent form of anti-Chinese racism that is very active today amongst the bourgeois left.

Marx taught that all Communists are Socialists, and that by definition, all Communists are Socialists. This is because the Scientific Socialism formulated through the work of Marx and Engels clarifies that when the Bourgeois State is finally over-thrown there will be a transitional stage into Socialism which precedes the final achievement of Communism. Trotsky and Trotskyites, whilst still claiming to be ‘Marxists’, actually refer to themselves as ‘Socialists’ but never as ‘Communists’. This is a rejection of the Scientific Socialism advocated by Marx and Engels. Therefore Trotsky and the Trotskyite Movements he inspired, represent bourgeois deviations from the Scientific Socialism of Marx and Engels. Trotsky and Trotskyite Movements therefore, are neither ‘Socialist’ nor ‘Communist’ in the Marxist, scientific sense. Trotsky is a bourgeois political theorist who advocated a form of ‘Utopian Socialism’ such as that found in Christianity and on the bourgeois left. Utopian Socialism works under the false premise that a bourgeois society can be reformed so that it becomes ‘fair’, but this ignores the very obvious fact that as long as capitalism exists, its perpetual search for profit ensures that bourgeois society – Socialist or otherwise, will always be unequal and therefore unjust. The anti-racism that Trotsky and Trotskyite Movements appear to pursue is really an attempt to ‘hijack’ the true anti-racist and anti-fascist movements inspired by the USSR and Lenin’s Communist International throughout the world. Trotskyite anti-racism is a bourgeois sham that has no real understanding of bourgeois racism, Eurocentricism, and political bias in the West. As Trotskyites are predominately ‘white’, their natural racial prejudices and misconceptions are aimed at what they believe to be the ‘fascist’ problem, unaware that what they themselves represent is a very virulent form of left-fascism, racism and discrimination. When Trotskyites appear to attack rightwing fascism, it is not a demonstration of true anti-racism on their part, but is rather a battle between Trotskyite left-fascism and Hitlerite right-fascism. This is why Trotsky and Trotskyite Movements – despite their political rhetoric to the contrary – are not anti-fascist nor anti-racist, but instead represent the very essence of dishonest and deceptive Eurocentric racism.

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