‘”addidas” T-shirt Will Deflect All Anti-Fascist Bullets’ – De-Nazified Suspect Claimed! (24.4.2022)

Lawyers representing James Cordon have issued a writ against The Sun newspaper for publishing a story stating that James Cordon was recently in the Ukraine participating in an ‘addidas’ sponsored cycle tour of the ATO – designed to advertise a weight-loss product! Cordon has stated, via his lawyers, that although he would put-up a Ukrainian family in his flat, he has never visited the Ukraine and denies any association with the man featured in this video!

Zelensky Greets Ukrainian Forces on Hitler’s Birthday! (20.4.2022)

For soon we shall be in the ranks of NATO and the loving embrace of an EU controlled by a resurgent Germany! I ask – no – I DEMAND that the fraternal peoples of Ukraine and Germany remember the Fuhrer who would have been 133-years-old had he continued to live – also had our best interests at heart! After-all, did he not send the German Army into the Ukraine to free us from the Soviet shackles that bound us? This is why I ask for just one minute of respectful silence whilst you bow your heads in remembrance!’

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