Falun Gong Fu – Does It Work in Combat? (22.9.2022)

4) These movements appear disjointed and out of order. Is this to hide their true power? We remain unconvinced that this martial arts system will work in actual combat – after-all – most of it involves US born Chinese or misled Taiwanese ‘actors’ lying on the floor and covering their hands and feet in tomato source! 

5) We are told that this style is called ‘Ming Hui’ (明慧) or ‘Bright Wisdom’ Fist (拳) – is this correct?

Protest: Britain to End Use of ‘V’ and ‘Z’ in English Alphabet! (1.4.2022)

As a protest to the Russian ‘Special Operation’ in Donbass – the British Tory Government has decided to ‘REMOVE’ the letters ‘V’ and ‘Z’ from the Roman alphabet currently in use throughout the nation! Priti Patel – speaking to The Economist last night stated “The Romans invaded our land and enforced this alphabet upon us. It now not only seems right but also morally imperative that we do something about it!”

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