Controlling the Police Problem in Brazil! (8.6 2023)

The presence of Police has become an ever growing problem in modern, urban settings, but a radical ‘new’ Catholic-led initiative has been rolled-out on the streets of Brazil! Whereas local populations used to be harassed by the Police under the guise of maintaining ‘safety’ – now groups of heavily armed Church Committees (blessed by the Pope) – are never more than 15 minutes away! This is just  one of the benefits of the so-called ’15-minute cities’ that the political far-right is expanding so much energy upon confronting. The good news is that the average citizen is never more than an AR-15 away from complete and total safety!

The Black Sewer Pigs of Hampstead! (5.6.2023) 

We were told that the area is currently in mourning due to a local’s body being found partially devoured in the nearby sewer system. ‘It was the Black Pigs wot done which live down the Sewers’ – we were told. The plan to have all the latrines feeding into the sewers was thought a security risk for the nation. In light of this interpretation the Whigs have been putting about the hysterical idea that Napoleonic Socialism is ‘seeping’ out of Western France and into the English Channel – where it enters the English sewer system (travelling up the pipes) into the domestic and public latrines! From here, it is a simple matter of this foreign ideology entering the unsuspecting human body via the ‘back passage’ – thus converting England into a French colony! As anyone who agrees with this process – is agreeing with ‘back passage violation’ – then, such people are declared to be ‘paedophiles’ and ‘sexual deviants’! Obviously, the Whigs are whipping up the ignorance of working-class sentiment and encouraging those who can draw to set about unsuspecting individuals (who think latrines are a good idea) and make charcoal ‘likenesses’ which are then affixed to public spaces – as a means to induce a sense of ‘shame’ in said individuals!

Daily Mail: When the Permafrost is NOT to be Found! (4.6.2023) 

“Snow Less Prevalent in Countries not Traditionally Populated by Europeans!” – a recent Daily Mail report suggests! Speaking at a special zoom meeting – Mark Collett (who was in-bed with Tommy Robinson as a ‘Protest’ against homosexuality) – starred “This is nothing but White Genocide!” Tommy Robinson agreed stating “Wherever Europeans are not present – our general numbers lower – and all our ethnic interests are diminished!” At this point in the proceedings, the Zionist flag that was modestly covering Tommy Robinson’s private parts “slipped” to reveal a clinically “deficient” lower body structure!  

Gordon the Gopher Quietly “Euthanised” By ITV Executives! (1.6.2023) 

HM Prisons has confirmed that where possible, siblings are housed together, and an insider has revealed that the cell of Timothy Schofield has been kept “clear” of a second occupant whilst the British judicial system awaits developments. Meanwhile, the Publicists who represent Philip Schofield have advised their client to “practice” sitting in a CGI cell as a means to “prepare” his mind and body for any eventuality. This action has been described as purely “routine” for anyone preparing to occupy severely constricted spaces.  

The Beatles “Help!” (2007) Blu-Ray Film! (31.5.2023) 

I suspect the fact that this film is never shown on TV is that its overtly “racist” script (and generally incoherent storyline) could well be bad for The Beatles ability to continue to reap millions from a few records they made in the 1960s! For instance, whereas Bill Flanaghan can still get away with his “anti-China” comments – if this film had been aired during the George Floyd Protests – I suspect The Beatles’ reputation would have been permanently holed below the waterline and that this would have severely limited their future sales! This just goes to show how one day the current adulation of The Beatles might well not exist – and be turned into its exact opposite! This is what happens when racism is allowed to win when White people fail to confront it appropriately! 

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