The Brutality and Barbarism of Feudal Tibet (Pre-1949)

Tibet and the Tibetan people have now moved on, but the former despicable state of deprivation of their country is now remembered in special educational museums in Tibet and other parts of China. Tibet is thriving today, with even Western businesses opening up. Modern Tibetans are healthy, well-educated and loyal citizens of the People’s Republic of China. Interestingly, the 14th Dalai Lama is viewed very much as a tyrant who, in his youth was responsible for collaborating with Nazi Germany and committing Crimes Against Humanity (in his case toward the Tibetan people he misruled). The so-called ‘Pro-Tibetan Movement’ in he West is based upon false history, and would like to see Tibet returned to a state of arrested development (albeit within a capitalist model). Obviously, the Tibetan people will never allow this to happen and are quite happy today, to be free of the ignorance and suffering of the past.

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