Review: Discovery Civilisation – Legends of the Russian Revolution – Cold War Rhetoric in Post-Soviet Times

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It is the duty of every worker to educate him or herself. Without access to ideologically sound education, the worker is destined to remain in the psychological and physical vacuum of a highly oppressive, destructive, and repetitive existence. Without access to good quality education, nothing can change for the worker, or the working class. Living in a bourgeois, capitalist society means that the ‘default’ setting for all education is that of the historical and philosophical justification of greed and profit accumulation. Implicit in this is a sustained and highly developed (and directed) hatred toward anything remotely ‘Socialist’, or indeed ‘Communist’, and this is particularly true of the history of the Soviet Union (1917-1991). In a secular society that has grown out of its Judeo-Christian past, a pious honesty has been replaced with the routine practice of ‘disinformation’, or to put it in plain language, the official sanction of institutional ‘lying’. Governmental news networks present what they consider to be the ‘news’ through a format that has more to do with effective advertising, than it does with any academic consideration of current events. The providing of news and education within a modern, capitalist, liberal, and supposedly democratic society, has become nothing more a sophisticated operation in the insurance of ‘thought control’ throughout its populace. Regardless of the actual facts of the matter, national governments, (controlled as they are purely by selfish bourgeois class interests), concoct versions of the truth that can be altered at a whim, and mixed and matched to suit a sudden change in current events, or directional shifts in popular mood and belief. The UK and the USA today, present an official news and educational face to the world that can only be described as ‘fictional’ in its rather ‘elastic’ relationship to reality. This relentless ‘Disney-fication’ of reality is designed to create a passive, receptive, and unquestioning docility in the mind of the average citizen. Within liberal democracies, an individual is considered ‘free’ as long as he or she does not dare to think ‘beyond’ or ‘through’ the official policy of the moment. All truth – to the bourgeoisie – mimics the bible they so admire and is considered ‘absolute’ – until circumstances changes that politically render each former ‘ultimate’ truth immediately obsolete, leaving it automatically abandoned as if it never existed! This curious blend of unquestioned religious theology and secular pragmatism, leads to bizarre statements such as the following ‘disclaimer’ (which accompanies the Discovery Civilisation DVD and magazine box-set entitled ‘Legends of the Russian Revolution’):

‘The views in this magazine are those of the author but they are general views only and readers are encouraged to consult the relevant and qualified specialist for individual advice in particular situations.’ (2013: Legends of the Russian Revolution’ Magazine: by Hilary Brown)

In other words, the information contained on the 4 DVD’s (just over 5 hours), and within the 82 page accompanying magazine, is not to be taken seriously, and must therefore be considered academically unsound! This is not surprising, as this particular box-set about the Russian Revolution has 2 discs dedicated to Lenin, and 1 disc each dedicated to Trotsky and Stalin. This is not an impartial or objective treatment of an important epoch in world history, but is rather an obvious rightwing attack not only upon established history, but also upon modern Russia. In an attempt to appear ‘international’ in its scope, this (American) Discovery Civilisation presentation has on its cover, the following description:

In Association with Russia Television and Radio’           

This post-Soviet Russian Broadcasting Corporation has provided very interesting historical film footage of the era, involving all the main characters concerned, together with what must be described as the strangest so-called Russian speaking ‘historical experts’ on the revolutionary period. The footage all seems ‘dated’, even that involving the ‘historians’, which raises the suspicions that the continuous anti-Soviet viewpoints they express are in fact ‘dissident’ opinions recorded outside of USSR at some earlier date, and presented here as ‘contemporary’. Whatever the case, the opening salvos in the documentaries, (presented in Russian dubbed over in Russian accented English), depict Lenin as a ‘mixed-race’, and highly dangerous individual who was hell-bent on gaining personal political power in Russia, regardless of the cost in human lives. This so-called ‘historical’ assessment is highly flawed and superimposed over film footage loosely relating to the topic at hand. The message is clear – Lenin was a clever lunatic who came to power due to a distinct set of historical accidents that he later packaged as ‘Marxist’ in nature – but which in reality had nothing to do with Scientific Socialism. The political assessment contained within this box-set does not go much deeper than this basic crudity. An attempt at credibility is attested by the fact that it seems that even Russian citizens – in the shape of the interviewed historians – resent Lenin’s presence and achievements upon the world stage.

The bourgeois hypocritical eulogising of religion is present in the form of the highly sympathetic treatment the Romanov imperial family receive. This family of parasitic aristocrats lived a life of opulence and luxury in a country where people routinely died of starvation, drought, disease, cold, and warfare, etc. The vast majority of the subjects of Csar Nicholas II could not read and write, and even if they managed to avoid the usual demeaning calamities associated with feudal existence, their life expectancy was low. The magazine author – Hilary Brown – presents the case that the Romanovs were nothing short of Christian saints living on earth, and the fate that befell them after the revolution (they were executed by Soviet forces as enemies of the state in 1918), nothing short of the influence of the devil on earth! Brown disturbingly dedicates an entire page to the fact she conveys, that in 2000, the Russian Orthodox Church decided to ‘canonise’ the former imperial family, and to finance the building of an ornate church on the land the family were executed. Brown also claims that the post-Soviet Russian government has formerly acknowledged that the Romanov’s were the victims of political persecution – which completely ignores the fact that before 1917, the Romanov’s were the source of all political persecution in Russia and beyond.

Brown demeans the Soviet dead during WWII as being between ‘15-20 million’, and in so doing removing around 10 million from the final reckoning. All this serves her demeaning policy toward the USSR quite well, as she depicts Joseph Stalin as a deranged mass-murderer who somehow managed to ‘save’ and ‘inspire’ a diverse Soviet Union in its fight against the Nazi German invasion. Despite the fact that the 30 million Soviet sacrifices saved Western Europe from defeat, very few pages are dedicated to Stalin – although Brown does manage to sneak-in a photograph of her rightwing hero Winston Church into the section on Stalin. Stalin’s obvious effectiveness as a coherent leader of the Soviet people is presented as yet another mark of his insanity. The impression is that Stalin – like Lenin before him – was an opportunist who simply took advantage of events that favoured his political ambitions. Trotsky is very much presented as a victim of the Soviet system, whereby his loyalty to Lenin was ultimately punished by Stalin with his exile, and in Brown’s opinion – eventual murder in Mexico. Trotsky – a major early influence in the revolution itself, presents Brown with something of a problem, as he contributed to so much anti-Soviet propaganda whilst living in the West, and yet was present at the inception of the USSR itself. Whilst presenting Trotsky as a victim of Soviet barbarity, Brown conveniently ignores the fact that Trotsky was quite happy to brutally put-down the Kronstadt rebellion in the USSR in 1921, whilst he voiced many of these rebel’s opinions during his exile, etc. Lastly, a strange diversion occurs in this box-set purportedly concerning the Russian Revolution, which can only be viewed as an example of clear ‘fetishism’ in the extreme, with the inclusion of the story of the Romanov’s association with the Christian mystic known as Rasputin. The only consistency here is that Brown clearly misrepresents the historicity of Rasputin as she does Lenin, Stalin, and Trotsky. The endearing image that Brown tries to portray is that of a kindly Csar trying desperately to seek spiritual solace from any quarter he could. However, with the current anti-Russian racism (and pro-Ukrainian fascist support) sweeping across Europe and the USA, the point of this box-set seems obvious and clear. Near the completion of the magazine Brown lets the cat out of the bag as she reveals that the modern Russian leader Vladimir Putin – in her opinion – is nothing more than a contemporary incarnation of Joseph Stalin! The true nature of this box-set is perhaps revealed by a photograph of the former rightwing US President Ronald Reagan. This is not a good narrative and serves as a very bad influence for legitimate students of history. It is a clear bourgeois distortion and should be avoided.


Class Anatomy of an Inner-city Playground


Sutton is a bustling, multicultural borough in southwest London. Formerly a part of Surrey until the 1960’s, it retains a controlling streak of ardent conservatism bordering upon fascism, which is evident from the behaviour of its (unelected) local council bureaucrats, elected councillors and members of parliament. The class pretensions of these ruling elites are clearly evident by the fact that the recent and expensive renovations to Sutton high street are designed to make the city look more like Paris! Sutton used to be considered recession proof in the past, but since the coming to power of the far-rightwing ConDem national government in the UK, with its sweeping benefits cuts, dismantling of the welfare state and privatisation of the National Health Service, the local economy has rapidly deteriorated. Where there were once busy shopping centres thriving with eager crowds, there are now boarded-up premises, pawnbrokers, charity shops, and ‘cheque-clearance’ businesses, etc.

Despite being run by a conservative elite, Sutton still has an extensive working class population living in poorly maintained high rise flats built in the 1960’s. Many of these estates are clustered around the city centre of Sutton, where the council provides play areas for the local children in the numerous parks. During holiday times thousands of children visits these areas with their parents throughout the day. Watching for an hour it is evident that capitalist exploitation is already firmly implanted in the young working class children through conditioning received from parents and community. Children compete with one another over resources in the playground, which manifests as who controls what toy, and for how long. Stronger (and slightly older) children bully and intimidate the younger (or weaker) children for no other reason than to establish power and influence in the play area. A more dominant child has a greater choice of what toy to exploit, and when. A stronger child in this context is in fact the most ignorant of the group, who has not been taught proper social boundaries, or respect for others. A weaker child may not be ‘weaker’ at all, but in fact better mannered and more considerate – but in the fight for influence, good manners are eclipsed by the immediacy of an arbitrary show of strength. The capitalist inspired individualism that adults use to oppress one another through class antagonisms – is evident in young children as they interact in a playground that prepares them through social conditioning – for a life of being an exploiter, or of being exploited.

Blatant aggression is protected through the auspices of the conventions of bourgeois law and the prevailing fade that constitutes the preferred attitude toward children and their upbringing. To correct a badly behaving child in public, particularly a child that is not your own, could be construed as some kind of ‘abuse’, or ‘assault’, whilst the stupid actions of ignorant parents are view as ‘correct’ and ‘healthy’ due to the biological link. This is despite the fact that they are, as members of the working class, simply perpetuating patterns of behaviour toward their children that have been inflicted upon them through bourgeois oppression, and which have been passed on to them from their parents and community. The inner-city playground is a microcosm of life within the working class. It essentially represents a prison that everyone knows they are held within, but which no thinks of escaping from. Instead of fighting their out of the prison and turning their anger against their guards – the bourgeoisie – the working class turn their anger toward one another and a fight to dominate the prison (amongst the prisoners) ensues. The cycle of oppression remains unbroken and continues down through the generations. What children should be taught is how to communicate effectively with one another, and how to plan actions that best serve the group and make life more productive and happy for all concerned. The tragedy is that many working class parents and children are evolving out of this quagmire of unquestioned ignorance, but are being held back by isolated but dominating forces that always attempt to turn back progression to an earlier time of brutal hierarchy.

Resisting the Masonic Lodge

Sutton Masonic Hall - Hidden in Plain View

Sutton Masonic Hall – Hidden in Plain View

It is ironic that school children are taught that the structures (and strictures) of local government emerge from the civic offices of the familiar council buildings, when in fact more or less every political and policy decision (that effects the lives of hundreds and thousands of people), is covertly made within the walls of the local masonic lodge. This international pseudo-religious order has a middle and upper class membership chosen on the grounds of its ‘usefulness’ in the furtherance of masonic influence. Such is the insidious nature of this shady organisation that even the spell-checker associated with this computer demanded that the word be spelt with a capital ‘M’. The influence of the masonic Judeo-Christian movement, however, is limited to the ability and placement within society of its individual membership, which is comprised of doctors, police officers, prison officers, lawyers, judges, magistrates. Members of parliament, military officers, members of the royal family, local council employees, prime ministers, Christian priests, teachers, journalists, reporters, corporate managers, social workers, DWP managers, hospital managers, and many others, etc. In reality, anyone who adheres to any type of conservative anti-working class thought can apply for membership. The local masonic lodge issues its edicts through its regular meetings of its membership, and these edicts are then put into practice through the local council offices, magistrates court, hospital, DWP department, education department, police, and any other required office or position of influence.

The covert influence of the masonic lodge is an open secret – it is a secret kept in plain view and is so much part and parcel of life in the West that its presence appears to be virtually invisible during the activities of everyday life. After-all, the masonic lodge is democratically unaccountable, and the minutes of its meetings are not publically available for scrutiny, for If they were, the people would understand the extent to which their lives are influenced by corrupt figures, secret hand-shacks, and bizarre rituals. The masonic lodge, although a very dangerous and destructive influence within UK society is in fact the continuation of the British public school system from which the majority of its membership is drawn. It is a hedonistic movement based loosely upon Western religion with a mixture of pagan, Jewish, and Christian teaching all geared toward the ruthless service of capitalist accumulation. Its existence serves as a co-ordinating force for the bourgeoisie, an existence that is ignored by the government, police, and judiciary, simply because many of its members are prominent and influential members of these key establishments.

World events, such as world war, can appear to weaken the power of the masonic movement, as the working class that provide the manpower to serve in the various ‘national’ armies, are tossed scraps in the form of political and social ‘concessions’ from the wealth laden tables of the bourgeois; but this apparent weakness is short-lived, and eventually the lodge regains all its previous power and a conservative counter-movement begins. In 1945, the British working class men returned from conscripted military service to vote-in a Socialist Labour Party that dismantled the British Empire and implemented the Welfare State, free universal education, housing for all, and the National Health Service. Due to the losses suffered during the Second World War, and the general mobilisation of the British nation, the serving working class men were politicised to a remarkable degree.  These men were taken out of their local existences and ‘internationalised’ through military service. During that time, political information was exchanged from man to man, and eventually acted upon at the UK ballot box. This working class hegemony – or class consciousness – checked the power of the masonic lodge in 1945, but it has been fighting a rear-guard action ever since.

Since the social trauma of WWII, the British military establishment, (many members of which are so-called ‘free masons’), has been careful not to facilitate the level of class consciousness it offered during WWI and WWII. The working class men (and increasingly women) have been continuously used as cannon-fodder in middle class wars since WWII, but the manner in which they have been recruited has changed dramatically. Whilst exploiting their minds and bodies, the modern recruit is brain-washed with middle class rhetoric that has little or no real meaning for their life on the housing estate outside the military establishment. In that life, the ordinary people do not possess the wealth or social connections to access the legal framework that moderates UK society, and so do not have access to the ‘rights’ under the law, all British citizens are said to possess. Any attempt by the working class to use the authorities to secure ‘justice’ is viciously rejected. This means that the privileged middle classes continue to access the wealth and social institutions such wealth produces, whilst restricting the lives of the working class to definite psychological and physical ghettoes. The working class are kept like poorly fed cattle by the middle class, and issued with the minimum resources needed to physically exist. Working for small amounts of unemployment benefit, and food parcels, constitute this meagre support. Those who run society from the masonic lodge – and there are many – are so paranoid about losing the power they possess, that even those with disabilities are now considered ‘scroungers’! Marx ruthlessly criticised everything, and this is exactly how the masonic lodge and its ‘free masonry’ can be exposed and demolished. Understanding that which hides from public view, is exactly the manner through which its power can be resisted and destroyed. As a bourgeois institution, the masonic lodge routinely exercises hypocrisy and moral ineptitude, whilst trying to act within the bounds of the legal system it simultaneously creates and corrupts. At the moment, the local masonic lodge is part of an international ‘free masonry’ movement that thinks that it is immune from any prosecution, or exposing through evidence.


UN Condemns Israel – US Continues to Supports Terrorism


(This article appeared in the New Worker, the newspaper of the New Communist Party of Britain, No. 1784 dated 1.8.14, Page 11)

America (and her Western European allies) have unconditionally supported a terrorist inspired, neo-Nazi government that has come to power in Western Ukraine, confronted only by the democratic military forces of Russia, and anti-Nazi partisans in Eastern Ukraine. In the meantime, extreme anti-Russian racism and false propaganda has continued to emanate from the White House, trumpeted throughout Europe (and the world) via the rightwing BBC. It is an intense disinformation campaign designed to demonise Russia to such an extent, that the fact that the Ukrainian usurpers adhere to the strictures of National Socialism – a ruthless fascist ideologist – is hidden and obscured by the mind-boggling array of pretence and nonsense. Make no mistake about it, the USA and her European allies – democratically elected regimes that have killed hundreds of thousands of innocent citizens in Iraq and Afghanistan – are openly supporting the political descendents of the Nazi German military forces that occupied Ukraine during WWII. This at a time when numerous commemorations and memorials have been held across the Western world, ostensively celebrating the Allied victory over Nazi German fascism, and remembering the millions who died securing that victory, as well as the millions more who were victims of its racism and hatred. The hypocrisy of the USA and Europe is tangible, but it does not stop with the Ukraine.

The modern state of Israel was the creation of British imperialism in Palestine. The British colonial authorities, whilst ignoring the wishes of the local Arab population, and bending to the strictures of Zionism – or Jewish racism – annexed part of Palestine and gave it to an influx of Jewish migrants into the area. Prior to the founding of Israel in 1948, the British colonial authorities were subjected to a sustained terrorist campaign carried out by Jewish groups already living in Palestine, and motivated by Zionism. From that day to this, the impoverished Palestinian people have been desperately fighting for their right to exist as a distinct nation, against a ruthless rightwing regime that has received continuous support from the West. Israel has continuously used her ample military resources in an obviously illegal manner to inflict a continuous terrorist campaign against the people of Palestine, whilst receiving no official criticism from the US and the EU. Indeed, any attempted criticism of Israel is automatically conflated with ‘anti-Semitism’, despite the fact that today a significant proportion of the international Jewish community (outside of Israel) officially condemns what Israel is doing in Palestine, and distances themselves from the state of Israel. The message from the Jewish people is that Israel is not representative of the theology of Judaism, and through the distortion of Zionism, is acting in a manner contrary to that teaching.

As the death toll for Palestinians now exceeds 800 during the latest Israeli military excursion into Gaza, the United Nations has been forced, no matter how reluctantly, to move against Israel and start the process of holding Israel to account for its actions. On the 23.7.14, the United Nations Human Rights Council condemned Israeli military action in Gaza, stating that the action constituted ‘disproportionate and indiscriminate attacks’. The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay, speaking from Geneva, stated:

“…there seems to be a strong possibility that international humanitarian law has been violated in a manner that could amount to war crimes.”

This statement was made in reference to the video footage of the Israeli navy deliberating targeting a beach on the 16th of July, and clearly killing young children who were playing with a football. Navi Pillay clarified her statement:

“The disregard for international humanitarian law and for the right to life was sharply evident.”

What is interesting is how the 47 members of the forum representing the UN Human Rights Council voted after the Palestinians proposed a resolution condemning Israeli action in Gaza. The resolution was formerly adopted by 29 votes in favour, 1 against, and 17 abstentions. Of course, predictably the USA – that country which not so long ago declared war on the abstract concept of terrorism – voted against the Palestinian resolution, whilst all 9 EU countries effectively supported the USA through abstention. It is obvious that not supporting Palestine in this situation is in reality supporting the terrorism of Israel.

A Clear Example of Zionism


One particular aspect that sustains and preserves the various ideologies that adhere to an essentially ‘racist’ viewpoint of the world, is that they are generally related to, (and justified by) theistic religious teachings. The discredited pseudo-science of racism that developed and reached its peak in 19th century Europe, based its assumptions upon a natural order existing in the universe, (very much like a feudal hierarchy), which mimicked the medieval Christian Church in its unquestionable structure. This distorted view of the world assumed that a Judeo-Christian god had a) created a physical universe out of nothing, and b) created ‘different’ races of people to live in that universe, with white Europeans being declared the ‘chosen’ and most ‘superior’ amongst the other races, who are distinguished from one another by skin-colour, language, and culture. This religious teaching was secularised and welded to Darwin’s theory of evolution, in an attempt to scientifically prove Judeo-Christian prejudice to be correct in an objective, intellectual sense. It is important to note at this juncture, that the theology that justifies this view, ignores the fact that the supposed saviour of the Christian Church – Jesus Christ – was a Jew from the Middle East, and therefore not a white European. It is also important to stress that Charles Darwin was opposed to racism as being ‘unscientific’ and a product of immense ignorance. Religion joined forces with British imperialism, to misrepresent science and theology.

This type of modern racism, from which Zionism has emerged, perpetuates hatred of others through religious myth, presented as objective fact. In a sense, it represents neither ‘science’ nor ‘religion’; such is the power of its distorting force. It presents its bigoted case through the pretence of objective rationality, whilst pursuing and perpetuating assumed prejudices from a distant past. It is a purely mythological and inverted mindset that has nothing to do with science and everything to do with the the ignorance surrounding religious imagination. This imagination, however, is not benign, but highly malevolent in its nature. It represents the psychological darkness of self-hatred projected (and perpetuated) into the world through physical actions, actions that include the prevention of the development of progressive reason and logic, both within and throughout society. The world is arbitrarily split into ‘good’ and ‘evil’, where everything placed into the latter category is ridiculed, attacked, and ultimately destroyed, by those who unilaterally declare themselves to be ‘pure’, and the chosen (and preferred) people of an imagined deity. Modern racism, fed as it was through the industrialisation process and the development of science, takes these religious myths and updates the structure through contemporary socio-economic conditions. This is why the many different types of racism that are prevalent today, actually exhibit attributes that was relevant during the 19th century, and the rise of European imperialism. This development assumed, (incorrectly), that its success around the globe was due to the invisible hand of a mysterious god, rather than the logical consequence of the development of progressive (and destructive) industrial forces, and the technological innovations that such a development bestowed upon the societies that produced them. A bullet fired from a gun (that passes through a cowhide shield), and fatally pierces a tribal warrior living within a primitive society, is a purely discernable and logical process, that does not require a divine motivation or interference, for it to be effective. Material (and technological) superiority is a product of human physical (and intellectual) labour and has nothing to do with religion or an invisible deity.

The Palestinians have been kept in a state of arrested economic and industrial development since the creation of the state of Israel in 1948. The Israeli state receives unconditional support from the Judeo-Christian influenced USA, and their European allies. This essentially renders Israel exempt from the strictures (and punishments) usually associated with International Law, as the international community refuses to hold Israel to account for its many military and paramilitary actions that are a clear violation of Human Rights. The list of these violations is extensive and is growing day by day. As the number of Palestinians killed reaches over 600 today, (with over 3000 wounded), Europe mourns the 298 who died on the airliner downed in the Ukraine recently, (whilst condemning Russia without evidence for this tragedy), but collectively chooses to ignore the highly destructive and murderous activities that are being carried-out in Gaza by heavily armed Israeli infantry and tanks. Gaza is a very small area of Palestine which has seen a besieged and desperate Palestinian population ever forced into a smaller and smaller living area by illegal Israeli actions. The Israeli military continues to deliberately target areas of dense civilian populations, which inevitably has lead to the deaths of many children.

Yesterday, Hamas fired a missile that landed near the Tel Aviv’s main Ben Gurion International Airport, in Israel. The missile caused neither significant damage, nor any casualties in the area, but the USA’s Federal Aviation Administrations (FAA), immediately announced a 24 hour ban on all US aeroplanes flying into Israel. The international face of Zionism, or Israeli racism, sprang into action and immediately began its relentless lobbying of US politicians, requesting that the ban be lifted as it sends the wrong message to the world. The rightwing BBC, taking the Israeli side, spent much of its news time looking at how this ban might be detrimental to the Israeli economy, and how such an action, (which apparently ‘isolates’ Israel from the international community) might be viewed as a punishment for its current actions in Gaza. Zionism has led to members of the US Jewish business and political community acting as unofficial ambassadors for the state of Israel in this matter, and lobbying on their behalf. This behaviour is essentially that of US citizens acting in a manner that reflects the interests of another sovereign nation – a behaviour that led to US citizens sympathetic to Iraqi or Afghani issues during America’s war on terrorism, being imprisoned without trial at Guantanamo Bay. Israel, whilst behaving in a manner that is obviously totalitarian and fascistic, nevertheless presents itself on the international stage as the ‘eternal victim’. After killing and destroying the Palestinians, the Israeli state would now have us believe that they are the true victims of the aggression they perpetuate. Israel follows political Zionism and is therefore a racist country that should be stripped of its international immunity and face the consequences of its many illegal actions toward others. In a modern and progressive age, religion should not be allowed to dominate political policy, or to define reality.

Human Rights and Neo-Imperilism


The Judeo-Christian tradition has undoubtedly been a major developmental influence upon the cultural and political development of Europe and the USA. For at least a thousand years, this religious teaching arising within a Roman-dominated Middle East, held the populace of the West in its psychological, moral, and physical grasp. As there has not been a radical or permanent ‘break’ with the past (through revolution) in Western Europe, the Judeo-Christian tradition has been allowed to develop more or less naturally as the socio-economic conditions have changed. As educational standards improved in Europe, the power of the Judeo-Christian tradition – in its obvious religious expression – began to wane. This process of the loss of power in Europe was aided and enhanced by the rediscovery of Greek logic (preserved in Islamic libraries) throughout the world, and the subsequent development and re-emergence of rationality and science in the West. This process of renaissance and enlightenment was confronted and brutally opposed by the Catholic and Protestant Churches, (and ignored by the adherents of the Jewish religion). It is ironic that in the old days only the nobility and the Church retained the ability to read and write, and even then it was only designed as a means to read and copy the bible, so that the laity could be kept firmly in their place, dominated as they were by the imaginations of theology, that were masquerading as a cross between a legitimate political philosophy, and a pseudo-scientific theory. It was just this ability to read and write that led to a number of Christian monks – such as Giordano Bruno (1548-1600) – an Italian Dominican friar, who is today recognised as being a very able philosopher, mathematician, poet, and astrologer, to break out of the tyranny of theological conditioning. He agreed with Copernicus that the sun was at the centre of the solar system, and that planets evolved around it, but went further by asserting that there were many other suns that had planets revolving around them throughout the universe, and that it was a logical possibility that on some of these planets, there would exist other forms of life. This development of logical thinking out of theological propaganda, led to Bruno being tried for heresy by the Catholic Church (a trial that began in 1593), and publically burnt at the stake in Rome, in 1600.

The example of Giordano Bruno serves as an indicator of the routine use of torture and terrorism by the established Church in the West, as it tried to prevent the re-emergence of logical thinking. Bruno, of course, was arrested by the ‘Roman Inquisition’ – an odious Catholic institution that still exists in the Vatican (as the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith), which acts very much in the mould of the Nazi German SS. Researchers claim that for over a thousand year time period of systematic abuse, torture, and murder in the West, the Christian Church has killed thousands upon thousands of people – with the final total possibly in the millions. This aggression has its origins in the inverted mindset that lies behind religious imaginations that are often anything but benign. An idea of a god is generated in the mind of an individual, and mistakenly interpreted as existing in the environment, independent of the mind that has created it. This illusion is then imbued with qualities associated with the physical universe – which is infinitely large, self-sustaining, and all embracing. This thought in the form of a god is then further distorted as being the creator of the physical world it mimics. Theology is then a distorted use of the intellect which seeks to justify this fundamental inversion and misunderstanding of reality. Theology justifies the perpetuation of this ignorance through a bewildering array of imaginations that are believed to be both ‘good’ and ‘correct’. Theology is yet another invention of the inverted intellect that assumes delusions of grandeur that really does not exist any further than in the mind of its human creators. When illogicality of theology is attacked by reason, it responds by resisting the corrective nature of the logical criticism, by attacking the physical body that is producing progressive attitudes and ideas. The Christian Church has demonstrated throughout its history that its preferred method of crushing the emergence of logic and reason is the physical eradication of those who dare to throw-off the shackles of ignorance and darkness.

Today, the socio-economic forces of the West have produced the conditions for the human mind to move beyond the conditioning of a theology that reflects medieval (and earlier) conditions, and which have led to the development of secular logic and presumed superior standards of moral behaviour. The problem with this development is that it is not ‘free’ of the Judeo-Christian tradition that has served as its historical basis. The conditions that have given rise to modern secularist thinking in the West are not only socio-economic, but are also theological in nature. Socio-economic development, it is true, has allowed for the stripping of obvious religiosity from around Christian theology, and created what is sometimes referred to as ‘humanistic’ thinking, but the nature of secularist thinking remains firmly rooted in the very bible it appears to have transcended. Just as Judeo-Christian theology is not logical or universal in the rational sense, it follows that any secularist thinking premised upon its religious imaginations, does not represent humanity as a whole, and should not be referred to as ‘humanistic’, as this is a contradiction in terms. The rhetoric of Judeo-Christian theology very much represents the socio-economic conditions of Roman-occupied Judea around 150 CE, and reflects the Jewish concerns of the time. This out of date thinking dominated Europe in a most destructive manner for centuries, before finally collapsing under the substantial weight of its own inherent contradictions. The supposed ‘morality’ of the Judeo-Christian tradition is enforced upon a modern world through the strictures of ‘human rights’, which are really an expression of how the Judeo-Christian influenced West chooses to view the world. Humanism is nothing but theology stripped of its obvious outer garb of religiosity, and enforced on other people (and countries) through military and political action. It can be clearly seen today in Gaza, as Israel packages its murderous actions with Old Testament biblical references, and in how the West currently treats African nations, China, and Russia. Secularism is being used by modern Western governments as a form of neo-imperialism – because it is friendly to the development and sustaining of capitalism in undeveloped areas – and as a ‘new crusade’ against anything that dares to be different. In this situation, modern Western governments mimic, in their behaviour, the proselytising spirit of the Church they have replaced.

Last Train Home (歸途列車) Film Review

last train1

Lixin Fan – Director – Last Train Home

‘The sharp contrast between the lives in cities and countryside always struck me. Submerged under the glamour of the modern metropolis, the poverty in the vast rural area is overwhelming. As I travelled, I started to focus on the migrant workers, whom I believe have contributed the most to China’s prosperity but benefitted the least.’ Lixin Fan – Director – Last Train Home (2010)

The film released in the West as ‘Last Train Home’ is actually entitled ’歸途列車 (Gui Tu Lie Che)’, or ‘Homeward Train’, and is a documentary produced over a period of several years from 2006 onwards. It was released in China in 2009 and in the West in 2011. It covers the lives of the Zhang family who own a large plot of land within Sichuan province, and who were previously peasant-farmers prior to the modernisation of China. As the government embarked upon the introduction into China of Socialist capitalist forces, families had to relocate to the cities where large industries (employing thousands of people) have been established. Despite many permanently resettling in the cities, and abandoning their farm land, it is estimated that around 130 million migrant workers make the trip into the cities, whilst older and younger members of their families stay on the farm land and look after the home. This army of migrant workers spend 50 weeks of the year working in factories that provide living quarters and regular food to their workers. It is only during the two-week holiday of Chinese New Year that the factories shut-down and the employees are allowed home.

last train2

The Zhang Family:

Grandmother – Tang Tingsui

Father – Zhang Changhua

Mother – Chen Suqin

Daughter – Zhang Qin

Son – Zhang Yang

 Official Website:

Last Train Home –

Chinese New Year – which occurs around January or February depending upon the time of the ‘spring’ new moon – is the only time of the year that everything grinds to a complete standstill in China, and everyone travels to be with their families. This tradition is thousands of years old and has its roots in the feudalistic notions of Confucian filial piety, or expressions of respect for one’s parents. Eating a meal together, around a large table signifies ‘completion’ and the maintenance of ‘order’ throughout society. The millions of migrant workers – or mobile proletariat – have to compete for limited train tickets at the local train stations, at this important time of the year. The system is such that the affordable tickets go on sale around a day or two before the train is due to depart, and there is no guarantee once a ticket is purchased, that a train will turn-up to carry the workers home. The nearer the time gets for the train to depart, the higher the price of the tickets become. Although the film features a number of ‘return’ journeys home for the Zhang family, often they are left with no option than to fight thousands of others to get on the ‘last’ train running-out of Guangzhou to their homeland in Sichuan. Even with tickets, the trains are crammed to maximum capacity with the workers and their luggage which can vary from modest bags to massive cases. Most people remain standing for the entire two day journey which can be longer if the train suffers mechanical failure, or the weather prevents onward movement. As there is a general panic this time of year, many people are hurt during the crush at the train stations, and occasionally a tragic fatality occurs. It is normal practice for the authorities to ask the migrant workers to behave with civility toward one another, whilst simultaneously deploying riot police, and even the military, to keep order. This film often shows the police and soldiers acting with sympathy towards the massive crowds who are waiting for trains that never seem to appear.

The Zhang family portrayed consists of a husband and wife, a grandmother, and a young boy (son) and a teenage girl (daughter). Initially it is the husband and wife who work in Guangzhou for the year, and the grandmother stays on the farm and single-handedly looks after the land whilst bringing-up two demanding youths. As the daughter gets older (around 17 years old), there is a touching scene where she is filmed kneeling and lighting incense at the family grave of her grandfather, whilst explaining to his spirit that she wants to give-up her education (against her parents wishes), and like her parents, travel to the city and work in the factories. This is exactly what she does, but her parents are of the opinion that to breakout of the cycle of migrant working, their two children should study at school and university whilst they ‘eat the bitterness’ of life, on their behalf. In other words, the suffering of the parents caused by the exploitative factory system earns a certain amount of economic freedom for their children to enjoy. With this freedom – something the previous generation of toilers did not possess – the children are in a position to ‘think’ their way out of poverty, and gain educational qualifications that have the potential to change their lives. However, it is clear that the son is not keen on school, even though his parents do nothing but encourage and support him, whilst the daughter has developed the viewpoint that because her parents are never home, they do not love or care for her. It is ironic that this young woman, freed as she is from the tyranny of feudalistic history, nevertheless uses this ‘freedom’ to attack and criticise the very vehicle (i.e. her parents) that has provided it for her! Whilst the parents suffer routinely, their daughter is seen working in a factory for a short while, before being attracted by the glitz and bright lights of the hedonistic city life, and its underbelly. She ends-up going from place to place, and from job to job, occasionally signing-up for education courses, and then leaving them unfinished. Although not openly stated in the film, there is a definite impression that her parents continue to support her financially, as she exercises her newly found ‘freedom’.This film is a masterpiece that shows modern China as it develops from the Communist Revolution of Mao Zedong, and through the economic reforms of Deng Xiao Ping. Officially in China the embracing of ‘free market economics’ is termed ‘Socialist Market Forces’, and is designed to rapidly develop the infrastructure and superstructure of the Chinese state. This has seen the abandoning of the ‘iron rice bowl’ developed by Mao (that was based upon the Soviet model), which saw the Chinese people cared for by the state from the cradle to the grave, and the instigation of privatisation and self-sufficiency, albeit within a firm legal framework that is designed to curve the more brutal elements associated with capitalism. For instance, generally speaking it is illegal to lay workers off, and an attempt is made to keep jobs by cutting wages – but the reality of this policy is that many workers can no longer work for such low wages and voluntarily quit their jobs – this has been the case with the mother in this documentary, who has now returned to the farm, whilst her husband continues to work in the factories of Guangzhou. This film demonstrates ‘modern’ China and does show how far China has developed – and continues to develop – under her own steam. Gone are the days of Chinese people kowtowing to imperialist foreigners who preferred travel in rickshaws or sedan chairs propelled by virtual slaves. China is quickly going through the trauma of industrialisation – a process that the UK has experienced over the last two hundred years or so. Capitalist market forces are required to modernise and create new freedoms – indeed to create a fully functioning proletariat – that will lead the country to a bright new future. This kind of essential growth is riddled with suffering as the work of Marx continuously demonstrates. The difference between the USA, for instance, and China is that China openly acknowledges the superiority of Marxist thought and is striving to succeed where the Soviet Union ultimately failed, whereas the USA simply adheres to the principle of free market economics, which is in reality simply the ongoing perpetuation of greed for profit that will always favour the privileged few. China is undergoing a vitally important social experiment that has untold implications for the future of humanity. This simple film has caught the essence of that process.


Protest Against Israeli Fascism – London 18.7.14














(A version of this article appeared in the New Worker – the newspaper of the New Communist Party of Britain, No. 1783, dated 25.7.14, Page 3)

An Israeli spokesperson (making a statement to the BBC World Service), recently justified his country’s latest military incursion into Gaza, as being a product of Israel’s right to legitimate ‘self-defence’. In the exercising of this right, the Israeli military machine – led by tanks – entered Gaza following a sustained aerial bombardment that left 200 Palestinians dead, and around 1200 severely wounded. This indiscriminate use of force has killed men, women, and children of all ages, including those with disabilities who lacked the physical ability to attempt to run away from the Israeli bombs and heavily armed assault troops. Although Hamas has fired rockets into Israel as a protest against Israeli imperialist aggression in their country, it is a reported fact that only one Israeli has died, and he was an Israeli soldier killed in the line of duty. No Israeli citizens have died from the Hamas use of rockets in the recent exchanges.


The appalling situation facing the oppressed Palestinians has gripped the imagination of all right-minded people around the world and has inspired one demonstration after another, with each expressing an uncompromising solidarity with the people of Gaza. This is because the State of Israel – a product of British imperialism – and despite many of its elder citizens having been the victims of the Nazi holocaust of WWII, nevertheless, use their armed forces to oppress an impoverished Arab population, whilst continuously seeking to illegally take more and more land from them. Ironically, Old Testament rhetoric is often employed by Israeli nationalism to justify their actions – actions that are often illegal in the eyes of International Law, but which go unpunished due to the unconditional support Israel receives from the USA and many European countries – including the UK.





















The modern Israeli State was created through the use of terrorism perpetuated against the British authorities in Palestine. Zionism – the creed of the State of Israel – is essentially racist and has within its strictures an indifference to those who are non-Jewish. This is because the Judaic myth states that only Jewish people are the ‘chosen ones’ by god, and therefore only Jews matter, or are of any consequence in the world. Marx often wrote that religion is a product of an inverted mind, or to explain it another way, religion is a random collection of imaginations that have no bearing upon reality, despite the comfort these teachings might give to those who adhere to them. Zionism is the political distortion of the religiosity of Judaism – strictly speaking it is not Judaism per se, but is a virus-type infection that has the tendency to draw all into itself. Not all Jews are Zionists, but all Zionists are racists by definition, and this biblically justified racism is the motivation behind the oppression in Gaza.


This ongoing situation of Israel doing whatever it wants to do with impunity, led today to thousands upon thousands of British people gathering outside Downing Street, and marching to the Israeli Embassy via Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens, in temperatures of around 30 degrees. British Muslims from various ethnic groups and cultures joined Palestinians, people from other countries, and many other British people, young and old, male and female, able-bodied, and disabled. Despite a strong police presence, there was no reported trouble.


















Along the route, occasionally devout Muslims would move to the side of the pavement, or step into a local park and unroll their mat for prayer, while the elderly and those with disabilities still made their way along the route, even though they had fallen behind the official police-line marking the rear of the march, and were even behind the army of well organised road-sweepers whose job it was to clean-up the streets in its wake. Placards and posters routinely called for Gaza to be free, and for Israel to change its policy and stop behaving in a fascist, and highly destructive manner. Despite the continuous pro-Israeli British media, and total lack of impartiality from the BBC, it is obvious that their propaganda is not working. Multitudes of intelligent and right-minded people marched through London, demonstrating that no matter who has control of the state media, reality will still seep through into the human mind and protests against lying and oppression will instantaneously emerge from the masses.



DSC_0346  DSC_0351


Perhaps one of the most poignant events today, occurred outside Hyde Park, where a small group of Jewish people representing the ‘Boycott Israeli Goods’ (BIG) campaign, unfurled a banner which stated ‘It’s Kosher to boycott Israeli Goods’ and ‘Say No To Injustice’. Many pro-Palestinian protestors thanked them for their presence and support, proving that a protest against Israel is not necessarily a campaign against Jewish people, nor motivated by any notions of anti-Semitism. This protest in London today should send shock raves through Tel Aviv!

Catholic Church Formerly Demonises Mental Illness


Pope Francis, lauded by many religionists as ‘liberal’ and ‘tolerant’, nevertheless rules over an empire of mental illness comprised of theological Catholicism. This deviation from the Eastern Orthodox Christian tradition makes most of its headway using the method of ‘forced conversion’ against the vulnerable and deprived, which live within the economically undeveloped areas of the world. As Western Europe recovers from over a thousand years of Christian oppression and developmental darkness, and is steadily evolving into a secular society, the Catholic Church, whilst losing its Western adherents, targets populations in Asia and South America. The fact that many of its celibate nuns and priests have been exposed as serial sexual abusers of children in the West, has assisted the demise of the reputation and popularity of the church in Europe, particularly in the light of the recent discovery of the bodily remains of over 800 children in the grounds of a former Catholic orphanage in Ireland.   As the rational mind begins to assert itself amongst the general population in the West, the Catholic Church must seek its converts elsewhere; despite having a minority of Europeans adherents who have not yet developed the dialectical ability to ‘see through’ the psychological inversion that the institution of the Catholic Church represents.

Popes come and go, and are routinely labelled ‘liberal’, ‘moderate’, or ‘conservative’, etc, but the essential delusion of religion they represent continues unabated through the generations. In reality, it makes no difference whether a pope is considered ‘liberal’ or not, as the church he represents is thoroughly conservative and corrupt from top to bottom, and is one of the main facets through which the bourgeoisie retain their grip upon society, and the continued oppression of the working class. This systematic bourgeois oppression is both physical and psychological in nature. Whilst ensuring the physical straitjacket of social oppression stays firmly in place, a mythology of pure imagination – referred to as ‘theology’ – is administered to the working class to prevent their logical mind from functioning correctly, and ‘seeing through’ the historical socio-economic conditioning of their existential circumstance. Irrational theology, through its many bizarre imaginations, serves as the foundation for the dysfunction of the human mind; a mind which is responding to the oppressive external circumstances it encounters through the senses. This in turn creates the conditions for psychological illnesses and psychiatric problems. The conditioned oppression imported into the mind and body of the working class, inevitably rebounds back into the world via the agencies of physical and mental illnesses. The Catholic Church, like the bourgeois class that creates it, causes these illnesses in its pious adherents, and then blames the individual sufferer for the symptoms they manifest. This is tantamount to blaming the victims of oppression for the oppression they suffer.

Pope Francis is probably the most dangerous and sinister of recent popes. The Catholic Church has used his appointment to embark upon a sophisticated and multifaceted public relations exercise that is made to look as if it is all the decision of the pope himself, when in reality the Catholic Church is actually run by hidden ecclesiastical groups that are ruthless and do nothing unless it serves their selfish purposes. It is no secret that the Catholic Church assisted Nazi Germany in its attempts to eradicate the existence of European Jewry, and its misogynistic attitudes toward women are so well known as to be almost common-place today, and something of a forgone conclusion. For the Catholic Church, women as a distinct category are assumed – a priori – to be naturally dominated by men, simply because of the theological lie that Eve betrayed Adam, and that god’s representative on earth – the pope – is a man, etc. The body of a woman belongs to the church, and every decision she makes about it must conform to the dogma of theology. This Catholic imperialism ensures that through its denial of the use and effectiveness of contraception, future generations of Catholics are sired.

Although it may be argued that the creation and belief in theology is itself a form of mental illness, it is also true that modern bourgeois society is the cause of many different forms of psychological and psychiatric distress within individuals. The real and long term answer to this is to change the externality of bourgeois society through revolution, so that the physical world is organised along the lines of that which is most conducive to humanity’s needs and wants. This removes the discord between the inner and outer experience of existence, as the psychological patterns of the mind are influenced by the new non-oppressive and progressive social structures. This state of Socialism (and subsequent transformation into Communism), ensures that psychological and psychiatric disturbances will be transcended through the establishment of an advanced civilisation, that does not deliberately create debilitating mental illnesses in the minds of its citizens, as a means to demean and control them. The apparently ‘wonderful’ new pope has acknowledged the validity of the highly backward and destructive practice of ‘exorcism’, and is known to believe that those suffering disabilities are possessed by the devil. In other words, the distorted psychology (and function of the mind), forced upon the working class by its bourgeois oppressors, is assisted in its inversion by the Catholic Church, who interpret its manifestation not as medical symptoms emerging from the mind and body, but rather as proof of the presence of ‘demons’ and ‘spirits’ as envisioned through their theology. Instead of encouraging this backward view of the world, it should be acknowledged that priests who believe in ‘exorcism’ are themselves suffering from mental illness – but it is a mental illness in the service of the church itself, that goes undiagnosed and untreated. Exorcism is just another way of controlling poorly educated communities through the use of ignorance and fear, which is a policy viciously supported by the bourgeois film industry. This type of religiosity is clearly a crime against humanity, and shares exactly the same predicates as that theology which has justified the mass and continuous sexual abuse of children by paedophile priests. What links all this strange and bizarre behaviour together is the reality that those who inflict this suffering on the oppressed and the vulnerable within society, justify it to themselves (and others), as a matter of ‘following god’s will’. This new pope is no different to all others and should be treated with contempt. As the evidence of dysfunctionality mounts, surely it is now time to abolish the Christian church in all its manifest dysfunctional manifestations.

Palestine and the Asymmetric Value of Life


Criticism of the behaviour of the modern nation state of Israel is hampered by history and the political domination of the rightwing. Modern Israel pursues a rampant nationalism, (i.e. ‘Zionism’), which is – like all variants of bourgeois nationalism – racially motivated and culturally bias. Anti-Semitism, of course, that is the irrational hatred of a race of people, existed prior to the rise of the Christian movement, but has been encapsulated and preserved in that theology, down to the present day. Anti-Semitism, as a manifestation of a bourgeois sham (designed to separate the international working class and make it fight amongst itself), should not be confused with the legitimate criticism of the political, cultural, and military behaviour of the modern state of Israel. The behaviour of Israel, is not the behaviour of all Jewish people that live in the world, but is rather the historically conditioned unfolding of brutal oppression as developed and perpetuated by the international bourgeoisie. Modern Israel behaves in a thoroughly rightwing and intolerant manner, whilst people of the Jewish religion, often face a continuous anti-Semitism from the Christian right (and its supporters), which is in reality simply another branch of the international bourgeoisie. This apparent contradiction and disunity amongst the ruling classes signifies a conflict premised entirely upon the myth of religion. The contradiction and paradox mounts up when it is understood that Christianity is historically a branch of Judaism, and has strove to artificially distance itself from its mother-religion by embracing anti-Semitism. Early Christians were counted as Jews, until their behaviour resulted in their expulsion from the Jewish religion. Whereas at one point these Jewish-Christians would have been the victims of anti-Semitism, following their systemic break with Judaic officialdom, the Christians deliberately aligned themselves with anti-Semitic racism, and this perspective of prejudice, discrimination, and intolerance, has served as a foundation for the development of theology and church policy to the present day. This racist mind-set has been compounded by the Christian pursuance of the Judaic belief in the god-given ‘specialness’ of its adherents. Judaic adherents believe that they form the ‘chosen people’, as do the Christians – who were rejected out of this ‘specialness’. Christianity has had to re-define its ‘specialness’ by making it available to anyone (Judaism does not proselytise), through the socio-psychological and cultural pressure of ‘conversion’. Whereas within Judaism it is believed that only those born ‘Jewish’ are saved, Christianity has developed the counter-myth that only those who ‘convert’ to Christianity will be ‘saved’.

The problems that the modern state of Israel represents, does not require the use of anti-Semitism to convey. From a purely dialectical perspective, the situation is clear-cut, particularly when the words of Marx are remembered, and religion is taken as the basis for all ignorance oppression. The history of religion, that is the history of imagined realities, is the unfolding of mythology mistaken as fact, throughout human society, and which influences its continued development. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, are all facets of the same theological mythology. The Jewish Rabbis had reduced polytheism to monotheism, and created the notion that those who were born as ‘Jews’, were simultaneously born ‘special’, and that all those not born within Judaism, were subsequently ‘not special’, and by implication, ‘not blessed by god’. The founders of Christianity and Islam – Yeshua Ben Yoseph (Greek: Jesus Christ), and Mohammed – were both Jewish reformers who took-on the collective ‘specialness’ applied to the Jewish people, firmly onto themselves as individuals. This megalomania led to obsessive faith in select individuals, by followers who fought one another to prove that their particular ‘prophet’ was the most ‘special’, or indeed the ‘only’ special human communicator with a god that no one else could see. Judaism rejects Christianity and Islam as false teachings perpetuated by rebel Jews who attempted to distort the ‘true’ teachings of Judaism into nothing less than a personal fetish. In other words, the fetish of group religion is reduced to the fetish of individual religion, and this irony remains unobserved by the ‘faithful’ in both camps. Jewish resistance and antagonism toward the adherents of Christianity and Islam, is premised solely upon the foundation that these two religious pathways distort rabbinical and biblical teaching. It is an attack on other religions justified through the theology of a vengeful god. It is interesting to note that Christianity attacks both Judaism and Islam for exactly the same reason, as does Islam in its attacks upon Judaism and Christianity. Each of these three inter-related religions all advocate an exclusive ‘specialness’ for their own adherents, that due to its intolerant core, ensures that each generation either completely intellectually dismisses the relevance and validity of the other religions, or openly attacks and destroys their physical presence in the world – quite often both responses are pursued simultaneously. As theology represents a psychological cul-de-sac of an imaginary take on the world, it’s totalitarian and hierarchical statements can never be proven as ‘real’, but which can be continuously fought over by one generation to the next. The conflict and violence is real, whilst the theology that causes it is false.

Modern Israel is a direct product of European – specifically British – imperialism. Following WWII, and the subsequent shock of the Nazi German holocaust against European Jewry, the British bourgeoisie that ruled Palestine, without taking into account the wishes of the majority of its inhabitants, arbitrarily separated the country in half and allowed the modern state of Israel to be established in a predominantly Islamic country. Due to the situation in war-torn Europe, people of Jewish origin migrated in their thousands to this newly founded state – this included survivors of the Nazi death-camps. Almost immediately the Islamic population protested and was ignored by the Western powers of the international community. The modern state of Israel, in the meantime, was financially and militarily supported by the USA and Western Europe, and would eventually be given nuclear weapons. The Palestinians, supported by the Soviet Union and other Middle Eastern countries, gathered arms and periodically launched campaigns of open warfare against Israel, but failed to achieve the objective of reuniting their country, Israel, after-all, was materially supported by the advanced capitalist countries, whilst Palestinians lived in a state of abject poverty, having to face the daily presence of heavily armed and aggressive Israeli soldiers at checkpoints and on street corners. Israeli and Palestinian relations have more or less continued in a spiral of death and destruction which has seen the routine exchange of tit for tat torture, kidnap, and murder. The impoverished Palestinians struggle to retain a grip on their own country, whilst Israel continues to build settler-homes (exclusively for Jews) upon Palestinian land.

Young Palestinian children, and youths are routinely maimed and killed by the Israeli military forces. The Western bourgeois media virtually ignores these regular occurrences – deeming them unworthy of reporting. However, whenever an Israeli child or youth is maimed or killed, the Western bourgeois media immediately springs into action with an indepth analysis of the situation and the people involved. The Palestinians are always presented as ‘terrorists’ and the Israelis as otherwise ‘pure’ and ‘innocent’ victims of a pointless violence carried-out by members of a morally bankrupt religion. The tragedy of the three Israeli youths found dead recently, has initiated this sentimentalist response from the Western media, which has begrudgingly, and as an after-thought, also reported that the body a dead Palestinian youth has also been discovered. The message is clear – the value of life ascribed to an Israeli is greater than the value of life ascribed to a Palestinian. Although it is exactly the same ignorant religiosity that underlies all bourgeois thinking and behaviour, the matter is complicated by racism and political expediency. Sixty years ago, political policy was openly dictated by anti-Semitism, which was the norm throughout Europe. Today, the political policy of the USA and Europe is dictated through the auspices of Islamophobia. The lurking religiosity of Christianity can be seen to be behind these two policies of hatred. When all the historical issues surrounding imperialism and colonisation are taken into account, it is the Judeo-Christian mythos of ‘specialness’ that fuels religious and secular nationalism and racism. As Islam (Palestine), is a threat to the hegemony of Judaism (Israel), the life of an Israeli will always be viewed as significantly more valuable to that of a Palestinian.

With the religious notion of ‘specialness’ comes the inevitable shadow of ‘victimhood’. When the notion of religiously inspired specialness is criticised, deconstructed, or condemned for whatever reason, those who believe that they are divinely ‘lifted up’, through its auspices, immediately and habitually condemn the criticism as an ‘attack’ and resort to the counter-strategy of assumed ‘victimhood’. Victimhood and specialness form two-sides of the religiously minted coin – one can not exist without the other. Physical and psychological suffering, imagined or otherwise, is unnecessarily fed through the Judeo-Christian religious filter (including Islam), so that even the assumed mantle of ‘victimhood’ becomes yet another manifestation of religious inspired ‘specialness’. It is a cycle of irrationality preserved and conveyed within the structure of theological teaching. The Judeo-Christian religionist is of the opinion that his ‘specialness’ is greater than any other distinguishing mark in life, and that his suffering is more authentic, worthwhile and legitimate than that experienced by any other individual or group. Indeed, as the bible conveys, to be ‘special’, is to be a ‘victim’, and although Israel is undoubtedly an imperialist presence which oppresses the Palestinians (with the complicity and aid of the bourgeois West), nevertheless, it is equally true that both the Jewish Israelis and the Muslim Palestinians both perpetuate religious ignorance as legitimate aspects of national characteristics. The impoverished and disadvantaged Palestinian Muslim stands in stark contrast to the privileged and all-powerful Israeli Jew – whilst both sets of religionists continue to claim a special divine rite, whilst simultaneously asserting that each is a ‘victim’ of history and circumstance.

Any attack upon Israel, or Israeli interests, is automatically interpreted by the Israeli state as being motivated by ‘anti-Semitic’ sentiment, and no distinction is made between these acts, and those that are genuinely ‘revolutionary’ in nature. This is how the propaganda of the Israeli state deliberately conflates and confuses genuine anti-Semitism with genuine revolution. This is a prime example of bourgeois conservatism at work, which reduces all progressive criticism and action against it, to the level of blatant anti-Israeli racism. This appeals to the contradictory nature of Western Bourgeois sentiment that since the end of WWII has officially followed the line of condemning racism, whilst actually continuing to perpetuate it around the world, through the vehicle of Christian theology, or its secular form as found within modern politics and commercial interests. As the Western bourgeoisie reject the excesses of its Nazi German branch, it behaves in a manner where it feels it must continuously support the victims of those excesses – namely the followers of Judaism and the modern state of Israel. This unconditional bourgeois support may be broadly described as ‘rightwing’, and noted for the fact that it varies to a considerable degree in its sincerity. This unconditioned support is countered (on the right) by various racist, nationalist, and Christian fundamentalist groups, (which for one reason or another) oppose the existence of Judaism and the Israeli state, etc. Although the unconditioned support for the modern state of Israel from prominent factors of the bourgeois right is politically and militarily powerful, such support, however, is not unanimous. This situation may be juxtaposed with the progressive and bourgeois political left, which more or less unconditionally supports the Palestinian cause. The left views the Palestinian people as being the victims of imperialism and colonialism, and varies in its proposed solutions to the problem. At one end of the scale there is the establishment of a peaceful co-existence between Israel and Palestine, possibly with geographical area that is now left of Palestine recognised as a sovereign state, and its people protected by international law. At the other end of the scale there is the idea that Israel as a state should be severely economically, politically, and militarily punished for its behaviour in the Occupied Territories, and even that the state of Israel itself should be dissolved and the Israeli population moved elsewhere. It is interesting to note the similarity in many of these policies between left and right – policies which not unjustifyingly, often attract the accusation of anti-Semitism as a motivating force. If Israel was removed as an influencing factor in Palestine, the immediate issue of Palestinian freedom would be solved. However, a Palestine free of Judaism is a Palestine full of Islam. The Palestinian people may be politically free in one sense, as they may pursue self-determination, but remain entirely shackled to the self-limiting theology of Islam, that has its roots within Judeo-Christian religiosity. Without the Marxist transcendence of religiosity in Palestine – and the equal freeing of Jewish and Muslim workers – replacing one religion with another does not solve the issue of historical oppression of the international bourgeois over the international proletariat. As long as religion rules the roost, the worth of human life will always be asymmetric in Palestine, and religious hatred will ensure that one massacre always follows on from another without end. This is the price humanity has to pay for a contrived ‘specialness’ on earth that only ever exists within the human imagination.

The modern state of Israel, although geographically small, (around half the size of Wales), is significant for the West as it represents a symbolic European presence in a predominantly Arabic area. Anti-Bolshevik, British imperialism created the conditions for the migration of millions of Jews from Soviet Russia, who were adamantly opposed to Marxist-Leninism, and the establishment of a Socialist state in pursuance of the development of Communism. The Balfour Declaration of 1917 set the agenda for the establishment of a Jewish state in Palestine, a British plan which was implemented from 1917 onwards, but which received official government backing in the early 1920’s via the so-called ‘Mandate of Palestine’, which was nothing other than the League of Nation’s attempt to define and justify European imperialism. The Arab authorities in Palestine continuously refused to grant permission for the mass migration of Jewish settlers into their country, and were never consulted in the eventual partition of Palestine by Britain and the United Nations in 1948. The wishes of the Arab population of Palestine were completely ignored by the UN in their planning to establish an Israeli state premised upon the Israeli nationalism (Zionism). As the USSR supported the Palestinians as an ‘oppressed population’, the USA supported the state of Israel as a representative of European capitalism in the Middle East. Any opposition to the establishment of what amounts to a Western backed pro-capitalist, and highly militarised colony in Palestine, is immediately equated with anti-Semitism in the USA and Israel, even though such a criticism is based upon the legitimate observation and interpretation of historical fact, and is not, in anyway, premised upon racial or religious bigotry. In fact the establishment of the state of Israel by the United Nations can be viewed as the continuation of the anti-Semitic policy of removing otherwise integrated Jewish populations from mainstream European life, and ghettoising these populations in a single, small state in an obscure part of the world. Creating the modern state of Israel in Palestine also ensures that the transplanted Jewish populations are under continuous cultural and military pressure. This precarious situation is ‘balanced’ by every illegal act carried-out by the Israeli state being ignored and going unpunished, whilst the West throws limitless amounts of money and arms, whilst a priori supporting every action the Israeli authorities take against a terribly impoverished, Palestinian population. The existence of Israel also serves as a great ‘de-stabiliser’ in the Middle East, which is designed to create doubt and insecurity in the area, and serve as a platform for European foreign policy. Despite the pretence of secularism, Western religiously inspired imperialism can be clearly perceived in the case of the relationship between the West and Israel. When the bible is used to justify and interpret reality, conflict between ‘fact’ and ‘fiction’ is the inevitable result.

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