Disability Rights: Urban Edge (Paignton)


Urban Edge is Coffee-shop come wine bar in the centre of Paignton (in the Victoria Street area opposite Paignton Train Station).  These premises are own by a local businessman (and notorious hater of Disabled people) named Mr Mark Lewis.  His behaviour (and that of his colluding staff) made headline news in 2013, when one of my leftwing newspaper articles went viral, and his despicable treatment of the local Disabled population was finally exposed to the general public:

Picassos Coffee Lounge (Torquay) Discriminates Against Disabled People!

Many descent minded local people went to his former coffee shop and told him in no uncertain terms that his behaviour was unacceptable, and this sentiment eventually led to a boycott of his business.  This was after Mr Mark Lewis stated that Disabled people ‘smelled’, and that those with disfigurements put able-bodied people off their food!After a few months of trying to soldier on, the now ’empty’ Picassos was forced to shut.  Until Mr Mark Lewis issues an open apology for the many incidences of offence he has caused, and states without doubt that he intends to adhere to anti-discrimination laws in the UK, people should continue to boycott any and all businesses he attempts to establish – after-all, his insistence upon perpetuating Disability hate-crime is typical of rightwing political supporters, and is itself a violation of the law.


Michael Moore in Dreamland


In the movie ‘Team America’, Michael Moore is described as a fat ‘Socialist’, but in reality he is nothing of the kind.  His body image is of no concern to me, but his centre left bourgeois liberal politics certainly are.  America is a peculiar place because it is thoroughly capitalist, with a political and legal system designed to prevent the natural growth of Socialism out of the mire of cruelty, sexism, racism, warmongering and system-wide exploitation of the ordinary people, by a ruthless ruling elite.  There is nothing remotely ‘Socialistic’ or ‘Communistic’ about the USA, and that is just the way the establishment wants to keep things. Yesterday, the British TV station Channel 4 aired the US documentary entitled ‘Michael Moore in Trumpland’.  This piece of self-indulgent propaganda, evolved around Michael Moore presenting a chat-show type programme, where he sang the praises of Hilary Clinton, and attempted to make this privileged ‘White’ middle class woman seem like a victim of the very system that spawned her, and the very system she represents and supports.  Even taking into account US hyper-boil, bias and disinformation, it is obvious for all to see that the only difference between Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump, is that Trump is honest about is rightwing politics and his racism. Like a classic episode of ‘Oprah’, Michael Moore attempted to manipulate a typical US audience of poorly informed, partially educated, and politically biased American citizens, and in so doing, attempted to extend that manipulation through the cinema and TV stations.

Michael Moore, like all Americans who feel safe to express vague leftwing views, is a multimillionaire, and the irony has not been lost on the fact that he generated this immense wealth through documentaries criticising capitalism.  Only the rich and privileged (exactly the people who do not need it), can safely express apparent leftwing views, because they possess the wealth to legally defend themselves from a highly aggressive and vindictive legal and political system, default set to perpetuate and serve predatory capitalism.  Michael Moore falls into this privileged category, and because of the arrogance implicit in White America, he feels that what he has to say is more important than anyone else.  Hilary Clinton is by no stretch of the imagination a ‘Socialist’, but is rather a Zionist supporting, rightwing, warmongering supporter of capitalism.  She is no different to her corrupt husband (who once had a mentally disabled man put to death, and commissioned an anti-Communist statue).  Moore relates how Hilary visited Estonia in the 1990’s just after the collapse of Soviet Communism, because at the time Estonia still possessed a fully universal healthcare system (left-over from its Communist days), and yet made no mention that the current Democratic government – under a Black President no less – has initiated, financed and armed a region-wide resurgence of neo-Nazism in the area that has infiltrated not only Estonia, but Latvia, Lithuania, and the Ukraine, premised upon a US generated, and rabid anti-Russian racism.  This is the face of the true Democratic Party that once supported the racist activity of ‘lynching’ in years gone by.

One final effort to manipulate his audience to view Hilary Clinton as a angelic and Christ-like figure, Michael Moore revealed is truly bourgeois and non-Socialistic take on affairs by stating that the UK made a mistake by voting ‘out’ of the EU, and that (bizarrely) US voters shouldn’t make the same mistake by ‘not’ voting for Hilary!  Of course, in typical US fashion, none of this makes any logical sense, but is designed to appeal to the shallow ‘sound-bite’ system of info-tainment that has been operating in the US for decades.  If Michael Moore possessed any true links to Socialism and Communism,he would understand that the EU is a ruthless, totalitarian, rightwing, capitalist entity, whose only mission is the eradication of all Socialism in Europe, and the invasion and colonisation of Russia (all controlled from Washington).  Michael Moore is a bourgeois enemy of the people who uses his immense ‘capitalist’ wealth to ‘play’ at the idea of being ‘Socialist’.  In this regard, he represents a typical bourgeois barrier to the establishment of genuine Socialism in the US, that will not come through the current status quo.

Notes on Arthur Miller’s Anti-Communism


‘The ladies’ ferocity toward Communism was matched only by their duplication of some of its practices – as I was reminded in the Soviet Union a decade later when I read the Party’s directions to Soviet writers to cease linking wisdom to criticism of the country and either praise or shut up.’

(Arthur Miller – Timebends – A Life – [2012] Page 440)

Whatever else this man may have achieved during his long lifetime, and regardless of assumed ‘Communist’ leanings, I can state after reading his 1987 biography entitled ‘Arthur Miller – Timebends – A Life’, he was nothing more than a bourgeois playwright with vague leftwing leanings, that for a time thought it was trending to associate himself with the Soviet Union and Communist China.  In so doing, he strove diligently to bring-down both those Marxist-Leninist States, through a rhetoric that can only be described as ‘Trotskyite’.  In fact, his Trotskyite disparaging of Marxist-Leninism is Miller’s elephant in the room, hidden in plain sight.  As with the emperor’s new clothes, no one appears willing to point-out this obvious truth – Arthur Miller was not a Communist – he was an ‘anti-Communist’ working to bring that alternative system to capitalism, down from the inside.  Like Trotsky, Miller viewed the anti-bourgeois Revolutions as inspired by Marxist-Leninism, to equate with a ‘lack of freedom’.  This typically Eurocentric and capitalist idea that the eradication of the exploitation of the working class is a ‘lack of freedom’, is exactly the attitude of a long successions US governments, that interpret ‘freedom’ as the eternal right of the bourgeoisie to exploit the working class without remorse or limit.  When viewed in this traitorous light, the rest of Miller’s career is irrelevant from a Revolutionary perspective simply because it opposes that Revolution.  Typical of his White bourgeois mentality, Miller made a living out of once being the husband of Marilyn Monroe. As for his writing output, it is only of interest to Eurocentric reformists who do not want Revolution, but rather a slight altering of the rules of exploitation, in this regard, just like his hero Trotsky, Miller was every inch a Menshevik, and ‘Socialist’ in name only, as he obviously possesses very little understanding of Marxism or dialectical materialism.  Instead, Miller practised the age old bourgeois habit of dominating at the point of contact, all Socialist cultures, and presenting these cultures in the worst possible light to a Western (bourgeois) audience.  Although this is the essence of imperialism and neo-imperialism, Miller used this tactic to inoculate the Western working class ‘against’ the very (and only) ideology designed to empower and save it from terminal exploitation.  Arthur Miller was a despicable ‘enemy of the people’ who never questioned the privileged bourgeois ‘Whiteness’ of his opinions.  Indeed, in later life, Miller made it clear that he regretted his dalliance with Marxism and Soviet Communism, preferring the safety and security of his preferred US capitalist existence (after-all, he was a multimillionaire in his old age). Miller’s liberal familiarity with Communism in his book, is the very basis of his criticism of it, and explains the success of his dangerous anti-Communist rhetoric.  Miller perceives everything Communistic as conspiratorial, under-hand, dishonest and destructive.  In many ways, being a bourgeois artist, Miller has to interpret Communism in this manner, because a successful Communist Revolution would mark the end of the dominance of the very bourgeois, capitalist culture he served, and that had served him.  His willingness to play along with the official US distortion of Soviet and Chinese Communism, defines exactly his approach to ‘pretending’ to be a Communist (presumably for some vague artistic reason), whilst roping ever more people in (through his work), to supporting the notion that these two regimes were corrupt, and that Marxist-Leninism was not suitable as a means to save the Western working class. Of course, Miller’s plays do not concern me simply because they are the product of the bourgeois mind, designed to entertain a bourgeois audience, and as such, are an ideological irrelevance to the working class, or its eventual emancipation.  After-all, bourgeois leftists are still capitalists motivated by sentimentality, and their viewpoints mirror the interests of their class.  Arthur Miller pretended to be a Communist at one point in his life because it was in ‘fashion’ (rather like the bourgeois habit of ‘marrying’ Marilyn Monroe).

When Julian Clary was Revolutionary…


I have to say that I love the manner in which Julian Clary communicates his being.  There is absolutely nothing ‘wrong’ with the ‘camp’ British comedian (and one time Shakespearean actor) Julian Clary, although I suspect that he might be fed-up with the usual ‘adoring’ or ‘sickened’ approaches that he has experienced over the years, due to his acting style, comedic content, and gay lifestyle.  Such responses are to be expected as Julian Clary is unashamedly ‘gay’, and all too human.  Good for him, as gay culture possesses a tremendous capacity to ‘heal’ all those who have the good fortune to be born gay (in the sense of spiritual completeness), or give non-gays a radically different and therapeutic (perhaps cathartic) view of the world.  The trouble with being around Julian’s work for any ‘length’ of time, is that every sentence has the capacity to become a ‘double entendre’.  I have just read his biography entitled ‘A Young Man’s Passage’ (2005), which I would like to say that I couldn’t put down – but somehow Julian’s influence makes that sentence sound like ‘I can’t get it up!’.  It is said that many Thespian-types hold vaguely leftwing views, and I think this is true of Julian Clary.  Although he had a brief dalliance with the Trotskyite ‘Socialist Workers Party’ (SWP), I am not convinced that he would understand the difference between that fake leftwingism, and the true Socialism of Marxist -Leninism – at least that is my impression, but who knows, he could well hold one or two cards surprising up his sleeve!  However, during the 1993 British Comedy Awards, he was asked by host Jonathan Ross what he thought of the event – and amongst other comments, stunned the audience with his immortal line ‘I’ve been fisting Norman Lamont!’  Norman Lamont is a rightwing Tory, who was the then Chancellor of the Exchequer.  The Tories had been in power since 1979 under the odious Margaret Thatcher, and later the nondescript John Major.  Over a 14 year period the rightwing Tories had unleashed a terrible assault on the British Welfare State, and changed the onus of the NHS from one of ‘need’ to one of ‘cost’.  The Trade Unions had been castrated and the British industrial heartland destroyed.  Millions were unemployed whilst Tory MP’s were imprisoned for lying and fraud, whilst others were caught in compromising sexual circumstances – all happening at exactly the same time the Tory government inflicted its hypocritical ‘Back to Basics’ campaign, involving the re-establishment of Victorian notions of class distinction and supposedly correct ‘moral’ behaviour.  Of course, the rightwing press immediately launched a vindictive campaign against Julian Clary for expressing his disdain at Toryism in general, and Tory policy inparticular.  This was the very same press that thought it was perfectly OK for homelessness to re-appear on the UK streets, after being virtually eradicated by the Labour initiated Welfare State. in operation since 1948.  When I was young (primarily throughout the 1970’s), I learned about homelessness from Charles Dickens books, and the story of Dr Bernardo.  Julian Clary’s utterance is explained in his biography as being the product of depression, anti-depressive medication, and a failed love affair – but as far as I am concerned, what he said that night contritely summed-up the pain and suffering of a generation in a truly shocking and revolutionary manner. It was the ingenious and expert use of the English language, that conveyed a common sentiment integrated with a hard-hitting political statement.  That night, Julian Clary spoke for a generation…

Mystery of the Human Head Burial Mounds from Ancient China


Mystery of the Human Head Burial Mounds from Ancient China

                                   Original Chinese Language Article By: Zhou Wenguang (周文广)

(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

In Yi County of Hebei province, 2.5 kilometres south of the ruins of Xiadu (the lower capital of the Yan State of the Zhou Dynasty), there are situated 14 round, rammed-earth burial mounds approximately 14 meters high, possessing a diameter of dozens of meters.  Through the excavation of three of these mounds, archaeologists have discovered that these structures contain large numbers of ‘severed’ human heads.  Where do these heads come from? There are no historical records referring to these mounds or the severed heads, and researchers are unable to agree upon a convincing explanation.  As a matter of preservation, two of the mounds have been refilled, leaving only one open for further research.  Initial excavations revealed that within a 50 square meter area, 300 human skulls were recovered, whilst within an area of 300 square meters, over 2000 human skulls were found to be buried within a single mound, with many showing signs of slash wounds, and bronze arrow-heads embedded in others.


Following expert examination, the heads have been revealed as those of young male adults, aged between 20 and 30 years of age, probably belonging to soldiers of a defeated army buried well-over 2000 years ago.  The 14 mounds present something of an archaeological mystery that has left historians puzzled.  One theory is that these heads might be from the defeated Qi army of 284 BCE, brought back to the Yan State by the victorious Yan general known as Yue Yi (乐毅).  Another theory suggests that in 314 BCE, the Yan State was invaded by troops from the Qi State during a time of great instability due to a succession crisis. This civil strife cost tens of thousands of lives in the Yan State, and it is speculated that the victims might have had their heads buried in this manner either during the Qi occupation, or shortly after the Qi army was driven out.  Despite the different viewpoints, such large scale and ancient military graves are extremely rare in the world, and the relevant experts are continuing their investigations China.


Xinhua Newsagency:

Report and Pictures: Zhou Wenguang (周文广)

©opyright: Adrian Chan-Wyles (ShiDaDao) 2016.

Original Chinese Language Source Text:



在河北省易县燕下都遗址城南2.5公里处,有14个高约10米、直径达几十米的圆形夯土墩台,通过对部分墩台的发掘,考古人员发现其中均埋葬着大量人头骨,距今约有两千多年。这些人头骨究竟从何而来?史无记载,研究者也莫衷一是。为了慎重起见,已开掘的两个墩台重新回填,仅留下一个不大的探方供保护性研究。在曾经挖掘的一个“人头墩”里,研究人员通过钻探,测出埋葬人头骨的面积为300平方米,有人头骨2000余个。而在开挖的50平方米面积内清理出的300多个人头骨上,部分人头骨有明显的砍杀痕迹,有的头骨上还插有青铜箭头。经专家鉴定,这些人头骨属于20至30岁的男性青壮年,应该是当时战败者的首级。对这14个土墩的成因,人们一直迷惑不解。有专家认为是公元前284年乐毅伐齐大胜时从战场带回的齐军首级。也有专家说这是公元前314年燕国“子之之乱”受害者的首级,当时的内乱使燕国死伤几万人,后来有人将被砍杀者的头颅埋在一起,形成了今天发现的“人头墩”。尽管存在着各种不同观点,但像这样大规模的带战争创伤的骷髅成批出土,在世界上极为罕见。目前,有关专家正在对其成因进行研究。 新华社记者 周文广 摄

Notes on Western and Traditional Chinese Medicines


Western medicine is believed to have grown-out of the Greek tradition, and premised upon the logical assessment of the symptoms of a disease, injury or ailment, and the matching of those symptoms with the curative effect of herbs, spices, nutritional food and the positive effects of various exercises and certain harmonious and beautific surroundings. Although this body of medical knowledge was obscured for over a thousand years by theological Christian dogma, it eventually re-emerged in Europe following the renaissance (triggered by the Western discovery of ancient Greek texts in the Islamic libraries of Byzantine), and began its slow ascent to what might be termed ‘modern’ medicine following the European ‘Enlightenment’, and the Industrial Revolution. Although presentation of illness is understood and often emphasised within contemporary Western medicine, the onerous remains the treatment of disease through the relief(or ‘curing’) of symptoms.  In the case of injury or malfunctioning organ, an extensive body of knowledge has been built-up through the observation of cause and effect – with a curative cause leading to a curative effect, but even this is still the treatment of symptoms to relieve distress and stimulate healing.  Western medicine generally works upon the premise that people only need medical attention when they are ill or injured.  At other times, when free of obvious illness and injury, individuals in the West are assumed to be fit and healthy.  For Western medicine, a healthy person is defined as an individual not obviously suffering from illness or disease.

Traditional Chinese medicine (usually written as ‘中药’ or ‘Zhong Yao’), – and referred to in the West by the acronym ‘TCM’ – is premised upon the principle of preventative medicine.  Although logical within its own cultural context, TCM operates from a system of balancing personal and universal energy (氣 – Qi), so as to prevent illness.  Within TCM, illness and disease (as well as injury), is treated as an imbalance of qi energy.  Qi energy is a combination of breath, biochemical electricity flowing through the neural pathways, nutrition from food and drink, the life essence bequeathed by both parents during conception, and a receptive and understanding psychological state.  Lifestyles, of course, differ, and it is this difference that either hinders or enhances  qi energy flow through the body.  A poor nutritional lifestyle coupled with destructive personal habits, logically impedes the qi energy flow so that the inner organs are not adequately nourished or stimulated to work properly.  The idea of TCM is that the qi energy flow is retained in an appropriately ‘balanced’ and ‘harmonious’ manner, and that the treatment of disease is the correct diagnosis of how the qi energy is disrupted, coupled with the appropriate treatment to re-establish the perfect functionality (or ‘qi flow’) of the body.

Whereas the Western model addresses symptomatic presentation, the Chinese model seeks to prevent illness a priori, so that the symptoms of illness never manifest.  However, the draw-back with the preventative model is that it does not take into account communicable disease which can effect anyone regardless of lifestyle or level of fitness. Disease is not necessarily a product of poor life-style, or destructive personal habits, and can be a virus or bacteria communicated through breath, touch or bodily fluids from one person to the next.  Being physically fit does not necessarily protect an individual from the ravishes of modern illnesses.  This implies that an individual can have good qi flow, and yet be struck down by an illness that only then disrupts the qi energy flow.  It is the disease that disrupts the qi energy flow, and not an previously’imbalanced’ qi energy flow that has caused the disease.  This observation does not mean that TCM is ineffective, on the contrary, its focus upon prevention rather than cure can have a beneficial effect by diverting individuals away from poor lifestyle choices, and therefore preventing the generation of conditions that weaken the immune system and render the individual prone to infection.  Furthermore, TCM works in the sense that illness within the body is most definitely a disruption of ‘normal’ bodily function, and that this ‘dysfunction’ needs to be ‘removed’ through appropriate treatment for healing to occur.  In other words. TCM is correct to assume that illness is an imbalance of qi energy, if qi energy is interpreted as the adequate collective functioning of the bodily precesses. Certainly in modern China, both TCM and Western-style hospitals are present offering ‘free’ medical treatment to the Chinese people.  This blends the strengths of the two systems, and Chinese patients can opt for one or the other pathway of treatment, or choose an integrated approach. I have read cases of cancer patients not responding very well to Western-style treatment, but when switching to TCM, their symptoms have reversed and they have stabilised and recovered, but I have also heard of the exact opposite, with Western medicine triumphing over TCM, etc.

It might well be a matter of cultural expectation as to what system works best, but Western medicine, with its strict logical approach, does not require ‘belief’ in its efficacy to be effected.  This means that where time is of the essence, a life-threatening disease might well be better treated by Western medicine, but if there is time for the ‘balancing’ of TCM to take effect, TCM might be preferable, particularly as TCM treatment does not necessarily involve the often destructive side-effects associated with the highly potent drugs used by its Western counter-part.  The problem with the preventative model is that it is virtually impossible to ascertain exactly what diseases have been ‘prevented’ from manifesting.  A TCM practitioner might reply that it is irrelevant as to what specific diseases have ‘not’ manifested, just as long as the individual is disease free and enjoying a healthy life.  On the other hand, Western medicine is demonstrably known to be effective, because, by relieving the symptoms of a specific disease, its methods have obviously ‘cured’ the illnesses in question.  It all comes down to personal choice as to which system an individual thinks is more effective.  Just as Western medicine is readily available in China, TCM practitioners (from China) are found all over the West.  One draw-back in the West is the price of TCM treatment, particularly in European countries that possess Socialised medical systems free at the point of use.  In Socialist China the Chinese people receive their medical care free of charge, but Chinese TCM practitioners in he West act as part of the ‘private’ health profession, although generally speaking, TCM remains outside the remit of private health insurance (as insurers generally do not accept TCM as a legitimate form of ‘scientific’ medicine).  Up until recently, (and perhaps still in a few NHS surgeries), certain aspects of TCM, such as massage, acupuncture and cupping, have been made freely available to British patients.  This means that the British government pays for the British citizen to receive free TCM treatment, providing an effectiveness as been proved.  Although I am not sure, this might be the case in other countries with Socialised medical systems.  It is also the case in the UK that TCM prices vary widely.  A 40 minute acupuncture session in London might cost upwards of £40, whereas in Torquay (in South Devon), the cost is just £17 for the same treatment. Of course, my personal view is that ALL medical treatment, whether Western or TCM, should ‘free’ at the point of use.


Whatever Happened to Lexit?


The BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, and Sky News, as well as all the rightwing press, actively courted the racist UKIP during the EU Referendum earlier this year, and narrowed the exit vote simply to ‘racism’.  The implication was that to see through the EU as a gigantic capitalist entity run from Berlin via Washington – was ‘racist’ – and yet it is the EU as a political entity that perpetuates the most vicious racism against primarily Black and Asian non-EU citizens, forbidding them ‘free’ movement into Europe.  Furthermore, the EU is the harbinger of US-style free market economics (or ‘predatory capitalism’ to you and me), and works entirely from an anti-Socialist ethos.  All members of the EU must curtail (and shut-down) the Unions, and de-Socialise all Welfare provision and free healthcare.  This is on top of the privatisation of all amenities such as water, gas and electricity.  The free movement of cheap labour over national boundaries is not ‘multiculturalism’, but one of the greatest attacks on the rights of workers since the Industrial Revolution.  Labour that freely moves is cheap because it has no protection and no safeguards.  The people being used for this EU labour experiment are simply fuel for the bourgeois mill – both figuratively and literally.  It is better for the international working class to have strong Unions in respective countries, and to fight the middle class for better pay and improved conditions within those countries, than to give-up the local fight and ‘migrate’, taking the problem elsewhere.  As it stands, migratory workers are uprooted from their homes, and forced to travel to unknown areas in search of work, irrespective of what such a process does to local economies and employment chances the local people.  In our respective countries, of course, we are all ‘local’ people, suffering from the impoverishment of the workers imposed by the EU – and this reality (and its observation) has absolutely nothing to do with racism, and everything to do with Marxist critique.  In typical ‘inverted’ bourgeois style, the racism-generating EU accuses those who ‘see through’ its racist policy of being ‘racist’!  In the meantime, whilst the bourgeois media rolls-out its usual blend of disinformation and hyper-boil, the unelected Tory government of Teresa May is pushing on with the privatisation of the NHS – as if she has a mandate to do so from the British people.  Although the UK has voted to ‘leave’ the EU, the EU demands that British Welfare and Socialised health be dismantled and privatised, are still being put into action by the unelected Tories!  The bourgeois media attempts to hide this reality by mis-reporting racist incidents in the UK, giving the false impression that rates have risen (when in fact the police admit that they have just rolled-out a ‘new’ system for recording racist crime that is more accurate – giving the false impression of an increase).  The reality is that racism is part and parcel of certain stratas of British life, encouraged and perpetuated by the British media.  Until the rightwing press is tackled for its racism, the UK will continue to suffer from it – it is that simple.

Quadrangle of Evil: Wikipedia, Lady Gaga, the Guardian and the Dalai Lama


Lady Gaga’s real name is Stefani Germanotta, and she is of Italian Catholic descent. She is a multimillionaire and her behaviour is that of a class enemy of the people.  She has made her fortune in the record industry, and has been embroiled in a number of legal battles involving alleged fraud associated with her so-called ‘charity’ work, and she is famous for refusing to help the survivors of the Haiti earthquake.  As she has her own cosmetic line, she supports animal testing, and opposes Animal Rights.  Her Wiki page can be read here:

Lady Gaga – Wiki

In 2015, the Catholic Germanotta met the 14th Dalai Lama in the US under the pretext of ‘studying’ Buddhism.  Just why a highly controversial and unelected dissident leader (and a fading pop-star) were invited to a Conference of US Mayors has never been adequately or convincingly explained.  This is how Germanotta’s Wiki page describes evets:

‘On June 26, 2016, Gaga attended the 84th Annual US Conference of Mayors in Indianapolis where she joined with Dalai Lama to talk about the power of kindness and how to make the world a more compassionate place. The Chinese government added Gaga to a list of hostile foreign forces, and Chinese websites and media organizations were ordered to stop uploading or distributing her songs. The Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China (CCPPD) also issued order for State-controlled media to condemn this meeting.’

What is interesting about Eurocentric, anti-Chinese racism is its manic and illogical nature.  A statement that appears within Western media about China, if it is true, should originate from a Chinese language media source, but in the case of the above (obviously fabricated) extract, the Wiki author(s) simply state that this information was acquired from the British bourgeois-left Guardian newspaper – and not a Chinese language source after-all.  The Guardian did not acquire this information from a Chinese language source either, for reasons that will become apparent.  It is common place for Western newspapers to support the Dalai Lama’s distorted and dishonest interpretation of Chinese and Tibetan history, as well as his often inaccurate and occasionally ‘bizarre’ interpretation of Buddhism.  This is part of the on-going US Cold War policy designed to bring-down the Chinese Communist State by any means at its disposal – with lying through the media being a preferred method because it is cheap.  Most Westerners cannot read, write or speak the Chinese language, and as a general rule, have no idea how to access the (Mainland) Chinese language internet.  This is how the Western media gets away with its anti-China racism and false-flag stories.  Lady Gaga is not, and has never been ‘banned’ in Communist China, and neither has any mention or reference to her pop career been erased from the Chinese internet.  In fact, her meeting with the Dalai Lama, although criticised by her Chinese fan base, is nevertheless available for all to read.  I provide below the ‘Baidu’ Chinese internet page that carries hundreds, if not thousands of entries for Lady Gaga – referenced through the photographs that accompanying the articles:

lady gaga 达赖喇嘛

It is obvious that the Guardian, Wikipedia, Lady Gaga and the Dalai Lama are colluding in thir collective lying.  However, I translate below a typical Chinese language article dealing with Lady Gaga’s later communication with the Dalai Lama (which occurred a full 20 days AFTER the news article reported in the Guardian) as reported in the Chinese media, the implications of which have been ignored in the West (as this would expose the ‘lie’ of Lady Gaga being ‘banned’ in China).  This article is dated the 16.7.2016:

‘The popular US female singer Lady Gaga attracted widespread criticism from her internet fan-base in China recently, when she invited the Dalai Lama to officiate over her wedding to US actor Taylor Ginny.  Particularly after the Dalai Lama ‘accepted this invitation’ without hesitation.  The US Inquirer website stated that following her meeting with the Dalai Lama at the end of June, many of her fans in China were shocked by her behaviour and anti-China comments, and have stopped supporting her, leading to much criticism on the Chinese internet.  This US website also speculated that her behaviour might lead to her being ‘banned’ in China.  Whatever the case, her deliberate anti-China comments have led to an over-night collapse of her popularity in China. 

The French media, and many other Western media outlets, reported that officials of China’s Foreign Ministry stated with regard to Lady Gaga’s meeting with the Dalai Lama at the end of June, that they did not know who Lady Gaga was, but were hopeful that the West would become aware of the true and deceptive nature of the Dalai Lama, and not trust his statements or behaviour..

Original Chinese Language Source Text:


美国流行女歌手Lady Gaga被爆近日邀请达赖喇嘛主持她与美国男星泰勒·金尼的婚礼,达赖已“接受邀请”。此事引发中国网民强烈批评。

美国《生活与生活方式》杂志13日援引一名消息人士的话称,为配合达赖的日程,Lady Gaga把婚期调整到秋天,婚礼举办地可能在印度或泰国。该人士还称,“Lady Gaga最近在钻研佛教”。美国因奎西特尔网站报道说,Lady Gaga6月底在网上直播见达赖,就曾在中国网民中引起众多负面评价。Lady Gaga在中国拥有众多粉丝,她的行为或许还会导致她今后在中国被“禁演”。这一次,不少中国粉丝表示要“抛弃”Lady Gaga。一些粉丝在网上说,“失望了,爱不起了”“以前那么喜欢Gaga,现在看来算了,粉转黑”。

法新社等多家外媒此前称,中国外交部发言人6月底被问及Lady Gaga见达赖一事时表示不认识Lady Gaga,希望国际社会认清达赖的真实面目和本质。


Teach Socialism Not Food-Banks


Capitalist supermarkets in the UK backed the Tory and LibDem policy of vicious Welfare cuts (on the false assumption that their rate of tax would fall), and now demand that their customers ‘buy’ food from them, and then ‘donate’ it ‘freely’ to an in-store ‘food-bank’. This is surely the forces of capitalism taking the piss. Big businesses deprive millions of a basic level of living, and then through the pretence of concern for their victims, attempt to ‘sell’ the antidote to an unsuspecting public. British school children are then told in their ‘academies’ that it is the ‘right-thing’ to ‘buy’ food from the supermarkets (who have caused the problem), and ‘donate’ it freely to local food-banks! This particular deception is held in-place by the re-emergence of hypocritical Christian morality from a Church of England that deals in arms, and institutionally supports the suffering that is ‘austerity’. Instead of supporting food-banks, these entities should be supporting the principle of a fully re-instated Welfare State and advocating a radical re-distribution of wealth. This ‘Socialist’ response to the excesses of capitalist greed is the only valid and correct ideological response. Our school children should be taught to ‘share’, and that ‘greed’ is detrimental to a modern and progressive society.

The Green Party: Bourgeois Horticulture as National Policy


It is laughable how anyone still thinks the Green Party is of any use whatsoever for providing justice for the poor, vulnerable, disabled and ordinary workers. By and large, the Green Party is a bourgeois institution thoroughly in the very same hypocritical middle class values that underlies Toryism. Wherever Green Councillors have been elected in the UK they have generally sided with the Tories and LibDems, and implemented the most vicious ‘austerity’ cuts across local services. In the Torbay area – the Green Party had a truce with racist UKIP in the summer of 2015, during an anti-austerity march in the area – a policy initiated by the national leader of the Green Party – Natalie Bennett – following her failure to secure anymore Parliamentary seats at the last UK General Election (2015).

Greens Could Work with UKIP

In the US there is always the pretence of ‘democracy’ and ‘choice’ in their national elections, but this is a sham.  What it boils down to is the historical racism and anti-working class policies of the Democrats, or the existential racism and anti-working class policies of the Republicans – nothing more.  The US Green Party is trying to package itself as somekind of legitimate alternative, but in reality this is just another ‘White’ bourgeois political party with an interest in horticulture, and preserving the Eurocentric status quo.

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