How America controls ‘fascist shock’ video sites!

This is because everyone knows that what happened to George Floyd was clearly a ‘crime’, and that Black, Asian and Chinese people are right to complain, as are the thousands of White people supporting them. These inherently ‘racist’ shock sites cannot portray the Black, Asian or Chinese community in a positive light for any reason, as that would contradict their reason to exist. Furthermore, these ‘shock’ sites do not want to advertise the fact that large swathes of the White community are ‘supporting’ these non-White protests, and that the various communities have been ‘united’ in outrage and protest! Instead, videos of the Minnesota protests are being deliberately took-down and deleted from these ‘shock’ sites, as they depict the non-White communities as ‘having a point’, and in so doing, straying into the area of ‘positive’ portrayal. The fascist ideology that underlies these ‘shock’ sites will not allow such a deviation from its prime directive of racial misrepresentation. In the meantime, the bourgeois system will allow a certain amount of protest, offer one or two ultimately pointless concessions (that change nothing), and peace will be restored. The status quo will be preserved and the usual racism will exert itself. This racism can be seen on any number of these sites which can be found with a quick Google search. As the US government lies behind these sites, the US government is directing that the biggest street protests since Rodney King should be played-down and all videos ‘deleted’ before being allowed to go viral. This is extraordinary considering these sites routinely spread the most obscure videos that misrepresent non-White people and minorities – gathered from all over the world!

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