Remembering the Sacrifice of the Soviet Red Army on Holocaust Remembrance Day (26.1.2018)

Jahrestag/ KZ Auschwitz/ Befreiung
At a time in history when the Soviet Red Army involvement in the ‘Liberation’ of the Auschwitz Concentration and Extermination Camp is played-down or denied by certain sectors of the Jewish and non-Jewish community, Holocaust Memorial Day at the Imperial War Museum takes place next to the Soviet War Memorial. Winston Churchill referred to Red Army reports of Nazi German mass extermination camps as ‘Soviet propaganda’. Most other such ceremonies will not mention the Soviet sacrifice and I think this corner of the UK might well be unique throughout the Western world. The following is an email from the Society for Co-operation in Russian and Soviet Friendship. Six millions Jews, and five million disabled, homosexuals, Communists, anti-Nazis and the racially inferior were murdered during the Holocaust by the Nazi Germans. Casualties of dead and wounded (both military and civilian) throughout the Soviet Union amounted to around forty million men, women and children. ACW (16.1.2018)
Holocaust Memorial Day ceremony – Friday 26 January 2018
[Please note that due to HMD itself falling on a Saturday this year, the 2018 ceremony is taking place on FRIDAY 26 JANUARY]
On behalf of the Trustees of the Soviet Memorial Trust Fund [SMTF] and the Mayor of Southwark, I would like to invite you to attend this year’s Holocaust Memorial Day commemoration on Friday 26 January 2018, organised by the SMTF, Southwark Council and the Imperial War Museum [IWM]. As you may be aware, HMD marks the date of the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration and extermination camps by the Soviet Red Army in 1945.
The commemoration begins with a brief wreath-laying ceremony at the Holocaust Memorial Tree and Soviet War Memorial which stand together in the Geraldine Mary Harmsworth Park which surrounds the Imperial War Museum in London. Guests will then proceed inside the IWM for the contination of the event in the Cinema. Guests attending the indoor element of the event are invited to view the IWM’s Holocaust Exhibition after the ceremony concludes.
10.50 am – Gather at the entrance to GMH Park (in front of the IWM main entrance and near the park cafe), Lambeth Road, London SE1 6HZ
11.00 am – Wreath-laying ceremony at the Soviet War Memorial and Southwark Council’s Holocaust Memorial Tree
11.45 am – Indoor ceremony, hosted by the Mayor of Southwark, begins in the Cinema of the Imperial War Museum
12.50 pm – Indoor ceremony ends
NB: No seating is provided outdoors. This part of the event is expected to last no more than 20 mins.
Due to seating limitations, if you wish to attend the ceremony inside the Imperial War Museum, please contact the Mayor of Southwark’s Office directly on Tel: 020 7525 7303 or Eml: as soon as possible.
If you intend to lay a wreath on behalf of an organisation or you will be carrying a standard, please reply directly to me at by noon on Thu 25 Jan.
Please contact me if you have any questions.
Ralph Gibson
Hon Secretary
Soviet Memorial Trust Fund
Direct Work Tel: 020 7370 3002 (at Rossiya Segodnya)
SMTF, 320 Brixton Road, London SW9 6AB

Sarah Joe Disappearance – Not So Mysterious! (1979)


Lost fishermen still cast shadow 30 years later

Below is a video that explains this incident. Throughout the net, a ‘myth’ has been propagated stating that although the wreck of the Sarah Joe (fishing boat) was discovered in a dilapidated state (in 1988) on the island of Taongi (in the northern part of the Marshall Islands roughly 2,200 miles southwest of the Hawaiian Islands, where it and its crew went missing in 1979), a US Government Survey of the island in 1984 did not spot this wreck – or the nearby grave of one of its crew (Scott Moorman). This suggests that the boat and grave were not there in 1984, but according to friends and relatives of the missing crew, the Sarah Joe (and grave) were discovered in 1984 – but this find was not reported by the personnel responsible. It seems the Sarah Joe (and its five crew) got caught in a bad storm, and at least one of the crew made it to the island (possibly after three months at sea). Whether he was alive or not is a matter of conjecture (one theory siggests he tied himself to the boat but died at sea). However, someone found and buried the dead body of Scott Moorman and within the grave was placed what seems to be Chinese ‘joss paper’, or a type of coloured tissue paper containig silver strips (this usually signifies good luck in the next life). It is thought that illegal fishermen from either Taiwan or China found the dead body and buried it with respect and consideration – even building a ‘cross’ out of driftwood.


UK: Tips for Surviving Flu – Winter (2018)


With the incumbant (rightwing) Tory Administration (that has already been found ‘Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity’ by the UN in 2016), Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) has been subjected to a vicious and highly accelerated ‘privatisation’ process that has seen hundreds of hospitals, GP Surgeries, Health Centres and Community Medical Services ‘cut’ and/or sold into the private sector. This greed-led process has compromised the principle of all healthcare in the UK being paid for ‘collectively’ through taxation, and delivered ‘free’ at the point of use. Millions of ordinary people in the UK are now being left with deficient or no effective healthcare. Coupled with the simultaneous dismantling of the Welfare State, the British media is reporting that between 2010-2017, the ‘Austerity’ policies of the Tories (and LibDems) have led to the deaths of around 120,000 people. What is making matters worse for ordinary British people is that the UK media and British Medical Association (BMA) are colluding with this privatisation process, and ignoring the intense suffering being caused.

In the US at the moment (around the California area), there is a particularly virulent strain of influenza currently spreading through the population. Many US Citizens – even those who possess private health insurance – are dying from this disease. All indications suggest that this flu has now spread to the UK and can be seen to be creating intense suffering in Cornwall and Scotland. This is not to say that it does not exist in England – it does – but it has spread very fast through the Celtic areas – areas that are known for their poor medical infrastructures (due to Tory NHS cuts). I have heard that many local GPs are colluding with government privatisation plans and deliberately ‘withholding’ adequate medical treatment. This is being done to ‘force’ ordinary British people into ‘paying’ for private healthcare – in the meantime, people are dying and no one is being held responsible for these deaths. This being case, we must take measures to protect our own health.

1) Face Masks. Surgical face masks are already popular in Japan and China, and many US Citizens are now wearing them to prevent the spread of air-borne flu.

2) Healthy diet. Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables.

3) Vitamin and Mineral Supplement. It is a good idea to regularly take a multivitamin and mineral supplement together with flaxseed (or equivalent). Immunace is one of the better examples designed to boost the immune system.

4) Echinacea boosts the white blood cells and helps the body resist and fight infection.

5) Vitamin D is a pro-hormone that triggers the defenses of the body (through adrenal stimulation), and is highly effective in preventing the catching of diseases, and the fighting of diseases already present.

6) Black Elderberry Syrup is often referred to as a natural anti-biotic that can shorten the symptoms of influenza.

Of course, if you have access to a doctor that is still delivering a service, always seek professional medical advice before taking any of these supplements. If access to a GP is limited, then contact a Pharmacist. All these supplements are available over the counter without prescription, and it is entirely up to individuals to educate themselves in the face of the tyranny currently being administered against the British people. Remember, vote Labour to get these terrible and murderous Tories out of power – and share your survival knowledge with one another!

Sigue Sigue Sputnik – Hammer and Sickle (1986)


Sigue Sigue Sputnik – Love Missile F1-11 (Ultraviolence Remix)

A Message to leftists That Propagate ‘Fascism’


Here’s the deal. I oppose fascism on every front – including Zionist racism AND anti-Semitism. Please do not ‘attempt to ‘Freind’ or ‘Follow’ this psge if you hold rightwing opinions. I will find out and you will be permanently ‘Banned’. Fascism and Trotskyism are not welcome here. There are certain sites out there where opposers of Israel use fascist racism rather than dialectical reason. Judaism is not the issue – racist (secular) Zonism is. These sites attract White Suprenacist criminals – which insults my Jewish friends who oppose Israel. I reject these sites and the racism they perpetuate. I also reject any Communist or Socialist site which uses anti-China or anti-North Korean racism as a false front to perpetuate fascism. Much of this racism is eminating from BJP controlled India. I reject this form of fascism. The same rejection is in operation for all forms of homophobia and transgenderphobia (from whatever source). Such people are class enemies and no different from Nazi Germans. You have my eternal scorn and undying resistance. You are Scum and an affront to the working class!

Proletariat Fish: Marx and Engels are in the Building! (12.1.2018)




Mei-An and Kai-Lin have been promised fish for sometime now, and neither has caused a fuss for having to wait patiently. A picture of Lenin adorns the back, together with a Red Flag on the front. The two ‘Revolutionary’ goldfish are now known as ‘Marx’ anf ‘Engels’! Long Live the Socialist Revolution!

(Purchased as a ‘Starter Kit’ with tank, pump, filter, food and two goldfish from Pets Place, 105 Central Rd, Worcester Park KT4 8DY)




Anti-United Nations (UN) Protests – Dallas (1963)


US Ambassador to the UN Adlai Stevenson Attacked by Angry Crowds

President John F Kennedy was assassinated on November 22nd, 1963, whilst driving in a motorcade through Dallas, Texas. This tragic incident is well-known and the subject of intense ongoing investigation. What I find interesting is how the true extent of hate-filled, racist and ‘insane’ public opinion in this area has been air-brushed out of the common historical narrative. This seems strange for a country that prides itself on ‘free speech’, and odd that White supremacist opinions be struck from the public record, when such opinions are common-place in the USA. White racism (and the fascism that generates) is just as strong in the US today as it was in 1963. What many do not realise is that President Kennedy was very unpopular throughout the rightwing State of Texas, and that threats against his life were routine.


President Kennedy was portrayed as a ‘liberal’ who sided with African-Americans in the ‘Civil Rights’ debate, and was opposed to ‘White’ racism. He was also perceived as being ‘leftwing’, and too soft upon ‘Communism’ in general, and the Soviet Union in particular. Travelling through Dallas was a gamble for President Kennedy. There was no doubt that he was unpopular with the crowds, but his wife – Jackie – being a Southern women – for some reason retained a certain and wide-spread popularity amongst these people. Indeed, her popularity was evident even on the day of her husband’s murder.


On October 24th, 1963, just under a month before Kennedy’s fateful visit to Texas, Adlai Stevenson – the US ambassador to the United Nations – gave a speech in Dallas celebrating the UN inspired ‘World Peace Day’. Stevenson was jeered and immediately set-upon by a rabid crowd of protestors, with some spitting on him, whilst others pelted him with eggs. At one point police had to intercede to protect Stevenson as he was struck about the head with a billboard. This crowd of people represented a certain type of citizen in the US that view the world through a rightwing, religiously inspired mythology that is ‘fascistic’ in nature, and opposed to all notions of world peace, and any ideas of internationalism. What is strange about this protest is that it is clear that the UN – headquartered as it is in New York – has always been a mouthpiece for US foreign policy. Although the UN refers to itself as ‘independent’, it is obvious that UN policy mirrors US policy. The mind-set of these people in the US is so ignorant that they are willing to attack their own ‘capitalistic’ institutions – accusing those who represent their best interests in the world of  being ‘treasonous’ and practising ‘betrayal’. Following this display of blatant rightwingism, President Kennedy was advised to by-pass Texas (even by FDR jr and his wife), but Kennedy was of the opinion that he was everyone’s President and that he had a duty to meet the people there.


These Few Precious Days – The Final Year of Jack and Jackie: By Christopher Anderson, Robson Press, (2013), Pages 287-288

USSR: Photographs of Lee Harvey Oswald in Minsk (BSSR) – 1959-1962


Lee Harvey Oswald and Fellow Minsk Workers

(Research and Translation by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

Translator’s Note: The Warren Commission made much of Oswald’s sojourn to the USSR just prior to the murder of JFK. The US Authorities tried to amass as much information about this stage in Oswald’s short life, as a means to fabricate ‘probable cause’. Bear in mind that Oswald never stood trial, and his guilt was never ascertained in a court of law. The reason the US Authorities were pursuing this line was because of the ‘witch-hunt’ pogrom initiated against all ‘Socialists’ and ‘Communists’ living in the US since the end of WWII. This pogrom had existed in a less intense form prior to WWII, but following the Soviet victory over fascism during the Second World War, the US Authorities embarked upon a fully comprehensive ‘disinformation’ campaign that re-wrote Soviet history to give the false impression that Soviet Communism was no different to German National Socialism, and that everyone who adhered to Marxist-Leninist ideology were morally repugnant and pursuing a political path of utmost ‘evil’. Rather illogically, and in no way acting inaccordance with established legal practice, the US Authorities declared that Oswald’s association with ‘Communism’ proved that he had the ‘motive’ to pull the trigger and incentive to murder President John F Kennedy. In fact, this approach means nothing from a legal perspective, and is defined as ‘hearsay’. In short, the assumption that Oswald killed Kennedy because he was a ‘Communist’ is inadmissible as evidence in Court, and yet it is this assumption that is used to ‘judge’ Oswald and a priori suggest that he is guilty. As a consequence, anyone who ‘questions’ this assumption is falsely presented as ‘supporting’ the murder of JFK, rather than questioning a faulty legal procedure. Although the recent release of a number of previously ‘secret’ JFK Files strongly deny Oswald’s involvement, there are still elements of the US Establishment who are keeping to script and trying to ‘sell’ the old and tired idea that ‘absence of evidence’ is indeed ‘proof of culpability’. The article below gives a different side to Oswald, and highlights his time in the Soviet Union. Interestingly, he did not partake in any shooting clubs, did not visit any firing ranges, and appears never to have owned a fire-arm of any sort whilst living in Minsk. There is no evidence within Russian language sources that Oswald was being ‘trained’ to assassinate JFK whilst visiting the USSR. This is important as the Warren Commission suggests that whilst acting alone and aiming from the Book Depository Building, Oswald managed to fire three of the best rifle-shots ever recorded at a moving vehicle that was not entirely clear in his sights. In summary, being a Communist does not imply ‘Criminal intent’. ACW (11.1.2018)

The recent release of the JFK Assassination Files in the US not only shed doubt on whether President John F Kennedy was shot by a lone gunman – but question whether Lee Harvey Oswald was involved at all. He was ‘set-up’ as a ‘patsy’ or fall-guy’ because he was known to be a Communist (this was true even when serving in the US Marine Corp). There is no logical reason why a Socialist like Oswald would murder one of the most progressive and potentially leftwing Presidents the US has ever known. It appears that the US Intelligence Services co-opted Oswald’s name in the fabrication of a cover-story to divert public attention away from the fact that the US Political System had conspired to kill its own democratically elected leader. Nptice also how Lee Harvey Oswald was treated for his visit to the USSR between 1959-1962 – compared to Bill Clinton who spent a week in the Soviet Union in 1969. The former was oppressed and murdered for his political views, whilst the latter became the ‘elected’ 42nd President of the United States!

Lee Harvey Oswald described his political views as being ‘Marxist-Leninist’, and stated on live US TV that he was being framed for the murder of President John F Kennedy, because he had lived in the Soviet Union. When only 19 years old, Oswald was discharged from the US Marine Corp, and travelled to the UK, and then on to Helsinki, where he obtained a five-day tourist visa from the Embassy of the USSR. The motivation for this journey was to develop his understanding further about Socialism, an interest he possessed even before joining the US Marines. He arrived in Moscow on October the 16th, 1959, and informed the tourist agent assigned to assist him, that he wanted to defect. Following an initial refusal, Oswald is said to have suffered a ‘breakdown’ and was briefly hospitalised in the USSR. Following this episode, the Soviet Authorities relented and he was granted Soviet Citizenship. It was made clear to him that as an ex-member of the US Military, he could not stay in Moscow or Leningrad for security reasons, but must relocate to ‘Minsk’. Russian language records state that Oswald did not know where Minsk was, and thought that it might be in Siberia (the Soviet Officials laughed).

On January 5th, 1960, Oswald received the relatively large amount of 5000 rubles from the Red Cross as a means to relieve hardship during his re-settlement. As a Soviet Citizen, Oswald arrived on January 7th, 1960, in Minsk (Belarus Soviet Socialist Republic – BSSR), and stayed for two months at the fashionable ‘Minsk’ Hotel (Room 453 – 4th Floor). Following this, Oswald would spend most of the next two and half years living in a flat in the vicinity Minsk Victory Square. On January 11th, 1960, Oswald visited the ‘Minks Lenin Radio Plant’ where he would be employed for the rest of his time in Minsk. He was paid 700 rubles a month, and on the 5th of every month, he received a further 700 rubles from the Red Cross. Oswald mentions that the factory floor was dominated by a large picture of Lenin which all employees had to stand and appraise from 11am – 11:10 am – a procedure Oswald did not favour. Two points of oddity exist here, which originate from within Oswald’s diary.

Firstly, there was no need for the Red Cross to grant sums of money to Oswald when the USSR possessed one of the most comprehensive Welfare Systems in the world. The Constitution of the USSR guaranteed all people living within the USSSR – whether ‘foreigner’ or ‘Citizen’, the right of full access to the Welfare System. Oswald received ‘free’ medical care and was given benefit payments whilst being re-settled. He was allocated a ‘flat’ in a modern (post-WWII reconstructed) part of Minsk, for which he was charged a nominal rent only after he started working full-time. Furthermore, the USSR had full employment and everyone was given a job suited to their abilities and needs. There was no competition for jobs as is the case in the capitalist West. Secondly, as a Marxist-Leninist, who had presumably read at least some work related to Marx and Lenin, Oswald would have appreciated the need for political education amongst the people. Standing to attention for ten minutes during a mid-morning break is the minimum a Soviet Citizen could do as a means to ‘appreciate’ and ‘remember’ where all the material benefits they enjoyed, had historically originated. Prior to the rise of revisionist Khrushchev, Lenin’s portrait may well have rested alongside that of Joseph Stalin. Whatever the case, Imbuing a sense of innate respect for the Soviet State was an important part of Soviet identity. Oswald was young, of course, and there is no guarantee that his diary was not ‘altered’ or ‘adjusted’ to give a negative impression of the USSR – the very country Oswald had given-up his US Citizenship to enter.

On January 8th, Oswald recorded in his diary about a meeting he had with the ‘Mayor of the City’ Sharapov (Шараповым), who promised him a free apartment and separately warned of ‘uncultured people who sometimes offend foreigners.’ Lee did not have any special conflicts, however, with local residents, but he was given the promised apartment quite quickly. Already by March 16th, 1960, Oswald recorded in the ‘Diary’:

‘I’m getting a small one-room apartment with a kitchen and a bathroom. Near the Plant (8 minutes walk). Beautiful view from two balconies to the river. Almost free of charge (60 rubles per month). This is a dream for Russians.’

A separate, albeit ‘small’ apartment was considered very highly by most of the Minsk citizens, who appreciated everything the Soviet State provided. In addition, the American guest was placed in an excellent post-war home, almost on the main avenue of the city, with a view not only of the river, but also of the headquarters of the Red Banner Belarusian Military District. Oswald’s new address was – Ul. Kalinin, 4, ap. 24. A year later, ‘ul. Kalinin’ is renamed the ‘Communist’ (Коммунистическую), under this name it continues to exist today. The photo of this apartment house, apparently made by Oswald, is contained in the materials of the Warren Commission. During his ime i Minsk, Oswald would marry ‘Marina’ and have a child before decding to return to the USA during May, 1962.


Oswald and his New Apartment




Oswald (far-left) and Alexander Sieger [Александр Зигер] (far-right)


Oswald and his Wife (Russian) Marina





Marina Oswald (nee: Prusakova) [ Марина Николаевна Прусакова]

Russian Language Source:

JFK – the Soviet View


A current righting delusion in the US states that President Donald Trump had all the JFK Assassination  Files ‘released’ because of his own curiosity and an innate thirst for the ‘truth’ – this is incorrect. In fact, another rightwing warmonger – President George HW Bush – (following the public interest sparked by the 1991 releasr of Oliver Stone’s film ‘JFK’) signed into law the ‘President John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act’ on October 26th, 1992, which stipulated that all relevent files on this subject must be made ready and released into the public domain by October, 2017. President Trump is simply following the established law and is NOT responsible for the release of these files.

According to the 2,800 files released so far, the following points of interests have been established regarding the position of the USSR toward the assassination of President Kennedy (I have added Russian-language sources which support these conclusions):

1) The position of the USSR was that President John F Kennedy was a ‘progressive’ who was willing to compromise and negotiate with the Communist Bloc, and seek-out a positive ‘common ground’ for peaceful interaction between capitalist and Socialist models of existence. The death of Kennedy, therefore, was considered a tragedy in Moscow (despite an increase in Cold War rhetoric and the recent ‘Bay of Pigs’ [failed] invasion of Cuba, and the ‘Cuban Missile Crisis’).

2) The FBI and/or CIA gained intelligence which stated that the murder did not involve Communist Cuba or the USSR, and that on the contrary, the USSR was concerned that with the murder of JFK being blamed on the Soviet Union, a US General might decide to fire nuclear missiles at Moscow out of a misplaced sense of revenge.

3) Soviet Intelligence countered with the opinion that an ultra-rightwing Clique (led by Lyndon Johnson) had conspired to kill President Kennedy as he was considered ‘soft’ on Communism.

4) The CIA did not agree that a ‘single gunman’ had killed Kennedy – and only followed this ‘official’ line in public. It was ‘unclear’ whether Lee Harvey Oswald was a) involved in the shooting, and b) if involved, had operated alone or with others. The CIA knew Lee Harvey Oswald could speak Russian, was a Member of the Communist Party and had known contacts with Soviet Officials, and yet he was allowed to roam freely throughout the USA. This has led to speculation that he may have been a ‘double agent’ working for US and ‘set up’ to take responsibility for the murder of JFK (thus protecting the actual assassins).

5) It was J Edgar Hoover (the Head of the FBI) who propagated the ‘myth’ of Oswald being the ‘lone gunman’. In fact, the JFK Files suggest that Lee Harvey Oswald was ‘innocent’ and had nothing to do with the murder of President Kennedy. Indeed, Oswald was a ‘Socialist’ and had travelled to the UK, Scandanavia and the Soviet Union. However, far from being an ‘enemy’ of the Kennedy family, Oswald worked for Robert Kennedy and served him loyally, even preventing earlier assassination attempts planned against JFK. Oswald had suffered a psychological breakdown in the USSR and received medical help before being given a flat and a job in Minsk. He was taken under the wing of ‘Stanislav Shushkevich’ (Станислав Шушкевич), who taught him to speak Russian and how live and work in the USSR. Stanislav Shushkevich would later become the first President of an independent Belarus. Oswald was known to be a quiet person dedicated to the serious study of Scientific Socialism.

6) For decades, the Communist Party of the United States of America (CPUSA)  was viewed as being under the direct control of the USSR, and served as an internal security threat. The US rightwing clique was preparing to publically blame the CPUSA for colluding with, or carrying-out the assassination. This fabricated allegation would then be used as the reason to ‘ban’ the CPUSA altogether, and simultaneously ‘cut-off’ all diplomatic relations with the USSR.

7) This action would serve as a prelude to a full-scale military invasion of Cuba, and open military aggression against the USSR (and Communist Bloc).

8) This US rightwing clique implicitly believed that President Kennedy had ‘secret’  connections with the CPUSA, and that this Communist influence had served to ‘disarmed’ the Kennedy Administration, steering the US on to a path of ‘peaceful coexistence’ with the USSR – a path considered ‘un-American’ by the US rightwing clique.

9) A formerly ‘hidden’ medical report states that there were at least two entry wounds to President Kennedy’s head – one at the back (that had killed him), and another in through the throat. The throat shot aligned with a bullet hole found in the windscreen of the car, and suggests a shooter situated on the over-pass.

Russian Language Sources:

The Anti-Socialist Crimes of ‘Sir’ Winston Churchill – the Short Course


In response to the general lack of public education regarding this matter, and seven years in to a devastating rightwing Tory rule of the UK, I felt that a quick access guide to many of the ‘crimes’ of Winston Churchill be gathered in one place for research purposes. As the Tories continue to privatize the NHS and dismantle the Welfare State, and after being found ‘Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity’ by the UN in 2016, their resorting to invoking the spectre of Winston Churchill has seen at least three big budget movies made since 2010, all purporting to represent various aspects of his life, but all perpetuating myth after myth, and none covering any of the historical ‘crimes’ or ‘morally reprehensible’ acts that this man has been directly or indirectly involved in. The central myth to be demolished is that Winston Churchill was not a great leader either during wartime or peace, and that his racist and anti-Socialist opinions were responsible for inflicting suffering and death upon millions of people in the UK and abroad. Furthermore, as a natural holder of fascistic opinions, Winston Churchill is on record as an admirer and supporter of Adolf Hitler – a fact that does not sit well with those who perpetuate his myth as ‘anti-fascist warrior’. Winston Churchill was hated by the British working class, and was often driven from bombed-out parts of London which he had visited to film short propaganda films about ‘how we can take it!’ Of course, although the British working class died in their tens of thousands during the ‘Blitz’ (1940-1941), Churchill lived unconcerned in a luxury bomb shelter under Whitehall, smoking Cuban cigars and eating caviar whilst the ordinary British people starved.

On the other hand, there is no doubt that amongst a certain type of ‘White’ person enthused with bourgeois attitudes and opinions, Winston Churchill is nothing but an unquestioned ‘hero’ and champion of ‘Human Rights’, and virtually no evidence to the contrary will sway this interpretation. This is because the middle-class image of Churchill is ‘religious’ in nature, and constitutes a type of hagiography premised entirely upon ‘faith’, and not at all upon ‘fact’. If an interpretation of Churchill’s life was fact-based, he would be generally perceived in a very different light. Although the ‘unelected’ leader of Britain during WWII, he did none of the fighting and did not experience any of the suffering. As a consequence, Churchillian apologists (which has included many members of the British Labour Party), have attempted over the years to ascribe all kinds of fanciful notions to Winston Churchill, whilst ignoring his bigotry and racism. Boris Johnson, for instance, laughably tries to convince his readership that Churchill founded the Welfare State in the UK – however, the actual facts reveal that whenever British workers went on strike, or came together to protest – Churchill immediately deployed the British Army as a means to prevent a ‘Socialist’ Revolution! The British working class should work to expose Churchill’s anti-Socialist attitudes and support all non-White people in their condemnation of his racist attitudes.

A Chronology of Churchill’s Racist, Xenophobic and Anti-Socialist Attitudes

Churchill Speaks About the ‘Evils’ of Socialism in the UK and North Korea (1950)

1899: In his book entitled ‘The River War’, Winston Churchill discusses Islam in the following terms – ‘How dreadful are the curses which Mohammedanism lays on its votaries! Besides the fanatical frenzy, which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia [rabies] in a dog, there is this fearful fatalistic apathy. Improvident habits, slovenly systems of agriculture, sluggish methods of commerce and insecurity of property exist wherever the followers of the Prophet rule or live.’

1900: Winston Churchill enters Parliament as a Conservative, but jumps ship and temporarily joins the Liberal Party in 1904. However, as the Liberal Party lost influence and votes, Churchill soon returned to the Tories. This duplicity has led a number of commentators to suggest Churchill possessed no scruples or principles.

1914: As First Lord of the Admiralty, Winston Churchill vocally calls for the full mobilisation of the British Military to launch an immediate attack upon Imperial Germany.

1915-1916: Winston Churchill championed the cause of an invasion of Gallipoli, Northern Turkey by British and Allied troops. After around 10 months of fighting, this disastrous campaign left at least 160,000 British troops and 30,000 French dead for no discernible gain.

1918-1921: Winston Churchill was responsible for Britain (and 13 other countries) invading Revolutionary Russia and attempting to kill Lenin and crush Bolshevism. Under Churchill’s orders, the British Army massacred unarmed Bolshevik prisoners at Baku in late 1918.

1919: As Colonial Secretary – Winston Churchill advocated the use poisonous gas in Iraq. ‘I do not understand the squeamishness about the use of gas, I am strongly in favour of using poison gas against uncivilized tribes.’

1922: Admirer of Italian fascist dictator Benito Mussolini. Churchill was of the opinion that as Revolutionary Russia developed into the USSR in late 1922, the fascist dictator Mussolini offered Western Europe a rightwing alternative to Socialism in general, and Bolshevism in particular.

1924: As Chancellor of the Exchequer, Winston Churchill, irrespective of the UK’s inflation rate, returned the UK to the ‘gold standard’. This has ongoing and devastating economics repercussions which led directly to the Wall Street Crash of 1929, and the subsequent ‘Great Depression’ across the Western world. Winston Churchill has also been implicated in the ‘Zinoviev Letter’ affair – which brought down the ‘first’ Labour Party Government. This was a fake letter published by the rightwing Daily Mail newspaper in the UK, falsely suggesting that the Labour Party was an extension of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.

1931: Winston Churchill attacks Mahatma Gandhi’s anti-colonial activities – ‘It is alarming and nauseating to see Mr Gandhi, a seditious Middle Temple lawyer, now posing as a fakir… striding half-naked up the steps of the Vice-regal Palace.’

1935: Winston Churchill publishes his book entitled ‘Great Contemporaries’, within which he states: ‘(Adolf Hitler is) a genius born of the miseries of Germany. We may yet live to see Hitler a gentlier figure in a happier age.’

1936: Winston Churchill condemns the Battle of Cable Street in East London, where hundreds of thousands of British working class Socialist people clashed with around 10,000 British fascists led by Oswald Mosley.

1936-1939: Winston Churchill criticises the British people who volunteer to travel of Spain and fight for the democratically elected, ‘Socialist’ Republican Government – against the Nazi German-backed fascist insurgency of General Franco.

1937: Winston Churchill re-publishes his ‘Great Contemporaries’, reiterating his admiration for Adolf Hitler – condemning the British working class for its opposition to fascism. In the same year, Churchill publishes his book entitled ‘Step by Step’, within which he states ‘One may dislike Hitler’s system and yet admire his patriotic achievement. If our country were defeated, I hope we should find a champion as indomitable to restore our courage and lead us back to our place among the nations.’

1937: Winston Churchill’s statement to the Palestine Royal Commission reads: ‘I do not admit for instance, that a great wrong has been done to the Red Indians of America or the black people of Australia. I do not admit that a wrong has been done to these people by the fact that a stronger race, a higher-grade race, a more worldly-wise race to put it that way, has come in and taken their place.’

1938: Winston Churchill takes measures to exclude returning British Veterans of the Spanish Civil War from mainstream society. Many lose their jobs, are excluded from Union Membership, and are permanently ‘banned’ from serving in the British Armed Forces even during times of war (and when ‘Conscription’ was in force). Churchill view this draconian action as an ‘anti-Communist’ move.

1939: Winston Churchill has Oxford graduate and British Communist Party Member – Tom Wintringham (1898-1949) – removed from his post as head of the ‘People’s Army’ – a voluntary military force in the UK comprised of Spanish Civil War Veterans prepared to defend the British Mainland from Nazi German invasion. Churchill has the organisation re-named the ‘Home Guard’, and falsely claims it to be his own invention.

1939: As Britain is under threat (and following the tradition of ancient Greece and Rome), the democratic system is ‘suspended’ for the duration of hostilities with Nazi Germany. Governance of the UK is ‘shared’ by the three leading parties, Labour, Liberals and Tories. Winston Churchill is chosen to lead the three parties as an elder statesman. Until 1945, he delivers rousing speeches written by a team of speech-writers dishonestly presented as ‘his own work’.

1940: During the Dunkirk Evacuation of the defeated British Expeditionary Force (BEF) from France, Adolf Hitler (for no discernible reason) calls a ‘halt’ to the Nazi German advance. This break in the fighting allowed the greater part of the BEF to be rescued and returned to the UK (although other British formations remained and were captured). As successive British Governments have refused to release the files dealing with this time, it has been speculated that Winston Churchill brokered a deal with Hitler along the lines that the UK would align itself with Nazi Germany in any future attack upon the USSR.

1941: Whilst refusing to ‘arm’ the local Chinese population and to provide adequate troops and weaponry for its defence, Winston Churchill orders the British colony of Hong Kong ‘not to surrender’ against a ferocious Japanese invasion. Sikh police officers in the British Administration immediately defect to the invading Japanese, and the colony falls on Xmas Day, 1941. Japanese massacres begin almost immediately.

1942: Winston Churchill ordered the Dieppe Raid as a means to ‘test’ Nazi German defences in Northern France. This led to the death or capture of around 3000 British and Canadian troops for no discernible gain. Churchill later tried to blame his bad judgement as the result of pressure from the Soviet Union. Also in this year, Churchill’s War Cabinet produces the ‘Beverage Report’ calling for a raising of tax for a radical re-distribution of wealth throughout British society. Churchill agrees with this report at the time.

1943-1944: Winston Churchill ordered the British Army in Bengal (India) to commandeer all the food supplies in the area, and deny the local population any sustenance. This led to a famine throughout the region that killed around 4 million people (some estimates suggest a figure of between 12-29 million deaths). The numbers are in dispute due to the fog of war and allegations of British maladministration of the entire affair, in an attempt to cover-up Churchill’s Crime Against Humanity.


1944: Majdanek Concentration Camp (Poland). When British BBC correspondent Alexander Werth reported that he had been in the Red Army frontline when it had liberated the Majdanek Concentration Camp, Winston Churchill forbade the BBC from transmitting the details of the brutality and mass murder discovered – instead referring to this information as ‘Communist propaganda’, designed to make people feel ‘sorry’ for Soviet suffering!

1945: Winston Churchill, in collusion with Pope Pious XII, ordered the resettlement of an SS Regiment in Scotland – with the cover story that these men (who had committed mass murder and other atrocities on the Eastern Front during the Nazi German invasion of the Soviet Union) – were relocated Polish refugees. Churchill carried-out this pro-fascist policy whilst criticising the Labour Party’s plans for a ‘Socialist-style’ National Health Service (NHS) and comprehensive Welfare State. As WWII drew to a close, Churchill supported the militarily pointless atomic bombing of Japan.

1945-1946 War in Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh’s ‘Viet Minh’ freedom fighters in Vietnam had been promised ‘Independence’ from French (and Japanese) colonial rule by Churchill, if they fought against the Japanese on behalf of the Allied cause during WWII. However, under the terms of the 1941 Atlantic Charter, both Churchill and Roosevelt agreed that all occupied territories had to be return to their pre-war governments upon the secession of hostilities. A particularly bitter pill for Ho Chi Minh to swallow was that the British Army ‘re-armed’ the surrendered Imperial Japanese Forces, which then re-deployed to yet again terrorise the Vietnamese population. This pro-colonial policy of Churchill would lead to the wars in Vietnam between the French, the Americans and the Vietnamese people. These wars would lead to millions of Vietnamese deaths.

1946-1949 Greek Civil War. During the brutal Nazi German (and Fascist Italian)  occupation of Greece during WWII, the ‘Communist’ Democratic Army of Greece (DSE), also known as the ‘People’s Army’, offered the only real resistance to this fascist tyranny. Most Greek people at the time supported a ‘Socialist’ Revolution, but Churchill retained a Greek rightwing ‘government in exile’, that had no intention of allowing any kind of leftwing administration after the war. Furthermore, Churchill had entered into an understanding with Stalin as part of the Percentages Agreement of October, 1944, that the USSR would not support a Socialist Revolution in Greece. Churchill’s interference in the internal affairs of Greece, and his support for a rightwing government, led to the deaths of over 150,000 Greek people AFTER WWII had come to an end.

1946: Smarting from his comprehensive electoral defeat in 1945, and having witnessed the coming to power of a ‘Socialist’ Labour Party, Winston Churchill makes his infamous ‘Iron Curtain’ speech  in 1946, and actively assisted President Truman to initiate the US ‘Cold War’ anti-Soviet disinformation programme. Churchill was concerned that the Labour Party was planning an ‘alliance’ with the Soviet Union, and a ‘Communist Revolution’ in Britain. Churchill backed the anti-Socialist Truman Doctrine and Marshall Plan not only in the UK, but across the entirety of Western Europe. This US interference within European politics eventually morphed into the anti-Socialist ‘European Union’ (EU).

1948-1960: Malaya Emergency. Winston Churchill had become Prime Minister in 1951, and continued the existing British imperialist policy in the colony of Malaya. During WWII, Malayan and Chinese Communist Partisans were promised independence by Churchill if they fought for the Allies against the Imperial Japanese. However, following Japan’s surrender in 1945, Churchill sent in the British Army to put-down the Malay Independence Movement. In 1948, the British Army would commit the atrocity of ‘Batang Kali’. Churchill saw the Malaya Emergency as an important resistance to the perceived threat of the spread of International Communism, and refused to hold the British Army accountable for its actions.

1950-1953: Korean War. Winston Churchill had become Prime Minister in 1951 – and continued the Labour Party’s support for the US and UN intervention in Korea. This included an unquestioned parroting of an essentially ‘racist’ US Cold War rhetoric against North Korea and Communist China, which had no basis in fact. As Communist Forces began to inflict humiliating defeats upon Western Military Forces, Churchill, fearing the possibility of a defeat to Communist Forces, changed his tune and began to advocate negotiation and ceasefire. However, in a 1950 pre-election speech, Winston Churchill suggests that British Socialism is an ‘evil’, and that Soviet Communism is exactly the same as Adolf Hitler’s National Socialism, stating that the ‘Free World’ must fight once again to defeat the ‘materialist religion’ of Communism. Churchill, of course, says nothing about the US use of biological and chemical weapons in Korea, or the millions of civilians killed by UN Forces.

1951: Whilst elected Prime Minister, Winston Churchill began an immediate attack upon the NHS (introducing pointless ‘Prescription Charges’), and the Welfare State. Many of the draconian and fascistic elements of the ‘Department of Work and Pensions’ (as it is now known) derived from Churchill’s time in office. Although the British working class paid for the NHS and Welfare State through taxation, and despite ample finance being raised, Churchill instigated the idea that this Socialist provision was ‘failing’ and could not be ‘afforded’ – both false assumptions. From this time onward, anyone seeking free healthcare or benefits would be treated with disrespect and derision by governmental staff. For Churchill, only the ‘rich’ deserved a secure or happy life.

1954: Chemical Castration of Alan Turing (the Enigma Code Breaker during WWII). Turing committed suicide shortly after. Churchill was instrumental in Turing’s prosecution for being ‘gay’.


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