Neo-Nazi Ukriane: Wagner PMC to ‘Pull-Out’ of Bakhmut! (7.5.2023)

The Head of Chechnya wrote a letter to the President of Russia with a request to relocate the Akhmat Unit to Bakhmut. In the letter, Kadyrov explains the need for redeployment due to the “current situation.” Earlier, Kadyrov said that the Akhmat fighters were ready to take the positions of the Wagner PMC in Bakhmut. This has happened due to the founder of the ‘foreign’ Wagner PMC – Yevgeny Prigozhin – announcing that on May 10th – Wagner fighters will abandon their positions to the Neo-Nazi enemy due to lack of ammunition! The “Islamic warriors will fight to the last round, bayonet, stone and fist!” – he explained.

Palestine: We Will Avenge the Dear Martyrs of Tulkarm! (7.5.2023)

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine saluted the daring and strength of our Resistance Fighters in the West Bank! The Palestinian youths have risen-up against the Zionist Occupation – as our youth continuously strikes the Occupation and confronts the herds of illegal Zionist settlers!

The Front believes that the escalation of the crimes of the Nazi Zionist Occupation government against our people, including the besieging of villages and cities (and the closing of these Palestinian areas with checkpoints) together with the unleashing of herds of settlers used to attack our citizens – will NOT weaken the will of Resistance among our Palestinian people!

Laos Buddhist-Socialist Republic: 2nd Session – Supreme People’s Prosecutor’s Office – Held on May 4th, 2023! (7.5.2023)

These questions were strategic in nature and dealt with issues of the People’s Prosecutor’s Organization – such as the agreement on the Legal Consultation Room for use by the public and the evaluation of said Legal Consultation Room; Research and update the agreement of the Head of the Supreme People’s Prosecutor’s Office on the staff of prosecutors and assistants; Proposing the establishment of District People’s Prosecutor’s Office in Sekong Province and Attaphu Province; Evaluation of the implementation of the role, rights and duties of the District People’s Prosecutor’s Office by considering Pak Ngum District, with Vientiane Capital as a test site; The work of creating and updating legislation and manuals for writing statements in criminal and civil cases, instructions on monitoring and using 7 preventive measures; Evaluation reporting on the transition to the grassroots to encourage general monitoring work and the creation of a coordination mechanism between the local People’s Prosecutor’s Office and relevant parties and Preparing to host a 4-part conference on Judicial Proceedings.