Normandy: Remembering the Allied Sacrifices of D-Day (6.6.1944) – 79th Anniversary! (6.6.2023)

The British Glider Troops were tasked with seizing local landmarks (such as ‘Pegasus Bridge’) of tactical and strategic importance from the local Nazi German defenders – and hold these assets in the face of the expected Nazi German counter-attack. Meanwhile, Arthur Gibson (as a member of the Royal Navy) was busy protecting Northern Britain by preventing a Nazi German invasion – whilst keeping the sea lanes free of Nazi German ‘mines’ so that Allied Shipping could move (free of this risk) throughout the North Atlantic. This included the assisting of the Russian (Soviet) Arctic Convoys – although the presence of Nazi German U-Boats was an ever-present threat!

Homoerotic Perversion and the Waffen SS – A Living Tradition! (4.6.2023) 

These individuals believe that they are participating in the psychological and physical freedom that Adolf Hitler promised through his Mein Kampf ideology! As many Western countries possess very strict anti-terrorist laws – these ‘Waffen SS’ groups are unable to progress beyond ‘meeting-up’ online through whatever social media platform will allow them to share their hideous content! The ‘Waffen SS’ groups routinely share content involving torture, maiming, rape, murder, terrorism, animal cruelty, accidents, disasters, extreme pornography, violence toward women and girls, male rape, bestiality and paedophilia! This ideology strikes me as being a ‘living tradition’ that stems entirely from the mind of Adolf Hitler and the traditions of the SS Units he created to apply his attitudes, concepts and opinions! It has survived from one generation to the next and has received a tremendous boost through the internet! The left did NOT create Hitlerism – but the left did fight Hitler – and eventually prevailed albeit at a terrible price!  

Undermining the Ineffective Far-Right Notion of Martial Arts! (1.6.2023) 

Raw bones must be strengthened through constant and debilitating impact, and striking must be designed (and delivered) through a bare hand, foot, elbow, knee or head, etc, to strike through and directly into the nervous system – so that the neural network is immediately paralysed! The groin area must be ‘de-sensitised’ through continuous striking, and balance must be firmed-up through continuous pushing and pulling! The head and neck must be positioned so that the striking limb of the opponent is ‘hurt’ by the recoil received when the skull is used in the correct self-defence orientation! No amount of reading Mein Kampf or acting in a deviant ‘gay’ manner will instil these abilities in the mind (and body) of the average fascist.  

Wales: Alex Davies – and the Cartoonish National Action! (1.6.2023)

This is Alex Davies – the then 27-year-old (born in 1995) originally from Swansea, (Wales) – who was charged with ‘Membership of an Outlawed Organisation’ in the UK – committing this offence between December 17th 2016 and September 27th 2017. Why would a young Welshman born in West Wales (during 1995) gravitate toward not just the political right-wing – but the political far-right! Although well-spoken – he never finished his University Degree – having been forced to leave the University of Warwick in 2014 (when 19-years old) following a national (British) newspaper revealing his name, address, history and picture into the public domain. National Action was ‘banned’ in the UK under the Terrorist Act (2000) on December 16th, 2016. The (proven) allegation was that Alex Davies (and others) continued to ‘conspire’ to ‘illegally’ meet behind-the-scenes!

Exposing the Far-Right ‘Active Club’ Mentality – Beware of the Fascist Myth of a White Utopia! (1.6.2023) 

Whilst infiltrating and exposing the far-right – I have been contacted by a few individuals who have told me that the contemporary Neo-Nazi movement encourages single young men to shave their heads (usually performing this task upon one another) and congregate in secretive ‘fitness’ clubs that on the surface focus upon weightlifting (bodybuilding) and martial arts (often with their tops off – ostensibly to display their Hitlerite tattoos) – but which are excuses for latent homosexual behaviour. Bear in mind that although the Neo-Nazi ideology is inherently homophobic – it mimics the decadent homosexuality as practiced by Hitler and his SS Officers (usually upon the bodies of unsuspecting recruits)! This is part of the physical and sexual grooming that the far-right participates within when polluting the mind and bodies of the British nation’s youth. Some of the more extreme contemporary ‘Waffen SS’ movements openly support paedophilia, bestiality and violence against women and children!

Taiwan: “I Can’t Breathe!” (31.5.2023)

The ethnic Chinese person who passed this footage on to me stated that if this had happened in Beijing – this photograph would have been splashed all over the Bourgeois front-pages – with each headline screaming about the “barbarity” of the Communist System! The Taiwan Police Officers depicted here – were all trained by their (White) US counterparts – and are putting into practice the very same “Submission” hold which murdered George Floyd! As this incident happened in Taiwan the hypocritical (and “sexist”) Western media does not care one iota! The young woman states that she cannot breathe – but in the world of anti-China racism it simply does not matter! The White racists that control Taiwan have trained a generation of ethnic Chinese people who oppress their own kind in the name of supporting the forces of US hegemony!

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